* slashtom would like to float an idea regarding the ubuntu hour...10:21
slashtomhey cztab, how's the craic?10:22
czajkowskihow's life with you?10:23
slashtomgrand, we're back from our summer holidays10:23
slashtomare you coming to dublin on your visit?10:24
czajkowskinot sure tbh10:26
czajkowskiI'm back for 10 days10:26
czajkowskiand I think this time less running around is needed10:27
slashtomanyways, my idea for the ubuntu hour was that we could change the venue and time to better accommodate those who cannot or do not wish to enter a licenced premises, and where mid-week may be an issue10:27
czajkowskicould do10:30
czajkowskiwhat ever works well tbh10:31
slashtomaye, enjoy. hope the weather stays good for you in lahinch10:31
ebelczajkowski: you back now?10:31
czajkowskiI will say that the venue is great imo, but that's just me, maybe tweeking the day/time might help10:31
czajkowskiebel: nope, not till the 23rd10:31
slashtomi have a few problems with the venue, the food choice is very poor if you don't eat meat, and from a non-selfish point of view, we're excluded all under 18's and anyone who doesn't want to enter a licenced premises10:32
ebelusually not too much of a problem.10:32
slashtomwhich isn't ebel?10:33
czajkowskislashtom: I'll agree with you the menu choice for you isn't great10:33
czajkowskibut we've never had an issue with under 18's10:33
ebelhehe, I was remarking to slashtom yesterday that many floss groups want to keep venues/events friendly to women and yet have meet ups in bars which is quite muslim hostile :P10:33
slashtomthat's because we meet in a pub and they're not allowed10:33
czajkowskiand it's a hotel so it's ok to have them there, where as if you were in a bar/pub it would be an isue10:33
ebelI mean the licenced premisis issue.10:34
slashtomwe have had under 18s to a geeknic before10:34
czajkowskibut again I'm not there so not my call10:34
ebelthough 50% of the population are women, and <<<<50% are muslim10:34
czajkowskiebel: I know pub meet ups don't go down with women in some counteries mostly eastern and even in some usa folks I know10:35
czajkowskibut yer call10:35
ebelcourse you wanna go down that route we'd have to think about when ramadan is on, and when lent is on, etc....10:35
czajkowskiwhat ever ye do is your choice tbh10:35
slashtomaye, i thought i would float the idea in channel first10:35
ebelczajkowski: oh i don't really care too much about the pub issue. Just depends on how pedantic you want to be. I think there's a Life of Brian skit about that :P10:36
czajkowskino I agree if you feel the venue/date/time isn't suiting you should change it10:36
slashtommy suggestion would be to meet on a saturday lunch/afternoon in a coffee shop10:36
czajkowskiweekends either suit some or not others.10:36
czajkowskiat the end of the day10:36
czajkowskithere is no best day that will get everyone10:36
ebelcourse we don't decide on things on abelist grounds either... how wheelchair friendly are we.... etc.10:36
slashtomsuits you well if you live/work in town10:36
ebelthe rabbit hole never ends...10:36
czajkowskiif you start to rule out places due to x y z the list will never ed10:37
czajkowskibut as I say10:37
czajkowskiI'm not there10:37
czajkowskinot my call10:37
slashtomi used to work out past clonee, that was a pain getting into town for 6pm - i would always be late10:37
slashtomi also feel that the current type of location and time is on similar ground with the ILUG PoTD10:38
slashtomwhy not be different, and expand the scope of the linux community?10:38
czajkowskican do10:38
ebelcourse, do we want to exclude travellers?10:39
ebelI don't know any travellers, isn't that weird...10:39
slashtomebel: i'm not suggesting a sunday, which would clash with the horse fair ;)10:40
ebelwould some venues de facto exclude travellers, do they? wonder if we have a "traveller friendly venue" :P10:40
ebelcourse this isn't something that's happened yet :P10:40
tdr112how about a ubuntu hour on a sat morning , 11 or some thing10:41
* ebel comes back from his tangent to a real conversation :P10:41
slashtomaye, that's the sort of thing tdr11210:41
ebelyeah saturday lunch time. go to a café, get some lunch/coffee10:42
* slashtom has memories of being one of the only geeks at school... so i think it would be good to be accessible to a larger audience10:43
czajkowskijust note, if people have families kids hobbies, that weekends tend not to work10:43
czajkowskioften easier to stay out after work for 1/2 jars and chat than leave home on a saturday when kids and parties are on10:43
czajkowskijust my 2 cent10:44
slashtomthe current wedneday in trinity capital hotel isn't working either10:44
ebelwould weekends work for teenagers?10:44
czajkowskiyup fair enough.10:44
tdr112lets try a few and see if they work better10:44
ebeleasier for teenagers to go into town on a saturday afternoon than go to a pub on a school night.10:44
ebelsuits different people10:44
slashtomaye, tdr112. i will send an email out to the mailing list later today on the subjet10:44
tdr112we need to get the emails/blog/tweets out about the picnic10:47
czajkowskitdr112: if you mail me details I'll add it to mine10:48
slashtomhave you got a location or a big penguin ready for easy location within St Stephens Green?10:49
* slashtom emails the group... maybe it takes a non-irishman to suggest moving out of the pub :)15:06
czajkowskislashtom: :)15:07
czajkowskislashtom: just looking at the list of our members I don't notice any large portion or even any minors on the list15:08
czajkowskibut maybe looking at another day/time is a good idea15:08
czajkowskibest of luck :)15:08
czajkowskinice to have a bit of change15:08
ebelTis all just eastern europeans like your self czajkowski  :P15:09
czajkowskihey blame WWII for my surname15:09
czajkowskiborn in UK, lived there for 12 months, and then 30 years in ireland :)15:09
czajkowskiI'm irish15:09
czajkowskiI have no aligance to easten europe one bit15:10
slashtomtell that to everyone trying to pronounce "cztab" ;)15:10
czajkowskialthough http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zbigniew_Czajkowski is my grandfather15:11
slashtomdoes the mailing list even store information like DoB?15:11
czajkowskinope but going by pictures and people I know15:12
czajkowskiML doesnt ask for DOB15:12
czajkowskiand the grandfather married then divorced and moved back to Poland and didnt settle in UK15:12
czajkowski118 members15:15
czajkowskiand 5 pending15:15
ebelczajkowski: Oh I know, I'm just joking with you. :)15:15
czajkowskitouchy subject15:15
czajkowskiI had no issue for so much of my life15:15
slashtomBonglord looks very young15:15
czajkowskithen the influx of pols coming in15:15
czajkowskiI got lumped into same bunch15:15
czajkowskididnt like it15:15
ebelYou're well Irish in my book.15:15
czajkowskislashtom: that's an 70/80s job pic15:16
czajkowskiI guess we get some young new members like 1st year students come september15:16
czajkowskibut most are 18 starting uni over here15:16
czajkowskior turning soon15:16
czajkowskiI think ya have to do what ye feel is right15:16
tdr112wow that is a great quote Being a doctor is very depressing. You're always surrounded by sick people."15:17
czajkowskiit's none of my business. I just know people don't like giving up weekends much :/15:17
ebelanyways, tis always interesting to try to open things up, attrack people who may or may not be able to come15:17
slashtomi'm not on that list15:17
ebelsure we'll see what happens.15:17
tdr112reading all about Mr czajkowski15:17
slashtommost people aren't willing to give up a wednesday either!15:18
czajkowskislashtom: did you join the team ?15:18
czajkowskiebel: exactly15:18
czajkowskitdr112: I've no polite opinion of the man15:18
czajkowskihe's related by blood and that's it15:18
slashtomi signed up to the mailing list, i didn't realise i had more to do15:19
ebelslashtom: launchpad has teams15:20
czajkowskislashtom: yeah join the team :)15:20
czajkowskibe one of us15:20
czajkowskihve got to get a cold shower15:20
czajkowskiit's BOILING HOT HERE15:20
czajkowskitoodles folks15:20
czajkowskitdr112: mail me geeknic info15:21
royanLooking for a hint. Trying to install using 10.10 LiveCD, but it gets OOM before reaching desktop, so I'm thinking I might add some usb swap just to get the install going; but how do you interrupt to a shell and then continue?23:46
moylanhow much ram has the system got?23:47
royancan you set swap in a boot option?23:47
royaneuw, about 256M, minus some for shared gfx23:47
royanif I switch to a console, I can see the oom killer in action23:48
moylanthat is a little light alright.23:50
moylanonly thing i can see for swap space is; http://codeidol.com/unix/ubuntu/Getting-Started/Customize-the-Ubuntu-Live-CD/23:51
royanI saw that, the swap considerations there are for a machine /creating/ a CD, not for the target host.23:52

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