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cmboydHi everyone!  Has anybody had any luck compiling for hard-float on oneiric?02:50
chihchunis there any document regarding to how to build/generate the oneiric preinstall image?03:51
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ericb2building on 11-04 , what is the -mfloat-abi flag for gcc-4.5 ?  hardfp or softfp ?12:06
ericb2I forgot : I'm building on a Pandaboard12:06
kki313hey, I'm looking for an official ARM-Repository for Ubuntu 10.04, is there any? I'm on Hercules ecafé with Freescale i.MX51512:06
ogra_kki313, arm packages are on ports.ubuntu.com12:18
kki313ogra_ thanks!12:19
sijipersia, you there?13:14
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ogra_ndec, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/70924514:15
ubot2Ubuntu bug 709245 in linux-ti-omap4 "panda: USB disk IO slow" [High,Confirmed]14:15
ndecogra_: about the IO bug, you told me it was affecting SD too, but that's not what I understand from the bug report. are u sure?15:28
ogra_have you looked at the measurements ?15:32
ogra_(and at the linked duplicate bug)15:32
* ndec looking again15:32
ndecogra_: ok. i see it. 'to a lesser extent' though ;-)15:33
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[7]ndec: and I'm not sure if it's the same cause16:00
[7]the ping doesn't seem to affect SD much, but the speed vs. block size graph shows similar weirdnesses like USB, just not as huge16:02
[7]that might possibly be some odd behavior of the card though, wouldn't be the first time :)16:02
ndecis someone looking at the problem related to SMP?16:03
[7]ndec: I just performed my tests with SD instead of usb, and pinging brought it from 8.8 to 8.9MB/s16:03
[7]the same test shows USB accesses skyrocket from 3 to 20 MB/s16:06
ndecthat's not the same definition of improvements ;-)16:06
[7]I haven't done nosmp tests for SD, but for USB nosmp will make it behave as if I would be pinging it16:07
GrueMaster[7]: I'm running comparative tests now.16:14
GrueMasterGive me ~10 minutes.16:14
davidmGrueMaster, would be interesting to try different schedulers and see what impact that has16:18
davidmwith USB Storage that is16:18
GrueMasterIf I can find a kernel guy that can give me a few respun kernels, sure.16:19
davidmno need for a new kernel can change on the fly16:21
[7]davidm: for my tests it was "noop"16:23
[7]testing cfq now16:23
[7]heh, with cfq not even pinging will help16:24
[7]or at least help a lot less16:24
[7]ignore my last messages, was using my tool in the wrong way16:25
davidmShould record results in bug when you are sure you did the test correctly16:26
* [7] will do16:26
[7]wtf. after playing around with these schedulers a bit the problem just disappeared16:30
[7]i'll reboot and retry16:30
[7]davidm: uploaded the logs to the bug report17:17
[7]the results aren't really conclusive to me17:17
[7]especially the perl -e "while (1) { }" test seems to behave somewhat randomly17:20
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