philipballewI want to create a rsync backup of my entire hd. is that easy to do08:39
head_victimphilipballew: not difficult but depends on what you want to do with it afterwards.08:46
philipballewWell what are things I can do with it that make it difficult?08:47
head_victimIf you're wanting a 1:1 copy I'd suggest something more suited to cloning like dd or clonezilla. If you're just backing up data select the right switches from man rsync and away you go.08:47
philipballewi just was gonna back up from /08:47
philipballewif you know what i mean08:48
head_victimAh it's always problematic to backup a running system. If you want a FULL copy I"d suggest booting a livecd to run from (there are many liveCDs with inbuilt cloning software) and copy that way. You'll never be able to get a proper copy of a system drive that's in use.08:49
head_victimWell that's been my experience anyway.08:49
philipballewwell most all I need is in my home directory08:53
head_victimphilipballew: that shouldn't be too difficult then09:02
head_victimsomething like rsync -azv /home /destination09:02
philipballewwhat in the main file system might i want to back up in your opinion head_victim09:03
nlsthznSo anybody out there play Volley Brawl?11:14
kallis4i need some advice. anyone here18:19
Nubi1KenobiAnyone alive?18:20
kallis4does'nt look like it :(18:20
kallis4and i need help18:20
Nubi1Kenobime 2.18:20
Nubi1KenobiWhats yer prob?18:21
holsteinyou just ask ;)18:21
kallis4i installed ubuntu 11.04 but not booting up18:21
IAmNotThatGuykallis4, whats your screen showing? please elaborate18:23
IAmNotThatGuy!ask | Nubi1Kenobi18:23
ubot2Nubi1Kenobi: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)18:23
Nubi1Kenobi_That was really weird18:25
Nubi1Kenobi_still around?18:25
Nubi1Kenobi_Well...my issue...I have limited to no knowlege about this linux businees.....18:25
Nubi1Kenobi_finding it difficult diving right into18:26
Nubi1Kenobi_I have ubunto setup as a dual boot - no issues and having problem with part image....maybe a filesystem navigation issue18:26
holsteinpart image?18:27
Nubi1Kenobi_i have a seperate hdd setup as my image drive....18:27
holsteinelaborate on what 'part image' is18:27
Nubi1Kenobi_My friend set this up for me. it is a program i have to access in terminal18:28
Nubi1Kenobi_sudo su....then part image18:28
Nubi1Kenobi_it writes partition images18:28
Nubi1Kenobi_I am using ubunto to back up images of my windows instalations18:28
Nubi1Kenobi_at least to begin with....18:29
holsteinok... whos your friend?18:29
Nubi1Kenobi_problem is..18:29
kallis4damn pc18:29
Nubi1Kenobi_the drive i have set up for the images......i cant access it18:29
IAmNotThatGuyholstein, lol18:29
kallis4so. i need help18:29
Nubi1Kenobi_he is bad at answering thew phone18:29
Nubi1Kenobi_]when i need help18:30
Nubi1Kenobi_jokes on me...right? LOL18:30
holsteinNubi1Kenobi_: you can access the drive in what format? and from which OS's cant you *not* access it18:30
IAmNotThatGuyNubi1Kenobi_, so are you using some virtual machines? or?18:30
Nubi1Kenobi_i will explain18:30
IAmNotThatGuykallis4, shoot18:30
kallis4is there a way to set the grafix for ubuntu?18:30
Nubi1Kenobi_I have a 500gb hdd set up into 3 partitions, 100gb for win7 100 for ubunto and 300 for data18:31
kallis4i installed ubuntu ealier, but its not starting up, i think it hangs coz of the grafix18:31
Nubi1Kenobi_i have a second hdd set up for my images18:31
IAmNotThatGuykallis4, what screen are you getting?18:31
Nubi1Kenobi_i have it set up as a dual boot with both os18:31
IAmNotThatGuykallis4, are you able to see the boot screen?18:31
Nubi1Kenobi_i can mount the image hdd and view it, but cant move files off of it or even get part image to recognize it....18:32
kallis4its a dualboot with win718:32
Nubi1Kenobi_not sure what I am doing wrong...my friend was aboe too...but I cant18:32
Nubi1Kenobi_able not aboe18:33
IAmNotThatGuykallis4, and are you getting the Ubuntu logo?18:33
holsteinkallis4: how did it run live?18:33
kallis4i did'nt run live18:33
kallis4just installed18:34
IAmNotThatGuyNubi1Kenobi_, tried moving with the terminal codes?18:34
holsteini would get a live CD, and try 'nomodeset'18:34
kallis4still...aint there a way to fix it ?18:34
holsteinsee if you can get tot he desktop that way... im guessing its the graphics hardware18:34
IAmNotThatGuyNubi1Kenobi_, sudo cp /meda/sda4 /media/sdb6 or something?18:34
CrOnOs2000Nubi1Kenobi_, you cant boot ubuntu and on win 7 you cant mount hdd image right?18:34
holsteinkallis4: sure... what graphics hardware do you have?18:34
Nubi1Kenobi_I am used to navigating through the files structure with dos or windows and am completely lost here18:34
kallis4uhm ...18:35
Nubi1Kenobi_@Cronos200: Correct18:35
kallis4its an intel thing onboard18:35
IAmNotThatGuyNubi1Kenobi_, you have a LIVE CD?18:35
Nubi1Kenobi_Cronos: i can mount to it but part image read/write to it18:35
holsteinkallis4: intel is usually well supported, but you'll need to help me help you, and either try forcing vesa, the nomodeset live idea, or give more info on what hardware you have18:36
IAmNotThatGuyNubi1Kenobi_, My name is Mohi =] and to autofill a nick name, type first two characters and press tab18:36
* IAmNotThatGuy reads18:37
CrOnOs2000Nubi1Kenobi_,  ok lets fix ubuntu first, when you boot what you see? or is just black screen18:37
kallis4uhm..let me check quick and get back to u.18:37
Nubi1Kenobi_IAmNotThatGuy: thnx18:37
Nubi1Kenobi_IAmNotThatGuy: I am bryan, nice to meet you.18:37
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: I do not think I have an Ubuntu problem. I beleive I did not explain well enough18:38
IAmNotThatGuynice to meet you too =]18:38
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: I have no problems booting and getting into either Ubuntu or Win718:38
CrOnOs2000Nubi1Kenobi_, ok then what program do you use to make and mount images on ubuntu18:39
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: IAmNotThatGuy : I beleive I am really having an issue navigating/understanding the structur of the file system.18:39
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: http://www.partimage.org/Main_Page18:39
IAmNotThatGuyNubi1Kenobi_, so you are trying to access one partition by staying in the other OS ?18:40
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: IAmNotThatGuy: I think I may not be typing the correct path in18:40
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: I am saving the windows partition from ubuntu, and trying to save it on my image drive18:41
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: but I can not read or write to that drive or "find" or have proper permissions do access it.18:41
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: BUt18:41
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: I can mount it and view the initiall image my friend saved to it.18:42
IAmNotThatGuyNubi1Kenobi_, so you are in Ubuntu now18:42
Nubi1Kenobi_IAmNotThatGuy: you created a monstaer with the tab thingy18:42
IAmNotThatGuyokay. now. open terminal and type sudo nautilus18:42
CrOnOs2000http://www.partimage.org/ is down or is just my isp?18:42
Nubi1Kenobi_uno momento18:42
IAmNotThatGuyhmmm! Polish18:43
Nubi1Kenobi_your isp18:43
Nubi1Kenobi_it worked for me18:43
IAmNotThatGuyit loaded for me18:43
CrOnOs2000lol lame isp18:43
IAmNotThatGuyNubi1Kenobi_, did that?18:43
IAmNotThatGuyCrOnOs2000, ha ha18:43
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: done18:44
IAmNotThatGuyNubi1Kenobi_, following me or him?18:44
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: root came up18:44
IAmNotThatGuyNubi1Kenobi_, you can find the partition on your left right?18:44
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: IAmNotThatGuy  I am following both18:44
IAmNotThatGuyyou mounted it before?18:44
IAmNotThatGuyit= the partition you wanted to copy18:44
Nubi1Kenobi_IAmNotThatGuy: of coarse18:44
Nubi1Kenobi_IAmNotThatGuy: CrOnOs2000 check it out18:45
Nubi1Kenobi_I need ahk for linux :(18:45
Nubi1Kenobi_IAmNotThatGuy: CrOnOs2000 :it is not shown on the left18:46
CrOnOs2000well he can try on a terminal fdisk -l and show result on pastebin18:46
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: IAmNotThatGuy : how can I easily take and paste screen shots in here?18:47
Nubi1Kenobi_Easier to show than tell :P18:48
CrOnOs2000just copy the text and paste it on pastebin and giveus the link18:48
Nubi1Kenobi_I am new to IRC also18:48
Nubi1Kenobi_where is the paste bin>18:49
CrOnOs2000http://pastebin.com/ is a webpage18:49
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: IAmNotThatGuy : So um,,, I am used to ^c to copy.....doesnt seem to be working18:50
Nubi1Kenobi_did something happen18:52
Nubi1Kenobi_guess not18:52
CrOnOs2000just use menu, and use a x based terminal no a normal acessory->terminal i think not on linux rigth now18:52
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: http://pastebin.com/DLg6Wc9218:53
CrOnOs2000Nubi1Kenobi_, ok thats the root nautilus open other terminal and type sudo fdisk -l post the result plz18:55
CrOnOs2000Nubi1Kenobi_, fdisk -l is a L letter not a 118:55
philipballewif I want to have my comp run rsync -azv  /home /myusername  /path/to/externalharddrive once a week how would i do that with a script and a crong job?18:56
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: http://pastebin.com/fuuvYsHp18:56
ubot2The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/18:59
Nubi1Kenobi_they need to change the !manual to !rtfm18:59
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000:  i sec19:01
Nubi1Kenobi_i just saw that19:01
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: http://pastebin.com/TYyZfV1719:02
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: /dev/sda1 is what I am trying to image and saving it on/dev/sda5 or 6 - cant remeber for the life of me which one is the seperate hdd19:04
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000:  was that what you were asking for?19:06
Nubi1Kenobi_<--needs Linux training wheels19:06
CrOnOs2000a sec19:08
CrOnOs2000go system->Administration->disk utility19:11
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: There19:12
CrOnOs2000ok is your disk there19:13
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: it is also under the "Places tab on the top of the screen as "Image Drive"19:15
CrOnOs2000ok mount the drive you want19:15
CrOnOs2000select then mount19:15
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: mounted19:16
CrOnOs2000ok then you are done, check if you can make the image now19:17
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: OK, question.19:18
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: Thank you....I think you helped me figure Why it was not working.19:19
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: no question yet...srrry19:19
CrOnOs2000ok great19:19
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: I did not have it mounted when trying to save the image to it19:19
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: gonna try a coply things real quick...brb19:20
Nubi1Kenobi_<-cant type strsight either19:20
CrOnOs2000ok good luck19:20
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: while i am testing this19:24
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: is there a pastebucket-like site for screen shots?19:24
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: pictures instead of text?19:25
IAmNotThatGuyinternet issue19:25
Nubi1Kenobi_IAmNotThatGuy: wb19:25
IAmNotThatGuyNubi1Kenobi_, what happened?19:25
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: testing right now...and now that I know about image bin......will be much easier to understand what I am asking,,19:26
Nubi1Kenobi_if needed19:26
CrOnOs2000he needed to mount the destination drive for de image19:26
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: that was only part of the issue19:27
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: what would be the path to write the image to my image drive.19:28
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: also....is there a paintbrush utility like MS paintbrush in ubuntu?19:28
Nubi1Kenobi_I can take a couple screen shots and show and tell.....might be quicker to show me where I am malfunctioning at19:29
IAmNotThatGuynight all. Its 1 Am here. o/19:30
CrOnOs2000Nubi1Kenobi_, try gimp i guess19:31
Nubi1Kenobi_screen shot in ubuntu is how?19:31
CrOnOs2000try printscr key19:32
Nubi1Kenobi_ah.....i was alt-ps and ctrl-ps LOL19:33
Nubi1Kenobi_makes sense19:33
IAmNotThatGuyalt+prtScn will be better also dont reveal much data of yours in public Nubi1Kenobi_ :)19:40
Nubi1Kenobi_IAmNotThatGuy: which data?19:45
Nubi1Kenobi_I cant imagine what I ame screen shotting here would compermise anything'19:45
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: 1 sec cronos19:45
chenthui have a broadcom bcm4311 wireless card [14e4:4312], i tried using the wiki guide to install the STA wireless driver, but now its not working yet before installing i atleast had "wireless network (no-firmware) but now i dont even get the "wireless network (no-firmware )" thing coming up....can some one help19:48
CrOnOs2000chenthu, the wiki involves to recompile that module on the kernel?19:50
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: http://imagebin.org/16641719:50
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: http://imagebin.org/16641819:51
Nubi1Kenobi_check it out19:51
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CrOnOs2000Nubi1Kenobi_, did you try to run imagedrive as root? sudo imagedrive19:52
Nubi1Kenobi_says it can not find it19:53
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: says it can not find it19:54
CrOnOs2000well go to the menu when you run it and use right click check the real name for the program then run sudo <realname>19:55
CrOnOs2000* rigth click and properties19:55
Nubi1Kenobi_Holy smokes....dow jones dropped 500 points19:56
chenthuCrOnOs2000: i dont know what do u mean by recompile.... i am completely new to linux and the wiki (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx) i followed i did everything it said but still not working... should i try the b43 one but it doesnt have antty thing19:56
CrOnOs2000chenthu,  letme check wiki to see what you did19:56
chenthuCrOnOs2000: ok ... :)19:58
CrOnOs2000chenthu, youp you compiled a new kernel module and you are using that insted of default module for your wireless19:59
chenthuCrOnOs2000:  so how to use the default one?....but the default one said no firmware19:59
CrOnOs2000one second your card is bcm4311 rigth?20:01
chenthuCrOnOs2000:  hey its working now i installed the b43 one..... :)..... thanks for the help20:01
chenthuCrOnOs2000:  yeah but its working now...thank you20:01
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: Not understanding "where" to right click on the drive to get its real name. But its file system label in disk utility is "Image drive" when I type sudo image drive, it says can not find Image: and it it mounted20:01
chenthuCrOnOs2000:  how to install adobe flash player?20:02
CrOnOs2000chenthu,  repository is automatic just select and install20:03
chenthuCrOnOs2000: select from where?20:03
CrOnOs2000Nubi1Kenobi_, from the main menu20:03
chenthuCrOnOs2000:  ok thank you20:03
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: in partimage or in the desktop20:04
CrOnOs2000chenthu, that wast not for u repository system->admin->synaptics20:04
CrOnOs2000Nubi1Kenobi_, on ubuntu main menu20:04
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: its real name is Image Drive20:05
CrOnOs2000yea but the comand name cant have a space20:05
chenthuCrOnOs2000: ok thaks anyway ... i got it from edbian at #ubuntu "sudo apt-get install flash-plugin installer"20:05
CrOnOs2000chenthu, ok20:06
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: When I right click it it opens it...not sure on the "main" menu, but was using the Places drop down menu20:06
CrOnOs2000close all partimage you are using20:07
CrOnOs2000try sudo partimage on terminal20:07
CrOnOs2000from yours pics seems you have a privilege problem thats why you cant write or read those images you can only see them20:08
chenthui have a i386 .deb file and i am running a amd64 arch....this deb file is the UI for my 3g data card....i already have notified the vender and asked for a 64 bit .deb but will take time, till then is there any way to install it like extract and recompile it?20:08
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000:  I thought the sudu su thing a ma jiger took care of that20:09
CrOnOs2000it shud but try sudo anyway20:10
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: real name for image drive is sda520:11
CrOnOs2000chenthu, you can use 386 programs on ubuntu x64 you may need to install some 386 libs but synaptics manages that20:11
chenthuCrOnOs2000: so i just have to use dpkg or double clcik it?20:11
CrOnOs2000Nubi1Kenobi_,  thats the device where your partition is , /dev/sda5 most likely20:12
CrOnOs2000chenthu, i will say yes you can always run System-Admin->synaptics to unistall that package20:13
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: I just changed it to 1 word20:13
CrOnOs2000ok you do a sudo su, then you start partimage on same terminal rigth?20:14
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: coreect, will sudo su, then run partimage20:14
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: in  thesame terminal20:14
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: I thank you for your help, but I have to crash and rest, getting ready for a 12hr shift20:15
CrOnOs2000one last20:15
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: k20:15
chenthuCrOnOs2000: ok thank you20:16
CrOnOs2000comand chmod 777 /somedir/* will give acess to all users to those files20:16
CrOnOs2000not secure way to do things but may work20:16
CrOnOs2000chenthu, let me know if that work20:17
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: See the thing I am missing here.....you have an idea how I am set up not.20:17
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: When my friend was doing it, he was doing it /media/Image Drive/WindowsBase.00020:18
Nubi1Kenobi_I could not repeat what he did....20:18
CrOnOs2000well /media is where normaly ubuntu mounts drives20:19
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: Maybe........lemme try something20:19
CrOnOs2000Image Drive probably is the same as partition label20:19
CrOnOs2000if you have mounted Image Drive try sudo chmod 777 /media/"Image Drive"/*20:21
Nubi1Kenobi_CrOnOs2000: I changed Image Drive to Image20:24
Nubi1Kenobi_tried simply to mount /media/data and /media/image not working in terminal mode.20:25
Nubi1Kenobi_i am missing something somewhere.20:25
Nubi1Kenobi_I need to crash20:25
Nubi1Kenobi_we will chat again soon20:25
CrOnOs2000ok but im shure is a privilege problem20:26
harleydudeWhat causes a torrent to slow way down when almost done download - say about 99.96 to 99.98 and slows way down? Using Deluge client??20:36
chenthucan any one tell me how to install a login screen theme?20:37
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