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Laneyanyone fancy merging mono-addins? :-)09:13
Laneygreat task for a new contributor ... /me coughs09:21
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jtaylorLaney: I'll do it11:28
RAOFLaney: Oooh, is this a mono-addins that isn't broken?11:31
jtaylordone, should I open a merge bug or just send you the debdiff?11:32
LaneyRAOF: yes11:52
Laneyjtaylor: diff is fine, pastebin it or whatever11:52
RAOFWoop woop!11:53
LaneyRAOF: you should thank knocte, he did the patch11:53
jtaylorLaney: found a minor bug in addins see -cli11:53
jtaylorLaney: http://paste.ubuntu.com/659239/12:01
hakermaniaHello, where can I find oneiric's stages of development? (timestamp i think?)12:08
sagacihakermania: the oneiric release schedule?12:08
hakermaniaSo, does that mean that REVU accepts uploading packages till 11 of August?12:18
Laney11 August is when we stop accepting uploads which introduce new features without freeze exceptions12:21
Laneyfor completely new packages, we advise going through Debian12:21
hakermaniaLaney, yes, I know about this kind of advice, but what if a program has special features about Ubuntu (like unity sidebar shortcut options) and needs to go throught it because it was designed this way (to work better on ubuntu rather than anywhere else)12:22
Laneyif it is genuinely Ubuntu specific then indeed you'll have to upload it direct12:23
hakermaniaYes, that's what I'm talking about ;)12:23
Laneyone of the reasons we advise going through Debian though is because reviewer time is incredibly limited12:24
hakermaniaLaney, what do you mean? Before 11.04 I had my program reviewed in REVU even after the feature freeze (I had upload it 3 months prior to this but it was my first packaging and I had multiple issues and time passed by correecting them lol). Before feature freeze your program has to be accepted? Also, especially in the 'For purchase' section of USC I see new programs coming, without any new Ubuntu release, how is this possible?12:31
nigelbBecause "For purchase" is probably Extras or Partner repo.12:32
nigelbThe rules for that is different.12:32
hakermanianigelb, thanks. So, this doesn't happen for normal Open Source and *Free* applications?12:33
nigelbhakermania: That's what the App Review Board is for. I'm not familiar with the process though.12:34
Laneyhakermania: what eactly are you uploading? Is it a completely new package or an update to an existing one?12:34
hakermaniaOk, np. Also, feature freeze is the time when more uploads are not accepted or when no more packages are accepted in general?12:34
sagacithe latter hakermania12:35
Laneynew features (of which new packages are an instance) require feature freeze exceptions after that point12:35
hakermaniaLaney, in winter 2010-11 I was trying to include this: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/wallch into ubuntu, I was too close but I didn't manage to do it, for uknown reasons (really!). Now we've developed the V2 which has many bug fixes, better stability and unity support, and I don't know if we will manage to get it into ubuntu again :( Feature freeze is far too close :(12:36
Laneyyou should upload this new version and try to seek reviewers12:42
Laneybut I warn you that I just looked at the code which is up currently and see many problems12:43
Laneyfor example the hardcoding of paths12:43
hakermaniaLaney, this is corrected in the new version12:48
hakermaniaWe mainly use variables now :)12:48
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hakermaniaLaney, the V1.0 was awful, I admit :) It used up to 5 scripts (LOOOL), now it runs standalone (is it called this way?), the executable is smaller, the functions better and stabler!12:50
Laneycool :-)12:51
hakermaniahttp://img854.imageshack.us/img854/4048/screenshot1ro.png :D12:52
Bachstelzehakermania: nice ad page on wikipedia :|13:12
hakermaniaBachstelze, I didn't build it :)13:26
hakermaniaBachstelze, does it look like an ad? seriously now, it analyzes the features and provides a link to the wallpapers.... Where's the ad?13:29
Bachstelzethis is a bit offtopic for here, but it's tagged as such for a reason I guess13:30
hakermaniaBachstelze, I know, it weird, though13:36
hakermaniamicahg, do you thing it is possible to involve our program in ubuntu within 10 days? I'll try the packaging to be as accurate as possible this time :D13:47
jtaylorhakermania: some files are gpl2 but copyright lists onls gpl313:52
hakermaniajtaylor, be specific13:57
jtaylorcredits.h gpl2, credits.cpp gpl313:58
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jtaylorits not really so important, but debian packages should not really relicense code even when its allowed by the "and later" clause13:58
jtaylorsomething to fix in your next upstream release13:58
hakermaniajtaylor, just checked, we've already fixed this, (we've updated all the file's license)14:00
hakermaniaThanks anyway :)14:00
jtayloryou symlink the icons between oxygen and gnome to make the package a bit smaller14:01
hakermaniajtaylor, icons now go to hicolor after a user's advice14:02
hakermania(and only there)14:02
jtaylorrevu is not the newest version?14:02
hakermaniaNo, see the date14:02
hakermania25 Feb 2011 :P14:03
jtaylorwhere is it then?14:03
hakermaniaTo my hard drive14:03
hakermaniaI will uploaded as soon as I communicate with my co-developer and solve a bandwidth issue (because of the live earth wallpaper)14:04
hakermaniaupload it*14:04
hakermaniajtaylor, are you a MOTU/reviewer?14:05
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micahghakermania: you can give it a shot, we started subscribing ubuntu-sponsors to the needs-packaging bugs when all comments/issues are addressed14:50
hakermaniamicahg: Now that it is at its 2nd version, do you think we should assigned it as well to this bug report (needs-packaging) ?14:51
micahghakermania: just update the needs-packaging bug for whatever version you're working on14:52
hakermaniamicahg, nice, I think I'll have ready the package today, do you want to participate on its review (like in V 1.0) ?14:53
micahghakermania: idk, I'm in the middle of quite a few things, but I am subscribed to the package and review and also monitor the sponsorship queue, but can't commit to a review at this time14:53
micahgs/ package and review/package on REVU/14:54
hakermaniamicahg, Ok, I see, we have to press a little bit the things because of the shortage of time, that's why I'm asking14:54
hakermaniamicahg, what exactly do we update from the needs-packaging bug?15:05
micahghakermania: any of the details that are out of date in the description if any (license, URL...)15:06
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philipballewhey, There is software in the repos that hasnt been updated since 2008. yet their still puttin out versions with a repo they put on line. is there a way I can update a deb for you all or suggest the package to you all19:51
pindongahey, ajmitch are you around? I just released django-configglue 0.6 so you can (if you will and can) start packaging it for oneiric21:07
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ScottKLaney: It occurs to me to mention to you: Now that kdebindings is split into many different sources the Kubuntu team is not planning to upload/maintain the KDE Mono bindings (Kimono).  It shouldn't be much work if there's some mono oriented person who wants to take care of it, we could help.21:47
dupondjeAny work that can/should be done these days ?21:59
dupondjeguess ftbfs and bugfixes only ?21:59
micahgdupondje: the gearman upgrade I kicked back to you?21:59
dupondjeactually i'm working on that right now ^^22:00
micahgdupondje: new version upgrades and merges that require new upstream versions would be good before feature freeze22:00
micahgdupondje: specifically packages that haven't been done yet this cycle which is the top half of MoM22:01
dupondje/usr/bin/ld: tests/.libs/libstartworker.a(start_worker.o): undefined reference to symbol 'uuid_unparse@@UUID_1.0'22:04
dupondjemmmm :x22:04
LaneyScottK: probably not, until it gets rdepends22:11
Laney(then I will be more than happy to package it)22:11
ScottKOK.  Well that's exactly the reason we didn't carry it forward ...22:11
ScottKKind of a chicken/egg problem, of course.22:11
debfxdupondje: I'll sponsor apt-file if you fix the debdiff. we can still sync the package later when and if the Debian package restores compatibility22:12
LaneyIf it has any consumers you want to get in then that's good enough for me22:12
dupondjedebfx: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt-file/+bug/817622 new patch added22:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 817622 in apt-file (Ubuntu) "apt-file got broken in oneiric" [Medium,Confirmed]22:21
dupondjebuilds fine22:21
micahgsiretart: are you rebuilding libav-extra for the x264 soname bump?22:26
debfxdupondje: uploaded, thanks!22:27
dupondjedebfx: np :)22:27
dupondjehope debian fixes it cleanly now :)22:27
dupondjemicahg: gearmand 0.24 wont be possible atm22:47
dupondjedepends on newer version of libmemcached22:47
micahgdupondje: k, that's fine then, if you fix the FTBFS, I"ll sponsor 0.2322:48
jtaylorzsnes really fails in a weird way, only in oneiric and only with _FORTIFY_SOURCE22:50
jtaylorsomeone seen this before? /usr/include/bits/stdio2.h:96:1: sorry, unimplemented: inlining failed in call to 'fprintf': indirect function call with a yet undetermined callee22:50
jtaylorand only with -OX unoptimized it works22:51
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jtaylorand only gcc 4.622:55
dupondjemicahg: it builds correctly here in a pbuilder22:56
micahgweird, could be env issues tehn22:57
dupondjesbuild does not have network while pbuilder has ?22:57
micahgidk, didn't think this was a network test22:58
dupondjeTesting gearman_client_add_servers(GEARMAN_GETADDRINFO)22:58
dupondjeit is22:58
micahgah, hmm, I wonder what the constant value is that it expects22:59
micahgI'm about to go offline, but will check back sat night22:59
micahgdupondje: maybe SpamapS can help you22:59
dupondjewill check it tomorrow :)23:00
dupondjeprolly just need to disable those tests23:01
* micahg would prefer fixing to disabling, but if they're new tests that won't work, that's fine23:01
dupondjei'll check that tomorrow :D23:06

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