DammitJimmhall119 or MichelleQ , ping01:57
MichelleQwhat's up, DammitJim02:04
DammitJimI wanted to let you guys know that I went ahead and ordered a new A/C02:04
MichelleQoh good.  :-) 02:04
DammitJimI talked to a couple of guys and they said that one can refill with R22 or 134a02:04
DammitJimbut you still need to figure out where the refrigerant leaked out02:05
DammitJimand if there is a leak in the radiator coils, that's not easy to fix02:05
DammitJimI have someone's number here in Orlando if you want to recharge it02:06
MichelleQit's gonna have to wait for a bit, but eventually, yeah02:06
himurakenWhich release is Qimo 2 based off of?23:58

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