maxbI previously planned to work on getting the %2B displayed unescaped, until I got scared off by the problems %7E vs. ~ was causing00:02
maxbBut yes, there's no real justification for escaping that +00:02
poolieabentley: hi?00:16
abentleypoolie: hi00:16
pooliehi i think i have better tc instructions, i was wondering if you could try them on your machine00:16
abentleypoolie: sure thing.00:17
pooliebasically, just omit the third line00:18
pooliei think that's all that's needed00:19
poolielike http://typewith.me/7hBAzi2MYN00:19
abentleypoolie: tc qdisc add dev lo parent 30:1 handle 40: prio00:21
abentleyRTNETLINK answers: Operation not supported00:21
poolieyeah, leave that one out00:22
pooliejust add the root discipline, the netem, and then the filters00:22
abentleypoolie: If I continue, it errors: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/658315/00:23
poolieoh, omit the 'handle 800::800'00:23
pooliei realize randomly cutting things out does not generally seem to work but in this case it does  :)00:24
pooliei think more stuff is now done automatically and is no longer allowed to be done manually00:24
abentleypoolie: The typewith.me version doesn't error for me.00:24
poolieand does it work?00:24
pooliepresumably you'll want different ports to 415500:24
abentleypoolie: dunno, I don't have anything on 4155 :-)  Let's try again with 80...00:25
poolieyou might need more than 500ms for it to be clearly visible00:25
mgzpoolie: when you have a moment, do you have the new PQM output for <lp:~mbp/bzr/test-errors>?00:28
spivIf you can't notice 500ms latency then you aren't making enough roundtrips ;)00:29
abentleypoolie: I think it's working.00:29
mgzI'd like to build of that branch to resolve some remaining issues and get it landed at last.00:29
pooliebtw i'm so happy to hear of lp people testing with that00:29
pooliewere you going to use it for html/js ui stuff, or something else?00:29
pooliemgz, sure, me too00:29
pooliemgz, i put it on the mp; it looks very similar to what happened before00:31
poolieabentley, thanks, i'll update the bzr docs00:31
abentleypoolie: yes, it's working.  Thanks!00:31
mgzpoolie: thanks! I'll have a crack at that tomorrow.00:34
pooliethanks for fixing the knownfailure mismatch00:37
pooliei think there's a bug for that?00:37
GRiDhi poolie, did you have a moment to talk about bug #54624?01:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 54624 in Bazaar "warn when committing large (binary) files" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5462401:12
poolieoh hi01:13
poolieso, you asked about doing it from 'add'01:13
pooliein bzr, add just means 'mark this as versioned' of course01:13
poolieso, we could usefully give a warning there i suppose01:13
pooliebut, perhaps people also want to be warned if an already-added file grows very large?01:13
pooliemaybe not01:13
GRiDah, hadn't thought of that01:14
GRiDwell, the original idea seemed to be to prevent people from adding large files they didn't really mean to01:14
poolieyeah, i think you're right01:15
pooliealso it's a bit easier to undo at that point01:15
poolieand just a warning will do01:15
GRiDok, so it seems it should check the file during the list it's running through during an add, and warning at that point, skipping it if it's over the threshold.. ?01:16
GRiDwhich should probably be configurable01:16
poolieand this needs to cover files implicitly added by recursion01:16
GRiDi hadn't dug into it, but it seemed there was a per branch config file. is that the right place?01:16
pooliethat sounds good01:17
poolieyou should get the branch config stack, which will look there and in the globla config etc01:17
GRiDok. and how are those adjusted usually - by manually editing a file? should there be a command line to override and force this?01:17
poolieeither by editing the file or by 'bzr config' or the gui01:18
pooliethere's a separate bug about adding a command line option to set config flags01:18
poolieso, i wouldn't worry about that right here01:18
GRiDok, so i'll work something up and push it early to a branch for review, like you mentioned.01:27
pooliecool, thanks01:27
pooliedon't feel it has be perfect before you ask for review01:27
pooliei have to go out in a bit but i'll be back within about 2 hours01:28
pooliei'm going to do lots of reviews today01:28
GRiDah well it's night for me, i wouldn't have anything before tomorrow at least01:29
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pooliehi thomi06:29
thomihi poolie06:29
thomipoolie: I notice that the diff on my lp merge proposal has merge conflict markers in it, but they're not in my local branch. LP bug perhaps?07:21
thomialso, if you're happy with my latest suggestion I'll go ahead and push that up now07:22
pooliethomi: i guess those conflicts are because the trunk changed since you started07:58
thomipoolie: oh, of course. Sorry, it's been a long week ;)07:59
poolienp, thanks for the patches08:00
thomihmm, in trunk there's a half-written docstring in config.LocationStack that's causing the conflict.08:07
thomipoolie: are you happy with the approach I took in the config stuff? I'm done for the evening, but if you'd like me to change them let me know and I'll do final tweaks tomorrow.08:08
pooliei haven't reread the patch yet but it sounded good08:18
* poolie looks now08:18
maxbjelmer: hi. do you think we should care about shipping subvertpy 0.8 and bzr-svn 1.1 for hardy?09:04
jelmerhi Max09:06
jelmermaxb, I guess so, is there anything in particular that makes it hard to build subvertpy 0.8 on hardy?09:07
maxbjelmer: debhelper 8.1 :-)09:16
pooliehi jelmer!09:22
pooliehi maxb09:23
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jelmerhi poolie09:40
jelmermaxb: ah, argh09:40
* jelmer tries to remember what we need 8.1 for09:40
poolieok, that's confusing09:41
poolieoneiric's unity shows the wrong title bar text09:41
poolieor, slightly out of date09:41
pooliethat was nearly embarassing09:42
jelmerI'm finding unity fairly bleeding edge in oneiric too09:43
poolieit still says #canonical when i've clicked in to #bzr09:43
pooliei'm just going to file about that then perhaps you can help me with something small09:44
fullermdAre we expecting a 2.4 RC sometime, or is .0 final the next up?09:45
poolie.0 is next unless there's a showstopper09:45
poolievila should be back from his break in a day or two09:49
pooliedid you want to put something in it in particular?09:49
ubot5Ubuntu bug 820836 in unity (Ubuntu) "window title gets out of date" [Undecided,New]09:49
fullermdNah, just curious.09:49
vilahi all !10:02
fullermdSpeaking of the devil...10:03
vilahmm, should I read the logs or can I get a summary ? ;)10:09
jmlmgz: welcome back10:10
fullermdvila: Oh, nothing too interesting really.10:11
fullermd04:49 <poolie> vila should be back from his break in a day or two10:11
jmlmgz: I hope my fix for testtools actually fixed it, I don't have a windows install to test against10:11
fullermdApparently, 13 minutes is a day.  Or maybe two   ;)10:11
mgzjml: thanks for the quick fix, I can pull again10:12
vilahehe, I'm back online but working from a friend's place, network needs to be tweaked, should be done soon10:12
jmlmgz: cool.10:13
vilapoolie: still around ?10:13
jmlmgz: fwiw, I want to get the unicode bugs fixed, and then release asap10:13
pooliehi vila, welcome back10:13
vilajml: same here (but different project ;)10:13
poolieotp with jelmer atm10:14
mgzjml: that sounds good. I've got some ugly things I can do to make doctest work, can propose those and see how horrible you think they are10:15
* mgz waves at vila10:15
jmlmgz: cool.10:15
vilamgz: _o/10:15
jmlmgz: now that I have an actual reliable way to run the tests across lots of Pythons, I feel much better about the whole thing10:16
jmlnever mind10:16
mgzwell, that's also a good thing ;)10:17
cheaterhow do i set up a bzr workflow where i can do local commits?10:46
LeoNerdbzr unbind  ?10:47
LeoNerdOr just  ci --local10:47
LeoNerdI usually opt for the latter on my laptop when I'm on the train10:47
LeoNerdthen just  push  it later online10:47
jpdscheater: Isn't that the default?10:48
jpdsWith bzr branch?10:48
pooliethe easy answer is to just branch and then you can commit locally10:53
pooliehi vila?10:53
maxbjelmer: For building subvertpy-dbg, and not having the #! lines sometimes point to the dbg python?10:53
maxbAnyway, I'm not too concerned, given I've already backported dh 7.3.15 to hardy .... 7.3 -> 8.1 can't introduce that many more requirements, right? :-)10:54
jmlmgz: I feel like I'm still missing something re bug 80412710:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 804127 in testtools "assertThat(..., verbose=True) sometimes generates unprintable AssertionErrors" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80412710:55
jelmermaxb, :)10:55
pooliehullo jml!10:55
jmlmgz: I guess Mismatch.describe() has a poorly defined interface, since it's not clear if it returns bytes or unicode10:55
jmlpoolie: hi :)10:55
poolie... "sometimes generates unprintable comments from developers"10:55
jmlpoolie: hah10:56
jmlpoolie: you'll like the new release actually, it's much less noisy. much better errors (when they work)10:56
poolieoh excellent10:56
pooliemgz and i were working on a branch to suppress some of the bzr-side noise10:56
jmlmgz: but perhaps you mean something else by not having a clear interface10:58
jmlgahr. I should reply to the comment. I always hate it when people take things to IRC & then don't update.10:58
poolievila, hi?10:59
mgzjml: right, if it's not clear what describe is allowed to return, you'll risk mixing non-ascii byte strings and unicode strings11:00
mgzokay, I need to nip out for a bit now, will be around again later11:01
jmlmgz: cool. I'll update the bug report. Am keen to get this one nailed.11:01
cheaterjpds, oh, i did bzr checkout.11:01
cheaterthanks guys.11:01
jmlmgz: thank you again for helping!11:01
jelmercheater: bzr checkout creates a branch that's bound to the master branch, so every commit automatically goes there as well. bzr branch creates an independent branch.11:02
poolienight all11:07
cheaterjelmer, gotcha :)11:10
exarkunoops, looks like bzr-hg plugin is not happy with beta bzr (or maybe I need beta bzr-hg to go with it)11:20
exarkunWhat's the quickest way to toggle a bzr plugin on and off?11:21
exarkunmoving it out of the plugin directory I guess11:22
jelmerexarkun: yeah, either that or setting BZR_DISABLE_PLUGINS=hg as environment variable11:24
vilajelmer: what happened to the idea of making tag fetching optional for 2.4 ?11:49
vilajelmer: and more to the point should I delay the 2.4.0 release because of it ?11:50
jelmervila: hey, welcome back!11:51
jelmervila: Did you have a good vacation?11:51
vilayup, tons of hot weather11:51
vilaI'm in Val's baggages visiting a friend in Bretagne where the weather is.... different ;)11:52
jelmerBretagne, nice :)11:52
jelmerWell, if the weather is nice :)11:53
jelmervila: there hasn't been much progress on making tag fetching optional, as it's been pretty quiet around here11:53
vilayeah, it rains only once a year11:53
jelmervila: I do think we really should make it optional before 2.4.11:53
vilabut it almost never stops ;)11:53
jelmervila: hehe11:53
vilajelmer: ok, so I should postpone the release for a week then11:54
vilajelmer: do we have a bug number for that ?11:55
jelmerI don't think we do yet11:55
vilaanything else I should be aware of ? (I haven't read all backlogged mail yet)11:56
vila(but noticed babune being red in anger all over the place ;)11:56
jelmervila: Yeah :-(11:57
jelmervila: The other big news is that haproxy is now enable for codehosting \o/11:57
jelmerthere is one bzr bug related to that, but it's been present for a while so I'm not sure how important it is to fix before 2.4.011:58
jelmerbug 81960411:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 819604 in Bazaar "when an idle ssh transport is interrupted, bzrlib errors" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81960411:58
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jelmervila: I vaguely recall you had some plans for running the tests against bzr.dev on babune, is that correct?13:07
vilajelmer: err, babune is running all tests against bzr.dev :) Which tests are you reffering13:27
vilareferring to ?13:27
jelmervila: sorry, I meant plugin tests13:27
vilaha, right, yeah, still planned, no ETA ;-}13:28
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abetterliehey all, I have a quick question about push-and-update plugin15:19
abetterlieI'm running bzr 3.2.1, and I moved the __init__.py and the push_and_update.py to my .bazaar/plugins15:20
abetterlieand no matter which transport I use, either bzr+ssh or sftp, I get This transport does not update the working tree of  bzr+ssh://matt@
abetterliecan anyone explain how to use this plugin?15:21
abetterlie... please?15:26
jelmerhi abetterlie15:35
jelmerabetterlie: You need to add the plugin directory as a whole to ~/.bazaar/plugins15:36
abetterlieand it also needs to be renamed push_and_update, because - is not allowed for some reason15:42
abetterlieweird, becuase I have some precommit hooks that are bare .py files in .bazaar/plugins and they work just fine15:42
fullermdThat only works if $pluginname is entirely contained in $pluginname.py15:43
abetterlieI see.15:44
abetterliewhen I push, bzr is still spitting errors, but the plugin seems to be working fine.15:46
abetterlieshould I file a bug?15:46
fullermdIt'd be an enhancement, maybe.15:47
fullermdbzr's push still doesn't do anything with the remote working tree.  The plugin just makes it so when you run 'push', it does bzr's push and then _also_ does something else that does the update.15:47
fullermdI could see arguments both ways about supressing the message.  Not sure how easy it would be to do.15:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 360521 in Plugin to Update Remote Trees "Warning about working trees not updating not suppressed" [Medium,Fix committed]15:49
fullermdThat sounds like it should already be there.15:49
abetterliethat's the one15:49
abetterlieI don't see why it was ever changed from a seprate command push-and-update15:50
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eriduis there any way to disable SSL certificate checks in pycurl, or to enable authentication caching in urllib2?16:36
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pooliehi all23:17
jelmermørning poolie23:27
pooliehi grid23:44

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