Mintalany one knows how to cook some meth?04:43
orngjce223That's not the channel for this type of query.04:45
orngjce223Now, if you wanted to get JACK set up, I'm your gal, but I don't deal with amateur chemistry.04:46
Mintaldont you mean *This is*04:46
orngjce223Close enough, I think04:46
Mintalwhats is jack?04:47
Mintali just use rebirth04:47
Mintalyou know anymore like it?04:48
orngjce223JACK (allcaps) is a sound server, sends sound from one program to another.04:48
orngjce223Designed for high performance/low latency.04:49
orngjce223Not like pulseaudio or anything like /that/. This is the real thing.04:49
Mintalso you do music?04:49
Mintalcan i install jck on my sys puter and listen to what she is doing?04:51
orngjce223This is an ubuntu+music place04:51
orngjce223You'd need to hook up to a streaming server for that04:51
orngjce223My computer's not good enough to do that right now anyway. Maybe after I get back to a full-size desktop.04:51
Mintalim using Opera04:52
Mintalhey u there m8?05:02
Mintaldo you wanna ear so random sonds ive made?05:04
Mintalorngjce223: ?05:05
Mintalomg he got bored05:05
orngjce223No, I'm reading. Long-form.05:06
orngjce223I like e-books, a hundred pages at a time or so.05:07
Mintalharry potter?05:13
Mintalhave you read the latest05:14
Mintalso do you wnat to listen to my music?05:17
Mintalwhat are you doing here really?05:20
Mintalthere no other living soul in here05:33
Mintaland they sai they have 1 million on ubuntu :P05:36
Mintal1 million clones05:36
Mintalwho are you?05:43
orngjce223Heh. You should talk to #ubuntu, there are more people there05:43
Mintalanother clone05:43
orngjce223but http://orngjce223.net/05:43
Mintalwhat is that ?05:44
Mintalyou gona get my ip and hack me?05:45
orngjce223Just my usual. My hosting is a friend of a friend, I have to ask if I want the logs.05:48
Mintalso you the dude that makes them NFO viewers music?05:50
orngjce223No, I just do music because I have music in my head.05:51
orngjce223I'm autistic, it's kind of a thing.05:51
Mintali myself am a police officer05:52
Mintali really hate this on line open society ... if people dont have to pay for stuff then there would be no robbers and i would be out of a job05:54
Mintalim gald only loony like you release free stuff05:55
Mintalim sure theres some law against it or there isnt there should be one05:56
orngjce223That's the beauty of it, though, isn't it? Read the GPL sometime. It twists your beautifully designed copyright law into a way that we can keep our culture free even with people like you around.05:59
Mintalnot in my country you dont06:01
orngjce223Where do you live?06:01
Mintalsome place you actually have to sell your music to live06:02
orngjce223See, that's what I don't get.06:02
orngjce223The dayjob/side hobby pattern is traditional. You don't have to sell your music to live, in fact you really shouldn't.06:02
orngjce223If you listen to pop these days? It sounds like cutting off your ears and putting them in a blender with a guitar and a drum.06:03
Mintalwhat you are doing is taking out my competitive edge06:03
orngjce223Because apparently a certain ratio of pureed ears to guitar bits to drum skin makes music that sells, and there are "artists" chasing after that holy grail but I can't listen to it so I do my own.06:03
orngjce223My point is, making no money has no bearing on it. If you're that much of a musician it'll come out anyway. Maybe less well-produced, maybe you have to save up for guitar strings, but if it's good, you put it up and people will listen.06:05
Mintalyou should change to windows the music apps there sound much better06:05
Mintalthat whatever you are using06:05
orngjce223Here, I admit it: I don't much care for using Windows. It's a silly grudge, and not even useful, but I like using Linux because I /want/ to tinker with things and nudge command lines and get things working the way I want them exactly.06:06
orngjce223I would rather use an incomplete DAW with no working undo button and only two export settings, knowing full well that I can just holler to the developers and they know who I am and that we're all working to make it available to more people.06:07
Mintalundo button?06:07
orngjce223Look it up if you care.06:07
orngjce223It works, though, and I've been mistaken for someone with hundreds of dollars to throw at DAWs.06:08
orngjce223Digital audio workstations.06:08
orngjce223Music making programs, in essence.06:08
Mintalthe one i use is free06:09
orngjce223But the reason I use it is because I have music in my head, and I give it to other people that like listening to it.06:09
orngjce223If there is a true artist writing the music, it will show. If not, well, I don't miss people who aren't in it for the art.06:10
Mintalyou sound like prick06:10
Mintali guess its part of your job discriptions06:11
orngjce223No, I want to make the world better.06:12
Mintaltheres even a version for the iphone but that one isnt free06:12
orngjce223TB303? There's a plugin for that, I tried using it but I prefer other sounds anyway.06:14
Mintalhttp://office.0prime.operaunite.com/stream/# try this06:15
Mintalis it working?06:16
Mintalis it working?06:16
Mintalis it working?06:16
Mintalis it working?06:17
orngjce223I see it.06:17
orngjce223It's a streamripper program.06:17
orngjce223And its output, by the looks of it.06:18
Mintalyou dont make sence06:18
orngjce223On the contrary, I'm making perfect sense to /myself/. Please try to understand what I am saying.06:19
Mintalis it working?06:20
orngjce223What I see, is someone who is taking down music that they could easily have bought on Amazon for ninety-nine cents with no DRM, or else email the artist and make an arrangement for the same, etc.06:20
orngjce223I'm listening to something else right now.06:20
Mintalyou are full of craapo06:21
Mintalwhat amazon ?06:21
Mintalwhat drm?06:21
Mintalthis is my musics you twat06:21
orngjce223Ah, okay.06:21
orngjce223I was going by README.TXT, you should probably take that down to avoid giving the wrong impression.06:22
Mintalare you listning to any?06:23
orngjce223I'm listening to the new queue I was sent the other day, actually.06:23
Mintalok dont listen to my music06:24
Mintalfiji is the latest06:25
orngjce223What point are you trying to make?06:26
Mintaldid you listen to any ?06:27
orngjce223I told you earlier, I am listening to something else.06:27
orngjce223It will not finish for at least another hour, judging by the timestamps.06:27
orngjce223Excuse me, but what is your point trying to talk to me about this?06:29
orngjce223Your initial point was that of, apparently free culture is nonsense because then nobody will own anything and policemen will go out of business.06:30
Mintalwas that you?06:30
orngjce223No, actually.06:30
orngjce223Are you googling for "autism" in the news pile? I haven't shown up on any, I'll tell you that.06:30
Mintalwhy wont you listen to my songs?06:31
orngjce223I am listening to someone else's, people that I know, remixing themes that I like.06:33
orngjce223You are in the queue, but that will wait for tomorrow.06:33
Mintalbut we are talking now06:34
Mintalstupid people06:34
holsteinMintal: rebirth is not open source06:34
holsteini think that is the point orngjce223 is trying to make06:35
Mintalso what?06:35
orngjce223Just because it is free /now/ doesn't mean that it will stay that way.06:35
Mintalit will06:35
Mintalive downloaded it06:35
holsteinMintal: thats all really06:36
orngjce223Suppose it doesn't run on Windows 10; who will patch it then? Without source code, it would be easier to rewrite it from scratch.06:36
Mintalso it free for  me for ever06:36
holsteinits just not open source06:36
holsteinwhen the source is open, we are free to do with it as we please06:36
Mintallike ruinin it06:36
holsteinif you liked all but one little feature, you could add that feature06:36
holsteinsure, you can ruin it too if you want Mintal06:36
holsteinMintal: you dont use ubuntustudio?06:37
holsteinare you here for more information about it?06:37
Mintali use windows06:37
holsteinthats fine06:37
Mintalbecause its faster that linux06:37
holsteinim just trying to figure out what brings you to the channel?06:37
holsteinMintal: you probably could configure windows to be fast if you want06:38
holsteinmy only problem with it peronally is security06:38
holsteinbut, if windows works for you... go for it06:38
Mintalwhat security?06:38
holsteinso, what brings you do the channel Mintal ?06:38
Mintallike linux has security06:38
holsteinMintal: the user account setups06:39
holsteinand the security risks in running windows06:39
Mintaljust like in wiondows?06:39
holsteinwindows out of the box is a security risk the way its configured06:39
holsteintoo bad really06:39
holsteinnot a big deal as long as you know how to administer it06:39
holsteinor you dont get online with it06:39
Mintalso you have broken into my computer already?06:40
holsteinthe way the users accounts are setup with unix's really helps knock a lot of that down06:40
holsteinMintal: ??06:40
holsteinim not trying to hack you or anyone else06:40
holsteinMintal: what brings you to the channel?06:40
Mintalso how can you say its not secure?06:40
holsteinMintal: i didnt06:41
holsteinim stating facts about the configuration06:41
holsteinagain, if it works for you, thats great06:41
Mintaldoes it work for me?06:41
holsteinthe facts are... in windows typically the normal user is an administor account06:41
Mintalsecurity wise that is06:41
holsteinthats a fact, and works well for some things, but not security online06:41
holsteinbut, thats not what this channel is about06:42
holsteinits not about bashing windows06:42
holsteinits not about windows at all really06:42
holsteinMintal: what brings you to our channel?06:42
Mintalto show the musics06:43
Mintalto check if its working06:43
holsteinif whats working?06:44
Mintalare you listning?06:44
holsteinthat opera link?06:44
holsteindidnt work for me06:44
holsteinlink it again...06:44
Mintalhttp://office.0prime.operaunite.com/stream/# try this06:44
Mintalhey dont ripoff my musics06:44
Mintaltry fiji06:45
Mintalits great06:45
Mintalare you listning allready?06:45
holsteinyeah it works06:45
holsteinflash isnt rendering all that great for me in chromium06:46
Mintalim talking about the musics06:46
holsteinyour interface is in flash06:46
Mintalare you listening??06:47
Mintalwhat do you think?06:47
Mintalwhat do you think?06:47
holsteinwell, im an acoustic guy really, so i dont take in much electronic stuff06:48
holsteini think its a good start06:48
Mintalive made one with guitar too06:48
Mintalbut its not in there06:48
Mintalwhat else are you listning to?06:49
holsteini listened to a bit of digi06:51
holsteinbut im not on it anymore06:51
Mintali meant fiji06:51
Mintalhave you riped my songs of?06:51
holsteinyou mean stole?06:52
Mintalhave you save them to your computer?=06:52
holsteinyou need that tested?06:52
Mintalyou could06:53
holsteini dont need to really06:53
Mintalwould rebirth work in ubuntu studio?06:54
Mintali have fedora but its alot slower that windowsxzp06:55
Mintaland to think linux used to be faster that winxp06:55
holsteini had it working in wine06:55
holsteindepends on your hardware really06:56
holsteinand what youa re doing06:56
Mintalyou used rebitrth?06:56
holsteini used rebirth back on XP06:56
holsteinand i got it running in WINE to test06:56
holsteinit was easy :)06:56
Mintalo thought its was on wine06:56
Mintalfedora lags on my computer06:57
Mintaland now nokia ruined KDE06:57
Mintalnew KDE sucks06:57
Mintaland its slow06:57
Mintalthe older one was fast06:57
holsteinwell, i dont use KDE, but nokia doesnt have much to do with it06:58
Mintalnew KDE is just like the older only slowers06:59
holsteininteresting perspective06:59
holsteinhave you actually looked at KDE4?06:59
holsteinit looks pretty slick06:59
holsteini think it lags on my hardware, but thats not really what the goal is06:59
holsteinKDE4 is about the most modern looking DE ive seen07:00
Mintalyes kde 4.607:00
holsteindoesnt work for me though07:00
holsteindoesnt fit my needs07:00
Mintalkde 3.5 looks just has good07:00
holsteintheres quite a bit of difference i find07:00
holsteini think 4.x looks more slick, but 3.x is fine too07:01
holsteinstill not for me though07:01
holsteini dont like it07:01
orngjce223http://www.trinitydesktop.org/ That's 3.x being patched pretty much as long as they can keep developers, which should be a while.07:01
holsteinorngjce223: ive heard about that... im wondering what'll be like that for gnome 2.x07:02
holsteinorngjce223: you running XFCE?07:02
holsteinim going to soon07:03
holsteinim still on lucid+gnome :)07:03
holsteinhttp://www.trinitydesktop.org/ is down for me07:03
orngjce223The thing with XFCE is that it's on gtk2 which is tied fairly closely to gnome, so that's a long-term problem.07:04
holsteinlooks down for everyone :/07:04
orngjce223But it will do.07:04
holsteinmaybe they ran out of steam07:04
orngjce223maybe tomorrow,07:04
Mintalmy hardwear dosnt like linux07:04
orngjce223I'm actually wondering if I should jump ship to the even less popular LXDE or something like that07:04
holsteinbut, thats the thing about open projects07:04
holsteinif orngjce223 and I want, we can download KDE 3.x and do with it as we please... roll it into a custom distro07:05
MintalLXDE is good07:05
holsteinMintal: i always miss something in there07:05
holsteinnice and light though07:05
holsteinAVlinux uses LXDE07:05
holsteinand peppermint OS07:05
holsteini like both of those projects07:05
holsteintheres that one WM that looks like XP or older windows07:06
holsteini never really thought of them being all that similar07:06
Mintalyou can get an app luncher in LXDE and have XFCE AND WINXP UIs07:08
holsteinwell, its linux07:08
holsteinyou can do what you want.... its all open07:08
_guitarman_yup you can do anything07:08
holsteinif its not there, you can build it :)07:08
Mintalim nuts_?07:09
_guitarman_yup - you can build a spaceship os07:09
holsteinfor wanting your system to look like XP?07:09
_guitarman_and rocket to the moon07:09
holsteinhey, if thats what you like, go for it07:09
_guitarman_Mintal: there were distros that skinned like winxp-  red flag linux was one of them07:09
orngjce223Oh, also this: http://ubuntu.online02.com/node/1407:10
holstein_guitarman_: what was that WM that was very windows-y07:10
holsteinpuppy had it...07:10
holsteinsomething like that07:10
_guitarman_old skool07:10
_guitarman_joes window manager07:10
_guitarman_.g icewm winxp07:10
holsteinyeah... didnt feel totally like it, but it looked similar07:10
orngjce223Well, there's always the command line. :P07:11
holsteinno thelonius :/07:11
orngjce223Well, there's ubottu in here but I dunno how to use him07:11
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation07:12
holsteinthats about all i use him for07:12
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:12
holstein!help | _guitarman_07:12
ubottu_guitarman_: please see above07:12
_guitarman_i like that07:12
orngjce223ubottu: awesome07:13
_guitarman_so you connect jack blah blah ...07:13
Mintali dont like the xp them i use the older versiuon like win9507:13
_guitarman_what i don't get it07:13
_guitarman_!help | _guitarman_07:13
ubottu_guitarman_, please see my private message07:13
Mintalits faster07:13
_guitarman_oh wow07:13
holsteinyou can PM the ubuntu bots and get friendly with em07:13
holsteini need to read up on them07:14
holsteinthey are quite helpful07:14
_guitarman_thats curious07:14
_guitarman_this bot is different for sure07:14
_guitarman_alrighty - time to rest up - got to work tomorrow07:14
holstein_guitarman_: o/07:14
holsteinMintal: im actually installing DOS on some boxes for a job soon07:14
holsteinbut, this is not really the channel for that07:14
holsteinthis is actually an official support channel for ubuntustudio07:15
holsteinwe relaxed the OT policy a bit to get a bit of a community going07:15
Mintalthough luck07:15
holsteinyou mean tough luck?07:16
holsteinwhats that mean?07:16
Mintalthe comunity thing07:16
holsteinwe acutally have quite a community07:16
holsteinjust not on the IRC usually07:16
holsteinthe mailing list is quite active07:16
Mintalmailing list07:17
Mintallike anyone uses that07:17
holsteinyeah, thats something else you could troll... i mean join07:17
Mintalnot my cake07:17
Mintalmailing list are official07:18
holsteinthis channel is offical as well07:18
holsteinits logged07:18
Mintaliu hate that07:18
holsteinwell... that happened...07:19
* orngjce223 sigh07:22
holsteinwhat are those twitchy little fellas orngjce223 ?07:24
orngjce223It's supposed to be a glitch Pokemon07:24
orngjce223but I'm in some hilarious roleplay shenanigans in which they're threatening to bring down a... uh... corporation that creates games that play around with the fabric of the universe.07:25
orngjce223I mean, if it was just some random dimension being corrupted, that would be fine. But we're talking programming languages that tap into the underlying structure of reality.07:25
orngjce223Also, playing massively overpowered reality programmers with amazing technobabble skills doesn't get old.07:26
holsteinover my head im afraid07:26
orngjce223If there's one thing that hanging out with the Linux group has taught me, it's how to string together nonsense about hand-coding assembler to ensure that the processors don't get into deadlocks and cause resource contention to... etc. etc.07:27
holsteinhehe... well, enjoy07:27
holsteinim out for the nite07:27
orngjce223Usually they work higher-level though. You'd be surprised how much of their "games division" revolves around their Java-analogue.07:27
orngjce223Goodnight then07:27

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