Daskreechraevin: asked in #cplusplus ?00:00
gomiboyjmichaelx: you did all the mv and rm in a console, out of kde, right?00:00
raevinDaskreech: didn't know that channel existed o.o  on freenode?00:00
Daskreechjmichaelx: all of them?00:00
jmichaelxgomiboy: yes00:01
gomiboyjmichaelx: ok, it's officially strange... :)00:01
jmichaelxDaskreech: all of them what? all of the reasons?00:02
Daskreechall of your settings?00:02
DaskreechYou have nothing saved?00:02
jmichaelxDaskreech: i have nothing saved. yes, that was a mistake. what i do not get is why everything is gone.00:02
Daskreechjmichaelx: ok what's in the current ~/.kde ?00:03
jmichaelxDaskreech: i am not sure what to say, basically the things you would normally expect to find in a newly generated .kde00:05
Daskreechjmichaelx: ... can you check that you didn't copy it to ~/kde ?00:05
jmichaelxDaskreech: i didn't, and i can scrol back to where i entered the command, and i entered it correctly00:06
Daskreech.o0(might be why I always use cp to restore a backup)00:07
Daskreechjmichaelx: out of curiousity can you paste the command that you used to move it back?00:07
jmichaelxDaskreech: lol... i am not ruling out personal error just yet00:07
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jmichaelxDaskreech: the command i entered was: 'mv .kde-old .kde'00:10
Daskreechin ~00:10
jmichaelxyes, in ~00:10
jmichaelxDaskreech: and i see my problem.... there is a .kde-old IN .kde00:10
Daskreechjmichaelx: Tada :)00:11
jmichaelxDaskreech: except, this is not what i would have expected00:11
Daskreechjmichaelx: :-) Think about it.  what happens when you put a file into a directory ?00:12
jmichaelxDaskreech: i have a feeling that since i had not killed kdm, a new .kde was being generated at the same time i was mv'ing .kde-old to .kde00:12
jmichaelxDaskreech: yes... but i had just rm -rf'd .kde00:12
jmichaelxbefore i mv'd .kde-old to .kde00:13
DaskreechI thought that's what you had said00:13
Daskreech it's likely that might have been what happened. I normally just service stop kdm00:14
jmichaelxDaskreech: yea, that was the important step i had skipped00:14
Daskreechjmichaelx: ready to try again?00:14
jmichaelxlol, yep00:14
jmichaelxDaskreech: i have been doing all of this to get to the bottom of why these task manager icons do not go away as they should, when the associated window is closed00:17
DaskreechI heard today someone is having the same problem on arch00:17
jmichaelxDaskreech: i have a third machine that went through the same upgrade, and it is not having this problem. the greatest difference between the machines with the problem, and the one without is the CPU. the two with the problem have dual-core atom CPUs. the one without has a core 2 quad.00:19
Daskreechthat would be a strange bug00:20
Daskreechjmichaelx: I presume you have asked in #plasma ?00:20
jmichaelxDaskreech: it would, and i assume the CPU is completely irrelevant, but since both of the machines with this problem have the same CPU, it does enter the mind00:21
Daskreechjmichaelx: it's an interesting point. Both Atom you say?00:21
jmichaelxno, i was not even aware of the existance of #plasma00:21
jmichaelxDaskreech: yes, both atom d52500:21
ionitehi everyone i'm running on atom should i use KDE or XFCE?00:25
DaskreechWhichever you like?00:25
ionitewell netbook is underpowered so would running on KDE be too taxing and laggy?00:25
DaskreechNot that bad you can scale KDE down to something you can deal with00:26
Daskreechand KDE 4.7 is much more optimized00:26
ioniteDaskreech: why should i use KDE instead of XFCE? what are the pros and cons?00:39
Daskreechionite: I'll start off by saying that I'm heavily in favour of KDE so don't expect unbiased lists :)00:42
ioniteDaskreech: noted since i'm in KDE channel. lolx00:42
Daskreechionite: KDE is far more full featured and has an underlying shared technology so you can do things like watch movies in the image viewer without it taking up any more space (less actually) than having dedicated applications for both00:43
ioniteDaskreech: how easy it is to disable features to run on netbook? considering i'm an idoit to ubuntu?00:44
jmichaelxDaskreech: where did you discover that someone in arch was experiencing a problem similar to mine?00:48
Daskreechplasma is pretty flexible (not making any claims it's more so than xfce)00:49
DaskreechIt has a netbook mode00:50
DaskreechShould auto detect and run in netbook mode00:50
Daskreechjmichaelx: #kde00:50
jmichaelxahh, ty00:50
ioniteDaskreech: so u'll run a scale down version?00:50
ioniteDaskreech: my netbook is preinstalled with netbook remix. should i replace with KDE?00:51
jmichaelxi run kde on nearly everything, but my  dell mini 9 is still running lucid+UNR00:51
jmichaelxi have been considering giving kde a whirl on it... i've used both xfce and lxde in the past00:52
Daskreechionite: You can if you like.. you can just apt-get install00:53
Daskreechjmichaelx: Up to you :)00:54
Daskreech!Info kubuntu-netbook | ionite00:54
jmichaelxi am thinking that with kde, you might at least want to disable file-indexing and akonadi-relate services00:54
maumcan i use touch screen on ubuntu?00:55
ionitejmichaelx: so what's ur conclusion? KDE or XFCE for netbook?00:55
szalionite: try it, like it or don't, then decide00:56
fosburgProblem after bootup OS.  Sometimes the desktop opens showing apps on left side--othertimes desktop shows pulldown menu upper left.  Problem, some apps don't operate correctly under the pulldown menu.  Application is DraftSight00:56
ioniteszal: it's such a pain to update now and if i were to reinstall it would be the same painful thing again.00:56
Daskreechmaum: yes00:57
maumDaskreech, how can I use touch function?00:57
Daskreechmaum: by touching?00:57
maumDaskreech, Should I install touch driver?00:57
Daskreechmaum: I don't know what device you have but I would guess most should work00:59
fosburganyone undestand my problem?00:59
fosburgProblem after bootup OS.  Sometimes the desktop opens showing apps on left side--othertimes desktop shows pulldown menu upper left.  Problem, some apps don't operate correctly under the pulldown menu.  Application is DraftSight00:59
maumDaskreech, There is only touch driver for window not ubuntu.00:59
Daskreechmaum: that's possible.01:00
Daskreechfosburg: Do you ahve a screenshot I'm not following01:00
Daskreech!info draftsight01:00
ubottuPackage draftsight does not exist in natty01:00
DaskreechI also don't know what draftsight is01:00
maumDaskreech, Can you help me to set up touch driver?01:00
fosburgNo on the screen shot01:01
Daskreechmaum: I don't know. What are you trying to setup?01:01
Daskreechfosburg: Draftsight doesn't operate under the drop down menu?01:02
fosburgNaum that is correct01:02
maumDaskreech, in order to active touch screen, I think I have to do something else... do you know that?01:02
Daskreechfosburg: Does it work when the apps are on the left side ?01:03
fosburgNaum--why would the OS open up on the desktop two different ways?01:03
Daskreechfosburg: I don't know there could be a number of reasons. You have multiple desktops installed or different profiles01:03
Daskreechmaum: Haven't  looked at that so I'm not sure what might be required. Far as I know it should just work if you have a driver. If you don't have a driver thats' different01:04
fosburgYes--windows still works  I can select Ubuntu or windows at startup01:05
maumDaskreech, I don't have a driver and the model is VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GT218 [GeForce 310M] (rev a2)01:05
Daskreechmaum: That's an output device not an input device01:06
maumDaskreech, how can I check the input device?01:07
DaskreechIt would be the screen. but easier just to say what device you are using01:07
Daskreecha laptop with touch screen?01:07
maumDaskreech, brand name is samsung..?01:09
maumDaskreech, Model code is DM-U350_PA3501:10
maumDaskreech, I think so01:11
maumDaskreech, a kink of all in one system.01:11
DaskreechAh ok01:12
DaskreechDoes seem a little hard to find information on it01:18
maumDaskreech, ok01:18
Daskreechmaum: I'm trying to think of a good channel for you to ask more about that in01:20
maumDaskreech, ok thanks01:20
maumDaskreech, I heard touch screen is supported in ubuntu 11.04. so I installed ubuntu 11.04 a few month ago. but I didn't know how to active touch screen on ubuntu 11.0401:24
Daskreechmaum: #ubuntu-devel would probably be a good place to ask01:25
maumDaskreech, ok I see.01:26
DaskreechReally it is the kernel which should be #ubuntu-server but I don't think they will respond with as much interest as #ubuntu-devel01:26
OerHeksor #Ubuntu-touch01:28
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ionitehow do i connect to a network printer? with KDE?01:53
Daskreechtry http://localhost:63101:54
briandw1969having stability issues01:56
ioniteDaskreech: are there any softwares to help me connec to network printer?01:56
DaskreechMaybe. I haven't tried I just know that they pretty much all run through cups and that's the direct way to interact with CUPS01:57
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows01:57
DaskreechThat's drivers stuff01:57
DaskreechI'm sure but I don't know which software helps you connect to it offhand other than CUPS01:58
Daskreechbriandw1969: More details?01:58
briandw1969i installed 11.04 on a blank HD,now it shuts off without warning01:58
briandw1969sometimes its stays on for a while,sometimes it doesnt01:59
ioniteDaskreech: u mean i just install cups and it'llbe fine?01:59
briandw1969it doesnt seem to follow any patterns02:02
briandw1969i dont know if a re-install would do any good or not02:05
Daskreechbriandw1969: while you are using it?02:05
briandw1969sometimes screen goes black,sometimes it reboots by itslef02:06
briandw1969is there error logs i can look at?02:08
Daskreechbriandw1969: That sounds bad. have you checked the logs02:08
Daskreech ha02:08
briandw1969thru terminal?02:08
Daskreechlook in /var/log/dmesg.log02:08
DaskreechThere is a Klog application02:09
Daskreech!info ksystemlog02:10
ubottuksystemlog (source: kdeadmin): system log viewer. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.6.2-0ubuntu1 (natty), package size 418 kB, installed size 952 kB02:10
Daskreechbriandw1969: ^^^02:10
briandw1969rut  roh...file does not exsist02:10
briandw1969not resonding or it taking a while to lad02:12
briandw1969not good,klog crashed02:14
briandw1969loading debugs and sending report02:15
briandw1969how do u do the highlight thing in the room chat?02:20
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:25
Daskreechbriandw1969: You have to install the application02:26
briandw1969which one?02:26
briandw1969its installed it just crashed :+(02:26
briandw1969Daskreech: hmn02:27
briandw1969damn it lol02:27
Daskreechbriandw1969: run it from the command line02:27
Daskreechit will (should) say why it crashed02:27
Daskreechyou can pastebin it02:27
Daskreech !pastebin02:27
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:27
briandw1969its generating bug report right now02:28
Daskreechbriandw1969: ah02:28
Daskreechthat doesn't help me though :)02:29
briandw1969_system locked up02:32
raevinanyone know how to get a card to be recognized as input? lol...my onboard now isn't being detected by kmixer as capture device02:33
raevinpavucontrol shows m ycard buto nly when i choose "monitor" or "show all" in the input devices tab02:35
briandw1969_sent u some info Daskreech02:36
Daskreechbriandw1969_: can you pastebin that?02:37
Daskreechbriandw1969_: can you apt-get install kubuntu-desktop ?02:38
briandw1969will try02:39
briandw1969i have it in pastebin02:40
briandw1969now what02:40
Daskreechpaste the url here02:41
Daskreechcopy and paste it here02:41
briandw1969 102:41
briandw1969 202:41
briandw1969 302:41
briandw1969 402:41
briandw1969 502:41
FloodBotK1briandw1969: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:41
briandw1969 602:41
briandw1969ok,im not use to IRC02:43
briandw1969did it again02:45
briandw1969its not giving me a url for pastebin i just did02:47
raevinwell, afte a crap ton of work finally got my mic fixed for hte most part :D03:14
raevin<3 alsamixer03:14
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vikapiwhen we right click on the desktop, can we include a new item by changing any config file??05:24
vikapiim quite new to kde05:25
douchebag_notis this a right place I can ask about kde widget style ?06:01
douchebag_notwhy is that the "configure" setting for QtCurve is missing in KDE widget style ?06:04
ussher__anyone seen a howto on removing nvidia propriatary drivers and replace them with nouveau?07:00
ussher__every day im having 100% cpu and system freeze with nvidia drivers.07:02
bazhang!find nouveau07:04
ubottuFound: libdrm-nouveau1a, libdrm-nouveau1a-dbg, xserver-xorg-video-nouveau, xserver-xorg-video-nouveau-dbg, nouveau-firmware07:04
ussher__!find nvidia07:05
ubottuFound: nvidia-common, nvidia-settings, nvidia-173, nvidia-173-dev, nvidia-173-kernel-source, nvidia-180-kernel-source, nvidia-180-libvdpau, nvidia-180-libvdpau-dev, nvidia-185-kernel-source, nvidia-185-libvdpau (and 17 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nvidia&searchon=names&suite=natty&section=all07:05
ussher__so just apt-get purge nvidia and install noveau?07:06
alvinussher__: NO! There's a tool for that. Just use jockey. It's in the menu. (text based version is jockey-text). What are your issues exactly? bug  760632 ? In that case, use the driver from the x-swat.07:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 760632 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "Resizing Konsole crashes the whole system" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76063207:22
alvinok, I reinstalled the system, did an upgrade to KDE4.7 and the experimental final kmail. Now I can receive mails, but not see any in the list. Moreover, each folder contains 1 mail according to kmail. Still, the list is empty. Any hints?07:23
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tdnI am trying to fix a few things in my current color scheme in KDE. I think it is too difficult to see the difference between active and inactive tabs. Which color do I need to change to make the active one brighter? Example of the current situation is here:  http://i.imgur.com/5XiT2.png (Konsole tabs). The IRC tab is the one that is active in the above, however, this is very difficult to see.09:45
alvinok, fixed that by changing a parameter in the postgresql config. The next problem will be harder: the system is unresponsive while multiple cores are working on the mails.09:45
alvinStart akonadi/nepomuk/kmail -> load goes to 3.509:46
ionitecan i upgrade from my netbook remix to either XFCE or KDE?10:25
James147ionite: later versions of kde have both the netbook and full versions installed...  you can switch between them by going to system settings > Workspace Behaviour > Workspace > and change "Workspace type"10:33
James147ionite: you can also install xfce or any other desktop enviroment alongside kde10:33
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alvinIf I hover over a .jpg file, the preview shows a 'play' button and a slider. Why is it expecting .jpg files to be movies?11:03
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accoladehi! Is there a keyboard shortcut for performing selection paste (like middle mouse click does)?11:09
James147accolade: dont think so... but you can tell klipper to sync the contents of the clipboard and the selection11:14
accoladeJames147: that's an acceptalbe workaround, thanks!11:17
ionitehow do i remove gmusic browser?11:38
tonymcthrough kpackagekit?11:38
tonymcalt+f2 -> kpackagekit -> look for gmusic browser11:39
ionitewhat do i type in the run line?11:39
ioniteit keeps repeating the same segment whenever my system is running @ full capacity.11:40
ioniteit's like a broken record11:40
tonymchave you ever installed software11:41
tonymcjust go where you usually install software, look for your gmusic and uninstall it11:42
BluesKajHiyas all12:01
szalmoin BluesKaj12:03
BluesKajhi szal12:04
szalBluesKaj: do you have machines w/ a legacy nVidia card?  I believe I remember you saying something along these lines12:04
sobczykhi, how to switch ati card powerstates manually? I use proprietary driver12:04
BluesKajszal, i have a nvidia 7600gt on my other linuxbox and a 8400gs on this one, I suppose the 7600 could be regarded as legacy but the nvidia-current driver works fine on it12:07
szalBluesKaj: nah, GF7 is not yet legacy12:08
szalBluesKaj: although one could assume that GF6 and 7 are next in line for product EOL12:09
BluesKajwell, it's a bit old . legacy obviously means no longer supported by proprietary or open source drivers12:09
szal"legacy" in this case means no longer supported by the current driver12:10
szalno idea whether nouveau will tackle the oldest nVidia cards, but nVidia's own legacy options go back to GF212:10
szalyou could say: current = 270 (as shipped w/ Natty)/280 (as available via PPA); legacy = 173 (for GeForce FX); old-legacy = 96 (for GF3 and 4); even-older-legacy = 71 (for GF2)12:12
szaland afaics the 173 and the 96 still get security updates, the 71 is just there but no more support for it12:13
BluesKajI run the 280 , more stable with kde 4.7 than the 27012:14
szalas you weren't there last night when I got an answer to my question, let yourself be told that for running KDE 4.7 on a machine w/ a GF FX or older, you need to either use the nouveau driver or disable compositing12:15
szal(didn't test w/ nouveau yet, that's my assumption, but w/ the binary blob you need to disable compositing or else you get no desktop)12:16
BluesKajseems nouveau is the default for nvidia on Oneiric , with no desktop effects available , and installing the 275 current driver is risky ..dependency hell can be the result , and one must blacklist the nouveau12:18
szalinstalling the nVidia driver should blacklist nouveau anyway12:19
BluesKajit doesn't12:19
BluesKajon Oneiric at least12:20
szalthe install .sh from nvidia.com does (no idea about Oneiric here, but last I used it (openSUSE 11.4) it did12:20
BluesKajyes well that's a given , but if you're considering Onreiric then ....12:22
szalI won't consider Oneiric before it's out :)12:23
ionitei d/l Unetbootin linux version. how do i open the file?12:24
James147ionite: depends on what the file is... but why not use the repos and install it the offical way?12:41
ioniteJames147: i'm preparing for my netbook. it's running on netbook remix but i'm intending to make it a KDE12:42
James147ionite: ^^ why do you need unetbootin to switch form the netbook version to the desktop version?... the later version of kubuntu have them both installed and try to auto detect which you want (though yuo can manually change to the other if you want)12:43
ioniteJames147: clean install maybe? u mean i can upgrade to KDE from my netboon remix OS?12:44
James147ionite: also... that dosnt answer my question... why not install it form the repos rather then downloading it manually?12:44
bazhangionite, yes, as I told you earlier12:44
ioniteJames147: i'm a noob to ubuntu, so many things i'm doing the 'Windows' way.12:45
ioniteJames147:  bazhang  how do i go about?12:45
James147ionite: there is nothing to upgrade... the netbook and desktop is just a different interface ontop of the same system... System Settings > Workspace behaviour > Workspace and change the desktop type to "desktop"12:45
bazhangionite, upgrade to 11.04 then install the kubuntu-desktop package, if you wish to remove gnome then purekde links12:45
bazhang!purekde | ionite please read this time12:46
ubottuionite please read this time: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »12:46
* James147 assumed he was talking about the kde netbook version... :S12:46
briandw1969how do i install windows type proggies on kubuntu12:47
bazhangJames147, yeah, he was crossposting in #ubuntu , using the UNE12:47
bazhangbriandw1969, with wine12:47
James147ionite: then do what bazhang said :p12:47
bazhang!appdb | briandw1969 check here first12:47
ubottubriandw1969 check here first: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help12:47
szalJames147: if experience teaches us one thing, then it's: don't assume, always make sure ^^12:47
James147bazhang:  even ^^12:47
James147szal: yeah... but sometimes its like drawing blood from a stone :p12:48
bazhangbriandw1969, for what12:48
briandw1969xvidseup,for web cam12:48
bazhangbriandw1969, no need.12:48
bazhangbriandw1969, wine does not work with hardware, ask in #winehq12:49
James147briandw1969: most webcams should just work with kubuntu... and if not then you need to find the right drivers for it not just use the windows ones12:50
briandw1969i can find drivers,but not sure how to install them12:51
bazhangbriandw1969, check the supported webcam list first12:51
* James147 dosnt look encourged by the number of virus/malware links he gets when googling "xvidseup"12:51
bazhang!webcam | briandw1969 check here12:51
ubottubriandw1969 check here: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras12:51
briandw1969k,its a laptop cam,if it matters12:52
bazhangcheck the list12:52
* James147 finds that laptop cams tend to work better with linux...12:52
James147as in ... they tend to jsut work12:52
briandw1969dont see toshiba in the list12:53
bazhangtry cheese then12:54
James147briandw1969: what makes you think it dosnt work12:54
BluesKajwebcam drivers tend to be generic12:54
briandw1969cant find where to turn it on12:55
James147^^ also thats make of webcam not make of laptop12:55
bazhangor the reverse12:55
bazhangbriandw1969, using what application12:55
briandw1969it seems to work with messengers,but just cant find the on switch lol12:56
briandw1969as in it starts up12:56
bazhangusing which application12:57
James147briandw1969: install cheese and test with that... it will tell you if the cam is working or not12:57
James147!info cheese12:58
ubottucheese (source: cheese): A tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam. In component main, is optional. Version 2.32.0-0ubuntu2 (natty), package size 62 kB, installed size 260 kB12:58
briandw1969cheese a terminal cmd?12:58
bazhangno, an application12:58
James147its an application12:58
BluesKajbriandw1969, install by tyerminal or package manager . makes little differencs12:59
briandw1969found it12:59
markithi, 11.04, works fine the live cd, but I've installed and was not able to have the screen work... it shows the initial screen (or grub menu) but then it becomes black and never get the image12:59
markitthere is a really small line on the upper left, nothing more13:00
markitI've intel 4000 video13:00
markitKernel modules: i91513:01
briandw1969that works,now one more question if u have time13:01
bazhangbriandw1969, as many as you wish, no limit of bandwidth on irc13:02
briandw1969its about kmixer13:02
briandw1969long story short i had to do complete 11.04 on my toshiba13:02
bazhangcomplete what13:03
briandw1969i cant get external speakers to shut off when trying to do headphones13:04
briandw1969b right back13:04
markitdmesg [drm:drm_mode_getfb] *ERROR* invalid framebuffer id13:10
alvinLooks familiar13:13
briandw1969bazhang: any ideas?13:19
markitI'm trying linux-image-2.6.38-8-generic-pae... wondering why -pae version has been installed for this 32 bit kubuntu13:23
markitif I would have needed more ram addressing, I would have choose 64 bit version13:23
* markit depressed13:24
szalmarkit: why, is there anything wrong w/ the PAE kernel?13:26
szalmarkit: other than that, you might want to update your system, -8 is not the current kernel13:26
ionite_how do i set EXE file as executable in XFCE?13:30
szalionite_: you don't13:31
bazhangionite_, same as in #ubuntu , your questions here13:31
szal.exe files are Windows executables & don't run (natively) on Linx13:31
bazhang!crosspost | ionite_13:31
ubottuionite_: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.13:31
briandw1969hey bazhang13:32
ionite_bazhang: i asked many times because i didn't get answered.13:32
bazhangionite_, this was already asked and answered for you13:32
bazhangionite_, sure it was. just like the earlier issue13:32
ionite_bazhang: it can't run.13:32
bazhang!work | ionite_13:33
ubottuionite_: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.13:33
bazhangionite_, /join #winehq   <---- step 113:33
bazhangionite_, check the appdb step 213:34
bazhang!appdb | ionite_13:34
ubottuionite_: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help13:34
briandw1969any ideas on kmixer?13:36
raevinbriandw1969: what's the issue?13:36
briandw1969cant get external speakers to turn off when using audio jack13:37
raevinbriandw1969: have you changed the master mixer?13:38
briandw1969in which way?13:38
raevinbriandw1969: using the non-external speakers for the master one??13:41
raevinthis is assuming you have multiple soundcards13:41
RealmkeeperWhat are the chances of Adobe 64-bit Flash being ready in time for Kubuntu 11.10? a) zero, b) no hope, c) not likely, d) 0.0019%13:41
markitszal: I had -10 and got this problem, since installation kubuntu has -8 I guess, I tried the older, but SAME problem13:41
markitI'm very depressed :( same hardware with 10.10 worked fine13:42
markitit has a dvi output, but I have to use analog monitor, so I use an adapter13:42
markitI'll boot live again and see what kernel is in use13:42
markitIF is a kernel problem13:43
markit(I can ssh in the system, if someone has some suggestion...)13:43
markitmaybe this is the bug https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2267413:43
ubottuFreedesktop bug 22674 in DRM/Intel "[855GM KMS] Screen powers down w/i915 as module and DRM_I915_KMS since commit e4a5d54f" [Normal,Resolved: notabug]13:43
markitbut is so old...13:43
markitand is "not a bug" lol13:43
briandw1969i cant find where to set headphone/external13:44
BluesKajRealmkeeper, flashworks fine on 11.10 , just install kubnuntu retricted-extras , or if necessary flashplugin-installer13:44
RealmkeeperBluesKaj: Didn't work on mine... :/13:44
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats13:44
yofelRealmkeeper: flash 64bit won't be in the archive until adobe marks it as final. I'm running flash 11 beta1 fine here though on 64bit13:45
BluesKajRealmkeeper, what didn't work ?13:45
yofeland *usually* 32bit + nspluginwrapper works too13:45
markithow can I add a parameter to the kernel before booting?13:45
RealmkeeperBluesKaj: Flash 64-bit beta; nor the restricted extras.13:46
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BluesKajuhmm beta why did you use that ?13:46
Realmkeeperyofel: I tried the beta Flash, but it didn't work.13:47
genii-aroundyofel: I'm finding the 64bit Flash 11 beta continually crashing here13:47
yofelfunny, not for me13:47
RealmkeeperBluesKaj: I tried the beta only as a last resort, after restricted extras, gnash, etc...13:48
genii-aroundHm. < goes and tries something >13:48
BluesKajgnash , that's been broken for ages13:48
RealmkeeperYes, by gnash did work for me when other things didn't... though, that was a while back.13:49
RealmkeeperSo annoying that one company is making me consider going back to 32-bit on a 64-bit computer.13:50
BluesKajRealmkeeper, it may not be flash itself ..what about your graphics driver?13:51
Realmkeeperthe graphics driver seems to be installed fine.13:52
RealmkeeperWhen I use 32-bit liveCDs, there is no problem.13:52
BluesKajmaybe installed fine , but how is it behaving?13:53
RealmkeeperBluesKaj: As in? Does the screen flicker? No.13:53
BluesKajcrashing other graphics heavy content like hd movies etc13:54
RealmkeeperPlays hd movies just fine.13:54
BluesKajRealmkeeper, did you purge the beta flash?13:58
RealmkeeperBluesKaj: It's not on my system, but I can't remember if I purged it or just removed it.14:02
RealmkeeperSlack, I know.14:02
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BluesKajRealmkeeper, the idea of purging is to rid the system of config files , so the same behaviour doesn't repeat14:04
Admc`how to compile kde-workspace on 11.04?14:04
Admc`there's no readme file14:05
Admc`I downloaded kde-workspace from git14:05
BluesKajbut why ?14:05
Admc`because they fixed bug in taskmanager14:05
BluesKajjust install kubuntu-desktop14:06
Admc`in repo there's old version14:06
Admc`with annynoing bug14:07
BluesKajAdmc`, ok , it's not a biggie for me ,,the updates will eventully fix that14:07
RealmkeeperAh, only about two more months before 11.10. I'll wait and just do a fresh install.14:07
James147Admc`: was the bug fixed in 4.7 or after?14:07
Admc`I don't want wait for KDE 4.7.114:08
Admc`bug appeared in KDE 4.714:08
Admc`and was fixed in git14:08
BluesKajthe bug is still there in 4.7 ..14:08
Admc`bug is fixed in git14:08
Admc`so I wanted to compile it14:08
Admc`okay, I see nobody knows how to do it14:10
Admc`I have to go14:10
BluesKajcompiling a whole desktop to fix a minor bug ...well good luck14:11
tonymc<BluesKaj> compiling a whole desktop to fix a minor bug ...well good luck - this is why i don't like source-based distros14:35
BluesKajtonymc, as opposed to ?14:36
tonymclike ubuntu14:38
tonymcsource-based are the likes of gentoo and slackware14:38
PiciEverything is compiled from source.14:39
BluesKajtonymc, my comment was meant to show a minor bug requires linux - patience , it will be fixed , annoyances shouldn't become obsessive14:44
tonymcPici everything is compiled from source but in binary-based distros package maintainers do it for the user. In source-based distros, you are the one who has to compile everything.14:46
trackingsquadApha 3 works very good :)14:54
BluesKajtrackingsquad, on what kind of setup/pc/hardware15:03
trackingsquadBluesKaj: /sysinfo15:06
trackingsquadError 5: dependency not met: gawk not found in path15:06
BluesKajtrackingsquad, best to ask in #ubuntu+115:07
trackingsquadResuming in non X mode: glxinfo not found in path15:08
trackingsquadSystem:    Host trackingsquad-G31-M7-TE Kernel 3.0.0-7-generic x86_64 (64 bit) Distro Ubuntu 11.10 oneiric15:08
trackingsquadCPU:       Dual core Intel Pentium Dual E2200 (SMP) clocked at 1200.00 MHz15:08
trackingsquadGraphics:  Card nVidia G98 [GeForce 8400 GS] tty res: N/A15:08
trackingsquadDisks:     HDD Total Size: 500.1GB (3.3% used)15:08
trackingsquadInfo:      Processes 142 Uptime 23:40 Memory 1054.2/3963.5MB Runlevel 2 Client Quassel [M] v0.7.2 (dist-f93ace0) inxi 1.4.815:08
FloodBotK1trackingsquad: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:08
BluesKajtrackingsquad, which nvidia driver are you using ?15:11
trackingsquaddefault one havent done naything to the system15:11
trackingsquadhavent tested 3d efects15:12
trackingsquadI imagine It worunt work if its on novau15:12
trackingsquadwell they seem to work15:14
trackingsquadI am using nouveau and its working great :)15:16
BluesKajnouveau doesn't supply 3d or dr afaik , trackingsquad15:17
trackingsquadBluesKaj:  At lest I am using wooby windoes and tranlucent windows and work great15:19
genii-aroundSome 3d support is in nouveau .. http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/MesaDrivers15:20
BluesKajdesktop effects is working then , trackingsquad15:20
trackingsquadwanne see vid?15:21
BluesKajwell, i'm not going to chance it on 11.10 yet . my experince with noveau has no been satisfactory and the recommended nvidia driver  has been worse :P15:25
trackingsquadBluesKaj: I can upload video showing it to youtube in minute15:26
BluesKajtrackingsquad, no need for me , I'm not changing anything , but tothers may be interested15:28
trackingsquadI filmed it with my cell so quality is not the best15:31
trackingsquadbut you can see its working15:31
markita fast way to run X in vesa mode without removing it's -intel package?15:39
ionitehow do i install pulse audio?15:40
DarthFrogionite: It's installed by default.15:40
ioniteDarthFrog: i was told to remove it because i had stuttering audio15:41
DarthFrogionite:  sudo apt-get install pulseaudio15:42
DarthFrogionite:  "apt-cache search pulse" will show you what's available to install.15:43
ionitewhat should i do with this stutter?15:43
DarthFrogSee a speech therapist?  <grinning, ducking and running>15:43
ioniteDarthFrog: i believe it's a software glitch15:43
DarthFrogDid removing pulse stop it?15:44
BluesKajionite, which player ?15:44
ioniteBluesKaj: i tired gmusicbrowser, audacious, etc15:46
BluesKajionite, try vlc15:46
ioniteDarthFrog: when i remove pulse i cannot hear anything from my speakers! the volume at the desktop is gone!15:46
ioniteDarthFrog: removing pulse didn't help at all15:46
DarthFrogionite: You can use kmix to set the volume controls and enable/disable channels.15:47
DarthFrogionite: Then the problem is either with ALSA or is hardware.15:47
BluesKajionite, open alsamixer in the terminal , and use the arrow keys to navigate and the M key to unmute the ctrls15:47
ioniteplease help me! i'm really desparate here i even reintalled the entire OS15:47
ioniteDarthFrog:  BluesKaj so what are the commands i should type at the terminal>15:48
DarthFrogionite: Do you have another sound card you can try?15:48
BluesKajionite, read above, type, alsamixer15:48
ioniteBluesKaj: i'm at the vol screen. what should i click?15:49
BluesKajionite, use the arrow keys to increase the volume and to navigate thru the ctrls15:49
ionitethere after?15:50
BluesKajionite, are you on kubuntu or ubuntu ?15:51
ioniteBluesKaj: i played around it sounds better now but still very muffled and noisy15:52
BluesKajsorry xfce isn't familiar to me so i don't know how to navigate it's desktop15:52
ioniteBluesKaj: it's fine if u can guide me through the command terminal15:53
BluesKajionite, you have to turn the ctrls up to at least 80%15:53
genii-aroundionite: Xubuntu also has it's own support channel :)15:53
ioniteBluesKaj: if i turn to 80% it'll have no  sound at all in  my audio15:53
bazhanggenii-around, he's crossposting there15:54
BluesKajDarthFrog, any experience with systemsettings multimedia /phonon in xfce?15:54
genii-aroundbazhang: Aaaah OK15:54
szalbazhang: didn't you tell him not to crosspost? ;)15:55
BluesKajanyone else help , bazhang , since you seem to be monitoring15:55
BluesKajionite, best to ask in #xfce15:56
ioniteBluesKaj: thanks! :)15:57
koppihave kubuntu 11.0415:57
koppthe kwin works whit kde 4.6, but when i upgrade to 4.7 kwin doesn't works :/15:58
koppplease help me!15:59
genii-aroundkopp: Have you tried something like mv .kde .old-kde  and then logging in from kdm again?16:02
koppbut works kdm whithout effects :/16:03
koppI try it16:03
benlktorrent is supposed to have automatic blacklist downloading, i don't see that functionality anywhere16:03
benlnor do i see any "plugin" settings?16:03
benlanyone else have the same problem?16:03
ionite_sorr i got DC16:04
benlhttp://ktorrent.org/wiki/index.php/Category:Plugins i've no idea how i'm supposed to disable these16:04
benlerr enable even16:04
benloh for pete's sake16:04
benli'm so stupid16:04
benllol found it!16:04
koppi try it16:07
koppthere is no kde-old16:07
koppin kdm16:07
koppi try to rename .kde to .kde216:09
koppi hope this reconfigure kde16:09
koppkwin chrash when i login16:13
koppsee this!!! http://pastebin.com/iwUMYbLy16:14
koppplease http://pastebin.com/iwUMYbLy16:14
kopphttp://pastebin.com/iwUMYbLy !!!!!!!!16:20
douchebag_nothi, anybody knows the name of the typefaces(fonts) here : http://pyruzan.deviantart.com/art/Gentle-Green-Style-201485861?q=boost%3Apopular%20kde&qo=375&offset=10#comments16:22
Pici!patience | kopp16:23
ubottukopp: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.16:23
koppubottu: ok16:23
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)16:23
koppubottu: Fucking bot!16:24
koppI need a human!!!16:24
Picikopp: That sort of language is unacceptable here.16:24
douchebag_notPici, let him speak :\ I wanna hear more from the man16:25
kopp!patience | kopp16:26
ubottukopp, please see my private message16:26
kopp!patience | kopp16:26
koppPici: you bot?16:27
koppthere is 278 human and not answer my queson16:28
Picikopp: I assure you I'm a human. Maybe no one knows what the answer is.16:29
genii-aroundkopp: After I finish eating my lunch I'll ask you to try a couple more things. Please be patient.16:29
koppgenii-around: thanks, ok16:30
douchebag_notoh well16:31
koppthere is a chrash report: http://pastebin.com/iwUMYbLy16:34
koppand kwin in 4.6 worked perfectly16:35
koppbut when i upgraded to 4.7 didn't work16:35
koppi know what the problem16:38
genii-aroundkopp: The error message you earlier gave suggested some issue in your graphics system, probably the driver.16:39
koppgenii-around: thanx the help, I open aditional drivesand i see no driver installed16:40
koppgenii-around: now i installing it16:40
koppgenii-around: thanx for help16:40
PasNoxhello, i'm trying to activate the grub2 bootloader in kdm. i have selected it in the systemsettings kdm applet. but when i check in kick off / kdm / session stop applet none have dropdown menu in the restart bbutton.17:02
PasNoxany hint ?17:02
PasNoxi'm running kde sc 4.7 and kdepim 4.717:02
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Snooffyhi guys I'm having problem installing latest samba update17:19
=== jesus is now known as Guest57997
Snooffyit says this dpkg: error processing samba-common (--configure):17:24
Snooffyand a few other line, but i'll paste it somewhere and paste just the url here17:24
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:25
Snooffyhere it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/659429/17:26
Snooffythere is some depencies problem, I've tried to purge everthing from samba, but getting the same thing all the time...17:31
Snooffythis is what i get after the purging samba-common, samba-common-bin and installing samba again17:32
Snooffyi'm also getting a very long list of dpkg waring messages17:34
Snooffyhow can i get rid of these? is there a way how to fix all the files list files automaticaly?17:35
genii-aroundSnooffy: Have you tried sudo apt-get -f install             ?17:37
Snooffygenii-around: I'm getting the same depency problem17:39
SnooffyI'm affraid that the problem is with the dpkg files list files17:39
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Snooffygenii-around: I've tried dpkg --configure -a but that gives me a simmilar error message with the depency problems-leaving unconfigured17:41
genii-aroundSnooffy: Perhaps: sudo dpkg -i --force-depends /var/cache/apt/archives/samba-common_2%3a3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.3_all.deb17:41
Snooffy subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1017:42
genii-aroundSnooffy: Can you pastebin the output?17:43
Snooffy+ a lots of dpkg: warning above it17:44
genii-aroundThe files list list thing yes17:45
Ab3La question. how can i set a keyboard shortcut to move a window from a virtual desktop to another one? is it possible to do it?17:57
Ab3L(setting of shortcuts to switch desktop is easy, but i don't find how to set shortcuts to move windows from a desktop to another one)17:58
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Snooffygenii-around: sorted mate18:08
Snooffyreplaced /var/libr/dpkg/status with /var/lib//dpkg/status-old18:09
Snooffyapt-get update18:09
Snooffyapt-get upgrade solved it18:09
genii-aroundSnooffy: Ah, good. Was looking into the "dpkg: warning: files list file for package" stuff but not getting enlightened18:18
xcvhi all18:19
xcvi am a medium user, i tried opensuse and fedora before (k)ubuntu18:19
xcvand i would like18:20
xcvto know how updates work18:20
xcvbecause i remember when firefox 4 was released, i had to add the firefox 4 ppa18:20
xcvdo i need to add a ppa's in order to get the main updates such as libreoffice 3.4.2??18:21
Picixcv: patience18:22
Picixcv: Ubuntu is not a rolling release. So unless its a security update, you're not going to be seeing version upgrades.18:22
xcvsorry, i had never used irc18:23
Picixcv: Oddly enough, firefox claimed that Fx5 was a security update to 4, so that did make it into natty post release.18:23
xcvokay, so i have to add ppa's in order to get non-security updates18:23
PiciPretty much.18:23
PiciIf you feel you need those versions, of course.18:24
xcvi like to test new versions, so i suppose that i will have to haha18:24
xcvThank you very much :)18:24
Ab3Lso, nobody uses key shortcuts to move windows from a desktop to another one?18:25
xcvI use them!18:26
Ab3Lxcv: and how did you set it?18:27
xcvkwin o compiz?18:27
Ab3Lxcv: kwin18:27
xcvin systemsettings, you have to go to shortcuts->global keyboard shortcuts->kwin (combobox)18:29
xcvit should be in the list18:29
xcvAb3L: i had never used irc, so i forgot "Ab3L:",  the answer is above, sorry18:31
Ab3Lxcv: np18:31
Ab3Li've used irc since 2001 and i forgot also :)18:32
Ab3Lxcv: thank you for your help. i was looking for it for a while18:33
xcvAb3L: i like irc, i think i will use it a bit more18:33
xcvAb3L: np ;)18:33
Ab3Lxcv: which client are you using to chat?18:33
Ab3Loh... i see18:34
xcvAb3L: i just found Quassel in the menu and i'm using it haha18:34
Ab3Lgive a look to irssi and kvirc also. each one has its own qualities18:36
Ab3L(those ones i'm using... kvirc as primary and irssi inside a terminal window of kvirc) geez18:38
xcvAb3L: which are the differences? what should i look for in a irc client?18:38
Ab3Lxcv: if you are using a client only to chat, one equals theother18:47
Ab3Lxcv: it is just the look that is important.18:47
Ab3Lxcv: if you use it to do other things,18:47
Ab3Lyou should use a client that let you do what you want.18:48
xcvAb3L: what else can i do? :)18:48
Ab3Lxcv: i used it to send and get big files18:49
Ab3Lxcv: for it you need dcc chat and dcc transfert capabilities18:50
xcvAb3L: which do you think is better then?18:50
Ab3Lxcv: irssi is a terminal client and if you need a feature, you can script it in perl.18:51
TheCyberShockerHey guys not sure if this is the correct place to look but i installed my ATI driver using the driver software kUbuntu provides, and when i try go into administrator for the ati settings, it asks for a password, when i type my password into the box it says wrong password. How can i solve this?18:52
xcvAb3L: i tried perl but it is a bit strange18:52
xcvAb3L: from my point of view, of course18:52
Ab3Lxcv: kvirc is similar a quassel, but has its own language for scripts. but i find it nice, because i can set avatars to users and split the screen to have messages at the bottom and notices on the top of the window (like a filter) and full of colours18:53
Ab3Lxcv: i did only three scripts for irssi, and i think also that perl is a bit strange :)18:54
xcvAb3L: i will install kvirc now and i will try it18:54
Ab3Lbut irssi is like a command line terminal18:55
xcvAb3L: i will try both then XDDD18:56
Ab3Lxcv: if your interface doesn't work anymore and you have to work only with a terminal, irssi is what you need to chat.18:56
TheCyberShockerAny one?18:56
xcvTheCyberShocker: can you run applications with sudo?18:57
Ab3LTheCyberShocker: don't know. i've thrown away my ati and bought a nvidia :)18:57
Ab3Li go now. bye.18:58
TheCyberShockerHow do i do that xcv, sorry quite new to linux to be fair but windows was doing my head in18:58
xcvopen a terminal and type: sudo echo "This is working"18:58
ghettoblasteropen a terminal and type sudo -i look if that works18:59
TheCyberShockerIT works18:59
TheCyberShockerI saw the message18:59
TheCyberShockerHow would i get it to try run an application?19:00
xcvi need this output: ls /usr/sbin/*ccc* && ls /usr/bin/*ccc*19:01
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo19:01
e66Hello, Is there any sound recorder for KDE. Just like the sound recorder of Ubuntu? But i want a kde version19:02
TheCyberShockerxcv: says the directory is /usr/share/fglrx/amdccclesu.desktop  by the way19:02
TheCyberShockerWhen i try sudo it, it says permission denied19:03
xcvhave you checked if it has executable permissions?19:03
e66I just found KRec and KRecord is not in repo19:03
TheCyberShockerxcv: how do i do that, right click the properties?19:04
TheCyberShockerxcv: it says Only the owner can change the permissions19:05
xcvwhat is the content of the file?19:05
TheCyberShockerSay what?19:05
TheCyberShockerIts a .desktop or something19:05
xcvyes, open it with gedit19:06
xcvand look for the Exec line19:06
TheCyberShockerI don't see geedit, is it kate?19:07
xcvany text editor is fine19:07
xcvi forgot that this was the kubuntu irc and not ubuntu's o_O19:07
TheCyberShockerxcv: this prehaps? Exec=amdxdg-su -c amdcccle19:08
TheCyberShockerLmfao its cool19:08
xcvyes, in order to open it19:08
TheCyberShockerOk so, what now, i see that and the rest is comments19:08
xcvkdesu amdcccle19:08
TheCyberShockerWell i see more on top but i don't think thats relevant19:08
xcvit isn't hahaha19:09
TheCyberShockerI'm sorry? sorry about this i have no clue =(19:09
TheCyberShockerWhat did you mean by kdesu amdcccle?19:09
xcvnono, you are right19:09
xcvalt+f2, type that and press enter19:09
xcvthen type your password and you will be in the admin catalyst control center19:10
TheCyberShockerOmg it worked19:10
TheCyberShockerThank you so much!19:10
xcvnp ;)19:10
xcvif you want it persistant19:10
PasNoxnobody for the grub2 / kdm bug ?19:10
TheCyberShockerNeed to try make a shortcut for it now, before i forget ;)19:11
xcvkdesu kate /usr/share/fglrx/amdccclesu.desktop19:11
xcvand edit that line19:11
xcvExec=kdesu amdcccle19:11
xcvsave and close kate19:11
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TheCyberShockerxcv: it says i might not have write permissions19:12
=== Neldar is now known as biGdIcK
xcvhave you opened it using kdesu kate?19:12
xcvor just kate?19:13
TheCyberShockerOh oops just kate, let me try19:13
hazamonzohey folks. How well does the kde twitter widget actually work19:13
hazamonzoi added it to my desktop19:13
hazamonzoi've had new tweets and nothing in the widget19:13
hazamonzoi've configured it too19:13
TheCyberShockerOk xcv that worked, thank you so much!19:14
TheCyberShockerSaved me alot of time, been on it now for a about an hour =(19:14
xcvyou're welcome!! i have used linux for 2 years only, good luck!!19:14
TheCyberShockerIve used it for about 2 hours haha =D thank you! and have a great day19:15
xcvnp ;)19:15
PasNoxhazamonzo: it never worked for me too. it worked the first time i configured it. then new tweets never appeared. i deleted the widget...19:15
PasNoxsame problem with identi.ca applet19:15
PasNoxanyone trying to have working grub2 dropdown menu in kdm ???19:19
PasNoxand have it working ??19:19
hazamonzoPasNox: I see. Know if there is a KDE tweetdeck like app?19:20
xcvPasNox: i think it will be in kde 4.7 but not in 4.6.x19:20
xcvPasNox: the grub2 compatibility i mean19:21
PasNoxxcv: i never say i'm using kde 4.6 and i explicitly said i use kde sc 4.7 :)19:21
PasNoxhazamonzo: i dunno at all :/ sorry.19:21
xcvPasNox: sorry i didn't see it, i don't know then o_O19:22
PasNoxxcv: du u have it working ?19:22
PasNoxsome friend running open suse have it working19:22
xcvPasNox: i'm using kde 4.6.2 so i don't19:22
PasNoxok, thanks.19:23
hazamonzoPasNox: No worries :)19:23
TheCyberShockerLol hey xcv sorry but could you help me again by any chance?19:25
FanfareQ:Seems my pulseaudio server gets startet 2 times after reboot. When i kill one of it it works. any hint where to look?19:25
xcvTheCyberShocker: tell me :)19:26
TheCyberShockerxcv: ok well, i made it have 2 screens works sorta fine, but how do i switch the primary monitor?19:26
TheCyberShockerAt the moment its left, when id rather the middle19:27
TheCyberShocker#2 = primary id rather #1 =)19:27
xcvTheCyberShocker: i can't help you with that, i have never used more than one screen :(19:27
TheCyberShockerOh darn, ok thanks, keylock auto on, is in keyboard settings right?19:28
xcvTheCyberShocker: in the login menu?19:28
xcvTheCyberShocker: where do you want that behaviour?19:28
TheCyberShockerFor the keyboard the keylock goes off when i reboot19:29
TheCyberShockerWait what19:29
xcvwhat? o_o19:29
xcvTheCyberShocker: okay i think that i know where you could configure the main display19:30
TheCyberShockerThe onbord display manager don't do nothing =)19:30
xcvTheCyberShocker: system settings -> screen / display -> main display19:30
TheCyberShockerOn board*19:30
xcvhave you tried it with the open source driver?19:31
TheCyberShockerI don't see screen display19:31
TheCyberShockerDisplay and monitor?19:31
SnooffyGuys, if i install anything with KPackageKit it downloads the apps and depencies, and then stays on screen Installing-KPackageIt running task I have to kill it from terminal or restart.. how can i debug it?19:32
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:32
xcvTheCyberShocker: i suppose i don't have the english localization19:32
Snooffythis is the screenshot of where it hangs http://imagebin.org/16655519:33
xcvTheCyberShocker: did it work?19:33
TheCyberShockerI don't see the setting lol!19:33
TheCyberShockerThe display manager kubuntu has don't longer work19:33
xcvTheCyberShocker: what happens? it is in the bottom of the screen19:34
TheCyberShockeryeh xcv it does nothing19:36
xcvTheCyberShocker: what options do you have in the "main display" combobox?19:36
TheCyberShockeri have, none, dfpt2, and crt219:37
xcvTheCyberShocker: and selecting one of them does nothing?19:38
TheCyberShockerOdd thing is19:39
TheCyberShockerKubuntu says #1 display is left when its ment to be middle19:39
xcvand when you change the combobox option and applying doesn't change anything? i don't know then, i can't even try it myself, sorry19:40
TheCyberShockerLol its ok thanks anyways =o19:40
xcvnp :(19:41
oss5futuretrunksHi. I cannot login to my new Kubuntu OS. What do I do?19:42
genii-aroundoss5futuretrunks: What happens when you try to log in?19:42
oss5futuretrunksIt says that it is the wrong password. I know that the username and password are correct.19:43
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xcvoss5futuretrunks: can you login in a tty?19:46
genii-aroundoss5futuretrunks: I would suggest to boot to rescue , then to run: passwd username                           where username is the one for which it tells you password is bad. Give it a different password. Then to issue: shutdown -r now       which reboots, try login again19:46
koppI can't play Audio CD whit Amarok. :(19:47
markithi, normal boot or recovery one makes my screen black (11.04 just installed), how can I boot in console mode directly?20:09
markitI press shift during boot and I have the grub menu20:09
xcvmarkit: have you tried nomodeset?20:09
markitxcv: what is it and how try it?20:10
xcvin the grub menu, press "e" and add " nomodeset" in the "linux" line20:11
xcvthen boot with F10 i think20:11
markitxcv: ok, thanks a lot, I suppose I will need your help later also, because screen works ok if connected with dvi, but if I connect to vga of the monitor and use a dv-vga adapter, it's black20:12
markitand I need to make it work this way, since I will have to connect to a monitor with ONLY vga once I've prepared the pc20:12
markit(is for a school, they have to connect to a "magic board")20:13
xcvmarkit: i'll be here don't worry, but i'm not an expert :)20:13
markitxcv: btw, I will try nomodeset, but just to boot without going to graphic?20:13
xcvin opensuse i remember that adding a " 3" in the same way than nomodeset worked, but in kubuntu i'm not sure; but since it isn't permanent, you have nothing to lose20:15
markitxcv: with nomodeset I've got the kdm login! The resolution is wrong, but so seems that my problems are due to kms20:16
markitI should provide a xorg.conf probably (does it disable kms automatically?)20:17
xcvmarkit: wait a moment, i will check something20:17
xcvmarkit: i think it should be enough, if it doesn't work try xorg.conf and nomodeset together20:19
markithope google will give me some reasonable parameters to put there... the try and error is so time consuming :(20:20
xcvmarkit: yes, google knows everything ^^'20:22
markit cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf.failsafe20:22
markitthis could be a good starting point20:22
xcvmarkit: i think that in (k)ubuntu X11 configuration is in /usr/share/X1120:24
markitmmm can't understand20:24
markitshould be a "system wide" setup20:25
markitit's hardware capabilities related20:25
markitnot user's preferences20:25
xcvmarkit: yes, i felt a bit bewildered too20:25
markitin any case, I've copied .failsafe in normal xorg.conf, let's see20:25
markitno, does not work :(20:26
markitdon't know if does not work because I've not used nomodeset or xorg.conf is not correct20:27
xcvmarkit: is there a huge resolution difference between nomodeset and without it?20:27
szalwhat are you trying?20:29
xcvszal: kms is not working properly and with nomodeset he gets a low resolution20:30
szalmaking bootloader arguments permanent goes by adding them in /etc/default/grub (the file is well commented, so you should find where to put them), same goes for the VGA resolution, then executing 'sudo update-grub'20:30
szaland resolution in X should be able to be set up by either the proprietary config tool that comes w/ the graphics driver or, lacking such, XRandR20:31
szalfor the nVidia driver it's normally as easy as 'sudo nvidia-xconfig' and a reboot20:32
xcvi don't know what is his card20:32
markitszal: I've a intel hd4000 driver, the problem is I have to use a dvi-vga adapter too20:32
markitso seems that kms gets confused about the monitor capabilities20:33
markit(I'm following instructions for add nomodesettings in grub and try to provide correct available resolution to xorg.conf)20:33
genii-around!info kms20:34
ubottuPackage kms does not exist in natty20:34
xcvmarkit: what resolution does your screen support'20:36
markitwell, I've connected to a fullhd one since has both dvi and vga (I have to make the pc work with vga through the dvi-to-vga adapter)20:37
markitreboot time, I cross my fingers20:37
markitmm works but with a low resolution20:38
markitlet me check X.log20:38
markitI've a pair of "(EE) FBDEV(0): FBIOBLANK: Invalid argument"20:39
markitmm probably in xorg.conf I've selected framebuffer driver, lol20:40
xcvtry this in your xorg.conf screen section20:41
xcvSection "Screen"20:41
xcvDefaultDepth 2420:41
xcvSubSection "Display"20:41
xcvDepth 1520:41
FloodBotK1xcv: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:41
xcvModes "1280x1024" "1280x960" "1280x800" "1152x864" "1280x768" "1280x720" "1024x768" "1280x600" "1024x600" "800x600" "768x576" "640x480"20:41
xcvtry this in your xorg.conf20:42
xcvcan you see me? i didn't know that i couldn't paste big pieces of text20:44
markitxcv: I can see you, thanks20:45
markitwas in ssh into the targhet pc20:45
markitlet me see20:45
xcvokay, sorry :(20:45
markitxcv: don't be sorry, without your help I would have been desperate20:46
markitmmm does not boot graphically now...20:46
markitI've required a "intel" driver, maybe is not the good string to use20:46
xcvdid you use nomodeset?20:46
markityes, I did20:47
markitI've no clue of what I'm doing20:47
markitso I've no idea if I'm using conflicting setups20:47
markitI want NOT the kernel to proble and find the resolution and other stuff20:47
xcvdo you have another similar Screen section?20:47
markitand xorg.conf to use intel accelerated drivers at max monitor resolution20:47
markitnot for intel, but I can google20:47
markitI've some old notes about xorg.conf I used in teh past20:48
markitso I should end with a working config, someway20:48
xcvok share them if you don't care, i am a bit weak in X configuration too lol20:48
markitDriver "intel" shoudl be fine :(20:49
markitxcv: my notes are in italian, I will give you the final xorg.conf if will ever work :)20:50
xcvmarkit: even better :)20:50
xcvmarkit: i think it is in xorg.conf.d20:51
markitin the log I see that loads the intel drivers and then "40.906] (EE) No devices detected."20:53
cherHi guys. I'm now for the second time having the same problem, on different machines. I installed kubuntu 11.04 natty narwhal from a USB stick, choosing kubuntu-full. When i logged in for the first time, I'm told there are lots of updates. I accept intalling the updates. The updater then hangs at configuring language-pack-lv-base.20:54
cherI regret that I started the update with the GUI... I don't see the messages, I have no idea what went wrong, and stopping / restarting it involves significantly more hassle than if I would've used apt-get right from the start.20:55
cherMaybe someone should get this GUI stuff right. The way it is done now just makes users angry as soon as something fails, because it silently hangs and gives the user absolutely no clue.20:56
xcvmarkit: have you tried with vesa? it always works20:57
markitI want best performances20:58
markitif I use direct dvi connection, everything works fine20:58
markitwith dvi-vga, I've black screen20:58
markitso I'm sure chip can work fine and drive my monitor, only the autodetection works badly with the dvi-vga adapter20:58
xcvcould you show your xorg.conf?20:59
markityes, let me pastebin21:05
markitxcv: http://paste.ubuntu.com/659541/21:05
markit(I'm in the middle of a aptitude full-upgrade right now)21:06
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markitwith driver vesa works, but not at correct resolution21:18
xcvthe same as nomodeset i suppose21:19
markitmaybe I have to provide monitor frequencies range21:19
markitI'll try to boot with dvi, use OSD menu on the monitor to get the correct values, and use then for vga21:20
xcvsax come back!!! aaargghh.... i don't know, last time i combined nomodeset and http://paste.ubuntu.com/659547 in xorg.conf21:22
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markitxcv: I was wrong.. plugging dvi does not change the fact that at the end the screen is black!21:24
markitwith ksm does not work with vga or dvi direct21:25
xcvand without both have bad resolution?21:25
markitI'm confused a lot21:27
FanfareQ:Seems my pulseaudio server gets startet 2 times after reboot. When i kill one of it it works. any hint where to look?21:28
markitin log, it says that [    10.333] (==) Using config file: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf"21:29
markitbut I've not such a file, I've renamed to have it skipt21:29
xcvX.org are very confusing to me too, if you tried everything, i just can suggest you to use an old version without kms21:29
markitnow I've ksm, I've moved xorg.conf in /root and turned off and on the pc with dvi21:32
markitnow works fine21:32
markitso I can grab the frequencies21:33
markitand try to make it work the same without ksm21:33
xcvfinally lol21:33
markitmmm it's at 1600x1200 instead of 1920x108021:33
xcvxrandr doesn't give the option?21:34
markitlet me check, I'm too ignorant21:34
markitno, it does not21:35
markitfunny is that 1600x1200 is not supported by the monitor21:36
markit(1200 > 1080)21:36
markitI'll try to switch off both this time21:36
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markitdamn :(21:44
markitit works fine with my children's pc, ati card21:44
markitthe same pc and monitor works fine at school21:44
markitbut kubuntu 10.1021:44
markitwondering if is 11.04 that has some bug21:44
xcvi had the same issue in opensuse21:45
xcvsax2 solved the problem in 11.221:45
xcvbut until 12.2 it won't be back21:45
markitxcv: how on earth can I tell the horizontal and vertical sync values for my monitor?21:48
markitI'm googling for some dataseet but...21:49
markitsamsung 2494hs21:49
markitmm maybe xrandr from my children's pc21:49
xcvin my old xorg.conf21:49
xcvi have horizontal sync in monitor section HorizSync 30-8321:50
markitisn't 2011 and still setting screen and audio is a nightmare?21:50
xcvi suppose vertical should be similar21:50
xcvyes, maybe with wayland in the future...21:51
markitif they loose network transparencies, another GNU/Linux advantage will be thrown away21:53
markitand my ltsp school servers will never work again21:53
markitbut back to my problem21:53
markitxrands seems not to provide invo about sync values in use21:54
markitor better supported ranges21:54
xcvhave you tried that in your xorg.conf?21:54
markitI've the fear of damage the monitor21:57
tonymcanyone has experience with PPA's?21:58
tonymci wrote a program, and i would like to make a package of it. i've looked through debian's packaging manual, but there's way too much information for me to comprehend that...21:59
xcvmarkit: yes, it's a problem, have you tried lucid? it still has longer support than natty21:59
markitxcv: I need some updated software21:59
yofeltonymc: packaging help is in #ubuntu-packaging21:59
markitbtw, lspci does not show intel 4000 or something like that22:00
markiteven if is a i3 540 so sure it is22:00
markit00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 18) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])22:00
xcvmarkit: i'm sorry, i don't have more ideas22:01
markitxcv: don't worry, you have been really helpful, thanks a lot22:04
markitI'm really depressed, I HAVE to make it work22:04
markitand I'm wasting 2 days in useless tests just for something should work "out of the box"22:04
markitsometime I thing that regressions are killing my love to GNU/Linux world22:05
markitif you update, you will never know not if NEW features work fine, but if work at all the ones you relies on22:05
markitwell, not enough energy for ranting, lol, too tired22:05
xcvI have an atheros integrated wifi card and I need a kernel update (to 2.6.39) in order to fix a bug in the ath9x driver but when I added the ppa:kernel-ppa/ppa I saw that it was empty and I am a newbie in kernel updates. Can anybody help me?23:04
xcvI have an atheros integrated wifi card and I need a kernel update (to 2.6.39) in order to fix a bug in the ath9x driver but when I added the ppa:kernel-ppa/ppa I saw that it was empty and I am a newbie in kernel updates. Can anybody help me?23:24
markitxcv: I've no idea, but googling I've got23:30
markitsudo add-apt-repository ppa:kernel-ppa/ppa23:30
markitsudo apt-get update23:30
markitsudo apt-get install linux-headers-2.6.39-0 linux-headers-2.6.39-0-generic linux-image-2.6.39-0-generic --fix-missing23:30
markitshould work... does not?23:31
xcvmarkit: i added that repository but then i checked it and it is empty, so i don't know what to do23:31
markithow did you checked? did you issued an apt-get update?23:32
xcvyes, and I browsed through all the folders of the ppa, they only contain empty Packages.gz files23:33
xcvdo you have some idea?23:39
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SIR_TacoI'm not quite anybody, but I am somebody... what's the problem xcv23:51
xcvI have an atheros integrated wifi card and I need a kernel update (to 2.6.39) in order to fix a bug in the ath9x driver but when I added the ppa:kernel-ppa/ppa I saw that it was empty and I am a newbie in kernel updates. What should i do?23:52
SIR_Tacoxcv: what kernel are you trying to update to?23:54
xcvi'm using 2.6.38-10-generic-pae and i need 2.6.39-x23:55
SIR_Tacowhat version of Kubuntu are you running?23:55
xcvi'm using the last one, 11.04 natty narwhal23:56
SIR_Tacoxcv: ok, how are you updating? through the console or through a GUI?23:57
xcvSIR_Taco: console, as i saw, i did: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kernel-ppa/ppa && sudo apt-get update23:58
xcvthen, I searched the linux-generic-pae package through all the ways I know but I just find my current version. I went to launchpad, browsed the ppa and the only file that i could see were empty Packages.gz23:59

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