tdr112morning all08:43
airurandomorning tdr11208:55
airurandomorning all also08:55
airurandoAfter reviewing https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScribesTeam/MootBot I jumped into #ubuntu-scribes on freenode.09:04
airurandoThe topic in that channel explains all relating to the missing July meeting logs and minutes09:05
airurando"Topic for #ubuntu-scribes is Sorry, Mootbot is currently buggy and/or broken and I have no time to fix it at the moment. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause -- Seeker"09:05
airurandomorning ebel09:09
ebelhello hello09:09
ebelairurando: you're back from kerry?09:09
airurandoyes indeed09:10
airurandogetting back to normal slowly09:10
airurandostill hectic with a very long todo list but glad to be back.09:11
airurandoebel tdr112 MootBot is currently broken with no time for a fix to be found by the owner.09:12
ebelwho's the owner? when did this happen?09:13
airurandoebel: "Topic for #ubuntu-scribes is Sorry, Mootbot is currently buggy and/or broken and I have no time to fix it at the moment. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause -- Seeker"09:13
ebelah ok09:13
ebelmaybe we can find another meetingbot and ask if we can use it in this channel or something09:13
airurandoAlanBell chatted to me on this last night09:14
airurandohe kindly offered to bring mootbot-uk in here for us.09:14
airurandoSaid we must kick MootBot out first and the two don't get along.09:15
tdr112not to worry we can just copy the logsw from irc and that will do09:15
AlanBellah, ok it is seeker's bot09:16
ebelah the joys of auto-reconnect09:16
AlanBellmeetingology: hello you fine thing09:16
meetingologyAlanBell: Error: "hello" is not a valid command.09:16
ebelI could kickban MootBot09:16
meetingologyMeeting started Thu Aug  4 09:17:12 2011 UTC.  The chair is AlanBell. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell.09:17
meetingologyUseful Commands: #topic #action #link #idea #voters #vote #chair #action #agreed #help #info #endmeeting.09:17
AlanBell#topic lets talk about something09:17
meetingologyTOPIC: lets talk about something09:17
AlanBellwhat should we discuss?09:17
airurandothe weather09:17
AlanBell#voters ebel AlanBell09:17
meetingologyCurrent voters: AlanBell ebel09:17
* airurando wonders if AlanBell is aware of Dana 09:18
AlanBell#vote this house believes that rain is yuck09:18
meetingologyPlease vote on: this house believes that rain is yuck09:18
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)09:18
meetingology+1 received from AlanBell09:18
meetingology+1 received from ebel09:18
AlanBellairurando: your opinion counts for nothing :)09:18
* airurando can't vote :(09:18
meetingologyVoting ended on: this house believes that rain is yuck09:18
meetingologyVotes for:2 Votes against:0 Abstentions:009:18
meetingologyMotion carried09:18
AlanBell#action AlanBell to fix some of the bugs in meetingology09:19
meetingologyACTION: AlanBell to fix some of the bugs in meetingology09:19
meetingologyMeeting ended Thu Aug  4 09:19:23 2011 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell . (v 0.1.4)09:19
meetingologyMinutes:        http://mootbot.libertus.co.uk/ubuntu-ie/2011/ubuntu-ie.2011-08-04-09.17.moin.txt09:19
ebelAnd with  timezone stuff aswell :)09:19
AlanBellooh, I probably need to open another port on my router09:19
ebelAlanBell: cool, thanks for this meeting bot09:21
airurandoebel did you follow the link09:22
airurandoI can't seem to load the page09:22
ebeli can't follow it09:22
ebeltimes out09:22
airurandobut indeed thanks for the bot AlanBell09:23
AlanBellthe minutes should be accessible now at http://mootbot.libertus.co.uk/ubuntu-ie/2011/ubuntu-ie.2011-08-04-09.17.moin.txt (or will be shortly I changed IP address)09:25
airurandoVery nice indeed :)09:28
airurandoThanks again AlanBell09:28
ebelooh cool09:29
ebeland in fancy markdown format09:29
ebelI assume that's suitable to paste into the wik.u.c..09:30
ebelNice one09:30
AlanBellmoin format09:30
AlanBellyes, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mointesting is copy-paste-done09:30
airurandotdr112 you are right or course but while looking at my recorded MootBot logs in XChat-Gnome for compiling the minutes for some reason I was forced to copy and paste line by line09:31
airurandoand that was frustrating09:31
* airurando loves copy-paste-done :)09:31
AlanBellit should fully accept the syntax of the old mootbot so you can do [topic] or #topic, it means the same09:32
infoturtleit's the 3rd that we intend to hold the UGJ isn't it?11:13
tdr112the sat11:17
tdr112infoturtle: nice email11:28
tdr112i must send one to tog11:28
infoturtleI just remembered I had rto do it last night so I said I'd get it done as soon as11:29
locodir-userAny person on line? I am new to this and does not know how to handle it15:07
czajkowskilocodir-user: handle what ?15:08
locodir-userI am a Ubuntu user, installed on 3 of the 4 FREDs (Flipping Rediculous Electronic Devices) in my home. Need to learn more, and want to get involved where I can be of service.15:13
czajkowskilocodir-user: where are you based ?15:13
locodir-userEnfield, Co. Meath15:14
czajkowskilocodir-user: well the folks meet up in Dublin once a month15:14
czajkowskithere will be a get to gether 1st week in september for some hands on help15:14
locodir-userWhere... please!15:15
czajkowskilocodir-user: ok go to http://www.ubuntu-ie.org/15:16
czajkowskiand suscribe to our Ml15:16
czajkowskiand it'll  also anouce the Ubuntu global jam and ubuntu hours15:16
locodir-userThank you.15:19
ebelhello locodir-user15:19
ebelthere is also this channel, there are frequently people on line here from dublin15:20
locodir-userSubscription request confirmed15:21
locodir-userThank you for the info.. Always willing to assist where I can15:22
czajkowskilocodir-user: you should also be able to change you nick to /nick something15:22
locodir-userOK... Looking what to do...15:24
czajkowskiairurando: nice work18:44
airurandohi czajkowski18:44
airurandominutes and logs?18:45
airurandocheers :)18:48
airurandotook me long enough18:48
=== ShaneM_ is now known as ShaneM

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