didrocksgood morning05:19
kenvandinegood morning MacSlow06:59
RAOFAloha MacSlow!07:00
MacSlowhey kenvandine, RAOF07:01
MacSlowhey murrayc07:02
oSoMoNgood morning07:02
murraycMacSlow: hi07:03
Ihateuntyall i have to say is unity was just a big mistake and a huge disaster09:07
nerochiaroyou hate it so much you can't even spell it correctly09:18
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seifkim0, coming to desktop summit11:59
kim0seif: nope12:00
kim0seif: when u're back over here, ping me and let's meet with the ubu guys :)12:00
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kenvandineCimi_, bug 820964 for your enjoyment :)14:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 820964 in overlay-scrollbar (Ubuntu) "step down spams adjustment value" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82096414:44
Cimi_kenvandine: not a bug14:45
Cimi_kenvandine: it's the animation14:46
kenvandineit makes scrolling down take 3s per step14:46
Cimi_kenvandine: it shouldn't14:46
Cimi_kenvandine: 1s14:46
Cimi_there's a timeout14:46
kenvandinewe do things when the adjustment changes14:47
Cimi_oh right, your fault :)14:47
kenvandinewe have too :)14:47
Cimi_I have no idea then :)14:47
kenvandinewhy doesn't it loop like that on step up?14:47
Cimi_it does14:47
kenvandinevalue only changes once on each step up14:48
Cimi_something is strange in gwibber then14:48
Cimi_code is the same14:48
kenvandinei get 1 notify for the value change on step up14:48
kenvandinebut 21 changes on step down14:48
Cimi_kenvandine: when will I have my 0px menubar gtk+ patch, instead?14:49
kenvandinehehe... in oneiric?14:50
kenvandinei guess today14:50
Cimi_kenvandine: did you take the latest version, right?14:50
Cimi_kenvandine: the one with the timeout?14:50
kenvandinethe one i uploaded to the ppa, is the latest i have14:50
kenvandinecan you get me the latest?14:50
kenvandineto make sure14:50
Cimi_http://paste.ubuntu.com/657160/ kenvandine14:52
kenvandineCimi_, i'll do that after the archive opens14:53
kenvandineseb128, ok?14:53
seb128kenvandine, sure14:56
seb128kenvandine, did that get reviewed and tested by other dxers?14:56
kenvandineCimi_, ^^14:56
Cimi_seb128: here works flawlessly14:57
Cimi_seb128: I doubt they could review it14:57
seb128that's not what I asked though14:57
Cimi_seb128: they are in a rush to make unity less bugged :)14:57
seb128well, no landing of code which didn't get reviewed and tested14:57
Cimi_seb128: and ted is in vacation14:58
seb128then it will wait for him to be back or others to be less busy14:58
Cimi_seb128: no updates in light-themes too at the moment14:58
seb128that's fine14:58
seb128we have a working theme14:58
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kenvandineseb128, i worked around the scrollbars animation and now step down is speedy16:19
kenvandinenot going to upload for that16:19
jjgalvez__are there any fixes or workarounds to the unresponsiveness of the systray once the white list is set to all?18:13
ephansystray jjgalvez__? I don't know what you mean. Perhaps you're confusing with the Indicator Applet of the panel?18:25
ephanAt least I don't think it's called systray18:25
ephanoh wait I think it can also be called SysTray. jjgalvez__ I personally don't know, but try restarting Unity18:26
andyrockjjgalvez__, it should be solved in Oneiric, at least it's what i think18:29
jjgalvez__ephan: Thanks I've done that before and it fixes it for a while18:29
ephanHas this bug been reported already? What's it's ID?18:30
jjgalvez__andyrock: cool I hope so, I know its a small thing but it's just annoying18:30
andyrockjjgalvez__, do you have natty right?18:30
jjgalvez__andyrock: yep, I've ben using it since it came out and after the initial "this is to different" shock I really  love it! Love the general direction it going18:32
andyrockjjgalvez__, it should be solved in oneiric...18:33
ephanwhich reminds me to check if the alpha 3 is out yet18:34
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kenvandineCimi_, this menu_bar patch, what kinds of things should i test for?20:05
kenvandineit doesn't seem to cause anything to blow up20:05
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Cimi_kenvandine: indeed, it's a good patch :-)21:43
Cimi_kenvandine: I'm using it since monday IIRC21:43
coz_ hey all23:11
thumpermorning (just)23:55

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