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KM0201hmm, guess he didn't wanna hang out w/ us01:13
phillwKM0201: you cannot get them all :)01:34
phillwif you pop onto offtopic.. I have a link for you01:35
KM0201i'm there01:35
KM0201phillw: ?01:36
socratesxdhey i just have a problem01:58
socratesxdi tried to use another music player01:58
socratesxdbut i get an error01:58
socratesxdThe configured audiosink bin1 isn't working.01:59
socratesxdAudacious works well01:59
socratesxdbut i want exaile01:59
socratesxdcan someone here help me?02:00
phillwsocratesxd: if you are not using the music player that we use, then you need to get help from them!02:00
socratesxdcome on02:02
socratesxdcan anyone help me?02:02
lubuntu20dashhello, how I install the spellchecker in writer?05:19
jitaSomehow i have altered the configuration of my bash profile, how do i revert back to default settings without reinstalling lubuntu ?07:35
bioterrorwhich file did you edit?07:35
jitai guess .bashrc07:36
jitadid not mess with global settings07:36
bioterrorif you have .bashrc, it will be used instead of /etc/bash.bashrc07:36
jitaI even tried deleting .bashrc but i did not get the default lubuntu color theme for lxterminal07:37
bioterrorthat has nothing to do with lxterminal07:37
bioterrorbash is as hell07:37
bioterrorI'm at work and I dont have lubuntu machine near me, but you should remove .config/lxterminal or .lxterminal07:38
bioterrorI think those are the places where it holds the configuration files07:38
jitai am a python programmer, and i am going to install the fresh copy of lubuntu, should i go with alpha 3 version ?11:46
jitaShould all the libraries of python be ported to linux 3 kernel ?11:46
KM0201jita: if you're not experienced in dealing w/ Linux probs, just install the current stable (11.04)11:52
KM0201being a programmer, has nothing to do w/ it.11:53
bioterrorKM0201, according to this morning, he should use 10.04 :D12:18
KM0201bioterror: this morning?12:19
bioterrorhe changed lxterminals settings and was talking about bash12:19
KM0201i ddnt see anything about that, but.. why would that have a bearing on using 10.04 or 11.04?12:19
KM0201the point still stands, using a beta when you're not experienced w/ linux probs, using a beta is generally a bad idea.12:20
KM0201unless you're suggesting he was using this for a sever.12:20
KM0201i'll LTS my file server when 12.04 comes out.12:21
KM0201otherwise its easy to just reinstall the few things i need12:21
faint545anyone know how to change the font color of the digital clock in Lubuntu 11.04?13:53
morriI don't13:56
morribut I don't want to change it anyway so i have never tried13:56
morrimaybe in the desktop settings13:56
faint545ive tried everywhere.13:58
KM0201i saw that somewhere13:58
faint545i saw this: http://forum.lxde.org/viewtopic.php?t=88&f=8 but it doesnt match up to what i have..13:59
faint545shoot, nvm lol13:59
faint545right click on panel > Panel Settings > Appearence > Font14:00
KM0201i knew i'd saw that somewhere.14:00
phillwfaint545: thanks for that... I do recall it being asked before. I'll pop it onto the FAQ section :)14:05
faint545phillw, glad i could help14:06
phillwahh... close, it was the font size they wanted to alter :/14:08
jitawhy do i get message 'there were packges automatically installed and no longer required, do auto-remove' but when i do auto-remove the screen becomes blank when i shutdown the pc14:16
jitai get this message after clean install of lubuntu 11.0414:16
KM0201phillw: do you know how to disable bluetooth from command line?.. ive' got a machine freezing there on boot (nothing is plugged in at the moment), i can ssh into the machine though.14:18
phillwjita: when I shutdown my pc, my screen also goes blank (along with the fan stopping). Do you mean that when you attempt to use shutdown the computer locks up, or that it does turn off?14:20
jitaphillw: it does shutdown, but the screen becomes blank or filled with green lines for few seconds before it shuts down14:22
phillwKM0201: have a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9017592&postcount=514:23
phillwjita: sounds to me a splash issue, as I do not hang around whilst start up and close down 'pretty pictures' appear... I'll have a play with my VM and pay attention to it on a shutdown.14:26
KM0201phillw: i just ssh'd it and uninstalled bluetooth all together (she dooesn't even have a bluetooth device).. now it's hanging at ntp (which im' pretty sure if the clock protocol).. something's not right, i'm about to start checking logs.14:26
jitaphillw: are you using virtualbox ?14:26
phillwjita: i use the oracle thinggie :)14:27
jitaphillw: that splash issue could be solved by not performing auto-remove after the installation14:27
phillwit is the only way I can run all the variants of lubuntu at the same time :)14:27
jitaphillw: what other variants you use ?14:28
phillwI have 10.04, 10.10, 11.04 and 11.10 available :)14:28
jitalol and why would you do that ?14:28
KM0201well this is weird, evvery single log file is dead empty14:29
phillwjita: because people use them and each release is subtly different from the other. (10.04 is the last release to support old chip-sets, for example)14:29
jitaphillw: are you lubuntu maintainer ?14:30
phillwjita: no, just a docs / wiki person. The devs are gentle with me :)14:31
phillwKM0201: for a mis behaving system... hive off the /home onto its own partition (as everyone should) and just do a reinstall. It will work out faster than chasing around an unhappy system.14:32
KM0201that'll be a pain though.14:33
KM0201i never put /home ona  separate partition..lol14:33
KM0201what I dont' understand.. when /hoome is ano another partition, how does the OS know to use it?.. because home is under /home/username?14:34
KM0201i guss i could try it, first time for everything14:35
phillwKM0201: There is a train of thought that instead of the installer asking 'do you want to make /home encrypted?' it should say... 'do you want a seperate /home area for when you mess up?'14:35
KM0201probably a good idea,14:35
KM0201problem is, i don't know how big to make home for her, etc..14:35
jitaKM0201: the benefit of havinf a separate /home partition is when you have to reinstall the OS, you dont loose your data or have to move it to another place before formatting14:35
KM0201because she has all her music there, etc.14:35
phillwKM0201: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving14:36
jitaphillw: how is 11.10 ? Is it usable ? the alpha 3 one14:36
phillwKM0201: the root system needs a couple of GB... make /home as big as you can :P14:36
jitaphillw: is it still using the same graphical theme ?14:37
phillwjita: I've been running it since 1st release... the dev releases these days are pretty solid.14:37
jitaphillw: any significant difference you experienced from 11.04 ?14:38
KM0201thiis is gonna be a nightmare14:38
KM0201its strange, cuz it worked fine yesterday14:38
phillwjita: there is not an alternate iso out yet, as we move from 'in house' building to the official system there is quite a lot of work for our Head of Dev to do.14:39
KM0201only thing i done, was ssh'd into it and ran system updates14:39
phillwKM0201: I update my versions daily - I have not had any issues.14:40
KM0201phillw: i've got 2 systems here, completely up to date, no problems14:40
KM0201just trying to figure out what would have caused this, thats all.14:40
phillwKM0201: it is possibly a regression, these things do happen14:41
phillwbut if there are no logs for why it is complaining I'm pretty stuck as to how to advise you.14:41
KM0201phillw: yup, every single log file is dead empty14:43
KM0201man.. id like to know what the heck happened14:47
KM0201makes no sense...14:47
phillwKM0201: do you have physical access to the computer?14:49
phillwcatch it at grub, and get to boot into safe mode14:50
KM0201did that.14:50
phillwdoes it boot okay?14:50
KM0201hangs at the same spot.14:50
KM0201lemme check it again14:50
KM0201yeah, same thing14:54
phillwKM0201: the only thing I can think of if it is not booting is a corruption on the file system. Can you boot into an earlier kernel?14:56
KM0201tried that, no joy, same thing14:56
KM0201i ran a filesystem check on it, it passed14:56
KM0201man, wha ta riddle.15:30
phillwKM0201: if still no joy, I'd use a liveCD to ensure it is not a hardware failure.15:32
KM0201phillw: thats what i'm doing now..15:33
KM0201everything checks out..15:33
KM0201this just makes no sense.15:33
KM0201oh well, i'm gonna reinstall.15:37
KM0201my 30min rule has been implemented15:37
KM0201i just setup my laptop as a share and backed up home to my laptop, so i'll move all her crap back after i reinstall.15:38
phillwKM0201: indeed, we can spend hours chasing phantoms.. when you do the re-install, make time to add a /home partition!15:44
KM0201phillw: meh, no big deal... i just did a reinstall like i normally do..lol15:47
KM0201phillw: whats that alternative login screen, that lets you "click" a username/15:48
phillwKM0201: just get used to manually allocating and make a /home partition15:48
KM0201that'll be the problem, cuz everyone in that house is to braindead to remember a username..lol15:48
KM0201autologin, is unfortunately not an option.15:48
KM0201Unit193: is the one who told me about it, maybe he's around15:50
phillwyou can go into users and set it to not ask for password15:51
KM0201i know, but.. unfortunately thats not an option.15:51
phillwI've seen issues about auto-login15:51
KM0201i wonder, could i use the gdm login screen, w/ lubuntu?15:51
phillwKM0201: try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147211315:52
KM0201no no, i know "HOW" to set auto login15:53
KM0201it's not an option for that family (little kids tha tneed supervised on the machine)15:53
KM0201there's another login window i used... that unit told me about, but i can't remember the name of it.15:54
KM0201i'm wondering how difficult it would be to use gdm.15:54
phillwKM0201: depends how many of the Gnome family & dependants it wishes to smuggle in as well ;)15:55
KM0201i don't care about that.15:55
phillwyou will when the computer runs as fast as a slug through treacle!15:55
KM0201LightDM! thats it15:55
phillwlightDM will be in 11.10 :D15:55
KM0201but this machine is 11.04.. :)15:56
phillwjust as well, as LightDM is not in the alpha 3 :P15:56
* Talu waves to all "Does anyone know how to change cpu fsb frequency with the CPUFreq frontend applet or if it's supposed to be able to?15:59
KM0201hmm, thats a good one, nevver saw that!16:01
KM0201i looksl ike you're throwing up a gang sign though...lol16:01
KM0201unfortunately though, i don't know the answre to your quesiton16:01
TaluOh, no it's a salute16:01
KM0201lol, i know.16:02
TaluNot a problem, appreciate the thought regardless :)16:02
TaluAlso, seems the battery monitor at least on my dell 910, has the Zorin OS4 ever estimating bug, not sure if I should launch pad it16:03
TaluStill, the speed is great ^^16:03
KM0201hmm, i dunno, i don't do battery monitors16:03
TaluSo, what do you do out of interest ?16:05
KM0201what do i do?16:09
TaluAs in, Distro stuff16:10
KM0201oh, just basic home user, nothing fancy... music, movies, internet, etc.16:11
KM0201phillw: u around?.. you might wanna rethhink what you were saying about sdahsu16:11
TaluAh, yeah same for the most part, been trying to find the best netbook type release for years since they discontinued my old fav Karmic16:11
TaluWell, feels like years x316:12
KM0201man this is gonna drivec me crrrazy.17:18
socratesxdsomebody can help me?17:58
socratesxdi want to use other music player17:58
phillwsocratesxd: then just install it :)17:59
socratesxdi've test exaile, rythmbox, bansheee...17:59
socratesxd(banshee is bad :p)17:59
socratesxdbut i get the same error17:59
socratesxdThe configured audiosink bin1 isn't working.17:59
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KM0201never heard that ojne before.18:10
KM0201socratesxd: what audio player works?18:11
socratesxdwell... audacious works well18:11
KM0201is that the exact error you get18:12
socratesxdthat means that i have to use audacious18:14
KM0201iunderstand that18:14
KM0201"the configured audiosink bin1 isn't working".. is that the exact error you get, or are you paraphrasing?18:14
socratesxdthat's what exaile said18:14
KM0201what version of Lubuntu are you using?18:16
KM0201socratesxd: ?18:17
KM0201ok, open sybaptic package manager18:18
socratesxdis already open18:18
KM0201do a search for "gstreamer"18:18
socratesxdok, and now?18:19
KM0201you should have a fairly extensive list of returns, go through, and find "gstreamer0.10-alsa"18:19
socratesxdi found it18:19
KM0201right click, choose "mark for installation"18:19
KM0201don't hit apply yet18:20
KM0201look and see if "gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg" is installed18:20
KM0201if not, mark it to be installed18:20
socratesxdit's installed18:20
KM0201then do the same for... gstreamer0.10--plugins-bad   and gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly18:20
KM0201now restart18:21
socratesxdbut i have to install it first18:22
socratesxdbut i have to install them first18:22
KM0201also look for these two packages....18:22
KM0201after youv'e got all those marked, install them18:23
KM0201then restart18:23
socratesxdlot of thanks!18:23
KM0201ok, this *may not work*..18:23
KM0201if it doesn't, come back here, i've got one more thing to try18:23
socratesxdlot of thanks! KM020118:28
socratesxdit works!18:28
socratesxdsomeone here use conky?18:29
KM0201i;ve never used conky.. you're on your own there18:29
faint545anyone know how i can modify the lubuntu-default widget?23:52

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