NivexI installed xfce on my netbook last night and the Applications Menu is empty when I click on it, but there's plenty there when I bring up the menu editor12:25
holsteinNivex: the right-click one? or both?12:40
holsteinis this in 11.10?12:40
Nivexthe app menu in the panel. 11.0412:41
holsteindid you instal XFCE or xubuntu-desktop?12:42
Nivexxfce4 and a few other choice packages12:42
NivexI thought maybe it was the configs I imported, so I backed up ~/.config/xfce4 and got it out of the way. Panels all snapped back to defaults but the apps menu was still shot :(12:43
holsteinwho knows what customizations happen though12:45
holsteinto make xubuntu12:45
holsteini would think you could get a fairly generic functional XFCE though...12:45
Nivexodd... I picked the xubuntu session instead of the xfce session this time (first time I saw that in the login) and the apps menu is there12:45
NivexIf I can get things tweaked where I want them I might pull GNOME off this thing entirely12:46
holsteinthats what we are doing with ubuntustudio12:46
holsteinthe xubuntu team is quite active too12:46
Nivexalso trying to get compiz to work, not because I need all the fancy effect, but because the screen updates are smoother with acceleration12:50
Nivexbut xfce and compiz aren't as tightly integrated as under gnome12:50
Nivexyep, definitely the difference between "Xfce session" and "Xubuntu session" for getting the applications menu to work. Very strange.12:53
Nivexnot sure what I installed where12:53
Nivexoh charming. running compiz, I hit Alt+Space to bring up the window context menu and it crashes12:59
NivexI think I'll give up on compiz for now. found the xfce settings editor (omg hax!) and turned on compositing. Seems to work OK.13:08

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