lubuntu20dashwas was the limit for ext2?00:01
lubuntu20dashsize I mean00:01
lubuntu20dashok gonna reset now00:05
lubuntu20dashWell, it works... ok00:08
lubuntu20dashanyone knows a way to find out if I have any errors with the driver?00:09
phillwlubuntu20dash: have a quick look at http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=332 If you are going to post a request, please put as much info as possible and use the Lubuntu tag, so they know you are using Lubuntu.00:11
lubuntu20dashphillw, I just want a quick terminal command, to see if my video driver is having any errors00:12
lubuntu20dashphillw, so far is working ok at least00:12
phillwlubuntu20dash: ask on #ubuntu-beginners, one of those people may have a Nvid card00:13
phillwand, yes, you are allowed on there! and even say you are a lubuntu user :P00:13
lubuntu20dashthe other day they have me the command here, but I dont have the log cause this is a different computer00:14
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lubuntu20dashhere is the pastebin of my os info http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/658326/00:37
lubuntu20dashhow can I install supertux2? I need it to see if the 3D acelation of the card works00:37
phillwlubuntu20dash: it says 2D ?  http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/natty/man6/supertux2.6.html00:43
lubuntu20dash supertux2 can use 3d aceleration00:43
phillwlubuntu20dash: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1478928 ?00:45
lubuntu20dashanyway, if supertux2 works bad, it means you card cant use 3d acelation, thats why I want to install it00:46
lubuntu20dashphillw, I need supertux2, not supertux00:47
lubuntu20dashanyway I will reset now00:47
lubuntu20dashthis is the best I have got the video card to work in ages anyway00:48
lubuntu20dashso lubuntu can use openoffice writer, right?01:00
lubuntu20dashThis doc is read-only because there are too many people editing right now01:02
lubuntu20dashlately a lot of fics in ED are getting that "Too many readers" stuff01:03
linuxman410just put lubuntu on my acer aspire one fast01:40
lubunwhat is the name of the Remote desktop thing, i cant seem to find it in lubuntu04:58
jmarsdenlubun: to remote into a Windows machine?  rdesktop04:59
jmarsdenI don't remember if it is in Lubuntu by default...04:59
lubunjmarsden: lubuntu into lubuntu machine04:59
head_victimI can't see anything in my 11.10 VM for remote desktop05:00
Unit193Remmina is the client x11vnc is the server05:00
bioterrorwe prefer ssh! ;)05:00
jmarsdenlubun: There are plenty of ways of doing Lubuntu to Lubuntu remote usage... none of which are called Remote Desktop :)  Are you looking for VNC?  Or X over SSH?05:01
lubunidk, i think it was vnc for ubuntu, but not sure, i want to log into my lubuntu machine at work when im at home.05:02
jmarsdenDo you already have SSH from home to the work machine?  VNC alone is relatively insecure... what will the work network admins let you do?05:03
jmarsdenI think Vino is a GNOME thing that doesn't come with Lubuntu.05:03
lubunthe work network admins? i own the place so i dont need permission if thats what your asking05:04
jmarsdenOK... so what level of network security do *you* think is adequate for your work environment?05:05
lubunumm... idk, never thought about that, kind of a noob05:05
jmarsdenIf you are about to poke holes in your work network firewall, you *need* to think about that :)05:06
lubuni dont have anything too valuable, that particular machine doesnt have anything too crucial, except maybe my html files for my website, and i guess i log into my bank account through that computer...05:07
bioterrorjmarsden wants you to use ssh tunnel for your remote desktop, and probably would recommend to use knock too with keys ;)05:07
jmarsdenReading https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC  will give you some idea of the general Ubuntu approach to VNC over SSH...05:07
lubunlet me go do research then...05:07
lubunoh ok thnx05:07
bioterrordamn, I wasnt far from that :D05:08
jmarsdenlubun: You're welcome.05:08
lubun:/ im already scratching my head but ill read on05:10
jmarsdenlubun: I just remembered I wrote something up about doing this with Vino specificaly in Lubuntu... see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/RemoteDesktop for that.05:21
lubuni'll look at it too05:22
lubunthnx jmarsden05:22
jmarsdenYou're welcome.05:23
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socratesxdi don't have a bootsplash12:07
socratesxdjust a blank screen12:07
socratesxdhow can i enable it?12:07
KM0201hmm, should have one by default.12:12
KM0201i think.12:12
phillwsocratesxd: I think you have turned it off in the grub config file12:12
KM0201i never sit and watch my pc/laptop while it boots12:12
phillwsocratesxd: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#GRUB 2 Splash Images covers all the things you can do with splash :)12:13
socratesxdlubuntu has plyomouth, right?12:13
socratesxdhas lubuntu grub2?12:15
socratesxdi not even see it at boot12:15
phillwsocratesxd: yes, lubuntu uses grub2 :)12:15
socratesxdno no12:16
socratesxdi don't a splash image for grub212:16
socratesxdi don't want a splash image for grub212:16
socratesxdi want a bootsplash for lubuntu12:17
KM0201looking at the default grub (i've not modified mine) splash is enabled by default12:18
KM0201socratesxd: i'm guessing, for whatever reason, your video card isn't "running' at that part of the boot process (my sisters PC does this)...12:18
phillwsocratesxd: have a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=166993412:18
socratesxdbut that's already installed12:21
KM0201socratesxd: try "disabling" the splash screen, and see if you get scrolling text, i'm guessing if your screen is just black, its your video card, not the OS configuration12:22
KM0201hold on12:23
socratesxdno, how to disable the splash screen12:24
KM0201sudo nano /etc/default/grub12:24
KM0201yeah, i know.. i was looking for12:24
socratesxdwell... and now12:25
KM0201hmm, wait, that may not be it.12:25
phillwsocratesxd: are you using 11.04?12:25
KM0201yeah, what i was thinking wouldn't work...12:26
socratesxdi'll try to change the plymouth theme to text mode12:26
socratesxdto see...12:26
KM0201yup, if it won't display text mode, then it's a plymouth issue12:26
socratesxdbut can you remind me how?12:26
KM0201i don't mess w/ plymouth, sorry12:27
phillwI have (in synaptics) plymouth, plymouth-theme-lubuntu-logo, plymouth-theme-lubuntu-text, plymouth-label, plymouth-theme-ubuntu-text and libplymouth2 installed on my 11.0412:28
phillwsocratesxd: I think http://www.ubuntugeek.com/plymouth-manager-gui-tool-to-change-boot-theme-and-resolution.html may be of help to you, it is a GUI for 'playing' with plymouth :)12:30
socratesxdi'll see12:31
socratesxdfollowing the instructions of debian, i can't do it12:31
phillwubuntugeek has always posted up decent stuff, so it's deffo worth a try.12:31
socratesxdi try to change the theme12:37
socratesxdbut i don't know how to enable the text mode12:38
phillwsocratesxd: soz, just got it installed (slow internet) - I'd suggest 'disable plymouth' to turn it off?12:38
phillwwhat is your video card?12:38
socratesxdS3 ProSavage DDR12:39
socratesxda bullshit12:39
phillwis it using a propietary driver?12:39
phillwtry disabling plymouth and see what happens when you boot.12:40
socratesxdi will12:40
socratesxdi just see the button :P12:40
socratesxdok, i'll reboot12:42
socratesxdit didn't works12:45
socratesxdit seems plymouth is broken12:45
phillwthe only thing I can really dig out is a report saying that 11.04 ubuntu and that card do not work. Sorry I am out of ideas. Try asking on the main forum (use the lubuntu tag) and / or mailing list.12:51
KM0201i suspected it was the video card.12:51
KM0201my sisters pc does that (some ancient thing)...12:52
KM0201but what?12:52
socratesxdfew weeks ago i had xubuntu 11.0412:52
phillwsocratesxd: try putting 10.04 onto it.12:52
socratesxdand it worked12:53
socratesxdand 10.04 works too12:53
KM0201i dunno... i get a splash on my laptop and my pc "out fo the box".. my sisters doesn't, go for it.12:53
KM0201socratesxd: Lubuntu 10.04?12:53
socratesxdno, ubuntu12:53
KM0201ok, he was ssaying Lubuntu 10.04, i do believe12:53
KM0201however, why are you so concerned abou ta splash screen12:54
socratesxdi just have wish to ask here :P12:54
socratesxdi'm joking12:54
KM0201that's fine, just can't see why this would be such a big deal12:54
socratesxdat least i can joking to my friends12:55
socratesxd"My pc is so fast that you can't see the bootsplash"12:56
socratesxdnow, i have another cuestion12:58
socratesxda composite manager12:58
socratesxddo you know any?12:58
KM0201seriously?... on Lubuntu?12:58
socratesxdi've installed xcompmgr but i don't know how to config it12:59
socratesxdi want translucency12:59
socratesxdand shadows on the borders12:59
socratesxdanyone knows about a composite manager in lxde?13:08
KM0201socratesxd: given the goals of Lubuntu (lightweight, fast, etc..) you're probably not gonna find to many people using a composite manager in lxde.. but thats just a guess13:09
socratesxdno, i want to use a dock13:10
KM0201you don't need to use compositing to use a dock13:10
socratesxd(i'm not trolling) :P13:10
* KM0201 is beginning to wonder13:10
socratesxdwith cairo-dock13:10
socratesxdi need composite13:10
jbichajmarsden: I found your work on bug 750836 if you want to get these changes into Ubuntu you have to get someone14:43
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 750836 could not be found14:43
jbichawith commit rights to see your stuff, you can do that by subscribing ubuntu-sponsors to your bug14:44
jbichapersonally, I post my bazaar branch and propose a merge too, I'm not sure if the Developers prefer that or can use a .dsc14:45
jbichabut I think it makes the changes a lot easier to review14:45
jbichawhich is basically the final section in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFix14:48
TooncesHey guys, I'm getting a black screen on bootup when I use the nvidia-current drivers.  I have an Nvidia GForce4 440 go.  I've looked through the forums, but can't find an answer that will help me.  I was hoping to get help here because I am partially not sure what to even ask.  The black screen question has been asked many times.17:18

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