w3bcrawlerdo i have to install a particular version of xubuntu for a laptop00:17
charlie-tca386 or 64bit?00:17
w3bcrawlerall i see is the desktop version00:17
charlie-tcaWe don't have special versions for desktop vs laptop, just 32 or 64bit00:18
w3bcrawlerk :) thank you00:18
bl00dysorry im a newbie how to login as root ?\01:38
Unit193bl00dy: Why do you want to login as root? That has be disabled for security/safety reasons.01:39
bl00dyi want to remove a directory but it says cannot remove don't know why i thought it would remove it as root cz it has privileges01:39
Unit193Alright, what dir?01:40
bl00dyit's in opt/metasploit framework01:41
bl00dyi was just testing it if i can install it but couldn't and i want to remove it now01:41
Unit193Hit alt+F2 and type  gksu thunar01:43
bl00dyok thanks man :) is this the only way i can login as root or i  can also use any command from terminal ?01:44
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)01:46
Unit193To run terminal commands, you just use sudo (!sudo to learn more)01:47
bl00dyok thanks man :)01:47
xubuntu376Will I be able to switch Xubuntu over to Lubuntu once it becomes a more stable project?02:02
Unit193You should be able to, what do you think is wrong with it now? (This more belongs in #Lubuntu though)02:04
xubuntu376Well, I'm still using Xubuntu 10.04, for starters.  :-)02:04
Unit193Do you plan on switching? If you do, do you plan to go Xubuntu 10.04 > Xubuntu 12.04 > Lubuntu 12.04 ?02:06
xubuntu37612? What? Where?  :-)02:06
xubuntu376That's a fairly huge jump?02:07
Unit193It's the next LTS (IIRC) You would have to upgrade 10.04 > 10.10 > 11.04 now . You can't jumb versions, only from version to version or LTS to LTS02:07
xubuntu376I'll probably go LTS --> LTS.02:08
xubuntu376If that can be done.02:08
xubuntu376I thought 10.04 was the last LTS?02:08
Unit193Yes it currently is02:08
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade02:09
xubuntu376My head is spinning. Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Fedora, it's all too much.  :-)02:11
nankurahey guys, anyone around?02:15
nankurai have a phew questions if anyone has time02:15
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:15
nankuraOk basically. ubuntu and mint are both known for bloat, programs u dont need etc, but i like it, i love mint 10 but i hate gnome/kde these days, the path choices are just blegh. so i want to try XFCE, i tried openbox but thats not for me, so XFCE was suggested, i was curious what xubuntu is like on speed/bloat with all those programs installed from ubuntu02:16
nankurai had a look at mints XFCE, but i think they changed it to much02:17
nankuraxubuntu at least keeps the dock/top bar02:17
pleia2you can always customize your panels02:18
pleia2delete and add them, move them around02:18
pleia2bloat-wise you can slim down xfce from the default easier than you can kde or gnome, but you really won't get much faster unless you go with something like openbox or lxde02:18
nankuraon arch XFCE was only using 100-200MB of ram02:19
nankurawhich is the same as openbox02:19
nankuraeither way , its faster than gnome or kde :P02:19
nankurathats the simple fact lol02:19
pleia2yeah, you can get it pretty slim if you get rid on panel indicators and don't turn on flashy stuff02:20
pleia2benchmarks put xubuntu out of the box not much faster than ubuntu though02:20
pleia2I've customized mine a lot to make it faster and simple, but I don't use xfce just because I can make it faster :) I quite like the whole thing02:21
nankurado you have any links to benchmarks?02:21
nankuraim quite curious02:21
nankuraand yea i know u can always just install and try these things, the reason i ask is because i have a download limit each month02:22
nankuraso i have to pick what i download carefully02:22
nankuraand i was wondering which XFCE distro to grab02:22
pleia2they change with each release, I'd just google for xubuntu benchmark ubuntu02:22
pleia2I think you'll find most people here are a bit bias :) I like the stability and quality that comes from the ubuntu respositories so I go with xubuntu02:23
nankuraoh i definatly agree with you man02:23
nankuraive tried arch and thats not for me02:23
nankurai dont like the fact that with rolling distro's your linux can completely break at anytime02:24
nankurau can just be sitting there, update comes, bang, nothing works lol02:24
pleia2not a man, but yeah, arch is certainly a different kind of linux02:24
nankurai love ubuntus .deb and stability02:24
* pleia2 nods02:24
xubuntu376FreeBSD with Blackbox.. I mean, oh wait.. Xubuntu! Yeah!02:24
nankuraoh sorry :P02:24
pleia2xubuntu376 :)02:24
nankurawell id love to join with the xubuntu community! :D02:24
nankurai do love having a software manager/updater/package manager02:24
nankuraon arch u didnt even have a package manager unless u got a gui pkg x.x02:25
pleia2I used fluxbox prior to xfce, it's still in active development and it's quite fast (still run it on my debian boxes)02:25
nankurai remember the fluxbox mint derive02:25
nankurai wonder what happened to it02:25
pleia2probably can still just install fluxbox like you did openbox02:25
xubuntu376Real men use a console connection and vi.02:25
xubuntu376Console over serial, that is.  :-D02:26
xubuntu376Or 2600 baud, whichever you prefer.  :-D02:27
xubuntu376You kids and your fancy Linux junk!  :-D02:27
* pleia2 adjusts the settings on xubuntu376's time machine02:27
nankuracan you use openbox with XFCE02:29
nankuraive seen youtube vids off it02:29
nankuraand its really smooth and nice looking02:29
pleia2yeah, you don't need to use xfwm02:29
nankurahow do u set that up?02:33
Unit193You scared him off02:35
pleia2Unit193: the adjustment worked!02:36
pleia2nankura: I'm not sure, sorr02:37
nankuraall good02:37
nankuraum final question02:37
nankurawhich xubuntu version is best atm, 11.04 alpha or 10.10 for stability02:37
pleia211.04 has been released, 11.10 is alpha (not recommended for stability)02:37
pleia211.04 is great, ships with xfce 4.8 which is quite nice :)02:38
pleia2btw, the version numbers are just Year.Month of release, so you can tell when they are released by version number (so 11.04 was 2011 April, 11.10 will be 2011 October)02:43
nankuraim downloading it now02:46
nankuraim always scared of new distro's tho, ive tried alot, and nothing has just "worked", gnome + compiz was to choppy during gaming ( its a compiz problem not my pc , confirmed ) on mint/ubuntu, archlinux was to much manual labour, and i dont like the missing stability, gentoo is just ew, lol02:47
nankuraits so hard to find the right distro02:47
nankurathe only one i used that truely "worked" out of the box, and used gallium3d so gaming was amazingly fast, was fedora 15 gnome02:47
nankurathe only reason i cant use fedora as a main is the low repo support and .rpm is a dead format, .deb is much more popular and has things i need02:48
nankuraso im preying xubuntu is one i can settle in with02:49
charlie-tcaIf you have an nvidia card and want gallium, you just go to System -> Additional Drivers, choose the experimental driver instead of nvidia driver02:50
nankurayea xD02:51
nankurai have a GTX 460 SE 1gb02:51
nankurauhm one question02:51
nankurais 32 bit PAE enabled?02:51
nankurawith PAE i tend to use 32bit, i only have 4GB of ram so i dont really need 64bit, and i have had trouble with 64bit programs and 32bit programs with debian/ubuntu derives02:52
pleia2pretty sure02:52
nankuraeven linux isnt 100% solid on 64bit with 32bit apps yet02:52
nankurajust curious which version i should download02:53
pleia232bit one should be fine02:54
pleia2(I use 64bit but I don't use any 32bit apps)02:54
nankurai use alot of 32bit native games02:55
* pleia2 nods02:55
nankuraand wine02:55
nankurawine with 64bit is a pain02:55
jmcantrellif i install xubuntu-desktop on my ubuntu install, is it easily uninstalled if i want to go back?03:01
nankurawhy would u install the desktop o.003:07
nankurajust install the full blown thing03:07
nankuraUhm quick question03:08
nankuraone problem i have with XFCE/openbox is the use of the alsa sound packages, alsa doesnt work well for me , pulse does, i know some people prefer alsa, but i prefer pulse03:09
nankurain mint 10, i instantly removed there sound manager and installed pure pulse and the pulse applet which starts on the taskbar when it boots up03:09
nankuraim wondering if u can do that in xubuntu03:09
nankuraand if it supports the gnome applet03:10
charlie-tcapulse audio is already installed03:10
charlie-tcaI don't know pulse applet03:10
charlie-tcayes, you can install the gnome applet03:10
charlie-tcayes, you can remove the xfce4-mixer03:11
nankuraoh ok03:12
jmcantrellanyone know?03:14
charlie-tcait is never as easy to uninstall as to install03:15
jmcantrellwhat are some things that would be missed if i'm used to gnome?03:15
balljmcantrell: bloat? ;-)03:16
jmcantrelli have no doubt, but i was more curious about the things that i would be sad to leave behind ;)03:16
charlie-tcaI don't know what you will miss. I don't use gnome or unity or kde03:17
charlie-tcaI don't miss anything from it03:17
ballI was undecided (for use at work) between Xubuntu and Ubuntu back when Ubuntu was built on Gnome 2.  Since the move to Unity, Xubuntu is a natural choice.03:23
ballUnity would not be a sensible choice for my users.03:23
charlie-tcaunfortunately, the more Ubuntu does with unity, the less compatible it is to run both Ubuntu and Xubuntu.03:24
charlie-tcaI think 10.04 worked well to have both desktop environments installed.03:25
jrmyso i just did a fresh install of xubuntu 10.04.. can anyone remind me how to install adobe flash?05:20
jrmyidk if its included in the updates that i got aka the 300 some odd amount05:21
jrmyi remember that i have to addsun something to teh repositories list but i cant remember exactly05:21
pleia2sun is for java, flashplugin-installer is the package you want for flash05:22
jrmyoh yeah... java.. lol im probably gonna need that too.. thats why i remembered sun05:22
jrmybut cool, thanks05:23
jrmybrb restart needed05:23
bkerensaHi Guys... Does Xubuntu have any known issues with slow wifi speeds?05:46
bkerensaIm getting horrible speed on Xubuntu yet if I boot into ubuntu the issue is not there05:47
jrmyok so how do install java?06:23
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://goo.gl/zwOip -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.06:27
nankurahey guys :D06:28
nankurai made this post regarding ubuntu, its to long to post here so ill just give u guys the link06:29
nankuraxubuntu* i mean06:30
nankuraon the ubuntu forums06:30
jrmylittle bit different from last time06:33
jrmythe first link worked btw06:33
jrmyfirst link included the sun java packages06:34
jrmyjust had to add to the repositories sources06:34
Night-hacksi've installed xubuntu desktop using aptitude install xubuntu-desktop06:39
Night-hackshow can i remve it completely ?06:39
Night-hackshey is there anybody out there !?06:44
ubottuUbuntu One is a service where you can back up, store, sync and share your data with other Ubuntu One users - For more see https://one.ubuntu.com/ support and help available at #ubuntuone06:48
nankuraHey all :D08:45
nankurahow do i remove alsa and the sound manager in xubuntu up the top right?08:46
nankuraanyone here know conky well?09:38
digital_rougehello is this the channel wher ei can get help with ubuntu?09:58
Sysiif you're using it with xfce09:59
digital_rougelol i dont think im using that09:59
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nankurahey guys im trying to edit startup items with XFCE, like in gnome you had startup applications and a gui for it, but im not sure how with XFCE10:16
Sysisetings → sessions and startup → autostart tab10:18
nankurathanks sysi :D10:22
ioniteanyone here?10:27
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.10:27
ionitehow do i update flash in xubuntu?10:27
ionitemeaning install a plug in.10:28
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash10:28
ionitei got this message: Could not download all repository indexes  The repository may no longer be available or could not be contacted because of network problems. If available an older version of the failed index will be used. Otherwise the repository will be ignored. Check your network connection and ensure the repository address in the preferences is correct.10:35
ionitei got this too10:40
TheSheepionite: you need to be connected to the internet10:42
TheSheepionite: what version of xubuntu do you have?10:43
ioniteTheSheep: 11.0410:44
TheSheepionite: so you installed it using the ubuntu software center?10:47
ioniteyeah, i am trying now.10:48
AlanIs there actually a GUI for configuring multiple monitors in xubuntu?11:46
AlanI see that i can change the wallpapers for each monitor, but not actually switch between clone and extended mode...11:47
WizardAlan, install arandr11:47
Alanthat's a bit... meh11:48
Alanas in the fact there is something that somewhat understands more than one monitor, but it's missing pretty much all the useful features...11:49
Alan(the XFCE settings stuff i mean)11:49
WizardI agree11:49
Wizardxfce settings has many flaws11:49
Alanseems a little incomplete11:50
Alanstill better than gnome3 though :|11:51
Alaneh, screw this11:54
Wizardgnome3 lacks many settings applets, but they have xrandr settings :>11:54
Alanlike it matters - it has pretty much no usability on a multi-monitor system11:54
WizardAlan, fill feature request in launchpad11:54
Alanespecially what I'm doing which is running multi-monitor inside a VM11:54
Wizardor rather bug report11:54
WizardI think it's a bug11:54
Wizarduseless settings windw ;)11:55
AlanWizard: if it hasn't been filed as a bug and accepted already then there is something seriously wrong anyway11:55
AlanI think i'll stick with linux mint for now11:55
Alanhere's hoping they fork gnome211:55
Alaninstead of trying to see how they can "mintify" gnome311:56
WizardI'll check it this evening, currently I'm quite busy11:56
WizardAlan, gnome3 has "old" desktop11:56
WizardI suppose RedHat won't allow removing good, old gnome-panel and desktop :)11:57
Wizardit would kill RHEL11:57
AlanWizard: except all attempt to keep any "classic desktop" polish has been thrown out11:57
AlanUnity is almost OK in some circumstances11:57
Wizardpersonal taste, I like gnome3 more11:58
Wizardbut from most of it i like xfce :)11:58
Alanbut really I'm getting irritated that all the DE developers seem to be smoking the same "let's make a single-application appliance!" crack11:58
Alanit's almost like they don't even use a computer for anything11:59
Alan(which i find hard to believe, since they must be doing some kind of development work...)11:59
AlanMaybe it's just a sign of a new generation of developers entering open-source with different preconceptions of how things should work11:59
AlanAaaaanyway, that's enough ranting12:00
AlanI really like XFCE, but it still needs a bit more polish that I don't have the time to chase at the moment :P12:00
Wizardehehe :)12:01
w3bcrawlerumm how do i disable session saving13:40
w3bcrawlermore specifically.. in my settings manager, the option to save the session is unchecked, however my session is still being saved13:41
Sysirm -rf ~/.cache/sessions and select it to prompt on logout, uncheck tap there13:44
Sysiit remembers to keep it unchecked13:44
w3bcrawlerk thanks i'm gonna give that a shot13:45
SysiI think there is some bug about setting it to "don't save" automatically13:45
w3bcrawlerworked like a charm, thanks13:50
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zagrevHi, anyone updated their bios from within linux?17:35
zagrevgot a bios update for my mb  but dont want to install xp just to install an update :(17:35
TheSheepzagrev: boot from a dos disquette? :)17:36
zagrevgot no floppy drive17:36
TheSheepzagrev: I suppose you need to ask the support of the manufacturer17:36
TheSheepzagrev: I wouldn't try it17:37
charlie-tcathere is a program for that, but I don't know what happened with it17:37
TheSheepcharlie-tca: coreboot?17:37
charlie-tcaI think that is it17:38
charlie-tcadoes it work anymore?17:38
TheSheepI think there is a program for thinkpads and another for dells17:38
charlie-tcacould also download freedos and do it with that17:38
TheSheepcharlie-tca: unless the upgrade program is a windows exe17:39
charlie-tcaI keep an old win98 boot disk around for updating bios17:39
* charlie-tca thinks that tells the age of the computers he has, too17:39
TheSheepcharlie-tca: does it work from just the installer's console?17:39
TheSheepcharlie-tca: don't worry, the last windows I had is 9517:40
charlie-tcaI don't know, I boot to dos17:40
charlie-tcaI never quite get to windows17:40
* TheSheep checks if there is an update for his bios17:40
charlie-tcazagrev: TheSheep is correct though. many manucturers now let us upgrade from linux17:41
TheSheepwow, my bios upgrade comes as a cd image17:44
w3bcrawlerso i managed to get xfce to stop saving the session all the time.. but now it won't remember any information that i put in a program.. ie: for XChat, I have to enter my alias, username, real name, and server addy.18:52
cody-somervillew3bcrawler, xchat like to segfault when being shutdown18:56
w3bcrawlersomerville32 emirite19:07
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pmjdebruijnhi all21:51
pmjdebruijnI've used Ubuntu for some time now, as probably many others, I'm unsure about Unity/GNOME3, I have mixed feelings, both good and bad21:52
pmjdebruijnI'm looking at Xubuntu now, and I'm impressed to the degree which it has progressed21:52
pmjdebruijnhowever, I particularly hate the Xfce notifier21:53
pmjdebruijnis it hard to used regular's ubuntu's notify-osd I guess?21:53
pmjdebruijnI just remove the xfce one and install the other21:54
pmjdebruijnsorry s/I/or/21:54
David-Apmjdebruijn: (no answer) good point. what happens if you install xfce4-notifyd or notification-daemon-xfce? it should uninstall the other notifier, i think. (remember what it uninstalls, and reinstall that if it didnt work, tell me if it works, maybe i'll try it too)22:06
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jrmyso anyone know how i can setup my onboard sound so that it can be more compliant with sound recording programs?22:40
jrmyi'd liek to use ardour but it cant seem to detect my sound controller22:41
jrmyive got 10.0422:43
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jrmyi wonder if 11.04 would work well on my machine22:44
jrmyi forget how to upgrade though...22:44
jrmyhow would i upgrade to 11.04 and not 10.10? i followed some instructions but it says ubuntu 10.10 is available22:49
jrmyi'd rather use a stable release22:50
jrmydo i have to upgrade by each level?22:51
knomejrmy, yes22:51
jrmyah.. thats why i was confused22:51
jrmyis ubuntu more popular for a choice of an OS as being on more of a comparative level with mac and windows?22:55
pimperleis there a way to deactivate the <s-up> and <s-down> shortcuts in xfce terminal to use them in vim with the drawit addon?23:02
pimperlethe terminal should somehow detect that it cannot scroll in the current application and hence deactivate the shortcuts23:03
David-Ajrmy: I think thats a matter of opinion. I would say ubuntu is more userfrienly than win and less than mac.23:03
pimperlei found the switch to deactivate the shortcuts alltogether, however when not in some application i'd liket o keep them23:04
pimperlethe terminal detects the change from shell to vim, which causes the scroll bar to enlarge the slider full width and allow for no scrolling as long as the editor is open23:05
David-A(everyoneelse: i just realised it could be a bait, sorry if i just started a war)23:05
David-Ajrmy: do you need a super-easy OS yourself or are setting one up for grandma? In the later case, most popular linux distros can be set up to be userfriendly enough.23:08
jrmyi was just wondering if more peopel were using linux nowadays or not23:09
jrmyi remember reading a review about ubuntu saying that it was starting to get on the same level as windows 723:09
jrmyor something like that23:09
charlie-tcajrmy: you might want to investigate UbuntuStudio for sound. They have more options installed by default23:09
jrmythanks.. i'll see if my problems are adverted after updating to 11.0423:10
charlie-tcaokay. Please make sure yo upgrade to each number in sequence23:11
David-Ajrmy: some sites reporting OS popularities and trends: http://www.w3counter.com/globalstats.php , http://marketshare.hitslink.com/os-market-share.aspx?spider=1&qprid=9  (i dont know which ones are unbiased)23:14
David-Ajrmy: I have tried winxp, win7 and many versions of ubuntu. I would say win7 as of january 2011 has not quite reached the level of ubuntu as of 2009 yet. IMHO23:25
jrmyi'd say that linux can be much more of a customizable OS then win dows23:37
jrmythough it depends on your level of computing knowledge i suppose23:38
jrmyidk.. i havent seen any other distro thats easier to learn then ubuntu23:38
jrmyso how many changes did they make from 10.04 to 11.04?23:49
jrmyany big differences in other words23:49
charlie-tcavery big changes since we moved from xfce 4.6 to xfce 4.823:55
jrmywell time to restart so i can upgrade to 11.04 next brb.. as long as it works without issue..23:57

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