charlie-tcaHello, Pendulum 17:14
PendulumI am free from hospital!17:15
charlie-tcaDoing well today, I trust?17:15
charlie-tcaGreat news!17:15
Pendulumso sore, but getting there17:15
charlie-tcaI would think sore, but given the time, expected17:16
Pendulumapparently I look incredibly good all things considered17:17
PendulumI'm also apparently taller17:17
charlie-tcaWhat a deal! look good and grow, despite the pain17:25
macothe nurse thought i was Pendulum's sister17:38
Pendulumwell, that's when they didn't think you were another one of Henderson's patients also named Mackenzie17:38
Pendulumbtw, maco I'm now in the Hilton Greenbelt17:38
Pendulumerr... Hilton Garden Inn Greenbelt17:39
fredoI just wanted to install dasher on Oneiric, but it isn’t installable due to dependency issues (at-spi vs. at-spi2).18:04
fredoIs this a known issue?18:04
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