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thafreakMorning Ohio14:11
thafreakAnyone around today?14:11
thafreakping -b
paultagReply from i.am.pault.ag: bytes=32 time=240s TTL=5214:20
paultagReply from i.am.pault.ag: bytes=32 time=240s TTL=5214:21
dzhothafreak: no, I am not around14:52
thafreakanyone see this: https://github.com/devstructure/blueprint16:13
thafreakreverse engineer's your server's setup, and spits out a puppet or chef config to re-create your server16:14
thafreaki haven't tried it yet though16:14
dzho> Oracle Linux Premier Support costs $2,299 per year on a four-socket x64 server, while a RHEL Premium support contract costs $6,498 for a one-year term.19:39
dzhodear sweet fsm, I had no idea they charged that for support.19:39
thafreakyou ever see what canonical charges?19:43
thafreakIt's like $800 for desktop support19:43
thafreakit's still cheaper though19:43

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