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BUGabundoguud afternuun fluks12:35
BUGabundoChromium this has to STOP NOW!!!!14:05
BUGabundoI want my RAM back!!!!!14:05
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micahgbhearsum: is it appropriate for me to ask on release-drivers when the next beta will be? (since beta 5 won't be the last now)17:49
bhearsumyeah, that should be fine17:50
micahgk, thanks17:50
chrisccoulsonhi bhearsum, how are you?18:03
chrisccoulsonit's been quiet in here this week!18:03
bhearsumi'm pretty good, other people have been doing the 6.0 Betas, which has been a refreshing change for me :)18:03
bhearsumhow about you?18:03
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, yeah, not too bad thanks. although, stressing about a crash i'm causing on the current beta ;)18:04
bhearsumouch :(18:05
bhearsumcurrent == b4?18:06
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, current == all 6.0 beta releases18:06
chrisccoulsonnumber 3 ;)18:06
chrisccoulsonit only started with 6.018:06
chrisccoulsonmost of them are from the same person though, and i got an e-mail address for him18:08
chrisccoulsonbut he hasn't replied to me yet18:08
bhearsumonly 40 total18:08
chrisccoulsonin 1 week ;)18:08
bhearsumfrom one person :)18:08
chrisccoulsonheh :)18:09
bhearsumi was sweating for a second there18:09
bhearsumlot's of extensions installed18:09
chrisccoulsonthere is more than 1 person with the same crash, but the bulk of them seem to come from 1 person18:09
chrisccoulsoni tried replicating his setup already, and i didn't have any luck18:09
bhearsumi guess libglobalmenu.so is a unity or gnome thing?18:10
chrisccoulsonbhearsum, yeah, that's the extension we ship18:10
chrisccoulsonso i'd like to figure out fairly quickly ;)18:10
bhearsumeasy enough to push the fix if you find the problem18:11
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micahgchrisccoulson: are you preparing the natty update for 6?22:37

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