skaetcharlie-tca, Xubuntu Desktop 20110803.2 posted00:08
charlie-tcaalong with both alternates again ...00:08
charlie-tcaThanks, skaet00:08
charlie-tcacan the alternate tests be carried forward? the images did not change00:10
skaetcharlie-tca, if the manifests are the same,  or close enough,  should be fine.00:28
charlie-tcaexact match00:28
skaetcharlie-tca,  should be fine then.00:29
skaetcharlie-tca, sorry it was an oversite that the alternates got spun again.00:29
charlie-tcaI figured it had to be. No problem, I just don't have enough hours to run all the tests again00:30
charlie-tcaum, after all this stuff today, Xubuntu live session does *not* auto-login00:30
skaetsuperm1,  mythbuntu images posted00:37
skaetmythbuntu 2011080400:38
skaetNCommander,  I'm going to head to dinner now,  when Ubuntu DVD emerges,  please announce it here and #u-testing.00:50
NCommanderwill do00:50
skaetNCommander, thanks!00:50
NCommandercharlie-tca: ugh, do the images still work, or this an actual blocker?00:55
GrueMasterFinally, kubuntu-armel images downloaded - testing commencing.01:01
GrueMasterWow, this is much slower than Natty.01:48
GrueMasterScottK: Not going to be able to put a full effort into the Kubuntu arm images unfortunately.  I'm getting them to boot no problem, but I won't be able to run through all the apps like I did in Natty.02:12
GrueMasterSo far, the install is doing well, and no major issues (aside from extreme slowness on 8G Class 10 SD).  I'll try to run a net install later next week onto a USB drive to do a little more thorough beating.02:14
NCommanderubuntu-dvd is built02:20
charlie-tcaback from dinner and starting installs now02:28
charlie-tcafor Xubuntu02:28
ScottKGrueMaster: Thanks. Anything you can do is appreciated.03:03
charlie-tcapretty sure I will not be able to do all the install tests tonight on xubuntu03:11
charlie-tcawill have to finish tomorrow03:11
charlie-tcastill trying to get the first one done to see if it is working now03:12
charlie-tcaskaet, jibel, NCommander : Xubuntu desktop images fail03:27
charlie-tcaConfiguring target system... stuck03:27
charlie-tcamanifest shows gnome-keyring3.1.1-0ubuntu403:28
charlie-tcaI don't think we can publish the alpha3 milestone for Xubuntu03:33
charlie-tcaskaet, jibel, NCommander : please do NOT publish Xubuntu alpha3. The images are broken and will not install03:39
charlie-tcagetting a bug number03:39
charlie-tcabug 82073103:46
ubot4Launchpad bug 820731 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Oneiric Ocelot Xubuntu Desktop images fail to install (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82073103:46
ScottKskaet: Kubuntu is looking good.  We still have more testing to get done, but no show stoppers so far.  If you can find a volunteer to do some Wubi testing for us, that'd be great as I don't think we have anyone who can do it.04:09
ScottKI don't think it's essential for Alpha 3, but it'd nice to hit it on at least one image.04:09
ScottKWe could stand some amd64+mac help too, but I think I know someone who might be able to do that.04:11
NCommandercharlie-tca: k, I'll tell skaet not to publish05:44
ScottKNCommander: Do you know of anyone who can do wubi testing?05:57
ScottKOK.  Thanks.06:06
jibelcharlie-tca, skaet I can't reproduce 820731 and xubuntu 20110803.2 installs and boots fine.08:17
jibelcharlie-tca could you double check the checksums of the images you tested ?08:17
jibelUbuntu DVDs 20110804 are on the tracker but http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/dvd/20110804/ is empty10:18
stgraberskaet: rsync is pretty slow here. I'll need another hour and a half to download Edubuntu...13:17
nigelbstgraber: plz send more bandwidth? :)13:22
stgraberI found some old images around, running zsync on them now, hopefully it'll be faster13:25
stgraberdownload speed wasn't too bad, I was getting a pretty stable 1MB/s on a 10Mb/s internet but I'm downloading DVD images...13:26
skaetgood morning all14:08
charlie-tcagood morning14:09
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skaetstgraber,  you have the extra time.14:21
skaetjibel, charlie-tca - what's the latest with the Xubuntu images?14:22
charlie-tcaI can' t get them to work at all, jibel can' t get them to fail14:22
mdeslaurgah, swig2.0 in universe now has a swig package that superseded the swig1.3 package in main15:05
slangasekstgraber, ev: can you confirm that fixing the xubuntu autologin problem requires another (simple) reupload of casper?15:48
slangasekseems to affect mythbuntu as well15:51
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stgraberskaet: edubuntu is ready for release16:24
stgraberslangasek: simple upload of casper won't do it16:25
stgraberslangasek: it might fix mythbuntu though16:25
skaetstgraber: *\o/*  very glad to hear it.   :)16:25
skaetScottK,  can you put the updates for Kubuntu in the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/TechnicalOverview16:26
stgraberskaet, slangasek: New casper uploaded16:27
slangasekstgraber: what else is needed to fix xubuntu, then, if casper is insufficient?16:27
stgraberthis should fix autologin for environments where lightdm.conf already exists as a symlink and where "ubuntu" as a session exists16:27
stgraberslangasek: lightdm currently tries to run the "ubuntu" session, that doesn't exist with xubuntu16:28
stgraberslangasek: bug 80640816:28
ubot4Launchpad bug 806408 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "After xubuntu upgrade or installation, default session on greeter must be xubuntu (affects: 2) (heat: 24)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80640816:28
skaetsuperm1,  how do the mythbuntu images look?   are we good to release?16:29
superm1all that we were waiting on was whatever happened on the casper thing16:29
superm1we don't get a lot of people to pick up until beta usually though, so i'm fine release noting it if it's not figured out16:29
skaetsuperm1,  thanks.   ok, we'll release then.16:30
seb128skaet, I've added some desktop items to the technicaloverview, tremulox will still add some software center notes and I think we are good16:47
skaetseb128,  Thank you.  :)16:48
jibelseb128, do you think bug 815077 should be release noted? It has been reported many times.16:52
ubot4Launchpad bug 815077 in indicator-session (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "restart is missing from SessionMenu (affects: 57) (dups: 8) (heat: 288)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81507716:52
seb128jibel, hum, it seems worth adding to the notes yes16:52
seb128jibel, can you do it?16:52
jibelseb128, sure, I'll do16:53
charlie-tcaskaet: added bugs to release notes16:53
seb128jibel, thanks16:53
skaetcharlie-tca, thank you.!16:53
jibelDaviey, bug 820111 -> release notes ?17:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 820111 in mdadm (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 1 other project) "boot degraded question is asked twice (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82011117:01
ScottKskaet: I'll be at my computer in a little over an house.17:12
skaetScottK,  thanks.17:12
* Laney lends ScottK a grappling hook17:14
ScottKI think Kubuntu is good on i386, amd64, and armel.17:14
ScottKHouse / Hour17:15
ScottKAndroid autocorrect FTL.17:15
jibelskaet, Ubuntu is good, release notes reviewed and updated.17:16
skaetjibel,  thanks.    I've updated the QA tracker to remove the builds we're not shipping with.   Could you please review it and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/ReleaseImageContacts to make sure it matches your understanding as well.17:17
skaetstgraber,  has anyone done a sanity test on Edubuntu dvd i386,  am noticing it isn't marked as tested.17:18
stgraberskaet: I tested LTSP live, the live environment and I just finished an install17:19
jibelskaet, I'll remove powerpc and amd64+mac from the tracker, ok ?17:19
stgraberrebooting now to do one more test and I'll mark it as good17:19
skaetjibel,  yes.  I thought I got them already... guess I switched windows.  :P17:20
skaetthanks stgraber17:20
skaetthanks jibe17:20
skaetjibel even.  :)17:20
cyphermoxjibel, it's late now but xubuntu amd64 on bare metal worked here17:21
jibelcyphermox, thanks for confirming.17:23
stgraberskaet: done17:23
skaetstgraber,  goodness.   Thank you.17:23
jibelcharlie-tca, cyphermox test passed ^17:24
charlie-tcawhy won't they pass for me?17:25
charlie-tcaDo I have two bad computers?17:25
charlie-tcaboth images worked here monday17:26
cyphermoxthere has to be something special... where was it failing?17:26
charlie-tcabug 82073117:29
skaetNCommander, slangasek - the images for release are:17:29
ubot4Launchpad bug 820731 in casper (Ubuntu) "Oneiric Ocelot Xubuntu Desktop images fail to install (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82073117:29
skaetlubuntu cd (i386, amd64)17:29
skaetmythbuntu cd (i386, amd64)17:29
skaetedubuntu dvd (i386, amd64)17:29
skaetkubuntu cd (i386, amd64)17:29
skaetkubuntu alternate (i386, amd64)17:29
skaetkubuntu dvd (i386, amd64)17:29
skaetkubuntu arm (omap, omap4)17:29
skaetnetboot (i386, amd64, omap4)17:29
skaetubuntu server (i386, amd64)17:29
skaetubuntu cloud (cloud32, cloud64)17:29
skaetubuntu core (arm)17:29
skaetubuntu preinstall (omap3, omap4)17:29
skaetubuntu cd (i386, amd64)17:29
skaetubuntu alternate (i386, amd64)17:29
skaetubuntu dvd (i386, amd64)17:29
skaetNCommander, slangasek, jibel, stgraber, ScottK, smoser, Daviey,  please advise if any of these ^^ don't match your expectations.17:31
chrisccoulsonis it ok to upload stuff now? :)17:31
skaetchrisccoulson, hold off for a couple of hours please.  :)17:31
chrisccoulsonskaet, ok, no problem17:32
smoserskaet, above, 'cloud' should probably be better named 'cloud-images'17:32
smoseror 'cloudimg'17:32
smoserto differenciate cloud-host from cloud-guest17:32
slangasekskaet: do you know if they're all marked correctly in the tracker such that publish-image-set.py should DTRT?17:33
NCommanderskaet: I should have a kubuntu preinstall inthere and ubuntu-server17:33
slangaseksmoser: is "cloud-images" anything more than uec/ec2 with a new name?17:33
skaetslangasek,  I hope between me and jibel we've got them all now.  But please double check.  Lots of last minute churn.17:33
NCommander\/win 4017:35
smoserslangasek, in no way shape or form17:35
smosercloud-images == nothing more than uec/ec2 with a new name17:35
slangasekmarking xubuntu as failed on iso.qa so the publisher script DTRT17:38
skaetNCommander,  ubuntu server preinstall(omap3, omap4)17:38
jibelskaet, does ubuntu preinstall (omap3, omap4) include server and desktop ?17:39
NCommanderskaet: rightsorry, relooked at the list and its all there. eyes are play tricks17:40
NCommanderjibel: its a separate desktop and server image17:40
skaetNCommander, kubuntu preinstall (omap3, omap4)17:40
jibelNCommander, that is why I ask, it is not clear from the list above.17:40
skaetjibel, yeah it was an oversite tnot to make it explicit.  :)17:40
slangasekwell this is fun, 'bzr update' is failing with an error about trying to write to the branch :P17:41
slangasekskaet: tracker shows netinstall images from 20110729 for armel; are those meant to be published or not?17:48
slangasekI'm not sure where these images are anyway, there doesn't seem to be anything on antimony17:49
GrueMasterslangasek: netinstall images are only rebuilt when D-I is, not daily.17:49
skaetslangasek,  I was just looking at them too....17:49
slangasekGrueMaster: oh, then these should be named 'netboot' like the existing i386/amd64 ones17:49
* skaet nods17:49
skaetis the omap3 one ok?17:50
slangasekwho has access to fix those names?17:50
skaetjibel,  can you fix the names?17:50
GrueMasteromap3 (omap) is broken.  It leaves the image unbootable.17:50
skaetGrueMaster, so we're only to publish omap4 one correct?17:50
GrueMasterI'd ask NCommander.  If the fix can be pushed withpout changes to the image (i.e a package fix pulled during install), then we can publish it.17:51
GrueMasterHe knows the exact nature of the breakage.17:52
skaetNCommander,  ^^ netboot omap4 to be released or not?17:52
GrueMasteromap4 is good.  Don't confuse the two.17:52
GrueMasternetboot omap is the one in question.17:52
NCommanderskaet: what gruemaster said17:53
GrueMasterNCommander: Can you fix the omap boot.scr creation issue w/o changing the netboot image?17:53
skaetNCommander, Gruemaster thanks.17:53
skaetOk,  revised list (based on what I'm seeing in QA tracker) now is:17:54
jibelskaet, done17:54
skaetedubuntu dvd (i386, amd64)17:54
skaetkubuntu alternate (i386, amd64)17:54
skaetkubuntu desktop cd (i386, amd64)17:54
skaetkubuntu desktop arm (omap3, omap4)17:54
skaetkubuntu dvd (i386, amd64)17:54
skaetkubuntu arm (omap3, omap4)17:54
skaetlubuntu cd (i386, amd64)17:54
skaetmythbuntu cd (i386, amd64)17:54
skaetnetboot (i386, amd64, omap4)17:54
skaetubuntu alternate (i386, amd64)17:54
skaetubuntu core (arm)17:54
skaetubuntu desktop cd (i386, amd64)17:54
skaetubuntu desktop preinstall (omap3, omap4)17:54
skaetubuntu dvd (i386, amd64)17:54
skaetubuntu server (i386, amd64)17:54
skaetubuntu server preinstall (omap3, omap4)17:54
skaetubuntu cloud images (cloud32, cloud64)17:54
skaetNCommander,  can you please start the publishing off for the above.17:55
NCommanderskaet: the script doesn't work for me I'm getting IOError17:55
NCommanderdebugging it but until thats done ...17:56
slangasekNCommander: pastebin me a full python backtrace?17:56
skaetNCommander,  ack.  Lots for me to do in the interim... ;)17:57
NCommanderslangasek: http://paste.ubuntu.com/658775/17:57
slangasekNCommander: mmk... no http proxy in the way either?17:58
slangasekNCommander: grab a network trace with wireshark to see what's going on?17:59
NCommanderslangasek: I just ran it on another machine and it worked18:00
NCommanderso my laptop foobared18:00
slangasekso there are still two images on there that the script doesn't know how to handle yet: Kubuntu Desktop Arm, Ubuntu Core armel18:00
slangasekwe might as well get those sorted in the script, so we don't have to do it by hand next time as well...18:01
slangasekactually, the first one is another case of inconsistent naming on the tracker18:02
GrueMasterWhat is the difference between Kubuntu Arm and Kubuntu Desktop Arm?  I don't even see a Kubuntu Arm listed.18:02
NCommanderwas publish-release modified to handle the tgz of ubuntu-core?18:02
slangasekjibel: can Kubuntu Desktop Arm (omap) be renamed to Kubuntu Desktop armel+omap on the tracker, please, and likewise for omap4?18:02
slangasekGrueMaster: no difference; it might be more correct to call this 'Kubuntu Preinstalled'?18:03
slangasekah, the publisher code actually assumes that any armel images are preinstalled18:04
slangasekand maps 'Desktop' to 'preinstalled-desktop'18:05
slangasekso that's fine18:05
GrueMasterWe also have kubuntu mobile.  I would say keep it at Kubuntu Desktop Arm, same as we have for Ubuntu Desktop18:05
slangasekit still needs fixing to Kubuntu Desktop armel+$subarch18:05
jibelslangasek, done18:05
slangasekjibel: thanks :)18:05
slangaseknow to teach the script about Ubuntu Core18:05
GrueMasterAh, that looks good.18:06
* slangasek whines at the inconsistent directory layout of ubuntu-core18:09
slangasekI don't think publish-release is going to be able to handle this at all18:10
slangasekconvention is $project/daily-$imagetype/$date18:10
slangasekubuntu-core is using $project/$date18:11
davmor2slangasek: it's been like that for ever :D possibly due to there only being Ubuntu on the first release18:12
GrueMasterSo it needs a ./daily/$DATE format.  I see.  Kind of adds an unneeded layer for now, but for future...18:12
NCommanderskaet: did we spin a source image?18:13
slangasekdavmor2: no, this is a new image called ubuntu-core which is defying the convention18:13
slangasek"ubuntu-core" != "ubuntu"18:13
davmor2slangasek: Ah okay18:14
NCommanderslangasek: publish-release is probably going to break miserably18:14
GrueMasterdavmor2: Think of ubuntu-core as an SOC independent extremely minimal chroot environment.18:14
slangasekGrueMaster: well, I need to get this fixed up to even be able to run the publishing scripts for it.  But first I want to figure out where ubuntu-core images are being *generated*, since it doesn't seem to be part of the public cdimage repo18:14
slangasekah no, just looking in the wrong place18:15
slangasekfound it18:15
GrueMasterAsk infinity.18:15
NCommanderslangasek: we need a source image rebuild, last rebuild was 2011070718:15
NCommanderslangasek: you won't happen to know the arcanic ruins for that offhand18:16
NCommander^- skaet18:17
slangasekNCommander: I thought it was always built as part of the alternate CD build18:17
NCommanderI thought it was a separate set of ruins. Either way, the image is horribly out of date18:17
slangasekwhere do you even see it?18:17
NCommanderthe publish-image-set list has source on there which is why I checked to see if its been rebuilt18:19
slangasekhmm, that's not how it was being built last time I turned the crank18:19
NCommanderthe crank obviously has been changed :-/18:19
slangasekand someone didn't save the crank info in the authoritative crontab :)18:20
NCommandershould be CRANK but it kinda works either way18:20
slangasekthere's a bin/cron.source; I'll try running it18:21
NCommanderslangasek: k18:21
GrueMasterDoesn't follow naming conventions either.  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/source/current/source/.  Should be http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/source/current/.  Also, natty images shouldn't be in the daily dir.18:21
NCommanderGrueMaster: source images are rarely used in the internet age18:21
NCommanderGrueMaster: we forgot to publish them with natty release and the bug didn't come until 2 months later :-/18:22
GrueMasterI know, but if we are building cdimages for them, they should at least conform to standards.18:22
NCommanderGrueMaster: agreed18:22
NCommanderslangasek: i got a source-20110804.log, looks like that was the right cran18:23
NCommanderI'll publish everything else why we're waiting18:23
* skaet nods18:25
ScottKskaet: Those match my expectations.  Please save the Kubuntu Desktop images for powerpc and amd64+mac as I have potential testers for them and we may be able to release them late.18:25
slangasekScottK: how "late"?  Do you want us to leave the cronjob disabled for kubuntu desktop for a few days?18:27
ScottKslangasek: Please.  The amd64+mac tester is traveling to the desktop summit right now.18:27
slangasekskaet, NCommander: ^^ so we leave kubuntu desktop disabled in cron after release18:28
skaetScottK, I deleted them from the iso tester after your indication we wouldn't be publishing,  but I'll see if they can be re-added.  (after we put the release out).18:28
skaetslangasek,  ack.  :)18:28
ScottKskaet: Thanks.  As long as we have the images somewhere, I think the ISO tracker is less important.18:29
ScottKskaet: Looking at tech overview now.18:29
NCommanderslangasek: we're ignoring oversize for this cycle, due to transtitions?18:29
skaetNCommander,  yes18:30
* NCommander is reconfirming18:30
slangasekskaet: what transitions are in progress that we should be leaning on immediately post-release?18:32
skaetslangasek, probably we should get together with cjwatson and pitti early next week, and do some prioritization/leaning.   We knew we would be oversized right now.18:36
skaetslangasek,  also need to get decision about USB/DVD image made.18:36
skaetshrink down DVD to 1.5G18:37
slangasekdid we ever actually decide *what* we want to cut to get it there?18:37
slangasekI think that was the problem; we had a wide ranging discussion at UDS that identified lots of things that were expendable, but no firm decision on what to keep and what to cut18:38
NCommanderslangasek: with the expect of source, we're published18:40
slangasekNCommander: and -core?18:41
NCommanderer,expection of core and source:-)18:41
skaetNCommander,  let me know when its started showing up on the mirrors.18:42
NCommanderskaet: I haven't ran sync mirrors yet, still waiting for source to build18:42
NCommanderslangasek: core going to require significant changes to publish-release to publish18:42
slangasekrather, I need to change the daily build scripts for it, munge the existing tree, and then teach publish-release about it using the existing model18:43
NCommanderthat works too, although sounds timeconfusingly annoying18:44
slangasekit's the right way around18:45
ScottKskaet: Kubuntu bits in the tech overview.18:53
slangasekah, infinity co-opted build-livecd-base to do the ubuntu-core building, hum18:57
smoserskaet, slangasek cloud-images are ready. If i am not around, please ping utlemming and he can push the release button.19:01
skaetScottK,  just scanned through.  Looks good,  thanks.19:01
smoserif *that* fails, then call my cell.19:01
skaetsmoser,  you can start pushing the button now.19:01
skaetrest are going out.19:01
smoserwell then, button being pushed.19:01
skaetAnnounce will happen when the mirrors are showing them.19:02
smoserutlemming, i have the above ^19:02
slangasekskaet, smoser: I think we're probably ready to pull the lever on cloud, no?19:03
slangasekah yes, so you said :)19:03
smoserits being pulled.19:03
NCommandersource is done, publishing19:04
slangasekpublish-image-set taught about Ubuntu core images19:10
skaetThanks slangasek!19:12
NCommanderslangasek: thecommand itself doesn'twork19:13
* NCommander kicks his space19:13
NCommandercdimage@antimony:~/cdimage$ ARCHES='armel' for-project ubuntu publish-release daily-preinstalled 20110802 preinstalled-core no alpha-319:13
NCommanderNo daily for oneiric armel on 20110802!19:13
slangasekNCommander: yeah, these ubuntu-core images have been built in a way that defies all the conventions19:14
slangasekdo we *have* to release these with alpha3?  Can I kick it back to infinity and make him do it over? :P19:14
NCommanderit shouldn't really be preinstall19:14
NCommanderit should be rootfs19:14
slangasekI think that's a gratuitous name difference19:15
NCommanderand ++ slangasek's idea19:15
NCommanderslangasek: generally when I think of preinstall, I think of an all in one solution; not some assembly required like I think with core :-P19:15
Davieyskaet: Everything on track for server iso's?19:15
NCommanderslangasek: its not the only rootfs ship we've shipped Kubuntu Mobile was a rootfs on N900 and shipped as daily-live19:16
skaetDaviey,  yes,  smoser's pushed the button to publish cloud image,  we've pushed out server19:16
skaetDaviey,  waiting for them to be picked up, visible, etc. now.19:17
NCommanderskaet: I haven't pushed sync-mirrors, nothing should push out until I do19:17
* skaet makes a note to update a link in the TechOverview.19:17
Davieyskaet / smoser: good cookies.19:18
Davieyskaet: I already did earlier :)19:18
skaetThanks Daviey !  :)19:18
slangasekNCommander: kubuntu-mobile-11.04-preinstalled-mobile-armel+omap4.img.gz <-- not a rootfs tarball, at least19:19
NCommanderit was a rootfs:-P19:20
* NCommander scurvies out of sight19:20
NCommanderslangasek: stillnot happy publishing core despite the name change19:24
charlie-tcaDid anyone find a reason I can't install the Xubuntu desktop images?19:25
slangasekNCommander: yep, I've constructed a for-project commandline by hand now; am going back to adjust publish-image-set accordingly19:26
slangasekNCommander: so ubuntu-core/releases now exists, so I guess everything's good now?19:26
slangasekthe source image is built too19:26
NCommanderslangasek: yeah, just need to sanity and cross-check19:26
NCommandercharlie-tca: bah, you didn't want Xubuntu A3 published, did you due to the broken image?19:27
charlie-tcaUntil we find why it is not installing on hardware19:27
NCommanderOh good19:27
NCommanderI had enough forsight to delete it out of the tracker last night which caused it not to publish19:27
slangasekcharlie-tca: how is it failing?19:27
NCommanderCarry on :-)19:27
Davieysmoser / utlemming: Can one of you two drive getting the updated template/theme for cloud-images.* .. lacking branding!19:28
charlie-tcait hangs at "Configuring target system" on both 32bit and 64bit computers19:28
charlie-tcaslangasek: bug 82073119:29
ubot4Launchpad bug 820731 in casper (Ubuntu) "Oneiric Ocelot Xubuntu Desktop images fail to install (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82073119:29
slangasekskaet: we have an action item for infinity (or someone) to clean up the publishing of ubuntu-core images; the current publishing is a complete bodge repurposing a script that wasn't meant to be used this way, and the filenames are (IMHO gratuitously) different from any other images we've built before which means they either need to have their names changed or publish-release needs to be extended to know about them19:30
skaetslangasek,  yup agree.19:30
slangasek(would really prefer the former; it's not scalable to have publish-release work with every filename under the sun)19:30
slangasekfortunately, this is why we have alphas so we get these issues shaken out before beta ;)19:30
NCommanderslangasek: right, so I'm doing the final cross-check and we still have edubuntu and desktop A2 release folders19:31
Davieycharlie-tca: Isn't gnome-power-manager being deprecated?19:31
NCommandershould I bring death to them?19:31
charlie-tcaI don't know. Xubuntu doesn't use it19:31
skaetslangasek,  indeed it is.   Will add it to the actions on the weekly agenda so it gets tracked there, but we'd best follow up offline.19:31
charlie-tcacasper should not require gnome-power-manager19:32
slangasekNCommander: yes, those directories should be moved to ~/cdimage/old-images/{releases,edubuntu/releases}/oneiric19:33
charlie-tcaDaviey: casper should be generic, shouldn't it?19:33
slangasekDaviey: s/deprecated/rendered worthless by GNOME upstream design decisions/, ITYM :P19:34
Davieycharlie-tca: ack, sure is a bug - looks like bdmurray identified the location.19:34
Davieyslangasek: :D19:34
NCommanderold images cleared out19:34
charlie-tcaHow do I get that fixed now?19:35
NCommanderwith the exception of ubuntu-core old ones19:35
slangasekNCommander: in what sense is ubuntu-core an exception?19:36
NCommanderskaet: slangasek bah, edubuntu dvd never made it onto the tracker! its untested AFAIK19:36
slangasekdid you mean xubuntu maybe?19:36
NCommanderslangasek: it has old those folders ofold builds19:36
DavieyWould seeding gnome-power-manager in Xubuntu cause any problems for A3?19:36
slangasekNCommander: ok - but you weren't actually clearing out old dailies or anything.  just making sure :)19:37
charlie-tcaDirect conflict with xfce4-power-manager, yes19:37
slangasekNCommander: I see edubuntu dvd on the tracker just fine19:37
skaetNCommander,  edubuntu DVD has been tested by stgraber,  and he's signing off on the images.19:37
* NCommander shutsup19:37
NCommanderright, I'm idiot19:38
NCommanderignore me19:38
skaetNCommander,  much rather you ask if something seems like an anomoly.  :)19:38
stgraberedubuntu definitely was on the tracker, I even left comments for each of the tests ;)19:38
slangasekis everything published to our satisfaction?  Time to hit 'sync-mirror' (if you haven't already, NCommander?)19:39
NCommanderslangasek: looks good to me, the diff is in/tmp/diff if you want to review19:40
NCommanderslangasek: BTW, do you know how to edit the cdimage.u.c./netboot page? Its out of date19:40
slangasekNCommander: edit by hand19:40
slangasekNCommander: pass on reviewing the diff, TL;DR :)19:41
NCommanderslangasek: I'llpost the index.html diff,the tree diff is already up19:41
NCommanderslangasek: http://paste.ubuntu.com/658839/19:44
GrueMasterErm, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-core/daily-preinstalled/ has no files anymore.19:45
NCommanderGrueMaster: it will get fixed when I smack the sync-mirror script19:45
slangasekGrueMaster: rather, I suspect they're still syncing19:45
slangasekthey weren't in ubuntu-core/daily-preinstalled before, but ubuntu-core/*... since they've moved, they have to resync19:46
slangasekNCommander: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/oneiric/ might have the wrong list of images?19:46
NCommanderslangasek: http://paste.ubuntu.com/658841/19:46
NCommanderslangasek: just finished that :-)19:47
GrueMasterNot sure that they are preinstalled.19:47
slangasek(like the non-existent 'versatile' one)19:47
slangasekNCommander: ack19:47
NCommanderare we finally ready to hit sync-mirror?19:47
slangasekGrueMaster: well, as said above, the ubuntu-core images that have been published are currently a total bodge; we can rename them for the next milestone once we get some clarity around what they're supposed to be / do19:48
slangasekNCommander: yes19:48
NCommandercrank turned19:48
persiaslangasek, What sort of clarity are you seeking?19:49
NCommanderpersia: thats a loaded question if I've ever seen one :-P19:50
=== hggdh_ is now known as hggdh
slangasekpersia: so if these images really need to use completely different filenames (rootfs.tar.gz instead of one of the many other already-recognized types), then someone needs to take care of adding support to publish-release et al. for this; and the current daily publishing that abuses publish-livecd-base instead of using publish-daily like all the others means that bits of the directory structure are missing, and image rotation isn't happ19:53
slangasek... publish-release doesn't know how to deal with it19:53
slangasekso the differences in how these images are handled vs. the existing ones need to be accounted for19:53
persiaslangasek, Ah, right.  Yeah, the names were sadly broken.  Filetype is correct, but the rest of the name is not.19:54
NCommanderlaptop battery is about to go poof, brb19:55
slangasekpersia: also, there's the question of whether we think these should be published as cdimage.u.c/releases/oneiric/$milestone/ubuntu-core-*, or cdimage.u.c/ubuntu-core/releases/oneiric/$milestone/ubuntu-core-*, or releases.u.c/releases/oneiric/ubuntu-core-*19:55
persiaI've never really understood how the decisions for any of those options were taken.19:56
slangasekrough consensus :)19:57
persiaBy ~ubuntu-cdimage, or some other group?19:59
jibelKubuntu Desktop (amd64+mac|powerpc) 20110803.1 restored on tracker20:00
slangasekpersia: I think it's ubuntu-release with input from TB as well as Canonical IS on questions of feasibility20:01
ScottKjibel: Thanks.20:01
persiaslangasek, Ah, that makes sense.  Thanks.20:02
* NCommander drums his fingers while waiting for the sync to finish20:15
NCommand1rmy VPS just went to uber-slow mode :-(20:21
NCommand1rslangasek: did you get my ping?20:21
NCommand1ralso, any chance I can slip away for 30m and grab lunch?20:22
NCommand1rI'm going ot grab lunch. I have my phone on me and will be on Mobile IRC if needed20:29
slangasekNCommand1r: I believe we're done now, so enjoy your lunch :)20:31
slangasekskaet: ^^ AFAIK everything's published20:32
Davieysoft-freeze thawed now?21:18
jbichahi, very minor thing but the title for http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/oneiric/alpha-3/ says Daily Build21:42
jbichathe alpha 2 page has it correct21:42
skaetjbicha,  you're seeing mirroring effects.21:43
skaetI was having it too.21:43
jbichaskaet: thanks21:43
skaetall,  Alpha 3 is now released.21:44
slangasekjbicha: is it fixed with a shift-reload?21:46
slangasekah, no, it's still out there21:46
DavieyShows Alpha 3 for me.21:46
slangasekskaet: what does IS say the current max disk footprint for cdimage is?21:47
skaetNComander,  slangasek, stgraber, charlie-tca - very much appreciate your help with getting this one out the door!  Thank you!!21:47
skaetslangasek,  1 T,  they're about to move to a 2T system.21:47
skaetthey were waiting until we got this release out.21:47
charlie-tcaI feel like I didn't do so much this time.21:48
slangasekskaet: hrm, that doesn't sound right; we've never been above 600GB21:48
skaetslangasek,  I'm going from memory of a conversation - will double check.21:48
slangasekjbicha: can you still reproduce the "Daily Build" problem?21:52
jbichaslangasek: no, thanks21:58
slangasekI'm not 100% certain it's fixed, so if you (or anyone else) sees it again, please let me know21:58
bdmurrayDoes anybody happen to know what Natty has no datereleased using the API?22:24
slangasekno idea what that references; I only know about release dates for milestones in LP, not series22:28
skaetScottK,  there's a fair amount of kubuntu/*/hardy/ space being used on cdimage,  can it go to old-images?23:09
ScottKskaet: Yes.23:19
skaetScottK,  thanks23:20
infinityslangasek: Sorry about not thinking about releases publishing with ubuntu-core beforehand.  Will fix a bit more permanently when I get home (and argue with people about naming, if they feel the need to bikeshed)23:23
slangasekinfinity: ack and thanks :)23:40
infinityslangasek: Want to mail me a grumpy reminder about it?  I'm about to pass out, then spend a day on trains and planes, so who knows if I'll remember the last few hours. :P23:42
slangasekinfinity: sent23:44
slangasekyou can tell it's a grumpy reminder because I only have one smiley in the body23:44
infinityslangasek: :P23:44

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