chrissbxHi. I'm helpless trying to download the image with zsync.01:46
chrissbxSelecting zsync in the web interface then clicking the button downloads a .zsync file.01:50
chrissbxBut zsync ...*zsync will say "I need to know the referring URL (the URL of the .zsync) in order to locate the download."01:52
chrissbxSo I guess I'll have to go read the page source code. hu.01:53
chrissbxk going with http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/mythbuntu/releases/11.04/release/01:55
Zinn[cdimage.ubuntu.com] Mythbuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)01:55
chrissbxI guess someone should go fix that for (even more) helpless newbies.01:55
qwebirc67637good evening. i'm trying to install mythtv on my ubuntu 11.04 and am unable to get it started.03:14
qwebirc67637i installed the mythbuntu control  centre first03:27
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Shred00anyone know where the scm for mythvideo is?10:46
Shred00nm.  was on the wrong branch10:56
Shred00is the mythbuntu source viewable on the web (akin to gitweb or github's browser)?11:13
tgm4883Shred00, yes it is, but what are you looking for?14:02
tgm4883cause it's in separate branches for different things14:02
Shred00tgm4883: no worries.  i was looking for the daily/weekly -fixes branch repo but i seem to have managed to build my own from myth's git sources anyway.14:03
Zinn[code.launchpad.net] Code : Mythbuntu14:03
tgm4883Thats where most the code is14:03
dekarltgm4883: I've setup a fresh masterbackend on mythbuntu 11.04 + 0.25 and noticed some small issues that might confuse new users...16:18
dekarlWhen running the update after installing I was asked which version of the samba configuration I wanted to keep, seems like there is some customization that confuses the package.16:18
dekarlWhen running the xmltv setup in mythtv-setup everything is run as "the configured user" instead of "mythtv" which leads to issues with the acl (e.g. my grabber has a cache directory under ~/.xmltv/cache which it wants to write to) maybe the setup and backend can run under the same user?16:18
dekarlAnother question, what is needed to readd the mcc plugin for the netboot server? I've read that it's only the configuration frontend that needs some kind of updating. As I use netbooting I thought I could revive it, but where do I find the old code, like plugins/ui/tab_diskless.ui ?20:10
tgm4883dekarl, the configuration frontend needs completely rewritten. Diskless was available before MCC was plugable, so there is no tab_diskless.ui file20:21
tgm4883dekarl, you would have to start digging through the code. I'm not entirely sure when the switchover to plugable was, but this revision does have the diskless stuff available  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/mythbuntu/mythbuntu-control-centre/files/186/MythbuntuControlCentre/20:23
Zinn[bazaar.launchpad.net] ~mythbuntu/mythbuntu/mythbuntu-control-centre : files for revision 18620:23
dekarltgm4883, thanks. I was looking at http://web.archiveorange.com/archive/v/U18n8yde1qQ8vQBOAW7K so I thought there should be such a file.20:50
Zinn[web.archiveorange.com] mythbuntu-common 0.32-0ubuntu1 (Accepted) - Karmic Koala archive upload notification list - ArchiveOrange20:50
tgm4883dekarl, hmm interesting21:19
tgm4883Maybe it was broken out at some point?21:19
tgm4883oh wait21:19
tgm4883thats the ui, yea there is the ui portion, but the code portion was built into MCC21:20
chrissbxThis is the first time I'm trying mythbuntu. The installer CD starts booting, then after 10-20 seconds the computer just resets and starts anew (making the whole cycle endlessly).21:47
chrissbxThis is on a ThinkPad T61, first I tried the 32 bit version of mythbuntu, now the 64bit, first on a DVD-R then on a CD-R, same result.21:48
chrissbxAny idea?21:48

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