BLZbubbahey there, how difficult would it be for upstart to have a debug mode where the user would get a "yes/no" prompt for every possible configured service, instead of using the event system?16:52
gnutunhey all; how can i get access to a job's output?19:27
marruslBLZbubba, there was some discussion at the last UDS about implementing an optional serialized boot.  Not sure where that proposal is at though.20:20
dlibanorihi guys, is it safe to use "start on started rc" to starts a service after postgresql?21:22
pmjdebruijndlibanori: don't you want start on stopped rc?21:23
dlibanorirc is a task?21:23
pmjdebruijndlibanori: in any case, I'd highly recommend testing it in a VM21:23
pmjdebruijndlibanori: I'm not 100%21:23
dlibanoripmjdebruijn: yes, it is a task21:24
pmjdebruijnbe careful with this21:24
dlibanoripmjdebruijn: at Ubuntu 11.04 it is a task21:24
dlibanoripmjdebruijn: why?21:24
pmjdebruijnwe usually test stuff out of band21:24
pmjdebruijndlibanori: why not?21:25
pmjdebruijnwe've had some changes only bite me @ shutdown21:25
pmjdebruijnfor examples21:25
dlibanoripmjdebruijn: ok, this is lab machine, no problems if it stop to boot21:25
pmjdebruijnah ok21:25
dlibanoriwhy Ubuntu doesn't use upstart to control postgresql? It still uses SysV21:27
pmjdebruijnlot of packages are inherented from debian21:28
pmjdebruijnwho don't use upstart by default21:28
pmjdebruijnat least that's my guess21:28
JanCit takes time to convert init scripts to upstart jobs, especially for more complicated/important daemons22:05
JanCconvert + test, obviously22:06
dlibanoriThanks pmjdebruijn and JanC 22:30

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