ScottLfalktx, for the iso scripts...the notes say that the 'adduser' portion doesn't work10:53
ScottLand to not use it10:53
ScottLdoes this include creating the groups as well ?10:55
falktxScottL: groups should be safe11:08
jussiahh, dammit, I cant waste my days away on irc anymore, there are company people here :/ :P11:22
* jussi steals astraljava's candy11:23
* astraljava curses epicly, but this time not only because of jussi 11:28
* falktx add ailo to his g+13:30
scott-workfalktx: did you see my comment about the iso scripts?13:38
falktxScottL: groups should be safe13:39
falktx^ my answer13:39
falktxscott-work: there is a problem is pre-adding the ubuntu user, which makes the live-dvd hang on boot13:40
scott-workokay, that's kinda what i felt it was saying but when i parse the statements i wasn't sure  :)13:40

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