danilosgary_poster, call time?12:33
daniloshi, btw :)12:34
gary_posterbac benji danilos, hi :-) sorry was talking about stuff in -ops.  call in just a few second12:34
gary_posterdanilos, sorry, with you rsn13:32
gary_posterdanilo, calling13:44
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benjidanilos: when you get done with your call I have a question for you14:36
danilosbenji, shoot14:43
benjidanilos: on this page https://translations.launchpad.net/~benji/+translations I have a short list of "Translations you need to review".  How do I set up the data so a user on .dev has a similar list?14:45
danilosbenji, you have to be member of a language team in one of the translation groups (look at translations.l.d/+groups)14:47
danilosbenji, and, there need to be a few unreviewed suggestions in one of the projects that such translation group manages14:47
danilosbenji, just make sure you use the same language for everything (eg. go to translations.l.d/evolution/, set it to use "Just a testing team" for translations, go provide a few suggestions to eg. Spanish or whatever language you want [if you are an admin, translations will be automatically accepted unless you check the appropriate box on the +translate page], and set yourself as the Spanish translator in this translation group)14:49
danilosbenji, then, stuff should show up14:49
danilosanyway, got to run now, hopefully this helps14:49
benjidanilos: thanks, I think I can get enough test data now14:50
bacgary_poster: private archives are definitely not working ATM with openid rejecting the login15:14
gary_posterbac, awoo, awoo, sounds like an emergency15:15
gary_posterneed help?15:15
bacgary_poster: yeah, i'm unsure how this part is architected15:15
gary_posterbac, who is?  sinzui and barry?15:15
bacdoes lists.lp.net use the mailman xmlrpc to get private team membership?15:16
bacdef those two15:16
baci was hoping you were the third.  :)15:16
gary_posterbac, I don't, I'm afraid.  I know what I wrote down for bounce handling.15:19
gary_posterbac, I can try to dig in with you in a mo, but I'm trying to finish up a qa on -ops15:19
baci'lm hunting down curtis over there15:20
bacgary_poster: curtis says this problem has been known for 14 months15:28
bacgary_poster: i have a dr appt in 17 minutes.  if this is really not an emergency i'd like to still make it15:29
gary_posterbac, run like the wind. thanks15:29
bacnah, it only takes me 12 to get there!  i still have time to leisurely put on my shoes...15:29
bachi gary_poster, thanks for tracking down that RT and LP bug17:29
bacgary_poster: did you communicate any of this back to OEM?17:29
bacif not, i'll take the bullet17:29
gary_posterbac, I pinged smagoun about it yeah17:29
bacgary_poster: and did he reply?17:29
bacwe should subscribe him to that bug17:30
* bac does it17:30
gary_posterbac, he did17:31
gary_posterreply, that is17:31
bacdo changes to security.cfg require 'make schema' to take effect?17:47
* bac suspects so17:47
gary_posterbac, I think so.  I know it needs some incantation--they don't handle themselves.  I think there's a Python file somewhere in the database directory that does it.  but make schema is probably the easiest entryway.18:07
bacyep, 'make schema' worked18:08
bacgary_poster: rwya18:28
* gary_poster had to google that one18:29
bacoh, i just made it up18:29
bacor oijmiu18:30
gary_posterbenji, call me when you are ready; no rush19:59
gary_posterdanilos-bot, I see lp2kanban working :-)21:12

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