fiberHi... I am setting up a media server that will have a monitor attatched to it.  I was wondering how the mythbuntu interface deals with media seen over the network (for example, if someone is connected to the network and has a shared folder with music on it)04:59
patdk-lapfiber, it doesn't05:07
patdk-lapmythtv is not a media client like that05:07
fiberpatdk-lap: hrm... can you recommend anything that would?05:07
patdk-lapdunno, I don't store my stuff like that05:08
fiberpatdk-lap: for sure... right now i'm considering just putting freeNAS on the server and have it be headless... but i have a spare monitor so i figured i could do something a bit fancier05:08
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DarthCaitSithI must be dense but i can't figure out how to get videos to show up. the faq says choose menu -> scan for changes but doesn't say how to acces the menu?07:26

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