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mhall119Still can't make an MP, but other people can, any idea what could be causing it? OOPS-2043CK1001:26
mhall119trying to merge https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/canonical-isd-web/fix-592429 into lp:canonical-isd-web/ubuntu-website01:26
mhall119wow, finally got it01:32
lifelessmhall119: could you file a bug ? thanks.01:35
mhall119lifeless: even though it's working now?01:42
lifelessmhall119: I will look at the oops once it syncs, it may be a dupe, or may be a new situation.01:42
lifelessmhall119: and yes, even though it works now, we capture lots of info in the OOPS.01:43
mhall119lifeless: done: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/82122201:46
ubot5Ubuntu bug 821222 in Launchpad itself "Timeout while trying to create a merge proposal" [Undecided,New]01:46
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lifelesswgrant: builds with no logs. what causes ? e.g. https://launchpad.net/~pmiller-opensource/+archive/ppa/+build/266014507:59
wgrantlifeless: Normally failure counting... will need to check buildd-manager logs.08:02
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tsimpsonout of interest (as I got the API to do it), is there any web interface to change wiki-names?08:34
wgranttsimpson: No. The API is only there for backwards compatibility; it will be dropped once those versions of the API become unsupported.08:34
wgranttsimpson: We removed it from the UI a few months ago, and the APIs are deprecated.08:35
tsimpsonwgrant: ok, so where is it noted that it's deprecated?08:37
tsimpsonnot really related to my first question, but I didn't see it noted in the apidoc08:38
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jkimball4Hello, if I've removed my launchpad account is it possible to also have the remnants of my account like real name on bug reports anonymized or removed?10:36
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henningejkimball4: what is your account called?12:27
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jkimball4henninge: username or the name displayed throughout the ui?12:29
henningejkimball4: username12:29
jkimball4are they emails or regular usernames?12:29
jkimball4can't remember12:29
jkimball4i'll pm12:30
czajkowskimrevell: you;re in london!!!13:00
mrevellHi czajkowski, I am! I'm here to meet Charline to talk about user research13:01
henningeHi czajkowski! ;)13:01
czajkowskihenninge: howdy13:03
czajkowskimrevell: and yes it's muggy, beats yesterday when it was raining so stop complaining ;)13:03
czajkowskihenninge: your ears must be burning off you this week13:04
henningeczajkowski: yes, I did not know what I was poking into there ...13:05
czajkowskiyeah it's not all bad, It just comes on the tail of neary 2 weeks of a similar mailing list thread13:06
czajkowskiit'll resolve itself soon, and I guess it needed airing if it has led to this much mail13:07
henningeI hope it does, it's not healthy for the community to continue like that13:08
czajkowskihenninge: eh well to be fair, it's not just the community behaving this way :)13:08
henningesee, here we go again ;-)13:08
henningeI see Canonical employed devs as part of the community13:09
henningecommunity = Canonical devs + volunteers13:09
henningeat least, that is my perception13:09
czajkowskihenninge: you made the differenciation not me13:09
henningeoh, than I misunderstood you13:09
czajkowskihenninge: some canonical folks are big in community, but not everyone is13:10
czajkowskiwhere as I am purely community, my ubuntu work is my hobby and I don't get paid for it13:10
henningeI know13:10
henningethat was part of my surprise on Tuesday13:10
henningeI expected my contributions to not count very much because I get paid for it13:11
henningeI did *not* expect them not being considered not part of the project13:11
henningeBut I see my fault here in knowing the process too little before entering into it.13:12
czajkowskihenninge: I guess, had your wiki page been more detailed and you had more testimonals, we would not be having this conversation tbh13:12
henningeI can improve that and try again next time.13:13
henningeAnd I hope the "what is upstream" issue to be settled by then.13:13
czajkowskiyou and me both13:14
henningeczajkowski: but thanks for taking the time to talk to me during the meeting and I am really sorry it caused such a disruption.13:15
henningeFTR, Jorge and Kate were not there to endorse me, at least I did not ask them to.13:16
czajkowskihenninge: it's fine really. obviously you can see in the middle of a meeting it's just not the best time, and it was a quiet evening sometimes we have more people to get through and it just means we have to process them faster. Other people idle in the channel so if they comment on stuff that;s their choice.13:20
henningeok, thanks ;)13:21
czajkowskihenninge: next time, poke your team mates to update your wiki please :)13:22
henningeyes, I will make sure of that ;)13:23
abentleyhenninge: Are you help contact right now?13:56
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henningeabentley: yes, since Abel is not here to take over13:58
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henningeI guess I forgot to update the topic13:58
abentleyhenninge: I guess we should take 6 hour shifts, so I can take over in a couple of minutes.13:59
henningeabentley: ok ;)13:59
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ahasenackhi guys, I need to upload packages in an automated fashion to a private ppa, daily, from a remote machine. I wonder how to do the signing14:43
ahasenackI wouldn't want to put my gpg key there, so I guess I need to attach a new one to my LP account and use that one?14:44
ahasenackjust wondering what the best practices are14:44
benjiahasenack: a new, dedicated key sounds like a good idea to me14:52
ahasenackbenji: cool14:52
ahasenackbenji: just created one, for signing only14:52
ahasenackbenji: do you know if it's possible to restrict the uploads this new key can do?14:59
benjiahasenack: it's not possible, as far as I am aware (but I'm not quite omniscient... yet)15:00
abentleyhenninge: With your work on obfuscating emails, it should be safe to give anonymous user access to all objects in the jsoncache, not just the context object.  Right?15:13
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ryanakcaCould someone help me figure out the AttributeError I get with launchpadlib? http://paste.ubuntu.com/659509/20:00
ryanakcaabentley: ^20:05
abentleyryanakca: looking20:06
abentleyryanakca: This could be due to bad cache invalidation.  Could you try removing/renaming .launchpadlib/api.launchpad.net and re-running?20:08
ryanakcaRemoved $HOME/.launchpadlib and still experiencing it.20:09
abentleyryanakca: always with 2ping?20:10
ryanakcaAny package from the looks of it.20:11
abentleyryanakca: it looked like you had two successes before the traceback.20:13
ryanakcaabentley: You can get a copy of the file it reads from at http://ryanak.ca/~ryan/source-packages (a text file with a list of source packages, one per line)20:13
ryanakcaabentley: From your end?20:14
abentleyryanakca: no, I was misreading your output.20:15
abentleyryanakca: It's working for me.20:18
abentleyryanakca: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/659518/ etc20:19
abentleyryanakca: I'm using launchpadlib 1.9.720:20
ryanakcaI'm stuck with version 1.6.020:20
ryanakca(It's on one of the department's research server, running Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS)20:21
ryanakcaI'll probably have to backport it and ask the sysadmin to install it. Should we bother tracking down the bug?20:22
ryanakcaI've tested with 1.9.8 on my netbook and it appears to work here too.20:23
abentleyryanakca: Since 1.6.0's on an LTS, probably yes.20:23
ryanakcaabentley: Alright, should we do that now or shall I file a bug and wait for someone else to come around?20:26
abentleybenji: ping20:27
benjiabentley: hi20:27
abentleybenji: We appear to have a bug in Launchpadlib 1.6.0 that's fixed in 1.9.7 and looks like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/659509/ Do you know it?20:28
* benji looks20:28
benjiabentley: it doesn't ring any bells20:29
abentleyryanakca: Please go ahead and file it.20:29
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dpb_Hi all: is there any way to add a user as read-only into a private project?21:14
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bkerensaI have a suggestion for launchpad.... Add Google/Yahoo/Twitter/Facebook/Identi.ca integration so its easier for people to signup and not have to have so many accounts.22:47
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