slangasekor more importantly, apport :P00:02
KeybukCompleted x11-drivers/xf86-input-cmt-0.0.1-r20 (in 0m3.9s)00:39
Keybukargh, ww00:39
* RAOF wonders what -input-cmt applies to.00:43
TheMusoY ay for broken java deps.00:47
TheMusoWhat do other pilots do if they cannot build a package, fixing the build is non-trivial?00:48
TheMusopackage, and fixing the build is non-trivial even.00:48
TheMusoI'm looking at visualvm00:49
RAOFI think it depends.00:51
TheMusoWell it seems that visualvm is tangled up in lots of java bits, and some or all of that appears to be broken dep wise atm.00:52
RAOFI know some sponsors will just go ‘eh, it doesn't work, say so on the bug and move on’.00:53
TheMusoRight, I am just working out whether this is fixable... May be.00:54
TheMusoWow netbeans is huge.00:59
lifelessTheMuso: massive00:59
TheMuso...or not. Netbeans FTBFS for another reason, which I wouldn't have a clue on fixing.01:07
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maumcan i use touch screen on ubuntu?01:26
maumlifeless, how can I use touch device on ubuntu 11.04? there is no driver for ubuntu.01:28
lifelessfor user suppoer please see the #ubuntu channel. thanks01:28
maumlifeless, ok01:29
micahgslangasek: or StevenK, are you either of you around and available to copy something?01:32
slangasekmicahg: hit me01:41
micahgslangasek: chromium browser from ubuntu-security-proposed to -proposed for lucid-natty01:41
slangasekmicahg: 13.0.782.107~r94237-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 -- is that the right version?02:07
micahgslangasek: yes02:09
slangasekmicahg: done02:10
micahgslangasek: thanks!02:10
micahgslangasek: no, I wanted them to go to proposed :(02:11
micahgslangasek: ?02:20
slangasekeh shoot02:25
micahgslangasek: can you fix or will that break it?02:26
micahgby break it I mean prevent from publishing later02:26
slangasekI don't know02:26
slangasekI can at least try to remove it now, and we can bug LP folks later to manually fix it up for us?02:27
micahgslangasek: k02:27
maumI cannot see speaker icon from tray02:29
micahgmaum: support is in #ubuntu02:29
slangasekmicahg: ok, published to proposed, deleted from lucid-security; I don't know if add+delete in a single run will let the previous version stay in place or if it's going to result in it being pulled from -security entirely, but that at least buys us a little time02:30
micahgslangasek: ok, was just lucid published to -security?02:30
slangasekmicahg: hmm yes, because I had misread 'lucid-natty' as 'lucid-POCKET'02:31
slangasekso I didn't get a chance to screw up the other two yet02:31
slangaseklet's do that now ;)02:31
micahgslangasek: heh, ok :)02:31
* micahg gets to testing lucid just in case02:31
TheMuso@pilot out02:32
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micahgslangasek: thanks, I'll find someone later if there's a problem copying to -security02:51
merlothello my ubuntu friends, I have developed a commandline c++ program that fixes a compatibility problem with microsoft mice and X windows. Where should I post this to get included in the ubuntu distribution? Secondly, how should I go about having this run on startup, through /etc/init.d?03:29
merlotare the mailing lists or forums the best method for such a discussion?03:33
RAOFmerlot: What does this program do?  From your description it sounds like it's working around a bug which would better be fixed elsewhere?03:38
merlotRAOF: I'm not sure where it fits in. I have developed a linux kernel patch as well, but I'm not sure if it belongs there. There's a couple of Microsoft mice that after being booted into windows, and then rebooted into linux, display a very bad scrolling problem. They scroll 3 or 4 times the amount they should. By using libusb-1.0.8 and wireshark, I was able to find the right codes to send to the mouse to turn off a feature in03:41
merlot the mice that cause this problem.03:41
RAOFRight.  That should be a kernel patch.03:42
RAOFThat indicates that the kernel isn't setting the device up properly; the proper fix would be to make the kernel set the device up properly :)03:43
RAOFThat said, workaround programs can sometimes have their place.03:43
RAOFBut in this case it sounds (to my not-particularly-kernel-developer self) like it should be a fairly simple, and perfectly acceptable, kernel patch.03:44
merlotI'll ask on the linux kernel mailing list. Thanks for your advice.03:45
merlotyou'll have to excuse me as I wrote this a few months ago and have not had time to post the code anyway. The only mouse I know that it works with is my own model, so I was thinking that it would be better to test this in userland first03:47
merlotI'll submit the userland libusb code as well.03:47
RAOFThat would be helpful even if your specific patch doesn't get applied.03:59
RAOFmerlot: Have you filed a bug about this, by the way?  That's the best way to ensure that the problem doesn't get forgotten about in the fast-paced world of IRC.04:00
RAOFAlso, the Ubuntu kernel team can help guide you through the process of getting your patch into the kernel.04:00
merlotthere is a bug posted somewhere related to ubuntu or gnome, can't remember which let me dig it back up04:12
merlotROAF, I found it here: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+question/920004:24
didrocksgood morning05:15
merlotmornin' didrocks05:42
didrockshey merlot05:46
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hrwcyphermox: sorry for not appearing later yesterday. got hooked to other meetings07:58
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jmldoes Dpkg::Shlibs have browsable documentation somewhere?11:09
jmlgoogle is being unhelpful11:09
RAOFjml: I've always just dived into the source :/11:10
jmlRAOF: I guess I can do that.11:11
jml... and overcome my snobbishness against perl11:11
jmlRAOF: also, "always"? I'm kind of surprised that you've needed to.11:11
RAOFIn my experience debhelper perl seems to be reasonably same.11:11
infinityThat would be dpkg-dev, not debhelper.11:12
infinityOr, should be...11:12
RAOFWell, yeah.  But same project, so obviously dpkg-dev perl will be sane, too :)11:13
RAOFjml: I wanted to stop people uploading broken mono packages, so I made dh_clideps fail the build in that case.11:14
infinityIt saddens me that I had to double-check that the world hadn't just gone topsy turvy.11:15
infinityRAOF: Same project how? :P11:15
RAOFinfinity: Both uploaded to Debian!  That means they're by the same company, right? :)11:16
* infinity blinks.11:16
infinityIf my head explodes all over Terminal 3, it's your fault.11:16
ajmitchsuch logic is astounding11:16
RAOFI reserve the right to make no sense on a Friday evening.11:17
RAOFAnd, in fact, at any other time of my, or my body's, chosing!11:17
infinityFair enough.11:17
* infinity finds the omission of a manpage for Dpkg::Shlibs a bit odd, now that he looks.11:19
infinityAlmost every other module has one.11:19
jmlactually, Dpkg::Shlibs::SymbolFile was what I really wanted.11:26
jmlthat probably has no man page on account of having no documentation in the code either.11:26
tkamppeterI want to merge two source packages into one, as they come from the same upstream tarball: argyll and libicc2.11:28
tkamppeterThe resulting binary packages will stay the same: libicc, libicc-dev, argyll, and argyll-dbg.11:28
tkamppeterProblem is that the upstream tarball version is 1.3.3, but libicc is 2.12. How do I do the merge then so that updates work.11:29
gesertkamppeter: the new libicc version is also 1.3.3? or does libicc still have its own upstream version?11:31
tkamppetergeser, I do not know wehre the 2.12 comes from, probably it is the API version (libicc.so.2.12), which is wrong. A package must have the upstream version and as both come from the same tarball, the upstream version is
tkamppeterYes, the 2.12 is the API vewrsion. The lib file is /usr/lib/libicc.so.
geserbut that would only affect the package naming (I'm not that firm in library packaging)11:36
geserbut if upstream uses now a different versioning scheme and you need to go backwards add an epoch11:36
tkamppetergeser, what is the best to do here, especially important also is that Debian will want to merge it back.11:37
tkamppetergeser, Upstreame has probably never advanced to 2.12 with their version number for Argyll. The 2.12 is the API version and in package naming it usually only reflected by saying "libicc2" instead of "libicc".11:39
geseryes, I guess using libicc2 would be a good idea (perhaps even libicc2-12; but better ask someone with more knowledge in library packaging about this) and add an epoch for the version11:42
geserit would be also a good idea to coordinate this merging with the Debian maintainer to lessen the pain when merging Debian->Ubuntu11:43
ScottKbdmurray: Rather than me get in a reversion war, would you please look at Bug #745836 and see if you think listing "Use Gnumeric instead" as a workaround for the bug is a good idea.12:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 745836 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "soffice.bin crashed with SIGSEGV in cppu::throwException()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74583612:11
mvobrendand: hello! I believe your update-manager branch about the battery-msg is no longer needed, could you mark it as obsoleted please? the gtk3 port fixes it for good :)12:15
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brendandmvo - sure12:30
ahasenackSpamapS: hi, any news on the landscape-client sru?12:49
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ryanakcaIs there a list of source packages that have been removed from the archive?13:51
Laneyryanakca: using the LP API, yes14:01
Laneydon't know if there is another way14:01
ryanakcaLaney: Would those be all the sources with the "Deleted" status?14:05
Laneyseems so14:05
Laneyyou might want to restrict the pocket and/or distro_series, depending on what you want14:06
Laney(all the souce_package_publishing_history records, that is)14:06
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hallyni keep finding UDD trees out of date.  So I fetch the pkg from archive, bzr import-dsc, then push.  Is that wrong?15:07
micahghallyn: probably better to get the importer fixed, it'll probably fail again next time15:07
hallynmicahg: http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/qemu-kvm.html#2011-05-16%2017:12:45.463425    If I read that right, it's complaining about changes to debian/qemu-kvm.1.  If that's the case, then manually pushing it should solve that right?15:09
hallyni.e., next time it shouldn't fail again?15:09
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micahghallyn: probably, but you still might want to check to see that they have a bug for that situation if it's indeed a bug15:14
hallynmicahg: thanks, i'll file a bug15:18
SpamapSahasenack: landscape-client was released to lucid-updates yesterday15:34
ahasenackSpamapS: thanks! I didn't see the LP email flood that normally happens, so I was wondering15:34
SpamapSahasenack: landscape-client | | lucid-updates | source, amd64, i38615:35
ahasenackSpamapS: \o/15:35
micahgSpamapS: how can you do that?  doesn't that produce regressions on upgrade? (maverick, natty not in -proposed)15:36
SpamapSmicahg: we do lucid only SRU's all the time.15:36
SpamapSmicahg: certainly not the best way to go about things15:37
micahgyes, but aren't those usually for stuff only found in Lucid?15:37
micahgafter maverick EOL it's certainly fine, but I would think while there's an upgrade path, regression-release issues should be minimized where possible15:37
SpamapSAs I said, certainly not the best way to go about things, but actually they'll just keep the lucid version on upgrade.15:39
SpamapSI believe 11.07 is also supposed to arrive in -proposed soon enough.15:40
micahgright which can potentially break other things or itself depending on what the package is15:40
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mdeslaurslangasek: mind if I merge libpng? (you TIL)15:45
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SpamapSahasenack: you guys do plan to push 11.07 into maverick and natty, right?15:47
ahasenackSpamapS: right, once those remaining tests are completed, hopefully sometime next week15:48
SpamapSahasenack: what additional tests? landscape-client is not in natty/maverick proposed15:49
ahasenackSpamapS: right, I will only ok it once the pre-upload tests are done15:50
SpamapSah ok15:50
ahasenackSpamapS: we test it throughly before allowing it to be uploaded to -proposed15:50
ahasenackSpamapS: the test matrix url is in the bug, if you are curious15:50
SpamapSahasenack: to be clear, I think I may have actually flubbed up a bit by letting it into lucid-updates before it was available for all other releases.. as michag points out.. it will cause issues for people on upgrade. So maybe next time upload them all at once, or work backward, from natty -> lucid15:51
ahasenackSpamapS: hmm, really? What issues?15:51
ahasenackSpamapS: like lucid people upgrading to maverick, you mean? The package won't be upgraded?15:52
SpamapSahasenack: right15:52
ahasenackSpamapS: ok, I hand't thought of that, I'll speed up the testing15:53
hrwcyphermox: may we talk today?15:53
cyphermoxhrw:  certainly15:53
hrwcyphermox: cool15:53
hrwcyphermox: so how can I help with this nm-applet bug?15:54
hrwbug 81970015:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 819700 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu) "NM applet does not lists networks" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81970015:54
SpamapSahasenack: ty15:55
cyphermoxhrw: libappindicator fallbacks appear to be broken in that they don't properly update the menu when that gets called by nm-applet; might be an issue with the dbusmenu about-to-show signal15:56
cyphermoxhrw: essentially this need to be debugged at the libappindicator level I think15:56
hrwcyphermox: any hints on that?15:58
hrwcause now I feel that only unitypanel has working appindicator15:59
cyphermoxwell, I'll need to dig into the fallback code, it's clearly marked as that15:59
cyphermoxhrw: no, xubuntu has it working too16:00
hrwcyphermox: thats xubuntu/oneiric16:00
hrwcyphermox: under natty it was working, broke on oneiric16:00
cyphermoxit depends whether whatever panel in use has indicator widgets thingy16:00
cyphermoxI changed nm-applet so that it would update the menu when you click the icon rather than only when e.g. a new ap is discovered16:01
hrwcyphermox: xfce4 indicator-plugin for panel just says 'No indicators'16:02
hrwand I have nm and bt running iconless16:03
cyphermoxsomething ought to be broken there, because on my newly installed system it works and displays nm-applet and bluetooth and all16:03
hrw(xfce4-indicator-plugin:5128): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid uninstantiatable type `(null)' in cast to `GtkWidget'16:03
hrw(xfce4-indicator-plugin:5128): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_set_name: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed16:03
hrw(xfce4-indicator-plugin:5128): libxfce4panel-CRITICAL **: IA__xfce_panel_plugin_add_action_widget: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed16:03
hrwhttp://pastebin.com/Gp9F7TQM is what I got when started nm-applet16:05
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micahgcyphermox: on oneiric?16:54
SpamapSHmm.. when writing an apport hook.. how can I get access to what will eventually be the bugs title?17:02
nigelbbdmurray would know17:04
SpamapSactually I think I found a better way which will just add the info all the time as its useful in other contexts.. :)17:06
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SpamapSbdmurray: whats the best way to test an apport package hook?17:31
SpamapSbdmurray: break the postinst and dpkg-reconfigure the package?17:31
nigelbSpamapS: wait, why?17:32
nigelbSpamapS: testing is easy.17:32
SpamapSI want to test its handling of postinst failures17:32
nigelboh. that. :)17:33
nigelbprobably :)17:33
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cyphermoxmicahg: yes, I'm on oneiric18:00
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SpamapSlamont: were you aware that Postfix FTBFS in oneiric?18:02
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micahgcyphermox: is this a live CD?18:15
cyphermoxmicahg: no?18:15
cyphermoxmicahg: I can try things on a live cd though18:15
cyphermoxgot xubuntu desktop amd64 already retrieved18:16
micahgcyphermox: weird, the network manager applet works fine for me on oneiric18:16
cyphermoxmicahg: yes18:16
cyphermoxmicahg: the problem is for those who don't have the indicator widget thing for xfce or for other wms18:16
micahgcyphermox: indicator widget?18:17
micahgoh, I should be asking hrw :)18:17
cyphermoxwell, whatever thing that will allow indicators to be added to a panel in the specific WM being using18:17
micahgwell, we have an indicator plugin that allows us to use the indicators with the xfce4-panel18:17
cyphermoxbut I think one of the two available xubuntu sessions will use the old systray instead no?18:18
cyphermox(and there may be other things at play here, like people actually removing some of these bits for whatever reason)18:18
charlie-tcaone of the two will be a cross between the xfce and xubuntu sessions, with most of the stuff in the panels missing18:19
cyphermoxin any case, nm-applet should work properly for those who can't use indicators; the fallback is clearly broken in many ways, including displaying icons for any such indicators, not just nm-applet18:19
cyphermoxcharlie-tca: ok, thanks for the clarification18:20
micahgwell, the xfce4-indicator-plugin is removable as it's a recommends of xubuntu-desktop18:20
cyphermoxcharlie-tca: but in one of those wouldn't you see stuff in the panel showing broken icons?18:20
charlie-tcaand it takes 12 steps listed in the alpha3 technical overview to get the right session if you pick the wrong one. too18:20
charlie-tcayes, but I can't tell if it is because it is missing, or because it picked things xfce session should not have18:21
cyphermoxbah, all the icons should be there for nm-applet and bluetooth. they usually don't change18:21
cyphermoxif it's not showing for just those two it's definitely an issue in libappindicators, as those are the two major "applets" using that library18:22
charlie-tcaIt is the things like indicators not working/missing, 4 of eight launchers missing, 4 workspaces instead of two, network manager applet doesn't show the connections18:22
cyphermoxcharlie-tca: yes18:22
charlie-tcawhich is a mixed session, it is not xfce or xubuntu18:22
charlie-tcabut if it helps... just delete the ~/.config and pick the other session to login18:23
cyphermoxanyway, nm-applet not showing the connections is a side effect of (xfce4-indicator-plugin missing || something broken in libappindicator)18:24
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ScottKSpamapS: lamont is on vacation this week.  The patch you pointed to in the bug is the one we want, so please feel free to fix it.19:28
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jonohi folks19:43
jonois it me, or are there a stack of system settings missing?19:43
jonothings like the screensaver config tool19:43
jonomanaging how often the screen dims etc19:43
kirklandmvo: what would you think of adding a flag to apt-add-repository that triggers an immediate apt-get update after a successful PPA add?19:44
kirklandmvo: it just seems I *always* end up apt-add-repository ppa:foo/ppa && apt-get update19:44
kirklandjono: they've kinda moved around a little, i think19:45
jonokirkland, that's what I thought, but big pieces are missing19:45
jonofor example, I can't find the screensaver and screen dimming options19:45
cyphermoxjono: screensaver: indeed, you can't choose your screensaver, only the settings for when to lock, etc; that's also where you set dimming19:45
jonocyphermox, wow, that seems like quite a regression19:45
cyphermoxunder the power menu thing, clikc System Settings, and under Personal you should have something called "screen"19:45
cyphermoxjono: reimplementing screensavers was discussed for oneiric but we haven't had time afaik19:46
kirklandjono: alt-f2, and then "system settings"19:46
kirklandjono: that's the best I can find, but you're right, there are config settings I can't find any more19:46
jonocyphermox, so this was just dropped from the GNOME3 Control Center re-write?19:46
cyphermoxjono: sadly, yes19:46
jonothanks for the clarification19:47
kirklandjono: i want to disable suspend when i close my laptop lid (I friggin hate that setting)19:47
cyphermoxas far as fonts go, afaict the only way is to install gnome-tweak-tool19:47
jonoI am amazed GNOME3 shipped like this19:47
jonoseems like a lot of things are missing19:47
cyphermox(and gnome-tweak-tool... urkk)19:47
ScottKcyphermox: Switching to KDE is another option. ;-)19:48
cyphermoxScottK: indeed ;)19:48
cyphermoxScottK: how's the NM plasmoid ;D19:48
ScottKcyphermox: Seems to be working.19:48
ScottKI only had a spare computer to run Oneiric with starting this week, but it's worked fine so far.19:49
cyphermoxI wonder if it's still far out of date from the NM api, if it is, there is still time to fix that19:49
ScottKcyphermox: There's a NM09 branch that we are using.19:50
cyphermoxScottK: ah, that's what I was wondering19:50
cyphermoxperhaps it's time I give kubuntu a honest shot again19:50
* charlie-tca thinks about Linus saying Xfce19:50
* charlie-tca knows there is a Xubuntu with Xfce, too19:51
Laneya lot of that gnome 3 stuff is supposed to be coming back19:51
slangasekmdeslaur: not at all20:07
mvokirkland: good idea20:11
kirklandmvo: thanks!20:12
kirklandmvo: you want a bug or do you want to JFDI?  :-)20:12
vmlinuzanyone familiar with networkmanager-vpnc build ?20:15
vmlinuzon Natty, pkg-config reports NetworkManager is
vmlinuzif you try to build network-manager-vpnc directly from svn, it fails to recognize NetworkManager and its libs20:17
vmlinuzRequested 'NetworkManager >= 0.8.998' but version of NetworkManager is
mvokirkland: a small reminder maybe on monday or a bugreport please, otherwise I will have forgotten it over the weekend, I know myself20:17
kirklandmvo: bug report it is20:17
* mvo calls it a day20:17
vmlinuz/usr/lib/pkgconfig/NetworkManager.pc has "Version:"20:18
vmlinuzbut networkmanager package is version 0.8.4~git.20110319t175609.d14809b-0ubuntu320:19
vmlinuzI'd say the bug is on the "network-manager-dev" package, right?20:20
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dupondjesomething broke ? :P21:14
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SpamapSScottK: thanks. So the patch should just be in the tree right, no patchsys ?22:45
ScottKYep.  lamont puts everything in a full git tree.22:48
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