kenvandineczajkowski, unfortunately it is the most generic kind of bug report :/00:04
RAOFGah.  Is gtk-window-decorator eating large amounts of memory (on the order of 1GB of swap and hundreds of megabytes resident) for anyone else?02:28
TheMusoIts stuff like that that concerns me re 3D/DX's work.02:36
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didrocksgood morning05:15
RAOFdidrocks: Good morning!05:26
didrockshey RAOF! How are you?05:27
RAOFSitting in front of the fire with a grey and rainy day outside.05:27
RAOFIt's pretty nice :)05:27
didrocksheh, enjoying winter? :)05:29
RAOFEven better, I think it's possible that the many and varied bugs which made this i7 laptop entirely useless on oneiric have been squashed.05:29
TheMusoMorning didrocks.05:30
didrockshey TheMuso05:31
didrocksRAOF: waow, so even a good day? :)05:31
RAOFYeah.  It's nice to be on a system which builds mesa in 15ish minutes.05:32
RAOFIf it proves to be stable, I might even throw the SSD in here too :).05:33
bschaeferdidrocks: Morning, I sent you the new patch at your ubuntu.com email (not sure which one you prefer)05:39
didrocksbschaefer: yeah, saw that, I prefer ubuntu.com indeed, will push that to the ubuntu-desktop ppa! Thanks :)05:39
bschaeferdidrocks: no problem, let me know if anything unexpected happens!05:41
RAOFdidrocks: There's a shiny new wayland available for your MIRification.06:06
didrocksRAOF: that's MIRacoulus! :) please revert the MIR state if not already the case :)06:07
RAOFAs in - set it to confirmed?  Done.06:07
* didrocks takes a new review06:14
didrocksok, changelog seems to please me :)06:14
didrockslet me recheck the copyright stuff06:15
RAOFOh, and I'll send a patch upstream adding a COPYING.GPL-2 for wayland-scanner :)06:19
didrocksRAOF: is that me or is there still no COPYING/LICENCE file?06:19
didrocksLicense: X1106:20
didrocksLicense: X1106:20
didrocksone should be enough to rule them all :)06:20
RAOFIt's a dep5 separate license stanza - both debian/* and wayland,protocol/* are under the X11 licence, so they each get a one-line License: X11 + a single full X11 license.06:21
didrocksoh, this is speced?06:22
didrocksfirst time I see that06:22
didrocksnormally, I put that only in the first one06:22
RAOFThe relevant bit is the standalone license paragraph bit.06:23
didrocksRAOF: indeed, interesting06:23
didrocksthanks for that :)06:24
RAOFI'm not sure if only putting it in the first one is strictly speaking compliant with DEP5 ;)06:24
didrocksRAOF: I'm not sure we will have a compliant DEP5 parser one day ;-)06:24
RAOFThere's already one floating around on debian-devel@, isn't there?06:24
* RAOF seems to recall one, at least.06:24
didrocksindeed, but we need to know what to pu in Format-Specification:06:25
didrocksthere are two schools there, already ;)06:25
didrocks(the versionned or unversionned one)06:25
didrocksI like the one you put06:25
didrockssome other blocks on that and wants the versionned svn one06:25
didrocks(even with some unreachable url ;))06:26
RAOFNow that DEP5 describes itself as stable I don't see why you wouldn't refer to that.06:26
didrocksagreed, but this is still under discussion :)06:26
didrocks(what should be there)06:26
RAOFFair enough.06:26
didrocksand I agree with your approach, it's the one I use06:26
RAOFI'll just assume that the approach we use will end up winning, as it's clearly correct ;P06:27
didrocksok, so COPYING/LICENSE missing, and we will be there06:27
didrocksall the rest is good :)06:27
didrocksRAOF: same do I :-)06:27
didrocksRAOF: just ping me once you can upload a version with the right copying, I'll trust you and push it away even while being in the desktop summit06:28
didrocks(just change the bug status)06:28
RAOFSo I need to add a copy of the GPL, then mark as... fix released?  Fix committed?06:28
didrocksRAOF: just confirmed, I'll set then as fix committed as a "ack"06:29
didrocksand then, will mess with our servers to promote it06:29
didrockscopy some blablabla :)06:29
didrocksand set to fix released06:29
RAOFAnd then I can upload mesa.06:29
didrocksindeed ;)06:29
didrocksyeah, I try to enforce a sane workflow06:29
didrocksalready happened being pinged between the ack and the actual promotion06:30
didrocksthat way, I can track what I didn't finish06:30
didrocksor another archive admin can do the promotion06:30
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didrocksRAOF: so, this is to build some mesa modules depending on wayland, right?06:31
didrockswill be in a new package I guess?06:31
RAOFdidrocks: Does the COPYING file need to be in the .orig.tar.gz, or can it be in the diff?06:31
rickspencer3didrocks, RAOF what's the word on the street about A3?06:31
didrocksRAOF: ha hem, depends on our relationship with upstream ;)06:31
didrocksRAOF: normally no06:31
didrocksRAOF: if it's for a really short period of time, it's ok, even debian in the NEW queue accepts that06:31
RAOFdidrocks: It's for the Wayland EGL platform; there won't be a new package for it, it'll just roll in.06:32
didrocksrickspencer3: after quite some respins, sounds good. The feature is finished now and we already pushed some nice pending fixes :)06:32
RAOFdidrocks: Roger.  I'll add COPYING in the diff, upload a new revision with that, set the status and then ping you mercilessly until it happens.06:32
tkamppeterRAOF, did you alreadsy upload colord into Ubuntu? It did not appear in Universe yet.06:32
didrocksRAOF: how dare you doing that mercilessly? :(06:33
didrocksRAOF: I'm off in 1h to take my plane for desktop summit btw ;)06:33
didrocksRAOF: I can then mercilessly ignore you :p06:33
didrocksRAOF: i'll have a look this evening and do the promotion ;)06:33
didrocksor maybe in Amsterdam airport, we'll see06:34
RAOFtkamppeter: I didn't upload colord to Ubuntu; it's near the top of Debian NEW, then I was going to sync.  If you'd like it right right now I can upload straight to Ubuntu.06:34
tkamppeterRAOF, it is about the MIR for Ubuntu. but if you put it into Ubuntu now, it will also undergo a NEW process. Will it need the NEW process and the MIR for Ubuntu also if it gets synced?06:36
RAOFtkamppeter: I'm not actually sure - didrocks, if you're still there, do new packages from Debian need to go through Ubuntu NEW, too?06:36
didrocksRAOF: yeah, they need to, but if it's a sync from debian, it's just a button push away :)06:37
didrocksas it has already been acked by debian06:37
RAOFdidrocks: Right; that's what I thought.  We don't double-scrutinize.06:37
didrocksno, we have enough to do already ;)06:37
tkamppeterRAOF, didrocks, so I wait for the sync to appear. And only then I have to do the MIR?06:38
didrockstkamppeter: you can prepare the MIR already06:39
didrockstkamppeter: then, just have to copy/paste it06:39
didrockstkamppeter: but please, prepare it carefully, tells the exact rationale and what deps on it (non deprecated ui not like gnome-color-manager)06:39
didrocksRAOF: is colord big?06:40
tkamppeterdidrocks, OK.06:40
RAOFdidrocks: No, not big.06:40
didrockstkamppeter: thanks ;)06:40
didrocks(huge then? :p)06:40
RAOFHeh.  A couple of hundred K06:41
didrocksok, good enough ;)06:41
RAOFBut the actual debs are on my ssd in the other machine, so that's a ballpark figure.06:41
tkamppeterRAOF, we need to add also some standard color profile package? Can that get big?06:42
RAOFtkamppeter: That can get pretty much arbitrarily huge; easily 20MB.  We wouldn't ship that on the CD, though.  We'd ship a tiny subset.06:42
tkamppeterRAOF, didrocks: My biggest concern for a CM in Oneiric is that Argyll (the support for color calibration devices) does not build on Oneiric.06:45
didrockstkamppeter: that can be a blocker then, indeed06:45
desrtgood morning fellow europe-dwellers!06:46
RAOFcolord itself has support for colour calibration though, doesn't it?06:46
RAOFdesrt: You're fooling noone!06:46
desrtisn't it grand to be in europe this morning?06:46
desrtRAOF: i don't need to try hard to convince people that i'm in europe.  desktop summit begins tomorrow, after all06:47
RAOFI'm sure this is all just cover to conceal the fact that you've built a teleporter.06:47
RAOFIt's the only explaination for the known facts.06:48
tkamppeterRAOF, I do not really know whether colord supports calibration devices, I think rather not. And CM without calibration support does not make much sense.06:48
desrtincorrect.  boeing built one, air canada bought it from them, and i hired their services.06:48
RAOFtkamppeter: Yeah, that's true.06:48
RAOFThe devils!  I knew those aircraft manufacturers were hiding something.06:49
tkamppeterRAOF, didrocks, a lot to do before FF and in addition, I have a session on Desktop Summit on Wed.06:49
desrtRAOF: this particular transporter is somewhat slower than the ones you may remember from star trek06:49
desrttakes 8 hours, all in all, for the transport06:50
desrtwith some rather obnoxious preparation required for an hour or two before you even begin using it06:50
didrockshey desrt!06:50
desrtdidrocks: hey06:51
desrtdidrocks: i guess you're flying later today?06:51
didrocksdesrt: yeah, I'm leaving in 40 minutes for the airport, then Lyon -> Amsterdam -> Berlin06:51
desrtdbarth: good morning06:51
didrocksdesrt: just the time to still push some stuff to break oneiric before leaving (6 this morning and counting…)06:52
desrtgood.  seb isn't awake yet.06:52
didrocksI guess not ;)06:53
didrocksoh, 7 now!06:53
didrocksdesrt: are you going to the pre-registration this evening?06:53
desrti didn't know of it06:54
desrti guess i should :)06:54
desrtwhere is it?06:54
didrocksdesrt: https://www.desktopsummit.org/program/pre-registration06:54
desrtsounds good06:55
desrtdidrocks: sounds KLMish06:56
mvodidrocks: my plan exactly, upload new apt with tons of $stuff, leave for the weekend06:56
mvodidrocks: have a good trip!06:56
desrtmvo: it's the best way to do it06:56
didrocksmvo: thanks a lot, have a good oneiric breakage :-)06:57
desrtthat way when someone get angry friday evening they've either calmed down or (better yet) fixed it by monday06:57
dbarthdesrt: good morning06:59
RAOFdidrocks: There you go.  Now with COPYING.GPL-2.07:00
didrocksdbarth: FYI, brandon sent to me the xapian patch, the tests passes there, I pushed that to the ubuntu-desktop ppa07:00
didrocksRAOF: thanks, I'll do the promotion at the airport I guess07:00
* didrocks still needs to shave and prepare the laptop-pack07:01
dbarthdidrocks: yup, read that this morning07:01
desrt...you know you work too hard when...07:01
didrockssucks that the Lyon airport doesn't have any free wifi :/07:01
desrtfor how expensive it is to get there, you think they'd atleast give you free wifi07:02
didrocksdesrt: I don't think it's the same company TBH ;)07:02
desrtindeed.  ripoffs all around :)07:02
desrtthe free wifi at frankfurt is quite a new thing...07:02
desrtit's only in the lounge, it seems07:03
desrtbut they didn't even have it here before07:03
didrocksoh ok, at least, amsterdam is nice for that (2x30 minutes)07:04
desrtinf*30 minutes if you know how to use ifconfig hw07:05
mvodidrocks: its a geek gathering, no need for shaving07:05
mvodesrt: clam-down or fix> good thinking!07:05
didrocksmvo: I want to pass the security still :p07:05
desrtdidrocks: i think your beard needs to be a bit longer before you get profiled07:06
jbichadidrocks: could you check https://code.launchpad.net/~jbicha/ubuntu/oneiric/transmission/transmission-2.33/+merge/7023307:08
jbichaor I could have someone else do it07:08
mvojbicha: I will do it, didrocks needs to shave07:09
jbichamvo: thanks07:09
mvolooks good, uploaded07:13
didrocksdesrt: yeah, even after two months of hard beard work, I didn't succeed :)07:18
didrocksjbicha: FYI, lib* MIRed07:18
desrtdidrocks: ah.  haven't shaved since i saw you, then?07:20
desrtme neither :D07:20
didrocksdesrt: I hadn't shave since last rally TBH ;)07:20
didrocksor even a week before, the Qt contributor summit I guess07:21
desrti did at the rally07:22
desrtbut otherwise, pretty similar situation07:22
desrti say you keep it07:22
didrocksdesrt: too late ;)07:23
desrti had a feeling :p07:23
desrt"hadn't" has a certain implication07:23
didrocksindeed :)07:23
* desrt goes for a coffee then a plane07:24
desrtsee you tonight07:24
didrocksdesrt: see you tonight!07:26
* didrocks goes now, see you!07:26
tkamppeterI succeeded, I got Argyll compiled!07:32
chrisccoulsontkamppeter, \o/07:39
chrisccoulsonhi everyone :)07:39
rickspencer3good morning seb12807:42
seb128hey rickspencer3, how are you?07:42
rickspencer3seb128, doing well07:42
rickspencer3I had a nice dinner with huats and his family last night07:42
rickspencer3that guy is so cool and kind07:42
tjaaltonslomo: hey, you're the gstreamer maintaner, right? I've got some mp3's that fail to play in banshee, and at least one of them makes it crash. Apparently it's a gstreamer bug, would you like the files somewhere to debug it?07:43
slomotjaalton: does it crash with totem too?07:44
seb128rickspencer3, yeah, huats is really nice ;-)07:44
slomotjaalton: file a bug at bugzilla.gnome.org against gstreamer, best with a sample file07:44
tjaaltonslomo: yes, though totem is completely broken atm on oneiric07:44
tjaaltonslomo: ok I'll do that. once I recover the account :)07:44
seb128tjaalton, how broken?07:44
tjaaltonseb128: doesn't start, crashes07:45
seb128tjaalton, try uninstalling totem-plugins?07:45
slomotjaalton: and rhythmbox or gst123 maybe? :)07:45
tjaaltonseb128: that did it07:45
tjaaltonslomo: ah, installed gst123, thanks07:46
seb128ok, that's the same issue ricotz was mentioning then07:46
seb128tjaalton, do you use i386 or amd64?07:46
tjaaltonyeah I filed a bug which had a dupe already07:46
seb128ricotz says it's the libpeas update which create the issue but it works for me07:46
seb128wondering if that's amd64 specific07:46
tjaaltonslomo: yeah totem and gst123 both hang too. vlc plays the file07:49
tjaaltonsweet, some files play on oneiric when they didn't on natty07:50
slomotjaalton: ok, file a bug please07:51
tjaaltonslomo: yep07:51
tjaaltonI filed one on lp already, will do the same on b.g.o07:52
tjaaltonthe source flac had some glitches, maybe gst doesn't like those on the mp307:53
slomotjaalton: if it's a plain mp3 that definitely isn't the problem07:54
chrisccoulsonhey seb128, how are you?07:54
seb128hey chrisccoulson, I'm fine thanks07:54
seb128how are you?07:54
tjaaltonslomo: ok07:54
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, good thanks07:55
chrisccoulsonpreparing for a quiet week next week with everyone at the desktop summit ;)07:55
seb128chrisccoulson, lol, "quiet", you wish07:56
seb128chrisccoulson, you realize that ff is next week and since everybody will be at the summit you will have to handle desktop by yourself? ;-)07:56
chrisccoulsonmaybe i should book vacation ;)07:56
tjaaltonslomo: you don't happen to have 0.11 somewhere packaged?07:57
slomotjaalton: nope, and there's no reason for you to try it anyway07:57
seb128chrisccoulson, nah, there is not slacking away from this one :p don't worry kenvandine will be around as well ;-)07:57
tjaaltonslomo: ok :)07:57
seb128slomo, hey07:57
seb128slomo, is gnome-codec-install still required nowadays?07:57
slomoseb128: i don't know, do you have something else that replaces it? in aptdaemon or something?07:58
seb128slomo, I don't know exactly what it's doing and if aptdaemon provide that07:58
seb128that's what I'm trying to check :p07:58
slomoseb128: if a gstreamer plugin is missing it will be called by the application through gstreamer to ask to user to install the package(s) that are required for the plugins08:00
seb128slomo, what there any logic in gnome-codec-install or just the "install that package" code?08:01
seb128chrisccoulson, don't forget to move your tb WI to beta1 btw ;-)08:01
chrisccoulsonseb128, i did that already didn't i?08:02
slomoseb128: what do you mean with logic? it displays gtk windows and uses apt to search for and install the required packages08:02
seb128chrisccoulson, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-default-email-client still has 4 items on a308:08
seb128slomo, I meant the "gst element to binary package mapping"08:08
seb128slomo, seems that aptdaemon could handle what you describe, I will have a look ;-)08:08
slomoseb128: yes, that's in there (but all the information required is inside the apt database)08:09
seb128slomo, trying to get synaptic of the CD and to stop using gtk2 as well08:09
slomoseb128: gnome-codec-install does not depend on synaptic anymore iirc08:10
slomomvo changed that... but yes, iirc aptdaemon provides the functionality and that's what you're using now anyway, right?08:11
seb128slomo, indeed, "python-aptdaemon-gtk | synaptic (>= 0.57.8)"08:11
seb128it showed in my rdepends on synaptic call08:12
seb128but I didn't check is was an or depends08:12
seb128ok, so it just needs to gtk2->gtk308:12
seb128chrisccoulson, thanks ;-)08:22
seb128chrisccoulson, did jasoncwarner_ came back to you about the decision of the email client for Oneiric?08:22
seb128lut huats08:23
chrisccoulsonseb128, he's travelling isn't he?08:23
huatshello seb128 !08:23
seb128chrisccoulson, he was yesterday for sure, dunno if he's still08:23
huatsand hello everyone !08:23
seb128huats, ca va ? tu donnes une bonne image des français c'est bien ;-)08:23
chrisccoulsoni asked him on wednesday, but he didn't get back to me08:23
huatsseb128, oh really nice to hear :)08:24
chrisccoulsonhe might have been asleep though ;)08:24
seb128chrisccoulson, ok, he's probably still somewhat between travelling and fighting jetlag08:24
seb128huats, on dirait que rickspencer3 trouves les français bien sympatiques ;-)08:24
chrisccoulsoni should call his cell phone and wake him ;)08:24
huatsseb128, après rickspencer3 donne une bonne image des américains aussi :) he fed my kid yesterday evening :)08:24
huatshéhé tant mieux !08:24
tkamppeterseb128, do you know whether GNOME 3 has a successor for the gnome-color-manager, for example somewhere in g-c-c? Or was this functionality dropped?08:25
seb128tkamppeter, it's in gnome-control-center08:25
huatsrickspencer3, please the next time don't say to théo the time you woke up... because this morning he woke me up at 6:35...08:25
seb128tkamppeter, but we don't built yet because we need to get colord first for that08:25
tkamppeterseb128, so it only needs a rebuild of g-c-c after colord is in?08:25
rickspencer3huats, ah yes, I certain the fault is all mine08:25
seb128tkamppeter, yes08:26
huatsrickspencer3, ;)08:26
huatsseb128, and you might have not noticed but I also did an update yesterday :D08:26
seb128huats, see that's the issue, when rickspencer3 talks people to listen and do what he says :p08:26
tkamppeterseb128, so I will close the gnome-color-manager bug. No MIR needed, all needed already in GNOME3, so one WI less.08:26
rickspencer3seb128, oh don't I wish!08:26
seb128huats, yeah, nice to see you doing some desktop work ;-)08:26
huatsseb128, indeed  :)08:26
seb128tkamppeter, great08:27
huatsseb128, you should move to Toulouse I might do even more ;)08:27
rickspencer3seb128 should move to Toulouse!08:27
seb128huats, rickspencer3: in fact I'm moving to Berlin today :p08:35
rickspencer3seb128, ah, enjoy!08:35
seb128thanks ;-)08:36
jbichatkamppeter: I don't think gnome-color-manager was completely killed, gnome still has a source package08:37
jbichamaybe we don't need what's left08:37
seb128jbicha, it's clearly not "needed"08:38
seb128it's like gpm which still has the statistics ui08:38
seb128you can use that but you don't "need" it08:38
tkamppeterjbicha, I have moved to g-c-c anyway as this seems to be the standard now.08:39
seb128mvo, can we drop the update-notifier recommends to a suggests?09:10
seb128mvo, or do you prefer to get it ported to aptdaemon for the few things it uses synaptic for?09:11
seb128mvo, hey btw ;-)09:11
mvoseb128: I would like to port it, I think its staightforward. I will check after lunch09:13
mvois it the only remainaing one?09:14
seb128mvo, yes09:14
seb128mvo, I had gnome-codec-install on my list but that as an error, it as an | synaptic09:15
seb128mvo, I just confirmed on a3 live session, nothing goes away if I uninstall synaptic09:15
seb128it's only there because update-notifier recommends it09:15
tjaaltonslomo: filed gnome bug 656018 and linked the lp bug to it09:28
ubot2Gnome bug 656018 in don't know "crash playing some mp3's" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=65601809:28
slomotjaalton: please get backtraces of the crashes with gdb09:29
tjaaltonhmm ok09:30
tjaaltondoes gstreamer use ffmpeg for mp3's?09:34
tjaaltoncan't find ddeb for libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-009:39
ronoc_mvo, ping09:50
ronoc_mvo, where can I find info about the proposed property informing of a restart09:50
ronoc_just did an upgrade but didn't see anything obvious at a glance on the transaction props on d-feet09:51
* ronoc_ makes coffee09:51
mvoronoc_: did you restart aptdaemon? it should be there?09:55
ronoc_mvo, what is the name of the property ?10:08
ronoc_mvo, when did this prop land in oneiric ?10:17
ronoc_if it only landed yesterday then I need a restart10:17
ronoc_mvo, ping you there, I need to leave shortly for the airport and was hoping to finish this off on the plane10:27
seb128ronoc_, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/76161103/aptdaemon_0.43%2Bbzr662-0ubuntu1_0.43%2Bbzr663-0ubuntu1.diff.gz10:30
seb128ronoc_, that landed a week ago10:30
seb128ronoc_, RebootRequired?10:31
mvoronoc_: hold on a sec, I fire up d-feet10:32
mvoronoc_: with current oneiric I do: start software-center to get aptdaemon started, open d-feet, filer for apt on the system bus, go to org.debian.apt and I have the RebootRequired property there under "properties"10:34
mvoronoc_: do you see a different result?10:34
ronoc_mvo, ah its on the apt interface, sorry i was looking at the transaction10:34
ronoc_mvo, seb128 thanks10:35
mvoronoc_: great, have fun!10:38
mvoronoc_: and safe travels too10:38
ronoc_mvo, thanks :)10:39
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davmor2guys left clicking on rubbish bin doesn't seem to opening the rubbish bin, is this one of the shortcuts not working?11:08
faganEwww found a bug in ubiquity11:30
faganOh I think I know what might be going on11:33
faganNope something else :/11:42
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mterryFYI, I likely will have to sign off a few hours early today13:07
seb128mterry, don't worry between people on holidays and those flying to desktop summit nobody will notice ;-)13:17
mterryseb128, fair  :)13:17
kenvandineseb128, when do you leave?13:23
seb128kenvandine, in 35 minutes13:25
kenvandineseb128, i uploaded cimi's gtk patch, i am sure you noticed13:26
kenvandineany complaints yet?13:26
seb128kenvandine, I did13:27
seb128kenvandine, no, I'm quite happy about it13:27
seb128running gedit stopped spamming stdout with warnings it seems13:27
kenvandineoh... really?13:27
kenvandinemaybe gwibber has gotten less verbose too :)13:27
* kenvandine is cleaning up all the json warnings now13:27
davmor2kenvandine: do you just not sleep?13:27
seb128kenvandine, yeah, those were displayed on most gtk applications13:28
kenvandinedavmor2, rarely :)13:28
seb128sleep is for the weaks as asac say :p13:28
davmor2seb128: plenty of sleep when your dead says I :)13:28
kenvandinei've been up until 3am every night this week...13:28
kenvandineand my kids make sure i am up by 6:30 or 713:29
seb128kenvandine, stop working so late!13:29
kenvandinei have lots of features i want to get into gwibber before FF :)13:29
seb128brb session restart13:29
kenvandinei'll rest on vacation next month13:30
davmor2kenvandine: I've just noticed something on the new gwibber in comparison to the old not sure if it is a bug or correct though, old shows the picture of the person retweeting, new shows the original tweeter picture and say shared by the retweeter,  I'm assuming it's correct :)13:31
seb128kenvandine, btw I updated https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/ReleaseStatus13:32
seb128kenvandine, if you can join the meeting in 1:30 that would be nice13:32
seb128just point to that and say that pitti will be back next week13:32
kenvandinewill do13:32
seb128(though at the gir hackfest)13:32
kenvandinedavmor2, indeed... that is because we do native retweets now13:32
seb128we are a bit late and dx as well so still quite some landing to do13:32
kenvandineso the native retweet displays the original tweet, intact13:33
kenvandinelate on what?13:33
davmor2kenvandine: nice good to know it's working correctly then :)13:33
kenvandineseb128, Beta3?  i assume you mean alpha3 :)13:34
* kenvandine will correct13:34
kenvandineseb128, oh you mean the unity updates13:34
seb128kenvandine, sorry, I fixed it13:35
seb128dunno if that's the gtk update, seems likely it, but I'm happy that gedit stopped spamming stdout :p13:36
seb128kenvandine, I don't think there will be lot to discuss at the meeting this week anyway13:37
seb128the fun is going to be next week with ff rush13:37
seb128kenvandine, do you think we should enable the empathy call ui?13:37
kenvandineseb128, i think a lot of that output was menu related13:37
kenvandineand cimi's local menubar thing might have quieted that13:37
seb128yeah, seems likely13:37
kenvandinei don't know... i haven't even tried it13:38
kenvandinethat is just the clutter-gst refactoring for calls, right?13:38
seb128kenvandine, that seems like something that we should land next week if we want to land it this cycle13:38
seb128ev mentioned he wants still to use libcheese as well13:38
seb128we will need mirs for cheese, clutter-gst, mx13:38
seb128then to move camerabin to good13:38
kenvandinedo you see any issues with those MIRs?13:39
seb128not sure if we should have a look at packaging gnome-contacts thing as well13:39
seb128kenvandine, no, they just need to be done ;-)13:39
kenvandinei would so love to have that13:39
kenvandinebut man... so limited on time!13:39
kenvandineis rodrigo going to desktop summit?13:40
seb128well let's see what we can get done next week13:40
seb128he's back from holidays on sunday13:40
kenvandinemaybe he can package gnome-contacts :)13:40
seb128and desktop summit conf days are saturday to monday13:40
seb128so he figured it was not worth to fly on monday13:40
seb128so yeah, he should be around next week13:40
seb128jbicha, hey13:41
seb128jbicha, would you be interested by working on any of those things we just discussed by any chance? ;-)13:41
seb128ok, time to go to the airport, see you everybody13:53
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micahgkenvandine: so, you'll remove gwibber from indicator-messages now that it's seeded? :)18:29
kenvandinemicahg, yup18:32
kenvandinedoing it now18:32
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, do you know when ted is going to do another indicator-messages release?18:33
chrisccoulsonthere's 2 changes i'd really like to get in :)18:33
kenvandinenot this week :)18:33
kenvandinei think he will be back monday though18:34
chrisccoulsonie, r220 and r221 from trunk ;)18:34
kenvandineoh, in trunk already?18:34
kenvandinei can backport those18:34
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, awesome, thanks :)18:34
kenvandinechrisccoulson, good timing, i was just about to hit enter to dput indicator-messages :)18:41
kenvandinechrisccoulson, you should make thunderbird default to the ubuntu font :)18:42
OwaisLHey guys, does a Unity LauncherEntry emit any signals upon click? like indicators emit user-dislay/server-display ?19:36
jbichakenvandine: would you be able to rescue transmission from the new queue it's been stuck in?19:43
kenvandinejbicha, sorry, now19:44
jbichakenvandine: oh, wasn't aware there was a schedule, thanks!19:45
kenvandinejbicha, anytime!19:47
jbichaoh, and that's an archive admin job anyway, not something core-dev can do I guess19:47
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