SecrisSo is there any way to make Kubuntu faster00:18
* szal doesn't think that 4 hours later there is more to say about that00:19
SecrisI didn't catch what was said my net went00:21
SecrisGuess not00:36
U236WillyThanks for all your help last week guys! I was able to get my iPod to work in Amarok and blacklist the module that was lagging my wireless usb dongle02:24
DaskreechU236Willy: Whoot!02:24
U236WillySo my next question is: Can I mark Rekonq for reinstallation.02:26
DaskreechNext question :)02:26
Daskreechsudo apt-get install rekonq --reinstall02:26
U236WillyI think when i first installed kubuntu... there was a notification about updating Rekonq but then this window that I should've paid more attention to was in mid-something-or-other and the machine needed a reboot and well.. rekonq now borks on simple webpages.02:28
U236WillySo THANKS AGAIN!02:28
raevindoes anyone know how to use the restricted nvidia drivers?  i have them installed but they're not being used right now, and wanting to use them instead of fbevau or whatever xorg is using currently02:32
Daskreechraevin: whats your lsmod output say?02:33
raevinwhich one do you want, Daskreech??  cna't post it all here lol02:34
Daskreech !pastebin02:35
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:35
raevinDaskreech: is that what you were wanting?02:38
DaskreechYes thanks02:39
Daskreechnvidia is loaded. What else would you like?02:39
claydohraevin: from that it looks like you are using nvidia if I am seeing it correctly02:39
jamayahhhh, fucking windows xp, I just install it02:39
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:39
raevinclaydoh: how can you tell?? o.o02:40
jamayand my second disk partition table is erase !!!02:40
jamayoups sorry bot =)02:40
claydohraevin:  nvidia              10709116  5002:40
claydohline 1202:40
U236WillyI have the same thing loaded and my nvidia works02:40
claydohand no mention ov neauveau02:40
raevinclaydoh: yeah saw that afterwards, lol.  but, hold on, gonna upload something for ya02:41
Daskreechjamay: did you have data on it?02:42
raevinclaydoh: http://imagebin.org/166296 <-- this confuses me greatly02:42
jamayyes :/ all my data02:42
jamaytestdisk is running in a live cd now...02:42
jamayhope !02:42
DaskreechIf it was a normal partition trashing your data is probably ok02:42
claydohraevin: may be a bug, have you rebooted since installing? I am assuming you have02:43
raevinclaydoh: yeah, lol.  i installed them when i first installed kubuntu about a month ago, restarted plenty of times since lol02:43
jamayI have juste windows on the pc because I want to install debian after02:43
jamaybut I want to restore the partition table before02:43
claydohraevin: since installing the driver?02:43
claydohdumb question, the module would not be loaded then if you hadn't i belive02:44
raevinclaydoh: yeaup, first thing i did when i installed kubuntu was install the nvidia restricted driver you see in the ss, and rebooted afterwards , got the same result all the times02:44
jamaybecause it will be my first install of debian and maybe it will take long time =) (sorry for bad english =)02:44
raevinit could've been loaded had i restarted x server, but...meh, not going to get so technical on that matter lol02:44
claydohraevin: but it is installed so the applet is wrong in its notice02:45
U236Willyraevin: my additional drivers says the same as your imagebin... the only difference is I have module loaded called nv_tco which i don't see in yours but that could be specific to my nvidia card.02:45
U236Willyand I can play 720p 1080p etc.02:45
raevinU236Willy: it could be, i have a 9600gt, so not the newest of the breed lol.  but i play in 720p a lot too (actually all the time o.o).  Just wondering why it kept saying that lol.  claydoh, thanks for the help in this :D  it is much appreciated02:46
U236Willyi have a 8800GT02:47
claydohraevin: np02:47
raevinU236Willy: dang...and you still beat me T_T  lol02:47
U236Willyit plays video02:47
raevinU236Willy: better than nothing, lol.  you play any games, or just vids?02:48
U236Willyno games02:48
raevinwell must make things heck of a lot easier for ya lol02:48
U236Willyyeah... let me ask... in your system apps does the 'nvidia x server settings' show up?02:50
U236Willyhhehehe... i decided to play a 1080p vid from mplayer at the cli and I see it's using '[vdpau]' and i left the additional drivers window open and it still says '... not currently in use'02:53
U236Willybut the only way it could use vdpau is if it was using the drivers and the card02:54
raevinU236Willy: yeah, it shows up :D  works fine for me too.02:54
raevinU236Willy: vdpau is a part of the nvidia drivers (ended up reading about that a lot during my stuff)02:55
raevini think the ! is only for ops and the like02:55
U236Willythe bot told me it didn't know02:55
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:55
raevinhuh...well i guess i was wrong o.o02:55
raevinsorry mods, wanted to test it out02:56
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raevinanyone know if ubuntu is getting rid of tcp_wrappers support?02:57
jamayok testdisk found partition02:57
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jamaybut cannot repare...02:57
raevinjamay: can you mount it in linux?02:57
jamay"write isn't available because the partition table type "none" has been detected" (testdisk message)02:58
Daskreechjamay: Debian isnt that long to install as long as you dont' do updates while installing02:58
jamayno i can't02:58
Daskreech that takes forever02:58
raevinforce mount it (mount -t ntfs -o ro ...)02:58
jamayit not an ntfs partition but ext402:58
raevinthink mount comes w/ a "-f" as well, not sure02:58
raevinmount it as ext4 then as read-only02:59
raevinsaying this so you can at least see if you can access data02:59
raevindon't need to write to the drive :)02:59
Daskreechraevin: what about tcp_wrappers ?02:59
jamayhmm I don't anderstand all you say (english problem from me =)03:00
jamayit deosnt matter03:00
Daskreechjamay: would you like another chan ?03:00
raevinarch linux isn't supporting tcp_wrappers (/etc/hosts.allow & hosts.deny) anymore, and wondering if ubuntu plans on doing the same03:00
Daskreechjamay: can it see the files ?03:00
jamayno body at this time of the night =)03:00
Daskreechraevin: if it's a kernel choice then they pretty much are going to drop it03:00
raevinmaybe I should let Daskreech take care of jamay...  haha03:00
jamayi will backup my data with testdisk and format disk03:01
raevinDaskreech: I don't htink it's a kernel choice, but i'll look into it more...thanks :D03:01
Daskreechraevin: he lost his partition table03:01
raevinDaskreech: I know, but i'm not helping him too much atm heh03:01
Daskreechraevin: I had heard some talk of that a few months back. Arch is quite a bit ahead of Ubuntu on the uptake so it may have just hit them first if that was the choice03:01
jamaygood night !03:01
GeekZillaanyone know a good Pandora client similar to Pithos?03:01
Daskreechjamay: You will be ok?03:01
jamayyes i think03:02
jamaytestdisk can acces to my data and explore03:02
Daskreechjamay: ok hope it works out well. Don't remake the partition till your data is safe03:02
raevinDaskreech: `alright, thanks :D  i'll look more into it and see what i find, hopefully something worthwhile lol03:02
Daskreechand be careful with Windows. It certainly isn't careful with you03:02
jamayi think it will bi possible to backup before do anything03:02
DaskreechYou are welcome03:03
clashingwaveHello everyone, I'm trying to import my firefox bookmarks into rekong, does anyone know how to do that?03:04
raevinclashingwave: still tyring to find an answer?03:13
Daskreechclashingwave: try export them as a .html file and import back03:13
clashingwaveI can't seem to find the import button...03:13
raevinclashingwave: see here: http://kamikazow.wordpress.com/2010/08/23/bye-firefox-hello-rekonq/03:14
clashingwaveraevin thank you03:14
clashingwaveI'll take a look at that03:14
raevinclashingwave: no problem :)  hope it works.03:14
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DaskreechHooray solutions03:31
jmichaelxi  have noticed now that not only do icons in the task manager in 4.7 not disappear when the corresponding window is closed, clicking on windows in the task manager (while the window is open) does not maximize/minimize the window as it should03:52
ssfdre38do you think that installing csf as my personal firewall on my laptop would be ok?03:58
Daskreechjmichaelx: are you sure you don't have two task managers running?04:02
Daskreechssfdre38: I suppose04:03
jmichaelxDaskreech: that thought had not occurred to me... i will check that out04:04
melodieI need help finding a CD mounter...all the ones that I tried downloading don't detect my Drive... Anyone with any sugestions or help?04:08
melodieNo? Please!! I'll like, love you forever. But seriously, I need help.04:10
Daskreechmelodie: a what?04:11
jmichaelxDaskreech: ok, in determining whether or not i have two instances of the task manager running on either/both of these machines, what is the process name for the task manager?04:11
Daskreechjmichaelx: You wouldn't see it her04:12
melodieDaskreech: Virtual CD Mounter...Like Magic ISO or Power ISO...I need to virtually mount a .ISO file so another program can load is basacly. And I need a program like Magic ISO or something like that, that can mount the .ISO file..04:13
Daskreechmelodie: Just mount the file normally04:13
Daskreechmelodie: what's the name of the file?04:13
melodieIdk how, I thought I had to have a program for that. Tell me how please, its been driving me crazy.04:14
melodieIt is actaully mulitple files...like alot04:14
Daskreechmelodie: mkdir CD04:14
Daskreechsudo mount CDname.iso -o loop CD/04:14
Daskreechdon't know if you need the sudo actually04:15
jmichaelxDaskreech: how would you recommend a person check whether or not multiple task manager weree running simultaneously?04:15
Daskreechjmichaelx: There was a simple way but I'd jsut remove the task manager and see if there was another one behind it04:15
Daskreechmelodie: works?04:17
melodieDaskreech: Needed to find the file first, my files are sort of crowded...04:18
Daskreechmelodie: :-D04:18
jmichaelxthat was strange, i lost connection to irc04:19
jmichaelxDaskreech: how would you recommend a person check whether or not multiple task manager weree running simultaneously?04:20
Daskreechjmichaelx: There was a simple way but I'd just remove the task manager and see if there was another one behind it04:20
melodieDaskreech: http://paste.kde.org/106219/ Lol, looks like you, or i, wrote it wrong04:23
Daskreechmelodie: what did you write as the command?04:23
jmichaelxDaskreech: ok, there had only been one task manager running04:24
melodie sudo mount "File name".iso -o loop CD/04:24
Daskreechjmichaelx: Hmm Ok add it back04:24
Daskreechmelodie: and you have a Directory named CD ?04:25
melodiemaybe... XD04:25
melodieDaskreech: Lol, one sec, i'll fix it04:25
Daskreechjmichaelx: ok what happens when you open and close a program? It gets an entry then doesn't disappear?04:26
jmichaelxDaskreech: already added back. this is apparently some sort of bug or regression in 4.704:26
jmichaelxDaskreech: yes04:26
Daskreechjmichaelx: Just checking do you kno what version of Qt you have?04:26
jmichaelxDaskreech: however, it does disappear upon opening any new window04:27
Daskreechoh hmm cached pixmap?04:27
Daskreechbut then that one doesn't go away04:27
jmichaelxDaskreech: yea, although it seems to be somewhat inconsistent04:28
melodieDaskreech: Wait, what... God, ok... what directory am I trying to put, the media directory? That is where all my devices show up whenever I put them in, like Ipod, cd, dvd, ect. (Sorry for my stupidity in technology.)04:30
jmichaelxDaskreech: should libqt4-core be installed?04:30
ShirakawasunaI'm new to *buntu.  In general, is winepulse going to work better for games if I'm using PulseAudio?04:31
Shirakawasunain other words should I use this ppa? https://launchpad.net/~alexandre-montplaisir/+archive/winepulse04:31
Daskreechmelodie: It's ok not stupidity just unfamilar. What are you trying to do?04:32
DaskreechShirakawasuna: that's the idea but #winehq would be a good place to ask04:32
Daskreechjmichaelx: Yes04:33
jmichaelxDaskreech: this is not yet conclusive, but it is seeming like installing libqt4-core may have fixed the problem... what i do not get is why i would not have thaaat package installed04:39
Shirakawasunaas expected, wine-pulse isn't supported in that channel ;)04:40
DaskreechShirakawasuna: ha :) ok04:41
jmichaelxDaskreech: ok, problem not solved04:44
Daskreechstill behaving in a silly manner?04:45
jmichaelxyea, apparently so04:45
Daskreechjmichaelx: I'd bug #kubuntu-devel first since that's the first I've heard of that04:46
Daskreechdo you have kubuntu-desktop installed?04:46
jmichaelxothers in here have said they are experiencing the same thing04:46
raevin1hey all, does anyone know how to expand a variable in bash in date?  i'm trying expand LSOUT (which contains yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss) into date (i.e.: date --date='<< insert LSOUT here>>' +%s) and i can't figureo ut how to do this04:46
jmichaelxyes, kubuntu-desktop is installed04:46
Daskreechraevin1: try =" instead of ='04:47
raevin1Daskreech: that doesn't work either :/  i'll pastebin it04:48
jmichaelxDaskreech: blueskaj said that he was experiencing this same problem when i was in here earlier today04:49
Daskreechjmichaelx: ah did he fix it?04:49
jmichaelxno, he also had not yet figured it ouuuut04:49
raevin1Daskreech: http://paste.kde.org/106225/04:50
DaskreechWhat's the echo for?04:52
raevin1used $LSOUT first, didn't work, so i tried doing `echo -n $LSOUT` instead04:53
raevin1finally got it lol05:06
raevin1had to use $(date --date="$LSOUT" +%s)05:07
noaXessany idea what to change in this situation: sound on boot is of.. i need to mute/unmute and increase sound level to set it on..05:09
raevin1noaXess: check alsamixer on boot, and see if any channels are muted05:10
raevin1assuming u're using alsa05:10
noaXessraevin1: ok.. wil check that now..05:12
Daskreech!tab | melodie05:14
ubottumelodie: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.05:15
raevin1noaXess: were any channels muted (MM) when you run alsamixer?05:15
noaXessraevin1: give me a second :)05:16
noaXessraevin1: http://i.imgur.com/Jm0p6.png05:16
noaXesspavucontrol playback: http://i.imgur.com/iP11U.png05:17
raevin1noaXess: for some reason the master channel is set to 0 (mute), so just press the up arrow on it until it says 10005:17
noaXessraevin1: i know that.. i do that all the time on boot.. but.. why isn't it saved after reboot?.. it is reseted05:18
raevin1noaXess: i personally don't trust pulseaudio (pavucontrol), alsamixer is more reliable for sound problems myself05:18
raevin1noaXess: yeah, i was getting to that lol05:18
raevin1noaXess: after you do that, there should be an alsactl program, 1 sec05:18
raevin1noaXess: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting#Saving Sound Settings05:19
raevin1...well, you know, copy the entire text there05:19
raevin1stupid URL bad formatting on wiki05:19
noaXessbut only setup level to eg. 50% is not all.. i need to mute/unmute to get sound working..05:20
raevin1i ran into this issue in arch linux, had to do this to make it work05:20
raevin1noaXess: yeah, but if you store it like the link says, you won't have to anymore05:20
raevin1do what the article says, reboot, and see if it works :)05:20
noaXessraevin1: ok..05:20
noaXessraevin1: ok. done .. reboot05:23
raevin1noaXess: yeaup, lemme know how it goes :D05:23
noaXessraevin1: no.. no chance.. still muted... must do still the same.. mute/unmute, increase sound level :(..05:26
raevin1noaXess: ...fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu05:26
noaXesssound is working correct after those steps.. until i reboot..05:27
raevin1noaXess: sorry...always worked for me.  did you save it after you maxed out the audio settings in alsamixer?05:27
noaXessraevin1: sure.. :)05:27
noaXessnot a newby ;)05:27
noaXessi have this problem since 10.04...05:27
raevin1noaXess: i kinda am haha, just know what works for me lol05:28
raevin1noaXess: are you using internal or external sound?05:28
noaXessinternal: 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)05:28
raevin1noaXess: hmmm....sorry :/  wish i could help you more on this05:29
raevin1laptop's about to die T_T  darn battery...night ya'll.  i'll most likely be back on here in the morn hah05:30
noaXessraevin1: by..05:30
delightI'm experiencing that X11 is somwhat slower after suspend to ram (esp. in twin-view configuration). Using nvidia and the nvidia tools to switch to "dual-screen" ... did somebody got similar experiences ?05:40
delightis this kde only05:41
noaXessdelight: don't kow.. if it is only in kde.. i use also nvidia for twinview.... normally if i suspend my notebook i switch off dual view.. so just the normal display is active..05:42
noaXessand have no problem with supending and resume and X11 performance05:43
delightnoaXess: thnx for your response ... its strange .. but i can tell ... X11 takes more cpu and at some point if enough windows are open even composite will fail ... things gets really slow ...05:44
delightI don't like to switch screens just to go into suspend-to-ram05:45
noaXessdelight: try this: nvidia-settings -a PixmapCache=0 && sleep 2s && nvidia-settings -a PixmapCache=105:45
noaXesssometimes the PixmapCache is full or what ever.. and this command helps to clear it will working05:45
delightnoaXess: you mean after it got slugish, right ?05:45
noaXessmaybe this help05:45
noaXessdelight: yes.. if X is slow.. or window switching goes slow..05:46
delightI will try that one ;) would be cool if it helps ...05:46
delightnoaXess: thank you, sounds promissing ... I'll let you know if it helped05:46
noaXessyour welcome05:46
Shirakawasunagah, I can't get torchlight to install with wine :/05:51
ShirakawasunaI bought it partially because winehq had golden status on systems similar to mine05:51
Killarnyhow do I access the wifi settings in the kubuntu installer, to add my access point details?06:33
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noaXessdoes someone know any free cloud system?07:50
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erinaceusHi, i was wondering if it is possible to use qt-java to create plasmoids in KDE?09:16
James147erinaceus: you would at the very least need the kde bindings for java... and although i can find evidence that someone had created some in the past I cannot actually find them :)  suggesting they arnt well suported09:40
sinclair_any rekonq users online?09:51
Burillowell, me09:52
Burillosort of09:52
Burillosinclair_ why?09:53
sinclair_burillo: you got a problem with crash loading flash plugin manually?09:53
sinclair_cause I do...09:54
sinclair_since forever...09:54
Burillosinclair_ i recall something like that happening recently09:54
Burillobut IIRC it was fixed09:54
Burillohave you tried updating to latest PPA?09:54
sinclair_burillo: yes I am on the latest PPA (I think) rekonq 0.7.5709:55
Burilloi'm in the process of reinstalling everything now09:55
Burillowill check once i'm doen09:55
sinclair_burillo: thx09:57
Burilloi tend to use firefox for now anyway09:57
Burillolast time i used rekonq it had some troubles with remembering passwords09:58
Burilloi mean, it never really auto filled any forms for me09:58
sinclair_burillo: yep that one is still there - or for me it shows in that it keeps asking on sites I  say "never for this site"09:59
Burilloand now that i finally set up firefox integration with KWallet09:59
Burillomy problem is the opposite - sometimes it never asks, and even when it does it doesn't remember them09:59
sinclair_burillo: I know.. FF is my primary but I like to see Rekonq working09:59
Burilloi would LOVE to see rekonq working, and i really try to make it work for me, but so far no luck09:59
sinclair_so I can use it for stuff like social networking etc for now10:00
Burilloi don't care single bit about social networks but it doesn't go well with some of the forums i visit every day10:00
sinclair_burillo: for me the bummer is the crashing on flash - I do not want auto load (slow network)10:00
Burilloand since i am practicing online security (like different passwords everywhere) that password thing is really a show stopper for me10:01
Burilloi sincerely hope flash will go away soon with the introduction of HTML510:02
Burilloi hate flash10:02
Burilloit has always been slow, always had problems with security etc.10:03
sinclair_burillo: that will be process that will take time though10:03
Burilloyoutube had a beta HTML5 site10:03
RonaldJFlash is not working fullscreen in firefox on my kubuntu 11.04. Am I the only one?10:04
Burillosince most people barely use flash anywhere else (well, aside from stupid facebook games) just transitioning youtube to HTML5 will help me get rid of it completely10:04
sinclair_ronaldj: have never tried, hold on10:04
BurilloRonaldJ, it has something to do with buggy drivers i think - i used to have that problem on proprietary nvidia, but now that i have nouveau it all works fine now10:05
sinclair_ronaldj: works fine for me, FF 510:05
sinclair_am on intel integrated graph though10:06
RonaldJBurillo Thanks.10:16
kavurtis kubuntu 11.10 alpha available? i can't find it10:21
szalkavurt: ->10:25
szalkavurt: -> #ubuntu+1 please10:25
OerHekskavurt, there is a daily build > http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/10:25
OerHeksyes, support in #Ubuntu+110:25
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tonymcdoesn't this channel kick out nicknames that aren't connected anymore?11:17
tonymccan konversation be minimized to tray?11:26
Incarus6hey, GirlyGirl11:37
Incarus6oh dude, I know why I'm not using Gnome, https://plus.google.com/106327083461132854143/posts/SbnL3KaVRtM11:38
BluesKajHiyas all11:40
osinclair_burillo: you there?11:59
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Burilloyes i'm here12:01
osinclair_you managed to try Rekonq/flash yet?12:05
Burillonah, got busy, will try now12:06
Burilloha, flash doesn't seem to work at all12:09
Burillostrangely it did last time i checked (yestrday)12:09
Incarus6What's the exact issue?12:10
Hamrai believe it's on the mailing list... rekonq crashes when flash gets loaded... testing on my computer now12:11
BluesKajflash works well on rekonq if you have kubuntu-retricted-extras installed12:11
Incarus6flash works well in Firefox.12:11
Burilloi know flash works well on firefox12:11
Hamrai just clicked "load plugin" on a youtube video, and it loaded fine12:12
Incarus6in or on? D:12:12
Burillohowever i value KDE integration,and this is where firefox lacks12:12
Burillowho cares12:12
Hamrai value KDE integration too... but i'm afraid non of the KDE browsers are mature enough to compete with firefox... but of course, these are all matters of personal opinions, that i'd rather not argue about :)12:14
Burillobesides i hate to have GTK on my KDE system12:14
Burillowell, that's what we're doing here - we are trying out KDE browsers so that developers know about the problems12:14
Incarus6!info firefox-kde-support12:14
ubottufirefox-kde-support (source: kmozillahelper): Integration of Mozilla Firefox with KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.2-0ubuntu2 (natty), package size 18 kB, installed size 100 kB12:14
BluesKajBurillo, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras12:15
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats12:15
Burilloi have extras installed12:18
Burillooh, now flash works12:20
Burillomust have been a glitch or something12:20
BluesKajok Burillo now , sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer12:20
Burilloand it doesn't crash on my system12:20
Burillothough i certainly remember it crashing a few days ago12:20
Incarus6Burillo, the system crashs are related with the hardware acceleration of flash player12:21
Burillonouveau is to blame then12:21
BusyLittleBeeIs it just me or does Office 2007 run fine on Ubuntu and run like shit on Kubuntu?12:21
Burilloalthough mine runs at noaccel12:21
PiciBusyLittleBee: 1) Mind your language here please 2) Don't expect things that run in WINE to run to their full potential.12:21
BluesKajBurillo, which nvidia card ?12:21
BurilloGT some thing12:21
BurilloGT230M i think12:21
Burilloi did try office 2007 on Kubuntu12:22
Burillodidn't have any problems12:23
Burillomaybe try updating wine? like from PPA12:23
BluesKajdid you try the recommended driver in kmenu>apps>settings>additional drivers?12:23
Burilloi don't want to use the proprietary driver12:23
HamraBusyLittleBee: are effects running? they can hamper down already-intensive application, and gnome's effects seem to be a little lighter than KDE's12:23
Burilloi'm fine on nouveau with noaccel12:24
Burilloas long as it doesn't deadlock (which it does without noaccel) i'm fine, i don't play games anyway12:24
HamraBurillo: that's a shame... it's a pretty good device... at least better than mine :P12:24
BusyLittleBeeyeah was a fresh install, Outlook kept crashing12:25
Burilloit's certainly not bad but i'd be better off with more supported device12:25
Incarus6Burillo, I'm Running a GT220 - working perfectly with the proprietary driver12:26
HamraBusyLittleBee: why do you want to use outlook? :S12:26
Burilloyea, aside from plymouth and slow switching to X12:26
Incarus6!info libreoffice | BussyLittleBee12:26
ubottuBussyLittleBee: libreoffice (source: libreoffice): office productivity suite. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.3.2-1ubuntu5 (natty), package size 3 kB, installed size 44 kB (Only available for alpha amd64 armel armhf hppa i386 ia64 mips mipsel powerpc powerpcspe ppc64 s390 s390x sparc kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386 all)12:26
Hamrayes, and my 8500GT runs more than perfect with the proprietary driver12:27
BusyLittleBeeI'm a systems admin for AD domain and we use exchange, like Linux but need Office12:28
Burillobesides, nVidia didn't say that it will support KMS and Wayland, and that is what i am looking up to12:28
Incarus6Flash player 11 Beta 1 is much more stable then 10.3. I experience fewer (/no) crashs with that version12:28
BluesKajBurillo, are you trying to be some kind of purist , because if you come in here and complain about flash not working but refuse to follow advice by well meaning support volunteers , then perhaps you shouldn't complain about flash not working in rekonq.12:29
Incarus6BusyLittleBee, if you run a Windows application on Linux you are probably using wine, see12:29
Burillofirst of all, i didn't complain that flash didn't work12:29
Incarus6!wine | BusyLittleBee12:29
ubottuBusyLittleBee: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu12:29
Burillomy main browser is firefox, flash works fine there12:30
Burilloi was just helping this guy who complained that flash has been crashing rekonq12:30
HamraBusyLittleBee: http://downloadsquad.switched.com/2007/03/30/howto-thunderbird-and-ms-exchange-server/12:30
noaXessin dolphin with F12 there will be a search panel enabled.. but how to use that panel? it's grayed out..12:30
BluesKajok , my apologies .. Burillo , thought it was you12:30
Burilloit's ok, just don't jump to conclusions please12:31
Incarus6noaXess, you have to enable Nepomuk again12:31
* BluesKaj needs more coffee '12:32
noaXessIncarus6: aha..12:33
Incarus6Rekonq is too unstable yet to use it12:33
Burilloon the side note, does anyone know how to remove the KDEnlive project folder from my "Places" shelf? it's not showing in Dolphin's places12:33
noaXessBluesKaj: me too.. i order a.. esspresso with some grappa.. ok? ;)12:33
Incarus6noaXess, under Systemsettings is an option called Desktopsearch, make sure verything is up and running there correctly12:33
Burilloincarus6 for me it's not that it's unstable, it's just some things don't work, mainly password-related and form auto filling, and also some websites don't work correctly with it. i'm too spoilt with firefox's great support for that.12:34
noaXessIncarus6: you mean... Enalbe Nepomuk Semantic Desktop, Enabel Stigri Desktop File Indexer... and so on?12:34
Incarus6noaXess, correct, Sir12:34
noaXessIncarus6: thanks Sir ;)12:34
Burilloother than that it's really stable on my system, aside from flash-related crashes (which i don't seem to have anymore), it didn't crash on me a single time12:34
Incarus6noaXess,w hy have you disabled it if you want to use this function, Sir? ;)12:35
noaXessIncarus6: ... wait.. i saw that panel after upgrade to kde 4.7 :).. and before i think i have disabled the panel and also nepmuk..12:36
noaXessnepomuk.. ^12:36
Hamrai am still downloading the 4.7 packages (slow connection)... i've heard nepomuk and strigi got a huge amount of bugfixes... cant wait to see how good they are now12:37
* BluesKaj disables nepomuk and removes kmail and kontact after every dist-upgrade12:38
Incarus6BluesKaj, I agree, I've also disabled nepomuk and strigi. If I want to find files in dolphin I press Ctrl+F, noaXess12:39
Hamrai test kontact after every release... so far, the result has always been to remove it and keep thunderbird :P12:39
noaXessIncarus6: jep.. i think that was also my plan :)12:39
BluesKajthere's not much one can do about privacy and security when the ISP mailserver uses hotmail anyway :P12:39
HamraBluesKaj: lol, no...12:41
BluesKajHamra, pop account = pophm , send mail protocol = smtphm12:45
BluesKajnot very reassuring12:45
Hamrai run my own mail server... worry free12:46
soeeyofel, hi are there any changes in smooth taks or new build is only for kde 4.7 compatibility ?12:47
yofelthe rebuild in the PPA is only for 4.7 compatibility12:48
soeeok, thank you12:48
Burillodoes smooth tasks have the capability similar to windows 7's sticky icons?12:49
Burillolike launching stuff12:49
soeeon KDE 4.6.5 the version you can find in ppa doesnt support docking for me12:50
BluesKajHamra, I've been considering that for a while ..already own a domain and I suppose a slight increase in cost for a static IP would get me started , but I don't run a business of any sort so I wonder if it's worth the trouble.12:50
soeethere are forks  thah does12:50
Burilloare they available as packages?12:54
Burillocan't seem to find any12:55
=== Burillo is now known as tonymc
soeeyou have to compile, this one is the newest i think: https://bitbucket.org/panzi/smooth-tasks/overview13:06
=== brian is now known as Guest78883
=== Guest78883 is now known as bdizzle
bdizzlehi, for some reason lately, Kubuntu 11.04 64-bit has been playing media "fast-forwarded"13:09
bdizzlewhere Amarok does not work and everything except VLC is playing at 2x the rate13:10
tonymcnow that's a weird problem to have13:10
tonymcdoes your amarok use libvlc as a backend?13:10
bdizzlelet me check13:11
tonymcyou might want to check that in phonon configuration13:11
tonymcsince that's what amarok uses13:11
bdizzlelibvlc5 is installed13:11
tonymcif you have VLC it would be normal to have libvlc installed, what i mean is maybe there's something wrong with GStreamer13:12
tonymcbecause VLC doesn't have that problem, so i assume it's not a system-wide problem, but something related to backend used13:12
tonymcVLC IIRC doesn't use GStreamer, that's why i'm asking13:13
bdizzlewell, I know Amarok, kaffeine, dragon player and GNOME Movie player all show the same issues13:13
BluesKajbdizzle, you could use vlc-phonon plugin in place of gstreamer in phonon backend13:13
tonymcso that's GStreamer problem13:14
tonymcwhat can i say, try reinstalling/reconfiguring GStreamer packages13:14
BluesKajbdizzle, phonon-backend-vlc is the app13:16
tonymcthat will "fix" only phonon packages, it won't affect e.g. GNOME movie player13:17
bdizzleodd, it won't let me delete gstreamer packages, claiming dependencies13:17
tonymcsure it won't13:17
tonymcgo to aptitude, find anything gstreamer-related and reinstall it (reinstall means reinstall, not delete-install)13:17
bdizzleah okay13:17
BluesKajdeteting gstreamer is not a good idea for sure13:18
tonymcit's fun though13:18
bdizzleI think just installing phonon-backend-vlc worked13:19
bdizzleit seems to be going normal speed now13:19
tonymcfor amarok, i take it13:19
bdizzlefor everything, hold on13:19
tonymcit would be weird if it affected everything, but oh well - it's Linux, baby13:20
bdizzleok, everything works now, sweet13:20
tonymcfunny thing is, libvlc and phonon are totally unrelated to GNOME media player, under no circumstances it ever interfaces them13:20
tonymcand yet it worked13:21
bdizzlelinux works in mysterious ways13:21
=== emanuel is now known as Guest76212
BluesKajvlc is a terrific app , it takes time to figure out it's yses because some are hidden weird places , but once one discovers it's capabilities they seem endless interms of media uses13:24
tonymcvlc is sure great but looks god awful13:24
tonymcand i love me some eye candy haha13:25
BluesKajyup, kinda simple13:25
BluesKajbut  I don't care... amarok looks better , but to me is not laid out in a logical manner13:26
BluesKajand is clunky when trying to play files13:27
BluesKajmy taste , that's all13:27
tonymci don't like amarok too13:28
tonymci'm considering writing my own music player13:28
tonymcbecause not a single one of them seem to fulfill what i want from it13:28
tonymcif you ever used MediaMonkey on Windows you'd know what i mean haha13:28
BluesKajtonymc, maybe the OT cops are gonna remind us about #kubuntu-offtopic  ,  soon :)13:31
tonymcis there any KDE backup solution similar to dejadup? i'm mainly interested in regular encrypted backups of files/folders13:36
tonymcor i'm better off writing a script and put it in a cron job?13:37
James147tonymc: not sure about encrypted backups... but luckybackup is a nice kde front end to rsync13:40
BluesKajdeja-dup works in kde13:40
tonymci know it works, it just installs gnome keyring, which in turn starts bugging me in telepathy-kde13:41
bdizzleokay, yet another question regarding multimedia13:41
tonymcbecause so far telepathy libs only support gnome keyring for now13:42
bdizzleI've got an HDMI port and internal speakers on my laptop. The volume control only affects the HDMI port unless I go into kmix and adjust the internal speakers manually13:42
bdizzlehow do I map the volume control to the internal speakers instead of the HDMI port?13:42
tonymcthat's strange they are starting talking about a unified secrets standard now because i saw discussions on the mailing lists three years ago13:42
tonymci think "select master channel" would do the trick13:42
bdizzle....duh, I wasn't aware of its existance13:43
bdizzlethank you13:43
EvilRoeyhi.. I have this Plantronics 655 DSP  USB headphones set.. I connect it, it's detected in KDE, it shows up alongside the Analog stream in KMix.. yet I can't hear anything from it when I play Youtube or mpg123 on the command line.  Is this another pulseaudio issue??13:44
BluesKajbdizzle, alsamixer gives more options than kmix13:44
EvilRoeyBluesKaj:  oh hey13:45
BluesKajhi EvilRoey13:45
EvilRoeygosh it seems I have issues with pulseaido13:45
* BluesKaj wishes #pulseaudio chat had better support13:47
tonymchave you tried reloading firefox?13:47
tonymcsince it's USB, it's effectively another driver13:47
tonymcyou would have to somehow make firefox use that driver instead of your integrated sound card13:48
EvilRoeytrue... I haven't restarted Firefox since I plugged them in.13:49
EvilRoeytonymc:  but then why can't  I play it with mpg123?13:49
BluesKajEvilRoey, I'm not sure but I think capture devices in alsamixer might be relavent to your problem13:49
tonymcmaybe because you started it AFTER?13:49
tonymccapture devices are for recording13:49
tonymcplayback devices would be more relevant13:50
BluesKajEvilRoey, don't you use a USB soundard ?13:50
tonymcas i said, it's different driver13:50
tonymcthat means you have to make stuff go through it13:51
tonymci would advice going to sound control and setting your USB thingie as primary sound device13:51
EvilRoeyBluesKaj:  it's integrated sound13:51
BluesKajok EvilRoey sorry , that's why I suggested the capture devices13:52
tonymcSystem Settings -> Multimedia -> Phonon13:52
tonymcset your USB thing on top of the list13:52
tonymcthat way whenever it's plugged in, everything would go through it13:53
tonymcwhenever it's out, your integrated soundcard kicks in13:53
tonymcthat should do it13:53
EvilRoeytonymc:  ok I did that on my own just now13:53
EvilRoeyunder Device Preference,13:54
EvilRoeyIn "Default Output Device Preference", I see PulseAudio Sound Server13:54
=== hacked is now known as vinces
BluesKajgah ,  pulseaudio13:55
EvilRoeywellll that's Kubuntu's style13:55
EvilRoeyya know, this is so stupid, why should a user have to jump through hoops after they plug in this USB headphone.. this will never fly for non-hackers.13:56
macopavucontrol lets you select which output device to use if they are multiple soundcards (like with usb)13:56
EvilRoeyI get the same thing when I connect these to my home machine, too.13:56
EvilRoeyah that's right13:56
EvilRoeymaco you're awesome13:56
EvilRoeyyou all are13:56
FloodBotK1EvilRoey: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:56
EvilRoeyone sec13:56
BluesKajPA works ok for fancy pci soundcards , but it's problematic for integrated sound, unless pavucontrol is installled , but even then it's a hit or miss13:58
EvilRoeyso under pavucontrol, I saw the same controls as I did in the KDE System Settings Multimedia applet.13:59
tonymci often have to resort to GNOME alsa mixer on my integrated card because pulseaudio isn't that good for managing recording volume13:59
EvilRoeyI changed "Profile" from Analog to "Digital Stereo (IEC958 Output + Digital (IEC958) Input13:59
tonymcdon't change to digital inputs outputs14:00
EvilRoeyand now I hear static from the headphones.  Restarted Firefox for good measure.  Still don't hear anything on youtube.14:00
tonymcthey're for digital sound transmission14:00
tonymcthink HDMI, fiber optic14:00
tonymcyou need analog outputs14:00
tonymcso you're saying that your USB device doesn't show up in pulseaudio as another device?14:01
EvilRoeyso I set it to Analog Stereo Duplex and now I hear that static again.  At least it's better than nothing.14:01
EvilRoeyIt does show up.14:01
EvilRoeySound Card: Plantronics Audio 655 DSP14:01
tonymcso you make it top priority then14:01
tonymcin phonon's settings14:01
EvilRoeyI'm in phonon settings,14:02
EvilRoeyand the Default Output Device Preference is "PulseAudio Sound Server"14:02
EvilRoeyI hear static, but nothing else, even when I hit "Test"14:02
tonymcwhat are the devices out there listed?14:03
EvilRoeyUnder the "Device Preference" tab, just PulseAudio SoundServer by itself.14:03
EvilRoeyUnder "Speaker Setup", Sound Card: Plantronics Audio 655 DSP, Prifle: Analog Stereo Duplex14:04
tonymcmaybe under the second tab you'd find something14:04
tonymcit should work though14:04
EvilRoeyya know I could be messing with you14:05
tonymci remember watching "Linux Sucks" video back in april last year - nothing changed since then... we're still having audio problems :-)14:05
EvilRoey(joke, joke!)14:05
=== cypha` is now known as cypha
tonymcOK let me think14:05
EvilRoeyIs it expected of the user to configure USB headphones after they plug them in, or should they just work ideally?14:06
tonymcwell to be honest i never dealt with USB gear14:06
EvilRoeyah ok14:06
tonymconly with pro-grade firewire devices14:06
tonymcbut then again they're using JACK so that's easier14:06
tonymci know for a fact that under windows, using *USB* headphones is requiring another driver14:07
tonymcand it sorta requires running everything through that driver in order for it to work14:07
tonymcunder Linux it seems to be the same thing (otherwise we wouldn't see that Plantronics blablabla)14:07
tonymcbut since i'm not really familiar with pulseaudio...14:08
tonymcif i had that unit on me i'd check but having none leaves me guessing14:09
tonymci'd suggest googling as a last resort14:09
EvilRoeyI thought PA is Kubuntu's thing?14:09
tonymcno, pulse audio IIRC is GNOME thing14:09
EvilRoeyok, well thanks though14:09
tonymcPhonon is Kubuntu's thing14:09
EvilRoeytonymc:  ah.  What's it doing on my Kubuntu then??14:09
tonymcPhonon uses PulseAudio as a backend14:09
EvilRoeyI want to remove this PA altogether then, if I don't need it14:09
EvilRoeytonymc:  well yes I understand that14:10
tonymci'm not sure how to do that14:10
tonymcbut you might try14:10
EvilRoeyI mean I can apt-get remove --purge pulseaudio14:10
EvilRoeyI've done it ebfore and it did the trick14:10
tonymcdo it now then14:10
EvilRoeyI just didnt' know if PA is an integral part of this complete KDE-centric distro14:10
EvilRoeypulseaudio, G'BYE..14:11
EvilRoeycould it have gotten pulled in when I installed some GNOME app without realizing it?14:11
tonymcno it's usually there by default14:12
tonymci prefer citing Metallica's middle part from "Creeping Death" for such situations :-)14:12
tonymcyou know, the "Die!!! Die!!! Die!!!" part :-D14:12
tonymcso, did it do the trick?14:13
EvilRoeynot exactly, heh14:13
tonymctry something more sophisticated, like youtube14:14
tonymcactually i see i have PulseAudio on my system14:15
tonymcso that means my pulseaudio is stronger than your pulseaudio14:15
tonymcsince i can actually see the individual devices14:16
tonymcmaybe old KDE system? what version are you using? Because i remember my soundcards were as pulse audio server on earlier versions of Kubuntu14:16
tonymcbut now they're separate14:17
EvilRoeyKDE 4.6.214:17
EvilRoeyoh and youtube didnt' work after I restarted Firefox for good measure14:18
tonymci'm out of ideas, honestly14:18
tonymcget pulseaudio back14:18
EvilRoeythank you for your assistance though14:18
tonymcand pray it works this time :-)14:18
EvilRoeytonymc:  ok14:18
tonymci'm running KDE 4.7 now but i'm sure it worked even before natty14:19
tonymci mean the "separate devices" part14:19
EvilRoeyI've made it work here before14:19
EvilRoeyI just forgot what I did14:19
EvilRoeypavucontrol was part of it, I remember.14:19
EvilRoeyI dunno anymore14:20
EvilRoeyI'll switch to plain audio speakers14:20
tonymchow about that? http://linuxowns.wordpress.com/2008/07/08/how-i-got-my-usb-headset-to-work/14:20
EvilRoeythis needs to be fixed in Kubuntu, pronto14:20
tonymcit's for GNOME but hey14:20
EvilRoeyyeah we kubuntu users are second-class anyway so..14:21
EvilRoeyMark Shuttleworth was wrong.  Should've based Ubuntu on KDE, imo.14:21
tonymcwell, that's what you get for going with KDE-flavour of a GNOME-based distro14:21
EvilRoeytonymc:  I'm not frustrated since I've seen this issue before (I was then, but who cares now)14:22
tonymci pretty much see no valid reason for GNOME to even exist, but that's just my opinion14:22
EvilRoeytonymc:  agreed 100%.14:22
rectec794613well good for us kde users we wont be going the way of gnome 3 and unity with their stupid dock thing14:22
tonymcobject oriented desktop written with a language that doesn't support object orientation is little too confusing14:22
tonymcplasma is here to stay14:23
tonymcthey started from scratch for a reason14:23
rectec794613i hate how they combined netbook and desktop versions14:24
EvilRoeyagreed there, too.14:24
tonymcwe're goign off topic folks14:24
rectec794613and they say their "making effective use of screen space" when they have the dock sitting on the smallest part of the screen: vertically14:24
rectec794613oh sorry idk what the topic was so14:25
tonymcwell, the topic is kubuntu support14:25
tonymcwe're bashing GNOME right now14:25
tonymcthat's doing it wrong on an epic scale14:25
rectec794613yeah we should do that in #ubuntu14:25
rectec794613im sure theyll like it14:25
BluesKaji've been trying to get simultaneous analog and digital outpu from my soundacard so i can listen on my wireless headphones connected to my reciver , for some reason the tape outs won't convert to analog so i connected the line out on the soundcard to the reciever tape inputs. Not having much luck .14:26
rectec794613wish i could help bud14:27
rectec794613*gets megaphone* is there anyone who can help?14:27
tonymcif it was on WIndows, i could14:27
BluesKajin windows the soundcard won't pass DD and DTS14:28
rectec794613you know whats weird? when you get on support chat you start to realize how dumb you actually are with computers14:28
tonymci prefer to call it "start to find the limits of your knowledge and experience" :-)14:29
rectec794613yeah but i like to put things bluntly14:29
tonymci'm actually having hard time even comprehending what you're trying to do here14:30
rectec794613trying to use ur wireless headphones right?14:30
tonymci never did14:30
tonymcso i don't know what's the "right" way to use them14:30
tonymcas i said earlier, i only have experience with pro-grade audio interfaces, music recording and all that14:31
yclnight all14:31
tonymcyou guys confused IRC with console14:32
tonymcjust kidding14:32
rectec794613its spelled "Konsole"14:32
rectec794613everything is spelled with k's now14:33
tonymckonsole is KDE terminal emulator, console is a generic term14:33
yclany can help me,how to configuration cam to pidgin ?14:33
BluesKajtonymc, yeah so do i ...our band records thru a pro mixer , but we still use analog mostly , either to tape or to a usb stick on the fender passport14:33
rectec794613just got done playing my game Konsole14:33
tonymcBluesKaj why tape14:34
rectec794613with a guitar Kontroller14:34
James147ycl: you might want to as in #ubuntu about pidgin14:34
BluesKajprobly because we're old and more used to it ...old habits and all that14:34
tonymci didn't know pidgin even support webcam14:35
rectec794613is quassel good?14:35
tonymcBluesKaj that makes sense... i went all digital from the beginning14:35
rectec794613for irc?14:35
ycloh i'm sorry14:36
James147rectec794613: working great here :) and I do love the client/server model14:36
rectec794613using chatzilla right now14:36
tonymci prefer koversation14:36
rectec794613they all look pretty much the same14:37
rectec794613xchat, chatzilla, quassel14:37
James147tonymc: ^^ I like having quassel-core running on my server :) konv cant do that so easly :)14:37
rectec794613and none of those are words14:37
genii-aroundThe main feature quassel is good for, is that you can have a separate server which is connected to the irc network 24/7, and a separate client which you can use from anywhere and syncs with the server14:37
tonymcwell when i have a server i'll make sure i use quassel14:38
rectec794613seems a little too complicated14:38
tonymcbut for now i'm good with konversation14:38
rectec794613for now chatzilla suits my needs14:38
BluesKajtonymc, my souncard spdif feeds my audio receiver dac , but there's no analog out at the tape outputs that feed the headphone broadcast device , so i tried using the standard analog line out on the sound card to another analog input on the receiver , but the receiver poll  doesn't see an anlog signal , even if i set it to analog only , which is pita to do .14:39
rectec794613you know how linux is "secure" because of less virus makers targeting it?14:39
=== rudy_ is now known as Guest99689
tonymclinux isn't secure because of less virus target makers14:40
tonymcBluesKaj now i get it... but can't help you with that unfortunately14:40
rectec794613linux's popularity is growing and pretty soon we're gonna need antivirus software14:40
James147rectec794613: no its more secure because its more secure :p14:40
rectec794613just a thought but i think if we're to start developing av, we should do it now14:40
James147rectec794613: not likly... just look at apache vs the microsoft http server...14:40
rectec794613or build on clamav14:40
rectec794613ok but im talking about normal pcs14:41
BluesKajyeah tonymc what's required is a simultabeous analog/diftal output from the soundcard and I don't think phonon can provide that :(14:41
genii-aroundThe better reason of why linux is more secire is because you can look around inside to see why things work or don't work, makes auditing bad software easier for problems14:41
James147rectec794613: despite apache being more popular the microsoft server gets more attacks because its just easier14:41
rectec794613we could end up just like windows if linux gets popular enough14:41
tonymcBluesKaj bugreport maybe?14:41
BluesKajscuse my spelling14:41
James147rectec794613: same principle applies...14:41
rectec794613sorry man but besides root access, linux is no more secure than windows14:42
genii-aroundCan you look at the source code of Windows to see if it's the OS making certain behaviour or a badly written program instead? I think not14:43
rectec794613think of how easy it could be. a hacker could bruteforce hack Kwallet, get ur pass. and get root access in a snap14:43
tonymcthe real reason why linux is secure is because a) it's built to be secure AND doesn't suffer from badly configured default settings (like Windows is), b) it's mostly opensource and it's easy to stay up to date because updates are rolled out in a centralized fasion, c) it doesn't yet suffer from "Average Joe" users, which will unfortunately change soon14:43
tonymcroot passwords don't get stored in KWallet14:43
rectec794613user passwords do14:44
tonymcGNOME's keyring is PAM-authenticaed, but not in KDE14:44
rectec794613hacker could do su/sudo14:44
tonymcno they don't14:44
tonymcat least i never seen any user password stored in KWallet14:44
tonymckwallet is there for other reasons14:44
rectec794613the only thing keeping us secure is the repo's and low user privs14:45
rectec794613yeah but thats not what i mean14:45
rectec794613theres tons of ways to get their pass. keyloggers, the file that stores the password (whereever that is), etc14:46
rectec794613excuse me for being worried about linux's future14:46
tonymcthe only possibility of "hacking" into KWallet is either bruteforcing (which implies backdoor/physical access to the machine) or trojan (keylogging or just asking user to access KWallet, usually they just press "yes")14:47
rectec794613we'll see14:47
tonymcbut still, KWallet doesn't give you user passwords, /etc/passwd does (and even then, i heard there's a way to store user passwords in different location)14:47
rectec794613if we become the majority somehow14:47
tonymci prefer us being a noticeable minority14:48
tonymcsomething like 5% market share would be enough (like Mac has)14:48
rectec794613these are just theories of course. im no expert but i have been thinking14:48
rectec794613idk about that there's no real way to tell14:48
tonymcanyway, everything is as secure as is its weakest link14:49
* genii-around makes more coffee and lets the offtopic continue a little bit longer14:49
rectec794613what's our's14:49
rectec794613can i have some?14:49
tonymcso far we don't have a weakness because probably 90% Linux users are tech-savvy in one way or another14:49
rectec794613yeah but that's also why i worry14:50
tonymcbut with the growth of marketshare (and it will grow - i am a Windows convert myself) we will lose that advantage14:50
tonymcthe only thing we have different from "Windows" is that we have a culture14:51
rectec794613there's more ways than we think to get into a linux system. as for those ways, theyre for the hackers to find out14:51
rectec794613oh god i hate that14:51
rectec794613: P14:51
tonymcand i mean - when a new user comes to Linux, he instantly faces the consequences of Linux NOT being Windows14:51
rectec794613yeah it can be a tough transition14:51
tonymcthat means - we have a chance to actually educate the newfound converts14:52
tonymcwhich in long term might give us less of those Joe Sixpack users who don't care and don't want to care about security14:52
rectec794613what got me when i started was how easy it was to screw things up14:52
tonymcthat's what i mean by culture - Linux encourages you to learn right from the start14:52
rectec794613its fun14:53
rectec794613what i mean is14:53
tonymcyou learn that there are places in the system you don't want to fsck with, and you learn they're there for a reason14:53
rectec794613it can be boring simply using ur pc. when u get a problem and work hard to overcome it, it feels good14:53
tonymcwe geeks love that tinkering, but not the average user14:54
rectec794613when ur succcessful14:54
rectec794613they dont know what theyre missing14:54
rectec794613great learning experience14:54
tonymcactually, when i got past that tinkering fever and got myself a working system, i don't want to go back to tinkering14:54
rectec794613me neither14:54
tonymci mean i like trying out the new stuff and all that, but lately if things don't have a GUI, i'm very reluctant to even try to understand them14:55
genii-aroundYes, tinkering is fun at first but then quickly becomes tedious work14:55
rectec794613now it's an "as the problems come, I'll fix them"14:55
tonymcand i'm glad i did tinker, because whenever my X farks, or my sound system farks, or my whatever farks, i know what to do and know my way around console and disaster recovery14:55
tonymcbut still it's not the skill i use daily now14:56
rectec794613for the first time in year's i've finally got myself a stable setup14:56
rectec794613but like i said14:56
tonymcactually, upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04 was the first ever upgrade that went smoothly14:56
rectec794613great learning experience14:56
rectec794613its getting better14:56
tonymci use Kubuntu since 6.06 and every time whenever a new version came up i promised myself that i won't upgrade, that i'll start from scratch14:57
rectec794613it's like upgrading from 2000 to xp, xp to vista, andd vista to 714:57
tonymcbut then i thought like maybe *this* time they got it right, and after that i had a few hours of cleaning up the mess14:57
rectec794613somethings bound to got wrong14:57
tonymcand upgrade to 11.04 was the first time to not only *not* brake things, but it actually made things better14:58
tonymcffs, my laptop soundcard started recognizing when i plugged my headphones in14:58
tonymcbefore that i used to use GNOME alsa mixer to mute my speaker14:58
rectec794613hopefully i can get multitouch eventually14:58
tonymcnow i uninstalled that thing and don't miss it a single bit14:58
tonymcand now with KDE 4.7 things got even betterer haha14:59
rectec794613yeah its too bad some gnome things can totally bork a kde system14:59
tonymcit wasn't GNOME's fault14:59
tonymcit had something to do with ALSA or PulseAudio or Phonon not recognizing my headphone plug15:00
tonymcand then there's new stuff coming, things being ported to akonadi, KDE telepathy is shaping up, and this, and that - a lot of excitement15:00
rectec794613pulseaudio worked when i was on a desktop environment transitioned system, but when i started a fresh kubuntu install, it didnt15:00
rectec794613same thing with this dock plugin15:00
rectec794613guess its a library issure15:00
tonymchardware is, well, hardware - we're at the mercy of reverse engineering guys15:01
rectec794613yeah i wouldnt recommend installing kde, switching to it, then uninstalling gnome15:01
rectec794613dont really like that transition15:02
tonymcit's a stupid thing to do15:02
rectec794613to use ur old gnome apps in kde, you half to download half of the gnome system along with it15:02
rectec794613have to*15:02
tonymcit's like changing sex - despite you have all the goodies, you still have the old leftovers15:02
rectec794613ms. garrison15:03
rectec794613although i still like that you can do that with ubuntu15:03
tonymcwell technically it should be perfectly possible15:03
rectec794613switch environments like nobody's business15:03
tonymcthat's how it's supposed to be15:04
tonymcthey all use same underlying system15:04
tonymclinux + gnu15:04
rectec794613i know that all these distros are what makes linux unique, but some of them we dont need at all15:04
rectec794613they all do the same things15:05
tonymcthe way i see it - it's not that we have a lot of distributions - let them be15:05
tonymcwe lack standards15:05
rectec794613we do15:05
tonymcfreedesktop.org doing a lot of good work on that front15:05
tonymctelepathy is a prime example15:05
rectec794613yeah but thats just another thing unique to linux15:05
tonymcyeah it's young and rough around the edges15:05
rectec794613too many standards and we end up like unix15:06
rectec794613linus would probably kill himself15:06
tonymcbut it's a standard - you can build your own messaging frontends but you can expect the underlying system to behave itself the same way15:06
tonymci'd say standards are good15:07
tonymcat least for some core things15:07
tonymcstandards are actually good for having choice15:07
rectec794613i hate how a distro becomes so popular and 3/4ths of the people dont even know what it's running on15:07
tonymcbecause that way it ensures these "choices" are really choices, because they're compatible15:07
rectec794613android is a prime example15:08
tonymcandroid is good at what it does, but it's not a GNU/Linux15:08
rectec794613what do you mean?15:08
rectec794613it runs on the kernel15:08
tonymctechnically, Android is Linux core + Java/Dalvik userspace15:08
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!15:09
rectec794613but nobody needs help15:09
tonymcwe pollute the logs15:09
tonymclet's go to offtopic15:09
PiciTheres nothing wrong with chatting about the same thing in the offtopic channel :)15:09
genii-arounduser: Hello, welcome to the Kubuntu support channel.15:18
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=== bram__ is now known as beligum
anginsanhi ;)15:26
rectec794613why if i try to install and use a plasma theme, it doesnt show up in the list?15:50
rectec794613waaaaaah i hate the default ones15:50
James147rectec794613: how are you installing them? and "using" them if they are not in the list?15:50
rectec794613por favor, necisito ayudar15:51
rectec794613i mean when i try to15:51
rectec794613one day when i booted up into kde, my theme didnt show15:51
rectec794613oxygen did15:51
rectec794613i'll explain further i promise15:52
rectec794613just ask15:53
schijnndraeffI'm using the 'search and launch' view, but nothing is showing up under 'contacts' or 'bookmarks'. Does anyone have any idea why?15:53
rectec794613are u using the default apps?15:53
rectec794613rekonq and kmail?15:53
James147rectec794613: have you tried reinstalling the theme?15:54
rectec794613its installed but it wont show15:54
James147rectec794613: have you tried other themes?15:54
rectec794613it's weird15:54
James147rectec794613: and do they show?15:55
rectec794613i think now they are15:55
rectec794613just not h2o15:56
rectec794613it worked before15:56
rectec794613believe me i did try others15:56
rectec794613they didnt work15:56
rectec794613they did the same thing h2o did15:56
rectec794613still have a problem15:58
rectec794613the theme that i just tested wont uninstall15:58
rectec794613the theme that i want wont install15:58
James147rectec794613: try deleting them manually: ~/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme16:00
BluesKajyup, lotsa themes won't install , and some that do , create freezes16:00
rectec794613sweet that worked thanks16:01
rectec794613ok we can go back to offtopic16:02
rectec794613or i will atleast16:03
rectec794613thanks again james16:03
ashwinhow can i change font color in lancelot?16:07
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userIldconfig deferred processing now taking place it's normal?16:15
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* Peace- gives a cup of coffee to BluesKaj16:30
BluesKajheh Peace- . i was tsting the bot's factoid16:31
schijnndraeffDoes anyone know why 'bookmarks' and 'contacts' aren't showing anything under the 'search and launch' view?  I'm using all default KDE apps.16:38
Peace-schijnndraeff: i will check16:42
Peace-schijnndraeff:  screenshot ?16:44
schijnndraeffUm, it would just be a screenshot of a blank desktop...16:45
Peace-schijnndraeff: this is the mine http://wstaw.org/m/2011/08/04/snapshot1_.png16:46
JulienMHi everybody !16:46
JulienMI have a problem with my hibernate mode in KMenu for just one user session...16:47
JulienMI don't know where the problem come from, I had remove my .kde4 folder and restarted my session => no problem16:48
schijnndraeffPeace- - Yeah, I just get a blank desktop when I click on 'contacts' or 'bookmarks'.16:49
JulienMso I did difference between my old .kde4 and my new folder => nothing found !16:49
JulienMDo you know where a configuration is setting in .kde4 to launch the hibernate mode ?16:50
James147JulienM: um, kubuntu uses ~/.kde not ~/.kde416:50
JulienMJames147: It's true, sorry !16:50
Peace-schijnndraeff: could you try with a new user?16:51
JulienMNo idea ?17:00
JulienMIt's a specific interrogation... I know ;-)17:00
szalhuh?  is 4.7.0 not in natty-backports?  I get no updates on dist-upgrade on my 32bit installation17:02
James147szal: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.717:02
James147szal: have you run "sudo apt-get update"?17:02
dave__hi im having an issue with kubuntu 11.04 sound. I previously had sound for firefox coming through speakers and sound for skype amarok through usb headset in an efort to make the mic working i seem to have disabled sound in firefox and the mic still doesnt work. would anyone be kind enough to assist?17:04
szalJames147: thx17:06
=== dave__ is now known as davemac
davemachi im having an issue with kubuntu 11.04 sound. I previously had sound for firefox coming through speakers and sound for skype amarok through usb headset in an efort to make the mic working i seem to have disabled sound in firefox and the mic still doesnt work. would anyone be kind enough to assist?17:11
schijnndraeffPeace- - Sorry that took so long.  It does the same thing with a new user.17:13
rectec794613JulienM: lol i think i saw u in fr a second ago17:16
rectec794613i cant believe i had to use a translator for that17:17
davemaccan someone tell me if am i voiced in this channel?17:17
Picidavemac: you aren't, but we can see you.17:17
rectec794613davemac: what does that mean?17:18
davemacheh pici im confused :) how did you read what i said then?17:18
rectec794613oh yeah i think i know now17:18
davemacrectec794613:  i wasnt sure if people were able to see what i typed thats all17:18
rectec794613yeah i had a hunch17:18
Picidavemac: You don't need to be voiced here to talk.17:18
=== james is now known as Guest80400
davemacok thanks pici17:19
rectec794613szal: have we met?17:20
rectec794613ur name looks familiar17:20
* rectec794613 thinks they should make an ai bot17:22
rectec794613and put it in here17:22
rectec794613so us lonely people can talk17:22
JulienMrectec794613: ;-)17:22
rectec794613whats new17:27
rectec794613thats cool17:29
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oCeanrectec794613: please use /msg ubottu !bot17:30
rectec794613*goes to pm*17:30
rectec794613yeah im just bored17:30
rectec794613im going to offtopic17:30
paul___Could anyone tell me where the settings files are for Kubuntu's sound settings for both alsa and pulse?  My sound card suddenly stopped working.17:37
James147paul___: ~/.pulse17:38
paul___My sound is still getting to pulse because the level meter in pulse volume controle is moving.17:39
paul___Everytime I have had an issue with sound it was with pulse.17:40
paul___I just want to reset my sound settings to what it was on install. Everything worked fine then.17:41
paul___But, I am starting to feel that that is going to be a bigger PITA than just deleting some configs and getting the system to re-detect.17:43
Daskreechpaul___: rename the directory then17:44
paul___I just caught that he meant /home/user/.pulse and not :~/17:45
James147paul___: :p yeah ~ mean $HOME17:46
paul___Sorry just woke up.17:47
paul___That's what I was afraid of, moving/removing/renaming the .pulse folder does nothing to help though I do now see most of my cards outputs.17:54
szalon my 32bit machine, after upgrading to KDE 4.7.0 and restarting, the screen stays black after login, only the mouse pointer is visible and movable, but other than that there's no desktop elements..  last message in Xorg.0.log and kdm.log: "warning: Xalloc: requesting unpleasantly large amount of memory: 0 bytes" (!)17:54
szal(can't troubleshoot that now; have to reboot that machine to start Windows..  just wanted to say before I forget)17:55
jmichaelxsince upgrading to kde 4.7 in kubuntu 11.04, icons frequently remain in the task manager after the corresponding windows are closed. this is on 2 different machines, one with an intel GPU w/FOSS drivers, the other with an nvidia ion2 GPU and prop. drivers. is this a known issue? is there a workaround?18:03
Daskreechpaul___: ~ = $HOME = /home/username18:04
Daskreechszal: did kdebase-workspace update ?18:04
szalDaskreech: can't check now, I'll look later18:05
paul___Daskreech thanks18:05
Daskreechpaul___: it's a handy shortcut since ~ will turn into the home directory of whichever user runs it. You don't need to know the specifics of the computer or person18:06
GirlyGirlDaskreech: what's the shortcut again?18:09
DaskreechGirlyGirl: For?18:09
GirlyGirlDaskreech: t's a handy shortcut since ~ will turn into the home directory of whichever user runs it. You don't need to know the specifics of the computer or person18:09
paul___Yeah, Been using linux as my main OS for about 5 years just the last I had an audio problem was when Ubuntu started using pulse.18:09
DaskreechGirlyGirl: ~18:10
GirlyGirlDaskreech: oh that18:10
DaskreechGirlyGirl: Si :)18:10
GirlyGirlSilly me18:11
paul___Pulse has no server running. could that be the problem?18:13
paul___And the ~/.pulse folder just re-spawns.18:14
paul___ Aye, poof.18:15
paul___I am going to restart. I will most likely be back :)18:22
paul___Syslog output: 08/04/11 01:04:08 PMAlpha-Linuxpulseaudio[15848]main.c: Module load failed.18:29
paul___08/04/11 01:04:08 PMAlpha-Linuxpulseaudio[15848]main.c: Failed to initialize daemon.18:29
paul___08/04/11 01:04:08 PMAlpha-Linuxpulseaudio[15713]main.c: Daemon startup failed.18:29
paul___08/04/11 01:04:08 PMAlpha-Linuxpulseaudio[16028]socket-server.c: bind(): Address already in use18:29
paul___08/04/11 01:04:08 PMAlpha-Linuxpulseaudio[16028]module.c: Failed to load  module "module-esound-protocol-unix" (argument: ""): initialization failed.18:29
FloodBotK1paul___: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:29
raevindoes anyone know of a way to convert a difference in epoch time to string output?  i.e.: converting (1306464641 - 1312482682) into like "1 month, 7 days ago"?18:31
raevinin shell18:32
raevinI got the epoch times needed, but cna't find a way to convert the difference to a human-readable format18:32
jmichaelxwhat has been done in 4.7 with the calendar that appears when you click on the time/date in the panel is atrocious18:37
genii-aroundraevin: I think something like: date -d @1306464641 will put it in human readable form18:40
* cher is surprised: acl is not installed as part of the basic setup.18:40
paul___jmichaelx : If you have apointments set up in Kontact it will show them there.18:40
raevingenii-around: if it's in epoch format yeah, but i'm talking about turning the difference between two epoch values (for example, using 6018041), and turning it into something like "1 month, 7 days"18:40
genii-aroundAaaaah OK18:41
raevingenii-around: i don't even know if it's possible w/o using perl or php, lol...i cna't find anything for doing this18:42
genii-aroundraevin: It's all the number of seconds, so you could just manually do like divide by 86400 for number of days18:45
raevintrue...just take a lot of while blocks lol18:46
raevingenii-around: thanks :D18:46
paul___This is so frustrating.18:46
raevinwhile i'm here, anyone have any sources of setting up a tor relay server?  i can get mine to talk to the tor servers themselves, but i can't seem to connect to mine18:47
skramer_how could I change the order of activities, KDE 4.7?19:10
linux-beginner-hhow can I downgrade kmail2? how is the apt command?19:22
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.19:23
antiheroWhy would my soundcard be greyed out under Sound and Video Configuration?19:23
skramer_linux-beginner-h: if it is installed from a ppa, you could try ppa-purge19:24
antiheroit's as if my soundcard doesn't exist, but it shows up in lspci19:24
linux-beginner-hskramer_: yes... it's from experimental ppa19:24
skramer_linux-beginner-h: it should remove the ppa from your sources.list  & revert everything installed from that ppa to the version which are shipped with Kubuntu19:25
linux-beginner-hskramer_: ok thanks19:25
antiheroAlso /usr/bin/pulseaudio is at 100% CPU19:26
linux-beginner-hskramer_: kmail2 is unusable... after 3 days of testing I give up...19:26
antiheroNow it isn't, but still no sound19:26
skramer_linux-beginner-h: I did not test yet, but as the ppa name says: experimental...19:26
linux-beginner-hskramer_: well... it is called stable for 4.7 :-)19:27
linux-beginner-hskramer_: but it's ok... I don't want to complain...19:27
skramer_linux-beginner-h: ;-)19:28
linux-beginner-hskramer_: thanks... it seems to work well... downloading packages...19:29
skramer_linux-beginner-h: ok... but may I ask what's the problem with Kmail2?19:30
linux-beginner-hskramer_: well.... you are asking the wrong question :-) You should ask... is there something that works... ?19:31
linux-beginner-hskramer_: the migration fails...19:32
paul___I got it to work. I purged everything pulseaudio that didn't want to remove KDE then rebooted then did sudo apt-get install pulseaudio.19:32
linux-beginner-hskramer_: there are also memory leaks... high cpu usage... and the indexer is scanning and scanning and scanning...19:32
paul___Thanks for your help.19:33
paul___I was ready to toss the compo out the window.19:33
skramer_linux-beginner-h: hmm... good to know, I just considered testing, but I'll better keep staying with the old version19:33
shane2peruhowdy my helpfull Kubuntu Kommunity, quick question, what do I install so I  can print to a PDF file??  I know I have installed it before, but can't remember the name of it.19:34
linux-beginner-hskramer_: I was unable to work with this software because everytime I click and something... (e.g. mail folder) it takes a long time... and than the crashs...19:35
shane2peruor maybe that should be Kubuntu Kummunity. :)19:35
linux-beginner-hskramer_: I also tried to start from scratch... new configuration, new database... new akonadi resources... no way...19:35
genii-aroundDoes *everything* KDE related have to start with a cutesy "K"?19:36
shane2perulol. :) I think it's kind of kool. ;)19:36
genii-around!info cups-pdf | shane2peru19:38
ubottushane2peru: cups-pdf (source: cups-pdf): PDF printer for CUPS. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.5.1-2 (natty), package size 36 kB, installed size 276 kB19:38
skramer_linux-beginner-h: hope that things could get sorted soon ,I would like to switch to kmail2 :-)19:39
shane2perugenii-around: cups-pdf!  Thanks!!!  I only dug up ghostscript or something in the repos, I'm sure that is in there, just didn't pop out at me on the search19:39
shane2peruarrgh, I take that back, it was right there in my search, I'm brain dead.  Thanks19:40
genii-aroundshane2peru: Yer welcome19:42
linux-beginner-hskramer_: oh... my system is working again and my cpu is idle... ;-)19:45
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antiheroanyone there/19:49
tonymcanyone knows how to add KDE widgets to qt4 designer? it seemed to work before i reinstalled my system but now i can't find them19:53
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psychocan someone help me with this http://fpaste.org/zurO/20:06
psychoi m getting 6747 as output20:06
ZandreBranHi kubuntu; please, how to kopete voice call to gtalk? sorry my english, brazilian guy :)20:29
DaskreechZandreBran: I'm not sure that's there20:38
DaskreechZandreBran: Gtalk will be done (most likely) thorough Telepathy20:38
ZandreBranok, thanks Daskreech; i'm test this. but Telepathy is kde applications?20:39
DaskreechZandreBran: Telepathy is a backend that is shared amongst all the various communication channels regardless of DE20:40
DaskreechKDE will use it though20:40
ZandreBranopps, Daskreech; google it; thanks. I now have a way :)20:41
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tertittenHi, i've been trying to find a dl link for 11.10 alpha3, found some news items about it, but no link for download, anyone know where I can dl it ?21:05
cmaginatertitten: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/11.10/alpha-3/21:06
tertittencmagina, thanks allot m821:10
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lcbanyone knows how is the upgrade for 11.10 at this stage? smooth, troubled, bricking?21:20
lcbi've been away from these matters, lately21:20
OerHekslcb ubuntu 11.10 is in alfa stage, so it could be bricky, support in #Ubuntu+121:23
lcbOerHeks: too many probs? i followed all evolution to 11.04 but not on this one.21:24
OerHeksi can't tell.21:24
lcbok. good enough. thanks21:24
OerHekslcb i just finished upgrade to KDE 4.7 wich is working fine21:25
lcbon 11.04 the main issue was (still is ... ;) unity. i wonder how this one's going21:26
lcbOerHeks: virtual machine or working one (production or alike)21:26
lcbi'm having some issues on this one, regarding virtual desks and menus. the main intention in moving to the updated one is the hope of that being solved21:28
OerHekson a productionmachine.21:28
lcbgetting tired of seeing virtual desktops being messed or vanishing21:28
lcbOerHeks: so that's a good sign21:29
lcbthanks OerHeks21:30
lcb* Known Issues: Keyboard & mouse not working in X? See http://pad.lv/807306"* not bad21:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 807306 in udev (Ubuntu Oneiric) "[oneiric] Keyboard & mouse not working in X - incomplete migration to /run" [High,Fix released]21:32
lcbworst would be writing backwards21:33
Daskreechlcb: #ubuntu+1 would be the best place to be21:35
lcbi'm in there, tks Daskreech21:35
lcbwell, just got there21:36
lcbtrying to find any *new* special way of doing the upgrade21:36
Daskreechsame way as always21:37
Daskreechjust new things to break21:37
lcbi were thinking in writing something like"i want to brick my production system. can i go ahead and upgrade to daily?" the the #chan is too quiet, maybe i'll break something in there21:38
lcbso i decided not to21:39
OerHeksfor production machines i would do 2 tests, 1 upgrade and 1 fresh install.21:40
lcbOerHeks: yes21:41
Daskreechlcb: install kernel 3.0.121:42
lcb1st. ok21:42
Daskreechlcb: that's if you wnat to brick your system :)21:47
lcbDaskreech: too late, damn.21:48
lcbi smell some smoke already21:48
kat_624hi to all22:04
szal[20:04:54] <Daskreech> szal: did kdebase-workspace update ? <- the PPA has 4.6.5 for -bin and -data, and that's what it installed, plus a transitional package kdebase-workspace versioned 4.7.022:07
Daskreechhi Kaa2722:08
Daskreechszal: Alright that's a possible break point22:08
szalDaskreech: the screen turns black in the middle of the KDE startup splash screen, leaving only the mouse pointer22:09
Daskreechszal: what processes are running?22:09
szalDaskreech: http://paste.ubuntu.com/658907/22:11
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Daskreechszal: nothing in ~/.xsession-errors  ?22:11
szalDaskreech: http://paste.ubuntu.com/658908/22:13
szalno relevant forum post yet; perhaps isolated here22:20
tonymcis it possible to programmatically extract entries from NetworkManager?22:28
OerHeksszal, i tried to understand the blackout, and found this solution, but it is ARCH with KDE, still the exact cause´ KDE desktop did actually load, but it was the screen that stopped updating when the composition effect kicked in ´ is in answer #8 and #11 is also helpfull >> https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=11877522:28
tonymci mean, does it have an API of some sort22:29
bobweaverHi there question about making movies what are the best programs for editing and also for recording your desktop ? thanks22:29
tonymcthere are several, kdenlive being the best KDE one, can't recall the GNOME one...22:30
OerHeksbobweaver, VLC could record your desktop22:30
tonymcKDEnlive is kinda hard to get into tbh22:30
tonymcat least i got really confused with it22:30
bobweaverOerHeks: thanks22:30
bobweaverwhat about editing22:31
tonymcbobweaver try KDEnlive22:31
bobweaversudo apt-get install kdenlive ??22:31
OerHeksyes, you should KDEnlive give a try22:31
bobweaveror add repos22:31
tonymcthere's also OpenShot for GNOME22:31
bobweaveror google22:32
tonymcthere's kdenlive PPA somewhere22:32
tonymcadd it to apt22:32
bobweaverthanks guys22:32
bobweaverI am also having troubles with my vga card little black specks on it22:33
OerHeksit in the software centre, also22:33
tonymci think in repo it's outdated, better off using PPA22:33
bobweaverthe card is a VGA compatible controller [0300]: nVidia Corporation C77 [GeForce 8200M G] [10de:0845] (rev a2)22:34
bobweaverinstalled driver looks nice but the little black specks here and there look bad22:34
bobweaverlow graffix almost look better then driver22:35
szalOerHeks: thx, it's the compositing indeed22:36
OerHeksszal oke !22:36
tonymcbobweaver you might also want to try PiTiVi, that's another GNOME editor22:42
szalOerHeks: the only thing that looks related I can find is this -> http://commit-digest.org/issues/2011-02-06/ <- see the last box above "KDE-PIM"22:43
FalsechickenHello. Can anyone give me a hand with this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11119294#post1111929422:45
Kaa27hi Daskreech22:54
DaskreechHi Kaa2722:54
szalDaskreech: if you read my exchange w/ OerHeks, signs indicate that the cause to the screen blackening is a shader bug in the nVidia gfx driver, and as I use the 173 (legacy) on my other machine, I guess it's unlikely that it'll be fixed because it's not a security issue..  I just hope that I won't have any such problem on this machine when I decide to upgrade (running the nVidia 280 driver here)23:06
Daskreechszal: Did you do an update just before this?23:06
szalDaskreech: of course, 'aptitude upgrade' doesn't selectively pull in packages ;)23:07
Daskreechszal: :)23:10
raevinanyone know if there's any penalties/issues with using a client to connect to a server, both on the same machine? (basically client connecting to localhost)...if that'd cause packets to be sent faster than they can be received in non-blocking scenarios?23:12
Daskreechraevin: What?23:20
raevinDaskreech: well, basically i'm writing a server/client program in C, and for some reason my send/recv code isn't flowing correctly (sends are being made faster than recvs are it looks like), and wondering if the issue is because i'm running the server & client on the same machine23:21
Daskreechbad server code?23:21
raevinDaskreech: thing is i don't see how, i've looked @ all the examples on the internet i could find and its all the same as mine really23:22
Daskreechbad client code? :)23:22
raevinDaskreech: same as server, lol...only thing different is i got an extra else{} block in it23:23
DaskreechI don't know that the client and server on the same computer would be an issue. They would respond much faster than in anyother circumstance so it should work better23:23
DaskreechIt's a p2p ?23:23
raevinDaskreech: that's what i thought, and not really, server just acts as a relay basically (gathers information spits some back every so often)23:24
DaskreechDoes it use UDP?23:24
raevinnah, tcp23:25
Daskreechdoesn't wait for a response of state?23:32
raevinDaskreech: pretty much...this is asynch as well for what its worth.23:34
raevinDaskreech: right now i have it set up where server sends some data, client receives, send some back, server gets it then sends some, and then terminates the connection....if i'm lucky the first send/recv works23:35
Daskreechthen it crraps out?23:36
raevinwell, hold on, might've found an issue23:36
raevinpffffft, nvm *sigh*23:38
raevinknow of any good c++ networking librarries?  (not boost...i hate that)...not having any luck finding anything but people saying "use boost!"23:39
raevinwell, now i got a different problem...fts23:47
Daskreechsdl ?23:49
raevini'm about to use that...was trying to refrain from using it since this is a cli-only app and such, but...meh23:50
Daskreechoh yea23:51
raevinf' it...SDL it is...23:51
raevinbeen having this issue (w/ about 5 rewrites now) for the past month or so23:51
raevinbeyond fed up with it, lol...thanks tho Daskreech23:51
jmichaelxquestion.. so i renamed .kde to .kde-old, and generated a new .kde for toubleshooting purposes. i then rm -rf'd .kde, and renamed .kde-old to .kde... and all of my settings were gone. not at all what i expected. what would the reason be for this?23:58

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