MagicFabhi everyone10:35
MagicFabI suppose it's been noted before but I've been wrong other times10:36
MagicFabI can't access http://loco.ubuntu.com/, an error comes up:10:36
MagicFabLoCo Directory has encountered an Error!10:36
MagicFabPlease try your request again.10:36
MagicFabIf you continue to experience problems with LoCo Team Directory, please Report it!10:36
czajkowskihmm I'll ask in sysadmin channel10:37
czajkowskinothing anyone can do in here 10:38
MagicFabI've reported it here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+bug/82139810:41
ubot4Launchpad bug 821398 in loco-directory "Loco Directory site can't be used, error reported (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]10:41
czajkowskiMagicFab: we've alreayd metnioned it in the sysadmin channel, they're looking into it 10:42
MagicFabczajkowski, sure, if someone else asks it'd be nice to direct them to the bug - if you experience the same maybe you can confirm it ?10:42
czajkowskibut it's not a bug10:42
czajkowskiit's the servers being restarted10:42
MagicFabWe should have a "(un)scheduled maintenance" accordingly :|10:44
MagicFabTx., I guess it'll be back shortly.10:44
MagicFabUnfortunate timing :|10:59
* nigelb hugs czajkowski :)11:32
nigelbJust saw the email and was getting to it, looks like you already did!11:33
czajkowskiwhat email ?11:33
nigelbczajkowski: the bug11:44
czajkowskioh right, it's not a bug 11:45
czajkowskistatus has been updated in canocanil-sysadmin 11:46
mhall119MagicFab: our server has been having hardware problems lately, we're waiting on a replacement12:19
czajkowskimhall119: I did mark the bug invalid 12:19
mhall119thanks czajkowski 12:20
mhall119now to delete all the error emails out of my inbox...12:20
MagicFabInvalid ? Ah well.12:20
mhall119MagicFab: there's nothing wrong with the code12:21
paultagzomg loco.ubuntu.com is failed :)12:21
paultaglet's all email mhall119 12:22
czajkowskipaultag: do keep up 12:22
czajkowski;) 12:22
paultagyour server's down12:22
mhall119paultag: we get emails for every 500 error 12:22
czajkowskiit's bee said, and we've poked sysadmins 12:22
czajkowskiit's now in their topic 12:22
czajkowskinout more people can do till they fix it 12:22
paultagthere's a dilbert like this12:22
MagicFabserver down -> change DNS, put appropriate message. No code for that AFAIK. I call that a bug. This looks real bad on events.12:23
paultagbut I can't remember where or when because it was so old12:23
paultagmhall119: it takes an hour to cascade12:23
mhall119there's a dilbert like everything, just like XKCD12:23
paultagsorry MagicFab 12:23
MagicFabanyways, I have to run.12:23
paultagMagicFab: it's not really doable, because a 2 minute hickup becomes a 2 hour error12:23
paultagMagicFab: if anything it should be a function of that server12:23
paultagto serve up a nicer page12:23
mhall119DNS is slow to propogate12:23
paultagan hour for the best case12:24
paultagusing DNS for this is overkill :(12:24
nigelbmhall119: Not sure I like my email flooded by django now :P12:27
mhall119nigelb: too bad12:40
nigelbmhall119: j/k :)12:46
bkerensaAnyone know of any LoCo's that use MailChimp or something else to send a newletter through their mailing list?17:48
h00kbkerensa: we use mailman: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-wi17:49
h00kbkerensa: does this help?17:49
mhall119bkerensa: you can also use launchpad to send emails to anyone in your LP team18:00
mhall119but mailman is the prefered resource18:00
czajkowskibkerensa: mailman 18:01
bkerensaI was thinking of using mailchimp to push a html newsletter to mailman18:01
czajkowskihmm I set all newsletters to non html 18:02
czajkowskiI prefer text base18:02
pleia2bkerensa: see? I told you :)18:03
paultagyeah text for me as well :)18:04
paultagbut it sounds like a good idea18:04
czajkowskipleia2: a case of ask 12 people the same question and still a non believer18:05
czajkowskibkerensa: I think you'll find most geeks don't like HTML 18:05
czajkowskiwe dont read it in our email clients 18:06
mhall119bkerensa: if you want, you can use the wiki for a formatted newsletter, and just email everyone a link to that18:06
bkerensawell someone important at Canonical once said... We must be new user friendly and modern18:06
czajkowskiand I tend to mark news letters that come with html as gibberish and delete 18:06
paultagbecause stuff like <a href = '' >http://other.shit.domain.tld</a>18:06
bkerensamhall119: excellent idea18:06
paultagso I prefer to read it in plain-text, and I don't like reading XML for fun :)18:06
czajkowskibkerensa: that doesnt mean annoy geeks who like things a certain way either 18:06
bkerensaczajkowsi: I had that exact debate many times at CLS and OSCON... I dont wanna lose gnome218:07
czajkowskignome2 is going 18:08
czajkowskifor everyone 18:08
paultagfork it :)18:08
cprofittI only take in plain text as well czajkowski 18:28
paultagcoffee, black18:29
paultagI hate HTML email :)18:30
paultagI also hate milk and sugar in my coffee18:30
nigelbYeah, HTML email has other things I don't like. Like tracking. I'm happy mailman doesn't do any of those.18:31
paultagand spam links18:31
paultag<a href = 'http://shady.domain.com/rolex.asp' >http://rolex.com/fancy-watches</a>18:32
paultagfools 99% of people, according to a study I just made up18:32
nigelbcompanies think people are idiots18:32
nigelbthey insert white png of 1 x 1 size for tracking18:33
* nigelb dislikes that thoroughly18:33
paultagnigelb: dude, jam with us on turntable.fm18:33
paultagnigelb: yeah that's lulzy18:33
nigelbpaultag: Does NOT work in India :\18:33
paultagnigelb: aww, boo18:33
nigelbHA, doesn't work outside US18:34
nigelb"We're very sorry, but while we would love to let you in and rock out with us, we need to currently restrict turntable access to only the United States due to licensing constraints. "18:34
nigelbpaultag: I'll get on in about a month when I move my server from germany to LA \o/18:34
paultagnigelb: Deutschland, Deutschland, ├╝ber alle :)18:34
cprofitthey nigelb 18:41
cprofittwhat is this turntable.fm thing?18:41
cprofitteveryone still listening to the same music or some such18:42
paultagcprofitt: yeah18:42
nigelbhey cprofitt!18:42
cprofittbased on Facebook?18:42
paultagI think they use it for auth18:42
paultagbut no18:42
bkerensapaultag: Can I PM?19:09
bkerensacprofitt: turntable.fm is for the win :)19:09
cprofittgotta run folks... 19:21
cprofitttalk to you later.19:21
paultagbkerensa: yeah, sure, but I'm just leaving the office19:41
paultagbkerensa: you can PM me and I'll return the messages, or email me and I can answer on my phone, perhaps19:41
paultagBBL :)19:42
* bkerensa pings paultag22:45
paultagbkerensa: pong22:45

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