vanhoofSarvatt: /me is going to test as well03:33
keesdid tangerine changes its host key?06:41
broderkees...are you asking that...from blackhat? :-P06:44
keesbroder: haha, yes, but I see the same host key change from home too :)06:44
broder"you just think you're seeing the same host key change from home"06:44
keesif so, I'm a certainly doomed :)06:45
keess/ a/06:46
diwicis it really kees asking that? :-)06:47
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smbkees, In case still interested, yes it did change. And for your convenience we erased all you data in /home07:35
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* ogasawara back in 2014:08
keessmb: where can I find the new host key?14:30
apwkees, i emailed you the fingerprints14:30
apw(and even signed them)14:30
* smb is much more careless and trusts the key to be right knowing the machine had been reinstalled...14:31
keesapw: ah, heh, just saw that now :)14:31
kees<sysadmin>why not keep the host keys when reinstalling?</sysadmin>14:32
apwkees, heh14:33
_rubenand use the same keys on all hosts just to be on the "safe" side14:44
apwkees, of course you'll be phoneing me to confirm _my_ fingerprint14:46
smband set it to 123456 so one can remember14:46
_rubenapw: but how will you know it's kees calling?14:59
apwluckily i'd be giving out public information so if its the wrong person it doesn't matter15:00
mfilipesforshee, man, you rox! lol15:26
skaetogasawara, apw - could one of you take a pass at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/TechnicalOverview and update the linux kernel info?15:27
ogasawaraskaet: yep15:27
skaetthanks ogasawara !15:27
mfilipeI will try the lucid backport 15:27
mfilipeI only need more time here :)15:27
ogasawaraskaet: should I add an "Ubuntu Kernel" section to the "New features in Oneiric" area? or would you prefer I put our info under a different section?15:32
skaetogasawara, please do.15:32
sforsheemfilipe, thanks, but all I did was backport :)15:32
skaetogasawara,  put it in the new features section.15:33
ogasawaraskaet: ack15:33
mfilipesforshee, I know but it is 2.6.3215:33
mfilipebackport of natty need be 2.6.38, no?15:33
sforsheemfilipe, did you test it? is it working for you?15:33
sforsheemfilipe, yep, natty is 2.6.3815:33
mfilipenot yet15:34
mfilipeI need get free time in work 15:34
mfilipetonight I will test it15:34
sforsheemfilipe, cool. I'm a little uncertain of the lucid backport since that code has changed quite a bit, so I'm interested to hear if it works.15:35
mfilipeok, certainly I will talk with you about the results15:36
sforsheemfilipe, thanks!15:36
ogasawaraskaet: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/TechnicalOverview#Ubuntu_Kernel15:48
skaetogasawara, looks good.  Thanks!  :)15:49
aramaybe sconklin, or bjf can help a bit16:04
bjfara, ?16:05
apwara, ask, you never know who might answer16:05
arawe had a Lucid kernel SRU released  just last week and another one is now in the testing phase16:05
araare we losing the three week cadence?16:06
ara(this would be less than 3 weeks)16:06
bjfara, no 16:06
bjfara, give me a sec to find out what is going on16:07
bjfherton, it looks like you've uploaded a new lucid kernel to fix a single regression, is that correct?16:09
hertonbjf: yep, was about to tell this16:09
hertonit was just a new release for 81174516:09
herton*bug 81174516:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 811745 in linux "Whole system freeze after safely remove external usb drive" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81174516:09
apwbug #81174516:09
apwdid the previous one make it out to -updates already ?16:10
bjfherton, so I think a little more communication should have been done, we probably should have put that information into the tracking bug and given qa/cert a heads up16:10
* apw wonders if its worth handling that single fix as an upload given the regresion made it into -updates16:10
hertonbjf: indeed16:14
bjfherton, we decided that since a regression went out in -updates, we wanted to do a quick turn to "fix" that regression and get that into -updates as quickly as possible, correct?16:16
bjfherton, do you know who this was discussed with?16:16
hertonexactly. Also worth to note that we are in the regression testing week, and thus lucid syncs again with calendar if testing is done this week I think. bjf, sconklin did the packaging16:17
hertonI told to him about the regression, and he pushed the update16:17
* herton -> lunch16:20
bjfara, ^16:21
bjfherton, the lucid that went to -updates last week, was that from this cycle or the previous cycle?16:22
arabjf, the problem is that it is very difficult to plan this. We hadn't planned to test this week (nor in the next two weeks)16:22
arabjf, is it necessary to do a full testing if it was only 1 fix?16:23
bjfara, isn't this the week for cert. testing in the current cycle?16:23
bjfara, i've not looked at what was done to fix this regression, so i don't know how much testing is required16:25
arabjf, with all the changes that we have been doing to adapt to the different uploads, really, we lose track16:25
bjfara, not sure i'm following that, you are saying that there have been a number of unanticipated uploads (of kernels)?16:26
arabjf, there must be. If not, how we could have tested last week and also this one?16:31
ara(or 2 weeks ago)16:31
arathe kernel calendar only shows "one path" where, actually, every series follow their own cadence16:33
bjfara, that is true to a point, we try to keep them all in sync and as part of the same cadence16:34
sconklinara: I should have communicated this better. The intention was that with a single fix, this could receive light testing, and we could turn it quickly.16:35
sconklinThe next update will be large, and I didn't want to hold this fix for it.16:35
sconklinI'm pretty sure I discussed this with someone, but I didn't put it out to your team, as I should have.16:36
hertonbjf: previous cycle16:36
arasconklin, could you send to the mailing list the testing that you would be happy with?16:36
arasconklin, awesome, thanks16:37
* ara needs to log off now16:38
* bjf -> quick errand17:15
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* bjf -> back17:40
* apw performs extensive keyboard surgery18:29
ricotzapw, hello, what happened to the lucid kernel repos? it looks like there are only a few new commits, but pulling it results in  a massive download like after multiple rebases18:38
apwcan you pastebin the output of the pull please18:39
apwand when did you last pull?  as there may well have been some rebases18:39
apwfor the derivative branches18:39
ricotzi pulled yesterday and it already downloaded 170mb at 40%18:40
ricotzso it is still loading18:40
ricotzapw, http://paste.debian.net/125127/18:42
ricotzthe hash is from master branch18:42
apwwhen did this pull start18:42
ricotzlike 15min ago18:43
apwi think the natty lts backport may have been rebased today, but that seems like a lot of objects none the less18:43
apwif you are happy to let it finish i'd like to see which refs changed and from and to what18:44
ricotzyeah will do18:44
ricotzapw, http://paste.debian.net/plain/12513018:50
apwricotz, what do you use as transport?  git:// or http:// ?18:51
apwthe odd thing about that output is all of the updates are fast-forward updates, much as i would expect18:51
apwa few commits on any one branch.  why you got all those other objects is a mystery18:51
ricotzusing git://18:53
apwthen that is just bizarre, as i suspect if you got log --oneline | wc -l  on each of those xxx..yyy it won't add up to more than 3 or 4 commits18:54
ricotzweird, i need to check the repo config18:57
apwricotz, its not at all obvious how it could be your fault18:57
ricotzi use to define references to save download18:57
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apwricotz, there are three commits in those ..'s, so why you didn't get those three and only those three i have no idea19:03
ricotzapw, i have no idea, after a rebase it seems normal to a larger diff, but that seems not normal19:07
ricotzanyway thanks for looking at it19:08
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