Daekdroompoolie, yes00:00
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anthony96Hi, I just made a live CD of 11.10 alpha 3 and when it booted it loaded everything the way its supposed to but the mouse was black is this a bug or because the ATI drivers are not installed?01:15
bp0what does forced fallback mode mean in ubuntu?01:34
jbichabp0: I don't believe that button does anything in Ubuntu02:13
bp0is there some package that allows the fallback mode?02:25
bp0ive got gnome-shell installed02:25
bp0if I set the fallback mode button and then restart into the GNOME session it causes an error and fails02:25
mrdebwho tried 1110 today02:46
jbichabp0: that button is supposed to run the Gnome Fallback session (which requires you to have gnome-session-fallback02:50
jbichaand gnome-panel installed) but I don't think the button will work02:50
jbichaoh nm, it does work, it's just not needed since you can pick your session when you log in02:53
mrdebwhen is 1110 stable03:03
ubottuA schedule of Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule03:05
h00kmrdeb: check that ^03:05
mrdebcan you jsut tell me03:06
h00kmrdeb: I don't know offhand, but that wiki does.03:06
mrdebok well i will try it03:07
jointwho upgraded to ubuntu 11.10 alpha 3?03:12
phoenix_firebrdhello everyone04:16
phoenix_firebrdi am using kubuntu 11.10, with kde 4.7, i have installed from daily build, i like to try telepathy-kde, i have added the ppa and even after adding it, i am not able to find the package in muon04:17
phoenix_firebrdapt find the package04:19
phoenix_firebrdwhy didnt the muon packager manager list it04:20
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=== IdleOne changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: discussion and support for Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot | Release schedule: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule | Alpha 3 http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/oneiric/alpha-3/
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IdleOnethanks for fixing that rww07:11
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adreanalinkHow can I let my system see packet I installed manually from make??09:31
bazhang!checkinstall | adreanalink09:32
ubottuadreanalink: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!09:32
adreanalinkhave the checkinstall  be supported by the configure file in the packet i'm installing?09:33
tsimpsonadreanalink: no, checkinstall just puts the installed files into a package, so the package manager can see it09:40
adreanalinkso what's the goal installing with make?09:40
tsimpsonjust read the link, it shows instructions09:42
adreanalinkyes, it says to me how can I install with checkinstall and I will use it surely09:43
adreanalinkbut now I would know the goal of the make command, thus in the link it says it's not reccomended09:44
sagaciwhat's the equiv for gconf-editor in oneiric09:53
jbichasagaci: some settings are still in gconf-editor, others are in dconf-editor10:02
sagacijbicha: thanks for the advice10:03
jitaif i only do programming in django/python and use vim mostly, could i install alpha 3 without having problems ?11:52
bazhangjita, well it's alpha, so the usual caveats11:53
jitaok will stick with 11.04 for the time being11:53
jitabazhang: do you recommend doing dist-upgrade on 11.04 ?11:53
bazhangjita, the previous alpha worked wonderfully well for me, best to keep on th e lookoout here for problems if you do11:53
bazhangjita, version upgrade you mean?11:54
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. Please see !upgrade for the proper way to upgrade to a new version of Ubuntu.11:54
jitabazhang: i havent changed the sources yet11:54
jitabazhang: no it only shows the upgrading of kernel11:54
bazhangjita, thats not the way to do it11:55
jitabazhang: so you dont recommend doing dist-upgrade only apt-get upgrade ?11:55
jitabazhang: i dont want to upgrade to alpha11:56
bazhangjita, from 11.04 to 11.10?11:56
jitabazhang: no i dont want to upgrade to 11.1011:56
bazhangdist-upgrade has Zero to do with version upgrade11:56
jitabazhang: should i use it on 11.04 ?11:56
bazhangjita, are packages held back?11:56
jitabazhang: yes kernel11:57
jitabazhang: newer one is available11:57
bazhangjita, which one11:57
jitabazhang: 2.6.38 i guess11:57
bazhanglsb_release -a in terminal please11:57
jitabazhang: no lsb modules, natty 11.0411:59
bazhangjita, sure, if you wish, or just wait for the other packages12:00
jitabazhang: wait for the other packages ?12:00
bazhangjita, the ones causing the holding back12:00
jitabazhang: currently 2.6.38-8 is installed and 2.6.38-10 is available using dist-upgrade12:01
bazhangjita, your choice really.12:01
jitabazhang: would you do it ?12:01
bazhangjita, probably not, I'd just wait a day or two for the other packages to arrive, then do the whole lot12:02
jitabazhang: apt-get upgrade never installs newer kernels ?12:04
bazhangjita, sure it does.12:05
jitabazhang: why doesnt it install 2.6.38-10 then ?12:05
bazhangjita, held back?12:05
Trewasjita: kernel versions usually change the package name, so dist-upgrade is required12:06
jitaTrewas: is it advised to do that ?12:06
icerootjita: bazhang apt-get upgrade does not install new kernels12:06
icerootjita: bazhang just apt-get dist-upgrade does12:06
Trewasjita: well yes, otherwise you won't get the new kernel12:07
sagacijust wondering if there's any workarounds for the automatic login bug, where it doesn't autologin, even if you set it to AL12:07
BUGabundoguud afternuun fluks12:35
diverse_izzueas of today, i can't login to gnome, just to unity. is it maybe because of today's update to gnome-session? anyone else with that problem?13:34
oimondiverse_izzue: i seem to have the same problem as you13:38
diverse_izzueoimon, thanks for the confirmation. also, does login take longer than it used to?13:41
oimondiverse_izzue: i saw the wallpaper for a long time then the nautilus menu appeared , but no gnome-panel etc13:42
diverse_izzueoimon, exactly the same here13:42
diverse_izzueok, i'll report a bug13:42
oimonhmm now my unity isn't logging in..13:43
oimonah here it is ..took a long time13:43
diverse_izzueoimon, that's what i meant :-)13:43
diverse_izzueoimon, #821477 maybe you can give it an "affects me too"13:45
oimonbug 82147713:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 821477 in gnome-session (Ubuntu) "gnome-session update breaks login to gnome-shell" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82147713:45
diverse_izzuewaaaaaah ,my dear gnome-shell!13:48
oimoni still see a battery icon in unity althoguh i have a desktop :-\13:51
h00koimon: I have the same thing, yep ;)13:51
oimonwondering if it's intended, but will be replaced with a better icon13:51
h00kIt doesn't make sense on a desktop13:52
oimoni'll raise a bug13:52
h00kI wasn't sure what to file it against13:53
oimonh00k: good point13:58
oimonbeen looking through gsettings but can't find a way to tell it that it's a desktop13:58
oimoni assume gnome-power-manager?14:02
BUGabundowhy why oh why!!!14:04
BUGabundowhy is chromium using over 5GBs of ram???14:04
BUGabundoI want my RAM back!!!!! https://plus.google.com/110546133384368429145/posts/4DjriLZaUNF14:04
coz_BUGabundo,  i got a  "404" on that link :(14:05
BUGabundocoz_: what's your Plus id?14:05
oimonwas it a rhetorical quiestion? because about:memory tells u why :)14:06
patdk-wkheh, stil lbetter than my firefox using 24gigs14:06
patdk-wkoimon, you have a ups connected?14:07
oimonpatdk-wk: nope14:07
patdk-wk Ialways get the battery icon on my systems with the usb ups cable plugged in14:07
oimon(gnome-settings-daemon:1420): power-plugin-WARNING **: not connected14:08
oimoni get this in .xsession-errors14:08
oimoni think it affects all desktop users14:08
BUGabundooimon: if I could even use my laptop before I killed it !!14:08
TomSlominskihello. I just upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10, and my PC hangs on boot with: "Checking battery state..."14:34
TomSlominskiI don't even have a battery.14:35
BUGabundoTomSlominski: I had that long ago... it fixed itself14:35
BUGabundousing a daily image?14:35
TomSlominskino, update-manager -d14:36
BUGabundobeats me14:36
BUGabundotry in recovery mode14:36
TomSlominskiits loading really slowly... my PC has been behaving weird recently, i think my processor might have exploded or something.14:39
TomSlominskiI am loving the recovery background! :D Am I just resuming now?14:40
charlie-tcaupdate/clean packages first14:41
charlie-tcaor is it fix broken packages, maybe, then clean14:41
TomSlominskicharlie-tca: "dpkg Repair broken packages"?14:42
charlie-tcasounds right14:42
charlie-tcait just goes and looks for updates, if nothing is broken.14:42
TomSlominskiokay, should I resume normal boot now?14:44
TomSlominskiokay, i resumed and ive got a text login prompt. ill login and try to start lightdm14:46
hvfew questions re oneiric: 1. Has aptitude become noticably slower? 2. Is "man gsettings" broken?14:46
charlie-tcaTomSlominski: MIght have to do a restart yet.14:48
TomSlominskiit lives!14:48
charlie-tcahv: No manual entry for gsettings14:48
TomSlominskiI think it's really weird how Ubuntu sees some wi-fi networks without having Wi-Fi hardware connected to it.14:48
charlie-tcahv: I try not to use aptitude14:49
TomSlominskiwow, Unity is so much faster than Gnome 3.14:49
hvhv: why? what is wrong with aptitude?14:49
charlie-tcaFor me? It is much easier to use apt-get or synaptic package manager14:49
BronekI am just burn U 10.10! :)14:50
hvBronek: you mean 11.10?14:50
Broneksorry 11.10 :p14:50
escotti just updated from 11.04 to alpha my laptop which has btrfs on /. because btrfsck is useless I had removed the symlink from fsck.btrfs to btrfsck which made the 11.04 boot skip the check, but now the 11.10 boot is complaining. any idea why that would be14:51
Picihv: I'm not on Oneiric on this computer, but manpages.ubuntu.com claims that the manpage for 'gsettings' exists, but it appars to be blank. Is that what you're seeing?14:51
spacebug-will there be no option to use a screensaver or to never set the screen to go blank in 11.10 ? (all I can see is to just let it go blank and that option you cannot disable just set different times)14:52
hv/usr/share/man/man1/gsettings.1.gz says Man generation disabled. ...14:53
hvwhere would the manual be then?14:54
Picihv: I'd file a bug, unless its mentioned in the changelogs since the version in natty.14:54
hvagainst libglib2.0-bin?14:55
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hvgnome-panels are totoally gone, right? I need just one panel that apparently didn't make it to Unity, [yet].  It is the one corresponding to gnome-system-monitor, which shows CPU/Network/Mem/etc usage. Perhaps you know about it or maybe there is an alternative?15:05
* patdk-wk so far can't stand unity or gnome315:06
patdk-wkand still using gnome-panel in oneiric15:07
hvpatdk-wk: how?15:07
hvwhat do you install to get them?15:07
patdk-wkthought I just installed gnome-panel15:08
hvoh, and with which session type?15:08
* patdk-wk finds where he put 11.1015:09
hvbtw, what happened to "User defined session"s? I have a ~/.xsession but noone seems to pick it up.15:10
patdk-wkgnome classic15:10
TomSlominskiis there any way to configure the ubuntu panel?15:22
hv+1 !15:23
TomSlominskihmm? I am running 11.1015:25
hvTomSlominski: I mean I would be happy, too, if someone answered that question15:25
TomSlominskihv: Oh, right :D15:25
hvTomSlominski: btw, what would you like to change? add new items to the "panel"?15:26
TomSlominskihv: stop it from autohiding15:26
hvthe left panel you mean? there was a setting for that15:26
TomSlominskihv: yeah15:26
hvI could access it in gconf-editor. I am looking to find that setting in gsettings which does not have a manual, yet.15:27
hvI am looking for the same thing, as we speak!15:27
TomSlominskiRight, time to sort out GRUB :)15:30
hvTomSlominski: Apparently settings are now kept in ~/.config/dconf/user which is a binary file. Gonna find out how to access this database ...15:33
TomSlominskihv: there is a way of accessing dconf, I think. let me get my Linux Format out :)15:34
hvinstalling dconf-tools ...15:35
TomSlominskihv: apparetnly there is a "gsettings command line tool"15:36
hvTomSlominski: yeah, but I cannot find the manual for gsettings15:37
TomSlominskiand you can do things like: "gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theeme 'Clearlooks'"15:37
TomSlominskihv: I'm under Fedora 15 right now and I've got the manual for gsettings15:38
TomSlominskihv: is there any way to export it?15:39
hvI guess gsettings is kinda modelled after "defaults" in OSX.15:39
hvwhich implies it is fast, and you should access it through "gsettings COMMMAND ..." commands15:40
hvdconf-editor from the package dconf-tools is good so far.15:40
hvI just need to find the name of the key15:40
hvcan you upload the man page somewhere? (probably the file /usr/share/man/man1/gsettings.1.gz)15:41
hvor actually, let me search for it online ...15:42
hvok, found one, nevermind15:43
hvgot to blow up dconf imported keys (from gconf). brb.15:50
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epifaniohi all16:58
epifaniocan i receive support about ubuntu 11.10 here ?16:58
epifanioafter an apt-get update , upgrade .. it stop to works (before it was working) i'm on a macbookpro 2.216:59
epifanioi instaslled the mac iso image16:59
epifanio.. the problem is the battery check step (i know my battery is in a bad state .. but it's really odd it doesn't allow me to boot)16:59
epifanio it stop the boot promp at the step : check battery state17:00
jtaylorwhen did you upgrade?17:01
charlie-tcaepifanio: boot to recovery mode and try "dpkg Repair broken packages"17:01
epifaniocharlie-tca: what's the syntax to use in the shell ?17:03
charlie-tcayou don't get a recovery menu?17:04
epifanioiìm in root shell17:04
epifaniowith networking17:04
charlie-tcasudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:04
epifaniook tring17:05
charlie-tcaI think that does almost the same as repair in the menu17:05
jtaylormake sure lightdm-greeter-gtk is installed17:05
charlie-tcagood point, that needs to be there too17:06
jakempsuspend doesn't seem to be working too well for me.17:16
dsatheyeah A BUG17:18
dsathehow do i get adwaita to work on oneric ?17:19
dsathesans the not so pretty windo borders of the light themes17:20
epifanioi tried to do upgrade dist-upgrade .. at boot i have again "checking battery state and no boot"17:23
epifanioi didn't find a opackage lightdm-greeter-gtk17:23
dsathedrop to tty117:24
dsathefire x17:24
dsatheusing startx for now17:24
dsathethen go fix it17:24
epifaniodsathe: how to drop to tty1 ?  i tried ctrl+alt+f1 .. but doesn't work, i'm in the root shell with networking17:28
epifanioi did it .. i'm logged in and X is working17:30
epifaniodsath : what about the step "then go to fix it"17:30
epifaniothanks to suggest me startx !!! i did it from root :  su username ; startx17:31
guest-fPtt7cpeps, i've a problem i cannot enter neither unity shell nor gnome-shell17:37
guest-fPtt7cjust a blackscreen appears-(the cursor doesn't move), but i can acces from guest acount17:38
dsatheinstall gtk-lightdm greater17:38
dsathenot too sure of exact package name17:38
dsathelook for it in synaptic17:38
guest-fPtt7csomeone knows hot to determinate the problem?17:42
charlie-tcaepifanio: lightdm-gtk-greeter is the real name17:43
jamesbond2hi, how can I install non patched upstream packages?17:45
h00kjamesbond2: er, like...old packages? or, what do you mean?17:47
jamesbond2i need do some testing for gnome because of a bug17:48
tensorpuddingthe alpha 3 repos are up, right?17:54
tensorpuddingupdate-manager -d can't find the new release17:54
epifanionow all works fine, thank you very much to All for your powerfull support!!!17:54
om26eris there a workaround or something for the cursor movement delay after key press???19:18
om26ercursor does not move for a second or so :/19:18
om26erits gnome specific, does not happen in KDE19:18
guest-m9hLDGi cannot enter neither unity shell nor gnome shell, i always get a black screen, but i can use the guest session.hpw i determine what's the problem?19:36
hvguest-m9hLDG: for me, it took a long time before either of those work for the first time. is your hard disk led blinking while the screen is blank?19:40
guest-m9hLDGhv, no19:41
guest-m9hLDGhv, i've use gnome-shell it was working a few days ago19:42
hvperhaps you need to move your old configurations out of the way. at least temporarily move ~/.config, ~/.gconf, ~/.local to another directory, try again, and see if it is still the same.  Also look at ~/.xsession-errors and see if you find any clues there.19:43
guest-m9hLDGhv, ok, wait a while19:43
hvfirst check the ~/.xsession-errors, though19:44
guest-m9hLDGhv,  it doesn't exist19:44
guest-m9hLDGi cannot move my folders because of i'm in a guest session19:44
guest-m9hLDGwill try to do in console mode19:44
guest-m9hLDGhv, done, i'll reboot19:48
guest-I271GZhv, didn't work, still get black screen19:54
MistaMazehi all20:18
BUGabundohey MistaMaze20:19
MistaMazeis it possible to use gnome3 without the shell but with the gnome-panel in oneiric?20:19
MistaMazeto have gnome-core3 but gnome2-feeling?20:19
trismMistaMaze: install gnome-session-fallback and then select Gnome Classic on the login screen20:20
MistaMazethat's all?20:20
trismMistaMaze: yes, assuming you have a default ubuntu-desktop install of oneiric20:21
MistaMazei like to get rid of these nasty unity/gnome-shell crap (but need newest ubuntu version for full sandy bridge support)20:21
MistaMazeand other desktops (fvwm,awesome,kde) didnet attract me that well20:22
MistaMazethanks trism for ya help20:23
MistaMazei will give a try on this fallback-packet20:24
MistaMatzehello again20:33
MistaMatzegnome-session-fallback worked fine. is it also possible to get my old gnome2-look back? do i need to install more packages for this?20:37
DaekdroomNope, it's not possible.20:38
DaekdroomThe old gnome-panel is replaced for good and the current one is what you get in gnome-session-fallback20:38
DaekdroomThat is, not customizable and mimetizing gnome shell20:38
rwwholding down Alt while right-clicking things in gnome-panel 3 tends to be useful, btw20:39
xxyhow do I run Gnome3 in Ubuntu 11.10 ?   I know I need gnome-shell package installed.. I can see that lightDM has option gnome from it sessions.. But what do I miss?  I still can't get it working20:41
dr_williscant get it working here either xxy . gnome session here just loaded Unity.20:41
xxydr_willis: here it doesn't even load unity. It seems to try loading some fallback for Gnome3 (something like gnome 2.30) but it can't load that as well20:42
dr_willisgnome3 is still a work in progress i guess20:43
rwwubuntu dev releases aren't generally usable for me until beta or RC anyway :P20:45
BUGabundorww: LIES!!!!!!20:54
rwwas you can all see, using crack builds of Ubuntu may render you less than sane.20:54
h00kfunkyHat: said stable software is for grandparents and servers.20:56
BUGabundoh00k: don't say that20:56
BUGabundoI've been hammering  qMail for the past few hours20:56
h00kBUGabundo: That's what funkyHat said!20:57
BUGabundoh00k: what do you and funkyHat have against charlie-tca ? :O20:58
h00kBUGabundo: notta thing :)20:58
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jbichaDaekdroom: /j #dyne21:43
jbichasorry aobut21:43
jbichaI can't type today21:43
jbichasorry about that21:43
Hanmaci had an new problem my system does not find my onboard soundcard anymore ... dmesg does not show me any sound or audio .... and dkms has problems with its conf so i can not build the images again21:45
BUGabundonice passworkd guest-I271GZ22:48
guest-I271GZis for bringing attentio to me :)22:48
guest-I271GZi cannot star my session, neither unity nor gnome-shell i just shows a black screen and my cursor, i can acces by the guest acount but i don't know what could be the problem of my session22:49
jbichaguest-I271GZ: one thing you could try is to install gdm and set it as your default dm, then reboot22:51
guest-I271GZjbicha, ok, i will22:51
guest-I271GZi have matters to attend, will be back in an hour22:53
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