DarkwingDuckapachelogger: ping00:09
apacheloggerDarkwingDuck: pong00:10
apacheloggerdoing a video right now, so I am not really here :P00:10
DarkwingDuckapachelogger: Quick question... the OMAP3 image for Natty... will it fit on a 2GB sd?00:11
DarkwingDuckOr, is it like Maverick where it requires a 4GB?00:12
apacheloggerDarkwingDuck: I don't think 2gb is sufficient00:23
apacheloggercertainly not for the preinstalled00:23
apacheloggerI mean, you can try, but I do not find it very likely to work00:24
DarkwingDuckapachelogger: Thanks.00:24
ScottKJontheEchidna: I don't think you are correctly characterizing the apt default.  Try and install a package from a PPA that you don't have the key for.  It'll fail.  In either case, I still think the more conservative default (failing outright) is better.01:39
* ScottK logs into a fresh chroot to double check.01:39
ScottKOK.  You're right.01:51
ScottKmicahg: JontheEchidna is correct.  apt allows untrusted packages to be installed by default.  01:51
ScottKI don't think that makes Muon right, I think that means apt is wrong too.01:51
micahgScottK: true, I would agree with your assessment01:52
ScottKDo you want to file the bug?01:53
ScottKmicahg: ^^^01:54
ScottKBack later.01:54
micahgScottK: let me ask the team what they think01:55
Tm_TrScottK: throw me with url and I burn them later today (:06:13
Tm_Tbambee: good morning08:53
Tm_Tand congrats, well deserving08:53
bambeeTm_T: hehe, thanks ;)08:54
* bambee has a nice IRC cloak now :)09:02
tsimpsonyou didn't have to reconnect to activate it though ;)09:02
Tm_Tbambee: now go and get yourself a nice kde addition to it09:03
bambeeTm_T: you mean, kde dev? 09:04
Tm_Tyes (:09:04
bambeeTm_T:  it's too earlier09:06
bambeebut it's the next step for me :)09:06
bambeephonon <309:06
* bambee is now on planet! woo!!10:31
jussiawww, bambee learned to walk... :P Congrats bambee10:31
bambeejussi: thanks :D10:31
bambeejussi: it's just the beginning, I plan a lot of things :)10:32
ScottKTm_T: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/20110803.1/oneiric-desktop-powerpc.iso10:33
bambee1)° get kubuntu the default OS on every PC with phonon used by ALL media players :P10:33
bambee2)° conquer the world10:33
bambee3)° there is no third item...10:34
bambeeapachelogger: your fan club got a new member :P10:37
bambeepeople.ubuntu.com is dead?11:06
bambeeyofel, jussi: does it work for you?11:06
yofelNot on a pc i can try from right now :/11:09
yofelbambee: remember you need the ssh key you're using on LP for that.11:10
bambeeyofel: it's my default ssh key11:10
bambeessh -v says "Authentication succeeded"11:10
bambee"Authenticated to people.ubuntu.com ([]:22)."11:11
yofelNo idea then :/11:11
bambeeit blocks on11:11
bambeedebug1: Sending env LC_MESSAGES = fr_FR.utf811:11
bambeedebug1: Sending env LANG = fr_FR.UTF-811:11
yofelhm... Are you using ssh?11:11
yofelThat's SFTP only11:12
yofelNo shell11:12
* bambee blames himself11:12
bambeeI am an idiot!11:12
yofelI tried that too :P11:12
yofelWell, back to driving. Got about 1.5h left till berlin.11:15
* yofel arrived at his room13:10
shadeslayer_yofel: dude13:49
shadeslayer_yofel: coming to c base?13:49
yofeljust sitting in my room looking at the map13:50
shadeslayer_Ok, we are about to leave13:50
yofelI'll probably go in a few mins, not sure how long It'll take13:50
yofel30-40mins I guess13:50
yofelI hope I'll be there before 513:50
shadeslayer_Yeah, I'm looking at it as well13:51
shadeslayer_apachelogger: what about you?13:51
yofelsearch for bismarckallee 23 if you want to know where I'm currently13:51
shadeslayer_yofel: cya at c base13:54
* yofel gets going too13:56
bambeeon natty ubiquity uses 6.5% of the memory only :)14:45
bambeeon oneiric yesterday it was 15.5%14:45
bambeenatty <314:52
bambeewoo!! my mother love kubuntu!!! :D14:55
bambeeloves *14:56
apacheloggershadeslayer: I am in warsaw making monies16:25
blueyedA dist-upgrade currently would remove a whole lot of packages, probably because of the new KDE backport?! http://paste.ubuntu.com/659384/16:25
blueyedI am on (basically) Natty, using the beta PPA (IIRC).16:25
blueyedaptitude's safe-upgrade had pulled in quite some packages already.16:26
apacheloggerI think you have more ppas than that :P16:26
blueyedYep.. ツ Just cleaning/removing some of them..16:31
blueyedIt's OK to have the backports and default "ppa" for kubuntu-ppa, isn't it?16:33
apacheloggerWell, yes, it should be anyway, as backports carries packages from oneiric those need to be overriding our PPA packages properly, so if backports had a problem with the updates ppa that would also be a bug in oneiric :P16:36
* apachelogger wonders if that actually made sense16:36
ulyssesapt-get dist-upgrade is recommended instead of aptitude, no?16:39
apacheloggerin fact aptitude is not supported at all16:39
apacheloggerit is like russian roulette16:39
ulyssesit's even not part of default install since maverick16:39
blueyedI tend to use aptitude, because it allows good resolving of upgrades and provides different solutions.16:41
blueyedAlso it has a semi-interactive mode, where you can interact with it.16:41
apacheloggerI am not saying it is bad, just that aptitude dep resolving it is not supported/QA'd :P16:43
blueyedQuelle surprise.. it interferes with my Debian testing/unstable sources (which are pinned at 150 though).16:51
blueyedShould kdebase-runtime-data be installed? It's still 4.6.5 for me..17:05
debfxblueyed: no, it's been renamed to kde-runtime-data17:09
blueyeddebfx: That explains some.. what about kdebase-apps?17:14
debfx-> kde-baseapps17:15
blueyedok. aptitude dist-upgrade looks quite ok then: http://paste.ubuntu.com/659421/ ?17:16
debfxblueyed: yep17:22
yofelapachelogger: and when are you getting to berlin?17:35
apacheloggeryofel: sunday evening17:45
blueyedwhat's up in berlin? (/me is living here since June, too)18:06
yofelblueyed: pre-registration party is just going on, drop by if you've got time. Many cool people here ;)18:36
ScottKyofel: Please make shadeslayer test the amd64+mac ISO so we can release it.18:42
yofelheh, he's outside somewhere, I'll look for him later.18:42
* ScottK wonders what Tm_T's excuse is ...18:44
debfxapachelogger: how do I disable subtitles in dragon player? the subtitles menu is disabled ...18:45
apacheloggerdebfx: by fixing dragon player's code I reckon18:50
debfx*sigh* the video player situation just gets worse19:02
ScottKyofel: Why is your pbuilder fix in Ninjas and not just in Ubuntu?19:16
ScottKdebfx: If you're around, indi-apogee and prison will both hit New, so it'd be nice if you could upload them.19:17
ScottKmicahg: Did you have a chance to discuss apt preferences yet?19:17
micahgScottK: no, sorry, been distracted19:18
debfxScottK: what's indi-apogee?19:18
ScottKJontheEchidna: One other datapoint to consider: On Android their default it to completely disallow non-Marketplace apps with a checkbox option to enable them.  I think the current Ubuntu change in Muon matches that.  Not that we should blindly ape Android on stuff, but I think it's a sign of what's a good idea.19:19
ScottKdebfx: It's a driver package for indi.19:19
ScottKWe got indi updated so we can build kstars, but without drivers it can't actually be used (AIUI)19:19
* debfx doesn't even know what libindi is19:21
debfxI'd prefer if someone who is familiar with it uploads that19:23
ScottKshadeslayer: ^^^ please find someone familiar with it.19:25
blueyedyofel: do you mean you're at the location already? I could be there in an hour maybe.. nothing planned for tonight, but quite powered out.19:37
bambeeI am on vacations from tomorrow until the next saturday, I gonna sailing, BUT I've my eepc with me, so I will probably be on IRC few evenings19:46
ScottKbambee: Have a nice vacation.  Where are you sailing?19:46
bambeeScottK: Atlantic Ocean,  "La Rochelle" , between "Nantes" and "amgouleme", South West Coast19:50
bambeethanks :)19:50
ScottKAh.  Interesting.  I've never been there.19:50
ScottKSounds lovely though.19:50
bambeewith a sailboat 11.9 meters, a nice boat , my father loves sailing (me too) :)19:51
bambeeI will probably test kde 4.7 on natty during this week 19:54
ScottKDecent size.  I've sailed similar.19:54
macoboats with sails are something i never saw til i moved here, even though i grew up around boats19:55
bambeeI will take photos ;)19:57
Tm_TScottK: no excuse, I just arrived to my pc and am downloading iso19:57
ScottKTm_T: Great19:57
Tm_TScottK: I have results in ~30 minutes19:58
Tm_Tagain, no installation possible, but will try test the rest19:59
bambeeeveryone is at berlin ?19:59
ScottKTm_T: No OOo on the CD due to space, but it should have all the KDE stuff you'd find on amd64/i386.19:59
ScottKbambee: No.  Not everyone.19:59
macoScottK: are you a couple miles from me right now?20:00
ScottKFor a large value of "couple" yes.20:00
macomeaning you're in berlin or maryland?20:01
maconot a very large value of "couple" then20:01
ScottKBut neither your work nor your home are within two miles of my house, so it requires a large value.20:01
macofine, few!20:02
macocolumbia and ellicott city are practically walking distance, right?20:02
macoive seen ellicott ambulances like 3 streets down on snowden20:02
debfxScottK: is it ok to add missing licenses in a patch instead of repacking the upstream tarball?20:07
ScottKdebfx: OK, but not preferred.20:07
bambeeScottK: ScottK: oh you live near to Baltimore, it seems to be a nice city :)20:07
ScottKYes.  It's an interesting place.  It's a mix of nice/modern and industrial/run down.20:08
bambeeoh it's huge city too20:09
bambeeeverything is huge in the USA :D20:10
ScottKAlso the various areas between Baltimore and Washington, DC are almost all built up so in many respects it's like one huge metropolitan area.20:10
ScottKPopulation density in US cities is generally far lower than European cities, so for their size they have relatively few people.20:11
macoDC has only about 500,000 people20:13
macowell ok 590,00020:13
macowhich is still more than the entire state of wyoming...but...still not that many people20:13
ScottKActually it has fewer.20:14
ScottKI was mis-remembering.20:15
ScottKIt's the DC school census that's way off, not the overall one.20:15
debfxScottK, yofel: I've uploaded prison, once it's accepted prison and qrencode need a MIR20:19
ScottKdebfx: Thanks.20:19
ScottKI'll look at it in a bit.20:20
bambeeDC only about 600,000? wow... I thought that the population was greater o_O20:34
yofeldebfx: thanks20:51
yofelScottK: I took that from the Debian BTS and later simply forgot about it -.-20:52
yofelalso, I missed shadeslayer, so let's hope he pops in later20:52
debfxyofel: you're welcome. are you planning to push the package to debian?20:52
yofelI intended to at least, but I've no idea how to do it20:53
yofelI'll talk to svuorela, met him earlier20:53
bambeewoo! my @kubuntu.org email works!!! :D20:56
debfxyofel: first step would be to open an ITP bug, http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/#l120:57
Tm_KScottK: seems to run, apps work, although I get occasional errors I don't get any hold of21:05
Tm_Knothing that really restricts21:05
ScottKTm_T: Could you put a result in http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/6221/101121:06
Tm_Kfor example kwallet doesn't get activated (and thus used) with networkmanager (:21:06
ScottKInteresting.  I'd suggest filing a bug on that one.21:06
Tm_KI don't have any useful logs though21:07
Tm_Kaah, found21:08
Tm_Kno kwalletd.desktop21:09
Tm_Kquickaccess plasma widget doesn't get loaded, prolly similarly missing desktop file21:10
ScottKquickaccess has an open bug about it.21:13
ScottKPlease file one on the kwallet thing.21:13
ScottKWe removed quickaccess because it's dead, but forgot to remove it from the panel.21:13
Tm_Krighto (:21:13
debfxTm_K: /usr/share/kde4/services/kwalletd.desktop doesn't exist?21:14
Tm_KScottK: so, should I mark this as success anyway?21:15
bambeeIs it possible with kwallet to don't ask password each time? for example each time my eepc starts the wifi is automatically connected and kwallet ask a password...  (it's for my mother everything must remain simple)21:15
ScottKI don't think so.21:15
ScottKIt's been awhile since I looked into it.21:16
debfxTm_K: that's weird, is kde-runtime-data installed?21:16
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
yofeldebfx: k, I'll do it tomorrow, dead tired right now21:16
Tm_Kdebfx: is21:17
debfxbambee: use an empty password :)21:18
Tm_Kbambee it doesn't ask a password when there's no one set, or what debfx said21:18
Tm_Kdebfx: so a bug should be filed against that package?21:18
bambeean empty password? for the keyring... why not..21:18
bambeedebfx, Tm_K: I will try that, thanks21:19
debfxTm_K: that package contains kwalletd.desktop, no idea how something could eat that file21:20
ScottKdebfx: kdeutils FTBFS on powerpc.21:21
ScottKHe's got an old version.21:21
* ScottK forgot about that.21:21
Tm_Kbah, this gprs connection is slow21:21
ScottKpersia: ^^^ If you could fire up your powerpc box and look into that it would REALLY be appreciated.21:21
debfxScottK: the mainifest file says: kde-runtime-data4:4.7.0a-0ubuntu121:22
debfxthat's the most recent version21:22
ScottKOh, right.21:22
ScottKI was looking at kwalletmanager21:23
ScottK(which is in utils)21:23
Tm_KI'm puzzled now where and what I should file in a bug report (:21:23
ScottKGive us a moment.21:23
Tm_Kroger, I'll get back upstairs21:24
Tm_TI didn't find any I/O errors from my logs either, a bit of a surprise21:29
ScottKAh.  Right.  That was kdesdk.21:31
ScottKkde-runtime-data is arch :all, so it's got to be there.21:31
ScottKTm_T: If you're sure it's /usr/share/kde4/services/kwalletd.desktop that's missing, file the bug against kde-runtime.21:32
Tm_Tthat file isn't there in my live session21:36
Tm_Tactually, I tried with "find /user -iname 'kwalletd.desktop'" too, no hits21:37
ScottKAnd kde-runtime-data is installed (it must be)?21:38
Tm_Tit is21:38
Tm_TI/O errors could have explained it somewhat, but as there's no those being seen...21:39
ScottKYou might grep /var/log/installer/ for any information about the package.21:41

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