BluesKajHiyas all12:01
bregmaoops, late start this morning!13:53
genii-aroundThat's what coffee is good for!13:53
BluesKajright genii-around ...heading to the kitchen now13:55
bregmait's what last-minute requests from you daughter to be driven in to work 'cos she forgot and was up late watching Star Trek with her boyfriend will do to you14:01
bregmathe coffee is always assumed14:01
bregmamedium-roast Hawaiian today14:01
genii-aroundGood choice14:02
bregmaI prefer the mellowness of a Costa Rican but I thought I'd mix it up a bit14:02
genii-aroundMy coworker is getting me more into drinking tea these days, since I'm supposed to be cutting down on the caffeine14:04
bregmayou'll probably want to switch to tisanes so you're not tempted to drink more tea to make up the difference14:05
bregmalicorice is good, it has the bitterness14:06
genii-aroundTodays tea is blackberry, pretty good actually14:06
bregmaproblem I have with tea is the lack of the full, rich body and the balance of acid, bitter, and flavour ... tea is thin and has just bitter and flavour14:10
genii-aroundYes, coffee does seem to be much more substantial14:11
BluesKajgetting tired of these 30 degree days , frankly I'll be glad when sept rolls around14:13
genii-aroundSince my office is in the basement where it's cool, I don't notice it much on weekdays. But yeah it gets tough to sleep when you're drenched in sweat14:14
bregmaI have a huge backlog of wood to split and stack before September, I'm hoping for some cool days14:15
bregmasorry about the pun there14:15
BluesKajwe have A/C but I like being outside and puttering around the yard ...I have some tree trimming to do and it 's just too damn hot for that kind of work.14:18
BluesKajWe northern types aren't used to these temps , but with the world warming cycle etc we'd better aclimatize or just keep suffering.14:24
dscasselI like tea, but I wouldn't try to sell it as a coffee replacement. It's kinda its own thing.14:49
dscasselAlso, I never really developed a taste for coffee (sorry, genii-around :)14:50
genii-aroundTo everyone, their own :)14:51
bregmaI'm only just acquiring a taste for fine whiskey14:51
* BluesKaj acquired a taste for fine whiskey yrs ago , too bad my liver doesn't agree14:53

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