Unit193Anyone else get two options of Xubuntu Session today?01:12
charlie-tcafresh install or after running updates?01:12
Unit193Daily live with updates that is01:13
charlie-tcamr_pouit: We get two sessions now for Xubuntu after the xubuntu-default-settings update01:14
Unit193One is the XFCE theme01:14
charlie-tcafile a bug for it against xubuntu-default-sessions. We will need the bug report for the qa tracker01:15
Unit193Do you get it too though?01:16
charlie-tcaI haven't done any updates since the change was done01:17
Unit193Anything you want me to put in it? LightDM has two Xubuntu Session options01:19
Unit193And file agenst xubuntu-default-settings01:20
charlie-tcayes, and add "after the upgrade to xubuntu-default-settings on 2011-08-01"01:20
Unit193Bug 81958501:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 819585 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "LightDM has two Xubuntu Session options after upgrade to xubuntu-default-settings on 2011-08-01" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81958501:35
charlie-tcaThank you01:41
Unit193Only thank me if it's valid and helpful :P https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Bugs/OneiricOcelot?action=diff&rev2=23&rev1=2201:41
charlie-tcait's helpful01:42
mr_pouito hai08:35
mr_pouityeah, sorry, I wasn't aware of the freeze (and I received the announcement mail a few hours later)08:35
mr_pouityeah, well, default.desktop is supposed to be handled in a special way in lightdm, but apparently it's not the case if there are two xubuntu sessions :/08:36
Unit193I'll get th[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[Ce logs tomorrow (5am now and I need sleep)09:15
charlie-tcaGood morning13:49
charlie-tcaAlpha3 images to test today. 13:49
madnickOk, this is what I made it out to look like:14:20
madnickThats using only the new config files14:21
madnickAre the new images complete with the lightdm config file?14:29
charlie-tcamythbuntu images should have their new config file. ours are a bit of a mess right now14:33
madnickokay 14:33
charlie-tcahttps://launchpad.net/bugs/819585 now has logs from today's live session14:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 819585 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "LightDM has two Xubuntu Session options after upgrade to xubuntu-default-settings on 2011-08-01" [Medium,Triaged]14:33
micahgcharlie-tca: someone uploaded a new version of gnumeric w/out goffice, if we respin xubuntu, it'll break14:34
charlie-tcaI sure wish they would stop doing that14:34
charlie-tcaIs it part of the that sync that should not have happened?14:34
micahglet's move this to -release14:35
charlie-tcaWe have an install icon on the live desktop now14:37
charlie-tcamicahg: bigger problem than just pulling in gwibber 14:47
charlie-tcabug 81961414:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 819614 in xfce4-indicator-plugin (Ubuntu) "xfce4-indicator-plugin pulls in lots of unnecessary packages (dup-of: 819519)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81961414:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 819519 in xubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "Gwibber installed on Xubuntu/Lubuntu ISO (indicator-messages recommends)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81951914:47
micahgcharlie-tca: that's due to gwibber14:48
davmor2charlie-tca: that was a temporary work round so gwibber got on the cd it was missing, so if it isn't meant to be on xubuntu then it should be removed when it moves to the ubuntu seed but check with kenvandine14:51
charlie-tcaI sure like the way Ubuntu temporary workarounds make more work for us, but our workarounds have to make sure they don't touch what ubuntu needs14:52
GridCubemadnick: i like the new greetings you made :D15:03
davmor2charlie-tca: I don't think it was done intentionally honest ;)15:13
davmor2charlie-tca: ken is on ubuntu-devel feel free to flame him :D15:15
davmor2charlie-tca: what does xubuntu use for twitter and stuff?15:15
micahgdavmor2: nothing until now, now we have pidgin-microblog :)15:16
charlie-tcaWe have never used gwibber15:17
davmor2charlie-tca: I've let ken know for you on #ubuntu-desktop15:21
micahgdavmor2: he already knew as I subscribed him to the bug15:22
davmor2micahg: trust me I know how many bugs he is dealing with right now irc is quicker :)15:22
charlie-tcadavmor2: the biggest issue I see is that it also caused all of us already running oneiric to get gwibber installed too15:23
charlie-tcaand that is not so easy to fix by changing seeds15:23
charlie-tcahuh? what?15:24
micahgoh, wait15:24
micahgI forget normal people don't run aptitude :)15:24
davmor2charlie-tca: feel free to let ken know I've done my bit and let him know that it got installed :)15:24
micahgyeah, people will be stuck with it15:24
charlie-tcaEvery computer running oneiric with indicators now has gwibber and gwibber-service15:24
micahgunless they run apt-get autoremove15:24
charlie-tcaIt is not removing it15:24
micahgcharlie-tca: won't remove it until indicator-messages doesn't recommend it15:25
davmor2charlie-tca: it won't currently they'll need to remove the recommends15:25
charlie-tcaSee, it is not so much a matter of "fixed it to work on the Ubuntu images." 15:25
charlie-tcaIt really is much bigger than a simple "got it on the cd"15:26
charlie-tcaThere is a big difference between an installation of oneiric and the live session now15:51
micahgcharlie-tca: BTW, I got the list of users back when I installed unity16:02
charlie-tcaYes, because lightdm has been set up specific to Ubuntu now16:02
charlie-tcaThe provision for anyone else to use it is not there yet16:02
micahgcharlie-tca: no, I just need to seed accountsservice if you want the list back16:03
charlie-tcalet's seed it then16:04
micahgk, after alpha3 :)16:04
charlie-tcaBut that still won't get us a default session working right16:04
micahgI thought mr_pouit's upload fixed that16:04
charlie-tcawe now have two xubuntu sessions, one of which is ours and one is xfce defaults16:05
charlie-tcaneither one gives the right live session16:05
charlie-tcabug 81958516:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 819585 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "LightDM has two Xubuntu Session options after upgrade to xubuntu-default-settings on 2011-08-01" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81958516:05
charlie-tcabut we are gaining. We now *have* a live session, and you can install from it16:07
charlie-tcaYou just have to know to use "ubuntu" as the user name, nothing goes in password, and choose the bottom Xubuntu session16:08
charlie-tcawhich I will put in the release notes16:08
micahgcharlie-tca: you'll get the user list after I seed accountsservice (I wonder if it will auto-login like it should)16:09
charlie-tcaBut that will be after alpha3 is released, right?16:09
micahgyep, unless you want a respin16:09
charlie-tcait's alpha3, they should expect a problem or two?16:10
micahgyour call16:11
charlie-tcaIf we knew it would fix the multiple xubuntu session thing and the auto-login part, then I would. Otherwise, let's just wait16:12
charlie-tcaIt isn't that hard to login now, and if you don't know what user name and password you used, maybe you should not be using oneiric.16:13
mr_pouitbah, this is extremely boring16:35
charlie-tcawhat is?16:35
mr_pouit#819585 is a lightdm issue imho16:36
mr_pouit(yeah, sorry, out of context)16:36
charlie-tcaWe seem to have many bugs against lightdm now. Is there anything we can do to fix them?16:37
charlie-tcaWe get the right session with all the pieces after installing, but the live session is really messed up16:38
charlie-tcaIt seems to be pulling in a combination of xfce and xubuntu again16:38
charlie-tcaif you log in to the wrong session first16:38
mr_pouitit's because lightdm takes 'default.desktop' instead of 'xubuntu.desktop' as the real session name16:39
charlie-tcaI get a different session when I log to the first xubuntu session, logout, then login the the second xubuntu session16:40
mr_pouitso DESKTOP_SESSION=default instead of DESKTOP_SESSION=xubuntu gets propagated to the environment16:40
charlie-tcamuch different than logging straight to the second session16:40
mr_pouitand picked up by some xsession scripts16:40
mr_pouitso XDG_CONFIG_DIRS end up containing /etc/xdg/xdg-default/ instead of /etc/xdg/xdg-xubuntu16:41
mr_pouitthus the different look, because it searches for default xfce settings in the wrong folder16:41
mr_pouitbtw, has something been done for gnumeric?16:43
mr_pouitah, micahg uploaded goffice :)16:44
charlie-tcayeah, we added goffice, so if we respin, it should be okay16:44
micahgmr_pouit: I sent an e-mail to the uploader of gnumeric16:45
charlie-tcaShould we go ahead and add accountsservice and respin to see what that fixes or breaks?16:45
mr_pouitmicahg: I bet he didn't know gnumeric was seeded by xubuntu =]16:46
charlie-tcaWe have a good xubuntu live session if you login to the second session on starting the desktop cd16:46
micahgmr_pouit: he might not have been checking for seeded packages at all, idk, but he promised to be more careful16:46
mr_pouitmicahg: okay, thanks for taking care of that. I think the real issue is there's no easy way to check that...16:47
mr_pouit(or, at least, easy and advertised ;D)16:47
micahgright, I have an open bug to write a tool that checks the tasks16:47
micahgwhich would get us 98% of the way there16:48
charlie-tcaI suppose anyone not reading the release notes is going to be very upset with what they get in Alpha316:49
mr_pouitwell, all previous alphas have been more or less broken because of lightdm, haven't they?16:51
mr_pouitso people won't be more upset :p16:52
charlie-tcaever since Ubuntu added it16:52
charlie-tcatrue statement 16:52
charlie-tcaIt seems to be working quite well, other than getting logged in16:52
charlie-tcaIf they insist on filing bugs for using the wrong session, we can sign them off invalid for not reading release notes?16:53
madnickknome: cannot directly use the "textbox" image, we can color the current one however17:09
madnickwell, unless we make a special case theme for that only17:10
charlie-tcamicahg: so, the seed changes are done and will be in the next respin, gnumeric and goffice will also update?17:21
micahgcharlie-tca: I didn't change anything yet17:21
charlie-tcaand it is only tuesday17:21
charlie-tcalet's do it and respin then17:22
micahgcharlie-tca: what do you want me to add?  accountsservice, anything else for alpha3?17:22
charlie-tcaWe can pick up the user list, goffice, gnumeric, sudoku, what else?17:22
charlie-tcamr_pouit: anything else we can do to make lightdm work?17:23
micahgwe're stuck with gwibber unless another upload of indicator-messages happens17:23
charlie-tcamicahg: as far as I know, that's it17:23
micahgmr_pouit: depends or recommends on accountsservice (I"m think recommends)17:25
micahgcharlie-tca: did you want xdiagnose?17:26
charlie-tcasure, I think17:29
charlie-tcaalso want pastebinit17:29
micahgright, but for now or after alpha 3?17:30
charlie-tcaoh, I guess after is fine17:30
charlie-tcawe are in freeze now, so we should only do what we really need, right?17:30
* micahg thinks xdiagnose should wait as well17:30
charlie-tcayep, xdiagnose is not a priority17:31
charlie-tcabut we should be able to do gnumeric, goffice, and accountsservice17:31
charlie-tcaThose are big for us17:31
micahgk, will upload a new meta in a few minutes17:31
charlie-tcaI will order a respin in what, an hour?17:32
micahghour and a half if I get it uploaded in the next 30 minutes17:32
charlie-tcaOkay, I will give it two hours then17:32
micahgoh, should I drop aisleriot for alpha3 or leave it broke?17:33
charlie-tcaThey ain't gonna fix it yet, huh?17:33
charlie-tcalet's drop it, it will cut down on fake reports17:33
micahgwe're waiting on a new upstream release with the license fixed17:34
charlie-tcaI see. Well, we can put it back when it is working, right?17:37
knomemadnick, can't use it with what, lightdm?17:38
knomemadnick, could we just add that image as some kind of background image, and add a 100% transparent box on top of it?17:38
micahgcharlie-tca: do we need to check with skaet before I upload?17:39
charlie-tcaWhat are we uploading, just accountsservice?17:39
micahgno, just the meta17:39
charlie-tcacourtesy check, yes17:39
micahgor do we own our CDs17:40
charlie-tcaI don't think we own much, TBH17:43
micahgby own I mean can respin when we wnat17:43
charlie-tcaGot permission, go ahead, micahg 17:43
charlie-tcaI can request the respins, but have to have them push the button17:44
micahgk, it'll be a few more minutes for the meta (this takes forever)17:44
charlie-tcano problem17:44
charlie-tcaI have worked pretty hard to get Xubuntu in a position that when I request things now, I usually get it17:47
micahgum, I just updated it and it didn't pick up accountsservice17:48
micahgah, branch scaner didn't get to it yet17:49
charlie-tcaokay, respin happens in 1.5 hours17:49
charlie-tcaall images17:49
micahgoops, pushed to my branch, not the main one..I hope I make it...17:50
charlie-tcaWhat a deal... Just trying to really improve things, too. :)17:51
micahgyeah, I don't think we'll make it, one more hour most likekly17:53
micahgactually, I shouldn't say that, idk exactly how this all works yet17:54
charlie-tcaNo problem. I will order the respin when you tell me everything is ready17:57
madnickknome: i am afraid that is not possible without modifying the greeter, it should probably be possible to use a gtk theme also, however i cannot get lightdm to do that17:58
charlie-tcamight be better to try that after alpha3, we just added the user list18:00
madnickI find it really hard to find documentation about lightdm18:01
micahgk, meta uploaded18:01
charlie-tcamadnick: that's because there is very little18:01
charlie-tcamadnick: have you seen http://people.ubuntu.com/~robert-ancell/lightdm/reference/18:02
charlie-tcamadnick: also some good stuff in http://bobthegnome.blogspot.com/2010/07/lightdm.html18:02
charlie-tcamadnick: and I also have https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LightDM18:03
charlie-tcaDoes that help at all?18:03
charlie-tcaIt is all I seem to know of for lightdm18:04
madnickwell, ive seen them but thanks :)18:04
madnickwhat im looking for is:18:04
madnickHow to use a GTK theme, hm i guess that is all :P18:05
madnickcharlie-tca: ive modified as much as i could18:05
madnickusing the glade file, and the configs:18:05
madnickBut I dont think its enough18:05
charlie-tcaThanks for trying. We will need some of the broken stuff fixed too, I think18:06
charlie-tcaI like that18:06
charlie-tcadid you get the logo in the lower left to tone down?18:06
madnicknope, but it is scacled18:07
micahgcharlie-tca: k, meta is building, but we missed the start of the publisher run, idk if it'll still make it in or need to wait for the next one18:07
charlie-tcaor lower right, I guess.18:07
charlie-tcamicahg: Okay, I will wait and see. Let me know when to respin.18:07
* micahg hopes this actually helps :)(18:08
charlie-tcaheh, me too18:08
charlie-tcaWell, it has to, if we get a user name in the list18:08
charlie-tcaI already duped a bug report for no autologin to live session18:09
charlie-tcaI will go work on other things, since I know both desktop images did work18:10
micahgwell, hopefully 2 less release notes for xubuntu :)18:13
charlie-tcaEvery one counts!18:23
ochosimadnick: heya18:30
ochosimadnick: just a quick comment (might be off again for tonight pretty quickly), i think it would be cool if the box with the username etc wouldn't be plain grey, if you can tweak that that would be great. either something translucent (e.g. black shadowy half-transparent box?) or a darker color could go well with the bg-colors18:31
madnickochosi: i will see what i can do :)18:32
madnickThe problem is what layer im gonna end up adding to18:32
ochosimadnick: okeydokey, maybe we can also start out with mockups18:32
madnickochosi: have you seen the plymouth stuff?18:32
madnickI think you were on vacation?18:32
ochosiyup, just retourned18:33
ochosiso no, haven't seen that18:33
madnick1 sec18:33
ochosisure np18:33
madnickthe ogg files18:33
ochosilooks pretty sazzy :)18:33
ochosii like it18:34
madnickgood 18:34
ochosithe knight-rider effect can't really be transformed into something else, can it?18:34
ochosii mean the white bar going left and right18:34
madnickWell, anything can be done, we had it different before18:34
charlie-tcawhat if it were black instead of white?18:34
madnick1 sec18:35
ochosihm, maybe black would be strange because the logo and font are in white18:35
madnickochosi: had it rebouncing before18:35
madnickBut that was not so nice18:35
ochosihm, i see18:35
ochosimaybe we can do something like a spinner?18:36
madnickwe get no real "progress" data as we do for fsck18:36
madnickif you'd like18:36
madnickyou can make something taht i can use18:36
ochosithat would feel more natural to me18:36
ochosibecause it's "endless"18:36
ochosiwhat do you need for that?18:37
ochosijust a mockup?18:37
ochosiok, thing i can get around to that, maybe tomorrow18:37
ochosior at least in the upcoming days18:37
madnickim not great with colors or stuff like that :(18:37
ochosinp, what you've done up to now looks great18:37
madnickknome did all of the graphics18:37
ochosiand i'm happy i'm not the only one anymore doing artwork around here :)18:37
charlie-tcaheh, we are trying to add to the contributors :)18:38
madnicki meant, for this plymouth18:38
TheSheepis it normal that mouse doesn't work in lightdm? :)18:39
charlie-tcamouse works here in it, on all images and installs18:39
* charlie-tca has both usb only and ps/2 only mice, too18:39
astraljavacharlie-tca: Can you try whether it works the same way for you than it works for me; try to add a new key shortcut, can you actually add a key combo for the command?18:40
madnickochosi: i looked at this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Artwork/Breezy?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=xubuntu_logo.png18:40
madnickbut it was animated, was that what you had in mind?18:40
charlie-tcaTheSheep: no, all mice should just work in lightdm18:40
TheSheepcharlie-tca: I see, disconnecting the tablet helped18:40
charlie-tcaUsually when mine doesn't, I have to reboot and it will 18:40
charlie-tcaastraljava: let me try18:41
ochosimadnick: yeah, i think there's a spinning/running mouse somewhere as a login splash-screen in xfce/xubuntu18:41
madnickochosi: yep but i was told not to use it because it was old18:42
ochosi"old" in what way?18:42
madnickI dont know :P18:42
ochosii see18:42
ochosiwell we can talk about that again18:42
ochosii'm not sure it's necessary that the logo itself moves18:43
charlie-tcaastraljava: it added it18:43
charlie-tcaLet me try a fresh oneiric18:43
ochosimadnick: a very clean circle underneath the logo/font would work as well and be cleaner in a way18:43
astraljavacharlie-tca: Okay, then it was just a glitch in my yesterday's install.18:43
charlie-tcalet's see what a new install18:44
madnickochosi: :)18:44
charlie-tcaochosi: is that the mouse running in the circle  of friends?18:44
charlie-tcawe killed that logo18:44
TheSheepI loved it18:45
madnickdo you think we should have something specific at boot/shutdown? to distingish them?18:45
ochosicharlie-tca: ah, now i get what you mean with "old". true.18:45
ochosimadnick: maybe, i18:45
ochosii'll try to think of it a bit18:45
ochosiall of this started pretty much as i left18:45
ochosiso i'm at square one here18:45
madnickochosi: you also got a vid from a real computer screen from the live cd, so you can see how it looks like with a normal resolutions18:47
madnickits a bit wider18:47
charlie-tcaastraljava: works great here on fresh install from today18:47
charlie-tcaochosi: I did suggest looking at the xfce splash screens, too18:47
charlie-tcaThey used to have a running mouse that was nice18:48
ochosiwell after having seen the bar that moves back and forth i really think we should go for something else there18:49
ochosibe it a running mouse or a spinner18:49
ochosimadnick: yeah thanks, i looked at all the stuff there now. great you put that together!18:49
charlie-tcaI can agree with that. Maybe give it some thought18:49
ochosiyeah, i'm pretty sure we'll come up with something nice18:50
charlie-tcamicahg: do we know anything yet?18:50
charlie-tcaubuntu just started a full respin, so it will be a while for us now.18:51
madnickis there some special purpose for the thick lines in the accessability and shutdown icon things?18:52
madnickin lightdm18:53
astraljavacharlie-tca: Right, will have to try again tomorrow, then. Thanks!18:53
charlie-tcamadnick: carry over of the icons used by Untiy18:56
charlie-tcas/untiy/unity and Ubuntu18:57
charlie-tcaIt should be changable for us.18:57
madnickit is18:57
madnickits stock icons18:57
madnickset in the glade file18:58
madnickBut I really wonder, if this is what they call "themable"18:58
madnickseems worse than gdm18:58
madnickoh.. i forgot to talk to the developer :(18:59
charlie-tcaheh, and another person finds the changes made by Ubuntu miserable to work around19:01
davmor2charlie-tca: it's not the changes Ubuntu make, it's the lack of changes you guys make honest ;)  /me counts to 3 before hearing charlie-tca's head explode19:07
micahgcharlie-tca: I think we're good19:07
charlie-tcaOkay, thanks, micahg 19:07
charlie-tcawill go for the respin now19:07
charlie-tcadavmor2: honest, lightdm worked great for a week before Ubuntu touched it19:08
davmor2charlie-tca: I blame the lightdm-gtk-greeter or whatever it is called, I can't even change to the unity-greeter and without it lightdm doesn't go at all :(  I liked the unity-greeter too it was nice 19:10
charlie-tcaWell, glad I ain't the only one fighting it :)19:11
charlie-tcaMaybe it is just easy to blame Ubuntu. It can't all be their fault, right?19:12
charlie-tcaBesides, it really is Ubuntu that allowed Xubuntu to exist at all!19:13
micahgcharlie-tca: I'll be afk for several hours, but will check backscroll later tonight20:22
charlie-tcaThanks, micahg 20:25
madnickgah, i wish we used the webkit engine :P just tried some stuff out, its wonderful :D21:10
madnickseems thats deleted from oneiric?21:16
charlie-tcaprobably. There have been many changes in the last week or two.21:25
madnicki give up for tonight :P when is the next meeting? 21:37
madnicksorry for asking that, forgot there is a website21:37
charlie-tcaIt's also in the topic21:38
charlie-tcaAugust 821:39
madnickDoes GTK3 break something in Xubuntu? 22:22
madnickReason Im asking is22:23
madnickIs very possible, if we had GTK322:24
Unit193Xfce uses GTK2, but I think we may ship with both? The theme will support it anyway22:24
madnickoh sweet :)22:25
madnickDon't know why Ubuntu hardcoded the Ubuntu fonts and Ubuntu logos into the source22:25
Unit193Wait for another to make sure. Because it's Ubuntu :P22:26
madnickhehe, its also written in Vala :P22:27
madnickBut Vala is easy, sorta like C#22:28
charlie-tcamadnick: gtk3 should not bread anything22:28
madnickI got a little check when i saw string? 22:28
madnick"string?" :)22:28
madnickBut then i got the reference and saw what it meant22:28
madnickcharlie-tca: im sorry, "bread", im not familar with the expression :(22:29
charlie-tcamadnick: gtk3 should not break anything22:29
charlie-tcakeyboard got confused22:30
madnicksorry, i truly did not understand, i wasnt correcting you22:30
charlie-tcano problem. spelling errors happen22:31
madnickBut do we want a theme like this one?22:31
madnickIts already running on my machine, so it works22:31
charlie-tcagtk3 should work, but there is apparently a difference in graphics in gtk2 and gtk322:32
madnickokay, because, without writing a greeter22:32
madnickWe cannot do much things22:33
madnickAnd if this works, then its very good22:33
charlie-tcaWrite a greeter if you need to, we can have one named xubuntu-greeter, can't we?22:33
charlie-tcaor do things the easiest way22:34
madnickyep we can, but if we want the unity greeter is pretty nice imo22:34
charlie-tcamr_pouit does not plan to put gtk3 on the cd if we don't have to.22:34
madnickhm, difficult this :P 22:36
madnickIll ask ochosi and knome if they have inputs22:36
madnickand if they really like to do something22:36
madnickI could costumize the greeter to do it?22:36
madnickknome: about the art to use22:37
madnickI know what you said last night22:37
madnickBut that is not really 100% possible with the GTK default greeter22:37
knomebah. :)22:37
madnickThe functionallity of the unity greeter is nice imo22:38
astraljavaHehehe... costumize. :) I like that.22:53
micahgcharlie-tca: gtk3 is already on the CD22:54
charlie-tcamadnick: apparently, my information was bad. gtk3 is on the cd, so you can use it23:08
micahgwe don't want GNOME3 :)23:08
madnickoh cool :)23:09
micahgon the CD...I mean on the CD...23:09
charlie-tcaif he writes it for gnome3, we won't use it23:11
Unit193So we can have KDE and qt? ;)23:11
Unit193charlie-tca: I take it no more logs are  needed for that bug?23:12
charlie-tcaWe can not23:12
charlie-tcaright, I gave him enough23:12
charlie-tcaI thought as long as I was trying to test alpha3...23:13
charlie-tcaNow we are waiting for the .2 images for today23:13
Unit193Yeah, I just wanted to make sure23:13
charlie-tcaIt's good to follow up23:14
micahgcharlie-tca: and it's only tuesday and we have a .2 :)23:16
charlie-tcatoday .223:16
charlie-tcaI think. Maybe it is a .1, and I am confused again23:16
charlie-tcabut it is not without the .?23:17
micahgI think it's progress, better to get these bugs out on tuesday than wed23:17
madnickseems the unity greeter is not 100% accurate at scaling23:34
madnick(if i talk to much, please tell me :P)23:35
charlie-tcalooks kind of dark, too?23:35
charlie-tcaWe just don't answer when you talk too much23:35
madnickthat might be the camera, im not sure23:35
madnickokay, fair enough :)23:36
charlie-tcaOh, Then it should be fine23:36
* astraljava has started to suspect there are people on #ubuntu who deliberately try to get on people's nerves, by thinking up the strangest support questions that don't even make any sense at all, but disguise them cleverly so that calling their bluff isn't obvious23:39
knomeastraljava, definitely.23:39
charlie-tcaof course there are23:40
charlie-tcahm, Yes, I think there are pirates too23:42

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