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kim0Hey folks, I was looking at the server-guide, and I see it's written in xml. Do you guys use some (prefered) XML editor, or do I start vim'ing my way around it ?21:58
jbichakim0: I used to use gedit but now use geany which is about the same22:00
kim0jbicha: do those tools have special xml support, or are they plain text editors22:01
kim0I see geany might not be too bad ;)22:02
jbichabasically plain text editors with syntax highlighting, I don't know of a good true xml editor on Linux22:02
jbichagedit's powerful & clean, geany's cluttered but perhaps more powerful22:02
jbichato use gedit, you'll want gedit-plugins, gedit has a lot of features but the default is quite simple22:04

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