U-b-u-n-t-uthis is why I dont remmeber ever command line or short cut key there are so many to remember!00:00
ITcheat sheet :)00:00
ITit's not really  a cheat sheet00:00
ITbut it help00:00
U-b-u-n-t-ugood idea00:00
dan__hello i need help with  formating???00:01
ikoniadan__: what's up ?00:01
dan__i am trieng to format a 16 g micro sd and it says it is a read only file system any ideas please?00:01
exutuxyagoo: I'm coming from old linux school :D00:01
ikoniadan__: how are you trying to format it ?00:02
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ikoniaGuest37099: we can see you00:02
Guest37099I was just trying out irssi00:03
dan__i am going to system then disk utility then unmount the file system then i try to format it and it says error file system is read only!!00:03
ITXChat is a very nice client00:03
yagoodan__, is the 16g micro vfat or ntfs?00:03
ikoniadan__: this may sound silly, but does it have a read/write switch on it, some do ?00:03
d784can i burn iso in a dvd and play in a dvd player?00:04
Kanzu5665hey IT, I'm using xchat in both windows and ubuntu. I was wondering, how do you identify on connect?00:04
yagoodan__, vfat(i mean fat32)00:04
ikoniadan__: could you also pastebin the output of "sudo fdisk -l" please.00:04
d784or do i need to convert the iso?00:04
dan__i right click it and try to change the permissions and it says permissions not recognized00:04
yagood784, you need a dvd-burner to burn an optical disc.. dvd-players can't do burning00:04
ikoniadan__: permissions are a different thing00:04
d784i know dat00:04
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ikoniadan__: what file system are you trying to put on it00:04
d784i have a dvd burner00:04
yagood784, what u using, mac/windows currently?00:05
yagood784, define "dvd player"00:05
th0rd784: if it is an iso of a video dvd then all you need to do is burn it to a dvd. Brasero can  burn an iso to a dvd00:06
szalyagoo: read again00:06
dan__ha ha it does have a lock switch wow i wondered what that was thank you so much!!!!!00:06
d784not iso my bad00:06
ikoniadan__: sometimes the obvious stuff is easy to miss00:06
d784like a avi movie00:07
yagoodan__, i wouldn't format it .. read any precautions especially with new sd tech.. just in case..00:07
alticed784: the .avi movie will need to be converted first. Either to DVD or SVCD or VCD format00:07
ikoniayagoo: what are you talking about, it's fine for him to put a new file system on it00:07
d784right,what program are there for ubuntu?00:07
dan__oh ok  thankx for all the usefull advice!!! :)00:07
ikoniadan__: there is no problem with you putting a new file system on it, so don't worry00:08
yagood784, if you add/modify partition table with it.. just take it as an experiment if your camcorder or whatever that uses it will still be able to read it..00:08
dan__yes but i think it is corrupt00:08
ikoniayagoo: what are you talking about partition table on a CD ?00:09
d784wat you talking about?00:09
_Neytiri_how do i install updates for my system from the command line?00:09
yagoodan__, if u think it's corrupt then run a disk checker against it.. like verify the fat32 filesystem..00:09
d784sudo apt-get update00:09
ikonia_Neytiri_: sudo apt-get update to get the current versions, then apt-get upgrade to update the packages00:09
alticed784: you should be able to use ffmpeg via cmd line to convert to DVD00:10
ikoniadan__: what file system is currently on it ?00:10
alticed784: http://groups.google.com/group/alt.os.linux.mandriva/browse_thread/thread/9ccbb3d78d144046?pli=100:10
yagoodan__, u sure u werent trying to write to it with teh read-only lock?00:10
ikoniayagoo: he's just said he was00:10
alticed784: try a few google searches, there are a lot of options for video conversion. And some windows versions work in wine00:10
dan__yes i was!!!00:10
yagood784, (u think it was corrupt in the camcord/whatever hardware)..00:10
yagoook then..00:11
yagoodan__, that's not an issue...00:11
dan__yes the ds that it was in00:11
dan__i had it in a ds and it keeps freezing on me00:11
yagoodan__, i believe you have a camcorder or what do you have for this sd?00:11
ikoniayagoo: you are confusing dan__ and d78400:11
DoubleplusHai, is anyone here?00:13
th0rd784: I believe devede will convert avi's to dvd so you can watch them on a dvd player00:13
allandee_hi, I just installed Natty, switching applications is kind of slow.  nvidia geforce gtx460, nvidia drivers installed, i3-box, 8gb ram00:13
Doubleplusthat answers that question00:13
ikonia1400+ people are00:13
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allandee_any tips?00:13
allandee_compositing_manager is off00:13
yagooallandee_, 8 gb of ram.. that system should be flying00:13
AndroidLoverInSFin unity, how can you put apps on the GUI so that you can run them quickly?  in gnome, you just add them to the top panel, then from any app. just a single click, and start the app.  so how do something similar in unity so that you can start app very quickly, easily. is that possible?00:13
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto00:13
Nubi1KenobiNeed some help with Ubuntu......still has the traingin wheels on...00:14
ITwell, g2g, very cool channel :)00:14
ikoniaNubi1Kenobi: just explain the problem your having or ask a question00:14
allandee_yagoo: yea, it is in general, but app switching is slow.  like, less than a second, but more than half a second00:14
yagooallandee_, you're trying compiz?00:14
DoubleplusIm completely new to ubuntu, and Im trying to get my cisco AM10 working, I found a forum page that solved it, but I cant make heads or tails about what they are saying00:14
allandee_yagoo; straight up install00:14
allandee_yagoo: no customizations yet00:15
allandee_yagoo; just checked that composition_manager of metacity is off, as per advice after googling00:15
Nubi1KenobiBasically, a buddy of mine set this up........2 HDD...500gb drive win partition ubuntu partition and a data partition....got another hdd for storing images00:15
yagooallandee_, make sure you're using the best video driver.. see the url link ubottu gave above00:15
yagoothere's also specifics for compiz..00:15
Nubi1KenobiIi can get partimage to load, but can not get the image to save on the image hdd00:16
yagoolet me know how it goes..00:16
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz00:16
allandee_ii  nvidia-current                        270.41.06-0ubuntu1                         NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library00:16
Doubleplushttp://www.draisberghof.de/usb_modeswitch/bb/viewtopic.php?p=4882#4882 I have the file downloaded, but I dont know what to do with it....00:16
Nubi1Kenobiaslo he has gnome kde...ect ect ect set up dont know how to switch00:16
yagooallandee_, grep -i radeon /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:17
alticeDoubleplus: have you ever had to compile a program?00:17
lubuntu20dashHello, was that command to check any errors with my video card in terminal mode?00:17
Doubleplusno :/00:17
alticeThat's what they're referring to00:17
szalii  nvidia-current                       280.13-0ubuntu1~natty~xup1                 NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library00:17
yagoolubuntu20dash, you mean X log errors? check the X log file00:17
allandee_yagoo; turns out empty, probably because I have an nVidia card ;)00:17
induzwhere can I find fstab file00:17
allandee_[    11.385] (II) NVIDIA GLX Module  270.41.06  Mon Apr 18 15:11:28 PDT 201100:18
alticeinduz: type this in the command line ->   "locate fstab"00:18
yagooallandee_, try grepping nvidia..00:18
ikoniainduz: why do you want it ?00:18
ikoniainduz: you shouldn't need that to create a CD00:18
ikoniainduz: why don't you show me the guide you are trying to use00:18
allandee_(just did,  270.41.06  Mon Apr 18 15:11:28 PDT 2011)00:18
* yagoo whereis fstab00:18
yagoo"whereis fstab" shows cool locations00:19
yagooonly if its in the manpage database00:19
ikoniayagoo: it has nothing to do with manpages00:19
induzikonia https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox/USB00:19
yagooallandee_, so it must be using nvidia driver00:19
ikoniainduz: virtualbox ? I thought you where trying to build a USB boot disk ?00:20
yagooikonia, type "man whereis".00:20
ikoniayagoo: yes, I know what it is00:20
induzi was trying to make a USB yes00:20
allandee_yagoo: yes, which is good since I have an nVidia GeForce GTX460.  it's the latest driver I can install via apt-get00:20
ikoniainduz: ok, so why are you looking at a virtualbox guide00:20
allandee_or synaptic00:20
yagooikonia, paste the first description line here00:20
ikoniayagoo: I don't need to paste anything00:20
yagooit says " manual pages "00:20
induzto make the live ubuntu00:20
lubuntu20dash"(09:17:41 PM) yagoo: lubuntu20dash, you mean X log errors? check the X log file",  yagoo where is that file?00:21
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ikoniayagoo: it also says "binary" which is nothing to do with the man page database00:21
yagoolubuntu20dash, ..00:21
ikoniainduz: that's not the guide you where suggested to use00:21
ikoniainduz: that guide is for virtualbox00:21
Guest13668help  is here a free download for Ubuntu  like photo shop00:21
szallubuntu20dash: /var/log/Xorg.0.log(.old)00:21
allandee_is it not a common complaing that Unity switches between windowed apps slowly, then?00:21
ikoniaGuest13668: gimp is the linux equivilent of photoshop00:21
yagoolubuntu20dash, that's in /var/log00:22
ikoniainduz: is there a reason you're not using the correct guide ?00:22
Guest13668ikonia:  can i make texterpack for minecraft  useing it00:22
induzikonia, i used the download from UNETbootin and downloaded the Ubuntu iso00:23
ikoniaGuest13668: no idea00:23
ikoniainduz: please try to answer the question I asked00:23
ikoniainduz: is there a reason you're not using the correct guide (you've been given it multiple times)00:23
lubuntu20dashyagoo, I just installed a new driver, and I want to see just the video card related errors00:23
yagoolubuntu20dash, to use a new video card driver you need to restart X00:24
lubuntu20dashI did00:24
induzwhat is correct guide00:24
yagoolubuntu20dash, see if the X log mentions its using it00:24
lubuntu20dashI am using it, and the gui didnt crash00:24
induzafter i close my session all goes off00:24
yagooinduz, guide for what?00:25
lubuntu20dashthe log mentions using it, but I want to see if I have any errors00:25
ikoniainduz: would you like the guide url again ?00:25
ikoniainduz: make a note of the URL's00:25
ikonia!install | induz00:25
anadonhey, what's the old grub2 reinstall after windows link?00:25
ubottuinduz: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:25
induzI am trying to make a usb ubuntu00:25
yagooinduz, for using unetbootin?00:25
allandee_lubuntu20dash: grep -i err /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:26
yagooinduz, it may not always work perfect.. there's also an alternative .exe if ur using windows.. i checked with 10.x ubuntu and it worked with one of the usb builders i forget which one ..00:26
allandee_yagoo: I take it it's not a common problem that Unity switches between windowed apps slowly, then?00:26
lubuntu20dashI saw Xorg.0.log, it doesnt seem to show any NVIDIA errors, but I want to use a terminal command to be sure00:27
yagooinduz, what do u use currently?00:27
yagoolubuntu20dash, does it say it's using the nvidia driver?00:27
lubuntu20dashyes is using it00:27
* lubuntu20dash wants a terminal comand to link any nvidia video card errors, if there is any00:28
allandee_lubuntu20dash: unless you have some wonky config in /etc/rsyslog.d/  -- then /var/log/Xorg.0.log should contain everything the X-server encounters00:28
jtannenbaumif I have an external hard drive (WD, with all that SmartDrive crud on it) that I want to use on both ubuntu and windows (and possibly mac) computers, what should I format it to?00:28
jtannenbaumNTFS, ext3, etc00:28
yagoolubuntu20dash, errors of loaded video drivers will show up under dmesg.. "demsg<enter>"00:28
allandee_lubuntu20dash: and in that case, grep -i err /var/log/Xorg.0.log should display any that are there00:29
yagoolubuntu20dash, scratch that.. I meant "dmesg<enter>"00:29
simpladoes anyone know much about ttys and pts's?  I hire a vm and all is good up til i did an apt-get update then upgrade via ssh (don't have physcial access)..  it hangs, and have figured out its asking a question (ie to keep local or maintainers version of config file) but not on pts/0 (ssh session), rather on tty8..  What should I be looking for to configure this?  Searched, but not having much luck finding where or what i should be changi00:29
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ikoniayagoo: what is dmesg going to show him in this situation ?00:29
lubuntu20dashyagoo, as I said the gui did not crash. I didn't get a transparent picture stuck in the monitor after using flash. So far all seems good. But I really want to test the card to be sure I wont have any problems.00:29
yagoosimpla, upgrading and relying via ssh remote is not a good idea..00:29
Guest82320When I click on my home folder, it sits without doing anything for at least 15 seconds.  The home folder them comes up with this launch error: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.00:29
yagoosimpla, you're stuck in the mud.. maybe ssh is closed permanently..00:30
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simplayeah I know yagoo but its a hired server, and only have ssh access..00:30
allandee_simpla: are you doing a straight up ssh into the server, or some wonky tunneling?00:30
yagoosimpla, so call up your company host provider to do a reset or if you had a "kvm" remote feature that would be the best..00:30
simplai can log in via ssh always.  no issue there, just during upgrades, the ncurses screen get displayed on tty8 instead of my pts0 ssh session00:31
simplastraight ssh, i did change the port from 22, to another port.  only thing different00:31
lubuntu20dash yagoo, here is the pastebin http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/658326/00:31
allandee_simpla: the question to ask is rather to which stream/file-handle apt-get is getting interactive i/o from00:31
allandee_simpla: hm00:31
yagoosimpla, i wouldn't do that upgrade via ssh.. especially on a provider that charges to do a reset.. as I said the best service is to check if a kvm-feature is supported with your provider..00:32
yagoo(kvm remote over tcp/ip)00:32
allandee_simpla: there is a switch to instruct apt-get to avoid interactive prompts, let me check00:32
simplaIs that a config setting allandee_ ?  apt starts on pts until it hits ncurses type questions about config files00:32
allandee_apt-get -y00:32
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DasEisimpla: or least have few other possibilities,aca vnc or webmin, teamviewer, cas you loose ssh00:33
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yagoolubuntu20dash, you're getting video issues with compiz still?00:33
induzyagoo,  i am in ubuntu00:33
induzand oignin circle00:33
lubuntu20dashyagoo, did you saw any video card errors in my pastebin?00:34
allandee_yagoo: that'd be me, I'm not sure compiz is the culprit though00:34
ikoniainduz: if you follow the guide ubottu gave you (ask questions if you get stuck) you should be fine00:34
simpladoes that -y apply to dpkg?  Need to do a dpkg --configure -a now, but still does the ncurses thing during that on tty800:34
yagooinduz, what method did u try other than unetbootin?00:34
lubuntu20dashyagoo, so far I am not having any problems, but I havent tried any 3D game yet00:34
allandee_simpla: hang on00:34
yagoolubuntu20dash, well i did notice this "hda_intel: Disable MSI for Nvidia chipset" .. i don't think that's a big issue00:35
lubuntu20dashyagoo, I will try playing supertux2 and see what happens00:35
ikoniayagoo: hda_intel is "high def audio, intel"00:36
allandee_lubuntu20dash: try to ssh with "ssh -t"00:37
allandee_it should force a pseudo-tty00:37
allandee_and then curses should work too00:37
yagooallandee_, i believe simpla is talking about ssh00:38
allandee_...provided your TERM environment variable is set to something sane00:38
krazykrivdai cannot mount my vfat partition anymore so it is not 'locked'.. what should I do.. even running as root i cannot modify00:38
allandee_yagoo: yes00:38
Nubi1KenobiI am running ubuntu 1 and hate it, my friend installed a few other on here and was able to switch between them with ease.....cant remnember how he did that...00:38
allandee_oh, right00:38
yagooallandee_, are you asking about resuming "screen" .. often one would use "screen -RR" after an ssh disconnecdt00:38
allandee_simpla: try to ssh with "ssh -t"00:38
allandee_and otherwise, scroll up ;D00:39
ikoniaNubi1Kenobi: ubuntu 1 ?00:39
winutany application firewall for linux yet? thanks00:39
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.00:39
ikoniawinut: iptables has been around for a long long time and is in linux00:39
winutapp armor is above my knowledge00:39
allandee_yagoo: no, the issue is interactive operation on a non-controlled (virutally hosted) box, specifially apt-get and dpkg-reconfigure00:39
lubuntu20dashallandee_, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/658327/00:40
Nubi1Kenobiikonia:Look....i said I am new on here....looks similar to windows....everything is on the left...he was able to switch to kde or something?00:40
ikoniawinut: app armor is not a firewall, but it is what ubuntu uses in place of selinux00:40
allandee_ssh -t <host>00:40
winutsomething like comodo, which can block ip activity per connection00:40
Dude22Hi - fairly new Ubuntu user here... I have the problem described at: http://askubuntu.com/questions/15296/kernel-panic-line-61-cant-open-scripts-functions ... how do I do what he did to accomplish the solution?  I can't figure out how to boot so I can re-install the package.  TIA00:40
ikoniaNubi1Kenobi: I'm just trying to understand what you mean as there is no such thing as "ubuntu 1"00:40
ikoniawinut: that's a firewall, look at iptables or the link ubottu provided00:40
Nubi1Kenobiikonia:Look....i said I am new on here....looks similar to windows....everything is on the left...he was able to switch to kde or something?00:41
lubuntu20dashhe probable means ubuntu 11.0400:41
lariewhat is default urxvt font?00:41
lariehow to determine?00:41
ikoniaNubi1Kenobi: repeating it won't change what I said00:41
Doubleplusokay, I have absolutely no idea what they mean can someone please help me?00:41
Nubi1Kenobiikonia; sesion switching or something....not all familiar with linux lingo yet00:41
allandee_larie: your X server/window manager decides00:41
winutbut it doesn't promt you to allow or deny per connection, does it?00:41
Dude22BTW: I'm running 10.10 and just installed a bunch of updates last night - hasn't worked since.00:41
ikoniawinut: you have to set it up, if you read the link ubottu gave you00:41
allandee_larie: disregard, there is probably a defined default in Debian00:42
yagooDude22, you need to boot with the install CD and go to a rescue shell, then you'll need to chroot, then try update-initramfs00:42
larieallandee_: so how to know its name?00:42
ikoniayagoo: why would he need to run update-initramfs00:42
cmannsAnyone PXE boot install ubuntu?00:42
yagooDude22, you'll need to linger around on here and ask how to do each of these steps..00:42
bomber_hi guys. anyone know of a decent gui webadmin for apache2?00:43
larieallandee_: http://paste.pocoo.org/raw/452273/00:43
Nubi1Kenobiikonia: I do not understand....he was able to switch the whole desktop interface or something. how do you switch between desktops00:43
Dude22yagoo: ok ... I'll try those steps... had no idea there was a rescue shell :)  thx - I'll post an update later00:43
larieallandee_: that is part of my .Xdefaults00:43
winutiptables is global, not per application, is it?00:43
yagooDude22, ok00:43
ikoniawinut: correct00:43
larieallandee_: Terminus looks crappy00:43
Kaapaguys, need a quick favor from someone using firefox00:43
ikoniayagoo: why would he need to run update-initramfs ?00:43
larieallandee_: i want to change it to default fond but idk how00:43
Kaapa to about:config and tell me what you have in the key app.update.channel00:43
allandee_laria: lucidatypewriter is cool ;)00:44
lubuntu20dashI get a few minor errors with my video card driver00:44
bomber_anyone know fo a good webadmin tool for apache2? i found a couple online but would rather use on yuo guys recommend00:44
simplaallandee_, tried -t same story.  without -t I still get a pts.  (run tty, shows I have a pts)00:44
ikoniaNubi1Kenobi: you should have a list of desktops available in the greeter (login) prompt,00:44
winutan ip tables rule builder would be great, which is active and monitors the traffic, building rules for each application with a central interface00:44
winutbased on traffic00:45
ikoniawinut: that tool doesn't really exist00:45
Nubi1KenobiIkonia: i thought i looked there......will check again00:45
larieallandee_: crappy too00:45
larieallandee_: i want 9-11 font00:45
lubuntu20dashI will reset and see what happens00:45
larieallandee_: lucidatypewriter has bold if <1100:45
allandee_simpla: that is unfortunate, because that should have done what you wanted.  if you do ssh -vvvt <host> - do you see anything about not being able to allocate the pty?00:45
larieallandee_: i want small bold too00:46
winutikonia, i know, thats the problem!00:46
allandee_allandee: inconsolate then?00:46
winutit puts me off linux00:46
allandee_talking to myself now00:46
ikoniawinut: don't use it then00:46
allandee_larie: inconsolata then?00:46
allandee_laria: do you want a pixel-font?00:46
cmannsSo nobody her00:47
ikoniacmanns: many people00:47
cmannshas delt with pxe booting ubuntu?00:47
ikoniacmanns: yes, many times00:47
simplaallandee_, nup, says debug2: PTY allocation request accepted on channel 0 ..   everytime i log in its find, i think i am being allocated it, as I am always on a pts/0 or pts/1..  just ncurses keeps going to tty00:47
cmannsi can pxe boot, i just not sure what exactly steps for ubuntu00:47
ikoniacmanns: exactly the same as any other OS00:47
cmannssorry to drag on about it for a few days i just want alil guidance so i can hook my neighbor up with ubuntu00:47
cmannswhat file do i need to set as the boot00:47
cmannsinitrd in /boot/ ?00:48
FloodBot1cmanns: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:48
allandee_simpla: bizarre, and interesting -- I'll dig a big00:48
cmannsand what iso should i download00:48
ikoniacmanns: vmlinuz00:48
ikoniacmanns: whatever iso you want to use00:48
allandee_simpla: do you know what software they use for virtualization?00:48
Nubi1Kenobiikonia: I found what I was looking for, but do I have to log off completley for it to actually change to (for example) to KDE>?00:49
cmannsikonia, thank you00:49
cmannsill grab the smallest iso of it00:49
ikoniaNubi1Kenobi: yes,00:49
yagoocmanns, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Netboot00:49
cmannsDamn jetbook laptop wont usb boot and the dvdrom is fubar'd00:49
cmannsso thank you guys!00:49
cmannsMy neighbor will appriciate ubuntu :D00:49
Nubi1Kenobiikonia: Thnx Man!00:49
larieallandee_: inconsolata looks better but it is s,ooth00:49
yagoocmanns, spread the word :)00:49
larieallandee_: i do noot need smoothness00:49
larieallandee_: i need sharp font00:49
cmannsEXACTLY thank you yagoo !00:49
cmannsI needed that url00:50
allandee_larie: I think it's called "hinting", the smoothing technique, maybe look for somewhere to turn it off00:50
allandee_larie: do you want to turn it off only in rxvt?00:50
krazykrivdaHow can i mount my vfat partition so it is not 'locked'?00:50
cmannsuse that?00:50
ikoniacmanns: I wouldn't00:50
larieallandee_: i want to know default urxvt's font name :(00:50
allandee_oh, because that's what you want?00:51
cmannswhich would you use ikonia00:51
ikoniacmanns: an iso which has local installation00:51
cmannsi got fast net but its old laptop so i want to be easy on it's PXE00:51
larieallandee_: yes ;) i will set that font in Xdefaults and tune it00:51
larieallandee_: because latin symbols looks good if no font settings in .Xdfaults00:52
cmannsSucks the pos laptop wont boot off usb00:52
cmannswe had it on a stick00:52
ikoniacmanns: tone the language down please.00:52
larieallandee_: but i want to change size and add two fonts for korean/japanese00:52
larieallandee_: i can do that easily00:52
larieallandee_: if i know the fontname haha :300:52
allandee_there's an app from the dinosaur area, called xfontsel, but you'll have to dick around a bit.  the upside is that it produces lines suitable for .Xdefaults for you00:53
allandee_but I recall an app that graps info of the selected window from the window manager also, I'll try to find00:53
=== dtcshr is now known as dtcrshr
larieallandee_: thx00:53
cmannsWhere should I get ISO ikonia ?00:53
cmannssorry for lang00:53
simplaallandee_, , Linux, GFS2, Libvirt, KVM.00:54
ikoniacmanns: ubuntu.com00:54
ikoniacmanns: have you done any research or this ?00:54
krazykrivdamy fstab file says '/mnt/FILES vfat user,rw,exec 0 0' but then runnint the mount command it returns as /dev/sda5 on /mnt/FILES type vfat (rw,nosuid,nodev) .... how can I fix this?00:55
allandee_simpla: did you say which virtualization software your provider uses?00:55
allandee_simpla: nm, saw it now o.O00:56
=== OmegaForte_ is now known as OmegaForte[ipad]
allandee_larie: xprop00:56
G00053i'm gonna do a fresh install, how do i output a list of all the packages i have installed right now for future reference00:56
simplaallandee_,  yep, it says  Linux, GFS2, Libvirt, KVM.00:56
=== |_ockeMaybe is now known as |_ocke
allandee_simpla: which tty/pts does it say your shell is using?00:58
allandee_simpla: as per "who am i" or equivalent00:58
simplaallandee_, pts/0,00:59
yagookrazykrivda, you're missing the device on that fstab line00:59
allandee_simpla: are you connecting as a user then su-ing, or directly as root?00:59
allandee_larie: "xprop" is the program you're looking for, to extract info about the font your terminal window is using01:00
simplaG00053, dpkg --get-selections > installed-software01:00
G00053simpla: thanks!01:00
larieallandee_: xprop -id 0x1e0000601:00
larieallandee_: no font info01:01
simplaallandee_, user then sudo..  always thought it was bad to ssh in as root :)01:01
allandee_larie: just do "xprop" from a shell, then click in the window01:01
cmannsikonia, I need some stuff here right http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/01:01
larieallandee_: same result01:02
allandee_simpla: sudo might confuse the "new" shell about filehandles01:02
allandee_larie: where did you get urxvt from?  I'll try it here01:03
etzerdhello all01:03
etzerdis ubuntu 11.04 release yet?01:03
allandee_larie: is it unicode-rxvt?01:03
larieallandee_: yes :)01:03
itaylor57etzerd, it has been since April01:04
simplaallandee_, hmm  will test..  have to change ssh config to allow root.  brb01:04
MrBIOS-seamicrohi folks, trying to load the lguest kernel module in Lucid, but it doesn't seem to exist01:04
MrBIOS-seamicroany advice?01:04
MrBIOS-seamicrosupposedly it's there01:04
larieallandee_: http://paste.pocoo.org/raw/452284/01:04
MrBIOS-seamicroI can't find it with aptitude though01:04
induzwhat version of linux/debian/archLinux will be good to have a standalone os on my 1 gb USB01:05
induzI tried auturumi .iso but its asking me for PAE CPU01:05
ikoniainduz: that is nothing to do with ubuntu - pleaes don't ask in here01:06
simplaallandee_, you are a legend!  sudo is interferring.  Root login I get ncurses in ssh session (pts/1)01:08
anadonhey, I have an UEFI setup by windows and I need to get grub working.  The usual reinstalling isn't working.  Any idea how to get this to work?01:09
allandee_simpla: whee ;)  glad to help01:09
simplaallandee_, is su similar in a sense as sudo?01:10
th0rare man pages optional in debian?01:12
allandee_simpla: well, stdin/stdout/stderr as C knows about it is really ancient, and only physical terminals were considered, and by default is filehandle 0/1/2 -- stuff like sudo, ssh and even telnet are pseudo terminals.  so in that sense, they are similar.01:13
Phong_anyone know in term of database, wha tis replica  meant?01:13
Phong_what is replica or replication, in term of database ??01:13
gnobPhong_: copy01:13
ikoniaPhong_: copying data from one data to another01:13
Phong_a ha01:14
anadonhey, I have an UEFI setup by windows and I need to get grub working.  The usual reinstalling isn't working.  Any idea how to get this to work?01:14
Phong_i got fail when someone ask me ,  what is normalize database..01:14
Phong_i fail on that ;(01:14
allandee_simpla: and "advanced" stuff like curses need additional events happen.  like, the traditional stdin is only expected to empty it's buffer to the "listening" program until the user hits return01:14
ikoniaPhong_: this really isn't ubuntu questioning01:14
ikoniaPhong_: this channel deals with ubuntu issues, not really general technical stuff01:15
somsipPhong_: there are various levels of normalization. w3schools.com is one place to read up on it01:15
djjonexneed a remote acces app01:15
anadonthey're built in01:15
somsipdjjonex: X or terminal?01:16
anadonboth, and vpn remote desktop viewing01:16
allandee_larie: on an ancient box here, the default rxvt is "-fixed-*-*-*-*-12-*-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1" and it looks pretty similar01:16
allandee_at least it's a place to start with xfontsel01:16
somsipdjjonex: vnc is simple for X. I can't help with VPN01:16
djjonexsomsip: i want to access another computer outside my lan if it can be X thats great01:16
allandee_the urxvt font on Ubuntu definitely looks like a traditional fixed font at any rate01:16
somsipdjjonex: if it's collaborating (you working on someone else's computer) TeamViewer is ok01:17
anadonddenis: ssh into the machine, then enter "startx"01:17
djjonexsomsip: theres no replacement for teamviewer?01:17
allandee_xprop doesn't report fonts from the modern font renderers01:17
anadonddonex: ssh into the machine, then enter "startx"01:17
somsipdjjonex: probbaly. I'm not the fount of all knowledge.01:17
djjonexsomsip: lol thats fine thanks bro01:18
somsipdjjonex: np. There are many solutions, as anadon is also saying01:18
anadonits software01:18
anadonn=1/0 ways of doing things01:18
anadonO SHI-01:18
* anadon obliterated01:19
djjonexsomsip: thanks my friend01:19
somsipdjjonex: yr welcome01:19
FerretWithASporkHi all. I'm having some partitioning troubles. I resized a parition and there was some sort of error in the process. Now when I try to mount it I get "Error mounting: Failed to read last sector". Is there a possible fix that doesn't involve data loss?01:20
allandee_with my fresh Ubuntu installation, switching between applications is slow.  my hardware should be sufficient, and nvidia drivers are the most recent available.  does anyone have a tip?01:21
somsipallandee_: define 'switching'01:21
cmannsikonia, no01:21
allandee_FerretWithASpork: that sounds like a harware problem01:21
DeviceZer0FerretWithASpork, eeek...doesnt look good. You can try a fsck maybe...but not sure that will work without data loss01:21
ikoniacmanns: ?01:22
cmannsyou said to get full install01:22
cmannsbut im loading over pxe01:22
allandee_somsip: alt-tabbomg, and clicking on a window that is not the current one01:22
cmannsdont i need netinstall iso01:22
ikoniacmanns: yes ?01:22
cmannsmy cdrom dont work01:22
szal!enter | cmanns01:22
FloodBot1cmanns: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:22
ubottucmanns: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:22
ikoniacmanns: do you want to install of the internet ?01:22
ikoniacmanns: or do you want to install over the network01:22
cmannsI want to install over network since i dont have the usb with ubuntu nor does cdrom work, so dont i need netinstall?01:23
larieallandee_: i have no that font01:23
somsipallandee_: ok - sorry, no immediate suggests. Maybe get some systems info on the screen while you're doing it to see if anything weird is happening01:23
larieallandee_: what is -fixed-*-*-*-*-12-*-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1 ?01:23
ikoniacmanns: ok, so the netinstall installs over the internet01:23
cmannsthats fine i got fast net01:23
allandee_allandee_: also, I have switched off the compositing_manager01:23
cmannsso grab that iso and setup tftp and dhcp?01:23
ikoniacmanns: so you pxeboot the standard CD image, and it will install locally over your network01:23
cmannslike i did for the last pxe boot01:23
cmannsi can boot that over old hardware?01:23
allandee_larie: you can paste that into .Xdefaults for your terminal, hang on, I'll find the format01:23
FerretWithASporkDeviceZer0: It's actually an NTFS system.. is that worse?01:24
PlayerDisconnectAnyone here with an HP Pavilion dv6 have a successful installation of Ubuntu?01:24
ikoniacmanns: what are you talking about ?01:24
cmannsSo instead of   tar -xvzf netboot.tar.gz -C /var/lib/tftpboot/ just undo the iso into my tftp dir?01:24
cmannsIve had old hardware not boot larger images01:24
DeviceZer0FerretWithASpork, im not sure....wouldnt you do all that stuff locally?01:24
cmannsi mean i got regular cd im down to try it in a min01:25
allandee_larie: "urxvt*font:  -fixed-*-*-*-*-12-*-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1"01:25
ikoniacmanns: ok, there are two phases, 1.) boot a system to get it on the network to be able to boot 2.) use 1.) to boot the actuall installer01:25
cmannsdoing a client system though this is donated time ubuntu for neighbor and i dont got router that does the dhcp yet01:25
ikoniacmanns: you need to phases, do you understand ?01:25
cmannsikonia, ok01:25
allandee_larie: that way of configuring it has been deprecated for a long time, but it should still work01:25
larieallandee_: http://paste.pocoo.org/raw/452295/01:25
allandee_if not with .Xdefaults, then with .Xresources01:25
cmannsso pxelinux will load the installer off the tftp?01:25
ikoniacmanns: no, it will boot what you tell it to boot01:25
larieallandee_: latin symbols looks perfect if commented01:26
cmannsSo do I need to unpack the iso in tftp dir or it'll boot as iso01:26
gurkhali_69can anyone suggest me a download accelerator + download manager for ubuntu equivalent of IDM in windows?01:26
djjonexneed rapidshare account01:26
ikoniacmanns: you won't be able to boot the iso directory, you can boot the mini kernel which can uncompress and load the iso, or you can uncompress the iso and boot it directly01:26
cmannsah ok01:27
cmannsso just fallow that page basically?01:27
allandee_larie: so, how does it look when you add the "urxvt*font:  -fixed-*-*-*-*-12-*-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1" line to your .Xdefaults?01:27
ikoniacmanns: pretty much01:27
allandee_or URxvt if it's case sensitive, but I think not01:27
larieallandee_: can't start urxvt with that line :)01:28
cmannsikonia, so I put the contents of netbook.tar.gz in tftp for pxelinux and boot and mini kernel01:28
cmannswhere do I put the iso?01:28
somsiplarie: My install or urxvt didn't like that font format either. I had to drop back to a different format...which is on another distro I'm not running nright now so I can't copy it01:29
cmannsthat'd be only place im stuck id suppose01:29
ikoniacmanns: are you reading the guide ?01:29
ikoniacmanns: I thought you said you know how to pxelinux01:29
cmannsi am01:29
cmannsyes but it was a few months ago i forgot 100% what i did01:29
ikoniacmanns: that guide pretty much spells it out for you01:29
chrometigerwhat is the easiest way of makeing a exact copy of my ubuntu install/partition  to a iso i can just stick in and install to another computer ?01:29
allandee_larie: *sigh* all this modern stuff ;)  that font has been hardcoded into the XFree86 binary for forever though01:29
cmanns-but it doesnt saywhere to put the full iso01:29
szalchrometiger: bad idea, if the hardware is different, you'll most probably be unable to boot initially01:30
larieallandee_: hehe :)01:30
cmannsim serious i dotn find that on the docs ikonia01:31
ikoniacmanns: that guide doesn't tell you where to do that as it's not using menu.c3201:31
chrometigerszal: ok lets say its same computer differant hdd01:31
allandee_laria: oh, but terminus!01:31
cmannsikonia, so what i need for my case01:32
cmannsthat guides assuming cdrom doesnt boot but works and you have install media there or usb01:32
cmannsthis cdrom doesnt work at all01:32
simplathanks guys for your help..  gotta go for work.. :(01:32
allandee_larie: http://lh6.ggpht.com/_1QSDkzYY2vc/TESjbRNI6SI/AAAAAAAABhY/BLtIFTNQZvg/font-terminus.png01:32
ikoniacmanns: that guide does not mention the cdrom drive at all - forget the cdrom drive01:32
simplaallandee_, thanks again for you help .. gotta go for work :(.01:32
cmannsSo could you just entail roughly what I want to do to load the ubuntu installer over the network? thats all, much appriciated01:33
allandee_simpla: my pleasure, have a good one01:33
ikoniacmanns: keep it simple, just use the netinstaller01:33
ikoniacmanns: you'll have to install over the internet, rather than the network01:33
cmannsok so that netboot setup has netinstaller built in?01:34
cmannsi can do that i got 2mbyte/sec down01:34
ikoniacmanns: correct01:34
cmannsthanks ikonia01:34
cmannsill try this in a bit01:34
anadonhey, I have an UEFI setup by windows and I need to get grub working.  The usual reinstalling isn't working.  Any idea how to get this to work?01:34
larieallandee_: not bad but no bold01:34
allandee_anadon: http://www.supergrubdisk.org/rescatux/ maybe?01:35
allandee_larie: ;(01:35
allandee_larie: give an example of where the bold is missing btw01:36
anadonallandee_: I have only a bootable USB drive at my disposal, and that's what I'm currently booting from.01:36
=== conrado is now known as cob
allandee_anadon: I don't get it -- you only have a usb drive, and you're booting from it?01:39
allandee_anadon: no fixed hdd?01:39
allandee_anadon:...because if you have a hdd, but forced to boot via your USB device into any of the OS-es installed on your HDD, then installing rescatux on the usb would be the step towards being able to boot all of your OS-es without the use of the USB device01:42
larieallandee_: http://imagebin.org/16629101:42
larieallandee_: bad big terminus at left01:43
larieallandee_: and good unknown font at right01:43
slideIve installed the ubuntu minimal cd without a desktop but my console is not taking up the entire screen, how can I get it to?01:43
anadonallandee_: sorry, I have a working laptop, an ubuntu install that can't boot, and a windows install that requires UEFI which I disbled in my BIOS.01:43
allandee_anadon: is your Ubuntu-installation a 64-bit one?01:46
anadonon the HDD, yes01:46
anadonthe boot-repair repository is broken--40401:46
slidei just used it a few minutes ago01:46
anadonthe USB one I think is 32, I'll double check01:46
anadonnope, its 6401:47
slideinstalled in a live cd and fixed my boot setup01:47
allandee_larie: apart from being big, how is it wrong?  there's bold there01:47
larieallandee_: big is bad ;)01:47
allandee_anadon: what happens when you try to boot it?01:48
larieallandee_: no bold there http://lh6.ggpht.com/_1QSDkzYY2vc/TESjbRNI6SI/AAAAAAAABhY/BLtIFTNQZvg/font-terminus.png01:48
anadonallandee_: BIOS says "Operating System Not Found"01:48
anadonunless I enable EFI, at which point, it boots windows01:48
P`AWAYwhat is the recommended partition size in a notebook core 2 duo 4GB RAM ?01:49
allandee_larie: that's because there are no parts of it that is hinted as bold.  the default shell cosmetics in Ubuntu is not universal, it's not usual to use bold in prompts01:49
tyler_d1this is the only xorg.conf I can get to load, can someone please help me to get unity back up and running; http://paste.ubuntu.com/658343/01:49
allandee_anadon: ow!01:49
anadonallandee_:  yeah...01:50
anadontyler_d1:  what's the issue01:50
larieallandee_: oh!01:50
tyler_d1anadon:  no unity :(01:50
anadontyler_d1: do you have X?  A gui?  Gnome 2?01:51
tyler_d1anadon: i have tried playing with the file, removing any of the screens or cards results in it not loading saying "screen not found"01:51
allandee_anadon: do you know what's on your mbr?01:51
anadontyler_d1: way, way different issue...01:51
anadonallandee_: gpt, not mbr01:51
tyler_d1anadon: I have installed the drivers and tried it (from teh bios) in discrete and switchable01:51
=== E is now known as Guest51425
anadontyler_d1:  are you on it now?01:52
tyler_d1anadon: I have the latest kernel 2.6.38-11-generic-pae01:52
tyler_d1anadon: I am, with the old gnome01:52
allandee_allandee: well, the first of what your bios reads then, it's on the same place on the disk as the bios sees it01:52
cobahh ffs, why is it so hard to get polished software on Linux?!01:52
allandee_I keep talking to myself01:53
anadonallandee_:  read UEFI up on wikipedia.  It's a hot-fixed mess01:53
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade01:53
anadontyler_d1: ok...did you try logging out, then switching the desktop session to "ubuntu"01:53
allandee_anadon: yea, I know, I have boxes booting linux, windows and OS X from the same disk.01:54
anadonallandee_: damn...01:54
tyler_d1anadon: it is booted into 'ubuntu' I have tried a reboot as well01:54
allandee_however, the boot record that your bios reads is key01:54
anadontyler_d1: what version of ubuntu are you running?01:54
tyler_d1anadon: 11.0401:54
allandee_stage 0 boot, is it grub?01:54
NaildriverWhat can you do when you run into grub rescue?01:54
anadonallandee_: what do I need to find out about it?01:55
cobhey, what do you guys use for IRC clients?01:55
celebornHi, how come, after installing apache2, and then doing apt-get purge apache2,01:55
d784my monitor shows "no signal" so i thought it was bad video card,so i bought a new one.01:55
tyler_d1anadon: my frustration is that in switchable mode, lspci -v shows that the intel is on 0:1:0:0 and the nvidia is on 0:2:0:0 but I cannot get it to boot to that card01:55
anadontyler_d1: what graphics card do you have?01:55
anadontyler_d1: specifically01:55
d784and nothing,but than found out when i remove the ram and reseat it again it worked01:55
d784can the ram slots be faulty?01:55
tyler_d1anadon: nvidia GT330M01:55
allandee_anadon: the characters in the upperl left of the screen right after the bios screen is telling01:56
cobis there an ubuntu friendly IRC client that will quietly dock in the "tray" and notify me whenever somebody mentions me or messages me?01:56
anadontyler_d1: have you installed the restricted drivers?01:56
tyler_d1anadon: yes01:56
anadontyler_d1: using what?01:56
knoppixany knoppix help available?01:56
xanguacob xchat, empathy and pidgin have support for indicator menu01:56
cobknoppix, go away troll01:57
szalknoppix: /join #knoppix01:57
xanguaknoppix: try the knopix channel01:57
NaildriverAnyone know what to do when you try to  boot and run into Grub Rescue and nothing boots?01:57
tyler_d1anadon: System--> Admin--> additional drivers01:57
szal!attitude | cob01:57
ubottucob: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines01:57
* cob sighs01:57
allandee_cob: at least he's not talking to himself01:58
Naildrivertap tap is this thing on.. lol01:59
Naildrivercan anyone see me?01:59
th0rNaildriver: this is irc, there is no video support01:59
cobhi Naildriver, do you get a grub prompt?02:00
Naildriverlol I know that I mean my chat words02:00
Naildriverall I get is device not found grub rescue02:00
allandee_th0r: http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?EdIsTheStandardTextEditor02:00
moesNaildriver, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#/etc/default/grub02:00
Dude22Can someone help me set the locale from rescue mode and chroot ?  I'm getting error messages "Cannot set... to default locale: No such file or directory"02:01
szalmoes: what good does that do if one can't even boot?02:01
NaildriverI have 3 hdd drives in my comp with 4 different OS on them and I think I killed it last  night when I swapped out one of the drives02:01
szalNaildriver: do you have more than 1 HDD?02:01
szalNaildriver: in that case most probably the device mapping in the installed system is different than during installation; try changing the order of HDDs in the BIOS until you find the right one02:02
Naildriverok well I wiped all the drives but two partitions one has win 7 still on it and the other is all my information both are on different drives02:03
allandee_Naildriver: http://www.supergrubdisk.org/rescatux/ might be a good for tinkering with that02:03
cobNaildriver, can also try booting from an ubuntu rescue disc and reinstalling grub. i always find a blog post when I need to do it again.02:03
allandee_a good start*02:04
allandee_with my fresh Ubuntu installation, switching between applications is slow.  my hardware should be sufficient, and nvidia drivers are the most recent available.  does anyone have a tip?02:04
NaildriverI tried reinstalling grub but it didn't work02:04
szalNaildriver: as I said, change order of HDDs in BIOS02:05
allandee_Naildriver: rescatux might be more helpful still02:05
Naildriverthats why I wiped all the drives figured I'd start over since all my info is in one partition02:05
NaildriverAllandee I'm going to look at that now..02:05
Naildriverall I want to do is save my win 7 so I don't have reload all that crap again02:06
NaildriverUbuntu is easy :)02:06
allandee_Naildriver: each of your partitions come with a potential piece of info for booting.  grub is capable of setting up for it.  rescatux might help instructing grub how to boot them, where you might not know how to.02:06
NaildriverI'm looking at the website now02:07
allandee_goodie ;)02:07
Doubleplusdoes anyone have any idea how to install usb_modeswitcher02:10
Doubleplusbecuase Im at a complete loss02:10
allandee_Naildriver: oh, and also, if all you want to do at this point is booting your W7, then booting from the W7 install media and choosing the repair option, will nuke your boot-manager in favour of being able to boot W02:10
hashitishHow could i browse my external hard drive via the terminal. I cd to /media and ls     Expansion drive is there but i can cd inot it02:10
usr13Doubleplus: sudo apt-get install usb-modeswitch02:11
dlihashitish, ls -l02:12
Doubleplusno internet connection :/02:12
chris__Quick question:  2 Xeon 64 bit (yes long mode enabled) listed as 4 CPUs in ubuntu.....so does ubuntu 32bit just recognize the 32 bit paths as a single CPU?02:12
dlichris__, I guess you mean hyperthreading02:13
chris__hyperthreading does this?02:13
chris__going to have to read up on the hyperthreading deal for the xeons02:13
hashitishdli: so the feat is impossible, that seems dumb!02:13
dlihashitish, please report what are you doing, and, error messages, etc02:14
coboh, I'm curious... I have this 64bit netbook, from Asus, I haven't toyed with hyperthreading, infact... isn't that a Intel only? would it be possible to get it to act as 2 cpus for 32 bit?02:14
cobits an AMD cpu02:14
ChogyDancob: hyberthreading isn't splitting the bit width in 2, its a separate tech02:15
dlicob, ht is from intel only :( ht doesn't mean to run 64bit as two 32 bit CPUs02:15
hashitishdli: im just randomly browsing my pc via the terminal, like ya do, id like to browse my external hard drive through the terminal just for fun  but your telling me thats impossible02:15
cobrgr, thanks02:15
chris__trying to weight 64 bit ubuntu vs 32 w/ PAE02:16
dlihashitish, no, I didn't say that, or hinted that in anyway, I suggested: ls -l02:16
Luig1Err http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ maverick-updates/main linux-libc-dev i386 2.6.35-1028.50  404  Not Found [IP: 80]02:16
Luig1Why does that one package fail?02:16
hashitishdli: ls -l tell's me its impossible you nit picker lol02:16
Luig1I can't update unless I lock it to its current version on my system. Once that one package is locked I can update fine02:17
dlichris__, if your machine supports 64bit (all not so old CPU do), choose 64bit02:17
usr13hashitish: dli is telling you to issue command   ls -l02:17
hashitishdli: i assumed you knew this02:17
hashitishdli: obviously not my bad holmes02:17
ChogyDanLuig1: what does apt-cache policy linux-libc-dev say?02:17
xanguaLuig1: tried the main repositories¿02:17
almoxarifeLuig1: the ip failed, try another server02:18
xangua I mean, main server Luig102:18
hashitishdli: dont listen to a word i say im an idiot :)_02:18
Luig1I haven't made any modifications to my repositories02:18
Luig1It's all default as far as I can remember02:18
hashitishdli: so ls -l02:18
allandee_Doubleplus: sudo apt-get install libusb-dev ; cd ~ ; mkdir tmp ; wget http://www.draisberghof.de/usb_modeswitch/usb-modeswitch-1.1.8.tar.bz2 ; tar jxf u* ; cd us*8 ; make install02:18
hashitishdli: gives me a different output02:18
allandee_probably "sudo make install" btw02:19
Luig1ChogyDan http://pastebin.com/mSKS90Ak02:19
hashitishdli: do i need to chmod or wuteva to make the external accessible via the terminal ?02:20
hashitishusr13: im an idiot02:20
szalhashitish: please pastebin output of 'ls -lA'02:21
szalhashitish: correction: 'ls -lA /media/'02:21
dlihashitish, how do you mount external?02:21
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hashitishit auto mounts itself02:22
ChogyDanLuig1: have you sudo apt-get updated recently?02:23
DasEihashitish: so own the mountdir to the regular user for read/write access without need of root02:24
Luig1I used the update manager today, after locking that package and chrome02:24
Luig1So I think that's the same?02:24
massmc1cd /media/goonvault02:24
DasEihashitish: enter mount in trml to see where it's mounted , aka /media/SomeWhere02:24
hashitishszal: http://pastebin.com/qvVyP6JB02:24
allandee_on my fresh install of Ubuntu, running Unity, switching between applications is slow.  any tips?02:24
jwigginsAnyone have a USB AWUS036NH wireless adapter? I have been trying to get it to work under ubuntu 11.04 to no luck02:25
hashitishszal: first one is ls -l second was ls -lA /media/02:25
marshallhey ubuntu02:25
marshallis it normal for root not to be able to access files that don't belong to it? I thought root had access to everything.02:25
ChogyDanLuig1: can you try it?02:25
jwigginsEverytime I plug it in, I just see "hub 1-1:1.0: over-current change on port 1" in the dmesg output02:25
szalhashitish: ok, how do you change into there?02:25
Luig1Yes, it's going right now ChogyDan02:25
hashitishcd /media02:25
allandee_marshall: that's not normal02:25
szalhashitish: no, into the drive02:26
hashitishi cant02:26
Naildriverfor the slow 11.04 could it be an older machine and 11.04 is  using more than older versions?02:26
DasEihashitish: mediawhat ?02:26
hashitishvia terminal02:26
szalhashitish: why not?02:26
hashitishi dont know lol02:26
seclm193omegaforte, hows it going?02:26
chamunksI have an archived harddrive with either sparsely corrupted data or the drive itself is failing I need to save as much as possible while being gentle to the possibly dieing drive and also ensure that the copy has been as perfect as possible.   I do not wish to send this drive to an recovery agency but will if I must as this data is very dear to me and is about 500gigs so not a small task.02:26
seclm193anyone here uses virtualbox on ubuntu 11.04?02:26
DasEihashitish: enter "mount" in trml to see where it's mounted , aka /media/SomeWhere02:26
jwigginsseclm193, I do02:26
marshallallandee_: it's not normal for root not to be able to access some other user's files?02:26
szalhashitish: you gotta be trying to do something, that's what I'm trying to find out02:26
somsipseclm193: yup, y?02:26
hashitishDasEi: its /media/Expansion Drive/02:27
NaildriverI've read that you can seal your hdd in an airtight bag and put it in the freezer for 2 plus hours and then extract all the vital data02:27
allandee_Naildriver: haven't used any Linux desktop destro in a while, but it's an i3 running at 2.9GHz, 8 gb ram, nVidia GeForce GTX460, and there are no similar issues in W7 or OS X02:27
Naildriverwow it should fly on that machine02:27
szalhashitish: try 'cd /media/Exp<Tab>', that should autocomplete the path02:27
seclm193jwiggins, let me ask you a question: i installed virtualbox and restarted.  everytime it started xorg it froze.  i logged into recovery root and removed and restarted.  no problems.  any ideas?02:28
DasEihashitish: sudo chown -R $USER /media/Expansion<<press TAB here>>02:28
hashitishszal: im just trying to browse my external hard drive via the terminal for no apparent reason!02:28
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allandee_Naildriver: everything else does, but switching apps is painful02:28
r0z4hi everybody, could you help me with my microphone and skype i can hear but nobody can hear me :(02:28
chamunksNaildriver, I've been thinking that worst case scenario the drive is the actual issue i was thinking of buying a styrofoam cooler and filling it with dry ice and the drive itself and just run it from in there.02:28
seclm193somsip, look at message left to jwiggins02:28
Naildriverhave you tried reinstalling02:28
Luig1ChogyDan, after the other people who helped pointed out that there are different options for the main repos I checked mine, they were set to "us servers" instead of main. I switched it to main and did sudo aptitude update just now, and nothing interesting happened (that is, it didn't change any packages, it just made a list and finished with "Fetched 2,728B in 1s (1,498B/s)", so I think that's good, then?02:28
DasEihashitish: no cd there and try to open a file02:28
hashitishDasEi: w8 wut02:28
somsipseclm193: I don't see it. I'm happy to pass comment if I can, but need more info02:29
hashitishDasEi: if i try cd there it tells me theres no such file or directory02:29
NaildriverChamunks they say that freezing the drives tightens them up and helps the performance for a limited amount of time about enough to recover some data02:29
allandee_chamunks: most modern drives are capable of report their running temperature02:29
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seclm193somsip, let me ask you a question: i installed virtualbox and restarted.  everytime it started xorg it froze.  i logged into recovery root and removed and restarted.  no problems.  any ideas?02:29
szalhashitish: you need to escape the whitespace; as I said, try 'cd /media/Exp<Tab>'02:30
Luig1 Oh hey now 'sudo aptitude upgrade linux-libc-dev' successfully updated. Thanks to everyone who helped!02:30
NaildriverFreezing a hdd is for a known failing drive02:30
hashitishDasEi: it would go like this cd /media/Expansion Drive/02:30
somsipseclm193: Ah, no. I installed it and it worked. I found a few tricks for running some OSes, but that's as far as my knowledge extends02:30
DasEihashitish: sudo fdisk -l , which device is it ? /dev/sdb ?02:30
allandee_hashitish: or cd "<your path>"02:30
Luig1My system also has like a dozen other issues so I might be back some time for any one of those. Thanks again!02:30
hashitishszal: thank you kind sir that worked02:31
chamunksallandee_, The issue is mainly I dont know if the drive is failing but some data on the drive is seeming to be somewhat corrupt.  So i wish to recover as much as possible without being too intensive on the drive.02:31
NaildriverAllandee have you tried reinstalling 11.04 to see if that fixes the slow program switch02:31
szalhashitish: see how the path was autocompleted02:31
seclm193somsip, ok.  i didn't even install any virtual machine.  it has something to do with the kernel modules02:31
hashitishszal: it was wierd cd /media/Expansion\ Drive/   like wtf lol02:31
allandee_chamunks: aha!02:31
hashitishszal: yeah got it buddy, thx :)02:32
chamunksNaildriver, Well I could imagine that running the drive in a subzero environment that it should give me some extended time with the drive if it is beginning to fail.02:32
allandee_chamunks: I don't want to crush any hopes then. o.O02:32
chamunksallandee_, but i do appreciate your time / attention to the matter.02:32
NaildriverChamunks that is very possible but how are you going to keep it dry with the cables attached to it?02:33
hashitishcool now i can move all my illegally downloaded material via the terminal. this is soo  kewl and pro :)02:33
chamunksNaildriver, Secure the drive inside of an appropriately sized double ziplock bag and attempt to position the setup so that the cables wont be dripping water into the bag.02:34
allandee_chamunks: I will suggest that whatever heat your hdd is exposed to is unlikely to affect it's operation, though.02:34
chamunksallandee_, I've been told and read at many sources that on a failing drive that freezing it will give you some extra time before it dies fully.02:35
NaildriverChamunks love that "attempt"  good luck with that water vapor does what it wants.. I would try freezing it first and see what happens02:35
allandee_chamunks: only if it's the electronics failing02:35
NaildriverThe idea behind freezing the hdd is to tighten it up after the ware factor sets in02:35
allandee_which is the rarer case02:35
itaylor57frozen drives, reminds me of the crays I used to program02:36
oxfordatticcan anyone read this?02:36
allandee_itaylor57: !!!02:36
Dude22Can someone help me with recovery mode ... I'm trying to reinstall findutils and I'm getting the following error:  "unable to make backup link of './usr/bin/find' before installing new version: Operation not permitted02:36
Pskoloxfordattic, no02:36
th0roxfordattic: no02:36
allandee_itaylor57: what did you program on those magnificent beasts?02:36
Dude22Can someone tell me how to fix that?  I can't boot my system until fixed02:36
oxfordatticok thanks, i've been having problems02:36
chamunksNaildriver, I could load the bag with dessicant.  but i figure as long as i maintain the cold temprature inside the semi-sealed styrofoam cooler should keep the moisture down reasonably.02:36
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NaildriverChamunks yes but the drive is going to cause at least some heat02:37
chamunksNaildriver, I agree entirely though it isnt a method that I'm putting at the top of my list thats for sure.02:38
Naildriverok here we go booting Rescatux now02:38
chamunksNaildriver, the drive is currently very responsive just is exhibiting some symptoms of degredation02:38
Dude22can someone help me reinstall a package in recovery mode?  getting errors with APTITUDE02:38
NaildriverChamunks might just be a bad drive then may not have anything to do with cooling02:38
kiaasI was wondering, is it possible to use an hfs+ partition for /home, during install?02:39
chamunksallandee_, yeah I dont really want to believe thats the case yet I'm thinking it might have been the previous host computer to this drive may have corrupted data and im just being paranoid.02:39
NaildriverI have a stack of bad hdd's here about 1.5 feet tall lol02:39
chamunksNaildriver, the previous host computer wasnt exactly the ideal environment too.02:39
Anom01yhow do I burn burnable dvd's in Ubuntu ?02:40
somsipAnom01y: brasero02:40
Anom01yactually nm02:40
Anom01yok thanks02:40
chamunksAnom01y, depends on  what your burning. but brasero02:40
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Anom01ya live-cd chalcedony on a bootable dvd02:40
Anom01yif possible02:40
allandee_chamunks: ;)  the mechanical failure rate of hdds are ridiculously high though02:40
NaildriverChamunks I've cleaned up some pretty bad comps before02:40
NaildriverAllandee how do I decide which drive to put grub on?02:41
somsipAnom01y: brasero will do that (works for me) but there are other options02:41
chamunksAnom01y, that should work.  in all honnesty it should just ask you when you click on it the autorun / file associations are getting really well done in ubuntu now.02:41
allandee_Naildriver: the first bootsector of the primary boot-device in your bios02:41
chamunksallandee_, oh how i know that far too well.  to make matters worse... its a seagate..02:41
w3bcrawlerdo you have to  know  a packages exact name to get it in apt-get? i don't see a way to query/search the repository with it02:41
NaildriverI know which one I don't want it on but the other two I guess don't really matter or should I put it on the same as the win 7 drive02:41
Naildriverthat should be the sata drive then02:42
allandee_chamunks: you have a Maxtor bastard child!02:42
chalcedonyi downloaded a font (on ubuntu 10.04) how do i get it to show up in fonts in libre office?02:42
larieallandee_: writev(6, [{"-\0\21\0\32\0@\0025\0@\2-misc-fixed-medium-r"..., 76}, {NULL, 0}, {"", 0}], 3) = 7602:42
chamunksNaildriver, do you have any idea if theres something better than rsync for pulling this data from the drive?02:42
wrtiiiWhat is the best method to setup remote access to a 11.04 server installation.  I just completed a fresh install and would prefer to do all my work from the comfort of my own laptop rather than standing over a tiny table in the corner where I have my server placed.02:42
allandee_I'd burn it rather than chill it02:42
chamunksallandee_, ..... are you kidding me...02:42
larieallandee_: i found that in strace when printing02:42
P`AWAYGuys, I created a partition on the Windows 7 to install the ubuntu, but when i will install the ubunt don´t detect this partition, what is it ?02:42
chamunksallandee_, maxtor has never been in my good books either...02:43
larieallandee_: and that for bold writev(6, [{"-\0\23\0\31\0@\2=\0\22\0-misc-fixed-bold-r-s"..., 84}, {NULL, 0}, {"", 0}], 3) = 8402:43
chamunksallandee_, bahh humbug02:43
NaildriverChamunks I used a recovery program I downloaded once when I had a drive failing but don't remember what it was now..02:43
NaildriverMostly I just back up and throw drives away..02:43
larieallandee_: "urxvt.font:     xft:and 2-misc-fixed-medium-r,pixelsize=9" doesn't work02:43
chamunksNaildriver, yeah I'm in the same boat.02:43
NaildriverI have more bad WD drives than any other02:44
chamunksNaildriver, I'm migrating everything to a 10 TB NAS running ZFS+2 array02:44
allandee_larie: weird with a null-terminator at those places, which editor did you use to edit the .xdefaults?02:44
w3bcrawlerdo you have to  know  a packages exact name to get it in apt-get? i don't see a way to query/search the repository for something02:44
larieallandee_: nano02:44
chamunksNaildriver, I've just been avoiding pulling/sorting through most of this drives data as it has alot of bad / good memories on it to boot.02:44
larieallandee_: that is wrong: xft:2-misc-fixed-medium-r,pixelsize=902:45
allandee_paste that line again, exactly as it appears02:45
cmannsSo I got ubuntu to netboot02:46
cmannsenter on install, blank. no network activity it seems02:46
chamunksallandee_, hence why I've switched entirely to low powered western digital green drives now low use low heat low power all of which should defend my data fairly effectively.  All running on asus hardware with a Certified Corsair PSU.02:46
NaildriverChamunks I always keep the data I want on a separate drive and keep it backed up02:46
chamunksallandee_, the only part of my NAS server that scares me is the OCZ ram I have in it.02:46
larieallandee_: what line?02:46
NaildriverI get so tired of hdd fails02:46
allandee_chamunks: and how do y ou account for (inevitable) failure02:47
chamunksNaildriver, should spend a grand on a nas like me than lol.  ZFS is as close to failproof as one system can get.02:47
larieallandee_: http://dpaste.com/586014/plain/02:47
allandee_larie: the one with the font directive02:47
chamunksNaildriver, I can pump a shotgun shell into one of the drives from my nas and still have all of my data.02:47
larieallandee_: urxvt.font: xft:2-misc-fixed-medium-r,pixelsize=902:47
NaildriverI'm gonna get me one of them big ole' SSD to keep all the stuff I really want safe02:48
chamunksallandee_, running ZFS02:48
chamunksNaildriver, Just make sure that the SSD isnt manufactured by OCZ...02:48
NaildriverChamunks yeah they  make some nice stuff02:48
allandee_larie: no, that doesn help, unless you find the line where it fails to read your font directive, and the subsequent attempts at reading them in, which is kind of hard to catch02:48
allandee_but did you try the old style directive?02:49
Naildrivermy kid has an 8 gig sandisk flash drive thats been through the washer and dryer twice and it still works lol02:49
chamunksNaildriver, OCZ ... meh the sort of do... they subcontract all of their manufacturing to different places (lowest bidders) so take that as you will.02:49
chamunksNaildriver, the next SSD that I buy will not be OCZ its certainly going to either be Corsair or IBM business class.02:50
allandee_  -*-fixed-medium-*-*-*-15-*-*-*-*-*-*-*02:50
wrtiiiWhat is the difference between \ apt-get install ssh vs. apt-get install openssh \  I want to use putty to connect to my linux server from my laptop. I do not need to connect to anything from the server.  So I guess my question would be what is the difference between ssh and openssh?02:50
NaildriverChamunks I have no idea what I'm going to get yet need to do more research and also gonna wait awhile to see more reviews over time02:50
allandee_wrtiii: nothing that you should notice02:51
chamunksNaildriver, well TBH I've been chatting with many other professionals about it and they all say that corsair generally guarantee's their stuff for a reason.02:51
wrtiiiallandee_: So I should just flip a coin as to which install command I should use? :)02:51
allandee_wrtiii: openssh is preferred for reasons that are intangible for that purpose02:51
chamunksNaildriver, but IBM is generally also a fairly good name and they usually contract their work accordingly.02:52
allandee_wrtiii: that works ;)02:52
chamunkswrtiii, Openssh02:52
NaildriverChamunks well  hopefully its because they are good02:52
usertwoi am trying to create a usb startup disk using the menu commands, but when i come to install is says 'unknown system file configuration'.02:52
chamunkswrtiii, I would imagine that ssh itself is just a symbolic link to the openssh package. as openssh is developed by the openbsd guys and they generally keep their stuff pretty well locked down.02:53
chamunksNaildriver, well its not like they are acer...02:53
usertwoi tried looking online but firefox keeps crashing. need to install the new ubuntu!02:53
larieallandee_: no! i pasted strace that i did without font set02:54
allandee_chamunks: ssh is a protocol, there are different implementors with different goals and ideologies,  all of which makes no difference to the casual user, imo02:54
larieallandee_: so i know which font is default02:54
allandee_larie: oh!  I'm re-reading02:54
chamunksNaildriver, I've seen their PSU's go through some pretty rigerous testing.  Also last year when Corsair and OCZ ended up shipping a line of drives with similar defective chips Corsair contacted all of their customers to say it was recalled where OCZ wouldn't mention it unless you were upset about the issue.02:54
usertwousb not registering now! what is cl for mounting a usb?02:54
Nitaxin an SSH public key, does the user@systemName at the end of the key even matter?02:54
NaildriverChamunks thats not very nice of them I don't like companies that do that02:55
chamunksallandee_, this is very true but to go with the reccomendations of most people it would be openssh all the way.02:55
allandee_larie: fixed mold semi condensed?02:55
wrtiiiOk so ifconfig to confirm my ip address, Is it difficult to lock my server into a static ip from my router?02:55
allandee_chamunks: true02:55
chamunksallandee_, I would imagine that different implementations would be for system requirements mainly.02:55
chamunksNaildriver, But this is nothing that I can confirm for myself02:56
allandee_chamunks: I'd argue that the differences are about ideology02:56
allandee_technically they are very similar02:56
emmaany of you know how to convert a .dv made in kinto into an .avi that can be used on YouTube?02:56
hashitishszal: i can now try  a python program to do what i want in there heh02:56
larieallandee_: what? :)02:56
chamunksNaildriver, all that I can confirm is I only run Corsair psu's because everyone that I've spoken too that have prooven themselves to be biased towards selling me good hardware vs expensive hardware have all said corsair PSU's hands down02:57
chamunksNaildriver, and OCZ ram the only times that I've ever bought it I've had issues with it every time.  Bad ram right out of the box and I think Corsair Certifies their ram.02:57
marriedman624so I'm trying to set up dual boot of 9.10 on windows vista machine, how do I set up a 25 GB ubuntu partition while leaving the windows partition?02:57
chamunksallandee_, that could also be another contributing factor hehe.02:57
NaildriverChamunks its nice when they take the time to certify things.. I hate opening a box and then finding out that something is DOA02:58
jmcantrellif i want to try out xubuntu-desktop on my ubuntu install, is it easily uninstalled if i want to go back?02:58
chamunksallandee_, we wouldn't be human after all if we didn't disagree with one another from time to time.02:58
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chamunksNaildriver, but again I cant vouch for Corsair's ram as I have no personal experience with it as its usually out of my price range, but computer techs I speak too all seem to speak of it as if it were the holy grail of ram.02:59
allandee_larie: let me recount my understanding; you 1) stripped all defaulting of fonts, 2) ran a call-trace of urxvt 3) deducted the default font based on the last entry in the trace (presumably because it was the last significant entry in the trace)?02:59
Doriomanjoin /#dhmn02:59
allandee_chamunks: certainly!02:59
marriedman624if i set up partition of 25 GB and the rest says FREE SPACE, is it going to format the entire hard drive and delete the existing windows data?02:59
allandee_chamunks:  which is why I don't want to suggest that one implementation is better than the other ;)03:00
chamunksNaildriver, I agree entirely.   I'm a total fan of these three companies and most certainly would eat anything they fed me and they are Logitech Corsair and Asus.  Never had any real complaints about any of them.03:00
allandee_chamunks: or that one linux distro is better than the other03:00
larieallandee_: yes ;)03:00
NaildriverI usually use Kingston ram more in my price range too unless someone is running a sale03:00
Doublepluswhat  does it mean when someone puts a # in front of their command?03:00
chamunksallandee_, mmm it all depends on what you wish to focus on... Although touching on that mentality almost borderlines aligning linux with religions and I dont wanna go that far haha03:00
chamunksallandee_, But choice is always good as it breeds security through complexity.03:01
larieallandee_: last but one line appeared when bold prompt appeared03:01
=== administrator is now known as Guest29909
larieallandee_: last line appeared when i typed with regular font03:01
allandee_larie: right! that be one of the traditonal representations of fonts then, and so if the Xserver/wm would have only read your f-ing "-*-fixed-medium-*-*-*-15-*-*-*-*-*-*-*" then y ou could have played with it03:02
allandee_with xfontsel03:02
larieallandee_: what? $)03:02
chamunksNaildriver, well if you ever think of the software that you'd reccomend for pulling this data off my drive to my server I'll gladly take it into consideration but in the mean time I think I'll build an Rsync command and be at it maybe I'll copy the smaller directories first.03:03
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Guest29909No Chinese ?03:03
somsip!zh | Guest2990903:03
ubottuGuest29909: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw03:03
jmcantrellif i want to try out xubuntu-desktop on my ubuntu install, is it easily uninstalled if i want to go back?03:03
NaildriverChamunks I'd have to do a search for it again.. I can't remember the name of it03:03
NaildriverI'm still trying to get  my comp to boot again lol03:04
allandee_chamunks: well, in the concrete case, the OpenBSD crowd believes that they achieve superior inpenetrability through publishing code, and have really brilliant people constantly hammering the code, trying to break it03:04
somsipchamunks: if using rsync, and you want to not tax the drive, look into ionice: http://www.mail-archive.com/rsync@lists.samba.org/msg26361.html03:04
allandee_while one other camp believes in publishing specs to a wide audience, and being very clear about any anticipated weaknesses.03:04
chamunkssomsip, thank you I will look into that immediately.03:05
allandee_like, algorithmical weaknesses that could be exploited03:05
somsipchamunks: yr welcome. Might not be helpful, but the thread looked applicable03:05
usertwothe md5sum checks out so the file is ok. why is the usb startup not beaing craeted? how do i do this from the command line?03:05
chamunksI do appreciate transparency that is for certain.03:05
allandee_I don't subscribe particularly to any camp, just to have that said03:05
chalcedonyso, where does ubuntu install fonts?03:06
chamunksallandee_, I do appeciate transparency that is for certain. It breeds the open source solutions to things.03:06
szal/usr/share/fonts/ (system-wide), ~/.fonts/ (per-user), and some more places#03:06
chamunksallandee_, I agree to the minimal alignment to any particular camp03:07
DasEi!fonts | chalcedony03:07
ubottuchalcedony: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer. For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/03:07
marriedman624I'm setting up dual boot of 9.10 on Vista machine.......if i set up partition of 25 GB and the rest says FREE SPACE, is it going to format the entire hard drive and delete the existing windows data?03:07
Dude22Can anyone tell me why dpkg can't make a backup link when run from recovery mode?  This is driving me nuts03:07
ls3does anyone have a 3ware 9650se raid card working on ubuntu? I have 11.04 and can't seem to even find a driver that will work.03:07
chamunksallandee_, hence why pretty much every system in my network is running a different OS.03:07
chalcedonyfound it! now how to get Libre office to see it03:07
chamunksallandee_, it all matters what works best for what.03:08
chamunksNaildriver, not to worry I'll poke my way through I've enjoyed the conversation more than the persuit anyways.03:08
allandee_chamunks: cool ;)  the idea that open-source leads to transparency, I think, is kind of misguided though.03:08
usertwoanyone know how to creat a usb startup disk using the cl?03:08
NaildriverChamunks thanks it has been nice chatting03:09
allandee_chamunks: the contents are not accessable to most people03:09
chamunksallandee_, that concerns me as well sometimes.  Although things have been improoving over the years.  I think that one day there will be a public review system that will have no alignments what so ever and will be adaptable to every situation.03:09
szalchalcedony: what font are we talking about?03:10
chalcedonyszal, :~/.fonts$ ls03:10
chalcedonyvivaldi_2.ttf  vivaldmn.TTF  vivante.ttf03:10
wrtiiiIt's as easy as that... edit the interfaces file change inet to static add my address, netmask, broadcast, network and gateway ips. reboot and now my server will always use the specified ip?03:10
chamunksallandee_, well maybe i used some bold language in that last one but it would be nice.03:10
allandee_allandee_: and so, trusted institutions - the "church" in Raymond's manifest about open source, is one that might be voted in by people who don't know specifics03:10
szalchalcedony: restart LO (close all documents), then you should see it03:11
jwigginsI have a AWUS036NH USB wireless adapter and whenever I plug it into my laptop I get "hub 2-1:1.0: over-current change on port 1" running ubuntu 11.04 any ideas? It works fine on my PC wondering if this is a voltage issue.03:11
chalcedonyszal, ok i'll try that03:11
chamunksallandee_, hence why the voting system will have to be weighted.03:12
allandee_Eric S. Raymond btw, for the innocents - "the cathedral and the bazaar" about open source03:12
derek__hey, does anyone know how to mount a WBFS drive?03:12
marriedman624I'm setting up dual boot of 9.10 on Vista machine.......if i set up partition of 25 GB and the rest says FREE SPACE, is it going to format the entire hard drive and delete the existing windows data?03:12
allandee_chamunks: not that is bold03:12
allandee_chamunks: weighted, how?03:12
allandee_marriedman624: do you know what is on your partitions otherwise?03:13
allandee_marriedman624: are you confident that the 25gb partition is one that you know the contents of?03:13
chamunksallandee_, well the votes by the proven experienced in a subject will be weighted heavier than those who are the effected by the situation or thing in review.03:14
marriedman624allandee_: i'm trying to set up the partition, currently there is only 1 partition for the vista installation03:14
marriedman624do I need to partition the drive first?03:14
marriedman624via disk manager in windows?03:14
allandee_chamunks: then that would not be a democracy.  I'm kind of on the line of whether or not that is for the better or not, but by definition, that would not be a democracry.03:14
allandee_I'm giving myself a waffle for the best new-word of the evening.03:15
chamunksallandee_, but this weight will be transparent so if you were an expert in openssh for example and I was an expert in ssh in general our votes to solve an issue with the SSH standard could be weighted heavier.  but think of the math here.  there will always be more users than experts.03:15
allandee_or whatever time it is at your place.03:15
jrt05Does ubuntu have a live dvd? or only CD.03:15
somsipjrt05: dl the livecd.iso,, burn to DVD. Sorted03:16
allandee_chamunks: aha!  and in there it lies.03:16
chamunksallandee_, you will always be able to see where the weight would be it wouldnt necesserily make for anything efficable but it would be almost a Hey half of these votes are by experts and they are very very well proven in this field..03:16
jrt05somsip, really? you can do that?03:16
wols_marriedman624: the installer can easily only use the free space03:16
somsipjrt05: I did it a couple of days ago with another distro, so can't see why not03:16
jrt05Cool, thanks03:17
usertwoif i remove the .disk file will it corrupt my usb?03:17
somsipjrt05: easy :)03:17
marriedman624wols_: how do i get the installer to pick up how much space is free, it keeps saying all 160 GB is free?03:17
chamunksallandee_, well its just that numbers dont lie its always the way they are presented.03:18
allandee_chamunks: unless you're swiss;  I think there is enlightenment about democracy looking at the swiss model for democracy03:18
chamunksallandee_, I'm glad to be bouncing this idea off someone who isnt favored in my direction or otherwise.03:18
somsipSo...how offtopic will this get... :)03:18
allandee_chamunks: if you subscribe to the idea that democracy means rule by the people03:18
chamunksallandee_, I wont pretend to know much about government systems.03:19
DoubleplusI got Usb_modeswitcher installed but when I put in "# usb_modeswitch -v 1307 -p 1169 -L -I -u -1 " it says L is not a valid option03:19
allandee_chamunks: because if you have a two to ... I don't know ... eleven?  party parliament03:19
chamunksallandee_, somsip has a point would you like to move this to ubuntu-offtopic or w/e it is.03:19
somsipchamunks: thanks,03:19
allandee_sorry, yes03:19
somsipbothL thanks03:19
allandee_I get excited, sorry03:19
chamunksallandee_, me too haha03:20
chamunksallandee_, i love polishing my ideas off of others hehe03:20
=== metasyntactic is now known as kunwon1
chalcedonyszal, it's not showing in the freshly reopened writer in either the drop-down or the right click fonts03:21
anadonhey, I have an UEFI setup by windows and I need to get grub working.  The usual reinstalling isn't working.  Any idea how to get this to work?03:24
Phrogz_On my ubuntu server I can    curl -I http://localhost:9011/    but I can't    curl -I    (which is the eth0 IP confirmed by ifconfig); what does this mean?03:24
wrtiiiHow often should I check for updates and is this the most appropriate command to do so on my server -- sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade03:25
lonewulf`Nattyjust wanted to say thanks for all the help w/Natty Narwhal03:25
lonewulf`Nattytook me a couple days, but I've made the switch from xp03:25
lonewulf`Nattythank you everyone!03:25
* Phrogz_ stands and cheers.03:25
=== Phrogz_ is now known as Phrogz
somsipwrtiii: it depends how concerned/anal you are, and sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade is an option. hough I use apt-fast nowadays03:26
lonewulf`Nattyonly last major issue, and its not that major, is my mx518 mouse, sens slider not controlling it ect.03:26
lonewulf`Nattylol Phrogz_03:26
wrtiiisomsip: apt-fast?03:29
willwhwrtiii: I have no idea what he's talking about03:30
somsipwrtiii: replacement for apt-get, though I think it's maybe more of a wrapper. Uses multiple sources to dl at once. I live in the middle of nowhere so it helps dl speed a lot. YMMV03:30
willwhah :)03:30
willwhI was going to say - maybe it's just a bash alias for update && upgrade? ;]03:31
somsipwillwh: more so: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=81861903:31
somsipwillwh: oh, that link was older thanI expected. The google thing is helpful otherwise03:31
willwhsomsip: haha: "03:32
willwh"Whatever the case, enjoy, and don't use this too often, as it really rapes the package servers."03:32
willwhfail pasting ;]03:33
somsipwillwh: oh, I didn't see that. Hopefully that was from the early version and it's better now. I only get 400kb/s max, so I don't dfeel I'm raping to harshly03:33
wrtiiimumble-django says to install apache2 w/ mod_wsgi. the documentation I am working from gives the command sudo aptitude install apache2 php5-mysql libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server  Is the mod_wsgi something I can add in afterwards or do I need to change my initial command?  Is apache2 and libapache2-mod-wsgi seperate installs?03:33
ebbcan anyone help me get my computer running ubuntu to send the picture to my tv03:34
overrider_I have a weird problem now that i use fluxbox and slim - everytime i open a file with vim i get a session crashed message. I think somehow it is related to dns / that it cannot resolve itself. resolv.conf and hosts look ok though. Any ideas? Doesnt matter which File i open using Vim, i get a message. Other apps as well, such as when i mount something, it says it already is mounted etc.03:34
willwhwrtiii: libapache2-mod-wsgi depends on apache203:34
willwhso it should be installed as a suggested package ;]03:35
willwhand, sudo apt-get install is fine03:35
WallyJ2Kwhat keystroke can I hit on a black screen at boot to kill the current X?03:35
willwhctlr+alt+ backspace I think03:35
WallyJ2Ktried that one03:35
JoeR1Ubunutu has my refresh rate locked at 50hz in 1920x1080, I would very much so like to get this set to 60hz, any suggestions?03:36
willwhoverrider_: tail -f /var/log/syslog?03:36
cobWallyJ2K, ctrl+alt+backspace should kill x... failing that try ctrl+alt+F1 and login and do "skill -9 <yourusername>"03:36
willwhJoeR1: gfx card / drivers? :)03:36
wrtiiiSo instead of "sudo aptitude install apache2 php5-mysql libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server" I could just use "sudo aptitude install libapache2-mod-wsgi php5-mysql libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server"  ??03:36
WallyJ2Kit must be a different problem, because no keystroke does anything.03:36
ChogyDanWallyJ2K: did you try what I said?03:37
WallyJ2KThe error that shows in the log on Recovery Mode is Fatal Server Error: Server Is Already Active For Display 003:37
shiro_I can't drag windows on Ubuntu Natty.03:37
shiro_What's going on?03:37
=== shiro_ is now known as wolfeh
willwhWallyJ2K: it iis right alt key + sys rq + K03:37
WallyJ2KChogyDan - Yes03:37
JoeR1geforce 9400 - Nvidia driver I do not know the number of03:37
willwhwrtiii: yes03:37
Toph2JoeR1,,, system>preferences>monitor settings won't do it?03:38
willwhJoeR1: are you using Nvidia drivers? (i.e. resitrcted? :)03:38
JoeR1toph, no it will not nor will using the Nvidia utility03:38
wolfehI'm using a Synpatic Touchpad, but I attached a USB mouse. I still cannot drag windows. Please help.03:38
larieallandee_: what should i do with fontsel?03:38
belorixHi, trying to install ubuntu 11.04, but i cant get it to resize my NTFS partition even under Gparted.. Any ideas?03:38
JoeR1willwh - yes, that is all that Ubuntu offered me for this card03:38
P`AWAYGuys, I created a partition in Windows 7 to install the ubuntu on dual boot, but when i will install the ubunt don´t detect this partition, what is this ?03:38
willwhP`AWAY: what kind of partition and what did you make it with?03:39
willwhJoeR1: hmm, not sure - you say you can't launch nvidia-settings?03:39
WallyJ2KThanks for the suggestions, but the hard drive light doesn't even blink when I hit any keystroke03:39
willwhJoeR1: what does it say when you try to launch it from a ter,m03:39
wolfehIs someone going to help me?03:40
WallyJ2Kwhich i would guess it would do if it is actually responding03:40
willwhwolfeh: that sounds totally crazy03:40
willwhyou can't drag windows?03:40
P`AWAYwillwh i created a nfs partition, i make it on the disk manager of Windows 7 x6403:40
wolfehwillwh: correct.03:40
wolfehI can drag icons, however.03:40
willwhyou're using vanilla ubuntu, gnome?03:40
JoeR1willwh - No, I said I can and it allows me to select a 60hz refresh rate but it doesn't actually produce a 60hz rate03:40
willwhdid you install compiz or anything?03:40
wolfehCOmpiz, yes.03:40
willwhso - not vanilla install then03:41
wolfehDo I need to remove compiz?03:41
JoeR1wiilwh - you mean launch the nvidia utility from terminal?03:41
WallyJ2KI can go back into recovery mode and get the complete error from the log. Would that help?03:41
willwhwell - you might want to dpkg-reconfigure compiz03:41
willwhJoeR1: yes03:41
willwhand then apply the settings03:41
willwhand see what output you get in the term03:41
willwhWallyJ2K: just switch tty03:41
JoeR1willwh - To be honest I don't know the file name of the Nvidia utility03:42
willwhctrl+alt + f203:42
willwhJoeR1: open a terminal, type 'nvid' and hit tab.03:42
willwhI am pretty sure it's nvidia-settings03:42
WallyJ2Kctrl-alt-F2 does nothing. I might be the right thing to change tty, I'm just saying my screen is still blank03:42
Phrogzcurl http://localhost:9011/  works, but  curl (my LAN IP) fails; what on Ubuntu might be preventing my own machine from accessing itself via ethernet?03:43
willwhWallyJ2K: it sounds like you broke X completely?03:43
Phrogzer, :9011 on the second example, too.03:43
willwhwhat were you trying to do?03:43
wolfehwillwh: didn't do anything03:43
willwhPhrogz: I don't know.03:43
WallyJ2Kwillwh - How do I fix it from recovery mode. I can get onto a desktop in recovery mode03:43
belorixHi, trying to install ubuntu 11.04, but i cant get it to resize my NTFS partition even under Gparted.. Any ideas?03:43
wolfehwillwh: I can drag icons fine, just not windows03:44
ChogyDanbelorix: have you tried mounting it in windows?03:44
WallyJ2KCan I reinstall or reinitialize X?03:44
willwhWallyJ2K: I would suggest, dpkg-reconfigure x11-common03:44
P`AWAYGuys, I created a partition in Windows 7 disk manager to install the ubuntu on dual boot, but when i try install the ubunt don´t detect this partition, what is this ?03:44
WallyJ2KI'll try that from within recovery mode03:44
willwhwolfeh: have you looked through the compiz settings?03:44
wrtiiiIt looks like "apt-get install mumble-django" install a lot of the stuff already?  List of requirments for mumble-django is here "http://mumble-django.org/docs/en" the setup documentation I am using says to use "sudo aptitude install apache2 php5-mysql libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server"  --  I have a feeling these two guides are going to begin conflicting.  How on earth do I track all the installs03:44
wrtiiiand what I need and don't need and what needs to be configured etc.  mumble-django wants to install something like 46 new packages.   ?? Help, lol :)03:44
willwhP`AWAY: what kind of partition did you make?03:44
wolfehwillwh: where?03:44
Dude22Can anyone shed some light on why I can't reinstall "findutils" from recovery mode?03:44
JoeR1willwh - I opened N_settings from terminal while logged in as root - give me a moment and I will see if it has been successful03:45
Dude22I keep getting the error "unable to make backup link of './usr/bin/find' before installing new version: Operation not permitted"03:45
Dude22My system won't boot until I can update initrd ... please help03:45
willwhwolfeh: you sdaid you installed compiz?03:45
P`AWAYwillwh i created a nfs partition, i make it on the disk manager of Windows 7 x6403:45
willwhP`AWAY: I don't know :)03:46
willwh< afk 5.03:46
belorixChogyDan: im in windows on the machine im trying to install it on, however if i reboot into the installer, ubuntu picks up my NTFS but doesnt give me any option to resize it03:46
P`AWAYok tkz03:47
P`AWAYGuys, I created a partition in Windows 7 disk manager to install the ubuntu on dual boot, but when i try install the ubunt don´t detect this partition, what is this ?03:47
ParkerRI just got a total linux noob through installing ndiswrapper and ndisgtk on a computer with no internet connection. Wouldnt be so bad normally be he really had a hard time03:47
Dude22ParkerR: congrts... what do you know about recovery mode? ... kinda stuck here myself :)03:48
ChogyDanbelorix: just a guess, but maybe there is an extra package that you need to install to get ntfs support from gparted?  Maybe just use a windows repartitioner if you want to resize03:49
JoeR1willwh - I am unsure if that has fixed it, I will come back later if it has not, thanks for the help03:49
JoeR1oh wait,03:49
daffy_try gparted with a live disc03:49
WallyJ2Knoob question. - In recovery mode, how do I switch to the root user?03:49
ParkerRWallyJ2K, su root03:49
Dude22WallyJ2k: you already are the root user in recovrey mode03:49
belorixChogyDan: well yes, but if im installing from a live CD can i install the "extra" package?03:50
WallyJ2Kwhat is the password on a standard install for root?03:50
WallyJ2KDude22, in recovery mode it still gave me the opportunity to login as the user I created03:51
ChogyDanbelorix: ntfsprogs03:51
WallyJ2KI haven't used the root user since I started troubleshooting my regular boot issue03:51
Phrogzwillwh: FYI, the issue was that my web server was listening on and not; http://serverfault.com/questions/297415/why-can-i-fetch-from-web-server-via-loopback-but-not-ip03:51
belorixChogyDan: and that can be installed even though im using a live CD?03:51
ChogyDanI don't know?!03:52
ph03n1xhey people03:52
Dude22WallyJ2K: Ahh... difference between recovery and rescue.  Have you tried your own password  for root pwd?03:52
WallyJ2Kdude22 - yes03:52
WallyJ2Kno dice03:52
ParkerRWallyJ2K, do sudo passwd03:53
ParkerRThat will set a root password03:53
Dude22Ahhh... I remember that from a long time ago03:53
ubottuWe do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.03:53
wrtiiiSo what happens if I do:  apt-get install apache2 libapache2-mod-wsgi    ???03:53
daffy_Chogdan if you have to repartition cant you use gparted on a live disc?03:53
ph03n1xor admin03:54
zookoDear people of #ubuntu. Every now and then I manage to break my desktop, and then when I want to fix it by using the internet, I remember that network manager doesn't connect to my wireless network unless my desktop starts up properly.03:54
WallyJ2KParkerR - That worked. Thanks!03:54
ParkerRWallyJ2K, np03:54
zookoAnd then I spend a long time figuring out how to set up wireless networking without network manager.03:54
ParkerRzooko, ifconfig ftw! XD03:54
zookoMaybe this time I could instead learn, possibly from you, how to tell network manager to DO YOUR THING even though the Ubuntu Desktop is not (entirely) working.03:54
zookoParkerR: yeah... that's the way I've done it so far.03:55
zookoI just now tried sudo /etc/init.d/network-manager restart, but this didn't appear to make it do anything useful, and "sudo NetworkManager" doesn't either.03:55
daffy_ 03:56
Dude22Can someone help me with recovery mode . I'm trying to reinstall findutils and I'm getting the following error:  "unable to make backup link of './usr/bin/find' before installing new version: Operation not permitted."03:57
WallyJ2Kran dpkg-reconfigure x11-common. Chose "Anybody". Restarting03:57
zookoParkerR: thanks for the help.03:57
DeltaWhyhow difficult is it to run the same install of ubuntu as a dual-boot and through virtualbox?03:57
ParkerRzooko, np03:57
quiescensDeltaWhy: using "real" partitions/drives through virtualbox is most likely not recommended03:58
WallyJ2Kblinking cursor, hard drive light blinking, xubunutu logo, HD light stops blinking, black screen... nada... It's hanging on something at that point...03:59
ParkerRDeltaWhy, vmware supports it but I dont know how great it works03:59
daffy_dude22 have you looked at http://archive.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs-museum/3.1/LFS-BOOK-3.1-HTML/chapter06/findutils.html03:59
DeltaWhywhat's the problem with using a real partition? pretty sure virtualbox supports it.03:59
ParkerRAnd vmware players is free for personal use03:59
quiescensDeltaWhy: that said, while it isn't recommended, it does support it but doesn't expose the required configuration through the UI04:00
DeltaWhyI don't mind tinkering with configs - I was more concerned about how ubuntu will respond to having a completely different hardware setup on every other  boot04:01
ParkerRUmm usually if it has been installed to a partiton it has been configured to work with that computer. Running it in any VM is like running it on a different computer04:01
daffy_isnt vm's amount of space designated at the beginning when you set up04:01
WallyJ2Kwillwh - Ran the reconfigure, still get the black screen just after the xubuntu logo. No keystrokes seem to do anything04:01
ParkerRdaffy_, yes but you can tell it to use a partition04:01
P`AWAYGuys, I created a partition in Windows 7 disk manager to install the ubuntu on dual boot, but when i try install the ubunt don´t detect this partition, what is this ?04:02
quiescensDeltaWhy: ubuntu probably won't mind too much unless you have some esoteric hardware, your video settings may be an issue if you are using a custom xorg.conf04:02
Dude22daffy_: both "apt-get --reinstall install findutils" ... and... "aptitude reinstall findutils" ... die when it tries to create that backup link of find.  I'm sure it's because I'm in rescue mode, but my system won't boot until I update initrd and findutils is corrupt which is causing me problems updating the boot images (sorry, long story)04:02
DeltaWhyi'm using a thinkpad x220 with a fingerprint reader... I suppose I could disable it since gksu doesn't like it anyway04:02
DeltaWhyother than that I think it's a standard webcam, intel graphics and wireless, etc.04:03
Dude22daffy_: I even tried to pass through a force-all to dpkg... and dpkg still failed when it tried to create the backup link04:03
zookoSigh. You know, I needed to reflash this awesome little smartbook anyway.04:04
Dude22I'm trying to follow the solution here... which sounds like exactly my problem: http://askubuntu.com/questions/15296/kernel-panic-line-61-cant-open-scripts-functions04:04
daffy_Try looking at this. I am not the best with vm04:04
zooko(EfikaMX -- it is *sweet*! It comes with Ubuntu, and it costs a mere USD 200.)04:04
wols_DeltaWhy: two places where it could be a problem: booting/mounting filesystems and if you need an xorg.conf file for your videocard (not needed for intel)04:04
wols_but it's very much doable04:04
ParkerRdaffy_, no need to really convert. I think most support booting straight from the partiton04:05
daffy_dude have you backed up all your files04:05
quiescensDeltaWhy: about the physical disk access, one reason it isn't recommended is for example: what happens if you are using the VM and then the host operating system decides to try to access the filesystem for the disk in question04:05
DeltaWhyI didn't think win7 could access ext2 fs04:06
DeltaWhywithout extra drivers which I don't plan to install04:06
wols_DeltaWhy: it can via 3rd party drivers04:06
Dude22daffy_: not really... I don't like where this is going :)04:06
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
wols_and it's not just that: you will need a special grub installation since installing it to /dev/sda only won't work for your partition when you boot it via Vbox04:06
quiescensDeltaWhy: but, again, as you probably already found, virtualbox does have support for raw disk access04:06
ParkerRDeltaWhy, they cant but vmware and vbox have the abilities04:06
zookoBut it is kind of embarassing to reflash when I can't turn on wireless. Better drop down to iwconfig/ifconfig first and get wireless working again first...04:06
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest7734
WallyJ2KSo the Startup Log has the "Server is already active for display 0" error followed by "WW xf86CloseConsole - KDSETMODE failed, same with VT_GETMODE and VT_GETSTATE.  Not sure what this is, but seems to be video related04:07
=== JimmyJ_ is now known as JimmyJ
daffy_im not the best at bash but i keed everything I find important on a passport harddrive. I learned to dop this after i made a few "mistakes"04:08
DeltaWhyso if grub and /etc/fstab identify partitions by UUID, should I be ok?04:08
wols_DeltaWhy: no. as I told you installing grub to sda is not good for your setup04:09
DeltaWhyI think I just picked the default which is in the partition, right?04:09
justdaveI have a desktop computer that I've had on wifi for a while, and I'm switching it to wired ethernet.  How do I tell the wifi to stop automatically connecting? (or where do I go to make it forget the network it's been associating to?)04:10
justdave(it's running the current LTS release)04:10
wols_justdave: nm-applet normally04:11
DeltaWhywhat about installing the guest os tools - will that cause problems when I run it as dual-boot?04:12
justdavewols_: when I try to start that applet, I get an error in console about "Connection :1.69 is not allowed to run this service" or something like that04:12
wols_justdave: exact error message please04:13
wols_DeltaWhy: no04:13
wols_justdave: gksudo nm-applet04:13
justdaveaha, that worked04:14
DeltaWhywill swap partitions cause a problem?04:14
ParkerRAs long as you allocate enough ram for the machine04:15
quiescenswell, make sure you aren't using the same swap twice04:15
intelmethanyone else missing /etc/init.d/squid? found this forum post but no follow up http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1614776&page=204:15
* intelmeth thought i would ask here as I didn't want to necro-post04:15
quiescensmake sure you don't boot or run anything that automatically activates all available swap areas04:16
wols_intelmeth: it probably uses upstart04:16
DeltaWhyi assume hibernating is a no-no?04:16
wols_quiescens: why not, if ubuntu is his only linux installation on the system04:16
wols_DeltaWhy: shouldn't be a problem either04:17
quiescenshibernating your host shouldn't affect too much04:17
quiescenswols_: I don't know that they only have one linux installation, I'm just saying to make sure that they don't use the same swap area more than once04:17
ParkerRUsuallysaving the state with the VM software is better than hibernating in the OS04:17
Dude22Question: I have a file that is owned by user "122" and group "pulse" ... I cannot chown it back to root, even as su.  It says operation not permitted.  ** How can I force the chown?04:18
wols_ParkerR: don't have any problems with it04:18
quiescensoh yes, don't save the state and then accidentally boot the "real" system04:18
ParkerRwols_, ahhok04:18
wols_Dude22: what file and is it in use?04:18
DeltaWhywhat about hibernating in the vm and then booting for real?04:18
justdavewols_: if I just tell it to disconnect there, will that make it not automatically connect to it again in the future?04:18
justdave(it's been automatically connecting to it at reboot)04:18
Dude22it's /usr/bin/find ... I'm in rescue mode04:19
quiescensDeltaWhy: not a great idea04:19
wols_DeltaWhy: all these things at most crash your ubuntu. which forces you to reboot04:19
wols_justdave: since I don't like or use nm, I don't know. probably04:19
DeltaWhyyeah i figured that would cause problems04:19
quiescensDeltaWhy: when you boot the real system it will most likely act as though it crashed and boot from scratch and have to do filesystem checks04:19
Dude22wols_: how would I tell if it's in use in rescue mode (not sure why it would be in use right now)04:20
wols_Dude22: what file is it? and lsof and fuser help to see which files are open04:20
DeltaWhyok well I think that's everything I need to know04:20
Dude22wols_: it's /usr/bin/find04:20
GhostWolfhi all, does anyone know without rebooting into bios if theres a way to find what devices i have on sata and ide?04:20
wols_Dude22: that one hasn't the permissions you describe04:21
wols_GhostWolf: lshw?04:21
DeltaWhyguess I'll go try it. thanks everybody!04:21
GhostWolfwols_, i wasn't think in terminal and forgot about terminal in a way. i don't know much commands in linux04:21
wols_!cn | showers04:22
ubottushowers: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw04:22
showers /join #ubuntu-cn04:22
wols_showers: no leading space04:23
Liquid24Hello, I kind of screwed up somehow attempting to setup a static ip on my kubuntu 11.04 server pc, i was reading this guide here, http://www.kubuntuguide.info/index.php/Maverick#Set_a_static_IP_address and when i did apt-get remove networking-manager i rebooted and went back online and inside my interfaces file i didnt even have "iface inet eth0 dhcp" in the file, so i proceeded to add in a04:23
Liquid24eth0 for my static, my router and other pc's on the network can see the box and vice versa, but the kubuntu box cant see on the outside network no inet access.04:23
Dude22wols_: Huh?  the file /usr/bin/find is owned by user "122" and group "pulse"  I have no idea how that happened ... but I can't reinstall it because I can't touch the file :(04:23
justdaveLiquid24: you're probably missing a default route04:24
DoubleplusDoes anyone know how to use a Cisco AM10 adapter?04:24
Dude22wols_: any ideas on how to force a chown or otherwise so that I can change hte file04:24
justdaveLiquid24: do you have a gateway set?04:24
wols_Liquid24: pastebin your current interfaecs file. and you ONLY need to specify your own IP, nothing else. no router and other stuff in there. only settings for your lo and eth004:24
Liquid24i really cant paste bin because it has no internet access04:24
larieallandee_: hey04:25
Dude22wols_: since I'm in recovery mode there is nobody else on the system so the file is not in use other than if it's in use by the rescue mode ASCII GUI04:25
wols_Dude22: chattr -iu it04:26
wols_Liquid24: so what stanzas are in your interfaces file?04:27
Liquid24pm it?04:27
intelmethso um, /etc/init.d/squid does not exist, and sudo service squid complains of unrecognized service (have tried apt-get squid and apt-get squid3)04:28
wols_if you can pm it you can put it in a pastebin, so no04:28
Liquid24uhmm what?04:28
Liquid24i am using two computers04:29
wols_intelmeth: dpkg -L <squid package(s)> |grep etc04:29
quiescensintelmeth: what release are you on?04:29
Liquid24i can type it to you.04:29
Liquid24ok ill do this ill type it into a pastebin and then ill paste here04:29
=== ph03n1x is now known as static_void_
somsipLiquid24: you don't have a USB dirve you can copy it over from of-network PC to the networked PC?04:30
intelmethsorry /etc/init.d/squid3 is there, does that mean i should be able to 'sudo service squid3 restart;' ?04:30
chamunkssomsip, I dont know if your still around but I'm having issues finding Ionice04:30
Dude22wols_: that sounded promising ... still no love.  When I try and chown root:root find  .... "operation not permitted"04:30
somsipchamunks: sorry, I have no knowledge of it other thatwhat I saw on that forum04:31
Liquid24somsip: i just got finished moving yesterday and im just trying to get the pc's up and running, so atm i cant locate my thumb drive to do that.04:31
somsipLiquid24: fairy nuff. Just a thought04:31
Dude22_wols: lsattr find : s a e04:31
WallyJ2Kwillwh and others, thanks for all the help. Still battling the blank screen on standard boot. Must sleep now... will work on it more tomorrow. Thanks again all!!!!04:31
wols_chamunks: ubuntu is case sensitive. and have you searched for ionice in your repos04:31
Liquid24let me goto pastebin and type what i have in my interfaces file so i can post it here. do the extra typing just for that.04:32
quiescensintelmeth: squid's start/stop stuff should be in /etc/init/squid.conf04:32
quiescensintelmeth: which is supposed to work by "sudo service squid start" etc, if its working and properly installed04:32
intelmethok thanks guys, was able to 'sudo service squid3 restart'04:33
wols_Dude22: disable a maybe? possibly s? check with other binaries in the folder what settings they have?04:33
intelmethbut not 'sudo service squid restart'04:33
Dude22wols_:  BRILLIANT ... I cleared the "s" and "a" flags from find and was able to chown... reinstalled findutils now ... sweeet04:33
intelmethi.e. after 'sudo apt-get install squid' there are no startup helpers04:33
quiescensintelmeth: well, squid3 and squid install different versions04:33
intelmethbut after 'sudo apt-get install squid3' it work04:34
intelmethquiescens: thanks :D04:34
intelmethmarkmental: hello :)04:34
markmentalim just dropping by first time to the irc room :)04:34
quiescensintelmeth: squid3 is verssion 3.1.6 and squid installs version 2.704:34
intelmethquiescens: cool, wonder why squid (2.7) doesn't install the /etc/init.d stuff?04:35
wols_Liquid24: looks alright. does your /etc/resolv.conf contain your nameserver? Most probably your router04:35
markmentali have a question about ubuntu 11.1004:35
quiescensintelmeth: it won't show up in /etc/init.d it should have a file in /etc/init/squid.conf04:36
wols_Liquid24: so what is the problem?04:36
Liquid24cant connect to the internet04:36
markmentalin ubuntu 11.10 will the radiance and ambiance themes be present?04:36
sagacimarkmental: what's the question04:36
Liquid24cant connect to the outside.04:36
sagacimarkmental: should be04:36
quiescensintelmeth: squid is using the newer /etc/init style, squid3 uses the older /etc/init.d style04:36
Liquid24can do stuff locally but cant connect to the outside04:36
wols_Liquid24: ping
intelmethresponse from PONG!!!04:37
markmentalok because i really love ambiance its a great white ubuntu theme :)04:37
markmentali mean radiance lol04:37
intelmethquiescens: cool, is the "newer" /etc/init style meaning it should be used with service <service name>04:37
wols_!oneiric | markmental04:38
quiescensintelmeth: probably04:38
ubottumarkmental: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:38
Liquid24wols_: network is unreachable04:38
klay_anyone here of this one problem in alsa on 10 startler?04:38
Dude22wols_: system fixed ... findutils is updated and I was able to update-initramfs ... I can now boot again.  It only took 6 hours to figure out. omg. thx04:38
markmentalokay thanks04:38
wols_Liquid24: route04:38
klay_sound only works with one application at a time04:38
wols_klay_: not ubuntu04:39
wrtiiiI just did - tail -f /var/log/apache2/error.log   Now I am locked into something and cannot get back to prompt. Help please04:39
wols_klay_: ask in the channel of your distro04:39
markmentalwhat irc program is everyone using? im using x-chat04:39
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:39
Liquid24wols_: Destination: Gateway: * Genmask: Flags: U Metric: 0 Ref: 0 Use: 0 Iface: eth004:39
klay_thats just the thing, no ones on over their. kinda sucks they went away from the main ubuntu distro04:39
wols_klay_: we don't care. we only support ubuntu and not crunchbang. good day04:40
klay_Thank you Wols, i was just wondering if you guys might have a idea. maybe their was a similar issue with your camp?04:40
wols_Liquid24: the important part is the "default" line04:40
markmentalwho uses crunchbang? saw it on distro watch once04:41
Liquid24wols_: that was the only line besides the (Kernal IP Routing table)04:41
wols_markmental: do you have a ubuntu natty or other supported version question or problem? so far you have been constantly off topic. this is not a social channel but a support channel for ubuntu only. if you want to just chat: #ubuntu-offtopic04:41
klay_i did, got tired of the main dist droping support for random chipsets on my hardware.04:41
wols_Liquid24: then your defaultroute is not set04:42
markmentalok thanks ill join the offtopic one04:42
wrtiiiok crtl-c worked04:42
klay_or having to use 40% of my system resources to do a simple task like open office doc editing, or checking my rss04:42
JZApplesIs there any way to re-transfer my emails in Evolution back to my hotmail account without forwarding them all back to me?  Not sure if it was like this by default, but the "Leave messages on server" check box on the Receiving Options of the Account Editor was unchecked the first time I did Send / Receive so all my email on the server got deleted.04:42
wols_Liquid24: instead of "gateway" (whic should work too tho), use "network" and run ifdown eth0 && ifup eth004:43
wols_JZApples: if you use imap it's just a drag+drop via folders. if you use pop3: no way04:44
Liquid24wols_: ok doing that now04:44
chamunkssomsip, i just realized after some dozing off in my chair that ionice is built into ubuntu http://linux.die.net/man/1/ionice04:46
somsipchamunks: hehe. Good news in the end. Do you think it will help you?04:46
Liquid24wols_: ifdown: interface eth0 not configured04:46
JZAppleswols_, that's a bummer.  I use POP3.  Don't think hotmail lets you use IMAP, does it?  Do you think it would be unwise to forward myself all 2000 emails?04:47
chamunkssomsip, I'm not sure I will try I'm sure scheduling it on a low priority wont hurt.  I dont mind a slow trickle of this 400+ gigs of data04:47
JZAppleswols_, at the same time...04:47
somsipchamunks: ok - gluck to you04:47
memeanyone know where i can get a graph showing the increase in consumer level internet speeds?04:47
wols_JZApples: maybe you can use MAPI via some copy of outlook or such?04:47
overrider_i use a custom udev rule to run a script when a particular usb stick is plugged in, trouble is the script seems to run twice. Any idea?04:47
chamunkssomsip, I appreciate your time / attention thank you.04:48
somsipchamunks: yr welcome. Worth a try in case it helps04:48
dr-willisoverrider_:  use  ome lock file. the script checks. to tell it to not run the second time perhaps.04:50
chamunkssomsip, looks like it should fit the bill somewhat.04:50
nhochthow could install pidgin internet messenger04:53
ubottuThe Instant Messenger client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk and variants), AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, YIM, IRC and others. See also !Kopete04:53
wrtiiiHow do I search for a file using command line?04:53
somsipwrtiii: find / -name lookforthisfilename04:53
somsipwrtiii: where / proabbly should be a better defined path04:53
wols_wrtiii: with "find"04:54
wrtiiisudo find / -name mumble-django.db3   just returns me directly back to prompt04:55
wrtiiithat mean it does not exist?04:55
somsipwrtiii: yes04:56
dr-willisupdate the locate database and try locste wrtiii04:56
SixEch0Run updatedb04:57
somsipwrtiii: trywildcarding to widen the search also: *.db3 might help04:57
quiescenswrtiii: probably, just note that find's -name option is for a complete match unless you explicitly add wildcards04:57
dr-willisthat find command dhould take some time to.get done04:57
quiescensnot if you've already run it or some other directory walk recently04:58
wrtiiiIf there a way to reverse an entire apt-get that installed multiple packages?05:00
head_victimIs there a way to see the history of a terminal output (not just the commands used) or am I asking a bit much here?05:01
dr-williswrtiii: i saw some blog site mention an un aptt-get thing yesterday05:01
quiescenshead_victim: not unless you went/go out of your way to record the output05:02
dr-willisim drugged up now. so cant recall the site.05:02
doffoGot ubuntu installed on my server, I was curious what software I can use to remote into the server. I setup remote desktop, but what windows client can I actually use so I can log myself in? :)05:02
dvdrI have an ubuntu box connected to a wireless network via a built in wireless card. I have a second usb connected wireless access device. Is there a way I can create a second wireless access point using the usb device? I'd like to share my internet connection via my own wireless network.05:02
head_victimquiescens: I was thinking as much but hoping for the best05:03
seclm193anyone have gnome shell working? just wanted to know how it ran05:04
wrtiiiOk really this typing of sudo all the time gets old fast05:06
wols_dvdr: you can. if the usb device has hostap support05:06
wols_doffo: any VNC client. but you have a server you said. there is no X server on servers.... use ssh05:06
wrtiiiapt-get autoremove05:07
dvdrwols_: ok ill look into it and see if it has05:07
dvdrwols_: thanks05:07
wols_wrtiii: there is no way except looking at the apt log and removing thoes packages. but if it was a package upgrade there is no way except a manual downgrading05:07
wrtiiiwols_: I did an apt-get --purge remove mumble-django and then an apt-get autoremove and then apt-get install mumble-django and it says 25 packages to install.  I am just not sure how many packages it installed orginally05:09
wols_wrtiii: check your apt logs how many it removed with your remove and autoremove05:10
wrtiiiHow do I check those wols_ ?05:10
wols_"less". and possibly zless for old logs05:11
wrtiii- /var/log/apt05:11
wrtiiihistory.log ?05:11
wrtiiiIs there a better way to view them than using nano?05:11
quiescensi like less05:11
wrtiiithat works05:12
wrtiiinow how do I get out of less? :P05:13
dr-willisthere are log colorizer tools out also wrtiii05:13
wrtiiiok :)05:13
wols_dr-willis: and you think one has been written for apt logs? :)05:13
quiescenswols_: there's probably some out there somewhere!05:14
dr-willisthey use regular ecpressions.. so yes  wols_05:14
dr-willis!info colortail05:14
ubottucolortail (source: colortail): log colorizer that makes log checking easier. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.3.3-1 (natty), package size 24 kB, installed size 144 kB05:14
wrtiiiSyntax error on line 227 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Could not open configuration file /etc/apache2/conf.d/mumble-django: No such file or directory     -- Think that would appear if there was just a permissions problem to the mumble-jango file?05:16
wrtiiiOk So what is the reasoning behind having to use the sudo command nonstop vs just having root access?05:18
richie086for security and so you dont screw up your system too easily05:18
wrtiiiI am configuring a server where 95% of everything I do I need to use sudo. This is a server I will never be logged into it unless I am performing administrative tasks.05:18
DeltaWhyok this vm thing isn't working so well...05:19
dr-willissevurity is about layers. :)05:19
DeltaWhyI got it to recognize my disk but couldn't get it to boot.05:19
dr-williswrtiii:  sudo -i05:19
wrtiiiHow is a username and password for a user that only requires a username and password and to type sudo more secure than a user name and password for root?05:19
dr-willissudo has other features also. check its homepage.05:20
richie086because only certian users can use sudo05:20
Pat201what does uname -a do in the terminal?05:20
dr-willislogging of sudo commands.  for example.05:21
semi-afk!root | wrtiii read this05:22
ubottuwrtiii read this: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo05:22
wrtiiiThere is only 1 user :P05:23
dr-willisactually theres more wrtiii05:24
wrtiiiand with my 1 username and password I can do everything that root can do except I have to type sudo a lot and it messes with certain automated installs05:24
dr-willisgdm for example runs as its own user05:24
gurifisuthere was a neat little command line app that lets you pipe into it and the result gets sent to a pastebin, any one remember its name?05:25
dr-williswrtiii:  use sudo -i. get work done. close terminal05:25
wrtiiiok so they cannot use sudo... well they cannot be root either so remove sudo, password root and how is that any different? except perhaps sudo logging as was mentioned :P05:25
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com05:25
dr-willissudo has other features.. go check its homepage.05:26
wrtiiiand I can just use sudo -i05:26
wrtiiimakes no sense to me at all05:26
wrtiiimakes sense for people that would misuse a server as their personal workstation maybe but for a server admin it just seems backwards05:27
wrtiiibut hey, that's just me :P05:27
dr-willissecurity is about layers of security tools. sudo is one layer05:27
=== ph03n1x is now known as static_void_
wrtiiione very very thin one maybe :P05:27
larieallandee_: found default with brute-force http://paste.pocoo.org/raw/452360/05:27
wrtiiimaybe only 1/2 a layer even ;)05:27
allandee_I just installed Ubuntu 11.04, and window switching is slow.  the computer is beefy enough, latest nvidia drives, metacity composite-yada turned off, any hints?05:27
dr-williscompiz can use other alt tab switching plugins :)  chevk the ccsm.tool05:29
wrtiiiIt would make more sense to me if when using sudo you had to provide an admin password that was diffrent from the user account and I presume when creating new users this may be the case05:29
allandee_dr-willis: do you have a how-to for that? ;)  I have the default Unity thing here.05:29
dr-willissudo is a per user thing. so the users passwird is used. you can set sudo to not naad a password05:30
dr-willisallandee_:  a howto on usung ccsm?05:30
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz05:31
allandee_dr-willis: I award you the "best new-word of the day" - passwird is the best thing I've heard all day.05:31
dr-willisyou type on a cellphone and see how well you do05:31
allandee_dr-willis: that's vigilant05:32
dr-willisand im on codine right now :)05:32
wrtiiiOk first good point. Root is actually disabled so there is no brute forcing the password for a known account name05:32
dr-williskidney stones suck05:32
wrtiiiYou should add that to the explanation on one of those auto response thingys05:32
allandee_dr-willis: hehe.  ok, so I installed the package, how do I start the settings manager? (I'm a dinosaur)05:33
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz05:33
iRBiNiXhello. Can anybody help me??? I need backup app that can  sync, share, web cloud, vertion control, restore delete files, cheap, unlim storege. ???05:33
=== calc is now known as Guest60078
dr-willisi forget the binary name. :)05:33
dr-willisi barely know my own name right now05:34
JustSighDudesDoes X forwarding mean my X-less server can display a gui without having X installed?05:34
JustSighDudesOn my monitor.05:34
allandee_dr-willis: do I want compiz-fusion or no?05:35
dr-willisinstalling an x gui.app will pull in some x parts JustSighDudes05:35
JustSighDudesdr-willis: It's not from apt.05:35
dr-willisallandee_:  its installed by default05:35
dr-willisJustSighDudes:  try it and see i guess05:36
dr-willisi imagine you need some parts of x05:36
wrtiiiOk So using sudo-i and then doing an install will give the install all the same rights as root would have? Seems the problem with the install I am trying to do is that using sudo does not give the install all the required rights. I imagine because the person writing the package is intending it for debian05:37
dr-willisdoing an.install.. means what? using apt-get? source?05:38
dmii need help05:39
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:39
=== dmi is now known as Guest79168
wrtiiidr-willis: apt-get05:39
dr-willissudo apt-get xxxxxxxx should work same as   sudo -i   then the command05:40
wrtiiiwhichs is 100% exactly the same as being logged in as root?05:40
Guest79168when I start airmon-ng on the konsole from backtrack 4 and then i get this: Found 2 processes that could cause trouble.05:41
Guest79168If airodump-ng, aireplay-ng or airtun-ng stops working after05:41
Guest79168a short period of time, you may want to kill (some of) them!05:41
Guest79168PID     Name05:41
Guest791685214    wpa_supplicant05:41
FloodBot1Guest79168: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:41
Guest791685253    dhclient05:41
dr-willisnever noticed. there is sudo -i  and sudo -s05:41
dr-willisthey differ in some slight ways.05:41
wrtiiiI think I am just going to set a root password, lol at least for the install05:42
wrtiiiI can always disabled the root account again after I finish the bulk of the setup05:43
wrtiiimaybe I've spent too much time in the last 10 years around windows server. but just seems like removing everyone from the administrators group and setting up a singular account and telling everyone to use run as seems like a bad idea05:44
wrtiiiI'll do some more reading on it to try and understand the concept tomorrow :)05:45
=== Mud is now known as Guest31125
wrtiiiSo with all the error messages and failed installs I just got over the past hour I am reinstalling linux from scratch. and this time I will install the packages individually.  Would of there been a better way to revert back to a decently clean installation without just doing an entire install?  Is theer a way to create like a ghost of the fresh install this time around so I can revert back to05:47
wrtiiiit should something go wrong?05:47
dr-willisi saw mention of some aptget undo feature at a blog site the otherday05:48
wrtiiijust thinking like at shop. when a new pc comes in. we use ghost to create a image the the factory drive and then once that is complete proceed to put our own image on themachine05:48
wrtiiiya I googled for it quickly without luck dr-willis05:48
wrtiiiif you come across it again would be great if you could send the addy my way05:48
dr-williswrtiii:  you can set sudo up whete other users hwve specific sudo rights05:49
italysI installed ubuntu in vmware and the graphics look fine for about 10 seconds05:49
italysafter that, it switches back to the old school GUI05:49
italysany ideas?05:50
wrtiiidr-willis: in my case there will never be any other users other than me05:50
dr-willisthere allready are other ysers. just not normal users05:51
wrtiiithere will never be any other physical human users other than me05:51
dr-williscant find that undo apt thang saw it on my google reader lists05:51
=== thomi_ is now known as thomi
wrtiiiI'll dig around for it at work tomorrow05:52
wrtiiibedtime for me05:52
iRBiNiXhello. Can anybody help me??? I need backup app that can  sync, share, web cloud, vertion control, restore delete files, cheap, unlim storege. ???05:53
wrtiiithanks for the help advice and insight05:53
=== wrtiii is now known as wrtiii-afk
bakslash_7apb reloaded aimbot for free?05:53
Anom01ywhich ubuntu version should I upgrade to ?05:57
Anom01y10.04 or 11.04 ?05:57
Anom01yor 11.10 or 10.10 ?05:57
dr-willisdepends on yiur needs05:57
italysI installed ubuntu in vmware and the graphics look fine for about 10 seconds05:57
italysafter that, it switches back to the old school GUI05:57
Anom01ydr-willis, yeah I need something that will be around for awhile and  is the most up to date05:58
dr-willisunity needs 3d support05:58
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)05:58
italysdr-willis, what's the best way to check if i have 3d support?05:59
dr-willismost up to date is sort of oposite of lts.05:59
dr-willisi dont use vmware. so no idea on it05:59
italysi'd install natively06:00
dr-willisinstall guest os additions i would think italys06:00
italysI did06:00
italysthey're installed and working06:00
dr-williswho said vmware then? ;)06:00
Anom01yI think I will go with 10.04 !06:01
italysi'd install natively but06:01
italyswireless dongle doesn't work yet in linux06:01
dr-willistry vbox instead of vmware perhaps06:02
mcurranVirtualBox is said to have 3D, but the latest extensions and the host driver isn't even enough to get my GTX460 to run aero with windows 7 vm06:02
=== duckydan_ is now known as duckydan
wols_italys: what usb wlan is it?06:02
mcurranI don't think there's a good enough 3D virtual driver for 3D acceleration yet06:02
dr-willisvbox 4  works with unity i hear06:03
csdserver!japanese | darkhandz06:06
ubottudarkhandz: 日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。06:06
csdserveri'm sorry, it might be chinese too06:08
ewwwhello people, how do i upgrade my sources.list?06:09
acce245Does anyone else have trouble getting google functionality in empathy?  Is this the proper channel?  Thanks!06:09
mcurranapt-get update06:10
mcurranif you want new sources, you'd have to look up a post with the distribution/version you want.  Usually for ubuntu it's as simple as updating the name at the end06:10
ewwwmcurran: if do that commands seems the deb is not updated06:11
ewwwmcurran: can you teach me how i dont have idea06:11
mcurranwhat do you mean "deb is not supported"?06:12
ewwwi mean the sources.list is no longer working, something like that06:12
mcurranwhat's the output of apt-get update?  Did you add a line to /etc/apt/sources.list and not add the appropriate key for the source?06:13
csdserverI just resized a partition and created a new one, how do i make it so that my install of ubuntu on a different sda can read/write to it?06:13
acce245csd: if you can mount it, Ubuntu can probably read-write it.06:14
CryptiCreaturehello all06:14
acce245csd: unless you have the partitions encrypted.06:15
CatFishmorning all ^06:15
wols_ewww: upgrading or fixing your sources.list06:15
csdserverno encryptions, but on my permissions page the owner and group are set as root06:15
csdserverso how do i change the owner to a user on this system, or btter yet, make it so anyone anywhere can alter the filesystem?06:16
acce245csd: so you have a partition on sda and want to read/write from your ubuntu hda?  can you not read from it or write to it?06:16
csdserverno i can't, i don't have permission until i sudo06:16
ussher__I just switched from KDE to Gnome and so am not sure what is possible.  What im after is something like 1 2 3 4 in the window title bar that when clicked on will send the window to that desktop.  I'd google it if i thought it had a name.  Is there a thing like this?06:16
acce245csd: what format is your sda?06:16
ewwwwols_: how? i really dont know06:17
ussher__currently the closest i have found is RIGHT CLICK-> MOVE TO ANOTHER WORKSPACE->DESK 306:17
acce245csd: have you tried chmod?06:17
csdserverchmod 0777 /dev/sdaX  ??06:17
csdserverwith a sudo of course06:17
KE1HAjust chown -R username:username /folder or /dev/sdx where x is the new particion you made06:18
KE1HAyes you will need sudo if root already owns it.06:18
acce245There you go.06:19
wols_ewww: unless you know what you want to do we cannot help you06:19
acce245ewww: why did you want to manually update your list in the first place?06:19
skipperhow to mastering ubuntu? where should i start to do?06:19
ewwwwols_: W: Failed to fetch http://ph.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty-updates/multiverse/binary-i386/Packages  404 Not Found [IP: 80]06:19
ewwwacce245: thats example error i dont know how to solve06:20
NullCityDoesnt work06:20
NullCityyou need old-releases.ubuntu.com06:20
NullCityif not, then upgrade to Lucid Lynx :(06:20
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) was the tenth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 23, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.06:20
acce245eww: I didn't see your original message.  I just popped in recently.06:20
allandeeskipper: go to http://www.kernel.org - buy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_C_Programming_Language06:20
NullCityHow about Java?06:21
allandeeafter that, ask again06:21
wols_ewww: see this? end of life. jaunty isn't supported anymore since 10 months now. upgrade to lucid (10.04)06:21
ewwwyeahs that right, thats what i want to do i want to upgrade06:21
NullCityActually you cant upgrade to lucid, you need to upgrade to natty narwhal X( (11.04)06:21
ewwwwols_: what will i upgrade? will i reinstall the ubuntu or upgrade the sources list06:21
wols_!Upgrade | ewww06:21
ubottuewww: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade06:21
NullCityTo upgrade, run update-manager06:22
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NullCityand click upgrade06:22
NullCitybut good luck wasting 4GB06:22
acce245I was wondering, anyone else having problems using google talk functionality of Empathy?  I am, and don't know how to fix it.  any suggestions?  Google didn't help.06:22
csdserverergh, whats the command line for checking what group i'm part of?06:22
wols_CadeSkywalker: id06:22
allandeeNullCity: pure curiousity---how does "apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade" work these days?06:22
_ravehi guys06:23
csdserveri'm sure that was meant for me wols_  ;)  thanks06:23
allandee_rave: hi06:23
allandeeacce245: if you are in immediate need, I think gtalk in Firefox is your best bet06:25
=== benonsoftware1 is now known as benonsoftware
NullCityAll slient........problems solved.....oh no........ :(06:25
allandeeacce245: second base is chrome06:25
acce245allandee: I would prefer using the chat client, so I don't have to have a browser window open.06:25
=== ElTimablo is now known as ElTimo
NullCityAnyone needs help? I give out support for 7.10 to 11.1006:26
allandeeacce245: ...and if you are relaxed for the next 5 minutes, pidgin06:26
KE1HAcsdserver: type: groups <username> that should list all the groups your in.06:26
NullCityDoes anyone need help? I support 7.10 to 11.10 :P06:26
NullCityIf yes, private message me06:26
ewwwwols_: i cannot even install update-manager-core? what will i do to this06:26
NullCityuse terminal06:27
NullCityand type in sudo apt-get install update-manager06:27
allandeeNullCity: I just installed Ubuntu 11.04, and when I try to switch the front window, it is slow.  any tips?06:27
acce245allandee: FB chat works.  Google chat doesn't.  Just can't figure out why.  Credentials are correct.06:27
csdservercan someone verify syntax? `sudo chown -R csd:csd /dev/sda3`06:27
allandeeacce245: is this with pidgin?06:27
csdserverit's not doing what i expect (or i'm feeding it what won't work)06:28
acce245allandee: no, empathy.  11.0406:28
KE1HAcsdserver: looks corr to me06:28
csdserverwell, gparted is whining about not being able to find the mount point06:28
KE1HAassuming of course, csd is a user on the system06:28
ewwwNullCity: i successfully install update-manager06:28
dr-williswhy are you chowning /dev/sdxx06:28
NullCityhe wants a full access partition06:29
KE1HAafterpartitining, did you format & mount the volume?06:29
KE1HAwhoops after partitioning .. ..06:29
csdserverNullCity, why are you answering for me?06:29
allandeeacce245: which program?06:29
KE1HAdo a df -H and see if it's listed06:30
allandeeacce245: which application?06:30
acce245allandee: Empathy.06:30
allandeeacce245: I have none.06:30
csdserverKE1HA, no, it's not listed D=06:30
KE1HAit's not mounted then06:30
callumhanyone know if the gn-ws50g-rh wifi card works with ubuntu? can't find anything of support documents/forums/google06:30
acce245allandee: Empathy is the built-in chat program.  you trollin?06:30
csdserverits showing as mounted in nautilus though... weird06:31
allandeeacce245: sorry.  I don't know much about it all.  no, not trollin, I'm a new Ubuntu user.06:31
KE1HAhmm tiz strange that one06:31
NullCityHey guys, if your free space is running out of nowhere, then look in /var/log and check syslog, last time I checked, it was 2 GB!06:31
acce245allandee: ahhh.  I just wondered if anyone else had the issue.  It stopped working sometime months ago, but now I want to use it again, as it was designed into this distro.06:31
wols_NullCity: he is running jaunty. there is no repository for him anymore06:31
wols_!pm > NullCity06:32
ubottuNullCity, please see my private message06:32
allandeeacce245: I'm not sure if it's your best bet.  I would try pidgin.06:32
acce245allandee: seems like there was a change in the server port or server name or something, and it didn't go through.  Thought someone might know something, but apparently not.06:32
wols_NullCity: since you obviosuly don't react to ubottu: stop spamming people in PM please06:33
KE1HAcsdserver: did you create a /folder then mount the .sda3 to that /folder?06:33
allandeeacce245: I'm sure someone does.  in the mean time, I'd suggest firefox/gmail if you're in a real hurry, or pidgin if you have a few minutes.06:33
wols_callumh: check what chip is on your card. lspci -nn helps there06:33
KE1HAfor example ..sudo mkdir /newfolder06:33
csdserveri haven't done that06:33
KE1HAsudo mount -t ext3 /dev/sda3 /newfolder06:34
NullCityDoes anyone know how to use /dev/zero to zero out a user-made partition?06:34
csdserverah, will that place it in my current partitions filesystem and be recognized as part of it?06:34
callumhwols_ unfortunately I can't since I don't have Ubuntu, I'll get it when I know the card works06:34
KE1HAext3 would be whatever you formatted it too.06:34
tripelbwhen ubuntu comes up it asks me to search for a suitable plugin. After I do it tells me it cant play a wav file (in other words). 1. I took the disk out of the drive so what is starting it? 2. If there were a disk VLC works find and rhythmbox is retarded and I dont want it to start. 3. It's ignorant to give me a dialog box with no indication of what program initiated the request. -- Any help on any of these things?? 10.0406:34
wols_callumh: what OS do you have?06:34
allandeeNullCity; dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/<user-partition>06:34
wols_allandee: check your command again...06:35
allandeeNullCity: but check with for example fdisk which partition you're entirely sure that you want to nuke06:35
callumhwols_ at the moment Windoze 7 Home Premium 64bit  but the card isn't in this laptop06:35
KE1HAcsdserver: yes, when you create the new folder, then mount the volume to that folder, it should then sho in df -H06:35
wols_callumh: so what OS do you run on the hardware this card is in?06:36
callumhwols_ unfortunately nothing as the motherboard is fried06:36
acce245Pidgin is so noisy.... time to remove its vocal chords.... pun intended....06:36
dKcanyone has a hosting and cPanel on it? i need help06:37
DonaldKeyzhow do i make scrollbars look like os x?06:37
wols_dKc: we support ubuntu, not cpanel06:37
KE1HAcsdserver: you will also want to add an entry in your fstab as well, if the sys doesn't do it for you, else you'll have toremount it each tome. Also, change the partition ownership and permissions.06:38
allandeeDonaldKeyz: the easiest way is to install OS X06:38
KE1HAI really need typing lessons Dohh!!06:38
csdserverok KE1HA , i've never worked with fstab much so not sure what to add there06:38
DonaldKeyzallandee - ok06:39
acce245DonaldKeys: look up themes and find one that suits your needs, then install it.  Remember to scan for virii!06:39
=== calc is now known as Guest72138
DonaldKeyzacce245 ok06:40
callumhwols_ at the moment that would be Win7 32-bit Business I believe but like I said, the motherboard is fried06:40
=== snimavat is now known as sn
wols_callumh: I cannot help you if you have no access to the card06:40
callumhwols_: well, we think it is anyway06:40
callumhwols_ : I can try the LiveCD I suppose06:40
KE1HAcsdserver: here's a couple links for assistance: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions   and  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab06:41
csdserverthanks, i'll read them thoroughly =)06:41
wols_acce245: just tell me AV scanner to use for ubuntu? you're very funny :P06:41
wols_*me what AV06:42
DeltaCoreDoes Ubuntu 10.10 suffer the power regression issue from 2.6.35 and does it have the 200 line kernel patch that helps performance?06:42
KE1HAcsdserver: once the partitioin is mounted, and it shows up in df -H ot fdisk -l .. use this to get the UUID: sudo blkid06:42
acce245wols: there is a virus scanner available.  Yes, though, it was a joke, you could scan it.  ClamAV I think it is, in the repos.06:43
KE1HAcsdserver: thenthe entry will look something similar to this: UUID=xxxxxxx /newfolder  ext3  nodev,nosuid       0       206:43
wols_acce245: yes there is, but your answer shows your heritage of windows and your ignorance of ubuntu06:43
callumhwols_ : there's also avast! I think06:43
ussher__I've sort of found what im looking for.  I have assigned the keyboard shortcut alt+left and alt+right to "Move to workspace left" (and right).  But the issue im seeing is that if i right click and choose "Move to workspace left" just the window goes, while if i use alt+left the window goes AND the current winow changes to that window.  Why am i seeing the inconsistant behaviour?06:43
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus06:43
acce245Nope, you do not need antivirus on Linux.  This was only a test.  You all passed.  Celebrate by running a virus in WINE today!06:45
pilojoI'm having problems with partitioning using gparted.06:46
csdserverAdded this to my fstab:    UUID=5...snip...2   /supshare         ext406:46
wols_csdserver: not enough06:46
wols_csdserver: you missed 3 more columns06:47
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus06:47
pilojoIt won't allow me to resize my partition, I want to add another OS but, I can't find out why gparted wont let me.06:47
KE1HAcsdserver: ya need a bit more :-)  nodev,nosuid       0       206:48
DeltaCoreDo any of you use 10.04 or 10.10 and why?06:48
wols_KE1HA: "default" is more important...06:48
csdserverwols - the dump and pass i'm aware of, still reading them out06:48
KE1HAtrue was jsut an example06:48
wols_!polls | DeltaCore06:48
ubottuDeltaCore: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:48
NullCity!polls | hi06:48
ubottuhi: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:49
KE1HApilojo: make sure you umount it before try adjusting it.06:49
wols_NullCity: don't play with the bot in the channel. use pm instead, we know you're good at that06:50
ussher__pilojo: i usually run gparted from a usb stick there are instructions here: http://gparted.sourceforge.net/liveusb.php06:51
raevolwhere would i find the terminal output of the last session my computer did before i hard rebooted it?06:51
wols_raevol: not logged by default06:52
wols_KE1HA: there is no output there06:52
KE1HAor maybe not the output, but certainly the command06:52
pilojoKE1HA it's my main partition though.06:52
raevolwell, i was running something through wine, i did run from console06:52
raevolbut then it killed my x server and showed a lot of nice console logging06:52
raevoland i would like to salvage that if i could06:52
KE1HApilojo: I'd go wth the USB suggestion then.06:53
KE1HAbe carfull though, and dont jack up your /boot /root partition06:53
wols_raevol: X logs are in /var/log/Xorg.0.log* and any errors encountered by X programs might be in ~/.xsession-errors06:53
csdserverOK, does this syntax look right for fstab?   UUID=XXXX   /supshare   ext4   defaults   0   206:54
=== sergio_ is now known as Guest64412
KE1HAmaybe ther or the .xsession-errors.old file, if it was an X error, or maybe look in the WinDoze Wine section for the apps log file.06:55
KE1HAcsdserver: yes it looks reasonable06:56
csdserverok, going to see if after a restart i can get owner/write priv06:56
wols_csdserver: yes06:56
tyreilis there a way i can load an x session remotely without vnc?06:57
csdwifi(still on wifi if you want to address me)06:57
wols_tyreil: yes. remote X06:58
wols_csdwifi: the mountpoint must be writable by your user, then you can write to it as your normal user06:58
raevolthanks guys07:00
csdwifiit did auto-mount properly =)  so there's that goin for me.  Now i just need to 'chown'  the directory it's mounted to07:01
wols_csdwifi: no. you do that _before_ you mount it07:01
csdwifiha, ok, that explains that... dismount command?07:01
Joymowhy is UEFI such an immense pain in Ubuntu...I can't for the life of me get Ubuntu to boot on a new Asus p8z68 motherboard :S07:02
JoymoI even tried 11.10 alpha 2, same issues, sigh07:03
allandeeJoymo: it's because of the beards, and the lack of funds.07:03
allandeeJoymo: how far does the boot-process get?07:04
allandeeJoymo: what is the last thing printed on your screen?07:04
JoymoI only get to a blinking underscore, when you'd  expect a grub loader07:05
allandeeJoymo: there is nothing between your bios thingies, and that underscore?07:05
allandeeJoymo: and before this, have you gone through a succesful installation of a Linux distro?07:06
csdwifiand since it's mounted to a directory i can just umount /directory ... Ok that's done, but I type the following:  'sudo chown csd /supshare'   then i check the permissions in nautilus but it still reads as root having all access only07:06
Joymoallandee: many times, but never with UEFI07:06
Joymonever on this mobo, is brand new ssytem07:06
allandeeJoymo: but this time, on the partition that you want to boot?07:06
KE1HAsudi chown csd:csd /suphare07:07
KE1HAsudo ..07:07
KE1HAyou need the group and user07:07
JoymoI am thinking of trying fedora 15 instead, at least that OS seems to actually know EFI exists <_<07:07
allandeeJoymo: are you trying to boot from an installation media in order to install a linux distro, and not getting it to work?07:07
chewed-onGuys, how do I edit a file inside an ftp session inside bash shell ?07:07
Joymono, installer works allandee, I'm past that, I am at first reboot after full install07:07
csdwifisweet, that worked KE1HA07:08
csdwifinow remount and it should be ready07:08
wols_chewed-on: unless your ftp client provides that feature you can't. you download the file instead, edit it, and upload it again07:08
allandeeJoymo: I'd give http://www.supergrubdisk.org/rescatux/ a shot07:08
KE1HAcool glad its sorted, not I'd reboot and make sure it mounts and you can read/write to it as the normal user.07:08
chewed-onalright thanks guys07:09
allandeegrub2 knows about efi, it just needs to be nudged a bit07:09
Joymoallandee: that doesnt look like it knows efi does it ? the rescatux07:09
KE1HAchewed-on: I dont know of an FTP client that has an embedded editor alone with it. SSH to the client, then use a command line editor, Nano, Pico, etc etc07:09
csdwifihmm, once i mounted the owner changed back to root =(07:10
allandeegrub2 does, rescatux developers knows a lot about the chain loaders involved, and about talking to the bios/efi protocols07:10
allandeeI'd give it a shot07:10
Night-hacksi've problem with my *FUCKIN* Ubuntu 10.0407:11
Night-hacksmy ram is full !!!07:11
KE1HAcsdwifi: see if you can add / del / edit a filt on in the folder as a normal user07:11
Night-hacksive done nothing07:11
wols_Night-hacks: calm down, lay off the language07:11
Night-hacksand top says nothing07:11
wols_Night-hacks: what does "free" show. pastebin it please07:11
KE1HAsounds like an app memory leak to me07:12
Night-hackswols_: Mem:       1025232     987684      37548          0       9840     11315607:12
Night-hacksim coding it's killing my time.07:12
csdwifiKE1HA,  here's what happened - after chowning the mount directory i was able to set sharing options and let nautilus automatically assign permissions, that changed the owner to my 'csd' group and account07:12
Night-hacksit's random behavior07:12
wols_Night-hacks: you have 120MB free07:13
csdwifigoing to restart and see if it's persistent07:13
Night-hackswols_:  yes but i've still loaded nothing !07:13
Joymoallandee: my main point is tho, any new user, that tries to install the user-friendly Ubuntu on probably the most popular new mobo asus p8z68, will be unable to boot Ubuntu07:13
wols_Night-hacks: top, press "M" and check what uses the most memory07:13
Joymothat should be a major concern07:13
KE1HAthat sharing is intersting, I dont nomally have to do that, but if it works, it's all good.07:13
Night-hackswols_: it says nothing07:13
Joymoyou're instantly alienatig any new ubuntu user with a new system07:13
wols_Night-hacks: you are wrong. it does07:14
wols_Night-hacks: pastebin please. NOT in the channel this time07:14
allandeeJoymo: I have no protests, I'm not impressed myself.07:14
Joymothe fact even ubuntu 11.10, has not managed to solve this issue, is just quite the facepalm07:14
Night-hackswhere is pastebin of this channel ?07:14
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:14
fructoseI want to connect to a Windows 7 machine from Ubuntu so I can write files to it. What do I do?07:15
Night-hackswols_: you want my top output ?07:15
Night-hackswith M07:15
allandeeJoymo: unfortunately, while a whole slew of impressing shit gets installed without problems, you encounter fundamental problems afterwards also.07:16
KE1HAfructose: share the folder on the windows box, then brows to it form your linux box, you'll need the username and password for the windows user the first time around.07:16
csdwifiKE1HA, good news, owner is maintained after reboot =))  thanks for your and wols_ help07:16
wols_fructose: you share a folder on your windows machine and mount this folder on your ubuntu07:16
KE1HAcsdwifi: cool, glad it's work'en07:16
Night-hackswols_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/658479/07:17
=== Guest20271 is now known as vega-
fructoseKE1HA, wols_: Sharing on Windows 7 doesn't seem that straight-forward07:17
KE1HAwols_: that works, unless the Ip changes, then it's a pain again :-) gotta love WinDoze07:17
BlankVerseany app to do system wide tunneling using ssh tunnel?07:17
Joymoallandee: first boot is kinda essential for new users, getting ubuntu to actually boot on the z68 board should be pretty high priority <_<07:17
wols_Night-hacks: you don't have only gnome-terminal loaded... that top output is not proper07:18
KE1HAI just did this with my wife's Win7 box not more thant a couple days ago, she got to and from her machine from my Linus server no probs.07:18
waseemHey guys, I have this problem with my ntfs partition which I can't mount after doing a fresh install for ubuntu 11.04 and fedora cre 15, I did't touch the partition but when I try to mount from terminal it says it's an error of invalid arguments , Please help I need to recover my files07:18
wols_BlankVerse: any VPN07:18
Night-hackswols_: what you mean ?07:18
head_victimJoymo: don't blame the people trying to come behind the manufacturers and pick up their pieces of brokenness, blame the manufacturers. See http://mjg59.dreamwidth.org/ for some insight.07:18
wols_waseem: show us the command and the error07:19
BlankVersewols_: not a vpn ... i do ssh -D 3000 sshserver07:19
wols_Night-hacks: I mean your top output is very very incomplete07:19
allandeeJoymo: hey, I went through the weirdest installation procudure just to get my boot media recognized, with 11.04 from the frontpage of Ubuntu, don't look to me for excuses07:19
BlankVersewols_: what i need is instead of setting the socks5 proxy in every app... make it system wide07:19
Night-hackswols_: i've monitored it carefully07:19
Night-hackswols_: no app is eating memory07:19
DonaldKeyzmacbuntu does the trick07:19
waseemWols_ it just says invalid arguments beside , the partition will appear when I use a live cd of ubuntu07:19
wols_waseem: I told you want we need to diagnose, if you don't want to tell us, your choice07:20
waseemOk, hold on please07:20
allandeeJoymo: I think I jumped through roughly the same hoops to get OS X installed as I did Ubuntu.07:20
allandeethe fundamentals are solid though.  emacs and sbcl installed in a minute or so, in total ;)07:22
tehpwnzi'm tryin to get conky to work with weather, but that line with the location that has XX with a bunch of numbers in it, where do i get that from?07:25
allandeeI just installed Ubuntu 11.04 with the iso image from ubuntu.com, and switching between applications is slow.  are there any tips?  nvidia drivers are the latest, composite_manager is set to false, doesn't help.07:25
somsiptehpwnz: it depends which weather site the script is using to pull the details from, but this is not realy a Ubuntu support issue07:27
c_nickhow can i reply to 2 ppl simultaneously on IRC?07:27
waseemWols_ here's the link to picture showing the error http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/225/screenshotfts.png/07:28
allandeec_nick: first, type /msg <victim1>  <message>    then    /msg <victim2> <message>07:28
allandeec_nick: do you know the name of program you are using to chat on IRC?07:29
slideIs there any IM service that empathy can use that can share pictures or files etc?07:30
KE1HAallandee: c_nick:  just add both the names on line, should work unless they are in seperate channels.07:30
allandeec_nick: then try /msg name-of-your-recipee <your message here>  and look at the bar to the left on your window07:31
waseemHey guys, I have this problem with my ntfs partition which I can't mount after doing a fresh install for ubuntu 11.04 and fedora cre 15, I did't touch the partition but when I try to mount from terminal it says it's an error of invalid arguments , Please help I need to recover my files07:31
wols_waseem: it ntfsprogs installed? what does file -s /dev/sda1 say?07:32
wols_waseem: and you aren't mounting it you are trying to resize it07:32
allandeewaseem: are you confident that you have not altered the partitions and their size during your re-install?07:32
waseemallandee no i did't at all07:33
c_nickKE1HA allandee, This came to both of you?07:33
waseemwols_ I have ntfs-3g which gives the same error07:33
KE1HAc_nick: highlighted in red to me07:33
allandeec_nick: yes, but your victim was #ubuntu - the channel07:34
wols_waseem: you said you tried to mount it frm terminal. what you showed had nothing to do with a terminal. or normally mounting07:34
newbeehow come ubuntu software centre gives not statistics like download speeds, size of files etc on ubuntu 10.04?07:34
waseemsorry, that's a gprted information07:34
wols_waseem: and I told you what to check and how07:35
KE1HAc_nick: I just changed over to using Konversation from Xchat-Gnome, seem allot less klunky, and has allot more features.07:35
allandeec_nick: "victim" is how "recipient" is called in the IRC spec, btw, just substitute when I say that ;P07:35
waseemI can see the partion only from gparted07:35
c_nickallandee, oh ok07:35
allandeewaseem: I would give http://www.supergrubdisk.org/rescatux/ a shot07:36
wols_allandee: for mounting a ntfs partition?07:36
allandee wols_: yep.07:36
c_nickwow thats 236 MB07:37
theadminwols_: To mount a NTFS partition, "mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdz500 /mnt"07:37
theadminwols_: Not sure if that's what you're discussing, just joined :D07:37
newbeehow come ubuntu software centre gives not statistics like download speeds, size of files etc on ubuntu 10.04?07:37
wols_theadmin: check your /lastlog more carefully please07:37
waseemwols_ /dev/sda1: x86 boot sector; GRand Unified Bootloader, stage1 version 0x3, 1st sector stage2 0xf511160, GRUB version 0.94, code offset 0x48, OEM-ID "NTFS    ", sectors/cluster 8, reserved sectors 0, Media descriptor 0xf8, heads 255, hidden sectors 2048, dos < 4.0 BootSector (0x80)07:37
KE1HAThat's a bit tricky. This issue he' seeing is not a rare one, when Windows was the native install.07:37
wols_theadmin: it shows07:37
c_nickallandee c_nick , hi07:37
allandeec_nick: still #ubuntu07:38
theadminwols_: Not if I wasn't on the channel at all07:38
c_nick#ubuntu is ok .. I want to personally communicate something to someone not specific to victim on same victim will do07:39
theadminc_nick: what?07:39
c_nicklike allandee and c_nick are there in this channel07:39
c_nickand i want to say hi to both of them07:39
wols_waseem: sudo fdisk -l07:39
theadminc_nick: Yes, you just type their both names07:40
theadminc_nick: And then hi07:40
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:40
c_nicktheadmin, c_nick hi07:40
c_nicktheadmin, c_nick, hi07:40
theadminc_nick: That works for me.07:40
c_nickok this seems really trivial but still should there be a comma between 2 names07:41
waseemwols_ sudo fdisk -l07:41
waseemDisk /dev/sda: 250.1 GB, 250059350016 bytes07:41
waseem255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 30401 cylinders07:41
waseemUnits = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes07:41
waseemSector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes07:41
FloodBot1waseem: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:41
waseemI/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes07:41
llutz!pm  | c_nick some irc-basics http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/irctutorial.html07:42
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
theadminc_nick: Just the name is enough. Anything else is unimportant.07:45
theadminc_nick: Also, try typing "thea" and hitting Tab.07:45
KE1HAwaseem: do you have pastebinit install?07:47
maraujo_3alguem ??07:48
theadminmaraujo_3: Type "/join #ubuntu_br", without quotes.07:48
theadminAre there still clients not accepting "/j" instead of "/join", I wonder?07:49
maraujo_3tem ninguem no ubuntu_br07:49
maraujo_3algum brasileiro?07:50
theadmin!br | maraujo_307:50
c_nickoh ok cool07:50
ubottumaraujo_3: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.07:50
c_nickthanks theadmin07:50
allandeetheadmin: there are some that send / commands verbatim to the servers07:50
theadminallandee: Huh... weird07:50
* theadmin only uses irssi07:51
allandeetheadmin: sort of makes sense07:51
* allandee uses whatever floats his way07:52
allandeebut http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/?action=browse;oldid=EmacsIRCClient;id=ERC if I have to irc daily07:54
theadminMeh, emacs07:55
* theadmin uses Vim07:55
Misiexhow to control services in ubuntu ?07:55
theadminMisiex: Use the "service" command, for more details - "man service"07:55
* allandee make the good, old arguments in the Emacs vs Vi war, ending with "but vi is an editor"07:57
theadminallandee: I don't use Vi, I use Vim07:57
theadminsomsip: ?07:57
allandeeI think editor wars are frowned upon.07:58
=== sergio_ is now known as Guest32453
theadminallandee: I'm not gonna make a war here :D If I would, I'd make a war against Ubuntu in general07:58
somsipIt was more aploite request about being off topic07:58
somsip..a polite...07:58
BlacksykeHe who instigates editor wars will be forced to use Notepad in wine for a week07:58
llutzuse whatever you think it makes you cool (or what is the reason for all those daily show-offs here?)07:58
theadminBlacksyke: Mousepad anyone?07:59
FroyoSharki have mousepad :D07:59
theadminBlacksyke: An exact clone of notepad pretty much :D07:59
FroyoSharki dont use it though, i normally use gedit07:59
KE1HAIs anyone else seeing really slow zsync downloads from ISO repo cdimage.ubuntu.com ?07:59
Misiexwhat is guest account in samba?07:59
theadminllutz: Not cool, I'm used to Vim too much so I pretty much think it's normal08:00
c|onemanI have a weird sony viao08:00
llutzya blah, -> #ubuntu-offtopic pls08:00
tenghey c|oneman08:00
FroyoSharklol, a weird sony viao/08:00
tengi also have a sony vaio08:00
* theadmin wants a command-line version of Geany... err, ah whatever.08:00
tengnot a weird one though lol08:01
tengdon't really like it, and it's quite old now08:01
c|onemanthat enjoys having not only a physical switch for wlan, but also some strange software implementation08:01
Misiexcan anyone help me with SAMBA?08:01
tengwhat model is it?08:01
KE1HAMisiex: To share without security, security = share then guest account = nobody08:01
* FroyoShark test?08:01
tengwhere are you from c|oneman08:01
tengExcellent. How's the weather there?08:02
KE1HAthen add your param's to the bottom:08:02
KE1HAGuest Share]08:02
KE1HA        comment = Guest access share08:02
KE1HA        path = /path/to/dir/to/share08:02
KE1HA        browseable = yes08:02
FloodBot1KE1HA: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:02
KE1HA        read only = yes08:02
FroyoSharkteng, off-topic?08:02
c|onemanso anyway, wlan light wont come on in ubuntu08:02
* FroyoShark has quit (Ping timeout: 262 seconds)08:03
c|onemanin fact, when I boot a live CD, it kicks off my windows wifi on the next reboot08:03
c|onemanit somehow affects it08:03
FroyoSharkthey should add something to censor windows lol08:03
theadmin!ot | FroyoShark08:03
ubottuFroyoShark: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:03
FroyoShark... theadmin08:03
FroyoSharki wouldn't be talking :p08:03
theadminFroyoShark: Do not, then.08:04
theadminFroyoShark: Unless you can help or need help.08:04
FroyoSharki can help, i do not need help08:04
c|onemanIt might have something to do with it being Backtrack5 that im live booting08:04
c|onemanI'm guessing it has funky wlan drivers08:04
szal!backtrack | c|oneman08:04
ubottuc|oneman: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition08:04
vbgunzwhen I'm copying or moving files to an NTFS filesystem, I always get a "could not change file permissions..." notice for every item moved. this is super duper trooper annoying. I completely understand I cannot mod permissions on NTFS so how do I stop this annoying nag?08:05
allandeec|oneman: he said: try #backtrack-linux instead08:06
c|onemangot it ;)08:06
theadminvbgunz: cp blah /media/ntfs/ 2>/dev/null08:06
allandeevbgunz: do you know with which flags your ntfs partition was mounted?08:06
linuxfreakerNeed some help on gcc08:06
vbgunztheadmin: I never get prompted using cp or mv. im talking from the interface08:07
linuxfreakerI am using Ubuntu 11.10 Alpha08:07
theadminvbgunz: Oh.08:07
linuxfreakerTrying to install vmware-tools08:07
allandeelinuxfreaker: with what?08:07
llutzvbgunz: mount using "quiet"08:07
vbgunzI thought quiet was not to worry when a disk, partition is not found during boot08:08
vbgunzI'll check it again08:08
theadmin!+1 | llutz08:08
linuxfreakerWhen i am trying to install vmware-tools on Ubuntu guest VM it says no gcc path found08:09
vbgunzllutz: I think you're absolutely right08:09
wols_linuxfreaker: install build-essential08:09
vbgunzgonna umount and mount it again with that flaf08:09
llutzvbgunz: at least for vfat it does what you need :) no idea about ntfs08:09
linuxfreakerWhat is the location of the gcc program on your machine?  The path "" is not valid path to the gcc binary. Would you like to change it? [yes] no08:09
linuxfreakerbuild-essential is already installed08:09
linuxfreakerii  build-essentia 11.5ubuntu1    Informational list of build-essential packag ii  gcc            4:4.6.1-2ubunt GNU C compiler ii  make           3.81-8.1ubuntu An utility for Directing compilation.08:09
allandeevbgunz: I don't know how to manipulate the permissions you have to alter windows partitions/disks from the GUI, look at the other suggestions08:09
allandeelinuxfreaker: which command line provokes the error?08:10
linuxfreakerwols_: Though gcc and build-essential is installed the vmware-tools unable to locate it08:10
linuxfreakerallandee: let me show u pastebin08:10
allandeelinuxfreaker: why does vmware-tools want to compile something?  what happens before this?08:10
vbgunzdamn... quiet didn't do the trick :(08:11
linuxfreakerHere it goes http://pastebin.com/kiakRRmH08:11
vbgunzman says it'll try chmoding but if it fails, won't say anything... now thats a lie :|08:11
allandeevbgunz: can you open a terminal window and type "mount"?08:12
llutzvbgunz: according ntfs-3g man-page, its "silent" not quiet for ntfs08:12
llutzvbgunz: and it's "on" by default...08:13
vbgunzllutz: in fstab, I have ntfs, not ntfs-3g. although I do have ntfs-3g installed.08:13
allandeelinuxfreaker: sorry if I missed this, but have you "apt-get install gcc"?08:13
vbgunzI'll check and see whats up08:13
linuxfreakerapt-get install gcc Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done gcc is already the newest version. 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 109 not upgraded.08:14
allandeelinuxfreaker: it will install the compiler, and I  believe automake and related m4 tools08:14
linuxfreakerallandee: gcc already installed08:14
linuxfreakerallandee: where exactly gcc binaries are located?08:14
allandee /usr/bin/gcc08:14
linuxfreakerI tried providing that but it says not correct location08:15
allandeeit will be a symlink though08:15
linuxfreakerallandee: yes08:15
IdleOnewhy do you have 109 packages not upgrading?08:15
allandeetry to type just "/usr/bin/gcc" in a terminal window08:15
allandeeto ensure it's actually there08:15
linuxfreakerroot@km-vmqa-dhcp184:~/vmware-tools-distrib# /usr/bin/gcc gcc: fatal error: no input files compilation terminated.08:15
allandeeit should say "no input files"08:15
linuxfreakerwhy so?08:15
linuxfreakerIs it corrupted08:16
allandeejust eliminating possible problems08:16
allandeetry it ;)08:16
linuxfreakerShall I purge it and reinstall it again08:16
allandeelinuxfreaker: only if it says "gcc: no input files"08:17
linuxfreakerallandee: Shall i apt-get remove and install gcc again08:17
allandeeif it doesn't08:17
linuxfreakerapt-get remove gcc ; apt-get install gcc08:17
allandeeexcuse me for repeating, I'm not sober:08:17
linuxfreakerwill it help08:17
auronandaceallandee:  <linuxfreaker> root@km-vmqa-dhcp184:~/vmware-tools-distrib# /usr/bin/gcc gcc: fatal error: no input files compilation terminated08:17
wols_allandee: have you installed build-essential ?08:17
linuxfreakerits there08:18
linuxfreakerroot@km-vmqa-dhcp184:~/vmware-tools-distrib# dpkg --list gcc build-essential make Desired=Unknown/Install/Remove/Purge/Hold | Status=Not/Inst/Conf-files/Unpacked/halF-conf/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend |/ Err?=(none)/Reinst-required (Status,Err: uppercase=bad) ||/ Name           Version        Description +++-==============-==============-============================================ ii  build-essentia 11.5ubuntu1    Informati08:18
linuxfreakergcc make and build-essential are all installed08:18
allandeeif you get "gcc:  no input files"  when you try to type only "gcc" and press enter in a terminal window, you should not purge/remove/reinstall08:18
wols_linuxfreaker: your kernel headers installed too?08:19
Peyamhi. when  ubutnu finds wireless connection everything stops working. everything stands still but when I try with cabel it works prefectly08:19
OnryoWhey does Firefox keep popping up in front of any other programs. I use Noscript, ABP. I don't have firefox set to "allways on top"08:19
IdleOnelinuxfreaker: you are running 11.10?08:19
IdleOnesupport for 11.10 is in #ubuntu+108:20
Wisienwho knows what Samba`s NT_STATUS BAD NETWORK NAME is ?08:20
linuxfreakerroot@km-vmqa-dhcp184:~/vmware-tools-distrib# cat /etc/issue Ubuntu oneiric (development branch) \n \l08:20
allandeelinuxfreaker: are you trying to invoke the compiler as root, also?  or as a regular user?08:20
linuxfreakerroot user08:20
linuxfreakerroot@km-vmqa-dhcp184:~/vmware-tools-distrib# cat /etc/issue Ubuntu oneiric (development branch) \n \l08:20
IdleOnenot in here. you are running a dev release and it is expected to not work properly. Please take it to #ubuntu+108:21
Wisienanyone can help me with SAMBA ?08:22
linuxfreakerNoone in ubuntu+108:22
linuxfreakerAre they sleeping?08:22
IdleOnehow would you know, you aren't in there08:23
Peyami use ubuntu 11.04 and when it finds wireless connection everything stands still and stop working. What can I do?08:23
theadminlol IdleOne08:23
esdscreen irssi08:24
allandeelinuxfreaker: from your pastebin it seems as if the vmware script doesn't find gcc at all, while it is in fact /usr/bin/gcc08:24
allandeeso the first step would be to figure out why it doesn't search your PATH08:24
allandeeor if it does, and wtf it doesn't follow the symlink to your actual gcc08:25
linuxfreakerallandee: I tried removing build-essential and gcc and reinstalling but the same issue08:25
IdleOneallandee: the first step would be to move this offtopic support to the proper channel, #ubuntu+108:25
linuxfreakerno-one out there08:25
linuxfreakerCan we try out it fix08:25
OnryoLinuxfreaker can you repost the url to your pastebin I have seen this problem before in Debian08:25
sandemanHow do i disable "dead keys"?08:25
IdleOnelinuxfreaker: you haven't joined the channel yet08:25
ThinkT510linuxfreaker: allandee can join you in the proper channel08:26
allandeelinuxfreaker: you can't move on until you determine for certain that 1) "gcc" is covered by what is in your PATH environment variable and that 2) the script doesn't obey your environment08:26
linuxfreakerI can see AllenBell08:26
linuxfreakeras one user there08:26
allandeeThinkT510: which is that?08:26
Bayle_Anyone familliar with flash issues on UbuntuPPC?08:26
theadminsandeman: Switch your keyboard layout to something without them08:26
linuxfreakerBut gcc is itself not working right08:26
ThinkT510allandee: #ubuntu+1 (he is using 11.10)08:26
IdleOnelinuxfreaker: there are 187 users in #ubuntu+1. You joined the wrong channel08:26
allandeeon my way08:26
theadminBayle_: Flash issues exist on all releases, on all distros, be specific08:27
linuxfreakerohh sorry08:27
Bayle_10.04 Mac g5 7,308:27
theadminBayle_: And the issue is?08:27
Bayle_Followed all the instruction in the gnash readme for ppc and it just doesnt work. No idea why.08:27
sandemantheadmin, how do i now wat are the ones without? when i open system->preference->keyboard there is just a list of keyboards, no mentioning of "dead keys"08:29
theadminsandeman: Say, the US english layout has no dead keys.08:29
theadminsandeman: If your layout is a specific language, well, it'll probably use them08:30
theadminsandeman: Toy around08:30
sandemantheadmin, oke thanx ill try some08:30
Wisienwho knows samba?08:32
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:32
Wisienwhat is Error NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME ?08:33
DaghdhaHello, i use gnome commander ow but when i MOVE files it first copies ALL files and the deletes the source. I want a program that does it immediately, if you know what i mean. ANy tips? (It does have to be GUI based)08:34
helly^I have a headless ubuntu box on a remote location. I want to be able to access it via the internett and download torrents on it. Is deluge the best and only option?08:34
wols_wildc4rd: what is the command that gave you this error?08:34
DaghdhaIt's buggy anyway, i want something else. I'm not on file 87 of 1. :/08:34
bjorn__ssh + screen + rtorrent08:34
wols_helly^: transmission has a webinterface too IIRC08:34
DaghdhaYes it has. I like transmission. It's ok08:34
ubottuIIRC means "if I remember correctly"08:35
helly^mk :-)08:35
Blade20how do i put block list in transmission if the spot to put the url is missing?08:35
theadminhelly^: Deluge is quite good, Transmission has a web UI... qBittorrent is a good one too08:35
helly^bjorn_, and how do I load torrents onto it?08:35
bahamasi want to install ubuntu on my laptop. should i go with the latest version or with 10.04?08:36
helly^I've installed Deluge, but I just get "Error" in the progress bar. Nothing in the logs..08:36
Blade20bahamas, best to try live cd's first... try out different ones and see what one works for you08:37
bjorn__helly^, what I usually do is that I just "Connect to server" in gnome and copy the files, but rtorrent also supports downloading the torrent from an url08:37
helly^bahamas, what kind of laptop? What specs?08:37
wols_bahamas: latest probably. especially if it's a new laptop08:37
bjorn__just hit backspace and enter url08:37
bjorn__but remember to run rtorrent in a screen session and detatch before logout.08:37
Blade20in transmission ... the place to put the url for block list.. it's not there... how do i add a block list?08:37
helly^like -b ?08:38
helly^I'll chekc out rtorrent then.08:38
bahamashelly^: inspiron n3010, i5, 3 GB RAM, 320GB hdd08:38
helly^bahamas, then I would go for the newest :-)08:38
bjorn__yeah, its a nice program, got bit more of a learing curve since it's CLI but you get the basics in 5 minutes08:39
Daghdhathis is useless, when i stop the copy it removes the source dir. Although the copy was cancelled. GNome COmmander exit.08:39
jolsonHi! I recently installed Ubuntu 11.04 (no upgrade). Now Evolution and NetworkManager have lost their memory and ask me for passwords every time I start them. Immediately afterward, the Gnome keyring want's me to choose a password and enter it twice. How can this be solved?08:39
bahamashelly^: yeah, i'm downloading it as we speak. thanks08:39
allandeeBlade20: it might be that you have to enable the web-UI on the server, and connect to it through a web-browser08:39
Blade20allandee, why would i have to do that....08:40
Blade20transmission 2.0508:40
almoxarifeBlade20: what version are you using?08:40
Blade20almoxarife, 2.0508:40
Daghdhamc it is08:41
Blade20under the privacy tab it should have a spot to put a url... for the block list... but it dont08:41
Daghdhamc is hardened widely used righT?08:41
lorraineIs anyone using OzUnity please?08:41
Blade20allandee,  almoxarife  any ideas why the box for the url would be missing?08:43
esdis it possible to leave irssi running after i close terminal/ssh?08:43
almoxarifeBlade20: in options there is a 'privacy' tab?08:43
IdleOne!screen | esd08:44
ubottuesd: screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen08:44
Blade20almoxarife, yes just to the right of the speed tab08:44
esdthank you08:44
almoxarifeBlade20: in the privacy tab there is a input box for a url?08:45
Blade20almoxarife, says blocklist and has a check box for enable blocklist and enable auto updates but no place to put the url... in the past i have used transmission and it always had a place to enter a url...08:45
airtonixIdleOne: is screen just linked to byobu ?08:45
Blade20almoxarife, no08:45
airtonixIdleOne: i remember one day that i ran screen, and byobu appeared08:45
Blade20almoxarife, i have purged it and started over.. but to no avail08:46
IdleOneI don't use either08:46
almoxarifeBlade20: odd, not sure what's going on with your version08:47
Blade20almoxarife, what version you running?08:47
almoxarifeBlade20: 2.3308:47
Blade20almoxarife, maybe i should download that version and try it  out08:48
Blade20almoxarife, that version is for 11.4 tho right?08:48
airtonixBlade20: try the transmission ppa ?08:48
LasersBlade20: Try removing transmission configuration directory -- Somewhere in your home directory.08:48
almoxarifeBlade20:  no, I am on 10.1008:49
LasersBlade20: Rename the directory -- Better than removing*08:49
Blade20Lasers, i cant find the config file for it....08:49
Blade20Lasers, or i would just put the block list there lol08:49
LasersBlade20: Is it in ~/.config ?08:49
rahulhi ubuntu user08:50
Blade20Lasers, how would i go about looking for it?08:51
Blade20Lasers, starting at file system08:51
malte_heyea :)08:51
LasersBlade20: Open your home directory. CTRL + H (to toggle on/off hidden directory).  Look in ~/.config -- If you see transmission folder -- Make sure it's not running. Append "-old" or something. Restart transmission and you should have clean profile.08:52
rahulany one give idea08:52
LasersBlade20: If you don't see textbox for URL -- then Tramission GUI took that out. :(08:52
=== kedare_work is now known as kedare
rahulwindows 7 with ubuntu08:52
Blade20Lasers, thank you ... did not know about the ctrl + H08:53
malte_is on freenode a linuxmin-channel?08:54
lorrainerahul I run Win 7 with Ubuntu OzUnity both 64 bit . No problems08:55
=== ix__ is now known as ix_
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org08:57
aaaoooaaahi guys , anyone have any experience with installing 11.04 on a hp mini netbook?08:58
malte_yeah cool. i found the irc from linuxmint. thank you.08:59
airtonixyou know... it's lucky I don't suffer from epileptic fits, becuase i just reinstalled the operating system with natty, and the computer is currently trying its best to send me into a epileptic fit by changing the screen colour rapidly08:59
shnudoairtonix: you are lucky one siezure type is dirobeing and running around.09:02
Daghdhamv it is then09:02
kyle_I'm trying to edit the /etc/ftab file to allow access to a Windows 2008 domain share.  Please can someone help this this config.09:04
=== tyler00 is now known as scuttlefish
* scuttlefish twerps09:05
kyle_I'm trying to edit the /etc/ftab file to allow access to a Windows 2008 domain share.  Please can someone help this this config.09:06
Lasers!fstab | kyle_09:07
ubottukyle_: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions09:07
kyle_Lasers: Yeh but i would lik some mor help...09:08
wols_kyle_: have you managed to connect to it via commandline yet?09:08
kyle_wols_: no. you mean run the line in terminal...09:09
kyle_wols_ it's a share and I want to put username and password in the line... I don't mind that.09:10
daysmenanyone know how to solve kdes downloadable themes etc http://download.kde.org/ocs/providers.xml09:15
AdvoWorkim doing // /mnt/shared cifs exec,credentials=/mnt/credentials,uid=1000,gid=1000  in /etc/fstab. The user(uid 1000) can make a new file and file save as to /mnt/shared fine. But if they try and copy a file from the desktop and paste it, it wont work. Any suggestions please?09:18
codemagiciani used to have an applet running that monitored incoming msn messages. i removed it but when someone comes online on msn ubunta plays a tone09:20
codemagicianhow to I disable this annoying thing?09:20
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str0nghi all..09:23
str0ngi need help.. anyone here familiar how to resolve the brightness issue for HP Pavilion laptops?09:23
quiescensAdvoWork: "it wont work" isn't particularly helpful, do you get an error, and if so what? does nothing happen at all? or does it seem to copy, but when its done there's nothing there?09:24
str0ngbrightness keys (Fn) doesn't worked :(09:24
Blade20Lasers, still can not add the url... but have added block list ... thank you very much for your help :)09:25
LasersBlade20: Good luck blocking those pesky IP addresses!09:26
cyphahow can i prevent my terminal from opening links in chrome?09:26
cyphai set firefox as my default, but that didn't change anything09:27
Blade20cypha, uninstall chrome ?09:27
allandeeI installed 11.04 yesterday, and it's running fine except that switching windows has a delay, in the default UI. any tips?09:27
cyphaseriously? that's the best solution Blade20 ?09:27
Laserscypha: Look for preferred applications (or something similar). Does it say Firefox?09:28
allandeecypha: try left click upper right corner, then09:28
Blade20cypha, no .. give me a min let me look at what i used to do it... you have tell what program you want things to open with... one min09:28
cyphaLasers: yes, i have it set to firefox09:29
cyphaand i even restarted09:29
allandeecypha: system setings09:29
allandeeoh, ok, you've been there then09:29
ronubo    /msg nickserv set hidemail on09:29
=== ronubo is now known as foo_
allandeeronubo: you need to have the slash as the first character of your line09:29
allandeein order for it to be interpreted as a command09:30
Laserscypha: Paste this in the terminal --> export BROWSER="firefox"  And try click the link in terminal. That works?09:30
=== foo_ is now known as ronubo_
Ben64anyone know how I can essentially hijack my own domain using a bind server? I want to be able to adjust the A record(s) instantly09:31
allandeeben64: set ttl to 0 if you control the domain09:31
Blade20cypha i used Ubuntu Tweak to set mine09:31
cyphaLasers: nope, still chrome09:31
cyphaBlade20: i installed kde09:31
Ben64allandee: yeah but that won't work till it updates in the first place, which could take 24 hrs09:31
cyphacan i still use ubuntu tweak?09:31
Laserscypha: Make the switch to Chromium! ;309:31
allandeeben64: out of luck, then09:32
Blade20cypha do you have Ubuntu Tweak ?09:32
Ben64but i have bind : /09:32
allandeeben64: unless you take over the root servers ;p09:32
cyphaLasers: chromium is TOtALLY slow after like 5,6 tabs are open09:32
ubottuUbuntu Tweak is a tool that automates some things; however, it is potentially dangerous an informal review of its code is pending and most of the things it does can be done by the use of other tools. Please don't ask for or provide support for it in #ubuntu.09:32
Blade20cypha,  i dont know i would have to log out and back in to KDE to find out lol09:32
Ben64can't my bind pretend to be the main server09:32
Blade20oops... ok... nm09:33
Blade20forget i said that09:33
allandeeben64: it would have to pretend to be the root server then, and I don't think anyone would believe it09:33
allandee(one of the root-servers, rather)09:33
Ben64all i care about is my phone believing it09:33
allandeethat's easier!09:33
Ben64i would just modify /etc/hosts, but my phone is still locked down09:34
Blade20sorry Lasers i did not know09:34
allandeeset your phone's dns server to be your box09:34
Ben64did that09:34
allandee(if it has an official ip)09:34
Blade20cypha, what you are looking for is file type manager....09:34
allandeeok, can your box resolve official names?09:34
Blade20so what ever you need to do to find that09:34
Ben64allandee: yeah it resolves everything fine09:35
cyphaBlade20: i'm in the file association manager09:35
cyphanow what?09:35
allandeeBen64: just to be sure, try "dig @<your-dns-ip> google.com" and "dig @<your-dns-ip> your-cool-domain"09:36
Blade20cypha, find the file that you want to change the association with09:36
codemagicianwhen I hit close on pigin messenger there is no icon on the top bar.... did I remove something by mistake?09:36
allandeeBen64: from outside of your network09:36
cyphait's not a file...it's urls as a whole09:36
codemagicianshould my running apps have icons on the top bar of gnome?09:36
Ben64outside my network? :| but the server is this computer09:37
Laserscodemagician: 10.04 LTS?09:37
Ben64dns server*09:37
staRrrcodehotter: in your notification area ?09:37
Laserscodemagician: Sounds like you removed the notification area.09:37
allandeeben64: something akin to going to your library and trying.  I assume your phone is on the internet through 3g?09:38
allandee(or similar)09:38
codemagicianLasers, but when I try to add notifiction area back nothing appears09:38
allandeestill, those tests holds true when trying from your, uhm, server?09:38
nankuraanyone here good with conky?09:39
Laserscodemagician: What Ubuntu version?09:39
codemagicianLasers, 11.04 recently upgraded from 10.1009:39
micolshow do you fetch xt_state for ubuntu , it seems it is a redhat kernel but ubuntu dist is this possible?09:39
micolsiptables state module isnt there it seems09:40
Laserscodemagician: Ah. I don't know. I haven't touched 11.04 myself. :)09:40
micolscouldn't find it in apt09:40
micolsit is a virtual server09:40
micolsel8 kernel or such I think it said09:40
Blade20nankura, no but i'm learning... will help you as i learn if nobody can help before that09:40
Laserscodemagician: !resetpanels could help -- but there are no panels in 11.04 and I don't know if it worked in 11.0409:40
wols_micols: I told you already you run inside a VPS. you cannot load any kernel modules at all. ever09:40
codemagicianLasers, how to I reset the panels09:40
codemagicianLasers, im not using unity09:40
Lasers!resetpanels | codemagician09:41
ubottucodemagician: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »09:41
micolswols_: you didn't highlight me then, didn't see your message , what do you do then ? normal iptables work , but I need iptables state module09:41
Laserscodemagician: This might work -- I don't know. Don't take my word for it.  .__.09:41
micolsuhm, I think it is a dedicated server actually, not sure if it is a vserver09:41
Blade20nankura, what are you needing to do with the conky09:41
nankuraum i just installed conky but im a total noob at configuring it, it works fine, if i go to the terminal and type conky it comes up, but on the far left of the screen and with no transperancy. i want it on the left far side with transperancy09:41
codemagicianLasers, what is it supposed to do?09:41
livingdaylightGreetings Comrades09:42
wols_micols: if it is a dedicated server, then install a ubuntu kernel. RH kernels aren't supported here. but as I said: you cannot do that, not enough rights09:42
Laserscodemagician: Reset the panels to default.09:42
ComradeHaz`Hello livingdaylight :)09:42
codemagicianLasers, i ran the first part and now I have no top or bottom bar09:42
livingdaylightis there a simple paint application, equivalent to 'paint' in windows? gimp would be overkill09:42
livingdaylightComradeHaz`, Hello :)09:42
micolshm ok, shame - then the only option is to compile from source the module09:43
jriblivingdaylight: apt-cache search paint09:43
ikoniamicols: that won't work09:43
micolsassuming the kernel will allow iptables state to work09:43
codemagicianLasers, it appears to be back to the default having killed it09:43
jriblivingdaylight: apt-cache search -n paint09:43
Blade20nankura, wols and lasers are 2 that may know more about it than i09:43
livingdaylightjrib, I thank thee09:43
Lasers!conky | nankura09:43
Lasersnankura: That channel is great for supports. Also, you have to configure stuffs first to see changes. It's not click and fire. Lot of parameters to add/remove/tweak.09:44
Lasersnankura: #conky09:44
allandeeI installed 11.04 yesterday, and it's running fine except that switching windows has a delay, in the default UI. any tips?09:44
Laserscodemagician: Great.09:45
ikoniaallandee: where you not asking about this yesterday09:45
allandeeikonia: I've been asking all night.09:45
ikoniaallandee: as I recall you had 8GB of ram and people have given you many times09:45
nankurathanks guys09:45
codemagicianLasers, thanks09:45
ikoniaallandee: people have given you many tips all night09:45
allandeeikonia: I have followed all tips, yet the situation is the same.09:46
Laserslivingdaylight: gnome-paint looks promising.09:46
ikoniaallandee: which ones have you followed, what have you done so far ?09:46
micolsikonia: why?09:46
ikoniamicols: it just won't.09:47
kyle_OK, so I can use this line mount -t cifs //cca2/users/Staff/Kyle.Wadman /media/Profile -o user=kyle.wadman <<-- To connect to my windows share. How do i put this into ftab and with the password. It dosn't seem to work..09:47
micolsstate checking in iptables won't work , but normaly iptables will, and why?09:47
ikoniamicols: as Pici suggested, contact your hosting provider, they can resolve it for you09:47
allandeeikonia: quadruple-checked that I in fact have the lastest nVidia driver, turning of the composite_manager of metacity, restarting a slew of times after each, doing a full apt-get udpate ; apt-get ugrade09:47
ikoniamicols: because your kernel is not unique to your machine, it's run at the hypervisor level09:47
livingdaylightLasers, indeed, I was just installing it when you said it. It looks very similiarto windows paint application in their accessories. Just need something to import images to with view to add simple lines and arrows with text to it09:47
allandeerestarting after that09:47
nankurai know theres no ubuntu developers in here, but i wanna say thanks to ubuntu for inventing xubuntu, its an amazing distro and all my games run like a dream come true, not even windows 7 ran them like this!09:48
Blade20cypha, lxde is another GUI09:48
allandeeyea, checking temperatures of my gpu core, and cpu core09:48
ikoniaallandee: are you using the nvidia driver from the ubuntu repos or from nvidia.com09:48
allandeeturning on and off ACPI before boot09:48
ikoniaallandee: are you using the nvidia driver from the ubuntu repos or from nvidia.com09:48
allandeeikonia: ubuntu repos09:48
ikoniaat_11691: that's good.09:48
ikoniaallandee: that's good. now have you checked that xorg is actually using that driver ?09:48
idlemind324how come ubuntu can't have usernames that have dots or dashes in them?09:49
allandeeikonia: [    17.372] (II) NVIDIA GLX Module  270.41.06  Mon Apr 18 15:11:28 PDT 201109:49
livingdaylightLasers, there was GNU paint aswell, but it didn't have as high a rating as gnome-paint, although it looks much the same.09:49
allandeeffrom /var/log/Xorg.0.log09:49
ikoniaallandee:  do you have a file called /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?09:49
icerootidlemind324: that is not an ubuntu-specific issue09:49
* livingdaylight wonders whether the star-ratings system in Ubuntu software can relied on to tell us an appliatons quality09:50
ikoniaallandee: would you mind pastebinning it please.09:50
codemagicianhow to I get rid of these stupid scroll bars in Ubuntu 11.0409:50
lotuspsychjecodemagician: another theme?09:51
allandeeikonia: I will09:51
codemagicianlotuspsychje, they seem to be some stupid feature of natty?09:51
codemagician"overlay" scrollbars09:51
allandeeikonia: http://pastebin.com/z6cv9W5R09:51
allandeeikonia: I swear, that's it09:52
jribcodemagician: apparently setting  LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=0 or removing overlay-scrollbar* should do it...09:52
lotuspsychjecodemagician: doesnt bother me09:52
bahamaswhen using usb startup disk creator, does the window close when it finishes? it seems to have stopped, because there is no strain on my pc, but the window hasn't disappeared, although it doesn't display anything but the title09:52
ikoniaallandee: ok, there is a problem there09:52
allandeeikonia: yay!09:52
ikoniaallandee: add the line Driver "nvidia" to that09:52
allandeeikonia: pray tell :)09:52
ikoniaallandee: put it under the options line09:52
codemagicianjrib, where do I set this value please?09:52
lotuspsychjebahamas: did you create an ubuntu disk?09:53
jribcodemagician: you can try ~/.profile but internet says /etc/X11/Xsession.d/80overlayscrollbars09:53
ogadum1is it possible to interrupt a read() in C++ programming?09:53
kyle_OK, so I can use this line mount -t cifs //cca2/users/Staff/Kyle.Wadman /media/Profile -o user=kyle.wadman <<-- To connect to my windows share. How do i put this into ftab and with the password. It dosn't seem to work..09:53
bahamaslotuspsychje: a bootable usb, yes09:53
ogadum1so i want to stop a read while the read is waiting for data.09:54
cypha`Blade20: wtf, there are no windows09:54
codemagicianjrib, ah, i just removed them using sudo apt-get purge so I'll reboot and see09:54
ikoniacypha`: tone down the language please.09:54
cypha`Blade20: can I create menus?09:54
idlemind324codemagician you can also completely remove them by entering: sudo apt-get remove overlay-scrollbar liboverlay-scrollbar-0.1-009:54
lotuspsychjebahamas: dont think the window dissapears after, not sure...09:54
lotuspsychjebahamas:did you try the usb disk if working at boot?09:54
livingdaylightLasers, half the features have not been implemented in gnome-paint, it says when I click on them09:55
Blade20cypha, i told you that it's a gui but not really09:55
ikoniaallandee: do you understand what I've asked you to do ?09:55
digital_rougehello all im having an interusting user error issue please let me know when someone can help09:55
bahamaslotuspsychje: what do you mean by that? i haven't removed the usb yet. maybe i should try to do that, because if it's still being used, i shouldn't be able to09:55
Laserslivingdaylight: Try something else. GIMP is fine. You have to play around with it first.09:56
bahamaslotuspsychje: removing worked, but weirdly enough that window doesn't have a close button09:56
digital_rougei have an opengl problem in 11.0409:56
lotuspsychjebahamas: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick09:57
livingdaylightLasers, gimp, sure. I see that more as a photoshop alternative. I was looking rather for ms's paint alternative, a simple complement for simple and quick tasks09:57
livingdaylightgimp is quite a beast09:57
lotuspsychjelivingdaylight: you could try http://kolourpaint.sourceforge.net/screenshots.html09:58
AdvoWorkhow can i do a ln from a folder on my desktop to a mnt? i've tried ln /home/user/Desktop/newfolder /mnt/allfiles but it said i can't do a hard link?09:58
Algoriththere are quit a few painter-ish programs online that work in a browser09:58
allandeeikonia: I'm sad to report there was no change09:59
LasersAdvoWork: "ln -s" for symbolic linkage.09:59
livingdaylightlotuspsychje, thank you. I'll take a look, although if using gnome I prefer to use gnome apps, rather than import entire kde libraries09:59
digital_rougeis this the ubuntu tech support channel?10:00
Lasersdigital_rouge: Yes.10:00
lotuspsychjelivingdaylight: you could try software centre too for lightweight paint packages for gnome10:00
bahamaslotuspsychje: yes, i went there initially, but then i followed the instructions on the download page http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download10:00
digital_rougeok thank you anyone available to help me with an issue10:00
allandeeI think this is a channel with helpful, knowledgable Ubuntu users.10:00
th0rlivingdaylight: have you looked at mtpaint?10:01
Lasers!ask | digital_rouge10:01
ubottudigital_rouge: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:01
ikoniaallandee: that's fine, you rushed off before I'd finished10:01
allandeeikonia: I tend to do that10:01
ikoniaallandee: can you now re-pastebin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file so I can see how it currently stands10:01
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
lotuspsychjebahamas: maybe try the startup disk if it boots?10:01
livingdaylightlotuspsychje, yes, in fact I did. There are basically two. gnome-paint and gnu-paint. With gnome paint half the features are not yet implemented, and that was highly star rated, yikes! Have not tried the lesser star-rated gnu-paint yet10:02
livingdaylightth0r, I think that is for tablets?10:02
elvHi! I need to set modulation of my wifi card to 802.11n i used "sudo iwconfig wlan0 modu 11n" but i got "Error for wireless request "Set Modulation" (8B2F) : invalid argument "11n". " i have a 5100agn intel card10:02
digital_rougeok i was trying to enable desktop cube , i had a box pop up asking me if i wanted to disable opengl i clicked it not knowing everything would disappear except my wall paper10:02
ryan__good morning! (if you are in EST). i'm experiencing some video problems....10:02
kyle_OK, so I can use this line mount -t cifs //cca2/users/Staff/Kyle.Wadman /media/Profile -o user=kyle.wadman <<-- To connect to my windows share. How do i put this into ftab and with the password. It dosn't seem to work..10:03
th0rlivingdaylight: no, I have just started playing with it, but it looks like it might work for you. That is MTpaint, not MYpaint10:03
bahamaslotuspsychje: i'm trying it now. it seems to be stuck after 'boot:'10:03
bahamasabove there's a message saying 'Unknown keyword in configuration file.'10:03
livingdaylightth0r, my bad, I was looking at MYpaint which is rather geared towards tablets. Will take a look10:03
digital_rougeand when i tried to reinstall ubuntu from a disk it would load splash then  screen would go black before main menu cam up10:03
lotuspsychjelivingdaylight: xpaint, gpaint maybe10:04
livingdaylightth0r, oddly mtpaint is not in Ubuntu's Software Centre10:05
ryan__when i am looking at my desktop, and drag an item across it, it leave a window trail all the way until i stop dragging it. i just installed ub 11.0410:05
allandeeikonia: http://paste.lisp.org/display/12378010:05
th0rlivingdaylight: odd. I am running debian, thought debian was actually a subset of ubuntu when it comes to software10:06
ikoniaallandee: can you now please pastebin the output of the command "lsmod | grep -i nvidia"10:06
lotuspsychjebahamas: wich ubuntu version are you trying to make?10:07
livingdaylightlotuspsychje, there's Pinta too10:07
bahamaslotuspsychje: latest stable version, 11.0410:07
allandeeit's just a line: nvidia               9766978  38"10:07
DistroJockey!inkscape | livingdaylight10:08
ubottulivingdaylight: Inkscape is a powerful vector graphics drawing application - see http://www.inkscape.org/ for more10:08
ikoniaallandee: ok, quick test, in the xorg.conf file, change the nologo value to false, restart X and see if you get an nvida logo flash on screen10:08
allandeeikonia:  I will.  brb.10:09
livingdaylightDistroJockey, inkscape is awesome, but I'm looking for a simple alternative to paint in that other non-free os10:09
digital_rougehow do i enable opengl from root shell prompt?10:09
th0rlivingdaylight: there is a deb for mtpaint at sourceforge10:10
lotuspsychjebahamas: are there other sort of data on usb stick beside your iso image?10:10
DistroJockeylivingdaylight: Well. Inkscape is pretty simple and will do line and text10:10
livingdaylightth0r, thx10:10
lotuspsychjeanyway bbl10:10
lotuspsychjetake care10:11
trap24someone is logged into my machine using ssh. i gave him my IP and password. now he's working now using my terminal commands. how to view what commands he types in realtime ?10:11
SwedeMiketrap24: you can't.10:11
trap24i'm pretty interested. i tried history.. it did'nt worked10:11
trap24SwedeMike: what ?? plz.. i can't see what he types into my machine. thats too bad :/10:12
SwedeMiketrap24: or hm, perhaps you could ttysnoop him, when I think of it.10:12
SwedeMiketrap24: but you have to prepare things first and he has to log out and re-login after you implement ttysnoop10:13
SwedeMiketrap24: another way could be if you both did screen -x first in the session10:13
allandeeikonia: ok, now you have my whole attention ;)  the logo did not show.10:13
SwedeMiketrap24: so if you're both logged in as the same user, screen -x will solve the problem if you both run int10:13
digital_rougetrying to reinstall ubuntu screen goes blank after splash screen10:13
allandeeikonia: Option"NoLogo""False" like this right?10:14
trap24SwedeMike: ok, i'm trying those stuffs you told me. Thanks :D :P10:15
daedraCtrl+Alt+Shift+{<Up>,<Down>..} moves the active window to another workspace. What key sequence, if any, moves the active window to another _monitor_10:16
allandeeikonia: the option is being recognized: http://paste.lisp.org/display/12378210:16
digital_rougeinitiating #ubuntu chat virus all will be destryoed :p10:17
trap24SwedeMike: there is no screen to be attached10:17
daedraI am using Ubuntu 11.04 in GNOME with Ubuntu Classic10:17
daedra(as opposed to the default, Unity)10:18
mark49@seek hitch10:19
=== Mud is now known as Guest92005
elvany ideas how to set/check that i am using really 802.11n on wifi?10:20
daedraelv: that's an interesting question. What features does N have that a/b/g do not?10:21
allandeeikonia: so to wrap up, after rebooting the logo did not show.  /var/log/Xorg.0.log showed that the   Optional "NoLogo" "False" was recognized by     by xfree upon starting -- however, there was no nvidia logo10:22
elvdaedra: i need hi-seed lan using  300 Mb/s10:22
allandee(I would recognize it)10:22
elvonly 802.11n get this speed10:22
allandeesummarize rather than wrap up10:22
allandeeelv: N seems to be better at instability too10:23
elvallandee: no problem here10:23
elvis 802.11n is out since 200910:23
klossorelv do you get good throughput on that? does the write speed of a non ssd hard drive slow down transfers on n?10:23
allandeeelv: yea, I might just have crappy hardware10:24
daedra elv: try max'ing out your network and monitor the speed then. Then you'll know if it's N10:24
elvbut why i cannot use iwconfg command?10:25
allandeeelv: in Ubuntu?10:25
allandeedo you have the "wireless-tools" package installed?10:26
elvallandee: yep10:26
allandeewhat happens when you type "ls -l /sbin/iwconfig" in a terminal window?10:26
elvallandee: is not that problem, "sudo iwconfig wlan0 modu 11g" --> "SET failed on device wlan0"10:27
daedraCtrl+Alt+Shift+{<Up>,<Down>..} moves the active window to another workspace. What key sequence, if any, moves the active window to another _monitor_? I'm using Ubuntu 11.04, with GNOME set to Ubuntu Classic (not the default Unity). Does anyone know the key sequence? I have 3 monitors and moving windows around with the keyboard would be nice.10:27
elvallandee: btw -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 26904 2011-05-07 10:22 /sbin/iwconfig10:28
allandee what about "dmesg | grep wlan0"10:28
elvallandee: only messages of authentication on the network10:29
rascal999how can i do something like passwd user <password>?10:30
obfuscatrhi all.. need help with a windows smbfs mounting in ubuntu. the mount is successful, and as root I can full read/write. other users can read however I can't work out how to allow other users write (all obvious chown/chmod before/after mount get overridden after the mount)10:30
elvi cannot even set txpower10:30
allandeeelv; what does "ifconfig" say?10:30
allandeedoes your interface have an ip though?10:30
jribrascal999: why?10:31
ne2kobfuscatr: you need to pass options to smbmount to set the group and the permissions mask. then add users you want to have access to that share to that group10:31
allandeeobfuscatr: the disk is mounted /from/ a windows box /into/ a Linux mount-point?10:32
elvallandee: http://paste.ubuntu.com/658566/10:32
obfuscatrne2k, ah, I was looking at man mount for an option like that, but couldn't find it.. i'll look again10:32
bahamashow can i pause a process from the terminal if i know its pid?10:32
elvallandee: maybe more interesting is iwconfig...10:32
ne2kobfuscatr: it seems that the commands have changed. there used to be smbmount or mount.smbfs but I can't seem to find those on my linux! is this for a server? if it's a desktop you should just use fuse10:33
NisargSI really liked the super + W for thumbnail of all running application in the same workspace and super + A for thumbnails of all  applications. That isn't there in 11.04. How can I do that?10:33
obfuscatrmounting a windows file server to a local ubuntu desktop10:34
ikoniaallandee: sorry, I was away from my desk10:34
ne2kobfuscatr: you need -o gid=sharegroup,fmask=664,dmask=77510:34
ne2kobfuscatr: and does it have the gui desktop installed?10:34
allandeeelv: I doubt that it's something lost in translation, but I've never seen ifconfig report an ip address as "192.168.x.x"    what does netstat -rn say?10:34
ne2kobfuscatr: then just use places->connect to server10:34
allandeeikonia: no worries ;)10:35
ne2kobfuscatr: no need to mount as root, because fuse (userspace file system) handles it10:35
elvallandee: i put X on my ip address10:35
ikoniaallandee: how are you getting on ?10:35
obfuscatri'd rather do it at the command line and put it in fstab.. ?10:35
allandeeelv: aaaah, I thought I was going crazy.  ok, netstat -rn?10:35
ne2kobfuscatr: well, do it the original way then10:35
allandeeikonia: no logo!  the option is recognized, and I can convince you that I would recognize it.10:36
ikoniaallandee: I believe you, I wonder why the logo didn't flash up10:36
allandeeikonia: you and me both10:36
ikoniaallandee: ok. so now I need you to use a tool called "nvidia-settings"10:36
ikoniaallandee: launch this by running "gksudo nvidia-settings"10:36
ne2kobfuscatr: have you read this howto? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountWindowsSharesPermanently10:36
allandeeikonia: the kernel module is loaded, xorg-server uses the nvidia module, glx extensions from nvidia is being used etc10:37
elvallandee: http://paste.ubuntu.com/658570/10:37
NisargSI really liked the super + W for thumbnail of all running application in the same workspace and super + A for thumbnails of all applications. That isn't there in 11.04. How can I do that?10:37
=== Msh100 is now known as MSHughes
ne2kNisargS: install compizconfig-settings-manager and enable in there10:37
=== MSHughes is now known as Msh100
love4linuxhello...anyone know how to ':set number' in vim automatically?10:38
love4linux:set number10:38
allandeeelv: "ping" ?10:38
jriblove4linux: ~/.vimrc10:38
allandeeikonia: it's running10:38
obfuscatrne2k, thanks for the help. FYI fmask/dmask are deprecated and they're now file_mode=0777,dir_mode=077710:38
love4linuxjrib okays... checking it now10:38
ikoniaallandee: ok, read through the settings, set it up as you feel best suits your needs and save it, it should save a file or try to overwrite /etc/X11/xorg.conf - let it do so, and pastebin the updated file10:39
ne2kobfuscatr: ah, right, thanks. I must have found an old man page on the web. bear in mind that if you use 0777 then all users will have full access, which is not a good idea10:39
NisargSand does anyone know if ATI radeon works fine on 11.04 now? I had tried it when it was new and loading the drivers caused the whole system and graphics to run really slower.10:40
ne2kobfuscatr: you should use 0660 or 0664 for files, depending on whether you want everyone to be able to read or not10:40
allandeeikonia: I will, I think that the changes will be saved to a file in a location used by more recent xorg-servers than you think, but I will.10:40
ne2kobfuscatr: no real need to make everything executable10:40
ikoniaallandee: the location for all xorg servers is /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:40
love4linuxjrib the only hidden file in my home dir for vim is .viminfo10:41
ionitewhat should I do for my mp3 files? i got this A text/html decoder plugin is required to play this stream, but not installed.10:41
jriblove4linux: create ~/.vimrc10:41
obfuscatrne2k, on a 'standard' install with one user called 'bob', what is a good group to set it to? is there a 'users' group ?10:41
ne2kobfuscatr: I would make a new group entirely for this purpose10:41
love4linuxjrib and type the command for the line number there?10:41
ionitei got this message when i use synaptics manager: Could not download all repository indexes  The repository may no longer be available or could not be contacted because of network problems. If available an older version of the failed index will be used. Otherwise the repository will be ignored. Check your network connection and ensure the repository address in the preferences is correct.10:41
jriblove4linux: yes10:41
obfuscatrne2k, good plan10:41
love4linuxjrib okays.. trying it now10:42
ne2kobfuscatr: if you know there is only going to be one user you could just do 0600 and uid=bob and forget gid altogether10:42
elvallandee: i have an internet connection i want to know if i am usig 802.11n on the lan!10:42
maalacionite: check the repo if it still exist ..10:42
love4linuxjrib thank you.. it works fine..10:43
ionitemaalac: This error could be caused by required additional software packages which are missing or not installable. Furthermore there could be a conflict between software packages which are not allowed to be installed at the same time.10:43
NisargSand does anyone know if ATI radeon works fine on 11.04 now? I had tried it when it was new and loading the drivers caused the whole system and graphics to run really slower.10:44
maalacionite: yes that's right ..10:44
NisargSi mean, have they released another driver any time now?10:44
maalacionite: i use to have that kind of problem most of the time ..10:44
allandeeelv: good, just wanted to get an impression that you were on a hub close to the hub of your lan.  I don't know of any gui utilities that monitors the state of wifi-cards specifically, but checking the output of "dmesg" often is a good indication10:47
allandeedmesg will output kernel messages from the last x characters it has in the buffer, and drivers will write to it.10:47
=== root is now known as Guest16248
tomtiger11zteam: hi10:49
ioniteThis error could be caused by required additional software packages which are missing or not installable. Furthermore there could be a conflict between software packages which are not allowed to be installed at the same time.10:49
zteamDoes anybody here know a decent chessboard for gnome/ubuntu10:49
ionitewhat should I do for my mp3 files? i got this A text/html decoder plugin is required to play this stream, but not installed.10:49
razanyone know what daemons if have to start on natty in order to make power mgmt and hotkeys (brightness etc.) work under a non-default window manager?10:49
tomtiger11omg, guys please stop leaving so i can answer you10:50
bahamashow can i see why a usb is busy and what's keeping it busy?10:50
allandeeikonia: oh /etc/X11/xorg.conf is unchanged10:50
AegisXHi guys. Do you know a way to get rid of the chat notifications that pop up in Unity when Pidgin is active?10:50
tomtiger11bahamas: usally your viewing somthing on it10:50
allandeeikonia: ~/.nvidia-settings-rc is changed10:51
tomtiger11bahamas: if not, close all programs and try again10:51
zteamionite, I got the same issue, myself for some time ago, it means that there are html tags inside your music, you can either open those files with a hex-editor or just ignore it10:51
idlemind324so i've installed my nvidia additional driver but it says it's not in use. how can i be sure i am using the nvidia driver?10:51
zteamionite, it should play those files just fine anyway10:51
bahamastomtiger11: there should be a command to tell me what is using that device10:51
tomtiger11idlemind324: if what your using is working fine, dont worry10:52
zteamidlemind324, have you checked in hardware-drivers?10:52
allandeeidlemind324: I've just been through this ;)  start with "lsmod | grep nvidia"10:52
bahamasi don't want to close all my programs, especially since it's probably something that doesn't have a window10:52
idlemind324tomtiger11: i'm having problems playing a game in wine. i think it may be related to that10:52
allandeeidlemind324: to see if the nvidia kernel module has been laoded10:52
tomtiger11bahamas: oh, il have a check in a sec10:52
glebihanbahamas, fuser -a  -m /dev/sd*10:52
idlemind324it is10:52
tomtiger11idlemind324: is something not working?10:52
idlemind324tomtiger11: in detail under wine 1.2 and wine 1.3 i am unable to completely load eve online10:53
bahamasglebihan: it prints the device name followed by  :10:53
glebihanbahamas, and no number following that ?10:53
idlemind324tomtiger11: it crashes as soon as it loads the 3d station interface (well just freezes)10:53
allandeethen: grep LoadM.*nvid /var/log/Xorg.0.log10:53
ionitezteam: i think i need a mp3 codec10:53
tomtiger11idlemind324: ohhh, um i have no idea, maybe try re installing it?10:54
allandeeto see if xorg server is using the nvidia driver10:54
bahamasglebihan: ok, choosing unmount instead of safely remove device seems to have worked, although the image of the device still appears in the task bar10:54
quiescensidlemind324: you can probably try the #winehq for wine related stuff too10:54
AegisXIs there an easy way to uninstall Unity and replace it with a different window manager?10:54
zteamionite, okey, well try to run sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras from the terminal10:54
idlemind324quiescens: i'll jump there quick10:54
tomtiger11quiescens: yes, thats a good idea aswell! :)10:54
somsipAegisX: just install anoher one, and choose that when logging into the gnome session10:55
jribAegisX: you don't need to uninstall it, just install the wm you want and choose it at the login screen10:55
allandeeAegisX: you might want to consider one of the distributions with lighter UIs.10:55
zteamAegisX, search for gnome in the package-manager10:55
AegisXOh, that's easy enough I guess. It won't clutter my system?10:55
AegisXOr mess with configurations and such?10:55
jribAegisX: no10:56
somsipAegisX: it's worth not stripping stuff out until you're happy with your new setup10:56
* tomtiger11 scratches head(Thinking)10:56
AegisXThanks guys, I'll give it a shot. Hope I don't mess up10:56
zteamAegisX, well you can't escape messing with your config-files if you are gonna throw out unity anyway...10:56
allandeeAegisX: be wary of your time.10:56
somsipAegisX: which wm you looking at?10:56
AegisXI was thinking either Gnome or XFCE10:56
noelferreirai accidentaly override my .ssh/id_rsa with other id_rsa file by mistake. Can i revert to the correct id_rsa file?10:57
AegisXThough I saw a Slashdot post in which Linus Torvalds panned Gnome10:57
somsipAegisX: from memory, you can install lubuntu-desktop and get the xfce package in that. From memory though - better to check10:57
tomtiger11one at a time10:57
jribnoelferreira: from your backups10:57
zteamis 11.04 Stable nowadays?10:57
ionitezteam: thanks10:57
dhruvasagarHi, I installed ubuntu recently, and I configured for my data to be encrypted10:57
jribzteam: it's stable since april10:57
allandeexubuntu might be worth an hour or two, also.10:57
ionitewhich is better? XFEC or KDE?10:57
zteamionite, u are welcome10:58
jribzteam: 11.04 means it was released in april 201110:58
somsipAegisX: always better to form your own opinions. Torvalds is not exactly a 'normal' user...10:58
noelferreirathere's no backup file in the folder jrib10:58
dhruvasagaraparently I also had my swap file system as being encrypted, but I just accidently deleted and reformatted the swap partition10:58
jribnoelferreira: create backups in the future :D10:58
dhruvasagarwhat should i do now ?10:58
ionitezteam: XFCE is better or KDE?10:58
AegisXsomsip: That's true, but his comments highlighted several things that annoy me about Unity.10:58
somsipAegisX: i don't use unity myself, so I can see where he is coming from10:58
GirlyGirlionite: Hi10:59
AegisXsomsip: For example, lack of a proper program list, or the notifications that seem impossible to disable.10:59
_jmp_ionite: what's best to eat now, an apple or an orange? :-)10:59
jifyhi guys10:59
allandeesomsip: why aren't you using unity?10:59
noelferreiraso there's no solution jrib?10:59
ioniteGirlyGirl: hi10:59
jrib!recover > noelferreira10:59
ubottunoelferreira, please see my private message10:59
allandee_jmp: avocado10:59
GirlyGirlionite: It really depends on your likings!10:59
_jmp_allandee: =)10:59
jribnoelferreira: solution is to take this as the moment you start backing up things you don't want to lose10:59
zteamjrib, yes I know, that it was _released_ as a stable version then, but previous Ubuntu versions has alwats giving me trouble once I upgraded, that's why I asking10:59
allandee_jmp: obvious, no?  avocado is better11:00
GirlyGirlionite: It isn't advisable to spend ages deciding on an interface11:00
jribzteam: "stable" has a specific meaning11:00
AegisXsomsip: Out of curiosity, what do you use?11:00
ioniteGirlyGirl: kde sure looks pretty but i'm just afraid it maybe slow compared to XFCE? because i'm running on celeron on my laptop11:00
jribzteam: in any case, read the release notes and bugs.ubuntu.com or just try a live cd11:00
somsipallandee: I've been on ubuntu 9 months or so. At first I liked the eye candy, but with upgrade to 11.04 I felt I was consrained and the system felt slower. I'm trying a minimal approach for a while now11:00
GirlyGirlionite: how much ram?11:00
somsipAegisX: awesome11:00
idlemind324tigertom11: got it working. switched to current revision of nvidia driver and after a reboot it works (some graphics anomolies but meh)11:00
allandeesomsip: I hear that.11:01
ioniteGirlyGirl: 51211:01
zteamionite, XFCE is much more lightweight11:01
somsipallandee: I want something quick and functional, not so much pretty...11:01
tomtiger11somsip: 10.10 i felt worked better for windows 7 multiboot11:01
GirlyGirlionite: Should work, it flies on my Intel Atom, but I have 2Gb Ram, does windows 7 work on that laptop?11:01
somsiptomtiger11: I have no knowledge of W711:01
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zteamjrib, yes, I know, the meaning of the word stable very well :-)11:02
AegisXsomsip: Oh, I'd never heard of that before. It looks really lightweight haha11:02
jrib!sru | zteam, this is what I take "stable" to mean11:02
ubottuzteam, this is what I take "stable" to mean: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates11:02
GirlyGirlionite: Ram isn't very expensive should be worth it to upgrade ram11:02
tomtiger11somsip: i was just saying thet 10.10 seemed to be faster, be ok for multiboot but 11.04 has security updates ect.11:02
Onepamopaanyone know how to bind a FN+F5 to execute synclient touchpadoff=1 and respectivly synclient touchpadoff=011:02
allandeesomsip: I hear that too. ;)  if there was a debian distro  with fvwm2 as a window manager, but with flash working for firefow, I'd be all over it.11:02
somsipAegisX: yes - I find it fast. Bi strange to get used to, but getting there11:03
Onepamopacause touchpad on/off isnt detected @ lenovo ideapad y57011:03
allandeefirefox even11:03
AegisXsomsip: Not for the faint of heart, I guess. I'll give Lubuntu and Gnome 3 a try. Thanks for the advice :)11:03
ioniteGirlyGirl: intel atom runs windows 7 starter pathethically11:03
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=== Eipou_asm is now known as Eipou_Asm
somsipallandee: I'm building up a second distro in tandem to see if it does what I want, but that's OT11:04
GirlyGirlionite: Mine runs 7 pro fine11:04
somsipAegisX: I did try lubuntu-desktop and it give me the taste t try even lighter still. It seems to be a constant work in progress11:04
zteamjrib, as I said I know what a "stable version" is what I meant by asking was not if it was released a as a stable, but if it was running stable for you guys11:04
GirlyGirlionite: Like I said before, try a live cd and see11:04
ioniteGirlyGirl: atom dual core?11:04
somsipAegisX: ..getting my seup right is a work in progress...not lubuntu as such11:05
GirlyGirlionite: No but twin cpu set11:05
AegisXsomsip: Yeah, that's the constant battle in Linux haha11:05
jpdszteam: That's entirely subjective.11:05
AegisXsomsip: For some reason, Ubuntu seems to be stripping away configuration options with each subsequent release.11:05
jpdszteam: But the answer is "Yes", for me.11:05
AegisXsomsip: I'm seriously considering Debian.11:06
somsipAegisX: aiming at the 200 million desktop users I guess. Need to be..easy for the less informed to use11:06
jribzteam: define "running stable"11:06
somsipAegisX: can we take this OT? I don't like filling up #ubuntu with chat11:06
zteamjrib, , do you run into annoying bugs into it? (bugs you notice I mean)11:07
jpdszteam: All software has bugs.11:07
love4linuxhow can I echo/print piped commands in a bash?11:07
jribzteam: yes, there's a pulseaudio bug I encounter with my hardware.  Like I said, you should try it and see if there's anything that affects you11:07
Onepamopaoff, anyone know how to bind FN+F6 (code 0xf3 on isa0060/serio0) to execute synclient touchpadoff=1 and respectivly synclient touchpadoff=011:07
GirlyGirljpds: not true all large software projects maybe11:07
jpdsGirlyGirl: No.11:08
allandeelove4linux: tee11:08
GirlyGirljpds: A hello world app11:08
zteamjpds, Yes absolutley, but for most systems I don't notice them (or running into them)11:08
zteamIs there any goodway to install Gnome 3 in 11.04?11:09
love4linuxallandee thanks..i ll check it11:09
jrib!gnome3 | zteam11:10
ubottuzteam: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.11:10
allandeelove4linux: my pleasure11:10
ephanCan I use Internet if I run a Daily Build of ubuntu 11.10 live?11:10
jribephan: I don't see why not, but please ask 11.10 questions in #ubuntu+111:10
allandeeephan: maybe11:10
allandeeI help11:10
ephanthanks jr11:11
zteamjrib, okey, thanks, for that, what about 10.10 then?11:11
allandeezteam: maybe11:11
jribzteam: I don't know11:11
allandeeyeah, but honestly, that's how these things go.11:11
zteamjrib, okey, thanks11:12
* tomtiger11 is bored11:13
* photon hits tomtiger11 11:13
* allandee is annoyed11:13
* tomtiger11 hits photon11:13
* photon slaps tomtiger11 11:13
CatFishnote fuck u11:14
bahamasi'm trying to create a bootable usb, but unetbootin keeps getting stuck at file 12 while copying the image and my whole computer freezes. what alternatives do i have?11:14
* tomtiger11 shoots photon with a bazooka then stamps on the corpse11:14
* allandee gets away from the ruckus and waits for Ikonia.11:14
photontomtiger11: :(11:14
muellibahamas: there is a "Ubuntu USB creator".11:14
geiroffenbergi am now here11:14
tomtiger11photon: haha :)11:15
* tomtiger11 is genuinely bored.11:16
zykes-anyone here that's used 11.04 with windows 2008 (RDP) ?11:17
jribok, please stop with the emotes11:17
geiroffenbergwhats win 200811:17
zykes-Windows 2008 Server11:17
allandeetomtiger11: http://www.ted.com/talks/randy_pausch_really_achieving_your_childhood_dreams.html11:17
allandeewatch that, and come back telling us that you are bored.11:18
tomtiger11allandee: im actually interested in that, ive watched it before11:18
allandeeand, so, how do you have the conscience to sit around and be bored?11:19
jriballandee, tomtiger11: please use #ubuntu-offtopic for the non-support chat11:19
CatFishhoer ballebek nie to meet u too shake hands11:19
dbolserhow do I edit what services are started / stopped at what runlevels 11.04?11:19
CatFishhe,s suck wishper in my head11:20
iceroot!boot | dbolser11:20
ubottudbolser: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto11:20
iceroot!runlevel | dbolser11:20
ubottudbolser: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.11:20
allandeejrib: heard.11:20
CatFishu suck too11:20
tomtiger11jrib: if your bored then its likely your going to do un important stuff11:20
jribCatFish: do you have an ubuntu support question?11:20
CatFishfagots here11:20
dbolserubottu: I have no idea what you are blathering on about11:20
ubottudbolser: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:20
dbolserI just want to edit which services start using a gui11:20
CatFishhakkuh bar11:20
jribdbolser: you can't11:21
dbolserjrib: ty11:21
Chris_HHi, where can I view the details when was my account logged into last time11:21
Chris_Hie in ubuntu11:21
ikoniaChris_H: last11:21
usr13dbolser: Read it.  Ubuntu no longer uses runlevels, they are all the same.  Your questions were answered above.11:21
tomtiger11dbolser:i thought you were a bot11:21
jribChris_H: try "last"11:21
Chris_Hjrib; ikonia ok11:22
Ben64but i liked runlevels :(11:22
jribugh why did dbolser leave11:22
nraicjoin ##pentaho11:22
tomtiger11dbolser: are you a bot?11:22
=== derp|cali is now known as derp
allandeeusr13: what was changed as consequence?11:23
usr13allandee: I don't think so.11:23
usr13allandee: upstart makes for a faster boot.11:23
tomtiger11all: im gooing now bye!11:23
allandeeikonia: /etc/X11/xorg.conf was unchanged, but there were changes in ~/.nvidia-settings-rc11:24
Chris_Hok, my sis rebooted the system when I had suspended it in RAM. I 've lost unity and instead I have the Old interface11:24
Chris_HHow do I get unity back?11:24
usr13usr13: And works just as well as it did using runlevels.11:24
allandeeusr13: how is the order of launching processes during boot determined now?11:24
glebihanallandee, with System V init, runlevels 2,3,4,5 were already equal11:24
obfuscatrif my user bob is in a group 'fileshares', and a directory is 660 for root:fileshares, why can bob ls the directory but not cd into it?11:24
glebihanallandee, there is no order, services are launched based on events11:25
glebihanallandee, events can be a runlevel, when filesystem is ready...11:25
allandeegleibhan: weren't 2 and 3 user runlevels but without X, and it's authorization services?11:25
usr13allandee: see /etc/init.d/11:26
glebihanallandee, no the system was usually running on runlevel 2 (event under X)11:26
usr13allandee: And /etc/init.d/README11:26
allandeeusr13: well, I'm pretty sure Solaris didn't have any X server running until runlevel 3, despite that README.11:28
glebihanobfuscatr, you must add the execution permission to the directory in order to be able to list its content (ie 770 instead of 660)11:28
obfuscatrglebihan, ah, thanks11:29
glebihanallandee, we're talking about the way things worked under Ubuntu, I don't know about Solaris11:29
glebihanobfuscatr, you're welcome11:29
usr13allandee: Why are you refering to Solaris?  What does Solaris have to do with Ubuntu?11:29
allandee sysv11:30
allandeethe startup system11:30
allandeesysv init11:30
allandeesystem five11:30
auronandace!upstart | allandee11:30
ubottuallandee: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/11:30
cartes9fuck USA!11:32
mega1i nam looking for some help11:33
obfuscatrwow, what's 'x has left, requested by y' ? is that some new polite way of kicking people?11:33
allandeeright.  it's ancient and ugly, like me, but the runlevels held their old meaning also in Linux distros.  having "halt" as a synynom for "shutdown -h0" had meaning for a long time after sysv unixen died.11:33
Incarus6!ask | mega111:33
ubottumega1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:33
CatFishT.Fux suck11:35
mega1i have cloned ubuntu server10.04 onto new hd and put into new computer it runs but not decting my network card11:35
CatFishu ban me just a sec11:35
Incarus6bazhang, next candidate11:35
allandeemegal: can you recognize your network card in the text coming from typing "lspci" in a terminal window?11:36
glebihanallandee, the way halt works hasn't changed (it still changes the runlevel)11:36
anli_Is there a way to change the appearance of window titles even if I dont run compiz11:37
bazhangCatFish, wrong channel11:37
CatFishso know i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo00000000000000000000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO11:37
allandeeglebihan: the way lowering a runlevel on a sysv box is that it runs the "S*" script in reverse alphabetical order, starting with scripts in the rc.x number where x is the current runlevel11:38
FroyoSharkanli_, uhhh yes?11:38
FroyoSharkanli_, you can change themes11:38
anli_FroyoShark: The settings are ignored11:38
digital_rougehow do i downgrade from 11 to 10?11:38
FroyoSharkoh, that's weird11:38
digital_rougei hate this dam bar11:38
allandeeglebihan: makes sense - but I guess it doesn't make sense to differentite runleveles anymore11:38
anli_ok :)11:38
bazhangdigital_rouge, full reinstall11:38
allandeeother than "booting!" and "shutting down!"11:38
allandeemakes sense11:38
FroyoSharki was going to say that ;P11:38
digital_rougethank you11:38
CatFishand angain please fu11:38
digital_rougebtw i fixed my problem earlier11:38
glebihanallandee, I know that, runlevels still exist with upstart, only there is no order, events are used instead11:39
anli_Always run a new ubuntu version in a separate virtualbox, then you will not get dissapointed :)11:39
DJonesdigital_rouge: If its just the unity bar you don't like, why not just boot into classic mode11:39
anli_Wait with installing it over the old system11:39
anli_you may miss it11:39
digital_rougei did not know i could do that11:39
Incarus6!classic | digital_rouge, do you want to use gnome instead of unity?11:39
ubottudigital_rouge, do you want to use gnome instead of unity?: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".11:39
mega1allandee yes it is there11:39
digital_rougei will try that11:39
allandeeglebihan: that makes a lot of sense, actually.  is there a list of events?  are there categories and such?11:40
glebihanallandee, when switching to runlevel 0, you will run all scripts that have either "start on runlevel 0" or "stop on runlevel 0" conditions11:40
allandeemegal: can you paste the relevant line?11:40
digital_rougei tried to reinstall 10 but after splash screen video signal was lost11:40
digital_rougeim on 64 bit sys11:40
glebihanallandee, I don't know the list of events that can be used, but looking at http://upstart.ubuntu.com/ should be a good starting point11:40
BluesKajHiyas all11:41
allandeeglebihan: and as always with dependency systems: how are circularities handled? ;)11:41
atommshi! when i try to launch nautilus as a different user it does not work, any ideas?11:41
mutanteon karmic, after apt-get upgrade:  dpkg: error processing rsync (--configure):  update-rc.d: warning: rsync start runlevel arguments (none) do not match LSB Default-Start values (2 3 4 5)  ..<-- do i need to manually use that before to fix the dpkg error?11:41
TITANOhi all. I can solve this issue while trying to install the latest gtk+? "'pkg-config --modversion glib-2.0' returned 2.29.14, but GLIB (2.28.6) was found! If pkg-config was correct, then it is best to remove the old version of GLib."11:42
allandeeatomms: what do you do before launching nautilus as a different user?11:42
allandeeatomms: do you know if you are shutting down your x-server?11:42
mega102:00 Ethernet controller: broadcom corporation netXtrene BCM5751 Gigbit Ethernet PCI Express (rev 01)11:43
jribTITANO: why are you installing gtk outside of the repositories?11:43
atommssu newuser (i'm not shutting down the x server)11:43
allandeemegal; ok, hang on11:43
usr13atomms: nautilus is a gui interface and is at the service of the user that is running the gui11:44
TITANOyes, that version is not available in the repository yet (3.1.10)11:44
FloodBot1CatFish: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:44
usr13atomms: So you would have to log in to the gui as that user before being able to run it as that use11:44
FloodBot1CatFish: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:44
ChristoHey all, Has anyone in here got 11.04 running on a lenovo ideapad s-10?11:45
atommsi see, and there is not alternative to open a graphical new session for the new user?11:45
usr13atomms: NO11:45
ikoniaChristo: why don't you just tell us the problem you are having11:46
usr13atomms: Well, yes you can. Sure.  You can log on to the gui as the other user.11:46
=== sena is now known as senayar-
=== senayar- is now known as senayar
usr13atomms: Log off user1, log on user211:47
ChristoNot having a problem, I am having one delivered and was wondering if Ubuntu is the best distro.11:47
mega1allandee ubuntu is running but it cant access the internet and i cant access it11:47
glebihanatomms, this command should work : gksu -u username "nautilus --no-desktop"11:47
ikoniaChristo: that's personal choice, use what distro ticks your needs the best11:47
FloodBot1CatFish: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:47
Incarus6!best | Christo11:47
atommsusr13: i was trying to avoid logging out and in every time i need nautilus working with a different user..11:47
ubottuChristo: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.11:47
usr13glebihan: Ok.. I didn't know you could do that.  Thank y ou.11:47
allandeemega1: I'm trying to figure out which module that knows about it11:47
glebihanusr13, you're welcome11:48
usr13atomms: As glebihan said, you can do   gksu -u username "nautilus --no-desktop"11:48
atommsi'll try that!11:48
ChristoCool, cool. Just trying to get peoples opinions. I am coming back to linux after many moons deveoping for different OS's11:48
digital_rougeis there a way i can make classic mode my default?11:49
ikoniaChristo: try them, see what you like11:49
glebihandigilink, System->administration->login screen11:49
glebihandigital_rouge, System->administration->login screen11:49
digital_rougei did that  will it be that way everytime i turn my computer on now?11:49
digital_rougeor will i have to set it each time?11:50
Incarus6digital_rouge, it should be default after you had chosen it one time as I know11:50
glebihandigital_rouge, yes it will be that way each time you start your computer11:50
digital_rougethank you also another thing does the new version support all the compiz stuff? because i crashed my old install by trying to enable the cube11:50
allandeemega1: do you know if you're running the 2.6.32 kernel or later?11:50
mega1i dont know11:51
glebihandigital_rouge, unity doesn't support all compiz plugins, gnome should11:51
allandeemega1: type "uname -a" in a terminal window11:51
digital_rougeand im using the classic gnome now sinc ei enabled classic right?11:52
glebihandigital_rouge, yes11:52
atommsusr13&glebihan: gksu -u username "nautilus --no-desktop" did not work..11:52
digital_rougeyou guys are great i came in earlier i couldnt get no help11:52
digital_rougethank you11:52
atommsprompt a password window and the sendme bach to terminal with no nautilus opened11:52
mega1yes thats the one11:53
photonis there a command that lets me merge two block devices into one? e.g. if I have two external hdds with 2 TB (/dev/sdg and /dev/sdf/) and I want to make them appear as one 4 TB hard drive (/dev/mapper/my-4tb/).11:53
pyonphoton: use LVM11:54
glebihanatomms, sorry I have to go but specify the error message you got, somebody else might be able to help you further11:54
allandeemega1:   hm, the kernel should have picked it up then.  do you have a line starting with "eth0" when you type "ifconfig"?11:54
photonpyon: seems overkill for such a simple task.11:54
pyonphoton: that's what LVM is for11:55
pyonphoton: RAID0 is another option11:55
ikoniaphoton: that's a very bad idea11:55
photonikonia: why?11:55
linuxRhello anyone. In gnome system monitor I notice some occasional disk write access although I have no special programs running. Is there a way to monitor which processes are causing disk write access?11:55
pyonphoton: but I wouldn't do that with external HDDs11:55
ikoniaphoton: do you really need 1 4TB file system ?11:55
photonikonia: it's convenient. why is it a bad idea? because of disk failure rates and the increased risk?11:56
allandeephoton: it doesn't buy you anything, and it costs something11:56
razphoton: filesystems tend to not cope very well when one half suddenly "disappears"11:56
mega1no i dont11:56
atommsthis is what i get when i first change user and then try "gksu nautilus"No protocol specified(gksu:2906): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :011:56
ikoniaphoton: 1.) it's external storage so on a slow bus 2.) you'd have to use fakeraid (terrible idea) or software raid, but with external storage poor performance c.) you'd have to use gpt partition tables d.) slightest corruption and you use all your data11:57
razalso with external drives a flakey usb connection (or whatever you have) could cause quite some annoyance11:57
photonikonia: hm ok. so, I should rather treat them as two separate drives, so that if one fails, the other one isn't hit?11:58
dinesh_i am using ubuntu 64bit11:58
ikoniaphoton: correct, and it's not even a failure, it's file system corruption that would cause you the main issue11:59
dinesh_can anybody suggest how to inststall11:59
photonikonia: good point, you have convinced me. but not having to use gpt isn't really a good argument since we will have to use gpt some day any way. :p11:59
mutantewhat can i do about the dpkg error with rsync? " update-rc.d: warning: rsync start runlevel arguments (none) do not match LSB Default-Start values (2 3 4 5) "  and isnt that just a warning anyways, does it need to break my apt-get upgrade?11:59
ikoniadinesh_: boot from the install cd and follow the on screen instructions11:59
allandeeand hdds fail, eventually.  all of them.11:59
ikonia!install | dinesh_11:59
ubottudinesh_: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate11:59
ikoniaphoton: do you know how to manage the gpt partitions in Linux ?12:00
razparted is your friend12:00
photonikonia: yes, I read about it, never tested it though. and even if I did not know, I still have to learn it since it's only a matter of time till >2TB drives become standard usage.12:01
photonpyon, allandee, raz, ikonia: thank you.12:01
dinesh_soory i have asked a wrong question12:01
ikoniaphoton: it is not a matter of time until 2TB become standard.12:01
dinesh_advise how to install 64bit printer in 643bit.. its in rpm mode12:01
raz2T already *is* standard for S-ATA drives :)12:02
photonikonia: you sound like Bill Gates arguing that 64K is enough for everybody.12:02
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ikoniaphoton: nope12:02
dinesh_is there anybody who can help me to install 64bit printer driver in my ubunu 64bit12:03
ikoniadinesh_: what's the issue12:03
=== sena is now known as senayar
dinesh_i have downloaded the drivers... but unable to install .. mine is 64bit version12:04
ikoniadinesh_: what model is the printer ?12:04
dinesh_in 32 bit version it has installed very easily12:04
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ikoniadinesh_: what model is the printer ?12:04
dinesh_canon MF4320d12:04
dinesh_i have the printer driver.. it is in RPM12:04
bazhangdinesh_, check linuxprinting.org database First12:04
usr13dinesh_: What file did you download?12:04
usr13dinesh_: There wasn't a deb ?12:05
dinesh_yes it is there for 32 bit version12:05
dinesh_i there is some way to convert this rpm in to deb12:06
dinesh_can anybody help me12:06
usr13dinesh_: Did you see a tar.gz version of the driver?12:07
mega1allandee is ther a better way of cloning12:07
bazhangdinesh_, check the website I asked you first12:07
ikoniadinesh_: the cannon website contains the driver for Linux in a zip format12:07
usr13dinesh_: Can you provide download link?12:07
allandeemega1: better than which way?12:07
ikoniadinesh_: the file is o106eenx.zip12:07
usr13dinesh_: I suppose you could try converting the rpm to deb12:08
jribdinesh_: I would check ubottu's printing links12:08
mega1well the way i did it didnt work i used acronis12:08
usr13dinesh_: With alien.   You may have to install it.  sudo apt-get install alien12:09
usr13dinesh_: and I think you have to use sudo to use it.12:10
usr13dinesh_: But as bazhang suggests, look on the manufactures website first and see what else you can find.12:12
dinesh_this is the link where i have downloaded the driver12:12
jrib!print | dinesh_12:12
ubottudinesh_: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows12:12
bazhangdinesh_, I suggest you check linuxprinting.org database First12:13
usr13dinesh_: Did you try configuring it first?12:15
usr13dinesh_: If you have exausted other possibilities and are sure you have the correct driver, you can try converting it with alien12:16
allandeeholy moly12:16
takamarouHi all, I have a Windows 7 x64 box with two 1TB SATA Hard drives.  I created a RAID 0 on my hard drives using the Intel RAID drivers and Configuration Utility (http://bit.ly/q5uYmS).  I would now like to install Ubuntu alongside Windows.  How do I get the Ubuntu installer to see my RAID?  Or can I just install it and it will work perfectly?12:17
dinesh_how to do with alien12:17
dinesh_i have installed12:17
dinesh_can you guide how to do that12:17
bazhangdinesh_, did you check the link I suggested to you twice12:18
raztakamarou: it's likely one of those crippled soft-raids that depend on the driver to be loaded12:18
usr13dinesh_: sudo alien --to-deb file-name.rpm12:18
raztakamarou: short version: don't do that12:18
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takamarouraz, alternative?12:18
=== nnn0 is now known as zzz0
raztakamarou: re-consider if you really need that raid. then buy a proper raid-card. or use *two* raid-sets (one in windows, one in linux, each with the respective drivers).12:18
allandeetakamarou: a first step is to boot from Ubuntu media, and see in which way you will be disappointed, and work from there.12:19
razthe latter option probably being a bit overkill :)12:19
usr13dinesh_: As bazhang suggests, you should check the website and any other possibilities for the .deb file because it is highly unlikely they wouldn't have it.12:19
usr13I suppose the 64 bit version could have been overlooked, so...12:19
=== zzz0 is now known as nnn0
raztakamarou: you do realize that with raid0 you have doubled your risk of complete data loss?12:19
takamarouraz, I really would like to have a RAID.  I've considered a RAID card, but it seems hard to find documentation on if it will work in both Ubuntu and Windows.  Do you know of any specific card that will, or a list somewhere?12:20
takamarouraz, I'm sorry, I meant to say RAID 112:20
raztakamarou: raid1 is much better :)12:20
raztakamarou: 3ware cards are popular in consumer space.12:20
raztakamarou: the thing with a hardware raid card is that they present the raid-set as "one harddrive" to both windows and linux.12:20
allandeedinesh: I would like to offer an alternate view; install another OS or buy another printer.12:20
jolsonHi! I recently installed Ubuntu 11.04 (no upgrade). Now Evolution and NetworkManager have lost their memory and ask me for passwords every time I start them. Immediately afterward, the Gnome keyring want's me to choose a password and enter it twice. How can this be solved?12:21
raztakamarou: however, do you really need redundancy in windows?  just let it crash and burn. :P12:21
takamarouraz, I wish that was the case.  Just went through that, and now my boss is very set on me having a RAID drive as backup.12:21
allandeeraid0 doesn't actually offer redundancy12:21
raztakamarou: raid is not backup...12:21
takamarouraz, Holy cow..  CDW's cheapest 3ware drive is $200.  That sucks12:22
raztakamarou: however if your boss insists, just buy a 3ware card, they're cheap12:22
raznah there surely are cheaper ones12:22
takamarouraz, I'm aware of that.  But it does provide some comfort in the "oh shit my drive failed" situation. We do network backups as well.12:22
BusyLittleBeeRAID is a form of backup12:22
allandeejolson: heya, I hear you, but I don't know how ;(12:22
PiciBusyLittleBee: No it isn't.12:22
jolsonallandee: Thanks for the life sign. :-)12:22
raztakamarou: yup. well, your problem is the "windows and linux part". linux software raid is perfectly fine - but it won't cover your windows partition.12:22
allandeejolson: ;)12:23
raztakamarou: can the windows raid be limited to a single partition?  then you could just mirror the two partitions (win/lin) with the respective software raids12:23
takamarouraz, the hope is to do the RAID across two drives.  So if one drive fails we can simply drop in a new one and let it reconfigure itself12:24
sandy1337how can i install c/c++ compiler on my ubunutu?12:24
=== nnn0 is now known as zzz0
Lasersjolson: Keys & Encryption Stuffs. (I don't know the actual name). Change the password. Leave both blank for password.12:24
Picisandy1337: Install the build-essential package12:24
Incarus6!info gcc | sandy133712:24
raztakamarou: well, if you just want it to work without too much futzing, buy a raid card :)12:24
ubottusandy1337: gcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.98ubuntu3)): The GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.5.2-1ubuntu3 (natty), package size 4 kB, installed size 64 kB12:24
takamarouraz, that sounds like the plan.  Thanks!12:25
=== altin__ is now known as altin
Lasersjolson: This shouldn't happen unless you have activated auto-gdm-login? :)12:25
allandeetakamarou: don't ever let crucial data hit that setup12:25
sandy1337already intall build-essential now what next12:25
takamarouallandee, We do network backups, but just because I'm interested, why?12:25
Picisandy1337: Now you have a compiler.  Did you maybe mean to ask about an DE?12:26
allandeeallandee: for the same reason that you don't rely on storing crucial data in RAM12:26
Picisandy1337: Sorry, an *IDE?12:26
=== zzz0 is now known as nnn0
BusyLittleBeeWhat is the point of mirroring then?12:26
sandy1337what is IDE?12:26
jolsonLasers: I'm using no autologin, afaik. I don't know how to change the password. Should I enter an empty one the next time it asks me? When I do that, I get the question if I really want to store my passwords unencrypted.12:26
BusyLittleBeeto have a backup!12:26
allandeeBusyLittleBee: spending time and money on tinkering.12:26
usr13sandy1337: sudo apt-get install gcc12:26
takamarouallandee, I'm afraid I don't follow.  You don't store data in RAM because it wipes it when the power is cut.  But even with a RAID, all my data is stored on hard drives...?12:27
Piciusr13: They already have it.12:27
usr13Pici: o12:27
Lasersjolson: Yes. Leave the password unencrypted if you don't want to be bothered with that notification to unlock the keyring.12:27
sandy1337error comes :(12:27
sandy1337Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)12:27
Picisandy1337: Integrated Development Environment.  A fancy editor that also makes compiling and debugging easy.12:27
jolsonLasers: Is that the normal state of affairs (unencrypted passwords)?12:27
allandeetakamarou: aha!  so there the amount of time/value lost upon data corruption comes in12:27
Picisandy1337: Do you already have apt/software center/synaptic open?12:27
sandy1337i don't know   pici12:28
jolsonLasers: I wonder what I have done to cause this. I recently installed the system and haven't been messing with the settings much at all.12:28
allandeetakamarou: because, if you kind of trust a RAID setup, you trust that your data will be safe at least for the next couple of days12:28
Picisandy1337: can you check?12:28
allandeetakamarou: and that safety (which also is false) is very, very expensive12:28
sandy1337how can i chek , when i write synaptic on the terminal12:28
Lasersjolson: Preferences. You can turn it on/off. For me, I just leave it unencrypted. Connecting to Network is admin stuffs. :O12:29
sandy1337then it comes12:29
Picisandy1337: Do you have another package currently installing?12:29
allandeetakamarou: and bears the problem of a single point of failure12:29
mega1is there any way to get my network card to work12:29
sandy1337unable to get exclusive lock12:29
takamarouallandee, but doesn't a RAID provide my data two points of failure?  That's the whole point of having two disks?12:29
sandy1337yes pici i try to install half an hour ago12:29
takamarouallandee, two hard drives*12:29
sandy1337but then i disconet my internet12:30
allandeemega1: oh, sorry, I missed your messages a bit - did you get a line starting with "eth0" when you typed "ifconfig"?12:30
Picisandy1337:  Is that install still running?12:30
sandy1337and reconnect again12:30
usr13sandy1337: reboot12:30
mega1its not there12:30
sandy1337ok usr1312:30
sandy1337let me reboot again12:30
allandeetakamarou: well, one thing is that hdds from the same batch tend to fail at the same time, so if you ordered them in pairs, they are likely to fail around the same time12:31
razallandee: stop spilling bullshit12:31
jolsonLasers: It seems that my password is never stored in the keyring at all. I even tried with unencrypted storage now. :(12:31
raztakamarou: just ignore him, your rationale is correct12:31
allandeeand to keep redundancy for the one remaining disk, you need to have been informed of the problem, replace the faulty disk, and let it rebuild12:31
Quantum_IonI have question for you how can I get power-top in Ubuntu Linux to run at start up, this is powertop it manages low power consumption mode in Ubuntu Linux -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PowerManagement/ReducedPower12:32
razallandee: raid cards tend to beep when a disk fails and send scary messages12:32
Lasersjolson: :(12:32
AlexDevilLXUbuntu SSH Web UI?12:32
allandeeright, ok.12:33
PiciAlexDevilLX: What?12:33
razallandee: in a desktop setting he will notice, and the whole same-batch issue is esoteric for a 2-disk mirror12:33
allandeethat'll help.12:33
takamarouraz, There's always a devils advocate to every backup system.  I like to hear why each one sucks, whether it really does or not.  It makes me feel like I know what I'm doing12:33
Quantum_IonMy laptop usually heats up hot in Ubuntu Linux that is why I use low power mode12:33
AlexDevilLXUbuntu SSH server that gives WEB UI client12:33
allandeeraz: I will give way to that, if you can retell a tale where a 2 disk mirror saved data for someone.12:34
raztakamarou: yea, just take the fud lightly. raid is no backup, but it saves you from having to re-install all that crap after each disk-failure. raid1 for workstation is standard practice in most companies simply because it saves the admin-staff some work.12:34
mega1allandee there is no message like that12:34
Quantum_IonHow would you get this command to run at startup everytime you boot up into Ubuntu Linux->sudo -i pm-powersave true12:34
razallandee: ehm, it happens like once a month in any mid-sized company12:34
AlexDevilLXjava ssh client?12:34
leeeroooy_Jhi everyone, i was wondering if there was any way to know if and what proprietary drivers / firmwares are in use on my system, is there any?12:35
usr13Quantum_Ion: You could put it in /etc/rc.local12:35
sandy1337tell me now12:35
allandeemega1: hm.  I'm not quite sure where to go from there then.  your network card has a BroadCom 5750 chip, and from the Ubuntu 10.4 specs it says that the 2.6.32 kernel included there should have the drivers in them12:35
usr13Quantum_Ion: Only drop the sudo part12:35
allandeeraz: tell me of one.12:35
sandy1337how to download the c/c++ , already install the package12:35
Quantum_Ionusr13, okay let me try that and see it workd12:35
razallandee: what is there to tell?  disk fails, disk is swapped, life goes on?12:36
usr13Quantum_Ion: The command does not look right12:36
sandy1337help me12:36
usr13sandy1337: With what?  Installing gcc?    sudo apt-get install gcc12:36
mega1allandee i have coloned this from one computer and put it into another does this make a difference12:36
Quantum_IonSo sudo -i pm-powersave true12:37
Quantum_Ion > pm-powersave true12:37
allandeeraz: employees are payed to do work, resulting in stored data, stored data is lost, time and value is lost.12:37
allandeethis is the sort of thing you don't want to happen.12:37
sandy1337it says gcc is already the newest version12:37
AlexDevilLXHey, can i make SSH WEB CLIENT?12:37
usr13sandy1337: Ok, then.  What is it you need to do next?12:37
razallandee: you're attacking a strawman. nobody claimed that raid replaces backup.12:37
mega1trying to get it to work in the new computer12:37
allandeemega1: how do you mean coloned?12:37
sandy1337how to open gcc usr13?12:37
sandy1337gcc is compiler?12:38
usr13sandy1337: What is it exactly you are wanting to do?12:38
sandy1337i want to program in my linux os12:38
leeeroooy_Jhi everyone, i was wondering if there was any way to know if and what proprietary drivers / firmwares are in use on my system, is there any?12:38
sandy1337c /c++ programming in linux12:38
allandeeraz: I am arguing that striping et al gives less security and higher cost than typical alternatives.12:39
sandy1337for that i need a compiler right?12:39
usr13sandy1337: Yes, gcc is GNU project C and C++ compiler12:39
Incarus6sandy1337, correct12:39
razallandee: he was talking about mirroring, not striping12:39
sandy1337hmm now how to install this compiler on my linux machine?12:39
allandeeand especially for home-setups.  the money spent are better spent in other areas  /unless/  you like tinkering with that sort of th ing.12:39
usr13sandy1337: it IS installed12:39
sandy1337now how to open this gcc?12:40
razallandee: see, lemme pull the "old man" card. i'm doing this for a living for 10yrs. trust my judgement. :)12:40
usr13sandy1337: man gcc12:40
sandy1337i mean where i can program that interferance?12:40
allandeeraz: it's just as effective, though.  striping to increase throughput, and mirroring to increase persistence.12:40
razallandee: that's a raid10, but he has only 2 disks.12:40
Picisandy1337: gcc is only used for compiling. If you want a program that lets you type stuff into it and compile from there you need an IDE.12:40
leeeroooy_Jsandy1337: are we sure you want to program with gcc and not with an IDE like eclipse or codeblocks?12:40
makesabeGelukkig heb ik nu de chat bereikt. Kan iemand me helpen met mijn printprobleem?12:41
Pici!nl | makesabe12:41
ubottumakesabe: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl12:41
sandy1337i don't know which is better leeroory12:41
sandy1337because my teacher use turbo c++12:41
mega1if i install ubuntu onto the new computer is there a way i can get all programs and settings to the new computer12:41
leeeroooy_Jsandy1337: get eclipse and give it a look12:41
sandy1337is there any way i can use turbo c++ on linux?12:41
allandeeraz: ok.  let's not quarrel about it.12:41
sandy1337leeerooory_3 <312:42
makesabeOkee thanks ubottu12:42
leeeroooy_Jsandy1337: not sure sorry but you may give wine a try12:42
leeeroooy_Jsandy1337: its gonna be painful tho12:42
allandeeraz: I maintain that redudant hdd setups are meaningless until you have at least 10 or so drives, and hardware support for hot-swapping them.12:43
allandeewe can disagree.12:43
sandy1337leeeroooy_J i don't want to install wine12:43
razallandee: that's nonsense.12:43
sandy1337plz tell me how to use gcc?12:43
allandeeraz: that's ok.12:43
leeeroooy_Jsandy1337: you surely dont want to use gcc you want to use an ide12:43
sandy1337i mean how can i open to program?12:43
Pici!ide | sandy133712:43
ubottusandy1337: Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator12:43
tensorpuddingwhat do you want to use gcc to do?12:43
Incarus6Gedit with c++ should work fine12:43
sandy1337pici !ide? what you type?12:44
Picisandy1337: look at ubottu's message please.12:44
sandy1337ok pici12:44
usr13sandy1337: You already have gcc  You might need to install wine12:44
usr13sandy1337: wine is Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer12:44
allandeeraz: I can't stop, fml, but: for how long a period is it ok for everything a person, organization or company produces to disappear12:44
allandee 12:44
leeeroooy_Jsandy1337: the ide lets you build up the program, the compiler (gcc) compiles it and gets stuff done, you dont want to use gcc to program you need an ide12:44
allandeeraz: where do you find that the risk/reward line goes?12:44
leeeroooy_Jhi everyone, i was wondering if there was any way to know if and what proprietary drivers / firmwares are in use on my system, is there any?12:45
razallandee: your line of reasoning is irrelevant. a desktop raid1 saves someone the hassle to re-install after most disk failures. period. that's all there is to it.12:45
mega1is there any way of cloneing ubuntu onto a new computer12:45
usr13sandy1337: vim12:45
Piciusr13: I'm not sure thats a good suggestion for a user that doesn't know what an ide is or how to use gcc.12:45
sandy1337tell me12:45
leeeroooy_Jsandy1337: what?12:46
sandy1337how can i use ide?12:46
sandy1337u said i need ide to program right?12:46
leeeroooy_Jsandy1337: ide is a generic name you want to get eclipse, look it up on synaptic12:46
allandeemega1: i first shot is "dd if=/dev/<old partition> of=/dev/<new partition" but, at least the booting sequence is going to be shot12:46
tensorpuddingsandy1337: do you know how to program?12:46
sandy1337hmm ok leeerroy_J12:46
usr13Pici: Well, good point, but would be a good place to start.  vimtutor12:46
sandy1337yeh tensorpudding12:46
sandy1337i want to do c12:47
allandeeraz: ok, man, I respect your reasoning, and I think it's reasonable.12:47
tensorpuddingsandy1337: well, try installing eclipse then, it has some similarity to visual c++, if that's what you're familiar with12:47
razallandee: it's plain old math and standard practice for a reason. ;)12:48
mega1well if i install ubuntu onto new computer can i use the network to copy all programs from one to the other12:48
=== Tribaal is now known as Tribaalatchu
leeeroooy_Jmega1: not really what you want to do, if you just wanna have the same programs you can have a look at apt logs and copy them12:48
allandeeraz: it's just a sour view from a guy that has seen money-spent/money-earned and flattened hackers.12:48
leeeroooy_Jsandy1337: yeah?12:48
Pici!clone | mega112:49
ubottumega1: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate12:49
Pici!aptoncd | mega112:49
ubottumega1: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline12:49
sandy1337through synaptic i find the elipse12:49
sandy1337it was installing package file12:49
leeeroooy_Jsandy1337: install it and have a look12:49
mega1i want to turn off old computer and just run new computer12:49
allandeeraz: if you involve math, I can not stop this.  ;)12:49
sandy1337leeeroooy_J you are bot?12:49
leeeroooy_Jhi everyone, i was wondering if there was any way to know if and what proprietary drivers / firmwares are in use on my system, is there any?12:49
lion42mega1, can you use the same type of hard drive with the new computer as the old one?12:49
leeeroooy_Jsandy1337: what? O.o12:49
lion42If so, you could just swap drives.12:50
sandy1337bot or any person you are leeeroooy_J?12:50
mega1no i cant12:50
anadonHey, for someone who works for connonical, in the installer, the slide show at the end, the slide that says "Mobilise your digital life"--its supposed to be 'mobilize'12:50
leeeroooy_Jsandy1337: last time i checked i was a person lol12:50
usr13sandy1337: No, leeeroooy_J is not a bot12:50
digital_rougei did what the guy said now windows boreders are missing12:50
sandy1337oh lol12:50
allandeeraz: ok, how about this: /I/ think it's irrational to spend time and money on popular RAID-setups with the intention of increasing probability of persistence of your data.12:50
sandy1337then love you leeeroooy:J12:50
lion42anadon, no, it isn't.12:50
mega1the old computer is an old dell poweredge server the new computer it a dell pc12:51
allandeeand I might be wrong and all that12:51
leeeroooy_Jsandy1337: :D12:51
scuttlefishany of you messed around with firestarter and pptp vpn connections?12:51
anadonlion42: I'm doing it now, and I googled the spelling.  its wrong.12:51
dhruvasagarHi, I just installed 11.04 freshly on a laptop, enabling NVIDIA proprietary drivers disables unity, how can I fix unity ?12:51
sandy1337oh really you don't know this is my first try on linux12:51
digital_rougeyes i havr12:51
sandy1337and you helped me :)12:51
th0ranadon: not if you are using the Queen12:51
th0rs english12:51
kitcheanadon: you can spell it both ways one is UK spelling the other is American12:51
marshallhye ubuntu12:51
anadonallandee: DO YOU NOT SLEEP?12:51
razallandee: re-imaging a workstation costs $X. swapping a disk in a workstation costs $Y. $X > $Y. simple enough? :)12:51
SwedeMikeanadon: there is an english speaking world outside of the US. It's spelt with an "s" in brittish.12:51
anadondamn brits12:51
leeeroooy_Jsandy1337: glad i did (if it'll work)12:52
digital_rougescuttlefish i have used fireststarter what are you up to12:52
usr13sandy1337: You should buy him a pizza  ;)12:52
=== scuttlefish is now known as cuttlefish
allandeeanadon: EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, BUT NOT THIS DAY!12:52
sandy1337hmm lol12:52
dhruvasagaranybody? can anybody even hear me here ??12:52
leeeroooy_Jusr13: why a pizza?12:52
sandy1337usr13 you are a guy?12:52
Quantum_Ionusr13, I am working off of this document - >https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PowerManagement/ReducedPower12:52
sandy1337or bot12:52
allandeeraz: yes.12:52
dhruvasagaram I on ignore ? can anyone please let me know ?12:52
tensorpudding!hello | dhruvasagar12:52
tensorpuddingoh, that isn't right12:52
dhruvasagartensorpudding: hmmm12:52
bahamashow well do ubuntu and debian get along on the same machine?12:52
sandy1337how can i distinguish who is real person and who is bot?12:52
allandeeraz:  raid-setups are really good for decreasing time spent on reconfiguring systems.12:52
usr13because I am an advocate of the pizza industry12:52
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:52
cuttlefishdigital_rouge, i'm trying to get a pptp vpn connection to work with firestarter. i've posted the ip_tables code firestarter has in their documentation to make pptp work, but still nothing.12:53
leeeroooy_Jusr13: just that? u sure there is no other reason?12:53
dhruvasagartensorpudding: I did...12:53
razallandee: the majority of the difference between $X and $Y is due to loss of productivity; $user has to wait until his workstation is back, whereas with raid1 he can just keep on working and some admin swaps the disk out at night.12:53
Quantum_Ionusr13, My question is I cannot get this command to run at startup boot - >pm-powersave true12:53
Pici!offtopic | everyone12:53
ubottueveryone: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:53
dhruvasagartensorpudding: when I enable nvidia propietary drivers it disables unity12:53
sandy1337nice usr1312:53
sandy1337don't worry when i'll get my pocket money12:53
usr13Quantum_Ion: what happens when you run it from command line?12:53
bahamaswhat i'm asking basically is if there's any point in having both debian and ubuntu. i first installed debian, but i realized i'm not experienced or patient enough to make everything work, so i decided to install ubuntu instead12:53
S4nD3rHi ! How make sure my PATH includes /usr/local/cuda/bin ?12:53
Quantum_Ionusr13, I entered this in /etc/rc.local ->pm-powersave true12:53
sandy1337i'll give it to leeerooooy_J12:53
tensorpuddingdhruvasagar: oh, didn't see it12:53
leeeroooy_Jsandy1337: did it install eclipse yet?12:53
leeeroooy_Jand im not here for money nor food lol12:54
bahamashowever, i'd like to learn to use debian better later on12:54
sandy1337leeroooy_J still installing package :(12:54
digital_rougehmmm your using both linux systems or your trying to connect to windows from a linux box?12:54
Quantum_Ionusr13, Without being root I get this response -> We do not own /var/log/pm-powersave.log, refusing to overwrite.12:54
sandy1337i mean downloading12:54
tensorpuddingdhruvasagar: if you use both, there is a point to having both, right?12:54
leeeroooy_Jhi everyone, i was wondering if there was any way to know if and what proprietary drivers / firmwares are in use on my system, is there any?12:54
jribbahamas: honestly, they're extremely similar12:54
usr13Quantum_Ion: service --status-all   #See if it shows up in that list.12:54
sandy1337come on come help my love12:54
petarwhy did ``sudo apt-key adv --recv-key --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com'' import 21 signatures? (sorry, dont know much about gpg..)12:55
digital_rougefuck 11.04 nothing but problems12:55
bahamasjrib: so i'm better off with just ubuntu for now, and i can reinstall debian later if i want to, right?12:55
cuttlefishdigital_rouge, i setup a pptp server on a dd-wrt router back in america. i'm in china going over a dsl connection.12:55
booleanmorning, default runtime on ubuntu is 2, correct?12:55
bahamasdigital_rouge: i'm just installing it. don't discourage me12:55
digital_rougei cant stand it12:55
dhruvasagartensorpudding: sorry ?12:55
jribbahamas: sure.  Nothing wrong with having another partition for debian, but maybe it will be easier for you to just put debian in a vbox and play with it there12:55
dhruvasagartensorpudding: I didn't understand12:55
jrib!runlevel | boolean12:55
bahamasjrib: that sounds reasonable12:55
ubottuboolean: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.12:55
dhruvasagartensorpudding: both what ?12:55
Quantum_Ionusr13, Nope only works when I run sudo -i pm-powersave true12:55
digital_rougecuttlfish china has black boxes on  all internet connections that block alot of that stuff12:55
tensorpuddingdhruvasagar: oh damn, sorry12:55
bahamasbrb, i'm plugging the internet to the other machine12:56
cuttlefishdigital_rouge, what version or distro are you using then?12:56
tensorpuddingdhruvasagar: i started to write a response to you but i ended up writing one to bahamas12:56
leeeroooy_Jhi everyone, i was wondering if there was any way to know if and what proprietary drivers / firmwares are in use on my system, is there any?12:56
booleanubottu: how does one go about disabling a service ( via cmd line ) ?12:56
digital_rougethey regulate thier internet your probly running into a denial or fire wall12:56
ubottuboolean: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:56
usr13Quantum_Ion: did you put   pm-powesave true   in /etc/rc.local  ?12:56
tensorpuddingdhruvasagar: i'm sorry but i'm not familiar with your problem, i can't help12:56
cuttlefishdigital_rouge, nah. i just installed firestarter. i can connect to the server fine if i turn off the firewall.12:56
Quantum_Ionusr13, Use and I rebooted and it didn't start12:56
Quantum_IonQuantum_Ion, I mean Yes12:57
usr13Quantum_Ion: did you install laptop-mode-tools ?12:57
jribboolean: if it uses an old sys v init style init script, use sysv-rc-conf.  If it uses upstart, see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#disabling-a-job-from-automatically-starting12:57
digital_rougeim running the new version of ubuntu on my desktop, 64 bit and i enabled desktop cube now boreders are gone from all windows and they wont move on fresh install12:57
digital_rougei tried metacity --replacer12:58
booleanthanks jrib!12:58
usr13Quantum_Ion: ls -l /etc/rc.local   #See if the executable bit is enabled.12:58
dhruvasagartensorpudding: ok12:58
dhruvasagartensorpudding: apparently no one is, or no one is interested in helping...12:58
dhruvasagartensorpudding: this used to be a helpful place :(12:58
tensorpuddingdhruvasagar: can you be more specific on what happens?12:58
dhruvasagartensorpudding: unity breaks completely and it's reverting to legacy gnome12:59
usr13Quantum_Ion: see my pm12:59
digital_rougedo not upgrade to 11.04 the damn bar gets in the way everytime you try to click th eback button  or move your mouse to the left lol annoying12:59
digital_rougeit cannot be move cannot be changed12:59
lion42dhruvasagar, sounds like a blessing in disguise to me.12:59
digital_rougeanyway sim out lata12:59
tensorpuddingdhruvasagar: i guess it could be compiz? what is your nvidia chipset?12:59
cuttlefishlol too late. i'm already using 11.4. the new gnome look drove me nuts. so i just set it to classic without effects.13:00
dhruvasagarhow do I restart xserver ?13:01
usr13dhruvasagar: Running gnome?13:01
Quantum_Ionusr13, Going to try this http://kenjiru.ro/blog/lucid-lynx13:01
dhruvasagarlion42: well I like unity's approach to using real estate13:01
om26erdhruvasagar, i use ctrl+sysrq+k ;)13:01
dhruvasagarusr13: yes ?13:01
om26erthat would be alt :/13:01
usr13dhruvasagar: service gdm restart13:01
nibbler__why would 2 IP packets send in the same direction have the same seq/ack values? (different len and first is only ack, 2nd is ack,psh)13:01
tensorpuddingdhruvasagar: you can open a terminal and do 'sudo service gdm restart'13:01
tensorpuddingdhruvasagar: this halts the gnome login manager, quitting gnome, and then restarts it13:02
tensorpuddingdhruvasagar: it'll function basically like a reboot of most of the processes on the system13:02
allandeekillall -1 X13:02
booleanjrib: how does one know if they are using the old sysv or the new upstart? I have sysv config files all over but no sysv-rc-conf13:04
jribboolean: check /etc/init*/service .  You need to install sysv-rc-conf13:04
tensorpuddingdhruvasagar: it's not likely that that will fix unity if a simple reboot didn't fix it13:04
cuttlefishanyone else have any experience with pptp and firestarter?13:05
=== zz_ng_ is now known as ng_
booleanjrib: it doesnt come by default ??  k ...13:05
booleanthe init.d directory looks typical sysv13:05
jribboolean: yes13:05
booleanno mention of the *.conf files mentioned in your link13:05
jribboolean: that's in /etc/init13:05
jribboolean: what are you trying to disable?13:06
booleangot it!13:06
leeeroooy_Jhi everyone, i was wondering if there was any way to know if and what proprietary drivers / firmwares are in use on my system, is there any?13:06
jribboolean: ok13:06
usr13boolean: You'll find not /etc/inittab file13:06
booleanit looks like the vmware server uses the old sysv format13:06
sandy1337there my love13:10
FloodBot1sandy1337: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:10
sandy1337ok flootbotl13:10
leeeroooy_Jsandy1337: didnt work?13:10
kyle_OK, so I can use this line mount -t cifs //cca2/users/Staff/Kyle.Wadman /media/Profile -o user=kyle.wadman <<-- To connect to my windows share. How do i put this into ftab and with the password. It dosn't seem to work..13:10
sandy1337leeeroooy_J sorry my internt disconnect13:10
sandy1337pls tell me comand again13:10
leeeroooy_Jsandy1337: theres no command, once you install eclipse it should be in your applications13:11
sandy1337to install eclipse13:11
sandy1337i have to download eclispse first13:11
leeeroooy_Jerm, you were doing it?13:11
sandy1337no i told you na my internet disconnect itself13:11
leeeroooy_Jyou could do it via synaptic, or i guess sudo apt-get install eclipse should do, if eclipse is the package name then yea13:11
allandeeleeeroooy: yea, but I thought no-one was looking.13:11
leeeroooy_Jallandee: pardon?13:12
allandeeallande: c'est rien.13:12
sandy1337yeh sudo apt-get install eclipse this is comand i am looking for13:12
militantmorning.  so i set tf2 to install on steam via wine last night and it seemed to be taking a while to 'create local game cache files' so i let it run and went to bed.  woke up now and it's still on that step, eating 116% cpu and getting nowhere13:12
usr13sandy1337: sduo apt-get install eclipse13:12
allandeemilitant: sounds like a rough morning13:13
dhruvasagartensorpudding: well I had tried reconfiguring x, it asked me to restart xserver and although I know about gdm restart, didn't know they meant the same13:13
LasersSteam & Wine? Sounds like a nice night.13:13
dhruvasagartensorpudding: in any case it had completely messed up my xserver, it wasn't able to start at all, I went into recovery console removed nvidia-current and then reconfigured xserver again and rebooted13:13
allandeelasers: observing the brigther side, I like it.13:14
sandy1337usr13 i put sudo apt-get intall eclipse13:14
dhruvasagartensorpudding: now unity is back to normal, but without nvidia, and I see that games are not working well they're quite slow...13:14
usr13sandy1337: did it work?13:14
tensorpuddingi believe that the configuration you put into xserver probably conflicts with the nvidia driver13:14
sandy1337yeah something is start downloading13:14
sandy1337some stuff*13:14
usr13dhruvasagar:  How did you get it messed up?  What driver are you using?13:15
tensorpuddingyou might want to remove you /etc/X11/xorg.conf if it exists, reinstall the nvidia driver and install nvidia-xconfig13:15
leeeroooy_Jsandy1337: you just have to wait till it tells u its done or it asks "you want to continue Y N"13:15
dhruvasagarusr13: right now it's using none, just the core ones which uses onboard intel hd graphics card instead13:15
sandy1337yeh leerooy_J that ask me for y/n then i put y13:15
sandy1337and hit enter13:15
dhruvasagartensorpudding: that's what I did right before I tried to restart xserver...13:15
bahamasbtw, why isn't anyone fixing this 'Unknown keyword in configuration file.'? i know the solution is pretty easy to find with google, but still13:15
sandy1337now downloading start.. it is 10.4 mb right13:16
tensorpuddingdhruvasagar: did nvidia-xconfig help?13:16
allandeebahamas: they're busy configuring RAIDs.13:16
Lasersbahamas: You better fix it for us. ;)13:16
tensorpuddingwait, it's called nvidia-settings now maybe?13:16
dhruvasagartensorpudding: :), no that's what messed up x completely...gdm reboot halted, I had to go alt+ctrl+f113:16
Laserstensorpudding: nvidia-xconfig is CLI.13:16
dhruvasagartensorpudding: nvidia-xconfig is the right command13:17
dhruvasagartensorpudding: but somehow the xconfig it created wasn't working well....13:17
leeeroooy_Jsandy1337: i cant tell how big it is  i never looked13:17
dhruvasagarI read this thread - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=164785513:17
tensorpuddingdhruvasagar: that's pretty strange13:17
bahamasLasers: for you? how do i do that?13:17
dhruvasagarand I suppose I should try and install the latest nvidia drivers perhaps ?13:17
sandy1337oh k leeeroooy_J :) i <3 u13:17
tensorpuddingdhruvasagar: what is your nvidia gpu name?13:18
usr13dhruvasagar: sudo apt-get install nvidia-settings13:18
allandeebahamas: escape while you can13:18
dhruvasagarusr13: I tried seting it man13:18
dhruvasagartensorpudding: 525M13:18
leeeroooy_Jsandy1337: :o13:18
tensorpuddingokay, so new13:18
usr13dhruvasagar: Which nvidia card do you have?13:19
leeeroooy_Jhi everyone, i was wondering if there was any way to know if and what proprietary drivers / firmwares are in use on my system, is there any?13:19
tensorpuddingwell, that means the new drivers should work, so long as the 525M is supported13:19
dhruvasagarusr13: nvidia 525M13:19
tensorpuddingby the nvidia driver13:19
quiescensleeeroooy_J: they should generally show up under system->administration->additional drivers13:20
dhruvasagartensorpudding: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/HardwareSupport/Machines/Laptops/Dell/XPS/15 this suggested that it is supposed to work13:20
allandeeleeeroooy_J: I don't know, but I'm curious, why do you need to know?13:20
bahamasallandee: is it that bad? anyway, two quick questions: which should i choose between vim-gnome and vim-gtk?13:20
ArabusGood day. Some with a little LDAP/libnss-ldap knowledge here? I have a strange timeout error happing on my lucid machine after some hours. The logfile justs spits me a " nss_ldap: could not search LDAP server - Server is unavailable" in the face - after a nscd restart everything works fine :-/13:20
allandeebahamas: vim-gtk13:20
leeeroooy_Jquiescens: everything?13:20
leeeroooy_Jallandee: erm, dont want to have proprietary stuff if its not needed13:20
kyle_i want to do. When i press power button, Lock PC... possible?13:21
allandeeleeeroooy_J: ok, thanks.13:21
quiescensleeeroooy_J: not really, it will probably only list things that were installed by ubuntu13:21
dhruvasagarusr13: when I check nvidia.com I see that the latest drivers they are offering on their site for linux 64 bit is 280.13, but the ubuntu repos seem to be install 185, why is it so outdated ?13:21
bahamasallandee: ok, thanks. second question: do you know how to enable wireless on an inspiron 3010. when i had the wired connection on, it said somewhere that wireless was disabled by hardware switch13:21
tensorpuddingubuntu has newer drivers than 18513:21
tensorpuddingit has several different versions13:22
leeeroooy_Jquiescens: so if im using proprietary stuff for my ethernet/wifi card i wouldnt know?13:22
dhruvasagartensorpudding: 185 was the latest that I see13:22
tensorpuddingbecause the nvidia drivers often deprecate support for older cards13:22
allandeebahamas: did you try  the hardware switch?13:22
tensorpudding185 was the last release to suppose certain old cards13:22
tensorpuddingthat's very strange13:23
tensorpuddingthe package is called 285, but it uses version 270.41.0613:23
tensorpuddingnvidia-180 has version 185.18.3613:23
dhruvasagartensorpudding: which package ? where are you looking ?13:23
quiescensleeeroooy_J: you should know, the proprietary drivers that are capable of being automatically managed, will ask you before installing and will generally show up in that list13:23
=== ng_ is now known as zz_ng_
quiescensleeeroooy_J: if you go and download drivers off a manufacturer's website and install them yourself it might now show up in the lists, but i would think you would know its installed13:23
leeeroooy_Jquiescens: what about ethernet ones? those too?13:24
=== anadon_ is now known as anadon
tensorpuddingdhruvasagar: http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/nvidia-current13:24
bahamasallandee: if by hardware switch you mean the F2 key, then i did13:24
tensorpuddingdhruvasagar: hmm, you are running 11.04 right?13:24
leeeroooy_Jquiescens: thanks for the infos btw, ill give a look at all that, i need one pc of mines to have as few binary blobs as possible13:24
newbiei dont want to use ubuntu unity !!!!13:24
usr13dhruvasagar: is it GeForce GT 545 ?13:24
dhruvasagartensorpudding: yes13:24
newbieit really sucks13:24
leeeroooy_Jnewbie: switch to ubuntu classic13:25
dhruvasagarusr13: GeForce GT 525M13:25
anadonHey, I'm trying to get my computer to dual boot using gpt.  boot-repair isn't working.13:25
newbieyeah i switch13:25
=== newbie is now known as Guest78301
Guest78301there is no panel and no compiz13:25
allandeebahamas: do you somewhet recognize your wifi-unit when issuing "lspci" in a terminal window?13:25
dhruvasagarwhy do people think unity sucks ?13:25
usr13dhruvasagar: I only see GeForcd GT 520   &   GeForce GT 545   on nvidia.com13:25
leeeroooy_Jdhruvasagar: unity causes alot of troubles when the video card doesnt like it13:26
tensorpuddingGuest78301: it's going to be the only default option in the next version13:26
dhruvasagarI have been using ubuntu since 7.04 and have been pretty much a gnome fanboy, it took me a while to attempt to try unity thinking I won't like it, but it turns out it's nice. I like how it utilizes the real estate13:26
tensorpuddingGuest78301: but GNOME 3's shell will be available as an option13:26
dhruvasagarleeeroooy_J: ahhh well I am myself in the middle of such problems :)13:26
Guest78301you cant use panel13:26
dhruvasagarusr13: no it's there13:26
dhruvasagarusr13: select 500M series13:26
anadonHey, I'm trying to get my computer to dual boot using gpt.  boot-repair isn't working.13:27
tensorpuddingGuest78301: the old gnome panel is dead, GNOME 2 is no longer the latest version13:27
dhruvasagarusr13: within that you will find the 525M13:27
leeeroooy_Jdhruvasagar: i was too, nerfed unity, no point using it on nvidia/ati cards since im switching to intel (those will have unity)13:27
Guest78301and there is no windows burder in unity13:27
tensorpuddingGuest78301: if Unity didn't exist you'd be using gnome-shell, the replacement for the old gnome-panel etc.13:27
allandeedhruvasagar: I dislike it because window-switching is slow as molasses on a beefy box, and because 70% of it is fugly and steals screen real estate.13:27
tensorpuddingGuest78301: and gnome-shell has a lot of similarities in style to unity13:27
usr13dhruvasagar: It skips from GeForce GT 520   to   GeForce GT 53013:27
dhruvasagarleeeroooy_J: well unity is using the intel card on my machine, since it's unable to use nvidia, but I see the games are running rather slowly, even more slowly than how they ran on my old laptop which had a 256M old Nvidia card, but was running gnome :(13:28
Guest78301no installation candidates for gnome-shell13:28
dhruvasagarusr13: man please listen to what I am saying13:28
bahamasallandee: yes, it's Broadcom Corporation BCM4313 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller (rev 01)13:28
usr13dhruvasagar: Oh It is a notebook:  GeForce GT 525M13:28
dhruvasagarusr13: if you select the 500M series, within that you will find 525M13:28
dhruvasagarusr13: yea13:28
leeeroooy_Jdhruvasagar: you have an optimus card?13:28
anadonHey, I'm trying to get my computer to dual boot using gpt.  boot-repair isn't working.13:28
Guest78301pls say to me a solution13:28
usr13dhruvasagar: Are you 32bit or 64bit?13:28
dhruvasagarusr13: 6413:29
allandeebahamas: let's see then13:29
Guest78301i cannot use any application in any place of desktop13:29
Guest78301i cant move13:29
dhruvasagarusr13: I am currently downloading the latest drivers from nvidia.com if that's what you're going to ask me to do...13:29
tensorpuddingGuest78301: gnome-shell isn't available for Ubuntu yet13:29
Guest78301this puts all app to the top of desktop13:29
dhruvasagarleeeroooy_J: hmmm the intel one right ?13:29
tensorpuddingGuest78301: it released after 11.04 did, they can't add it in after the fact13:29
leeeroooy_Jdhruvasagar: optimus is a nvidia technology that lets u switch cards according to your pc's usage13:29
dhruvasagarleeeroooy_J: yes that's the one I have13:30
leeeroooy_Jdhruvasagar: that gives alot of problems to linux users (generally)13:30
tensorpuddingGuest78301: and in any case, it can't be used alongside the version of Unity present in 11.0413:30
Guest78301i cannot use ubuntu 11.04 right now13:30
dhruvasagarleeeroooy_J: apparently it does :)13:30
dhruvasagarleeeroooy_J: any suggestions ?13:30
dhruvasagarusr13: what about you ?13:30
Guest78301i cannot move application in the desktop13:30
leeeroooy_Jdhruvasagar: its not just unity, i heard those cards overheat quickly as they dont shutdown when intel is the only used13:30
tensorpuddingGuest78301: just stick with Ubuntu classic13:30
Guest78301unity puts it the top13:30
Guest78301n ubuntu classic there is no panel13:31
leeeroooy_Jdhruvasagar: suggestions about? sorry i didnt read if you posted your problem earlier13:31
Guest78301there is no menu13:31
dhruvasagarleeeroooy_J: hmmm well I just bought this so I haven't yet tried things out13:31
Guest78301there is no compiz13:31
tensorpuddingthere is a panel in ubuntu classic13:31
Guest78301nothing here13:31
usr13dhruvasagar: Did you install via the package manager?13:31
tensorpuddingi don't know what you mean by "no panel"13:31
dhruvasagarusr13: that I have tried almost 3 times now, yes13:31
anadonHey, I'm trying to get my computer to dual boot windows on a gpt disk .  boot-repair isn't working.  Anyone know how I can boot my brick?13:31
tensorpuddingif you have no panel in classic, that is a problem13:31
dhruvasagarleeeroooy_J: well when I enable nvidia proprietary drivers, it kills unity and switches back to gnome13:31
usr13dhruvasagar: And did you get any display at all?13:32
leeeroooy_Jdhruvasagar: use nouveau ones, they may have switching working13:32
dhruvasagarusr13: I had, but it switched back to gnome, I wanted it to work with Unity if possible13:32
usr13dhruvasagar: Oh and gnome runs ok?13:32
dhruvasagarleeeroooy_J: nouveau ones ? sry not sure abotu that13:32
leeeroooy_Jdhruvasagar: open jockey it should say "experimental 3d drivers"13:32
dhruvasagarusr13: well it seemed like, though I didn't really try plaaying games13:33
leeeroooy_Jdhruvasagar: if you want to risk with experimental stuff you may have your cards to switch, else you ll have to look at the modules being developed for switching, but optimus on linux is not supported by nvidia13:33
dhruvasagarleeeroooy_J: what exactly do you mean by 'cards to switch' ?13:33
AdvoWorkwhere would ubuntu keep domains in relation to zones?DNS?13:34
allandeebahamas: oh crap.  ok13:34
bahamasallandee: hmm?13:34
allandeebahamas: sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source13:34
usr13dhruvasagar: did you look at the log file?  /var/log/Xorg.0.log13:34
usr13for clues...13:34
dhruvasagarleeeroooy_J: are you suggesting me to actually get Dell to change my graphics card from optimus to some other one ? or does the word 'switch' have some different meaning in your context ?13:34
leeeroooy_Jdhruvasagar: if you have an optimus card you actually have 2, the nvidia one and the intel gma, the nvidia one turns on for games and activities that require alot of "graphics" the intel one turns on to let you use your pc, the problem with linux is that its not possible to switch13:35
Guest78301look here13:35
leeeroooy_Jlol you got a dell <313:35
ErocHello all, i am installing a ftp server called crushftp which i have to start with : "sudo nohup java -Dcrushftp.version=5 -jar CrushFTP.jar -d&". This works even if i logout but when i reboot it is gone. I want it to execute on startup but after googling for awhile i only noticed failure.13:35
Guest78301look here http://i52.tinypic.com/108i8vr.png13:35
Guest78301where is panel13:35
bahamasallandee: please give me all the instructions if possible, because i need to disconnect here to be able to install stuff on the laptop. alternatively, i'll just install that and come back13:35
Guest78301where is panel13:35
usr13dhruvasagar: leeeroooy_J It is a notebook and the video chip is on the MB13:35
Guest78301i cannot see any panel13:35
leeeroooy_Jusr13: pardon?13:35
dhruvasagarleeeroooy_J: ok, I understand that better13:36
mega2how do i add user to admin group13:36
dhruvasagarusr13: I did, the last error I see states 'no screens found'13:36
bahamasallandee: ok, i'll do the latter13:36
allandeebahamas: I would if I could, but I can only test to the step I showed you, because I don't have that particular hardware to test with here13:36
om26erGuest78301, which version of ubuntu?13:36
anadonHey, I'm trying to get my computer to dual boot windows on a gpt disk .  boot-repair isn't working.  Anyone know how I can boot my brick?13:36
Guest78301ubuntu 11.0413:36
om26erGuest78301, open terminal type 'unity'13:37
om26erGuest78301, did you change anything in cssm??13:37
dhruvasagarusr13: from the log it is quite clear that the driver is broken :(13:37
Guest78301i wrote unity13:37
allandeebahamas: however, there are some hints at the end of the compilation, and if things went well, your wifi unit should connect to your access-point13:37
Guest78301but nothing changes13:37
usr13dhruvasagar: If it works in gnome, it is not broken.  Didn't you say that it booted to gnome ok?13:37
om26erGuest78301, try 'unity --reset'13:37
dhruvasagarleeeroooy_J: should I even try the latest drivers offered by nvidia.com at all or should I just keep windows for gaming and linux for work ?13:37
a111is there a command line tool for editing partitions in ubuntu13:38
dhruvasagarusr13: hmmm yes13:38
usr13dhruvasagar: Then the issue is just with unity?  (Don't see how, but........+)13:38
leeeroooy_Jdhruvasagar: nvidia drivers dont support optimus, either you try the nouveau ones or you just use linux for work13:38
Guest78301what the hell http://dpaste.com/586323/13:38
=== bryan is now known as Guest51417
Guest51417hello is there someone to help me13:39
allandeeusr13: I'm totally stealing that line as a sig "If it works in gnome, it is not broken." :D13:39
bahamasallandee: it was already at the newest version13:39
Guest78301out of my mind13:39
Guest78301unity really sucks13:39
om26erGuest78301, you should try to login to a guest session13:39
usr13allandee: Well, I just don't understand why gnome would work with the Nvidia driver and unity won't13:40
Guest78301why guest13:40
om26erGuest78301, and you did not reply did you change anything in ccsm???13:40
allandeebahamas: did we check lsmod for that driver?13:40
usr13dhruvasagar: I suppose you could uninstall the nvidia driver via the package manager and install the one from nvidia.com13:40
Guest78301i didnt change anything in ccsm13:40
om26erGuest78301, if unity is not for you classic desktop is you can select that at the pasword screen 'Ubuntu Classic'13:40
bahamasallandee: i don't recall. how do i do that?13:40
allandeeusr13: yea, it was just amusing when pulled out of context ;)13:41
Guest78301whayt is the command for log out13:41
om26erGuest78301, in guess session every setting is default13:41
allandeebahamas: just type "lsmod" in a terminal window13:41
Guest78301logout command doesnt work13:41
om26erGuest78301, sudo service gdm restart13:41
bryan_hi everyoen13:41
=== allandee is now known as everyoen
bryan_is there someone t help me with my usb13:41
=== everyoen is now known as allandee
usr13bryan_: What is the matter with your USB?13:42
mega2can i install ubuntu 11 over 1013:42
bahamasallandee: i did. what should i look for, because there's nothing obvious that stands out?13:42
xanguamega2: yes13:42
ErocHello all, i am installing a ftp server called crushftp which i have to start with : "sudo nohup java -Dcrushftp.version=5 -jar CrushFTP.jar -d&". This works even if i logout but when i reboot it is gone. I want it to execute on startup but after googling for awhile i only noticed failure.13:42
bryan_i had ppuppy linux on it .. now i can do anything with usb ...boot error13:43
bryan_even format ..i dont have the permission13:43
allandeebahamas: I think you would have spotted it if it was there, some permuation of BroadCom-something-something.  like bcmwl13:43
usr13bryan_: What version of Ubuntu do you have installed?13:43
bryan_how to screenshot here13:44
allandeebahamas: ok and now for "ifconfig" in your terminal window13:45
allandeeyou want to ignore the entry identified by "lo"13:45
giusfHelp riproduttore di filmati su 11.10 non funziona13:45
xangua!it | giusf13:45
ubottugiusf: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:45
usr13bryan_: Are you the original user?  (Have you created a new user on your system?)13:46
xanguagiusf: and 11.10 is not supported here13:46
bahamasallandee: there's just eth013:46
allandeeeth0 (probably there) is only interesting if it has an assigned IP13:46
bryan_original user13:46
bahamasbesides lo, i mean13:46
maxxerhi. I have an ubuntu 10.04 Xen Virtual Machine which mounts partition then won't go ahead13:46
usr13bryan_: Do you have it plugged in now?13:46
bryan_yes im on13:46
allandeebahamas: our day could have been brighter.13:46
bahamasallandee: it has a inet6 addr13:46
usr13bryan_: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit13:47
ArabusSomeone with a little LDAP/libnss-ldap knowledge here? I have a strange timeout error happing on my lucid machine after some hours. The logfile justs spits me a " nss_ldap: could not search LDAP server - Server is unavailable" in the face - after a nscd restart everything works fine :-/13:47
rickb|serverThis is going to sound like a total newb question but here goes.. when I ls a directory it is owned by me then a space then root, how do i change the other field that says root?13:47
usr13bryan_: ... and send us resulting URL (paste it here).13:47
bahamasallandee: so what's the problem?13:47
rickb|server09:47 4.0K drwxrwxrwx  2 me root  4.0K Aug  3 13:30 www13:47
anadonHey, I'm trying to get my computer to dual boot windows on a gpt disk .  boot-repair isn't fixing Grub2.  Anyone know how I can boot my brick?13:47
allandeebahamas: you mean "what's the solution?" ;p13:48
Arabusrickb|server: "man chown"13:48
bahamasallandee: i'm curious to know what the problem is, at least. i mean, more than the wireless doesn't work :)13:48
tokamhello, first of all I would like to make a suggestion for ubuntu 11.4. I think you updated the batery monitoring for notebooks. When the time left <= 5 (or maybe 10), suspend to ram is activated. I think it would be better to do this when 0 minutes left is displayed. It would mean than 0 minutes left until the computer goes into suspend to ram mode. Because often the mode surprises me.13:49
llutz_rickb|server: its the "group" owning the dir, change with chgrp or chown13:49
allandeebahamas: I'm cheering you up, because the solution might involve you booting into windows, grabbing the firmware that is temporarily loaded onto the wifi chip, booting into linux and letting the driver know where you put the copy of the firmware o.O13:49
rickb|serverllutz_: would you recommend disabling ftp?13:49
tokamwhen there are 10 minutes left, you get less notifications, and almost imediately your computer goes into suspend to ram mode. further more sometimes this even has bugs and you lose your documents.13:49
LlywelynHello everybody, i don't know if this is the right channel but i'm looking for a bit of help in compiling stuff13:49
bryan_sorry where is the vertical bar in the command on my keyboard?13:50
bahamasallandee: sounds similar to a problem i had with a modem once. unfortunately, i don't have windows yet13:50
Llywelyni might have done a wrong symlink13:50
llutz_rickb|server:  sure, sftp is preferred13:50
rickb|serverokay. I'll do that13:50
bahamasif there's no other way, i'll have to install it and hope that the damn thing doesn't overwrite grub13:51
allandeebahamas: well, in the balance of all things, I'd say that you're on the fortunate end of things.13:51
usr13bryan_: Above Enter key, (upper-case)13:51
usr13bryan_: Do you know how to copy and paste?13:52
usr13bryan_: See my pm13:52
bahamasallandee: what would the other end look like? :)13:52
allandeebahamas: you have no way to connect via cable?13:52
bahamasallandee: btw, how relevant is this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=29709213:52
allandeebahamas: you'd be stuck in windows, without access to the internet13:52
bahamasyeah, that would it make it worse indeed13:52
cypha`is there a switch I can put on sudo aptitude remove so that it COMPLETELY removes the app?13:54
allandeebahamas: it is relevant, but not recent enough13:54
llutz_cypha`: aptitude purge13:54
=== hacked is now known as vinces
tokamI need help with the dual screen. How to make the ubuntu menu appear on the left screen (my secondary monitor)13:54
bahamasallandee: is that firmware unique to each machine? meaning, can't i find it somewhere to download it?13:54
cypha`llutz_: that's better that sudo aptitude remove ?13:54
cypha`that = than13:54
allandeebahamas: but that'd be at odds with the proprietors!  (I'm trying to find it ;p)13:55
llutz_cypha`: define "better". it purges all the package-related stuff except your personal settings13:55
cypha`llutz_: i even want my person settings gone13:55
llutz_cypha`: rm ~/.whatever13:56
=== IO0139` is now known as IO0139
cypha`llutz_: what's the difference btwn sudo aptitude remove and sudo aptitude purge?13:56
llutz_cypha`: apt/dpkg never will touch your personal stuff13:56
llutz_cypha`: man aptitude                  tells you13:56
cypha`llutz_ aptitude ;)13:56
allandeebahamas: oh, here's a nice compilation of information about the driver http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b4313:57
compdoccypha`, as simple remove often leaves lots of files and folders and parts of the program behind.13:57
|OLLIE|the personal settings are app specific as well. apt dont really know about them. could be in ~/.whatever or ~/.config/whatever or /etc/ ..13:57
cypha`thanks compdoc13:57
llutz_cypha`: "man aptitude "  is a command, issue it and read13:57
crillcypha`: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=90570613:57
bahamasallandee: ok. i'll try it out. brb13:58
victorhugo289Guys, why sometimes when I enter Ubuntu I have to type my password 3 times?13:58
cypha`so what's the advantage of ubuntu over other distros?13:58
cypha`i'm not using gnome or kde13:58
allandeebahamas: I can't find a copy of the firmware for your controller ;(13:58
cypha`why shouldn't I use debian instead?13:58
cypha`which one is faster?13:59
llutz_cypha`: #ubuntu-offtopic for that please13:59
allandeebahamas: I think you have to either find a way to boot into windows to copy it, or to buy a different wifi-dongle13:59
cypha`how's that offtopic?13:59
dr-willisrun benvhmarks and see  cypha`13:59
victorhugo289Cypha :D13:59
barcel0I'm doing a remastering of Ubuntu for a 128-256 MB ram pc, well I have it almost ready, but I need to install and configure an installer you can start with light to start the cd isolinux, so Show me the options should: 1 - Start livecd, 2 - Install directly.13:59
cypha`dr-willis: i'm guessing you already have14:00
cypha`with all that time you seem to have at work ;)14:00
dr-williscypha`:  im sticking to ubuntu. it works well for me14:00
barcel0sombebody help me?14:00
allandeebarcel0:  sounds like the 2 interesting options.14:00
cypha`good enough for willis, good enough for me14:00
Sybregunneanybody here using an hp dv6 quad core i7?14:00
dr-willisbarcel0:  the issue is?14:00
cypha`dr-willis: btw, I switched to openbox14:01
cypha`much faster/cleaner/minimalistic14:01
Llywelynsomeone knows about compiling and symlink stuff ?14:01
dr-willisits jyst a window manager. so that makes sence cypha`14:01
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)14:02
PiciLlywelyn: Those are two separate and not often related subjects.  Just ask your question(s) and see if you get an answer.14:02
lucian_allandee: hi, it's bahamas14:02
gurkhali_69hello can anyone suggest me download accelerator+ manager for ubuntu?14:02
allandeelucian: well, hello there14:02
dr-willisgurkhali_69:  not really needed one of those in years14:03
LlywelynPici: i followed a guide to compile ps2 stuff... i moved /usr/local/ps2dev to /home/g/ps2dev and created a file with a symlink but it won't compile14:03
lucian_allandee: i installed b43-fwcutter. is there anything else i should do?14:03
cypha`gurkhali_69: sikh?14:03
lucian_actually, can you paste that link again? i'm on the laptop now14:03
dr-willisgurkhali_69:  you on some lowspeed connection?14:03
barcel0dr-willis problem is that installer is not used, can dicirme one?14:03
gurkhali_69ya very low indeed14:03
gurkhali_69multiget didn't serve my purpose. so i came here if anyone could suggest me better one14:04
dr-willisbarcel0:  huh? youbwant what?14:04
barcel0can you tell me some?** (sorry my english no good)14:04
barcel0some install for use14:05
dr-willisbarcel0:  some what exactly?14:05
=== cypha` is now known as cypha
allandeelucian: reading through the procedure14:05
rickb|serveranybody got an idea why when my laptop's display starts to dim it mutes the speakers when it locks. how do i change the timeout time? no matter what I set in the power settings it wont work14:07
allandeeand disconnecting in the process14:07
barcel0dr-willis an installer to use14:07
somsiprickb|server: could it be a screensver setting?14:07
dr-willisbarcel0:  an installer is vague.. i have no idea what you are wanting14:08
rickb|serversomsip: i dont even have one enabled :(14:08
Bisu[Shield]I have a problem. I am trying to make a drive available to vmware.  I chown name:disk /dev/sdb* to connect but then immediately after the owner changes to root.  How do I make this device available?14:08
lotuspsychjeanyone knows where i can check why my gnome theme changes after boot?14:08
somsiprickb|server: well, when I used one, it was the default one, and it did exactly the same. But if you don't have, then fair enough14:08
rickb|serverwell let me check, i dont know if blank screen counts :)14:09
federicoHi, I was wondering if anyone is running SandyBridge processors with Ubuntu?14:09
somsiprickb|server: maybe a red herring, but worth a go. If not, I'm clueless14:09
rickb|serverlol ok :)14:09
ionutPhi all14:09
lucian_allandee: okay14:10
barcel0dr-willis ou call the installer using the cd! Alernatibe?14:10
ionutPhow can i enable A2DP source service in blueman?14:10
militanthmmmm so zeitgeist datahub is zombied after every boot.  i see from google this is a known issue, but there's so many repeats of the same info that i can't quite see if there's a fix?  or if it causes any issues with other software or services?14:11
Bisu[Shield]wth am I invisible?14:11
dr-willisbarcel0:  the os installer binary is called 'ubiquity' i think14:11
federicoHi everyone, I'm about to byt a new pc with SandyBridge, will it work with 11.04? Thanks a lot, I don't wanna make a mistake buying incompat. hard14:11
wols_Bisu[Shield]: don't change the owner but permissions14:11
ionutPhow can i enable A2DP source service in blueman?14:11
Bisu[Shield]what should I change it to?14:12
rickb|serverguess what os? http://rickb.net/desktop.png :p14:13
=== johnPEBKAC is now known as beerbro
dr-willisBisu[Shield]: where did the idea to chown the /dev/sdxx come from?14:13
lotuspsychjeubuntu with mac os theme14:13
Bisu[Shield]I made it up dr-willis14:13
Bisu[Shield]because I needed permisison to use the device14:14
dr-willisBisu[Shield]:  i think that ides us totally wrong14:14
Bisu[Shield]I agree14:14
federicoHi, can anyone, please, help me with some SandyBridge questions? Thanks!14:14
Bisu[Shield]brw-rw----  <-- what permission is this? I dont recognize the b part14:14
dr-willisb   block device14:14
dr-willisi think14:14
sipiordr-willis: yep.14:15
Bisu[Shield]oh so just chmod 777??14:15
ionutPhi is anyone using blueman?14:15
allandeebahamas: well, doh!14:15
dr-willisi dont think you chown or chmod /dev/sdxx items at all14:15
edbiandr-willis: I agree14:15
lucian_allandee: ??14:16
Bisu[Shield]dr-willis:  so how do i make the device available to vmware?  Currently vmware is complaining that it does not have permission to read the file14:16
allandeelucian: the rom can be extracted from the published windows drivers ;p14:16
allandeelucian: ok:14:16
federicoHi, can anyone, please, help me with some SandyBridge questions? Thanks!14:17
dr-willischeck vmware guides/docs i guess. using a vm to access a real physical disk i think is not a good idea14:17
dr-willisvbox docs warn against doing that14:17
usr13Bisu[Shield]: What exactly are you trying to do.  Why would vmware need  premission to "read" a block device file?14:18
tazhey i just opened irc for the the first time in my life can anyone point me to like a begginers guide?14:18
allandeelucian: something like "mkdir ~/tmp ; cd ~/tmp ; wget http://mirror2.openwrt.org/sources/broadcom-wl-" to grab the driver14:18
allandeeor whereever you want to put it14:18
usr13taz:  http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/irctutorial.html14:19
lucian_allandee: it will remain there permanently, i assume14:19
lotuspsychjeanyone knows where to find a theme error: my gnome theme changes suddenly after boot14:19
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allandeeextract with "tar --extract --bzip2 --file broadcom-wl-"14:20
Bisu[Shield]when I try to connect to the device via vmware, i get an error: Virtual device scsi0:1: Unable to open host device "/dev/sdb1": Insufficient permissions to access the file. Please make sure the virtual device is configured to use a Linux SCSI Generic device (/dev/sg*), and that the physical device is functioning normally on the host.14:20
Bisu[Shield]Failed to connect virtual device scsi0:1.14:20
allandeelucian: hence the name "tmp"14:20
Bisu[Shield]and I am not sure how to fix it14:20
allandee(no ;)14:20
usr13allandee: tar jxvf broadcom-wl-
allandeeusr13: long options for readability ;)14:20
lucian_allandee: done14:21
usr13allandee: Oh ok.14:21
federicomaybe this would work: sudo Hi, can anyone, please, help me with some SandyBridge questions? Thanks!14:21
Pici!ask | federico14:21
ubottufederico: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:21
cyphawhich pygtk do I download?14:22
federicoSandyBridge is compatible with 11.04 release?14:22
lucian_i see there are some wl_linux files14:22
allandeeright, I'm trying to figure out where to write the extracted rom to14:22
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection14:23
cyphadr-willis: do you have pythongtk?14:23
lucian_allandee: alright14:23
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maxxerwhat happens after "running /scripts/init-bottom"?14:24
dr-willisno idea. cyp cypha  should i?14:24
maxxermy machine is stuck there14:24
dabbishunity, what do you guys think? like or dislike?14:24
cyphanot necessarily14:24
dr-willis!find pygtk14:24
ubottuFound: python-zbarpygtk14:24
cyphacan anyone tell me which python-gtk package I should be downloading?14:24
rhin0dabbish I couldn't find the bash prompt Oo14:24
Pici!info python-gtk214:24
ubottupython-gtk2 (source: pygtk): Python bindings for the GTK+ widget set. In component main, is optional. Version 2.22.0-0ubuntu1.1 (natty), package size 1365 kB, installed size 5096 kB14:24
PinguincscI am trying to find the best way to backup files from an NTFS FS to an external USB disk14:25
th0rPinguincsc: rsync?14:25
PinguincscI am running Ubuntu Lucid Desktop. I was thinking of using Deja Dup14:25
PinguincscIs it safe for NTFS?14:26
dabbishOk let me rephrase that; Is there anyone here who actually use Unity?14:26
popeydabbish: yup14:26
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dabbishone person?14:28
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.14:28
wols_dabbish: don't take one14:28
bahamasallandee: i'm back to my original nickname :)14:28
dabbishwols_, huh?14:28
wols_dabbish: do not take polls14:28
dabbishwols_, I'm just curios. I took one look at it and thought WTF14:29
wols_dabbish: do you have an actual ubuntu support problem?14:29
federico@ubottu : the hardware support page on Wiki  only has equipments, not components... any other links you can point me to? Thanks for your help!14:29
wols_federico: ubottu is a bot14:29
dabbishwols_, no14:30
wols_federico: can you tell us the difference between "equipments" and "components"?14:30
tokamhello, how to set up a taskbar at my second dual monitor. I tried to follow some online tutorials (like pressing als+mouse 1) and moving an existing panel arround, but this all showed now reaction.14:30
federico@wols_ I'm an idiot...jajaj14:30
federico@wols_ equipment: notebook, desktop, server | components: motherboards, cpus, etc.14:30
barcel0debian-installer is the installer that uses the alternative installation cd for ubuntu?14:31
barcel0true? xD14:31
wols_federico: link on that page you got linked: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/catalog14:32
bahamasallandee: yes14:32
wols_barcel0: afaik yes14:32
allandeebahamas: do you have git installed?14:32
Pinguincschow do I add a separate item for Software Sources to Unity?14:32
federico@wols_ thanks! I would have expected a catalog categorized by parts, so I quickly looked and didn't notice. Thanks!14:33
bahamasallandee: i do now14:33
allandeeyou have to "git clone git://git.bu3sch.de/b43-tools.git" - the Ubuntu package doesn't quite work14:34
militanthmmmm.  so anyone know what's with zeitgeist datahub being zombied at boot?14:34
allandeeclone it to a tmp directory of sortrs14:34
bahamasallandee: okay14:35
federico@wols_ is there an HCL for Ubuntu?14:35
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection14:36
barcel0wols with isolinux I can add 2 entries, 1 - boot into live mode and 2-install directly (load debian-installer)?14:36
wols_barcel0: why would ther alternate ISO have live cd components on disk?14:37
allandeesudo <where-you-cloned-b43-tools-too>/fwcutter/b43-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware ~<username>/tmp/broadcom-wl*/driver/wl_apsta/wl_prebuilt.o14:37
edbianallandee: Who are you helping?14:38
allandeehm, the greater-than signs, &gt; messed that up14:38
allandeeedbian: bahamas14:38
bahamasedbian: me14:38
federico@dr-willis I live in a country where Hardware is REALLY expensive.  So, you have to be very carefull when buying parts..14:38
edbianbahamas: What card is this?14:38
allandeeedbian; bcm431314:38
bahamasedbian: broadcom14:38
wols_federico: this HCL is still useless btw. well not totally useless but doesn't tell the whole story. e.g. broadcom WLAN is supposedly supported, but I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole for any Linux. same with ralink or realtek14:39
federico@wols_ what about TP-Link? My config is with that PCI wifi card..14:39
yclcan help me how to configuration cam to pidgin ?14:40
wols_federico: manufacturer of cards do not matter ever. only makers of the chips on said cards matter.14:40
barcel0wols I'm doing a remaster of ubuntu and I set it so that it isolinux say14:41
wols_federico: e.g. my tp-link uses atheros which is supported very well under linux.14:41
beliycl: iirc pidgin has no support for that14:41
edbianbahamas: allandee Did you get it working?  I don't think b43 can be used for that card.14:41
xanguabeli: ycl pidgin supportd voice and video for jabber protocol14:41
bahamasedbian: i'm trying now14:41
wols_barcel0: you make no sense14:41
belixangua: oh, didn't know :) nice14:42
usr13allandee:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1073594814:42
allandeebahamas: I'll try again, using [] for meta info:  sudo [where got cloned b43-fwcutter to]/fwcutter/b43-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware ~[bahamas]/tmp/broadcom-wl-
ycl@xangua,how to conf ?14:42
allandeeif we can suck out the prom, the driver should14:42
xanguaycl: do you have a jabber acount'¿14:42
xanguagtalk perhaps¿14:42
nOStahlcan someone help me out to enable multiple graphics cards so I can have more than one screen14:43
bahamasallandee: yes, it's okay i understood. i don't see a b43-fwcutter executable in fwcutter though14:43
mdgeorgeI'm using natty, and I'd like to install a newer version of xorg (I want the pointer barrier support added in 1.10.2)14:43
mdgeorgeis there an easy way to do this without breaking everything?14:43
bahamasallandee: there's a file named like that but with .1 at the end14:43
ycl@xangua,i don't14:43