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kim0Morning all08:20
nigelbkim0: ping08:39
nigelbkim0: did the uec images get a respin recently?08:40
* nigelb sees a new images from aug 2nd08:40
AlanBellthat would be 10.04.308:47
kim0nigelb: hey .. what's wrong with em08:51
kim0nigelb: oh I misread your question .. yes indeed 10.04.308:57
nigelbAh, thanks!08:58
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huatskim0, I sent you an email with the pdf that is currently produced...12:36
huatsas you'll see there is work to do for the formatting12:36
huatsbut it is getting closer...12:36
kim0huats: gimme a momento12:42
huatskim0, sure.. the pdf is quite big (2.3 Mo)12:42
jcastrokim0: I've started http://pad.ubuntu.com/unity-report13:09
AlanBellPenedulum \o/14:07
MartynSo, feeling good enough to type :)14:07
Penedulumwell, at least I'm allowed to sit up today14:08
Penedulumwhich makes typing easier14:08
MartynSo, taking pain as a given ... how's your head movement?14:09
Penedulumhead movement is limited because I have to wear a hard neck brace14:10
jcastroah quote of the day:14:24
jcastro"Quit "dubing down" the desktop!"14:24
jcastroapparently it's so dumbed down that it's affecting people's spelling.14:24
paultagclearly he meant dubstep14:25
paultagjust stop fiddling with the LFO14:25
mhall119jcastro: lol14:32
nigelbjcastro: haha14:37
jonokim0, howdy15:01
jonowill be two mins15:01
jonoand then we can start15:02
Penedulumjcastro: I got a message that I'd been expired from Ubuntu News and UWN teams and that it's something that should mean poking the Cannonical Community Team. Should I just ignore until I'm home and out of hospital?15:03
jcastroI think I or akgraner can renew you15:03
jcastroI'm getting on a call now, I'll sort it when I'm done15:03
jonokim0, creating a hangout now15:07
jonokim0, invite sent15:08
jcastrodon't forget me!15:08
nigelbpopey: ping15:11
nigelbpopey: Does emea have a list of applicants it has approved?15:11
nigelbwith dates of past meetings15:11
popeynot to hand15:11
czajkowskiwhy ?15:11
paultagjesus not this here15:11
greg-gwhere else would it be? ;)15:11
paultagI just unsubscribed from ubuntu-devel because of this petty crap15:11
popeywoah there cowboy15:11
nigelbczajkowski: can I PM?15:11
paultaglet's keep it out of a common area please15:11
czajkowskinigelb: want to just ask in here in case I cant answer it15:12
popeypaultag: chill dude, nigelb asked a perfectly resonable question15:12
* jcastro unsubscribes from paultag15:12
* popey subscribes to jcastro 15:12
paultagpopey: yeah, sorry. I'm getting some crazy shit @ work, and I'm getting pretty irritable15:13
nigelbpopey: I remember a while back someone working on Eucalyptus applied and I believe it was the EMEA that replied saying its not direct contribution to Ubuntu.15:13
* czajkowski hugs paultag come join me in a bottle of JD 15:13
nigelbI'm looking for that meeting.15:13
paultagczajkowski: I'll need it :)15:14
czajkowskipaultag: you have to bring me taffey!15:14
paultagczajkowski: yeah, I will :)15:14
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mhall119paultag: would you rather talk about maven?15:51
mhall119or whatever ancient language you're porting15:51
* jcastro heads off to lunch!16:01
czajkowskimhall119: could be worse i used to work with tcl16:03
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macoaww subway left the avocado off my sub :( and that costed extra!16:03
mhall119czajkowski: I thought people liked tcl16:05
czajkowskinot when i see errors16:05
nigelbthere's a fun C complier which returns funny errors16:06
PiciI turned on nethack messages for screen here.16:08
Piciyou can also make sudo insult you if you put in the wrong password.16:08
PiciAnd also: tcl is annoying.  when it works, its pretty cool, but sometimes the most basic things aren't supported.16:09
nigelbheh, mark has a sense of humor16:17
nigelbI was confused by the use of the term "copyright assignment" which, as you can imagine, is topical for me right now :-)"16:17
greg-gnigelb: where did you see that quote from mark?16:51
nigelbgreg-g: tb m/l16:51
nigelbgreg-g: cleverly hidden is the fact that everyone can subscribe to it.16:56
* greg-g runs to lists.ubuntu.com16:56
nigelbgreg-g: you won't find it there, its hidden!16:57
nigelbgreg-g: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/technical-board16:57
jcastropleia2: ah bummer I didn't know they were coming in silver, I would have waited!16:57
nigelbjcastro: heh, I don't think anyone would complain for more!16:57
pleia2jcastro: we didn't know either :) apparently she had a lot of requests16:57
jcastrooh that's awesome16:58
jcastrostuds would be cool16:58
maconigelb: i dont see the message...16:58
jcastrolittle orange nubs16:58
macojcastro: or plugs!16:58
macowith little CoF on the ends16:59
greg-gthanks, nigelb !16:59
pleia2jcastro: unfortunately the process is a bit long, the trademark dept at canonical can be a bit slow and requires nudging frequently, and any new items would have to go through it16:59
pleia2but we'll see how this goes and if she's able/willing to go through the process for new products (with the donations to partimus her profit margin is pretty slim)16:59
nigelbmaco: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/technical-board/2011-July/001002.html17:00
nigelbgreg-g: np :)17:00
paultagmhall119: I'm porting PL/1, tyvm.17:01
greg-gjcastro: maco told me you could whitelist me on ubuntu-devel@lists, can you please?! (I'm waiting for a moderated message of mine to go through)17:14
* greg-g didn't feel like joining #ubuntu-devel just to ask you this question17:14
maco(at least i think it was you who did that for me 2-3 years ago)17:14
maco(duuuuuuude, how long have i been....where'd my youth go?)17:15
nhandlerWhy not whitelist @ubuntu.com emails for ubuntu-devel@ ? That is what many lists do17:15
maconhandler: too easy to fake headers?17:15
pleia2depending on the question wouldnt ubuntu-devel-discuss be better?17:15
macothen again i guess you could spoof ANY address on there...17:15
macopleia2: its the thread from hell17:15
pleia2oh that17:15
nhandlermaco: If someone wants to go through that much trouble to send a message to the list, we have bigger problems17:16
pleia2it should be on discuss too :\17:16
greg-gpleia2:  yeah :(17:16
greg-gprobably, /me should subscribe to that17:16
macoi unsubbed from discuss years ago17:16
macoit has flamewars WAY more often than just plain u-d17:16
czajkowskidear gods more than -d17:16
greg-glooks kind of quiet and not many names I recognize (from the month of July)17:17
czajkowskigreg-g: aye I had to join and poke someone to moderate my mail17:17
greg-gczajkowski: btw, /me hugs you17:17
czajkowskigreg-g: oh dear what have I done now ?17:18
greg-ghehe, nothing17:18
greg-gI mean, lots17:18
greg-gbut nothing bad :)17:18
mhall119you should do something about that17:19
nigelbjcastro: ping! Did you get a chance to do that?17:19
mhall119Cheri703: happy birthday!17:20
nhandlerFor some reason, all of the threads in my inbox feel like they are about the same topic.17:38
macoi suspect they are :P17:38
nigelbI suspect you haven't checked email today17:41
nhandlernigelb: I have :(17:41
nigelbuntil now17:41
cjohnstonI can spam you with some other stuff17:42
pleia2I haven't even read the -devel thread17:42
cjohnstonactually, I do have somehting I need to talk ot you about17:42
nhandlercjohnston: I'll be in and out today (more out than in). Feel free to shoot me an email or PM, and I'll reply when I am around.17:45
greg-gjcastro: sorry, pinging again, do you mind push out my message on ubuntu-devel? It's been in moderation for a while :/19:49
jcastroI don't have access to that19:49
macoguess i was wrong. sorry, greg-g19:50
czajkowskigreg-g: poke daviey19:50
greg-gDaviey: mind pushing through my message to ubuntu-devel@lists that is in moderation? Thanks!19:50
greg-gjcastro: thanks anyways :)19:50
Davieygreg-g: i do! :P19:51
jcastrogreg-g: got your postcard, thanks!19:51
greg-gjcastro: yay!19:51
jcastrojono: ok I am all set if you're back today19:52
jcastrowow, that sentence didn't make any sense, let me try again19:52
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jcastrojono: ok I am all set whenever you're back19:52
Davieygreg-g: approved.19:52
greg-gDaviey: thanks much, buddy!19:52
jcastro<popey> greg-g: DELETED.19:52
Davieyjcastro: I hope this thread burns in a fire.. i don't think it's being constructive.19:52
jonojcastro, thinking about it, I am not sure if we have much to catch up on19:53
jonounless you need to discuss anything19:53
jonooh hang on, one quick thing19:53
jonowill skype you19:53
jcastrojono: just the email thing19:53
greg-gjcastro: hah!19:53
jonojcastro, lets do G+ actually19:53
popeyDaviey: +119:53
czajkowskiDaviey: I think it ranks right up there as leas consturive thread ever in -devel in the month of August!19:54
Davieypopey: can the mailing list be closed down pls? :)19:54

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