mhall119oregon team is now loaded into loco-directory02:54
mhall119pleia2: now can I get my hour back?03:06
pleia2you have to submit a form03:08
pleia2unfortunately it takes about an hour to fill out :(03:09
mhall119I once built a time machine out of a cardboard box, but it only went into the future, and at the rate of one hour per hour.03:28
mhall119I should probably file a patent on that03:29
mhall119"Device and apparatus for slowly traveling through time in a single direction"03:29
mhall119then I can sue everybody03:29
pleia2I don't think my cardboard box time machine went any faster, it's a good thing I had an overactive imagination as a kid03:30
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locodir-userneed some help..10:59
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locodir-usercan u please help me to recover my ubuntu after false shutdown11:19
elkylocodir-user, you're better off asking in #ubuntu11:20
locodir-userubuntu 1011:30
locodir-usernow my filesystem is not mounting...can u please help how to mount filesystem using live cd11:31
elkylocodir-user, this is a channel for different questions. If you type '/join ubuntu' in the place you're typing messages to me, you will go to the channel that is for your question.11:50
elkyThere are many more people there to help you.11:50
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hjdHi all. This is a while ago, but is there any reason why I should receive an email telling me a team I am not member of has had their application as an Approved Loco Team declined? Is this sent to everyone who is an indirect member of ~locoteams?19:20
czajkowskihjd: you'd be down as the team contact for the team 19:22
czajkowskihjd: what team was this ?19:22
hjdhttps://launchpad.net/~linux-traipu 19:25
hjdI remember I had visited https://launchpad.net/~locoteams a couple of days before I got the email but I don't think I clicked on anything unless it was an accident.19:26
czajkowskiwell it;s not a locoteam 19:26
MirvFYI http://meegonetwork.fi/~kyber/ubuntu-meego-stand-asm2011/20110804_036.jpg :)19:26
czajkowskiunless you're getting muddled in team and locoteam tbh 19:26
hjdOh, and I go the email 22 May 2011, so as I said, it is a while ago.19:26
czajkowskihjd: well I'd hope it;s not a locoteam so :) 19:27
czajkowskias they would now be unapproved 19:28
hjdI just wondered as thought it was a bit strange I was notified about a team I'm not a member of.19:28
czajkowskihjd: ok lets try this, are you a member of a locoteam 19:29
hjdI am a member of ubuntu-no, which at least was an approved locoteam at that time (not too sure about current status :/)19:30
czajkowskiNo ?19:30
czajkowskihjd: team name ?19:31
hjdUbuntu Norge (https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-no)19:31
czajkowskiNorway is unapproved 19:32
hjdThat's what I suspected.19:33
hjdBut they were approved earlier this year, weren't they?19:35
hjds/they were/Norway was/19:35
paultagczajkowski: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-locoteams/+bug/78467719:35
ubot4paultag: Error: Bug #784677 is private.19:35
paultaglooks like they dropped off czajkowski 19:36
paultaghjd: is the team contact working on this?19:36
paultaghjd: I'll add you to the rport, what's your lp username?19:36
czajkowskipaultag: they expired due to not submitting an application 19:36
paultaghjd: it looks like no one bothered to file a re-application19:36
paultagczajkowski: yeah, but it's not end of cycle yet19:36
czajkowskiwe did say we were going to be stricter this cycle.19:36
czajkowskitrue not the end indeed. 19:36
czajkowskijust means more teams get extensions than others19:37
czajkowskijust trying to be fair is all 19:37
paultagI'd not hold it against them if they came up with a steller app19:37
czajkowskitrue 19:37
paultagbut I don't know that'll happen19:37
czajkowskibut if a team also doesnt know they've expired I am already worried 19:37
paultagczajkowski: truth19:37
paultaghjd: poke19:38
hjdpaultag: my lp username is "hjd". As for Norway re-application, I am not sure. It was mentioned a while back, but I am not sure how much have been done. I can try to poke some people there and see what happens I guess.19:38
paultaghjd: you're subscribed to the re-approval task bug19:39
paultaghjd: if you find anything out, positive or negitive, please let us know there19:39
czajkowskivia the bug 19:39
hjdpaultag: ah ok. 19:40
paultagthat way we can document it all nicely 19:40
czajkowskivia the bug 19:40
hjdpaultag: btw, do you know anything about the mail I got declining another team I am not a member of (see above)? I think it was addressed from you, actually.19:41
paultagoh christ19:41
czajkowskipaultag: oi language 19:41
paultaghjd: I don't have a clue19:41
paultaghjd: do you have a copy?19:41
paultaghjd: I send out so much mail I never know19:41
czajkowskihjd: only mails you should get from us are concerning locoteams19:41
hjdpaultag: http://paste.ubuntu.com/658837/19:43
hjdand I know it was sent ages ago and you have probably forgotten it :p19:44
paultagohhhhhhhhhhhh yes19:44
czajkowskiahh a sub team 19:44
czajkowskiit's not a locoteam 19:44
paultagsome team wanted locoteams-approved to join LINUX TRAIPU19:44
paultaghjd: so launchpad in all it's glory sends mail to every locoteams-approved member -- all 18,000 of them19:45
paultaghjd: I'm sorry, really :)19:45
czajkowskifile a bug on lp :) 19:45
paultagja :)19:46
paultagoh man, hjd parted19:49
paultagI need to tweek irssi to show joins/parts when I'm talking to someone19:50
czajkowskiI have them on ignore 19:51
paultagczajkowski: me too, but when I'm talking with someone, I like seeing them19:53
paultagso I know if someone parts19:53
czajkowskiif I cant tab complete their name I know 19:53
hjdpaultag: did you get the link to paste before I disconnected?19:53
paultagOh shucks :)19:53
paultaghe's back 19:53
paultaghey hjd 19:53
paultag19:44 < paultag> some team wanted locoteams-approved to join LINUX TRAIPU19:54
paultag19:45 < paultag> hjd: so launchpad in all it's glory sends mail to every19:54
paultaglocoteams-approved member -- all 18,000 of them19:54
paultag19:45 < paultag> hjd: I'm sorry, really :)19:54
paultaghjd: still with me?19:56
hjdpaultag: haha :) ok, that's all right. I just wondered what was going on, if Launchpad for some reason thought I was a member of that team or something...19:56
hjdalso sorry for disconnecting. I am not sure what19:57
paultaghjd: no it's quite alright :)19:57
paultaghjd: anything else I can do to help?19:57
hjd's going on with my network at the moment.19:57
paultagit's all good. Happens now and again :)19:57
hjdthe mystery of the email is solved, so I'm happy :)19:59
paultagOK, I'm off to head home20:00
paultaglove ya'll dearly20:00
paultaghjd: good luck! Let us know what's up :)20:00
hjdI'll talk to some of the Ubuntu Norway people and figure out what we do with the reapproval, btw.20:01
czajkowskihjd: thanks 20:02
chilicuilhi there, does anyone here is also joining the ubuntu global jam?, I'm currently trying to get into the action, and currently I've talked with my ubuntu  local team (ubuntu-mx), we already have the place, and we'd like to make it as best as we can, we're planning translating, fixing bugs (basic bugs), triaging, as well  as having tables for general support, I'd just like to ear advices, this will be our first ugj!, how many strings do20:40
pleia2your message cut off at "how many strings do"20:40
pleia2but wow, sounds like you are doing well with planning!20:41
chilicuildo u suggest?, how many bugs?, do u know of any free app to keep a track of our progress during the event?, any idea is welcome20:45
chilicuilpleia2 20:45
pleia2I've never run a big global jam, sorry20:45
czajkowskichilicuil: a good way is to set out what yo want to acomplish for the day 20:46
czajkowskiso welcome people20:46
czajkowskiintroduce people to reporting bugs on LP 20:46
czajkowskiteam people up who have no experience with people who do 20:46
czajkowskiwe often throw in a talk to break up the day 20:46
czajkowskithere is no min or max in bugs to do 20:46
czajkowskiit's more important to get people involved20:46
czajkowskiyou can have people do bugs 20:47
czajkowskidocumentation 20:47
czajkowskitranslations 20:47
czajkowskilots of choice 20:47
chilicuilczajkowski: I wonder if those days ppl in ubuntu-motu, ubuntu-bugs is specially available or any other channel to help us out in case we need some extra help, we also will like to make them feel special and involved with something bigger, maybe a channel or something where other teams will be sendings how well is it going for them20:49
chilicuilchilicuil: that's exactly how we're planning it, setting up groups for translating, bug triaging, and so on, it's almost completly organizated, but as we've never done it before any extra idea we thought could be no damage =)20:51
czajkowskichilicuil: well not sure about those channels,people idle20:53
czajkowskichilicuil: this channel helps out as well 20:53
chilicuilczajkowski: nice, we'll encorage ppl to join this channel in addition to the main ones, it's very exciting!20:55
czajkowskicool :) 20:55
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