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nhandlerakgraner: Not sure if the "we" in your comment referred to the fridge/news team, but to be clear, we "whitelist" certain interview blogs that have been proven to write good Ubuntu interviews. A script then parses the Interviews wiki page and publishes new interviews to the Fridge. We (news team/fridge) aren't the ones doing the interview, and by posting all of the interviews, we aren't endorsing anyone in particular imo.16:17
akgranerthe we was the Ubuntu Community - I guess I should have been more clear - Maybe I am just jaded due to past interaction with members of that group16:18
akgraneryou can delete the comment if you want as I will freely admit it was made with emotion16:19
pleia2and in general you should probaby follow up with the orginal poster (melissa left a comment in s-fox's journal too)16:20
nhandlerakgraner: I'm staying out of this as much as I can ;) Feel free to delete your own comment if you want though. I also think many of us are aware of the history of the channel and individual. I was actually somewhat glad that certain things were left out of it. I'm also hoping that someone does another interview soon ;)16:20
pleia2nhandler: +116:21
akgraner+1 pleia216:21
* nhandler notes ubuntu-user is whitelisted ;)16:21
akgranermy role there is up in the air atm16:22
akgranersince Rikki left - waiting to find out my future :-)16:24
nhandlerakgraner: You might be pleased to know that we've automated a large portion of the UWN release process. You now run one script which will prepare a folder of files for you to copy/paste. It will also take care of running a script to prepare a draft UWN post on the fridge for you to review.16:28
akgranerI heard and I think that is freaking awesome!16:31
akgraneryou all are rocking and I love it!16:31
pleia2so, collecting links every week is too much work for me every week17:36
pleia2(and in general, all of this is too much work)17:40
pleia2we need more volunteers17:40
holsteinpleia2: agreed17:41
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nhandlerOut of curiosity, how does everyone here follow news sites? I personally use google reader through their site most of the time. I was wondering if having a small bookmarklet (or a custom sharing option for greader) would make this easier18:52
pleia2I took akgraner's list of news sites and put them in a shared google reader thingy18:56
pleia2but it's like 700 updates/day18:56
pleia2it's kind of insane18:57

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