holsteinastraljava: you want me to send the reminder email and all that?04:00
astraljavaholstein: No, thanks, I can do that in a couple of hours, just gotta fish for the template in the archives. :)04:51
holsteinastraljava: thanks04:52
holsteinlet me know if i can do anything pre or post meeting :)04:52
astraljavaholstein: If you have time, could you check the desktop seed, and give us your input on the apps selection?05:36
astraljavaholstein: Find it here: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntustudio.oneiric05:37
holsteinastraljava: i just do 'browse code' right?12:40
* holstein looking12:40
astraljavaholstein: I forget whether you can do that in LP, if not, just branch it out.12:51
holsteinhehe... ill google that and see if i can figure out what it means ;)12:51
astraljava:) There are actually instructions on how to do that on the page. All you need to do is install bzr before that.12:52
holsteinthis is about the help level i have come to expect13:12
holsteini click 'answers' and https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu-seeds13:12
holsteinanyways... i'll RTFM later and see if i can look at that13:12
holsteini installed bzr, and i installed that before for some reason13:13
astraljavaThat's just because no-one set up the answers app for ubuntu-seeds.13:14
astraljavaholstein: All you need to do is `sudo aptitude install bzr`, and then `bzr branch lp:~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntustudio.oneiric`. That latter command is actually on the page of ubuntustudio.oneiric, but yeah. You kinda need to know this stuff. :)13:15
astraljavaAhh... sorry, didn't read it all.13:15
holsteinastraljava: so... im getting it13:23
holsteinthose just come in to whatever directory im cd'd into?13:23
astraljavaholstein: Yes, and it should name the new directory by the branch name (ie. ubuntustudio.oneiric)13:24
holsteinfound it :)13:24
astraljavaThe file that we're mostly interested in is desktop, but feel free to poke around on the other stuff as well, you might have some cool ideas.13:24
* holstein is -1 on bluetooth13:25
astraljavaBut we're probably not gonna make any huge changes, considering we're nearing beta now, so we've not got much time to experiment.13:25
holsteinof course, we should see what size it is13:25
holsteinits not like we can ever fit on a CD13:26
astraljavaWell... people have bluetooth mice and keys. I bet it's something we might be interested in keeping.13:26
holsteinif its small-ish, and doesnt run in the background by default, why not13:28
holsteini can see folks coming in "my mouse used to work, you guys suck"13:29
astraljavaI kinda think it's purpose is to run in the background by default, cause people will wonder why they can't connect their peripherals, if it's not.13:29
astraljavaYeah. :D13:29
holsteini pretty much agree with what we were loosely talking about before13:29
holsteinkeeping the overall experience similar13:30
holsteinand chaning the DE13:30
holstein*then* we can change some bigger stuff in the next cycle13:30
holsteinso its not a whole bunch of change all at once13:30
holsteinastraljava: within reason13:30
holsteinif we didnt have BT, lets not have it13:31
holsteinof course, theres the argument that we should mirror the main ubuntu-desktop config13:31
holsteinwho knows13:31
holsteinyou cant please everyone...13:31
astraljavaOh I know, but I will certainly try, still. :D13:44

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