snailhttp://ubuntu-nz.org/ doesn't seem like the most useful url to have in the title02:28
chiltssnail: slow day?02:28
ajmitchoh fun02:28
* ajmitch should find out how to fix that02:28
snailsomething like that02:28
ojwbit seems to pretty well summarise us I think02:29
snailapparently we have a contract linux admin starting up here shortly anyone know who it is?02:30
ajmitch'here' being?02:30
ibeardsleeI thought that had already been linked to the wiki page02:30
ajmitchibeardslee: used to be02:30
* ojwb wonders why it seemed a good idea to rename the text boot config on the CD from text.cfg to txt.cfg between lucid and natty02:30
ojwbI guess that extra character can be put to better use somewhere02:31
ibeardsleetxt spek?02:31
ajmitchfollowing the fine traditions of UNIX?02:31
ojwbajmitch: randomly renaming stuff?02:31
snailajmitch: 'here' being Victoria University of Wellington02:32
ajmitchojwb: a strong aversion to vowels02:32
snailfor april 1 we should do a distro where all executable files' names are mime-style base64 encoded02:34
snailor would anyone notice?02:35
ojwbajmitch: I'm reminded of that Ken Thompson quote: http://books.google.com/books?id=poFQAAAAMAAJ&q=%22spell+creat+with+an+e%22&dq=%22spell+creat+with+an+e%2202:37
chiltssnail: one time in Catalyst people changed their nicks to be the first 8 chars of their GPG key ... it was quite painful trying to figure out who was who02:37
chiltssnail: http://she.geek.nz/archives/394-more-crazy-times-in-catalyst.html02:37
ajmitchwho doesn't know their GPG ID?02:40
chiltshmm, I need to copy it from my old computer to this one02:44
ibeardsleeI have my business card taped to my monitor02:46
chiltsbecause you can't remember your name or who you work for?02:46
ibeardslee.. .. .. .. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 .. 2 1 0 .. for my gpg id02:48
ajmitchyou only need to know the last 8 characters02:49
ibeardsleemaybe I should use it as my password for a while .. help me remember02:52
ajmitcha rather public password02:54
ibeardsleeonly if you know it is being used as a password02:55
ajmitchnoone would ever know...02:56
ibeardsleewell .. hopefully I would02:58
ojwbjust make sure not to mention the idea in a public forum03:00
ojwbespecially not one which is logged03:00
ibeardsleeshould be all good if I delete my logs right?03:01
ojwbhmm, I think our fuse box just went clunk and is now buzzing03:02
ojwbprobably an enormous bee flew into it03:02
chiltsheh, this conversation is too much03:10
chiltsbest fun I've had on a Thursday afternoon ... since like 4 EVA03:10
ajmitchthat's a bit of a worry03:10
ojwbi phoned the electricity company but I'm not the account holder03:13
* ojwb sighs03:13
chiltsthat sucks03:15
ojwbyeah, though I understand03:16
ojwbat least fault reports skip the hold queue03:16
ojwbjenny's rung and they'll send someone round in 4-6 hours03:17
ojwbso I guess that's decided about python UG for me03:17
snailthere was a powercut in wellington a few weeks ago that effected the uni. a unit had a shiny new building with a shiny new generator to keep the wheels rolling if the power should go off. the generator supplied ~500 volts for the first 5 seconds. some of the gear didn't like that.03:25
snailon the plus side, they're all getting shiny new computers now...03:26
ibeardsleeno UPS?03:31
ojwbwhich reminds me, are power spikes, etc a big problem in NZ?03:31
ojwbi've notice in the electrical retailers they push surge filters quite hard03:32
ojwbbut I've also noticed the prices they charge for them are silly, so I wonder if that's just because they can make more on those than on the actual equipment03:33
ibeardsleethey do that because they can also sell extended warranties that are only valid if they have a surge protector03:34
ajmitchI think the power grid is fairly stable, but I've only lived down south, not in those dodgy areas like wellington03:35
snailI've twice lost equipment to lightning strikes in wellington residential/domestic buildings; in both cases the strikes were within 100 m of the equipment03:38
* ojwb makes a note not to move near snail03:39
snailIn hamilton I had a run of powercuts caused by boy-racers hitting power poles / transformers, but none of those fried hardware03:39
* ibeardslee is more than 100m away03:41
snailDoes someone have recommendations of surge filters ?03:49
ojwbsnail: there's probably a poster of you up in every store with "do not sell surge filters to this man" underneath03:50
snailojwb: i can think of worse things to be written under my photo.03:58
chiltsfor one04:00
ibeardsleebetter than "Not Wanted"04:04
snail"wanted dead or alive" with the second half scratched out04:07
ibeardsleeright xfce it is then19:45
ibeardsleelove the comment about not using unity21:46
ibeardsleein the comments, not the article21:46
chiltsnot surprising really .. he should just switch to XMonad :)21:47
snailhe's a long way from the target audience of gnome, and getting further away by the day22:16
ajmitchat least it's a friday morning22:19
ojwboh, very funny natty23:53
ojwbapt-get remove 'gnome-.*'23:53
ojwband it tries to install kde23:53
ibeardsleeojwb: is that to get a xfce desktop or somesuch?23:59

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