Test__Problem after bootup OS.  Sometimes the desktop opens showing apps on left side--othertimes desktop shows pulldown menu upper left.  Problem, some apps don't operate correctly under the pulldown menu.  Application is DraftSight00:23
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chenthudoes any one know why the "install" button on the gnome-art app dissabled?08:33
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KM0201s-fox: greetings.. :)16:03
s-foxTime to go. Goodbye.16:16
nlsthzntrying to install Oneiric Alpha 3... but it keeps asking a password?!16:35
charlie-tcanlsthzn: live cd?16:35
charlie-tcadesktop image?16:36
nlsthzncharlie-tca: yes... it boots into the live straight from boot... and when I click on the link it asks a password?.16:36
charlie-tcahitting enter doesn't work?16:36
nlsthznnope... re-booting quickly...16:37
charlie-tcapassword for live session is a blank16:37
nlsthznNot working :p16:38
nlsthznWill try again, thanks16:38
IAmNotThatGuynlsthzn, when you find a solution, please inform us =]16:39
nlsthznIAmNotThatGuy, charlie-tca ... I must be tired... I did get the option to install or try live... trying installing and not the live image works... not sure why once I am in the live image it asks a password16:40
charlie-tcait is not supposed to16:41
nlsthznDon't know why... at least now installing... thanks :)16:43
IAmNotThatGuynlsthzn, installing now?17:45
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philipballewis there a way to have 2 computers with each their own separate monitor, yet share the same mouse where i can move it from one screen to the next?19:33
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charlie-tcaphilipballew: yes, take a look at synergy19:41
philipballewalright charlie-tca sounds good!19:48
barefootryanHello.   I am running ubuntu 11.04 and cannot get my networked savin c9025 printer to work.  The savin drivers from ubuntu make the data light come on and the little wheels on the front of the printer come on but no printing takes place.  Suggestions?21:15
barefootryanI have tried most of  the generic ones as well.  Printer is a pcl 6 I think.21:15
holsteinbarefootryan: im not familiar with that model... can you force a similar driver?21:16
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holsteinyouve seen http://www.openprinting.org/printer/Savin/Savin-C9025 ?21:17
barefootryanWell, I have been going down the list of the generic pcl 6 drivers in the printer setup menu but no joy.21:17
holsteinthere are no other savin ones?21:18
holsteingotta run.. BBL21:20
barefootryanThere are a number of savin ones listed.  Do I just keep working down the list? any tips on narrowing the fields?21:20
barefootryansee you21:21
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barefootryanI think I was just in this room but am not sure  so this might be a repeat.  Trying to get my networked savin c9025 to print.  With the drivers from ubuntu 11.04 I can get the data in light to come and the little wheels in front to spin.21:38
bazhangwhat does linuxprinting.org say about that printer. check their printer Database21:39
philipballewI ran out of disk space and cant copy anything to the trash. has anyone seen this error?23:03
froqphilipballew, I have never seen it, but do you have an idea for a fix?23:03
philipballewfroq, not sure23:06
froqyou can always use the remove (rm) command in terminal... however I wouldn't recommend using "sudo" with it for safety.23:06
froqfind a directory or file you wanna delete and then use terminal... to delete an individual file, go with "rm -f FILE_NAME"23:07
froqto delete a directory (folder) and all subdirectories (subsequent folders) below it, use "rm -f -r DIRECTORY_NAME"23:08
froqthat help?23:09
charlie-tcayes, it is known23:10
charlie-tcago to a tty, remove /tmp23:10
charlie-tcathat usually frees space23:10
charlie-tcawell, don't remove, but empty /tmp23:11
froqcharlie-tca, oo nice, that is a genius idea!!!  just delete all that temp stuff... you are SO smart charlie!23:11
charlie-tcathe directory is required, so don't delete /tmp, but you can empty it to gain some space23:11
froqcharlie-tca, will it not auto create the directory again?  (just curious).23:12
philipballewthe temp worked!23:12
philipballewcleared just enough space to deleate other things23:13
charlie-tcaAFAIK, it will not allow you to boot without the /tmp23:14
charlie-tcanot SO smart, just experienced23:14
philipballewwell i deleated some stuff in the term23:14
* froq bows to charlie-tca23:16
froqfor charlie-tca is so humble :D23:16
charlie-tcaAfter 6 years, I did learn something!23:17
froqcharlie-tca, so you rocking xfce de?23:17
froqcharlie-tca, I just find xfce so like "windows98" with all the gray bars, etc.  it is so bar -ie (sp?)23:18
charlie-tcaChoices are good23:18
froqchoices are good, as in what?  XFCE has lots of choices23:19
charlie-tcaI don't see win98 here.23:19
philipballewi do not either23:19
froqwhat do you see?  - do you have a bar on the bottom and top?23:19
philipballewyes i do23:19
froqmaybe I am just off my rocker...  lol :)23:20
froqall said and done, I think I just don't find XFCE to be very polished compared to like OSX, etc.  (what I came from).23:20
charlie-tcaMaybe I didn't use windows enough, too.23:20
charlie-tcaLast one I bought was Windows 3.123:21
froqWow, long time to not touch a windows machine... 3.123:21
charlie-tcaMakes it easier to compare with Xubuntu23:23
charlie-tcasame as ???23:24
charlie-tcawindows 98 was okay, I remember seeing it a few times23:24
froqwell glad you prob. got fixed philipballew!!!23:25
froqhave a great night people!  off to read a book!!  (that is what introverts do on a Friday night.)23:25

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