ballhello lborda04:12
BluesKajHiyas all11:41
bregmahey folks, it's muggy and warm today, not too hot yet, and the bugs don't seem as bad13:11
bregmaoneiric ocelot alpha 3 should be released today13:18
BluesKajbregma, yeah...I'm not going to take the plunge again tho ...this one is frought with graphics driver and xorg probs , so far in my experience13:29
bregmaI'm hoping that is fixed in the alpha 313:29
bregmaexpecially the kernel bug that caused me to lose important data13:29
bregmaI'm going to try it on my spare machine, 'cos that's why I have a spare machine13:30
BluesKajright , I have an older linux box as well that I might  try it on13:32
* genii-around makes more coffee14:32
* bregma is drinking hot honey-and-lemon to soothe a tickle14:55
genii-aroundThere seems to be a lot of people who are getting this nagging summer cough thing.14:57
bregmayeah, it's been running through my family14:58
bregmaI think even the dog had it14:58
genii-aroundIt's been pretty long without rain here in Toronto, I think that and the pollution probably are contributing. My house-mate's kids all were coughing for weeks until it rained15:04
genii-aroundWoo, boss gave me two good tickets to tonight's Argos-Alouettes game18:17
bregmamy older daughter's boyfriend is coming over to make her watch a Star Trek marathon...  coming along nicely18:28
genii-aroundMaybe she'll start learning Klingon and going to conventions!18:29
bregmaI was trying to convince her to join Ubuntu Women and go to UDS with me18:32
bregmamaybe he'll have more luck18:33
bregmahe's already shown her Ubuntu is good for more than facebooking18:33
bregmaI'll see if I can convince this young man, Wossname, to get involved in the Ubuntu project and not just be a happy user18:36
bregmaalthough if he messes with my daughter, I'll still sick the dog on him18:36

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