k1lI recently got ubuntu-irc-member status, thank you for that :) Id like to get the ubuntu member cloak; https://launchpad.net/~k1l06:10
jussik1l: hey, let me just sort that for you. And congratulations :)06:15
k1lthanks :)06:16
jussik1l: just waiting for a staffer to action it :)06:18
k1lyep. got the mail from launchpad06:18
jussik1l: yeah, I sorted that, but freenode staff need to action the cloak06:19
jussik1l: given the time of day, it might be an hour or 2 before they wake up, europe is just getting up, and USA going to sleep.06:22
k1ljussi: i know. im not in a hurry.06:24
IdleOnek1l: Congrats on membership :)06:38
bambeejussi: around?08:49
bambeeit's for my IRC cloak (I got my kubuntu membership yesterday, see kubuntu-devel ML)08:50
IdleOnejussi elky tsimpson topyli ^^08:51
IdleOnebambee: wait for one of the above and they will take care of it08:51
IdleOnebambee: can you also link to your LP page08:51
bambeesure, there's no hurry :)08:52
tsimpsonI already know your LP ;)08:52
* tsimpson reads emails from time-to-time08:52
IdleOneah there ya go08:52
IdleOnetsimpson: k1l is also waiting for a cloak :)08:52
tsimpsonyep, I noticed08:52
tsimpsonVorTechS, mquin, niko, tomaw: anyone awake yet?08:53
* Tm_T huggles bambee08:53
IdleOnebambee: congrats on membership08:53
bambeethanks!! :D08:54
bambeeTm_T: :D08:54
Tm_Tyou better get used to it (;08:54
mquintsimpson: what's up?08:54
tsimpsonmquin: can you give k1l an ubuntu/member/k1l cloak, and bambee and ubuntu/member/bambee cloak please?08:55
IdleOnedoesn't bambee get kubuntu/member?08:56
tsimpsonIdleOne: the project is "ubuntu"08:56
tsimpsonthanks mquin08:56
IdleOnetsimpson: yeah, thought that kubuntu members got the K08:56
IdleOnenm me :)08:56
bambeestandard IRC cloaks are ubuntu/member/nickname... no?08:57
bambee(even if kubuntu is superior :P)08:57
tsimpsonI mean there is no such think as "kubuntu/member/*", or else I'd have one :)08:57
Tm_Twell, half of use here would have one08:57
Tm_TIdleOne: if you can find a one person with kubuntu cloak, please let me know (;08:58
bambeenp for me , I was just kidding :)08:58
IdleOnecan I get ubuntu-k-x-e-l/member/idleone08:58
Tm_Tmquin: thanks for the cloaks (:08:58
bambeemquin: thanks!08:59
IdleOneTm_T: for some reason I thought there was kubuntu cloaks. 5:00AM here I am allowed to not think straight08:59
* Tm_T huggles IdleOne09:00
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nhandlerOn the topic of kubuntu cloaks, this has come up (along with the topic of offerring more than just /member cloaks). For various reasons, we have decided to keep things simple and just offer ubuntu/member cloaks (and ubuntu bot cloaks)14:50
Picinhandler: are there no kubuntu/member cloaks in the wild right now?14:55
nhandlerPici: There shouldn't be (I can't actually check with my staff hat without a GC request)14:55
genii-aroundWhat, not even for Riddell?15:08
nhandlergenii-around: You can see Riddell's cloak yourself15:12
* nhandler notes that he isn't even Kubuntu for the time being, but rather bzr15:12
Picihow bizarre15:14
genii-aroundI remember now some article he wrote on bzr, makes sense15:16
h00khow bizarre16:01
* h00k sings16:01
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jussinhandler: please check :)17:36
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