kim0Morning all07:55
duanedesignmorning all11:48
paultagpope's new background -- http://westernrifleshooters.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/shut_down_everything_by_brunowskisigs.jpg12:18
nigelbpaultag: WIN.12:18
jcastroneeds reddit rage guys13:11
paultagjcastro: that is13:15
jcastroit needs the red eye guy slanting his head back13:15
jcastro"must delete"13:15
paultagit's the rage-faces of a video game13:15
paultagcame off reddit :)13:15
paultagwe need an ubuntu radio station where we can all DJ during the day13:16
paultagjcastro's not allowed. Too much metal.13:16
jcastroI can go non-metal13:17
jcastroI'm ecclectic13:17
jcastroI can be "open"13:17
paultagwonder how we can hook that up13:17
paultagthere's turntable.fm13:18
paultagbut I'm not convinced it works13:18
jcastroI made a channel for us in turntable13:18
paultagsrsly jcastro13:19
paultagjcastro: what channel?13:19
jcastroI had the topic in the channel13:19
jcastrobut no one ever joined me. :(13:19
nigelbIt doesn't work in India. SHUT IT DOWN! :p13:19
jcastrosec, let me get in there13:19
paultagwell I'm there13:19
jcastroadd it to the topic yo13:23
jcastrowe should rock out ALL DAY13:23
paultagjcastro: hell yeah. I'm about to boot up my library13:23
mhall119nigelb: shut down all of India?  seems a bit extreme, but okay13:28
paultagjcastro: greg-g: let's keep this going, I dig13:29
jcastrosigning back in13:29
paultaghad to get my library13:29
paultaggreg-g: I dig these guys13:31
greg-gpaultag: thanks :)13:32
greg-gand yes,keep it rocking all day. I've got 4 queued up13:32
paultaggreg-g: just uploaded about 4 too13:33
paultagit should be solid :)13:33
paultagthis is the last of the electro-funk-rock13:33
* greg-g moves the convo back in its context....13:35
paultaggreg-g: jcastro: I love how randors started showing up. This is good.14:30
dinda1Is there an ops around?  or can someone tell me how to get my nickname back?  I'm logged out of my other session but it says "dinda" is still in use.  :(14:52
paultagdinda1: use nickserv ghost14:53
nhandlerdinda1: /msg nickserv help release14:53
nhandlerdinda1: If you use release, you might need to run it twice14:53
dinda1nhandler: paultag:  thanks, I think i got , bb14:56
dindayeah, just my nick back. . . thx all15:12
* dinda goes hunting for Amber Graner15:12
dindaor not! :(15:12
nigelbShe's on gtalk/email.15:13
nhandlerBe very, very, quiet. I'm hunting akgraners15:13
nigelbShe replied to my emails today morning15:13
nigelbnhandler: lol15:13
czajkowskiher fb status says no irc15:13
* dinda this is dinda showing her dangerously little knowledge or irc commands15:14
dindawell shoot, it's saying I can't release or ghost myself but still can't get my nick back15:18
=== dinda is now known as dinda2
=== dinda2 is now known as dinda
dindaok, I'm me again - thanks all15:21
=== dinda is now known as dinda2
=== dinda2 is now known as dinda
jcastro<-- steps out for some chow.15:43
jcastrodinda: omg hi! nice to see you!15:43
* jcastro will be back in a bit15:43
dindajcastro: thanks, nice to be back15:44
akgranerczajkowski, I kicked pgraner into action :-)  no I have IRC  - yay - (there were no pgraner's actually hurt in the fixing of my IRC bip server issue - just to be clear)15:54
czajkowskiakgraner: you can always just use freenode web irc15:54
czajkowskiand get on15:54
akgraneryeah I know - but it's more fun to kick pete15:56
jonoany app dev questions? head over to #ubuntu-classroom16:39
jonojml is doing a session16:39
paultagjcastro: dude you're just joining and parting for shits? :)17:27
jcastrosorry I am working and going in and out of calls17:28
paultagjcastro: hahaha, I guessed :)17:28
jcastrois that ok with you PAULTAG!17:49
paultagjcastro: someone in one of the other channels started calling me "paulbag"17:50
paultagI think that covers it17:50
jcastro lawl17:50
jcastroI can think of many variations17:50
jcastrobest said over beers than in polite company17:50
paultagjcastro: if it's anything like second grade, I've heard them all :)17:50
nigelbProbably worse :P17:50
paultagjcastro's from michagan17:51
paultaghe might as well be home-schooled17:51
jcastroyou know what ohio is famous for?17:52
paultagjcastro: You know what michigan is famous for?17:52
paultagjcastro: me neither17:52
paultag(Go bucks!)17:53
PendulumMSU vs. UM football games?18:20
Pendulum(sorry, late answer)18:20
paultagjono: hey man, someone was saying you said that unapproved teams can't get conf-packs23:01
paultagjono: you actually can, but it's not the same one that approved teams get23:01
paultagjono: just a heads up, my man.23:03

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