* RAOF heads off to the physio.04:29
kenvandinejasoncwarner_, when do you leave for desktop summit?05:07
didrocksgood morning05:19
bschaeferdidrocks: Good morning, I just sent you an email about what the problem was05:20
didrockshey bschaefer! didn't receive it yet05:26
didrockswhere did you send it to??05:26
didrocksah gmail :)05:26
bschaeferto your gmail account i think05:26
bschaeferyeah to many to choose from on launchpad haha05:26
didrocksheh ;)05:27
didrocksbschaefer: so ok, I'm not sure about it's generated from this .lemony to .cc05:27
didrocks(again another preprocessor…)05:27
bschaeferso in the trunk version it compiles the lemon.c then uses that to generate the queryparser_internal.cc05:28
didrocksbschaefer: a patch patching everything needed without any regeneration (as the tarball which generates everything) would be nice!05:28
didrocksbschaefer: patch for our package should be in the -p1 format btw05:28
bschaeferfor applying the patch or making it with diff?05:29
bschaefer(new to making patchs) but I thought mine was in the -p1 for applying the patch since you would go into xapian and type:05:30
didrocksbschaefer: the patch (which is in debian/patches) for you cjk patch in ubuntu/oneiric branch should be in -p1 format, (does it make sense?)05:30
bschaeferpatch -p1 < ../cjk.patch05:30
bschaeferdidrocks: yeah that makes sense ill make sure to do that for the new one05:31
didrocksbschaefer: thanks a lot! :-)05:34
TheMusokenvandine: I believe he flew out this morning.05:34
didrocksbschaefer: so do not hesitate to ping me once you have the one patching the generated files as well05:34
bschaeferdidrocks: will do05:34
didrocksbschaefer: interesting for this .lemony files, I'll add that to my doc of "ok, I patch this file, but take care to generate those"05:35
didrocksbschaefer: idealy, the build system will pick it and regenerate the needed file, but oh well :-)05:35
kenvandineTheMuso, ah... i figured it was soon :)05:35
bschaeferdidrocks: yeah that is what it should do, and why I built it like that05:36
bschaeferdidrocks: I had it in the queryparser_internal.cc to start out with but if you look at my branch there is no queryparser_internal.cc like in oneiric05:37
bschaeferdidrocks: (if you want to look) http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/xapian/cjk-support-patch/files/head:/xapian-core/queryparser/05:38
didrocksbschaefer: indeed, however, I prefer not remove what's in the tarball already. The preferred way is to patch both file (the "master" one and the generated one)05:39
bschaeferdidrocks: yes! Sounds good, I should have looked at the one in oneiric to base my patch off, but it shouldn't be much work05:40
didrocksbschaefer: no worry, thanks for looking at it! :)05:41
bschaeferdidrocks: no problem, was a lot more worried when you said the testing failed haha05:43
didrocksbschaefer: so did I! ;)05:44
bschaeferdidrocks: but I should have it to you by tomorrow, I need head off for the night, but will finish as soon as i can05:44
didrocksbschaefer: sounds excellent, thanks! :)05:45
bschaeferdidrocks: Yep, have a good day :)05:45
didrocksbschaefer: have a good night :)05:46
RAOFdidrocks: Good morning!06:27
didrockshey RAOF, how are you?06:29
RAOFI'm pretty good.  My back's feeling even better after a little physio.06:30
didrocksRAOF: nice to hear. Try to get some quiet time on week-end to not hurt your back too much!06:30
RAOFAnd some boxing on Saturday morning!06:31
RAOFOh, and I've thought of a reason why wayland-scanner would want to be shipped in libwayland-dev: compositors are expected to extend the protocol and will probably want to do so via the same XML specification mechanism.06:32
didrocksheh, you should try some wreslting, a bad move can maybe fix you!06:32
didrocksRAOF: oh, that makes totally sense then ;)06:32
RAOFI'll see about addressing those MIR concerns now, pull a new upstream snapshot with some copyright fixes, and multiarch the sucker.  I'd like to ensure that all the mesa libs and their transitive dependencies are installable on i386 ;)06:35
didrocksRAOF: excellent, do you think that can be done for your tomorrow? I'm travelling for desktop summit but will surely be online for few hours before06:39
didrocksRAOF: not sure how urgent this is ;)06:39
didrocksRAOF: as long as you comment on the MIR bug, I can process that during the week-end with the promotion as well06:39
RAOFOk.  I'd like wayland to be ready once we're unfrozen from A3, so I can upload mesa 7.11 without futzing around.06:40
RAOFOther than that, it's not particularly urgent.06:40
=== tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
didrocksRAOF: ok, keep me updated please :)06:47
RAOFtkamppeter: Good day!  colord's now in Debian new, and should shortly be syncable.  Alternatively, I could just upload it directly.06:49
tkamppeterRAOF, so colord arrived in time. Great. Thank you.06:54
tkamppeterRAOF, only problem is that there is near no time left to rebuild all dependent packages, to MIR all the CM stuff in Universe, ... What needs to be done before FF and what can be done after?06:55
RAOFtkamppeter: How many rdepends will there be for colord?  cups, gnome-color-manager, … ?06:58
RAOFI guess that strictly speaking, everything should be done before FF, although the uploads could be done before the MIR and just block on it.06:59
RAOFIt shouldn't be too hard to get a FFe for the colour stuff.07:00
tkamppeterdidrocks, hi07:02
didrockshey tkamppeter07:02
tkamppeterRAOF, so I will try ...07:02
didrocksRAOF: not gnome-color-manager, colord can be in maybe, but it would need a MIR report, which isn't the case07:03
tkamppeterdidrocks, it seema that we will succeed with color management in Oneiric in the last minute. Can you process the MIR in bug 788145? Thanks.07:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 788145 in gnome-color-manager "[MIR] gnome-color-manager" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78814507:03
didrockstkamppeter: not sure about gnome-color-manger, isn't that deprecated for GNOME3 and in g-c-c?07:03
didrockstkamppeter: and colord needs a separate MIR07:03
didrocksand I'm not found of adding 2MB on an already oversized CD07:04
chrisccoulsongood morning07:04
tkamppeterdidrocks, did not now that gnome-color-manager is deprecated. If so, its successor must be taken care of to get in.07:04
didrocksapart if you find the room for it :)07:04
didrockshey chrisccoulson07:04
chrisccoulsonhi didrocks07:04
didrockstkamppeter: as you are looking at this, can you please ensure that?07:04
didrockstkamppeter: and I think, there is no room for g-c-m anyway, but colord can maybe be in if we have a MIR for it07:05
RAOFtkamppeter: I thought gnome-color-manager now depended on colord?  How has it been building without colord?07:06
didrocksg-c-m is still depending on gconf as well07:06
didrocksand have some recommends in universe07:07
tkamppeterRAOF, I did not know that gnome-color-manager needs colord. It seems not, as Debian/Ubuntu had g-c-m but never colord.07:07
chrisccoulsondidrocks, https://code.launchpad.net/~chrisccoulson/messagingmenu-extension/support-for-inbox-only/+merge/70388 ;)07:07
didrocks-> I guess it's definitively not GNOME 3 and in g-c-c now :)07:07
* didrocks would like some research to be done before spending time on MIRs ;)07:08
didrockschrisccoulson: \o/ you rock! thanks ;)07:08
didrockschrisccoulson: btw, no startup cache issue for now :)07:23
chrisccoulsondidrocks, that's good. hopefully it's fixed now :)07:23
chrisccoulsonwell, "fixed". the fix is actually to work around a bug in the JS engine ;)07:24
didrocksargh ;)07:24
didrockswell, as long as it works!07:24
LaneyRAOF: You should be able to get FFe you need, but otherwise you could upload with an Ubuntu upstream version 0.1.11~bz2-0ubuntu1 and then sync when LP catches up07:26
Laneyotherwise/if you want to get it in earlier07:26
RAOFLaney: I'm still under the impression that Launchpad will handle .orig.tar.xz fine.  In fact, I might just upload colord to check this!07:27
Laneylifeless could be misinformed I suppose, check with wgrant if you like — he knows all :-)07:27
Laneyor try a PPA07:27
RAOFWell, wgrant filed and marked as fixed the “support .orig.tar.xz” bug, so…07:28
Laneyas far as I read the comments, that means the code has landed but it still needs testingn to be deployed07:28
Laneynot that I know how they work07:28
RAOFIt looks like it got tagged qa-ok, and then marked as fix released.07:30
LaneyYeah. The question is 'is that the same as "in production"?'07:34
* Laney is uploading to a PPA07:37
RAOFToo slow, already done it.07:41
Laneyyou beaut07:42
RAOFHah.  Except that I suck, because PPAs don't build for “unstable”, surprisingly enough.07:43
LaneyRAOF: accepted!07:44
lifelesshmm, I may be thinking of cjwatsons other patch :(07:44
RAOFSome launchpad technical architect *you* turn out to be :P07:45
RAOFDoesn't even know every edge case that gets fixed!07:45
Laneythere's .data.tar.xz which is something a bit different :-)07:46
RAOFOh, right.  Subtly different to lzma, which mesa's used forever.\07:46
lifelessRAOF: I think you're confusing me with someone that cares :P08:03
mvohey seb128! it appears that gnome-settings-daemon crashes during the upgrade from natty->oneiric. at least that is what the auto-upgrade-tester says :) is that a known issue?08:05
seb128hey mvo, hard to say without seeing a stacktrace08:05
seb128mvo, but I wouldn't be surprised if lot of things were going weird with the gconf to gsettings upgrades under their feet08:06
seb128mvo, like the gconf key and schemas they use are cleaned but the running instance still use gconf08:06
mvoseb128: ok, I will see that I can get it uploaded to LP so that the retracer can run08:07
seb128mvo, thanks08:07
mvoseb128: its a bit difficult as this was happening on a different machine and my workstations nvidia card died today. so may take until tomorrow, I was mostly wondering if its known or not08:08
mvo(actually the nvidia card maybe fine and its just compiz/nouveau thats gone insane ;)08:08
seb128mvo, well, we get a collection of segfault so it might be one we already received08:08
seb128mvo, but from the description I can't say it's known08:08
seb128like the upgrade is not know to break g-s-d08:08
didrocksmvo: try to put it in the oven! :-)08:14
mvodidrocks: right, I read about that, do you still have the link?08:15
mvoits dead anyway, I could as well try that08:15
didrocksmvo: it was a video on youtube for my specific hardware (to show how to remove it from my laptop) not sure it will apply to you08:16
didrockslast time I tried, I put it in the oven at 200°C, for 20 minutes (without pre-heating) and opening the door at then to cool it and not have some thermal shock08:17
didrocksyou just have to think about removing the thermal paste08:17
tjaaltonah, DIY reflow :)08:20
seb128mvo, btw is that a design decision that update-manager stopped showing download and upgrade time estimation08:35
seb128ok, thunderbird is weird08:52
seb128it didn't know about ubuntu.com but got all the canonical.com server settings right it seems08:52
seb128that's nice08:52
seb128but now it lists only half my boxes08:53
seb128it seems to be still downloading though but it doesn't make it obvious it does08:53
seb128it's a bit weird, evolution get at list the boxes listed from start08:53
seb128then it fills the content and counts, etc08:53
seb128seems like tb does it the other way08:54
chrisccoulsonhey seb128, how are you?08:59
seb128hey chrisccoulson, I'm fine thanks08:59
seb128chrisccoulson, how are you?08:59
chrisccoulsonseb128, tired ;)08:59
seb128trying to get tb to work08:59
chrisccoulsonmy daughter didn't sleep too well again last night08:59
seb128did you work all night again? or did you daugher refused to sleep? or both?08:59
chrisccoulsoni did some work last night too ;)09:00
chrisccoulsoni implemented inbox-only mode in the message menu for kenvandine and didrocks ;)09:00
seb128didrocks, how is the unitydialog thing called in ccsm?09:01
seb128I need to turn it off, it breaks the thunderbird multiple identity dialog09:01
didrocksseb128: unitydialogs, but it shouldn't be starting with latest unity09:01
seb128like you only have part of the dialog and no way to access the buttons09:02
didrocksseb128: the xml file isn't shipped09:02
didrocksand I don't have them there09:02
seb128it's in use for me :-(09:02
didrockshum, how come? :/09:02
seb128but not showing anywhere in ccsm09:02
seb128is the xml used at runtime? or only for the config?09:02
didrocksnormally, removing the xml removed the detection of it09:02
didrocksbut the .so is still installed09:02
seb128like if my gconf says to load it will it load the .so?09:02
seb128I bet that's the case09:02
seb128let me tweak gconf09:02
didrocksyeah, but when I tried that (and tested there), removing the xml was enough09:02
didrocksand I don't have them anymore09:03
seb128not for me09:03
didrocksso yeah, we can remove safly the iso09:03
seb128didrocks, that's fine, I tweaked the gconf config09:04
didrocksseb128: well, I'll upload after alpha3 with removing it09:04
seb128chrisccoulson, tb sucks09:05
seb128it doesn't list half my imap folders!09:05
didrocksseb128: I had to add them one by one09:05
seb128including the launchpad box and the ubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-devel ones09:05
didrocks(and ask for checking all updates one by one by right-clicking as it didn't check them there)09:06
seb128yeah, I'm not going to do that09:06
chrisccoulsonyeah, you can edit folder subscriptions, but i'm not sure how it decides which folders to subscribe to by default09:06
seb128normal users wouldn't do that either09:06
seb128chrisccoulson, what about "all"? ;-)09:06
seb128like if I bothered filtering emails in boxes that's because I use those09:07
chrisccoulsonseb128, it seems to get it right for gmail (ie, it hides the Bin, All Mail and Starred virtual folders by default)09:07
seb128it decided to not list desktop-devel-list either09:08
chrisccoulsoni'm not sure how it decides though ;)09:08
seb128like it's listing all the old boxes I don't care about09:08
seb128like dapper-changes09:08
chrisccoulsonseb128, can you check to make sure you're not subscribed to those boxes?09:08
seb128but none of the natty, oneiric, desktop lists, launchpad etc09:08
seb128chrisccoulson, is "subscribed" something stored on the server side?09:09
seb128how do I check that?09:09
chrisccoulsonseb128, if you right click on the account name in the folder pane (on the left), and click "Subscribe" in the context menu, you will get a dialog09:09
chrisccoulsonnot sure how that translates in french ;)09:09
seb128it's not in french09:10
seb128I've apt-get install thunderbird and that doesn't bring any translation with it ;-)09:10
chrisccoulsondo you not have the french language pack installed? (thunderbird-locale-fr)09:10
seb128will do that in a bit ;-)09:10
didrocksit's not, I poked pitti about it and he told me he would fix that later09:10
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, we discussed that problem at UDS (automatically pulling in new language packs when an app requires them)09:10
seb128didrocks, not sure how we can "fix" that09:11
seb128we can do depends on binary-$(locale)09:11
seb128i.e dynamic depends09:11
didrocksseb128: as th is in the default, shouldn't it be recommended by the langpack?09:11
didrocks(isn't the same issue than firefox?)09:11
chrisccoulsondidrocks, yeah, same issue for firefox09:11
chrisccoulsonand same issue for installing KDE apps on GNOME09:11
seb128didrocks, well I was using evolution and we don't change the email client on upgrade I think09:12
seb128chrisccoulson, so ok, I'm only subscribed to those folders I don't care about according to thunderbird09:12
chrisccoulsonseb128, subscribe to the ones you care about for now, and i'll try and find out how tbird decides which ones to subscribe too ;)09:12
chrisccoulsonwhich account is this btw?09:12
seb128chrisccoulson, my canonical one09:13
seb128well evolution seems to list the same subscription09:13
seb128so maybe it's a server side issues and I checked those by then09:13
seb128but evo default to "show everything" and not "show only subscribed"09:13
seb128so I never noticed ;-)09:13
seb128can I tell tb to show everything?09:14
chrisccoulsonseb128, not sure there's a way to do that. i guess that could be easy to add though09:14
chrisccoulsonseb128, ok, it's something on the server09:15
chrisccoulsonnot sure what yet though ;)09:15
seb128chrisccoulson, yeah, as said evo has the same ones checked09:15
seb128so they agree on that09:15
seb128chrisccoulson, let's say I had a broken config and not blame it on tb09:16
seb128having a "subscribe to all" button on the subscribe dialog would be nice though09:16
chrisccoulsonseb128, it missed some of my folders too. i wonder if we need to tweak something on our server09:16
chrisccoulsonin any case, gmail seemed to get it right09:16
seb128ok, now I've all my box09:16
seb128but no email count indicated09:17
seb128clicking on "get mail" does nothing09:17
seb128but I've unread emails in evolution09:17
rickspencer3seb128, chrisccoulson can I interrupt real quick to ask something weird about desktop summit?09:17
seb128rickspencer3, sure09:17
chrisccoulsoni'm not going to the desktop summit :(09:17
rickspencer3my wife had arranged for an apartment in Berlin next week09:18
rickspencer3but, she's not going09:18
rickspencer3she can cancel it, but I thought maybe someone might want to use it09:18
rickspencer3so, just throwing it out there09:18
rickspencer3she'll cancel it tonight unless someone expresses interest09:18
seb128rickspencer3, thanks for the info09:18
seb128well I think those going from Canonical got room booked in an hotel close from the venue and together09:19
seb128I like better staying at the same place as everybody09:19
jibelseb128, to tell tb to show everything go to "account settings / server setting / advanced" and untick "show only subscribed folder"09:19
rickspencer3the offer is open to more than just Canonical folks09:19
rickspencer3I was just putting it out there09:19
seb128rickspencer3, but thanks for the offer ;-)09:19
jibelmaybe that should be the default, if that's the default in evo09:19
seb128mvo, ^ you were pondering maybe commit to summit, in case that's something that could interest you09:20
seb128jibel, thanks09:20
seb128chrisccoulson, ok, so tb insist I've no email when I've some09:20
seb128chrisccoulson, clicking on get mail does nothing09:20
seb128like doesn't update the counts or seems to check for emails09:20
seb128do I need to click on each box to see if they got emails or something?09:21
didrocksseb128: in folders?09:21
seb128didrocks, yes09:21
didrocksahah, I'm not the only one \o/09:21
didrocksremembers my discussion some weeks ago?09:21
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, it lazy loads some folders by default09:21
seb128didrocks, not really, I didn't follow the details of your tb issues ;-)09:21
seb128chrisccoulson, it means I need to click manually 25 folders every time I want to check which one got new messages?09:22
seb128that seems suboptimal :-(09:22
chrisccoulsonseb128, do you do server-side filtering too?09:22
didrocksbasically, you have to right click on each folder, property, and check the option "check in this folder" or something like that09:22
seb128doesn't tb handle imap idle?09:22
seb128chrisccoulson, yes09:22
didrocksseb128: remember the email I missed on ubuntu-devel? that was the caused :p09:23
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, that's why i don't see this, as i do all my filtering in tbird ;)09:23
seb128hum it has "use IDLE if the server support it" checked09:23
jibelseb128, to force checking, try clicking on the arrow next to 'Get Mail' to open the menu and select 'Get All new messages'09:23
seb128and the server supports it, it works in evo09:23
seb128jibel, that does nothing as well09:23
xclaesseseb128, didrocks: Oops, looks like when fixing rhythmbox's window not closing on gnome-shell, now it won't show when clicking notification :(09:24
seb128like no visible actions, no spinner, no update09:24
xclaessedunno if that's broken on unit too09:24
seb128xclaesse, if you want to fix it updated patches are welcome ;-)09:24
jibelno even a message in the status bar saying 'Connect', 'Check for new messages', ... ?09:25
seb128jibel, no, nothing09:25
xclaesseseb128, I'll let you know if I find why :)09:25
seb128xclaesse, thanks09:25
seb128now I understand why chrisccoulson never see bug emails09:26
seb128tb just doesn't show new emails :p09:26
chrisccoulsonseb128, i see all mine because i do local filtering ;)09:26
chrisccoulsonseb128, by default, checking is disabled for !Inbox folders until you view them09:26
chrisccoulsoni wonder why that's the default though09:26
seb128but "get all new messages" should work at list09:27
seb128even if "get mail" doesn't09:27
chrisccoulsonyeah, that sounds like a bug09:27
seb128do you want me to keep it the broken state?09:27
chrisccoulsonseb128, no, feel free to set it up how you want :)09:27
seb128well, do you need debug infos to fix that issue?09:28
seb128I can keep using evolution for a bit09:28
chrisccoulsonseb128, i don't think so09:28
seb128do users really prefer having emails not sorted by discussions by default?09:30
seb128ok, I've got my tb mostly set up, let's see how it goes at use ;-)09:31
seb128I'm sure chrisccoulson will soon with I stayed on evo :p09:31
seb128can't type!!! ;-)09:32
seb128bah tb is not better than evo as displaying an email preview while updating indexes09:33
seb128it's over a minute and it's still not previewing it09:33
chrisccoulsonit's ok once it's done the initial sync and index ;)09:34
seb128the tooltip on boxes with unread messages is nice09:34
seb128it tells you what you got there without having to switch ;-)09:34
chrisccoulsonoh, i've never noticed that before09:35
chrisccoulsonwhen do we unfreeze? i've got a firefox beta to upload09:37
chrisccoulsonwe're out of date ;)09:37
seb128chrisccoulson, it's a soft freeze ;-)09:38
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, but i don't want to annoy everyone in #ubuntu-release ;)09:38
seb128well skaet is still sleeping, just go for it ;-)09:39
seb128joke aside small uploads are probably fine, maybe wait later today for firefox09:39
seb128chrisccoulson, you can fix g-s-d though if you want ;-)09:39
chrisccoulsonyeah, firefox definitely isn't a small upload ;)09:39
chrisccoulsoni could :)09:39
seb128you should!09:40
seb128you own me a favor now that I'm using your email client :p09:40
seb128(wonder if that will work :p)09:40
chrisccoulsonseb128, i think the deal was that if you didn't find any bugs, i would owe you a beer ;)09:41
seb128doh, I knew I should just have tweaked things locally without saying anything :p09:42
seb128chrisccoulson, well I think the only real bug there is the "get all new messages" doing nothing by default09:42
chrisccoulsonheh, DOM inspector is great. i can find exactly where in the code that button is, so i can view exactly what it does when you press it ;)09:43
seb128I know what it does09:44
seb128I tried it ;-)09:44
mvothis is fun! when selecting "try ubuntu" I get a desktop but without reboot/shutdown option09:46
seb128mvo, why would you ever want to stop running Ubuntu? ;-)09:46
mvoespcially when it runs from a speedy medium like a CDROM …09:47
seb128mvo, "known bug" I think ;-)09:47
mvook, fair enough09:47
mvonot a big deal09:47
seb128chrisccoulson, now the indicator and launcher counts disagree with the tb ui09:51
seb128like the count is 3 but the boxes the indicator list with unread messages have no unread messages09:51
chrisccoulsonhmmm :/09:53
chrisccoulsoni'll need to think about why that could happen ;)09:53
seb128well, I used evolution to read my emails while tb is indexing09:54
seb128so maybe 2 clients accessing the server confused it09:54
huatsmorning everyone btw :)09:55
seb128lut huats09:57
huatshello seb12810:02
seb128stupid question10:05
seb128how do I "clean up deleted messages" in tb?10:05
tjaaltonseb128: empty the trash10:06
seb128tjaalton, doesn't work10:06
tjaaltonyeah wait.. I'm using both tb and alpine, I'll check how it's done..10:07
seb128but I don't move deleted messages to it, I selected 'just mark as deleted" option in the account options10:07
seb128i.e I like keeping those crossed in the box when they arrived until I clean up the list10:07
seb128it makes easier to undo the "ups, I didn't want to delete this one"10:08
tjaaltonright, I use the default10:10
seb128ok, google help10:11
seb128"compact folder" does it10:11
seb128very intuitive ;-)10:11
tjaaltonyeah, very :)10:12
seb128I'm wondering if that did other things as well10:12
seb128bah that's doing other things10:15
seb128it's like going over my folders and compating those now, I hope it will not screw things10:15
seb128it just displayed an error saying it couldn't compact a folder because it was being indexed10:16
tjaaltoni guess it goes through all the folders of the account looking for deleted messages10:17
seb128well I would feel better if the label was "cleaning deleted messages"10:18
seb128if that's what it's doing10:18
seb128because I don't know what is hiding behind the current wording ;-)10:18
tjaaltonindexing is something else, I've always disabled it since tb3 came out10:18
tjaaltonthat would suggest it only purges deleted messages10:18
mvois it just me or is it odd that "keyboard" in gnome has no option to change the keyboard options (like make caps-lock a control). its under "regions and languages" now10:23
seb128mvo, they plan to drop it in 3.210:24
seb128mvo, gnome bug #65461710:26
ubot2Gnome bug 654617 in Region & Language "Remove the "Options" dialogue" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=65461710:26
mvoremove it entirely?10:26
seb128they said it's rather a tweak tool thing10:26
seb128like no normal user who use those options...10:26
seb128see bug #64891910:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 648919 in virtkey "package python-virtkey 0.60.0-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: Unterprozess installiertes post-installation-Skript gab den Fehlerwert 1 zurück (dup-of: 648695)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64891910:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 648695 in virtkey "package python-virtkey (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: file does not exist: /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/python_virtkey-0.60.0.egg-info" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64869510:27
seb128gnome bug #65461710:27
ubot2Gnome bug 654617 in Region & Language "Remove the "Options" dialogue" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=65461710:27
mvoso its removed and then someone needs to go and add it to the tweaktool?10:27
seb128mvo, indeed10:27
* mvo tries to control his temper10:27
desrtare you fucking kidding me?10:30
* desrt doesn't do as well as mvo10:30
desrti see this is a very old discussion....10:31
mvoI'm fine having it in the tweak tool, but I want to have this option, I really really do, its the first thing I configure on every machine I work on10:32
desrtit's kinda funny10:32
desrtmy girlfriend couldn't find how to turn on the compose key yesterday10:32
mvomaximize with ctrl-0 and make caps a additional ctrl10:32
desrtand we had almost exactly this conversation: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64891910:32
ubot2Gnome bug 648919 in Region & Language "Region and Language is wrong place for ctrl key position preference" [Normal,Resolved: duplicate]10:32
desrtmvo: my use case is capslock for compose10:33
seb128desrt, very old like 2 weeks?10:34
seb128hey desrt btw ;-)10:34
desrtseb128: since 200510:34
desrtOpened the keyboard preferences dialog and checked out "Layout Options". Wohoha!10:34
desrtthat comment was made in 200510:34
seb128desrt, what discussion?10:34
desrtyou commented on it back then, even10:34
ubot2Gnome bug 311672 in Keyboard "Clean up of Layout Options" [Normal,Resolved: duplicate]10:34
seb128desrt, well the bug you pointed and the bug it's duplicate of are 2 weeks10:34
desrtseb128: there's another duplicate10:35
desrtit's cool10:36
desrtjust ship tweaktool on the CD10:36
desrtand use the now-public control centre API to include it in the control centre :)10:37
seb128desrt, ;-)10:43
seb128bah, the thunderbird column resizing is buggy10:44
dupondjeweeeeee, somebody known with modemmanager code ? :D11:20
seb128dupondje, cyphermox does11:38
seb128or I think he does, check with him still ;-)11:38
dupondjeplaying around to enable my gps device in modemmanager ^^11:40
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
seb128chrisccoulson, ok, tb is done indexing, I visited most of my folder and restarted it11:49
seb128it still fails to update any folder count :-(11:49
seb128oh the "get all new messages" does it11:49
seb128it seems "get mail" doesn't do though and it doesn't do it on start either11:50
chrisccoulsonhmm, there is a lack of PPA builders again12:25
chrisccoulsonprobably wasn't a good idea for me to upload 10 firefox builds and 8 thunderbird builds12:26
didrockschrisccoulson: that's why my PPA builds are stuck!!!12:26
chrisccoulsondidrocks, what are you trying to build?12:27
didrockschrisccoulson: some unity stuff ;)12:27
chrisccoulsonah, ok12:27
chrisccoulsonthat's not important ;)12:27
* didrocks adds some if chriscoulson ;)12:28
seb128you guys stop locking the buildds!12:28
seb128the archive builders are idling though12:28
seb128upload to the archive ;-)12:28
chrisccoulsonseb128, you want me to upload firefox 8.0 to the archive? ;)12:29
chrisccoulsoni'm happy to do that12:29
didrockschrisccoulson: add to the changelog "because seb128 told me"12:29
seb128can you upload a working tb as well?12:30
didrocksseb128: isn't it a one line patch? :)12:30
seb128like one which actually notice new emails12:30
tjaaltonwhy does ubuntu-desktop depend on xterm, does anyone know?12:30
tjaaltonhum, I do :)12:30
chrisccoulsonfallback? xterm is my main session! :)12:31
* didrocks prepares his upload for getting ready before chrisccoulson uploads firefox :)12:31
tjaaltonwell there's a bug requesting that it included 'NoDisplay' to not show in the classic menu by default, but I'm leaning towards closing it as Opinion12:32
kenvandineseb128, good morning... i fixed that flickering of the bottom tile on scrolling :)12:50
davmor2kenvandine: is today you're day for fixing my bugs or something :)12:52
kenvandinelast night was :)12:53
kenvandinedavmor2, i think i fixed some of the ones you filed and didn't mark them as resolved12:53
kenvandineit was 3am... was a little tired :)12:53
davmor2kenvandine: I'll go through them after and look12:54
kenvandineplease do :)12:54
kenvandinedavmor2, so working better now?12:54
davmor2kenvandine: Yeap, home show all messages in sequence, messages is in sync with everything else, opens from the menu, isn't using more than one core to display stuff, it sends messages and reply works so on the whole much better :)12:57
kenvandinemaybe i can sleep tonight :)12:58
kenvandinenjpatel, would it be insane to make StreamViewTile just an HBox which swaps out other tile types?12:58
kenvandineso i could have some tiles that are laid out nicer depending on the content?12:59
njpatelkenvandine, no, not insane12:59
njpatelwe only create around ten, so it's fine, go crazy :D12:59
njpatelwell, I guess 20-3013:00
kenvandineright now set_details is nuts13:00
kenvandinenjpatel, some of the tweaks i made this week has made scrolling much faster again13:00
kenvandineand memory seems under control13:01
kenvandinenjpatel, i really want the async image loading13:01
kenvandineand actions :)13:01
kenvandinenjpatel, and i think the sizing issues have resolved themselves somehow13:02
njpatelkenvandine, weekend dude, still trying to make all this lens stuff work for FF13:02
njpatelkenvandine, magic!13:02
kenvandinei never get the half streams anymore :)13:02
njpatelkenvandine, if I leave my code alone long enough, it fixes itself13:02
kenvandinei think we were trigger "refresh" too often in stream-view13:03
kenvandineso it was happening too often, and sometimes allocation size was wrong13:03
kenvandineseb128, i fixed that flickering bottom tile13:04
seb128hey kenvandine13:04
seb128kenvandine, yeah, I read that in the changelog, nice!13:04
kenvandineit should also always fill the screen now with tiles on startup13:04
kenvandinenjpatel, i would like to hide all the empty tiles for that 1-2s it takes to load the data on startup13:05
kenvandinebut doing that breaks all the sizing stuff13:05
njpatelkenvandine, don't hide the tiles, update their draw function to just return if they don't have useful data13:06
njpatelyou get the same effect :)13:06
seb128kenvandine, ok, I can confirm that the flickering is fixed, it does take like 3 seconds to react to the scroll click though13:06
kenvandineseb128, indeed...13:07
* kenvandine wonders why... 13:07
seb128but that's only an i5 laptop not a modern config according to dx criterious ;-)13:07
kenvandineseb128, i can probably clean up more on setting the position13:08
seb128didrocks, do you plan to do the bamf update today?13:08
kenvandinewe are probably too agressive there too13:08
desrtseb128: you guys know that gnome 3.2 will only run on sandybridge, right?13:08
desrtseb128: hard dependency in gnome-settings-daemon13:08
didrocksseb128: waiting for the archive to be unfrozen, yeah13:08
seb128desrt, ;-)13:08
kenvandinedesrt, haha13:08
didrocksseb128: I did the upstream release on purpose if you didn't note :-)13:08
desrtseb128: i see that you're happy.  i'm glad you agree!13:08
seb128desrt, why is the gsettings manpage replaced by a stupid message when you build without regenerating it?13:09
desrtseb128: damned if i know13:09
desrtseb128: --enable-man13:09
seb128desrt, like the tarball has a valid version why not shipping that rather than an error message?13:09
* desrt isn't even sure what framework we use for man13:09
seb128desrt, no thanks, I don't want to install that stack only for a manpage13:09
seb128desrt, I will just hack the rules to copy the tarball one over the make install version after build13:10
kenvandinedavmor2, also, fyi the lens still isn't getting new messages... known issue13:10
kenvandinei need to look at why13:10
desrt$(man_MANS): echo Man generation disabled.  Creating dummy $@.  Configure with --enable-man to enable it.13:10
desrtyou're right.  that's stupid.13:10
desrtseb128: bug and cc: me please13:10
desrtseb128: patches welcome :)13:11
seb128desrt, ok13:11
davmor2kenvandine: oh yeah I forgot about that one :)13:11
desrtseb128: i guess the logic should be something like: if the manpage exists, install it13:12
desrtand if we have the tools to update it and it needs to be updated, do that13:12
seb128desrt, right13:12
desrti wonder what we do if we don't have the tools, and it's out of date13:13
desrtmaybe delete it13:13
desrt(and not install it, obviously)13:13
seb128why would that happen?13:13
seb128the make dist should create an updated version13:13
desrtif the .xml gets touched, or something13:13
desrtseb128: just so you know -- you're on the bottom of my todo list :)13:15
desrtalthough ted is on vacation this week and next13:15
desrti'm sure he won't mind if i hack glib's makefiles instead of doing his silly stuff13:15
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
seb128desrt, that's fine, I've nothing worth being high on your todolist ;-)13:16
seb128desrt, when do you fly btw?13:16
desrtin a few hours13:16
seb128you are still in Canada?13:16
desrti think i arrive around noon tomorrow13:16
desrtwhere are you guys booked?13:16
seb128desrt, Motel One Berlin-Alexanderplatz13:17
seb128Dircksenstraße 3613:17
desrtwe're at some weird out of the way hotel13:17
seb128ours is just next to Alexanderplatz13:18
desrti'm south of potsdamerplatz13:18
desrtgot a bit of a walk13:19
desrtand now i find out it's going to rain the whole time :)13:19
Laneyfortunately there are worse places to walk around than berlin :-)13:19
geserdesrt: enjoy the (current) german summer :)13:27
cyphermoxdupondje: modemmanager might have some idea of GPS devices, but I'm not sure how far you can go, IIRC checking in d-feet or API docs would tell you what parameters to pass; and then you'd likely need to include a ttyUSB* device that points to the GPS chip13:37
dupondjecyphermox: It has indeed mm-modem-location.c :)13:40
dupondjewhere the basic api is in, but seems nothing uses it yet13:40
dupondjemade this now :) but guess its not totally right ^^13:42
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
jibelcyphermox, about gnome-keyring caps that made ubiquity hang, does it make a difference if the installation is run on HW or VM ?13:45
cyphermoxjibel: no13:45
cyphermoxbut stgraber fixed that13:45
jibelcyphermox, I know he fixed that, but charlie-tca still has the problem on xubuntu amd64 on HW.13:46
cyphermoxjibel: charlie-tca: do you have the manifest file on that iso/cd/etc to check what version of gnome-keyring is in?13:46
stgraberjibel: I also remember charlie-tca saying that the lightdm fix doesn't work for him... are we 100% sure the xubuntu image is fully up to date?13:46
charlie-tcahow do we verify it is 10013:47
jibelstgraber, cyphermox that's what I'm checking13:47
stgrabercharlie-tca: what version are you testing?13:47
stgrabercharlie-tca: i386 or amd64?13:48
charlie-tcaThe latest image I have available13:48
charlie-tcaI did file a new bug 820731 for it13:49
ubot2Launchpad bug 820731 in ubiquity "Oneiric Ocelot Xubuntu Desktop images fail to install" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82073113:49
stgraberaccording to the manifest, both casper and gnome-keyring are up to date13:49
stgraberI'm downloading it here now to have a look13:50
jibelstgraber, right, and I can't reproduce the problem in a VM.13:51
jibelhence my question, would bare-metal testing make a difference?13:51
stgrabercharlie-tca: just triple checking, you have:13:54
stgraber19815fe1a15674db6fa51b8960629bc3  oneiric-desktop-amd64.iso13:54
stgraberoh nevermind, I see jibel asked already in another chan :)13:55
cyphermoxyes, let's take this back to #ubuntu-testing :)13:55
cyphermoxdupondje: that patch looks okay-ish, but do you really need to initialize it that way? isn't that done in mm-modem-location.c? my guess is that this should be done by calling the right method when needed, and the location itself probably might be just one async call13:58
cyphermoxdupondje: but anyway, best is to bring this up on the networkmanager mailing list: http://mail.gnome.org/mailman/listinfo/networkmanager-list (or on #nm)14:00
dupondjecyphermox: you need to enable that card with special *GPS codes :)14:01
cyphermoxyes, but the enabling does belong in mm-modem-location.c, not mbm, I think14:01
dupondjemm-modem-location.c is the abstract class no ?14:03
dupondjethe enabling of the modem for example is also done in mbm-modem.c btw14:04
cyphermoxI don't know I'm not overly familiar with that part of the code. otherwise you should have some other file per device or something14:04
cyphermoxmbm is IIRC meant for actuall communications14:04
dupondjethe plugins folder is full of device specific code :)14:04
dupondjeall the commands to send PIN code etc are in the mbm file also14:05
dupondjeanyway I play some more with it :D14:08
cyphermoxanyway, if it works, nobody will complain ;)14:08
dupondjehéhé true :) but its always good to do it the good way :)14:10
dupondjebut guess there is nothing in the gui yet to see LOCATION support ? :)14:10
dupondjeof networkmanager then14:10
kenvandineseb128, i found the slowness in stepping with the scrollbar... it is only on down, and only with overlay scrollbars14:17
kenvandinethe value gets set 21 times with overlay scrollbars :)14:17
seb128weird ;)14:18
davmor2kenvandine: latest gwibber seems to repeat Facebook posts,  I'm going to restart to ensure it still happens from a fresh start14:22
kenvandinedavmor2, ugh...14:23
kenvandineyeah... i bet i know why14:23
davmor2kenvandine: only facebook though14:24
kenvandinebecause facebook sends me posts back if it changed14:24
kenvandinelike when someone posts a comment14:24
kenvandineor likes it14:24
kenvandineand i bet my dupe detection isn't matching them for some reason14:24
davmor2kenvandine: Yeap 55 likes on first post 56 likes on the second14:26
davmor2kenvandine: also https://twitter.com/#!/matthewrevell/statuses/99122602014015488 on old gwibber shows <and> in new gwibber you get &lt;and&gt; instead14:28
kenvandinedavmor2, yeah... i need to fix message parsing a bit so it doesn't break the Gtk.Label14:30
kenvandineright now i do some escaping so it doesn't break the label14:30
kenvandinebut it over does it :/14:30
kenvandinealthought that is interesting that online it has the work "and"14:31
kenvandineoh... you mean <primary> ?14:31
kenvandinenot <and?14:32
kenvandinedavmor2, ^^14:32
davmor2kenvandine: yeah on the word primary14:32
kenvandinethat is getting escaped as a tag :/14:32
kenvandineif anyone has ideas how to sanitize the data to be pango friendly...14:33
kenvandinei would love to hear them14:33
kenvandinewe gotta figure that out14:33
davmor2kenvandine: two last things how do you search for people?  if I type in kenvandine it is displayed as #kenvandine only, the search box is really close to the edge of the app it's quite easy to miss the box and click on the app behind if you have a fullscreen app behind it :)14:34
kenvandinenot implemented yet14:35
kenvandinethe entry is a place holder until njpatel makes it not ugly14:35
kenvandinethat is just doing twitter/identica searches14:35
kenvandinenot user searches14:35
davmor2hahaha :)14:35
kenvandineso like hash tags14:35
kenvandinei so add a # as the first character14:36
kenvandineuser streams are in the works14:36
davmor2cool I think thats it from this one I'll keep looking though :)14:36
kenvandinedavmor2, things like image previews in the tiles and such are coming this weekend14:37
kenvandineand i am going to make the content presentation much better in the tiles14:37
davmor2kenvandine: nice I'll keep my eyes out for the changes :)14:38
seb128ross opened a bug about letting g-c-c allow external panels again or adding a connman one for meego ;-)14:47
cassidyis it WONTFIX yet? :)14:50
seb128not yet ;-)14:50
geserhow do I configure auto-login in lightdm?15:20
geserand why does my datetime indicator only display the text "Time" instead of displaying it?15:21
seb128geser, translator error maybe?15:21
seb128geser, the autologin, in a config file for now I think15:21
geserseb128: is /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf the right one?15:22
geserI've set default-user=michael and default-user-timeout=0 below the [seat-0] section and still had the greeter instead of auto-login15:24
geserwrong keys?15:24
seb128mvo, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-properties/+bug/81548015:26
ubot2Ubuntu bug 815480 in software-properties "software-properties-gtk crashed with UnicodeDecodeError in init_distro(): 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xd0 in position 0: ordinal not in range(128)" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:26
seb128mvo, have you seen that? I've something similar on an a3 live session (using a chinese local if that makes a difference)15:26
seb128geser, the livecd has15:27
seb128then "autologin-user=ubuntu"15:27
seb128with "autologin-user-timeout=0"15:27
seb128geser, I will check with robert_ancell why lightdm stopped install a config file15:28
seb128it was easier to edit15:28
seb128if you have one on disk it might be a leftover from the previous version15:28
seb128the format changed in 0.915:28
geseryes, it might be a leftover file from the previous version15:29
mvoseb128: I haven't but I check it now15:30
seb128mvo, I've the system with the issue running if you need infos15:30
kenvandineseb128, i noticed some locale issues on a clean install15:30
kenvandineperhaps it is related15:30
kenvandinethe output of the locale command is right15:30
seb128kenvandine, well that's the live session and it seems to work fine otherwise15:30
mvoseb128: oh? what does "lsb-release -a" gives you?15:30
mvodistro.id should really be just plain ascii15:30
kenvandineseb128, yeah... gwibber was having a problem collating15:30
seb128mvo, "command not found"15:30
kenvandinewhich used LC_COLLATE15:30
seb128mvo: it's not installed15:31
mvolsb_release -a ?15:31
kenvandinewhich was set... and looked correct15:31
kenvandinebut it failed using the collator in glib15:31
kenvandineworked fine on a dist-upgraded box from natty15:31
mvoseb128: not even with the underscore? I think it should be15:31
kenvandinehaven't been able to nail why though15:31
seb128mvo, ups sorry15:31
mvoseb128: my mistake15:31
mvoseb128: I pasted the wrong one earlier15:31
mvopango in gir is crahing, but pi'fixit'ti is on vac, right?15:32
seb128$ lsb_release -a15:32
seb128No LSB modules are available.15:32
seb128Distributor ID:Ubuntu15:32
seb128Description:Ubuntu oneiric (development branch)15:32
mvohm, that looks all like ascii, no?15:33
seb128mvo, pitti will be back on monday I think15:34
seb128he seems to be back online though, he did reply to some emails and did a debian upload15:34
mvocould you put a "print self.distro.id" before "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/softwareproperties/gtk/SoftwarePropertiesGtk.py" line 269 please?15:34
mvojust cowboy it in via sudo ;)15:34
seb128mvo, "Ubuntu" it prints15:36
* mvo is confused15:37
mvoand after the print it give the error?15:38
mvoohh, its probably the translation for software, but why is it giving a error there15:38
seb128not if I remove the _() around the "%s Software"15:38
mvothis is in .fr, right?15:39
seb128no, it's chinese ;-)15:39
mvomaybe a incorrect (non-utf8) translation for this string?15:42
seb128mvo, https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/software-properties/+pots/software-properties/zh_CN/42/+translate15:43
seb128is seems15:43
mvoI wonder if rosetta could catch those15:43
seb128not sure if that's an incorrect encoding one15:44
seb128let me grep my logs15:46
seb128we had several similar bugs with pygtk softwares before15:46
seb128or pygobject ones15:46
* desrt takes oneiric for a spin15:46
* desrt senses that he may regret this choice15:47
kenvandinedesrt, of course not!15:47
seb128mvo, using "*% Software".decode('utf-8') works15:48
mvoso _("%s Software").decode('utf-8')  % self.distro.id ?15:51
seb128like addind .decode('utf-8') to the string15:51
mvowhat does it print if you do "locale" ?15:51
mvoseb128: I don't get why its needed for this particular string and not all of them15:51
seb128it's similar to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apport/+bug/73863215:52
ubot2Ubuntu bug 738632 in apport "apport-kde crashed with UnicodeDecodeError in run_crash(): 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 5: ordinal not in range(128)" [Low,Fix released]15:52
seb128mvo, I wish I did understand python encoding handling enough to say15:53
seb128mvo, but maybe you are right and the translation is broken15:54
seb128mvo, so15:59
seb128$ LANGUAGE=zh_CN.UTF-8 gettext software-properties "%s Software"15:59
seb128%s 软件15:59
mvowould you mind adding the info you have to the report?15:59
mvoso that it does not get lost?15:59
seb128will do15:59
mvoI assume the "isutf8" tool is happy with the gettext output?15:59
mvotremolux: I think I found the pnago issue16:00
tremoluxmvo: oh yeah?16:00
mvoit looks like a incorrect annoation in get_line_readonly() I'm testing building now to see if that is true or not16:01
seb128mvo, yeah, other tools are happy with it16:01
jbichawhy do we ship xterm on the Desktop CD?16:01
mvoseb128: I'm confused, I will give it the full force of my attention when this pango issue is solved16:02
tremoluxmvo: ah no kidding, thanks for checking into that!16:03
=== ara_ is now known as ara
jbichaI ask because of bug 129041, showing the .desktop in the default install is ugly but if people intentionally install it16:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 129041 in xterm "xterm icon available by default" [Low,Opinion] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12904116:04
jbichathen they should have a launcher16:04
seb128jbicha, somebody mentioned it was for the failsafe session earlier16:18
seb128read the irclog for details ;-)16:19
seb128mvo, ok, I dumped in the bug the infos I have and subscribed pitti16:20
* desrt clicks 'lightdm'16:21
seb128mvo, but he said that a while ago16:21
seb128 <pitti>        now I run into tons of trouble with assertions/crashes, having to call encode('UTF-8') everywhere (because Gtk expects UTF-8 strings, not unicode), and into all other sorts of type errors16:21
seb128mvo, he did that in jockey http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jockey-hackers/jockey/trunk/revision/71116:23
seb128well though in this case the string is coming from gettext and should be utf816:23
mvoI know about the stdout issue16:24
* mvo scratches head16:24
seb128mvo, debug your pango issue first, no hurry16:24
seb128mvo, I'm done with what I have as debug ideas, I dumped that in the bug16:24
mvothanks seb128, much appreciated16:27
mvoone pango crash fixed, but its crashing still :/16:28
didrockshave a good evening everyone!16:32
micahgseb128: I put bug 820773 in the sponsorship queue for after alpha3 to allow the libglew transition to actually happen, it just removes the provides for the unversioned dev packages so that anything that build-deps on the versioned ones won't be touched16:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 820773 in glew1.5 "glew1.5 shouldn't provide unversioned dev packages" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82077316:35
seb128micahg, ok thanks16:36
seb128tremolux, hey16:46
tremoluxseb128: hi!16:46
seb128tremolux, could you add a small summary of what is new in software-center in a3 to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/TechnicalOverview16:47
seb128if there is anything worth mentioning16:47
tremoluxseb128: sure, I will16:47
seb128tremolux, thanks ;-)16:47
tremoluxseb128: sure thing16:48
desrtwow.  that sucked hard.16:49
seb128desrt, what?16:49
desrtduring the upgrade grub was trying to probe my partitions or something16:49
desrtand it opened the mmc card reader16:49
desrtand i guess the driver has a bug or something because it locked up grub and went into an extremely fast infinite loop of spewing messages to the console16:49
desrtfilling the console in 1 second or so, say16:49
desrtso even if you press ^L your screen is full again in less than a second16:50
desrtso i login, fuser -k mmcblk016:50
desrtand it opens it again with a new PID to retry16:50
desrti had to rename the device, then fuser -k on the renamed one (so it wouldn't find it again) to get out of that mess16:50
desrti renamed it to a certain 4 letter word16:51
* desrt was getting pissed off16:51
desrtanyway.. other than the usual flood of "this thing you don't care about crashed" dialogs, it seems pretty usable16:53
mvoseb128: I have dinner now, pango seems to be ok now, but tremolux needs to double check first if it wasn't fun flares or anything17:14
seb128mvo, enjoy17:21
stgraberhello, not sure if someone mentioned it here already but ISO testing found bug 82037217:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 820372 in ltsp "default session set to GNOME and fails. Should be Unity" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82037217:24
stgraberwhich isn't an LTSP bug but a gnome-session one17:24
stgraberLTSP calls /etc/X11/Xsession to start whatever is the default session (no parameter)17:24
stgraberXsession then starts gnome-session but without a --session= parameter which makes it fail17:24
stgraberI think we had a fix in Natty to make it use a the right "default" session but that apparently got lost somewhere17:24
stgraberwas wondering what source package I should move that bug to?17:25
cyphermoxstgraber: what I would see was aside from the Ubuntu and Ubuntu 2D entries there was an extra GNOME one that shouldn't be there17:25
cyphermox(outside of ltsp)17:26
stgraberwith Edubuntu we have gnome-session-fallback installed so apparently gnome-session starts the fallback session then (instead of unity-3d => unity-2d => gnome-session-fallback) but on regular Ubuntu, it just fails17:27
cyphermoxmmkay, so which case is failing now?17:28
stgrabercalling "/etc/X11/Xsession" with no parameter doesn't start the default session on regular Ubuntu17:29
stgraberthe same thing on Edubuntu works but starts the session fallback instead of unity (which is wrong too)17:29
stgrabersimply calling "/etc/X11/Xsession" from a terminal on your system should reproduce the issue17:31
seb128stgraber, can you check with didrocks when he's around?17:32
seb128stgraber, or better assigned the bug to canonical desktop team17:32
seb128we will sort it17:32
stgraberseb128: ok, will do17:41
jbicha-Werror=unused-but-set-variable is supposed to cause a build-failure if -Werror is used, right?18:46
jbichaI just want to confirm whether I should open a FTBFS bug upstream for it18:47
dobeyjbicha: i would think that option would always cause that warning to be an error, but would not cause other warnings to also be errors. but i don't claim to know what gcc actually wants to do with it :)19:03
jbichaok, well upstream was building was -Werror so I'll go ahead and open the bug there, thanks!19:05
dobeywell, it's a change in the defaults somewhere; we had to fix a couple of those in ubuntuone stuff. so yeah, upstream should fix it, but it's really annoying when compile flags change out from under us :)19:09
jbichadobey: so you're saying that that warning didn't used to cause a build failure?19:11
jbichaI don't understand gcc which was why I asked because it doesn't seem to me to be a critical warning at all19:11
dobeyjbicha: that warning didn't used to appear at all19:14
jbichaoh, hmm19:15
dobeyjbicha: but in oneiric it does now19:15
dobeyyeah i don't know why it got changed to an error by default via flags19:15
jbichawell I believe -Werror just treats all warnings as errors which will stop the build19:17
dobeybut -Werror=foo was added as a default in CFLAGS19:18
dobeyand not by upstream devs19:18
tkamppeterCan someone help me with building a package? I have problems on the linking step.19:27
tkamppeterIt is argyll from this PPA: https://launchpad.net/~pmjdebruijn/+archive/ppa19:30
tkamppeterIt builds on Natty but not on Oneiric.19:30
tkamppeterI need it to build on Oneiric to include it as part of the new Color Management support.19:31
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dobeytkamppeter: i don't see such a thing in that PPA, and everything in it has successful builds already20:05
tkamppeterdobey, sorry, wrong link, he has tons of PPAs. Here we go: https://launchpad.net/~pmjdebruijn/+archive/argyll-release20:08
tkamppeterHe built it only on Natty and older. The problem is when one takes the Natty version and tries to rebuild it on Oneiric.20:09
dobeythen pastebin the error - http://paste.ubuntu.com/20:09
tkamppeterdobey, http://paste.ubuntu.com/658851/20:11
dobeythat's a lot of compiler warnings, but it looks like you're missing X development libs20:12
tkamppeterdobey, I have already checked that. They are installed.20:13
micahgtkamppeter: probably an --as-needed issue then, the order of the libs matter20:14
tkamppeterAlso adding -L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu to the linker command line (for the multiarch packages) does not help.20:14
tkamppetermicahg, is there an "--as-needed" command line option to place somewhere?20:16
micahgtkamppeter: well, the solution is to reorder the libs on the linker line20:17
tkamppeterdobey, micahg, I can run the linker with the "ld" or "ld.bfd.real" command and I get only the warning20:17
tkamppeterld.bfd.real: warning: cannot find entry symbol _start; defaulting to 000000000040128020:18
tkamppeterand 0 as exit value.20:18
tkamppeterBut if I try to run the linked program I get20:18
tkamppeter-bash: ./plot/plot: No such file or directory20:19
tkamppeterdobey, micahg, ^^20:19
dobeyok, i'm not sure. i'm not on your machine trying to build it, and can't easily try myself. but you're a developer, so i'm sure you'll figure it out :)20:23
micahgtkamppeter: this explains it somewhat: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyNarwhal/ToolchainTransition#How_to_Fix_a_Problem20:24
tkamppetermicahg, thanks. I have tried a lot of such things. No I have replaced the linker by ld, which reduces the problem to the mentioned _start warning and only a few missing symbols.20:38
micahgtkamppeter: I'm sorry I don't have more time to look at it right now, but maybe people in #ubuntu-motu could help if no one is around here20:40
chrisccoulsonwassup tkamppeter20:42
chrisccoulsontkamppeter, "cc -o plot/plot  plot/plot_plot.o  spectro/libconv.a numlib/libnum.a -L/usr/lib -ldl -lrt -lX11 -lXext -lXxf86vm -lXinerama -lXrandr -lXau -lXdmcp -lXss -ltiff -lm -lpthread" should fix your problem20:44
chrisccoulson(well, that would be the first thing i'd try. the ordering is wrong in any case)20:44
tkamppeterchrisccoulson, now "plot" actually works.20:50
tkamppeterWhat is the difference of your command line to the one in the package? How did you obtain this command line?20:50
tkamppeterchrisccoulson, ^^20:51
chrisccoulsontkamppeter, when linking an object, the linker only looks for symbols in libraries that are specified after it20:51
chrisccoulsoni think ;)20:51
micahgIIRC, it was explained to me as with --as-needed and symbols not needed when encountering a library on the linker line are dropped20:52
tkamppeterchrisccoulson, this recipe works!20:55
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broderis there any way to store the passphrase for an ssh key in the keyring non-transiently?22:45
RAOFbroder: What do you mean?  You in such a way as it's automatically available when your session is unlocked?23:11
broderRAOF: i don't want to store my ssh key unencrypted, but i don't want to have to remember an extra password since i already have the keyring which is encrypted to my login password23:12
RAOFEither gnome-keyring-daemon or seahorse does that.  I forget which.23:12
broderthe gnome-keyring-daemon will prompt me for the password to the ssh key and then store it for the duration of my session23:13
RAOFOne of the options there is “unlock whenever my keyring is unlocked”, isn't it?23:13
broderoh, huh. yeah, that sounds like what i'm looking for23:14
broderof course...i won't be able to test it until i get this new key whose passphrase i know onto my server...23:14
broderan unfortunate side effect of having locked down this laptop and removing all interesting key material before going to DEFCON...23:15
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czajkowskikenvandine: did that bug I logged recently make any sense, crash on start up of Gwibber on natty :s23:39
jbichabroder: have fun!23:56

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