DarkwingDuckAnyone ever played with zeya before?00:33
DarkwingDuckAnyone about to test something for me?00:51
* pleia2 waves to DarkwingDuck 02:11
jyopleia2: Yeah, Rubik's Cube competition in Berkeley on Sunday. Sorry partimus people.03:54
pleia2doh :)03:57
philipballewhas anyone here ever sat up a cron job? whats the best way to do it. It seems there are several but one way might be the best19:19
akkThe easiest way is to put a script in cron.hourly, daily, weekly etc.19:24
akkIf you need more control than that, use crontab (man crontab gives you the options).19:24
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philipballewakk. im just makin a rsync job say all I was gonna run was rsync -azv  /home /myusername  /path/to/externalharddrive19:25
philipballewits a pretty easy thing, but was unsure if there was a correct way to do it. haha19:26
akkWhen and how often? That's the issue with cron.19:26
philipballewhum. every week was what i was gonna think19:26
akkIf you don't care exactly when, just make a script and put it in cron.weekly.19:27
philipballewseemes easy enough.  #!/bin/sh seemes like the bwst way to go then19:29

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