maxbhallyn: http://package-import.ubuntu.com/ can show you packages the importer is currently errorring on, libvirt being one of them00:05
maxbIn this case it looks like some sort of bug in bzr-builddeb's code00:06
infinitylifeless: Nah, it's just on my list of things to informally chat with mvo about, no big deal.00:40
didrocksgood morning05:19
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bambeehi, http://paste.ubuntu.com/658502/ <-- an idea ?08:19
hrwcan someone maintaining networkmanager look at bug 819700 and tell me how to help?08:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 819700 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu) "NM applet does not lists networks" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81970008:32
debfxbambee: could you try reinstalling virtualbox-dkms08:35
geserhrw: cyphermox takes care of network-manager08:36
hrwgeser: thx, will wait for him to wake up08:36
bambeedebfx: trying09:23
bambeedebfx: good point, it's fixed, thanks09:26
tkamppeterI am packaging CUPS 1.5.0 and the saemon segfaults. If I start it from the command line ("sudo cups -F") it does not dump core, even after "ulimit -c 9999999". How do I get a core file?11:13
gesertkamppeter: IIRC you had so set a value in /proc else the core dump gets routed to apport11:14
tkamppetergeser, thanks, found a solution: Run the command in a root shell.11:16
tkamppetergeser, did not core, what do I have to set in /proc exactly11:17
gesertkamppeter: echo core > /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern11:21
gesercurrently it should contain a pipe to apport11:21
tkamppetergeser, yes11:25
tkamppetergeser, I tried your command and could not find the core, then I tried to set /tmp/core and did not ghet a core in /tmp ...11:26
tkamppetergeser, switched AppArmor to complain and also does not help.11:28
geserand the root shell you run "cups -F" from doesn't have a core limit set? (just to be sure)11:37
tkamppetergeser, I had set "ulimit -c 9999999" there, too.11:41
geserwhy not set it to "unlimited" in your root shell? but I guess that's not the reason why you don't get a core file11:45
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tkamppetergeser, thanks. Tried it now and did not work, too. Seems to be a kernel bug generally preventing to generate core files.11:46
gesermight one of our security features prevent it too?11:50
tkamppetergeser, seems that I have to switch back to apport and create a bug report on code which was never uploaded, only to extract a core ...11:52
tkamppetergeser, or is there a possibility to extract the core from /var/crash/_usr_sbin_cupsd.0.crash without sending it to Launchpad?11:53
geser"apport-unpack: Unpack a report into single files (one per attribute). This is most useful for extracting the core dump." (from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Apport)11:55
tkamppetergeser, that's it. Got access to a core by that. Thank you very much.11:58
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ahasenackSpads: ping13:31
ahasenackSpads: nm, wrong nick13:31
ahasenackSpamapS: ping13:31
ahasenackSpamapS: can you give me an update on the landscape-client lucid sru? I think it has been in proposed for a week now13:32
cyphermoxhrw: am here now.13:35
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hrwcyphermox: can we talk in 0.5h? meeting in progress14:04
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cyphermoxsure, just ping me14:08
apwcjwatson, what defines which modules are packaged up for the live initramfs used by casper ?14:16
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keestkamppeter, geser: I didn't read full backscroll, but you can't get a core dump out of a proces that has changed uid. you can bypass this by setting /proc/sys/fs/suid_dumpable to "1", though, but it will leave a system rather exposed to local attacks.14:29
tkamppeterkees, so better to use the apport-unpack method.14:32
keestkamppeter: well, apport won't see a core dump at all for processes that have made uid transitions, iirc14:34
keestkamppeter: but if you have a reproducible crash, you can temporarily set the flag, crash the service, let apport catch it, then restore the flag14:35
tkamppeterkees, no chance, I do not get a core.14:40
keestkamppeter: hm, dunno14:42
infinityapw: It's just a default initramfs-tools config, unless something's changed, so it will be "modules=most" in initramfs.conf.14:47
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apwinfinity, ahh thanks, obvious14:48
infinityapw: Following that codepath in update-initramfs is fairly self-evident, I assume :)14:49
infinityapw: Are we missing anything specific, or was the question purely educational?14:49
apwinfinity, yeah we may be missing a new module, will go and look at it, thanks14:51
mdeslaurso, because of the accidental sync, swig2.0 in universe now has a swig package that supersedes the swig1.3 swig package in main, causing some main packages to FTBFS15:15
* mdeslaur isn't sure how to fix it15:15
Laney1.3 was removed from Debian. Follow suit?15:17
mdeslaurLaney: there are 115 reverse build depends on swig15:17
mdeslaurI don't know if they need to be fixed or not15:18
Laneythere is a gotcha here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/swig1.3/+bug/682613/comments/515:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 682613 in swig1.3 (Ubuntu) "Transition to swig2.0?" [Wishlist,Expired]15:19
SpamapSahasenack: yes! I will go ahead and release it today15:22
mdeslaurLaney: ouch :(15:22
Laneymdeslaur: indeed, but Debian apparently made the switch anyway …15:22
mdeslaurLaney: I guess switching is the less painful solution15:23
Laneyyou could revert15:23
apwwhen something builds for i386, that includes the any packages as well right?  or more specifically, we always do the equivalent of dpkg-buildpackage -b on i386 and -B on everything else ... right ?15:23
mdeslaurLaney: how? bump swig1.3's version to 2.0.really.1.3 or something?15:23
Laneymdeslaur: it's 2.0 that's the problem, right?15:24
mdeslaurLaney: yeah15:24
Laneyoh, hm, but the swig binary will have to increase in version15:24
SpamapSahasenack: landscape-client should show up in -updates soon15:26
Laneymdeslaur: maybe do test rebuilds and decide from there15:26
SpamapSI maintain one of those packages that is broken regarding swigh 1.3 vs 2.0 autoconf check..15:26
SpamapSswig even15:27
Laneyhow did Debian go ahead if it's that badly broken?15:27
SpamapSIts not swig that is badly broken, but the old autoconf rules15:27
SpamapSand because they have about 1.5 years left till release. :)15:27
Laneyexposed by changing the version though?15:27
Laneythe release team usually still cares about such things :-)15:27
maco2.0~really1.3 is how im used to seeing it be done15:27
SpamapSIts a transition really..15:27
Laney+really.., but you can't do that here15:28
Laneyswig1.3 needs to reclaim the swig binary package, and versions can't go backwards15:28
SpamapSThe fix is fairly small.. I did it for gearman-interface already..15:28
* maco is not thinking about sort rules today15:28
macooh the number is in the name?15:28
Laneyboth versions were coexisting for some time, with 'swig' providing the default15:29
Laneythat got switched in this accidental sync and broke stuff15:29
LaneySpamapS: you think the transition is doable?15:29
SpamapSI don't know the scope of it15:29
SpamapSFor my one package, it was a small patch15:29
mdeslaurLaney: so, we remove the swig package from swig2.0, and rename swig1.3-1.3.40 to swig1.3-2.0+really1.3.4015:30
mdeslaurwell, 2.0.4+really1.3.4015:30
SpamapS-  AC_PROG_SWIG(1.3.31)15:30
SpamapS+  AX_PKG_SWIG(1.3.31)15:30
Laneymdeslaur: right, revert swig2.0 to what it was before and bump swig1.3 to something >> the current version of swig2.015:30
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SpamapSAnd build-depend on autoconf-archive15:30
SpamapSor drop the new ax_pkg_swig.m4 in m415:31
Laneyit sounds like this would break most of the swig-using packages; I don't think we can do this unless someone volunteers to lead it15:31
mdeslaurLaney: you mean the transition? if we don't revert?15:32
SpamapSIts tough to even find them because they don't end up Depending on swig .. its a build-dep only.15:32
LaneySpamapS: we can determine that easily enough15:32
mdeslaurSpamapS: the "reverse-build-depends" script figures that out nicely15:32
SpamapSI knew it existed, but never went looking for it. :)15:34
mdeslaurSpamapS: it's in ubuntu-dev-tools now15:34
SpamapSOUCH.. 10715:34
Laneybut like I said, I don't know how many of those are actually busted15:35
SpamapSCould we possibly do a mass rebuild *now* ... note the ones that fail, then do the reverting?15:35
Laneythat would be ideal15:35
mdeslaurheck, maybe we'll get lucky and they've all been fixed already in debian :P15:36
SpamapSI know mine isn't, because I've been waiting for a sponsor. ;)15:37
SpamapSan lazy15:37
Laneydo you have one lined up?15:38
ahasenackSpamapS: thanks! (re: landscape-client)15:40
czajkowskihey just sent a message to -devel if it could be moderated I'd appreciate it, thanks.15:40
apwinfinity, you'll likley know this, does i386 build -B instead of -b when there are no Arch: all packages ?15:41
mdeslaurLaney, SpamapS: so, who can do the test builds, and the fix, etc.?15:41
Laneynot me I'm afraid15:41
Laney(building machine is down temporarily)15:41
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micahgmdeslaur, Laney, SpamapS I would suggest dropping the swig package from 2.0 and doing the version bump on 1.3, that way packages can transition if they're ready, but might want to ask the release team as suggested to be sure16:15
LaneyI'd just like the data16:15
Laneybut in the absence of that to revert16:15
mdeslaurok, I'll do it on monday if nobody gets around to it before then16:18
mdeslaurslangasek: ^ any thoughts/objections?16:19
slangasekmdeslaur: lacking context :)  -vv?16:22
slangasekah, fake upstream version bump on swig 1.3 to restore compatibility?16:23
mdeslaurslangasek: because of the unfortunate merge, swig2.0 in universe now owns the swig package, instead of swig1.316:23
slangasekand we don't want to just carry on and fix up the regressions this introduced?16:23
mdeslaurslangasek: well, that's the question...there are 115 reverse build deps...more info in bug 86261316:24
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 862613 could not be found16:24
mdeslaurbug 68261316:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 682613 in swig1.3 (Ubuntu) "Transition to swig2.0?" [Wishlist,Expired] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68261316:24
* slangasek nods16:24
infinityapw: The buildds have no way of knowing in advance if there will or won't be arch:all packages, i386 always builds with -b, and other arches always with -B16:24
micahginfinity: don't you mean the reverse?16:25
infinitymdeslaur: The transition would (in theory) be preferrable, but yeah, only if we think it's something we can commit to doing in time.16:25
slangasekmdeslaur: do we necessarily need to get swig1.3 out of the archive at the same time as fixing up the things that depend on swig?16:25
slangasekor can this be a soft transition across releases?16:25
infinitymicahg: No.16:26
micahginfinity: sorry, you're right :)16:26
mdeslaurwell, I don't really want to ship oneiric with 60 packages that FTBFS because of swig16:26
mdeslaurI'm the security guy, remember ;)16:26
Laneyslangasek: it's because the 'swig' binary package (which provides the default) moved from 1.3 to 2.016:26
Laneythis is what most packages BD on16:26
slangasekmdeslaur: right, I was suggesting we fix up those with coordination w/ Debian; but if it's that many, yeah, probably better to revert16:26
Laneyso you can't really soft transition it16:27
slangasekmdeslaur: also, swig2.0 is not migrating to testing in Debian because of two new RC bugs - so it's not considered releasable there16:27
mdeslaureither someone takes it, and does test rebuilds and fixes them, or I revert it16:27
slangasekso +1 for the mock-up version16:27
mdeslaurok, cool. thanks slangasek, Laney, infinity, micahg16:28
Laneyone of the rcbugs is this configure problem16:28
Laney(I think)16:29
ryanakcaIs there an equivalent to http://snapshot.debian.org/ for Ubuntu? I'm looking for easy access to at least all binary package names of all Ubuntu releases across time, and preferably the contents of said packages across time.16:30
Laneyno, but that would be cool16:31
slangasekryanakca: not really; we let the launchpad librarian keep track of all that for us, but while there's a per-package history index, there's nothing that gives you a time-based index AFAIK16:31
infinityYeah, even using lplib, you'd be stuck walking source package publishing histories, I imagine.16:32
ryanakcaLaney: Well, I'm willing to dump the database I'll have somewhere if you'd like it.16:34
ryanakcaslangasek, infinity: Thanks.16:34
ryanakcaOn a side note, should I ask in #launchpad before fetching all of this data?16:35
infinityIf you can DoS one of our appservers with a single lplib client, we'd be curious to know about it, I imagine.16:36
ryanakcainfinity: Alright ;)16:37
bdmurraystgraber: is bug 819624 fixed now?16:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 819624 in casper (Ubuntu Oneiric) "casper doesn't configure autologin for lightdm properly" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81962416:45
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Davieyskaet: just to confirm, I am happy with the current server and cloud images for A3.16:56
skaetDaviey,  thanks!16:56
stgraberbdmurray: I think this particular one is. xubuntu still won't have working autologin but that's another lightdm bug (lightdm hardcodes "ubuntu" as the session, so won't start xfce)16:56
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bdmurrayslangasek: does bug 816117 seem sru'able to lucid to you?17:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 816117 in ifupdown (Ubuntu) "Files installed by ifupdown in /etc/init should be conffiles" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81611717:33
slangasekbdmurray: yes, though I think the SRU itself will clobber any local changes the user has made in lucid, so it probably should only be SRUed if there's some other change needed to the package in lucid17:35
slangasekbdmurray: I'm also surprised that he needed to edit this particular script to get his ppp working; would be best if he could file another bug report explaining why17:36
Keybukjhunt_: I'm starting the countdown19:06
jhunt_Keybuk: ?19:07
Keybukyou've posted the notes to upstart-devel19:08
KeybukLennart reads upstart-devel19:08
Keybukso I'm going to time how long it takes him to reply19:08
Keybukin his usual style, of course19:08
davmor2Keybuk: and 3.......2.........1............RANT!19:09
davmor2Keybuk: you sure it's not an auto-reply?19:10
juliankKeybuk: Everyone knows that systemd is better, so why are still working on it, just switch over, damnit! ?:)19:15
Keybukjuliank: I imagine he'll throw something like "oh, now you're going to use cgroups; why not just use systemd?" certainly19:17
KeybukI'm not sure he'll be able to find anything in jhunt_'s mail that constitutes "a personal attack", but I'd still put money on him making that accusation in his reply19:17
Keybukperhaps instead saying things like "after all the personal attacks from the Upstart community"19:18
Keybukand I look forward to finding out what new obscure English word he's learned this week that he'll use repeatedly in his reply ;-)19:18
juliank"after all the personal attacks from the Upstart community, they are now copying MY ideas,"19:18
Keybukthat's not really Lennart's style19:21
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* jhunt_ goes to polish and oil his panoply...19:33
tkamppeterCan someone help me with building a package? I have problems on the linking step.19:34
tkamppeterIt is argyll from this PPA: https://launchpad.net/~pmjdebruijn/+archive/ppa19:34
tkamppeterIt builds on Natty but not on Oneiric.19:34
tkamppeterI need it to build on Oneiric to include it as part of the new Color Management support.19:34
tkamppeterProblem is probably the new Gold linker. all needed libraries are specified with "-l..." on the command line but the linking fails.\19:36
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ryanakcaIs there a list of source packages that have been removed from the archive?20:31
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ahasenackhi guys, when does one use "+" in the version/release of a package? I'm trying to understand that21:01
ahasenackI kind of understand that something called 1.1~1234 could mean "revision 1234, working towards releasing version 1.1"21:01
ahasenackso that when 1.1 is finally released, it will upgrade any 1.1~revno21:01
ahasenackis there a similar use case for "+"?21:01
ahasenacksomething like "1.1+1234" which could mean "revision 1234 of the 1.1 stable branch"?21:02
ahasenacksince 1.1+1234 is higher than 1.1?21:02
slangasekahasenack: yes, 1.1+1234 sorts higher than 1.1 and lower than 1.1.1, so is generally suitable21:03
micahgahasenack: yeah, generally, pre-release vs post-release snapshots21:03
ahasenackmicahg: good terminology21:03
slangasek(however, 1.1+1234 sorts higher than 1.1a, so care must be taken to not trip over upstream versioning conventions)21:03
ahasenackI was looking at how a packaging branch revision could be added to a debian version/release in a package21:04
ahasenackthe recipes have this example: deb-version 1.0+{revno}-0ubuntu0+{revno:packaging}21:04
ahasenackI just hit a problem because I was only using the code revision, not the packaging revision, and the packaging branch changed and the upload failed then21:05
slangasek0ubuntu0+{revno:packaging} would not be typical IME, but I don't see anything against it offhand21:05
ahasenackslangasek: would you have another suggestion about how to use both revision numbers in the versioning?21:05
ahasenackslangasek: considering I have one branch for the code and another branch for the debian/* parts21:06
slangasekif this isn't the authoritative branch for packaging for this work, using 0+{revno:packaging} could be ambiguous and confusing21:06
slangasekbut other conventions give only incremental improvement in that regard21:06
ahasenackok, I would need to put my stamp in there somewhere, like ~ppa is used for ppa builds21:07
ScottKEven if it is the authoritative branch, bzr revision numbers can change.21:07
slangasekright, ~ppa<serial> is more typical21:07
ahasenackor ~landscape in my case, I have seen some use that convention too21:07
* slangasek nods21:07
ahasenackbut in the recipe example, the packaging revision is added to the package release number, not version21:08
ahasenackis there any preference regarding that?21:08
ahasenackor, what about just concatenating both in the version? Like 1.0+{revno}+{revno:packaging}-0ubuntu0?21:08
slangasekthat implies a new upstream tarball for every packaging change21:09
ahasenackah, good point21:09
ahasenackI knew there was a reason :)21:09
slangasek1.0+{revno}-0ubuntu0+<something> would be preferred21:09
slangasekor 1.0+{revno}-0ubuntu1~<something>21:09
* Daviey write a ppa-version-o-matic in go. </jest>21:09
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ahasenackso, hmm21:10
ahasenack1.0+{revno}-0ubuntu0+{revno:packaging}~landscape1, so I have both revnos in there (and daily builds work), and the ~landscape identifier/stamp21:12
ahasenackand the recipe will still add ~<ubuntu-release>1 to all that21:12
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slangasekahasenack: it does strike me as odd to encode the bzr revno of the packaging branch in the version number, especially considering debian/changelog is conventionally maintained in the VCS so there's a bit of a circular dependency there - are you autogenerating debian/changelog?21:16
ahasenackslangasek: no, the idea is to have daily builds and when we cook up a release, then populate debian/changelog with real data21:16
slangasekIMHO an auto-incrementing serial is more practical for this than encoding the packaging revno21:18
ahasenackslangasek: a timestamp, then. Recipes don't have autoincrement serials21:19
slangasekoh, so these recipes are for how to construct a version that doesn't itself get committed to debian/changelog on the packaging branch21:20
slangasekso in that sense you are autogenerating :)21:20
slangasekthat's perfectly ok then21:20
ahasenackslangasek: hmm, true21:20
ahasenackslangasek: I mean launchpad recipes, if that wasn't clear21:20
slangasekI'm afraid I know nothing about how launchpad recipes work21:21
ahasenackslangasek: np, it's the versioning that always confuses me, there are several policies about that. It's one thing to read the dpkg version comparison rules, but another to see how they are being used in real life21:22
ahasenackor should I say, best practices, not policies21:23
slangasekyeah :)21:23
ahasenackis there a doc about these best practices? Or just the policy manual? For example, the ~ppa suffix21:23
slangasekI don't know of any documentation anywhere about ~ppa versioning conventions21:24
slangasekit might exist, but I haven't read it21:24
ahasenackI'll keep going, thanks a lot for your help21:24
slangaseksure thing :)21:24
maxbIt seems to me that the ~ppa versioning convention is usually used incorrectly21:28
maxbThe problem seems to be that people who don't really understand dpkg versions have seized on it as the only possible way, even to the extent of using ~ as a default separator. Which it really isn't21:29
ahasenackthe idea was to make sure the ppa version was lower than the released one, thinking that the PPA can only be used for backports21:30
maxbAh, good21:30
ahasenackis that what you mean?21:30
maxbSomeone has apparently redrafted https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/BuildingASourcePackage to remove the ~ppa sillyness21:30
ahasenackah, cool!21:31
ahasenackit mentions "+" :)21:31
ahasenackI will give it my full attention21:31
ahasenackmaxb: thanks for that21:31
* ahasenack -> away21:32
maxbUltimately, though, there's no substitute for just thinking about the actual version comparisons yourself, rather than following recipes21:32
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hallyna package in main cam suggest a package not in main?22:08
micahghallyn: yes22:08
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TheMuso@pilot in22:30
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Archive: open for business | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not app development) | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for hardy -> oneiric | #ubuntu-app-devel for application development on Ubuntu | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots: TheMuso
TheMusoThe joys of creating an account on a bugzilla instance for a project where I need to forward 1 bug to usptream.22:34
micahgTheMuso: if you get a chance, could you please look at bug 82077322:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 820773 in glew1.5 (Ubuntu) "glew1.5 shouldn't provide unversioned dev packages" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82077322:36
TheMusomicahg: Will make it the next thing on my list.22:36
micahgTheMuso: great, thanks22:36
TheMusoActually, I'll do it now. I need to wait for an email for the above referred to bugzilla account.22:37
micahgk, I just was hoping it could be done before the weekend to unblock libglew transitions and FTBFS (depwait)22:38
TheMusomicahg: Sure.22:38
TheMusomicahg: Uploaded.22:45
micahgTheMuso: thanks, hopefully this time something won't break :)23:01
SpamapShrm.. looks like something has changed to make collectd FTBFS.. last time it built was Mar 3123:03
SpamapSit can't seem to link to libperl23:03
micahgSpamapS: new version of perl?23:03
micahgSpamapS: it was missed in the perl5.12 transition: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/perl.html23:08
SpamapSmicahg: it actually doesn't end up depending on libperl.. which is .. confusing23:12
* SpamapS wonders if it statically links perl23:13
SpamapSlibperl.so.5.10 => not found23:14
SpamapSthe "perl" plugin does in fact link to libperl23:14
RAOFSpamapS: We obviously do something special with translation-pack SRUs.  What is it?  I'd rather like to get the natty-proposed unapproved queue down below 800 :)23:15
* TheMuso prods mercurial to work faster... I should have asked for more verbose output when cloning...23:15
SpamapSRAOF: no idea, I've never seen that either.. been meaning to ask pitti23:15
RAOFA perfectly timed holiday for pitti!23:16
SpamapSRAOF: I did rummage through them and find a few that weren't langpacks. :)23:17
micahgSpamapS: it deps on libperl5.1023:17
RAOFYeah. :)23:18
SpamapSmicahg: collectd-core does not23:21
SpamapSmicahg: which is where the .so that depends on libperl lives23:22
micahgright, but collectd does and should've shown up on the transition page23:22
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SpamapSFTBFS on Debian too23:36
Keybuksince when you can strace -p 1 ?23:37
infinityNot that it's usually very exciting to watch.23:41
lifelessKeybuk: meep!23:42
Keybukit means you can go gdb -p 1 too23:48

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