orangeninjahello everybody!00:10
vychuneyo orangeninja00:10
orangeninjahey vychune00:12
cyberangerwrst: oh, you meant pulling for me to stick around?00:26
cyberangerin tennessee00:26
* cyberanger would rather have chattanooga over knoxville, closer, smaller, no moving for that pay increase (double my last job, and double the hours too)00:27
vychuneChatt town baby00:27
vychunewent there once and loved it00:28
cyberanger(at this point though, rather chase a job than stick around, it's easy to to come back from sucess, than stick around for failure)00:28
vychune*hgih five*00:28
cyberangervychune: live outside it, has it's issues like any city, but yeah, it's a great place00:29
vychunemy teacher left Memphis to go back so i think it better there lol00:29
cyberangerdunno I have the job yet, but I know they've invested enough to find a good reason to not hire me (no reasons exist) or hire me00:29
cyberangervychune: oh, apples and orangeninja's00:30
cyberangerdon't even try to compare memphis to chattanooga00:30
vychuneHEY! dont be dissing my city bruh lol00:30
cyberangermaybe nashville, I love it and hate it, I think it's the politics, they try so hard to mimic DC00:31
cyberangeror maybe the country music (I'm into Rock, idk)00:31
vychunelove rock00:31
vychuneonly black guy at my school that would admit it lol00:31
cyberangerbut it's nice, great lug, hacker group, confrences like PhreakNIC00:32
cyberangersmall cafes nice colleges00:32
cyberangermemphis, it's got charms too, but just like atlanta, I don't think I'd live too close00:32
vychunewhats the difference between FreakNIC and PhreakNIC?00:33
cyberanger(I don't even live all that close to chattanooga, but the mountain ranges make for a good buffer00:33
cyberangervychune: dyslexia? http://www.phreaknic.info/pn15/00:35
cyberanger(horrible joke, had a DiNizzo moment, from the NCIS Pilot ep. "Is NCIS anything like CSI" DiNizzo: "Only if your dyslexic")00:37
cyberangervychune: unless you were thinking of something actually called FreakNIC00:37
vychunefrom at alanta00:37
vychunenice NCIS referance lol00:37
vychunelord myt spelling lol00:38
vychuneand typing00:38
cyberangerNIC comes from your network card the Network Information Controller, Phreak from Phone Preaking, a hacker confrence in Nashville00:39
cyberangerand Freaknic, I take it this describes it, http://articles.latimes.com/2010/apr/16/nation/la-na-freaknic16-2010apr1600:40
cyberangerif my Google-fu is up to par00:40
vychuneGoogle-fu? lol00:40
cyberangeroh, and PhreakNIC is late this year, this will make up for missing so many confrences00:44
cyberangereven if I get to OLF in Ohio, I usually goto two or three a year, so far it's zero00:45
cyberangerand I missed "the last HOPE" & "the next HOPE" (in that order, kinda funny)00:46
cyberangernow there are more hacker/security confrences & I miss them over & over again00:46
cyberanger(wreaked a car hours before loading up the same car for PhreakNIC in 2008, so yeah, that didn't work)00:47
cyberangergotta head to the store, didn't realize it was this late, bbia(very short)b00:47
* cyberanger mmm fresh from the baker01:12
vychunewhat you get01:13
cyberangeran .89 loaf of bread01:13
cyberangerbut it pretty much is fresh from the baker, and cheap at that price01:14
cyberanger(we've got some bakers in town, and McKee Food's makers of Little Debbie's and other treats, head to the outlet store when they overdue it (about every day) and something is dirt cheap)01:15
cyberangerget's me another 4-5 on the exp. date, however usually it's gone twice as fast (bought at half the price for the same amount, I'll live with that)01:15
cyberangerran out of all my bread, needed something to assist the cheeseburger for dinner01:16
cyberangerif PhreakNIC does another Foxhunt, I'll trade thanksgiving for it, man it sounds like an awesome confrence01:20
vychunesounds fun01:21
vychuneand FireFox related01:21
cyberangerfun, yes, Firefox, no (however I wouldn't mind some firefox hacking myself)01:22
cyberangerlemme see here ....01:22
cyberangervychune: http://www.newplans.net/WiFi/Games/Basics.htm01:23
* cyberanger has thought about playing like a dirty bastard, load up points of the city with some celluar equipped sensors, catch the bugger from the hotel >:-)01:29
linuxman410anyone here01:42
Unit193Nope, just us chickens01:43
vychunesup linux01:43
linuxman410Unit193 lubuntu flies on my acer aspire one01:43
vychunethe Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuu01:44
Unit193linuxman410: Aye, if it's any type of new it's going to FLY!01:44
linuxman410vychune yes lubuntu01:44
vychunei love lubuntu01:44
vychuneneed to burn a cd for it01:44
linuxman410vychune i change to lubuntu when ubutu went to unity01:45
vychunei understand thq01:45
vychuneim using natty though01:46
vychuneon gnome 201:46
linuxman410as far as i am concerned i do not like unity or gnome 301:46
vychuneshould have gopt lubuntu however01:46
vychunesame here01:46
* Unit193 is using Lubuntu and Xubuntu natty (And oneirics in VMs)01:47
linuxman410well i am going to go later01:48
vychunethink youll ever use unity?01:48
vychuneoh bye lol01:48
Unit193http://ubuntuone.com/p/17xS/ for Lubuntu 11.10 (Not stable)01:48
vychunes/stable/finished means?01:49
vychunesee code like that all the time what is that?01:50
Unit193It's sed syntax for switchout the word "stable" for "finished"01:50
vychuneoh ok01:50
vychunei know what stable means!01:50
vychuneis it beta at least?01:50
Unit193The words differ a little01:51
Unit193Not yet! Still alpha almost 301:51
vychuneoh no01:51
vychunei dont want that versoin then lol01:51
Unit193No you do not, that's why I gave a warning! I do tests mostly for Xubuntu, but a little for Lubuntu (It's not easy doing it for two :/)01:52
cyberangervychune: no, never02:27
cyberangervychune: run in a terminal "echo this isn't stable | sed s/stable/finished/"02:28
cyberangerthat'll answer that02:28
cyberangerit's a unix geekspeak02:28
cyberanger(if you want a visual, maybe it's my sense of wordplay as humour, but I like it)02:29
cyberangerUnit193: I'd say easy isn't the issue, rather time is, it's time consuming02:30
cyberangerand LXDE works, idk where Lubuntu's snag is, and it's making me wonder if waiting for it, to have a toehold in ubuntu still is worth it)02:30
cyberanger(I'd run Ubuntu servers, but the incentive over debian for that is /dev/null so idk)02:31
Unit193Eh, Lubuntu is nice. We just need to keep you as head poncho :D02:34
* cyberanger sees no rain02:36
Unit1931. noun. Used to describe the leader of a pack. Similar to head hancho except a much better leader and awsomer.02:37
cyberangeroh, well thanks (however one should note, currently I have no offical leadership role atm)02:38
Unit193I gorfot. What would I know matters of TN? ;)02:44
vychuneyeah say that again Unit19302:45
cyberangergorfot, your having an intresting night aren't you02:45
vychunelogging off02:47
cyberangervychune: why?02:47
vychuneempathy is slowing me down02:48
vychunebrb gonna get irssi02:48
cyberangervychune: ah, well, enjoy your night then02:48
cyberangeror get a better client ;-)02:48
vychuneill brb02:48
cyberangerElection & Meeting Tommorow at 8:30 PM EDT/7:30 PM CDT | Welcome to the Ubuntu Tennessee Team IRC Channel | Members add your info http://tr.im/nogt | Ask about our Wiki Jams02:49
=== cyberanger changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-tn to: Election & Meeting Tommorow at 8:30 PM EDT/7:30 PM CDT | Welcome to the Ubuntu Tennessee Team IRC Channel | Members add your info http://tr.im/nogt | Ask about our Wiki Jams
=== cyberanger changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-tn to: Election & Meeting Tommorow August 4th at 8:30 PM EDT/7:30 PM CDT | Welcome to the Ubuntu Tennessee Team IRC Channel | Members add your info http://tr.im/nogt | Ask about our Wiki Jams
cyberangerlooks good for a few hours, ugh02:49
cyberangerman idk, messed this notice up this time02:49
cyberangerUnit193: note how the word unoffical wasn't metioned ;-) (Lenin recognized the value of idiots even, they can be useful, I however aim for something above idiot ;-))02:51
Unit193/msg chanserv topic $chan $topic   Not using this?02:51
cyberangerUnit193: times I do, times I don't02:52
cyberangereither way, gotta have enough privalige, and it'll still say topic set by cyberanger02:52
cyberangernot topic set by ChanServ02:52
Unit193Topic set by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) (Wed Aug  3 22:50:39 2011) Eh? I don't quite get your fist hilight :/02:53
cyberangerUnit193: every time I have, it still says I did it02:56
cyberangerperhaps an access flag is the cause02:57
cyberangerother times I just op & do it02:57
cyberangerI'll use /topic & /msg chanserv topic #ubuntu-us-tn02:57
cyberangernot at the same time?02:57
cyberangernot at the same time ;-)02:57
cyberangersorry, typing in 5 channels, a bit over the top02:58
Unit193I'll trust you that it works02:58
cyberangervychune: what took ya ;-)03:08
cyberangerUnit193: same result either way03:08
vychuneforgot how to use this and empathy kept autoconnecting03:08
* cyberanger runs his mouth, hides behind service, that's not me, I run my mouth, and somebody shoves my foot in it03:09
vychunei dont follow you03:10
cyberangervychune: ouch (I was merely kidding)03:10
vychunei see that03:10
vychunei dont get your joke lol03:10
cyberangervychune: I pinged you three (counting this time) the rest was Unit193 & I talking about IRC management03:11
cyberangermy scarstic humour "what took ya ;-)"03:11
orangeninjaSup gents.03:12
cyberangerto Unit193 I said as you arrived, I don't like hiding behind IRC services, if I run my mouth, I earned it03:12
cyberangerorangeninja: not much03:12
cyberangervychune: if it still doesn't make sense, perhaps I'm mulitasking a bit too much, getting scattered thoughts03:12
vychunecyberanger: lol03:13
vychuneorangeninja: o/03:13
orangeninjao7 vychune03:14
* cyberanger wonders who he has to kill to get this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1683415227203:15
vychunedoing good?03:15
cyberangervychune: glad to hear it, you don't sound too certain about it though ;-)03:16
orangeninjaYep how you guys doing??03:17
orangeninjaJust surfing the web and thinking about booting up some EVE.03:18
vychunewatching urameshi03:18
vychuneoh hell naw cyberanger that laptop is too much03:20
cyberangervychune: in price or parts03:21
vychunegoes along with the parts though03:22
cyberangerI see the part list and man, It'd beat most if not all the servers I've dealt with03:22
vychuneits a nice piee oh hardware for the price03:22
cyberangerI'd get a rebate (by not agreeing to the EULA for Win7) and at that point it's realistic03:22
vychune i wouldnt get it though03:22
cyberangercheaper than servers at that spec, and they throw in the keyboard & trackball tray, with monitor, and UPS ;-)03:23
cyberangerI'm not saying I would pay that much, but I could see having that & this Asus netbook for travelling03:24
cyberangerthat much disc & ram, with VirtualBox I'd effectively replace all my rigs in a single blow03:25
vychunedang lol03:25
cyberanger16gb ram, I'd have my main desktop, virtualbox covers my two servers, the EEE for more battery & as my router03:25
cyberanger(still need routing functions for anything on wifi, or gaming consoles or something)03:26
* cyberanger checks wallet, sees unpaid IOU's03:26
* cyberanger grumbles a bit03:26
* vychune opens wallet03:27
orangeninjaIt is a purty laptop though. I'd love one.03:28
* Unit193 has a 20 and a paper with 2 movie names from years ago03:28
orangeninjaHow bout a barebone DIY laptop?03:28
cyberangerorangeninja: that laptop is so highend, idk if anyone could pull that off much cheaper (if at all)03:29
cyberangerwhen stuff is high end, they usually sell at a loss now, recoup when they level out03:29
cyberanger(they only lose some labour, when prices drop, they drop at a slower rate than the parts, or so it seems)03:30
orangeninjaOh, yeah. I have just been looking at something to make and put linux on it. Hate to buy a dell an rip windows off since it was $200 of the price tag03:30
cyberangerorangeninja: do not accept their EULA, and there is a refund route for that03:30
cyberangerwhich is what I'd do03:31
orangeninjadidn't know that.03:31
vychuneFOR REAL?03:31
cyberangeryeah, kinda obscure, did it once03:31
Unit193Nice! Now when is the next time we will ever get one...03:32
cyberangerand idk if I'd do it twice (if I were compelled to windows for some obscure thing, like the option to say hell no, and then be told tough luck, you gotta)03:32
orangeninjacyberanger: if you don't mind, what kind of Acer Netbook you running.... realisticly a net book will probably be my next buy. Though those fancy Android Tabs look good.03:33
cyberangerI did it once for vista (out of two rigs) I had the laptop for college, and did manage to get all the software in VirtualBox with XP as the guest (VirtualBox has come a long long way since, and the software was picky too)03:34
cyberangerso the laptop I had to accept, since I had to have windows, and I didn't know the class requirements were not as strict as the paperwork suggested03:35
cyberangerorangeninja: Asus, not Acer, Asus EEEPC 2G Surf03:35
cyberangerboot from SD Card to a minimal Ubuntu install03:36
cyberanger(part CLI, Part Openbox, it doubles as my router & Access Point)03:36
cyberangerit's a cool little device, made me learn netbooks are only limited by your expectations03:37
Unit193Anyone else think S76 computers are on the pricy side for not having a $200 Windows?03:38
cyberangerand I'm too stubborn and persistant, if there is a problem in my expectations, I find them03:38
cyberangerUnit193: yes, and others too, emporer linux03:38
cyberanger(for example, I found thunderbird really was built for more than 7 inches of screen, so I themed it to work for html email, but prefer mutt)03:39
* vychune google03:40
cyberangerorangeninja: this EEEPC I would recommend depending on ones needs, between this & my G2, it migitates a laptop often enough03:40
cyberangervychune: alpine then?03:40
cyberangervychune: http://www.mutt.org/03:41
cyberangervychune: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mutt_(e-mail_client)03:41
cyberangermutt's slogan "All mail clients suck. This one just sucks less"03:41
* Unit193 re-alpine (:P ), Thunderbird and Gmail03:42
orangeninjathanks cyberanger yes Unit193 all linux laptops seem HIGH. Reason I got to looking at the barebone laptop route. Make what you want at a similar price. But it seems I am about 2 years late on that fad.03:42
cyberangerorangeninja: idk if that was ever a fad, well, a fad with cost benifits03:43
cyberangermass production has killed alot of the cost savings in building your own, on top of flimsier parts and laptops never really had the homebrew background that desktops, HTPC's and SFF PC's had03:44
orangeninjayeah, I admit when I set out to build my last desktop about 2 years ago. It didnt save me much. BUt I think I got out about 200 or 300 hundred cheaper on a similar specked gaming rig from DELL03:47
cyberangerthe funny thing is, that msi book I linked to, I'd add to it, upgrade that 9 cell to a 12 cell at least, some other tweaks03:48
orangeninjabut for an everyday desktop, email, web, cant get any cheaper than going to pick up one at costco or walmart.03:49
cyberangerso If I did that, it'd last for years sure, but I'd probally drop 2,500 into in to it03:49
orangeninjaI dropped 150003:49
cyberangeryeah, I just do everything to spite everyday03:49
cyberangerquad core 2.0GHZ, 1.5TB HDD, 16GB Ram, that display is already nice03:50
orangeninjalast desktop I built lasted me 6 years. she is still sitting here, just giving me some video problems here and there03:50
cyberangerdrop the price 200 bucks for kicking Win7 to the curb, hand that right back for a better battery or two, try and get a 12 hour use (linux vs win7 will already cause an efficency increase, so it's not impossible)03:51
orangeninjawas an XP Pro machine. made her 100% ubuntu and it started with video problems. Seems to boot fine with live CD but no video after instal.03:52
cyberangermine from that far back might have a failing PSU, shipped with Vista (missed the changeover by a week or it'd been XP) didn't accept the EULA, got cash back for it03:53
cyberangermy own first rig, did dual boot some, but when I have the choice, 100% linux (it's been Debian more lately)03:53
cyberangermy first new rig, I should say03:53
cyberangerperhaps you could run it without xorg, as a server?03:54
cyberangerat least while you sort out the video issues03:55
orangeninjamaybe so.03:56
orangeninjaI'm still messing with it03:56
orangeninjathis pc I have irssi is a Compaq 3100+ Sempron with 512 MB, 150GB hd, running xubuntu. gets slow if i open mozilla and open 3 tabs or more...HA03:58
orangeninjamozilla, I mean firefox03:58
cyberangerorangeninja: you won't do much better, but some of that is xubuntu getting heavier than before03:59
vychunecyberanger:  how do i use mutt lol03:59
orangeninjayeah I figued xubuntu, was lighter than ubuntu. But I don't know how much.04:00
Unit193I have a P4 and 2G ram in this and 22 open tabs (Processor...)04:02
Unit193I so badly wish I could use this Core2Duo on the mantel...04:03
orangeninjaUnit193: that's why I wish I could my former XP machine running properly. it is a P4 2.53 with 2 G ram :( I will get it going dang it!04:04
orangeninja*running properly with linux04:05
vychune \o/04:05
orangeninjathen I could delegate this 3100+ as an irssi console or something.....ha04:05
orangeninjaSSH in with droid phone from work and crap....04:06
Unit193I have OptiPlex GX260 and it has issues (But if I get it running fine, it work 'til I reboot or logout :P )04:07
orangeninjaYeah, my wife is getting mad, since I keep bringing home orphaned computers. this 3100+ was my parents old one. My dad bought a XPS Studio!!! I tried to make him give me that one HA!04:11
vychuneUnit193: same comp i have04:15
Unit193vychune: Issues with it?04:15
vychuneneeds ram and a video card with better 3d04:16
vychunegood night!04:51
orangeninjagood night vychune05:06
Unit193I would make a comment, but I remember doing that before :P05:06
orangeninjaUnit193: what you talking about?06:26
=== wrst_ is now known as wrst
=== wrst_ is now known as wrst
cyberangerMeeting in Eight hours16:31
cyberangerhrm, didn't read the variable, darn16:31
cyberangerMeeting in Eight hours16:32
cyberanger $AGENDA16:32
cyberangerMeeting in Eight hours16:33
cyberangerPrimary item on our Agenda is Ledership Elections16:33
wrstcyberanger: I'm hoping I can make it, we have family in but should be there I think16:52
cyberangerin wrst's absense, I nominate him Middle Tennessee Leader16:56
cyberangerwrst: family matters, do what you must16:57
wrsti respectfully decline :)16:58
wrstyeah I shoudl be there actually working on my mother in law's computer while she is up16:58
cyberangerI respectfully draft you into it16:58
wrstmidtn has a good one already16:58
cyberangeronly if he's re-elected for it17:01
cyberangerall positions are up, one year term17:01
orangeninjaI am doing laptop surgery.17:18
cyberangerMeeting in Seven hours17:30
cyberangerPrimary item on our Agenda is Ledership Elections17:30
cyberangercool, right on the dot17:40
cyberangerorangeninja: nice, what's the issue17:41
orangeninjaLCD replacement18:10
cyberangernot too bad then18:10
orangeninjaOh yeah, my first one though. it is done and working fine now.18:11
orangeninjaunfortunately, could have bought a nice netbook for the price I paid for new LCD and New AC adapter.power supply. I went ahead and bought the HP brand AC adapter though 70 bucks before shipping.18:15
cyberangerMeeting in Six hours18:30
cyberangerPrimary item on our Agenda is Ledership Elections18:30
wrstcyberanger: you are giving a space shuttlesque count down18:35
wrstoh we don't have those anymore... :\18:52
orangeninjahttp://flic.kr/s/aHsjvKkmNN  Im proud....LOL.18:57
wrstnice orangeninja18:59
orangeninjathanks bud.19:00
wrstlaptop repair can be trying19:01
orangeninjayeah... I guess better than buying a new one this time. But I could have bought or close to it a netbook for parts.19:03
wrsti'm sure i just worked on a fan and that was bad enough!19:08
wrsttwayneprice: you happen to be aroudn today?19:19
orangeninjaI'll see yall later. I hope to be back in time for meeting.19:26
=== orangeninja is now known as orangeninja|AFK
wrstsee you orangeninja|AFK19:28
cyberangerMeeting in Five hours19:30
cyberangerPrimary item on our Agenda is Ledership Elections19:30
cyberangerMeeting in Four hours20:30
cyberangerPrimary item on our Agenda is Ledership Elections20:30
cyberangerwrst: yep, trying to get as much membership tonight as I can20:39
cyberangeresp. after I forgot the email notice till it was too late for the monthly digest20:39
cyberangerbbiab, should be before the meeting21:19
cyberangerMeeting in Three hours21:30
cyberangerPrimary item on our Agenda is Ledership Elections21:30
cyberangerMeeting in Two hours22:30
cyberangerPrimary item on our Agenda is Ledership Elections22:30
pace_t_zuluhey cyberanger22:32
pace_t_zuluthanks for the notifications22:33
pace_t_zulucyberanger: you may want to re-evaluate your spelling of "Leadership"22:41
* cyberanger wipes egg off face23:20
cyberangerthat's what I get for rushing things23:20
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: thanks23:20
cyberangerhey wrst23:28
pace_t_zuluhey guys... working on  getting this loco calendar together23:28
wrstcyberanger: had some time away hopefully will be back in an hour23:28
cyberangerwrst: good to hear, hope you can23:29
cyberanger(or else I draft, err nominate wrst as middle tennessee leader)23:29
cyberangerMeeting in One hour23:30
cyberangerPrimary item on our Agenda is Ledership Elections23:30
pace_t_zuluwrst: you going to be able to be around to vote?23:30
pace_t_zulucyberanger wrst ... or anyone for that matter ... feel free to add agenda items at http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/tennessee.team/146/detail/23:31
=== pace_t_zulu changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-tn to: Election & Meeting Tonight August 4th at 8:30 PM EDT/7:30 PM CDT | Welcome to the Ubuntu Tennessee Team IRC Channel | Members add your info http://tr.im/nogt | Ask about our Wiki Jams
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: are you running as trustee, middle tn leadership or both23:32
cyberangerand forgive that script, it's revised, I'm looking for the PID to kill it23:33
* cyberanger also edits that script to write the pid to a tmpfile23:33
pace_t_zulucyberanger: i think trustee at least23:33
pace_t_zulucyberanger: i'd be happy to continue as middle tn PoC as well23:33
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: idk what's gonna happen with east tn, I can run, but I'd expect a near immidate handoff23:35
cyberangertoo much of the job hunting has got me out of this area, nearly all out of state too23:35
wrstpace_t_zulu: i think you should stay as both ;)23:37
pace_t_zuluwrst: thanks for the vote of confidence ;)23:37
wrstvote of confidnece or punishment for doing a good job that you have to keep it? :)23:38
pace_t_zuluwrst: i'll view it as a vote of confidence :)23:39
cyberangerone man's paradise is another's hell hole23:40

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