nuvolariMaaz: convert 0.17 USD to ZAR05:28
Maaznuvolari: 0.17 USD (America (United States of America) Dollars) = 1.15 ZAR (South Africa Rand) (Last trade rate: 6.788, Bid: 6.7629, Ask: 6.813)05:28
nuvolario/ mornings05:29
nuvolarianyone know what mobile-to-mobile costs?05:29
superflyI think it depends on whether you're prepaid or contract05:31
nuvolarimeh :-/05:33
superflynuvolari: what package do you have?05:33
* nuvolari wants to try out google voice05:33
nuvolarisuperfly: weekend everyday05:33
superflyOK, same as me I think... you get 120 free off-peak minutes?05:34
nuvolarisuperfly: yup. that one05:34
nuvolarilol, googling for "vodacom weekend everyday" returns a hellkom result05:34
nuvolarithanks superfly 05:35
superflythey changed the names of the packages recently05:35
nuvolariwhoa, if google can make this work... I'll use it :D05:35
nuvolariMaaz: convert 0.05 USD to ZAR05:36
Maaznuvolari: 0.05 USD (America (United States of America) Dollars) = 0.34 ZAR (South Africa Rand) (Last trade rate: 6.788, Bid: 6.7857, Ask: 6.7903)05:36
Kilosmorning superfly and whatever other early bird there might be06:05
superflyhi Kilos06:06
Kerberogoeiemore kilos06:13
Kilosmôre Kerbero 06:13
Kiloskoud ne06:13
Kerberonie rerig nie06:14
Kerbero18 binno06:14
Kerberodit is seker laag06:14
Kerberomaar ek kry nie koud nie06:14
Kerbero, gtg06:14
Kilossjoe die gras is nog wit hier buite06:14
Kiloshi sakhi 06:35
* nlsthzn waves06:38
Kiloshiya nlsthzn 06:38
nlsthznHey uncle Kilos 06:39
nlsthznAll is well?06:39
Kilosyes ty and there?06:39
nlsthznHot as hell but staying cool inside :)06:41
Symmetriahttp://www.vilnius.lt/newvilniusweb/index.php/116/?itemID=94256 <=== 2 much top gear!07:02
Symmetrialol thats some funny crap right there07:02
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=== sdehaan_ is now known as sdehaan
Kiloshehe hi sdehaan 07:32
inetprogood morning09:49
Chat1144hey 10:59
KilosMaaz, coffee on12:58
* Maaz flips the salt-timer12:58
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!13:02
KilosMaaz, ty13:02
MaazEnjoy Kilos13:02
inetproeish, I missed that13:04
Kilosis everyone struggling to connect to gmail or is it just my evolution13:22
Kilosonce connected mails download quickly13:23
nlsthznKilos: will check :)14:12
nlsthznKilos: Nope... everything here seems fine 14:12
Kilosthats strange hey14:12
Kilosmine takes minutes to connect14:12
Kilosty nlsthzn 14:13
Kilosit still connects so i spose its ok14:13
nlsthznI guess14:13
apieI don't suppose we'll see you at the dbnlug tonight nuvolari? :)14:32
Kiloshoe hoe apie 14:40
apiehi hi Kilos 14:41
apiegaan dit goed my vriend?14:43
Kilosbaie goed dankie en jy14:43
apieyup yup :]14:44
Kiloslo kissakiza 14:56
kissakizahi Kilos14:57
apietime to drive, maybe catch you peeps later tonight :]14:59
nuvolaribah :-/15:38
nuvolariMaaz: tell kbmonkey nope, ongelukkig nie. Ek kan nie dit in die week maak nie. Ek sal die LAN geleetnheid oor die naweek (daai naweek) kan maak.15:39
Maaznuvolari: Okay, I'll tell kbmonkey on freenode15:39
nuvolariKilos: hallo oom15:39
nuvolarimirrag oom ek meen15:39
nuvolariek gaan noui huistoe15:40
nuvolaripfft. my spelling is opgevoeter15:40
Kiloskissakiza, is it your first time here?15:51
kissakizaI suppose so yes15:51
kissakizamight've visited before, but I can't remember hanging out here15:51
kissakizaanyone from Cape Town?15:52
Kilosok tell us a bit about yourself. what you do and what OS you use etc15:52
Kilosthere are quite a few here from that area yes15:52
kissakizaI'm a compsci student from UCT, I'm currently running Ubuntu 10.04, waiting for some spare time to upgrade to 11.04 (or better yet, upgrade my laptop!)15:55
kissakizahow about you, Kilos?15:55
Kilosi am kinda retired. stay just outside pretoria and use maverick15:56
kissakizaI'm curious about Unity, still running Gnome15:57
kissakizalooking forward to trying out Unity15:57
Kilosthere are other guys here that work at UCT i am sure15:57
Kiloslol my pc doesnt do unity. it says the hardware cant take it15:58
kissakizaoh, well, in that case I might stick with Gnome16:00
Kilosmy pc is old16:00
kissakizaI don't want something to chew up more RAM16:00
kissakizaso you're in Gnome or?16:00
Kilosfirst p4 that came out16:00
Kilosyes gnome16:00
Kilosi like gnome, but will try unity one day16:01
kissakizahaha, cool... I turned our old P4 into a gateway PC, sadly it's RIP now16:01
Kiloswhats a gateway pc?16:02
Kilosim an appy16:02
kissakizaoh, just a PC to share a Internet connection (in my case at least)16:03
kissakizait was actually back home when I was still with a 56K modem :P16:03
Kilosand what connection you using now?16:04
kissakizaI made it automatically disconnect before peak time the next morning so I wouldn't have to pay $$$ on our Telkom bill16:04
Kilosusb 3g16:04
kissakizaI'm on Neotel, switching to 8ta soon (with a TPLink 3G router)16:04
superflyhi kissakiza, there are a couple of guys from UCT... have you heard of LEG?16:04
kissakizaI have heard of LEG, never attended a meeting though!16:05
kissakizabeen meaning to download some of their videocasts(?)16:06
kissakizasome of their talks sound interesting16:06
Kiloslo Wolfeyes 16:08
Kilosgrrr unattended pc16:11
kissakizagotta run, cheers for now16:19
* kissakiza bbl16:19
Kiloseish superfly you gonna freeze tonight17:28
Kilosand tomorrow17:28
Kiloshiya magespawn 17:59
magespawnwhats up?17:59
Kilosdown actually18:00
Kilosthe temp18:00
magespawnahh the benefits of being in kzn18:00
Kiloslol yeah18:00
magespawnmy inlaws are with thick sheets blankets duvets and pj and they are still cold18:01
Kilosme too. the cold here goes through everything18:01
Kiloseven your bones18:02
Kilosmaybe its an age thing18:02
magespawnnah i think its above sea level thing.18:03
magespawnamazing how quite it is in here sometimes.18:05
Kilosyeah this whole years so far has been very quiet18:06
magespawnwonder why? all the geeks getting real/other lives?18:09
Kilosno , not so many noobs needing help18:09
magespawnwell then must certainly do something about that.18:11
Kilosyeah i think not enough people are being made aware that there is life after mstinks18:12
Kilosnight all. sleep tight and warm18:43
magespawnlater all.19:03
=== apie is now known as kbmonkey

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