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lifelessapw: hi; I'm curious if you think bug 729338 will have a fix before oneiric is released, or should we look for alternative workarounds ?01:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 729338 in linux "yama hardlink restriction misbehaves under aufs" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72933801:27
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* apw yawns07:30
* smb waves (a coffee)07:30
* apw reposts with a cup of english breakfast07:31
RAOFNo, capital is where the government lives.  Capitol is the accepted response for english breakfast tea.07:54
* smb was hoping to score 7 for doing a cab... :-P07:55
apwRAOF, i have have heard the sound of "capital" used in the context of "capital idea" i didn't think it spelt differently though07:57
RAOFMy version is!07:58
apwheh, well i assumed a miss-spelling and worked with that.  but indeed it is a capit[oa]l idea, so much so i need another08:00
tjaaltonRAOF: just to confuse some more, Capitol Hill is where the US government lives ;)08:04
apwtjaalton, ahh but that really is a differnt spelling (with an o)08:06
tjaaltonapw: yeah, just a reply to the "capital is where.."08:08
* smb thought it was capital hill... well until they nearly went out of it now... :-P08:09
jk--hey RAOF, tjaalton, smb, and apw.08:09
* apw waves to jk-- -----08:09
smbhi jk-- 08:09
tjaaltonjk--: o/08:09
* jk-- makes use of the Oxford Comma while it still exists08:09
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smbjk++ ? ;)08:10
jk-smb: too similar to c++08:11
smbjk-, Oh, you did not accidentally type code when setting the nick then... ;-)08:11
jk- /nick intmain(void)08:13
jk- /nick intmain(void){return0;}08:13
* apw calls you initmain from now on08:14
apwintmain even08:14
jk-only if I can call you EXIT_FAILURE08:14
jk-or maybe EXIT_SUCCESS, less bad connotations08:15
ubot2Ubuntu bug 821157 in linux "intel 5300agn in Oneric leads w722v to reboot" [Undecided,New]08:17
apwif i am reading this right oneiric causes their wireless router to reboot ... 08:17
lilstevieapw: how odd08:19
apwindeed.  and i am unsure how i am meant to help with it ... your router is clearly broken if a client can crash it08:20
lilstevieI mean like what, if an ATM went out of order when you put your card in, there is something wrong with the atm not your card08:21
apwwhen my car drove over the bridge it collapsed, your car is clearly faulty please fix it08:22
jk-"but it worked with my previous car!"08:23
lilsteviesome people have a hard time with cause and effect08:24
apwjk-, on the nail08:32
lilsteviegot anymore info09:35
bullgard6Natty writes at startup in a virtual console: "[1.581365] mmc0: no vmc regulator found". I suppose that this message originates from the MMC kernel subsystem. What kernel routine or program does cause this message?10:04
apwbullgard6, what h/w is that from10:26
apwbullgard6, and is that verbatim copy?  ie could it be vmmc in the middle ?10:27
bullgard6apw: The hardware is a Thinkpad T61. Yes, I made a mistake. It should read "vmmc". I beg your pardon.12:15
bullgard6apw: In the mean time I found out that /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.38/drivers/mmc/host/sdhci.c includes a printk line of this text.12:18
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apwbullgard6, i am trying to understand if there is an issue associated with this, or if you just are querying the error12:42
bullgard6apw: Once I tested this computer using an SD card, and it worked. I would like to know what this warning means to me.13:08
apwbullgard6, from what i am reading your mmc slot can have an option power regulator, if that is found we enable it else we emit that message13:16
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* ogasawara back in 2014:20
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sforsheecnd, I have a question for you about input multitouch protocol when you have a minute14:58
cndsforshee, sure15:01
sforsheecnd, I'm working with a touchpad driver, 2-finger touch seems to be working fine but 3-finger events aren't15:03
sforsheecomparing the output from this driver to that from synaptics, the only thing I see different is that this driver only reports 1 MT position whereas synaptics reports 215:03
cndwhich touchpad?15:03
sforsheethe tripletap event is reported, but the device only gives a single position for 3 touches15:04
sforsheecnd, in ubuntu a 3-finger tap just acts like a 1-finger tap15:05
sforsheeand a 3-finger drag like a 1-finger drag15:05
cndsforshee, this is typical for multifinger touchpads15:06
cndare you sure it's actually multitouch?>15:06
apwyeah multi-finger is not the same15:07
sforsheecnd, it reports the number of contacts (up to 3) and with 2 fingers it reports 2 positions15:07
cndsforshee, oh, and then it drops down to one position for three touches?15:07
sforsheecnd, would it help to see a dump of the events?15:09
cndit wouldn't hurt15:09
cndso what questions do you have?15:10
sforsheecnd, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/659348/15:10
sforsheecnd, I guess my question is what events the driver needs to spit out to have 3 contact gestures properly supported15:11
apwsforshee, do you know that it can even do three touch15:11
sforsheecnd, that dump is for dragging on the touchpad with 3 fingers15:11
apwjust cause it can tell you that there are three fingers touching doesn't mean i knows where they are15:11
sforsheeapw, it reports that there are 3 contacts, but only reports one position15:11
cndsforshee, can you provide me the full dump that includes the transitions from 1 to 2 to 3 touches15:11
apwthat as they say tells you nothing15:11
sforsheebut isn't that enough for a 3-finger tap or drag?15:12
cndsforshee, multifinger mode, which this looks to be, would be enough15:12
apwnow that is a different thing, and likely it should be15:12
cndexcept we don't actually have the support for it15:12
sforsheecnd, let me get that dump for you15:12
cndwe gave it a shot about a year ago, and it broke devices15:13
apwcnd we gett15:13
apwcnd we getting anything new for this cycle?15:13
cndand we never tried again15:13
cndapw, kernel patches or?15:13
apwfunctionality in touch15:13
apwfrom a user perspective15:13
cndso we're still working on eog and evince to get smooth scrolling and rotate and pinch to zoom15:13
sforsheecnd, with a synaptics touchpad I'm getting 3-finger taps == middle click and 3-finger drag moves the window around15:14
cndhopefully those land before FF next week15:14
cndwe just published utouch-qml to universe15:14
cndthat will make writing new qml applications with touch really easy15:14
cndsforshee, yeah, that's with sem-multitouch15:14
cndwhich is a step up from multifinger15:14
cndapw, that's also something new this cycle15:15
cndsemi-multitouch synaptics trackpads have some gesture support15:15
sforsheecnd, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/659355/15:16
sforsheelet me know if that isn't what you meant15:16
cndsforshee, in this event stream, did you go from 0->1->2->3 or from 0->1->0->2->0->3?15:18
apwsforshee, is that ... heh waht he said15:18
sforsheecnd, the latter15:18
sforsheeI guess you want the former?15:18
cndyep :)15:18
sforsheeokay, just a sec15:18
cndbut this does help too :)15:19
sforsheecnd, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/659356/15:19
sforsheenow you should have plenty of data :)15:19
cndindeed :)15:20
cndsforshee, is this really 0->1->2->3?15:21
cndcause the data is still the other way15:21
apwsforshee, its the exact same data including timestamps15:21
sforsheerats, let me try again...15:21
sforsheecnd, apw: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/659357/15:23
sforsheeI just got the wrong file15:23
cndsforshee, is this the upstream elantech driver, or from somewhere else?15:25
davmor2sforshee: Hey dude, you know the fix that you put into the proposed kernel that made the atheros driver work, the latest natty kernel seems to of removed it again I think15:25
sforsheecnd, it's upstream plus some work I've been doing to support a new model15:25
cndsforshee, does the hardware cease to give two points when you put three fingers down?15:26
sforsheedavmor2, do you have a bug number that I can refer too?15:26
sforsheecnd, yes15:26
cndor is it something in the driver that is causing that to happen15:26
davmor2sforshee: just tracking it down15:26
sforsheecnd, the v2 support in the upstream driver is pretty similar to what I have, the difference largely being how 2-touch coordinates are reported15:27
sforsheeby the hardware that is15:27
cndsforshee, if the hardware ceases to give two coordinates when there are three touches, then I suppose this is the best you can do15:28
cndI don't know what our stack would do in this case, but I'm guessing it won't see three finger gestures15:28
davmor2sforshee: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/71073815:29
ubot2Ubuntu bug 710738 in linux "Regression latest kernel breaks my Atheros AR5001 wifi" [High,Fix released]15:29
cndyou can run geistest (in utouch-geis-tools) to see what gestures are emitted15:29
sforsheecnd, okay, that's what I wanted to know -- whether I needed to do something different in the driver15:29
cndsforshee, if it's something you are interested in, you could also add support to our stack for it :)15:29
sforsheecnd, thanks -- that answers another question I have, what tools to use to test multitouch :)15:29
cndthere are multiple tools, but that's the easiest to use and read15:29
sforsheecnd, thanks a lot!15:30
cndsure, np15:30
davmor2sforshee: nevermind I've just fired it up again and now it's working so meh15:30
cndok, time to actually get up for the day15:32
sforsheedavmor2, I just checked and the patches are definitely still in natty15:32
sforsheehopefully it keeps working for you :-/15:33
davmor2sforshee: yeah I think there might just of been a glitch after the initial install, seems fine now :)15:33
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* apw takes a risk and updates one of his machines16:17
apwif you don't see me again you know why16:17
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jjohansenogasawara, apw: sorry about the ipv6 patch, it was done Friday at the sprint and somehow I dropped it.  /me swears it was sent then :/17:52
ogasawarajjohansen: no worries.  I had it on my todo list to review, so thanks for doing the work!17:53
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ogasawarajjohansen: I'll get applied for the upload I'm preparing17:53
jjohansenogasawara: I am going to drop an apparmor patch next week, would you prefer revert patches for current stuff, or do you plan to just rebase?17:54
ogasawarajjohansen: probably easier for me if you revert patches for current stuff17:55
jjohansenogasawara: okay, then that is what I will do17:56
manjopgraner, do you have root on tangerine? can you install unzip ?18:14
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sforsheeanyone around that can approve my nominations on bug 583760 ?18:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 583760 in gentoo "[PATCH] Mouse cursor dissappears with nouveau" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58376018:42
ogasawarasforshee: done18:43
sforsheeogasawara, thanks!18:43
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* ogasawara lunch19:52
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pgranermanjo, nope I sure don;t20:10
manjocool np 20:11
cndsforshee, I remembered one other thing that you need to be sure to do with the elantech driver20:17
cndbe sure to set the maximum slot value at 1 so that it matches what the device gives, and set the INPUT_PROP_SEMI_MT property for the device20:17
sforsheecnd, thanks for the tips20:19
sforsheetesting with geistest didn't go so well20:19
sforsheemost gestures were just detected as drags20:21
sforsheecnd, the driver already does both of those20:23
cndsforshee, ahh, great :)20:34
cndsforshee, what did you expect for gestures?20:34
cndyou should only be able to get two touch drags and pinchs20:34
sforsheecnd, oh, really? then it didn't do so bad20:35
sforsheecnd, I saw this page and tried to run through those tests: http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Hardware/Touchscreen/Multitouch20:35
cndsforshee, SEMI_MT alone limits you so you can't do rotate20:37
sforsheecnd, that explains it then :)20:37
cndSEMI_MT means you have a bounding box, but you don't actually know where the touches are20:37
cndthe actual touches could be at (x1, y1) (x2, y2) or (x1, y2) (x2, y1)20:38
cndand if you don't know where they are, then you can't do rotation20:38
cndbut you can do pinch by watching if the bounding box's area is changing20:38
sforsheecnd, that makes sense, and seems entirely appropriate for this device20:39
cndsforshee, can you get three touch drags?20:39
cndyou may not see them in geistest20:39
cndbecause unity may be grabbing them20:39
cndbut if you run geistest in gnome 2 then you could get them20:39
sforsheecnd, no20:40
sforsheeit's behaving like a one touch drag20:40
cndthere's some logic in utouch-frame that emits the number of touches based on BTN_TOOL_*TAP events for SEMI_MT devices20:41
cndif you are interested, you could poke at it to generate the correct number of touches for these devices20:41
cndand then three finger drags may work20:41
sforsheecnd, it's sending the tripletap event20:41
sforsheebut only one touch point20:41
cndyeah, that would be enough for drags, but not pinches of course20:41
cndthere's probably a bit of logic in utouch-frame that needs to be tweaked20:42
sforsheecnd, in the pastebin from earlier you can see the events: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/659357/20:42
sforsheebut no triple touch drag20:42
cndsforshee, the driver is working properly20:47
cndit's a matter of "fixing" utouch-frame to make it emit three touches when the driver emits BTN_TOOL_TRIPLETAP20:47
cndutouch-frame does this already for synaptics, but synaptics emits 2 slots from the driver when there are more than 2 fingers20:47
cndelantech emits 1 slot from the driver when there are more than 2 fingers20:48
sforsheecnd, okay, I get you now20:48
cndsomething about that is throwing off utouch-frame20:48
cndyou don't have to look into utouch-frame if you're busy, I'm not trying to push work on you :)20:48
cndbut if it interests you, that's where you would look20:48
sforsheecnd, I probably won't have time to anytime soon, but I might take a look later on20:49
cndsforshee, I'm just happy to have one more person who speaks the language of the input subsystem :)20:51
sforsheecnd, I've got more touchpad work queued up for next week too :)20:51
cndyou better watch out though, you could get slurped into the multitouch team :)20:52
* sforshee shudders20:52
cndthat's an appropriate response20:52
bjfcnd, i know where you live20:52
cndbjf, I need to be careful too, cause my only get-away vehicle is a bike...20:53
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